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My Paranormal Views

The Paranormal.

For me the Paranormal has always been normal. I have seen things since I was two and in fact my very first experience, a memorable one, was of seeing a “ghost”.

This was when I was walking between my parents past manor park cemetery and on being aware of “something” going on I turned round to see a man rising horizontally from the pavement to up end and stand on his feet.

As amazing as that may seem to me that wasn’t what was “wrong” he was wearing what I now know to be Victorian clothes, the whole suit with a top hat. Not seeing anyone dressed like that was odd, nothing else.

So, when my Dad asked what was wrong I simply replied “there is a funny man behind us” that was my first introduction if you like or I prefer to call it “awakening” that remembering  that I had come from somewhere else, that I was borrowing this time though not perhaps entirely sure why at that young. Some of course are far more aware.

I have seen a few since as I grew up but mostly I have felt them and the atmosphere they create.

There are basically two types of ghost phenomena.

There are basically two types of ghost phenomena, one is the “imprint type” where energy is concentrated in an area and reacts in a similar way to a recording, I simply replays the energy stored sometimes at a predestined or preset time on a par with an alarm clock, we have all heard of the “White lady who reputedly appears on such and such a date at midnight.”

This can also be triggered by events and conditions. The second type vastly more interesting is the interactive type which is where much of the current interest in media is concentrated.

This is a spirit, conscious, who interacts with our world. It will react to us in some way and shows intelligence in its responses and those responses will vary enormously. They can be from friendly, timely warnings to poltergeist phenomena, to gross interaction.

A proliferation of programmes, some obviously dubious, are not doing any favours for the serious research and work that real professionals undertake. These programs are only interested in sensationalism and are aimed at feeding a particular market.

One program in particular has a rather angry gentleman who tries to antagonise any particular spirit that is supposed to be around. This is a particularly ignorant and dangerous thing to do especially if the place itself is “haunted” the knowledge of protection is sadly misunderstood and this kind of example only encourages those who are either foolish or sceptics to try their luck.

The Paranormal is not new.

There are one or two genuine paranormal programmes in the world but generally because of the actions of some that have gained notoriety it has given the subject media wise a bad name.

This subject is one that deserves proper scientific investigation. The Paranormal is not new, throughout history people have experienced and noted down,  since man began we have had this instinct that “something exists” some have of course passed into legend and like many urban myths some have passed into folk law and become a “myth of a myth” human nature being what it is and the Chinese whispers syndrome there are many reports which will fail proper investigation but, like all things paranormal there are some that defy any “rational explanation” rational that is to tall except he debunking sceptic.

New inventions.

With the inventions of new sensitive equipment, and ways of measuring for instance there are some wonderful cameras around for example the Go Pro camera which has such a range of accessories and is highly adaptable, waterproof and extreme low light capabilities that can be used are becoming available to many people and new discoveries on of scientific investigation and some great website’s provide information on how to use equipment and where to find suitable places to investigate. Everyone now uses mobile phones, tablets etc all of which are highly portable.

Fakes, Hoaxes and sheer fraud.

This has provided very many opportunities for phenomena to be recorded and uploaded. There are of course so many fakes and there must be a good proportion of fakes propounded by debunkers who not only take great pleasure in fooling a public and underlining the fact that people can be fooled quite easily, giving them (debunkers) more confidence that “they are right” of course some are meant to fool the more serious investigator and a debunker highly prizes a piece of work that gains notoriety as real when they can at a suitable time, say “rubbish this was produced like this, we faked it and so is everything else!”

In that light there have been some notable hoaxes one of the best ever, screened as a live ghost watch was screened on 31 October 1992 with Sarah Greene and best of all Michael Parkinson which gave the show much credibility, Mr Parkinson not especially known for hoaxing being a real positive for the show apparently being real. For a link to that go to: – http://hoaxes.org/archive/permalink/ghostwatch

There are many great and genuine phenomena captured and so interesting to find. We in the UK are the most watched people in the world apparently… and the fact means that we and the world is videoed and screened more than at any time and with 24/7 surveillance more and more is captured in “normal circumstances”, daylight, and in what previously would have been unexpected places, petrol stations for example.

Science is moving fast

Science is moving incredibly fast in the field of the paranormal and especially in particular with Quantum physics.

I have been told that in 20/30 years time that “this place (Earth) will be very different” and what we do in ASSMPI as much as any real general awakening, will have a large effect on the world. Quantum physics, the awakening and the fact that people will make a different correlation to religions will all tally together to show people that the “Paranormal” is in fact actually the “real normal”.

Light, always, Leo Bonomo


Terrific Attempt By Aliens To Save Us From Potential Nuclear Disaster: Declared By Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.


Amiable Aliens Came On A Peace Mission.

Edgar Mitchell, the former astronaut and the sixth man to moon declared after years that aliens were peacemakers who came to our planet Earth for the sake of saving us from the nuclear war that might have busted out between America and Russia.

