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Terrific Attempt By Aliens To Save Us From Potential Nuclear Disaster: Declared By Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.


Amiable Aliens Came On A Peace Mission.

Edgar Mitchell, the former astronaut and the sixth man to moon declared after years that aliens were peacemakers who came to our planet Earth for the sake of saving us from the nuclear war that might have busted out between America and Russia.

A veteran of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, during his interview with Mirror online said that he has always had believed in aliens and the top-ranked military basis during weapons testing spotted UFOs. The astronaut is the most prominent figures in the worldwide UFO community after he landed on the moon.

Further, Edgar Mitchell stated in his interview that military basis spotted a strange looking craft flying on the top of the missile base and the White Sands facility where world’s first ever nuclear bomb was set off in the year 1945.

Former astronaut said he grew in the New Mexico area of bomb testing and Roswell, where this world renowned encounter of UFO happened. Plus, those aliens came here on a peace operation, particularly in order to stop the humanity from destroying itself.

He said he very well knows the area of the White Sands, a famous testing ground of atomic weapons which aliens were really paying attention to. The aliens wanted to know about all the military potential and were serious checking the area.

After having discussed with many people about the incident astronaut said he clearly understands that the aliens arrived just to stop us from war and bring peace on our planet Earth. He said many other officers involved in military bases during the 20th century had similar stories to tell.

Mitchell said further in his interview that he had spoken to many Air Force officers who worked in silos during the Cold War faced the incident when they saw UFOs flying over their bases and disabled their missiles.

He further said not only him, but many other officers had seen their missiles shot down by aliens. They had seen alien spacecraft flying very frequently in their areas and set off their test missiles.

According to Nick Pope, former Minister of Defense and UFO researcher believes completely what Edgar Mitchell had claimed. Nick Pope in his interview said that he respects Edgar Mitchell because of his truthfulness and feel it is a privilege of meeting him.

Nick Pope completely agreed with Mitchell’s statement by saying that Mitchell is a very honorable person and had all access to any of the government and intelligence community, and it is understandable he would not reveal anything which is not sure about, and therefore whatever information he has revealed about the UFOs must be right.

Also, adding to his thoughts Pope said he believes that aliens are millions of years ahead and can do whatever they want.

So, if you agree or not that peaceful aliens came to stop the nuclear war so as to save humanity, whatever you feel do leave your comments in the comments section. We welcome your thoughts on this!