A veteran of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, during his interview with Mirror online said that he has always had believed in aliens and the top-ranked military basis during weapons testing spotted UFOs. The astronaut is the most prominent figures in the worldwide UFO community after he landed on the moon.

Further, Edgar Mitchell stated in his interview that military basis spotted a strange looking craft flying on the top of the missile base and the White Sands facility where world’s first ever nuclear bomb was set off in the year 1945.

Former astronaut said he grew in the New Mexico area of bomb testing and Roswell, where this world renowned encounter of UFO happened. Plus, those aliens came here on a peace operation, particularly in order to stop the humanity from destroying itself.

He said he very well knows the area of the White Sands, a famous testing ground of atomic weapons which aliens were really paying attention to. The aliens wanted to know about all the military potential and were serious checking the area.

After having discussed with many people about the incident astronaut said he clearly understands that the aliens arrived just to stop us from war and bring peace on our planet Earth. He said many other officers involved in military bases during the 20th century had similar stories to tell.

Mitchell said further in his interview that he had spoken to many Air Force officers who worked in silos during the Cold War faced the incident when they saw UFOs flying over their bases and disabled their missiles.

He further said not only him, but many other officers had seen their missiles shot down by aliens. They had seen alien spacecraft flying very frequently in their areas and set off their test missiles.

According to Nick Pope, former Minister of Defense and UFO researcher believes completely what Edgar Mitchell had claimed. Nick Pope in his interview said that he respects Edgar Mitchell because of his truthfulness and feel it is a privilege of meeting him.

Nick Pope completely agreed with Mitchell’s statement by saying that Mitchell is a very honorable person and had all access to any of the government and intelligence community, and it is understandable he would not reveal anything which is not sure about, and therefore whatever information he has revealed about the UFOs must be right.

Also, adding to his thoughts Pope said he believes that aliens are millions of years ahead and can do whatever they want.

So, if you agree or not that peaceful aliens came to stop the nuclear war so as to save humanity, whatever you feel do leave your comments in the comments section. We welcome your thoughts on this!


Crop Circle Appear From No Where In South West England Farm.

The Spectacular Crop Circle.

The crop circle appeared this summer in South West England really marked as the first crop circle of the summer season in Britain. A large complex pattern of many geometrical lines and circles appear in the fields of Dorset county. Some feel it’s created by pranksters living in the local area of South West fields of England and some believe it shows the intervention of the aliens. It is estimated pattern covered 400ft. area in a field of crops. Many have stated this spectacular crop circle as the most mysterious one than other crop circles emerged in the Summer 2014.

The crop circle formation was exclusively filmed by recreational pilot, Mathew Williams, an enthusiast about crop circles. He believes it to be the most massive crop circle that has intricacy sight and emerged with a perfectly formed circle shape. This formation was formed in the wheat field that has spectacular design with perfect circular shapes. Another crop circle maker and a veteran John Lundberg think best crop circles are formed in the wheat fields because the stems are straight up right position creating crop circles with precision.

The makers of crop circle in the wheat fields of Dorset county are still unidentified and nobody knows who created them. Williams stated that there are no more crop circles makers openly found making their masterpieces because farmers hate the fact of such creations due to the loss of their crops with many people visiting their fields. These makers also avoid getting identified as they have to pay the hefty fine to the farmers and does not make circles together.

Plus, Williams had to pay an amount 100 GBP as fine in 2000 for creating crop circles. He has stopped making crop circles as he has developed hay fever due to spending too many hours in the fields.

Crop Circles Paranormal Activity?

The crop circles usually appear in the grain fields and appear suddenly during the night. There are many myths about the crop circles which are believed to be created by aliens. These created with simply bent of the grain stalks, the designs are usually of geometrical forms.

The crop circles found last year were stated to be of very low quality and marked as -crap circles by the enthusiasts. Most crop circles are created by people, but the one that appeared suddenly during the night flummox people’s mind. It makes them wonder out of the box and declared to be the paranormal activity or made by space invaders.

Williams in his interview to Daily Express stated that there are many paranormal experiences he had in the past while making crop circles. Although these creations are believed to be made by human beings, but such inspiring, and unbelievable formations as happened in Dorset force people to declare it to have paranormal origin. In his interview he further stated that he’s not the only one who experience such paranormal things in the wheat fields, but there are many others who feel the same about it.


A Haunting in Erie

ERIE, Pa. Ghost hunters, cryptozoologists and mediums are making their way to Erie for this year’s Paranormal Super Con, Friday and Saturday, which will include lectures, vendors, special guests and local paranormal investigations on both nights.

Among this year’s list of special guests is Chip Coffey, a clairvoyant and medium who’s appeared on A&E’s “Paranormal State” TV series, and Dustin “Paranormal Rockstar” Pari, a former star of Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International.” The expo will also feature local and regional paranormal investigators.

And don’t miss the special group investigations of the center’s Hemingway Ballroom, starting Friday at 11:15 p.m. and ending Saturday at 2 a.m., or the historical buildings in Waterford, starting Saturday at 10 p.m. and ending Sunday at 3 a.m.

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