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Tales from a Crystal Skull Explorer

The Crystal Skulls and the Paranormal

Here we see a photo of Joshua Shapiro, a columnist for the Other Side Press and known as a Crystal Skull Explorers holding his personal skull called "Portal de Luz"

Here we see the author of this column Joshua, holding his personal smoky quartz skull “Portal de Luz”

Welcome to Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro here, your host to take you on another exciting adventure into the world of the Crystal Skulls, the Paranormal and various World Mysteries.  So for this next part of my column, lets really take a closer peek into the Paranormal!

So if you are ready then, time to proceed on to our next exploration ….. into the land of the Paranormal and how this is a vital part in fully understanding what the crystal skulls are all about – sounds good?

First, since the “Paranormal” means different things to different people including the interpretation of what all the columnists and writers here at TOSP (“The Otherside Press”) are talking about, I might as well throw my two sense in (even three sense if that will work also) as well and come up with what it means for myself, so you can follow all the various ideas and thoughts I will present within this article. Hopefully this short essay I will introduce next, will make some sense for you to follow what I will be writing about. A Good Idea aye?

Because you know, this “Paranormal” Stuff can make or break ya – by this I mean the more involved you become, the crazier you appear to be to the so-called normal world and you might not even recognize your own self after a time even!!  That is, if you don’t become totally confuse as your studies go along.  But then, for the students of the “Paranormal”, this is is our ticket to really understand who we truly are within, and how the world, the universe or the multi-universes function and what are the governing principles that explain “The Why” life works.  However, “Paranormal” is a modern name that has been given to a field of study that has been called by many other names, such as?

If I was a good song writer (but I am one BTW) I might sing that the Paranormal is known as:  The New Age or the Spiritual, the Metaphysical or the Occult, Psychics have a gift and so do Spiritual Mediums too and if you get it throughly, you’ll remember your true origins? How is that?

But basically, in its simple most form, “Para-Normal” means beyond the normal – beyond the normal physical world that we know which comes through our five senses and tell us supposedly what is true reality – but NOT!  The catch is what is real? Let’s take the common radios and tv sets we use every day as an example. These devices pick up other frequencies and wave bands being broadcast that are constantly around us but in which our five physical senses can’t detect at all.  Plus, we are told that the physical senses of animals are even sharper than our own.  So what this means is that sadly, but this is true, we can’t totally perceive the full reality that surrounds us with just our five physical senses then right?  Which means there could be whole other realities around us that we don’t even have a clue that they exist.


Joshua is meditating with his personal crystal skull in a Crop Circle near Avebury, listening to music, he sensed other intelligence nearby interfacing with him during the meditation.

Like what if you were a Flat Person who is only a two dimension being with length and width but no height and you exist in a 3-dimensional world – he wouldn’t be aware of one dimension that surrounds him that is just as real as he is. We could see this guy but he couldn’t really perceive us or the world as we know it.  So then naturally, this new term of the “Paranormal” which is quite popular now, has been used to describe any type of spiritual or strange phenomena which happens in our world (seemingly from out of nowhere, but if it comes from nowhere as we perceive it then, it must come from somewhere to some other intelligent beings right?) that our five physical senses either can’t perceive or manifestations of objects from other realities entering into our own physical universe which can’t be explained by our good friend from science (because the universal laws which could explain these phenomena are outside our realm of physical laws as we know).  Dear Readers, I hope this all makes sense and you are following my logic – if not go back, re-read, don’t stop at GO and come back to this point because the article is going to get even more interesting and try to make you think hard or to intuit and remember what you already know as an immortal soul.

Also be aware, that right now in this moment, right now in this instance, beyond the five physical senses you have, there are other senses we possess – like your intuition, sensitivity to other people or the energies around you, the ability to have visions or see things which do not appear to be in the physical reality and so on and so on.  These are our paranormal or natural spiritual gifts, which everyone has inside of them, that we were born with. However, as we grew up and became adults, our modern society with extensive help by our parents (who were taught by their parents) told us that we don’t have these other inner gifts, it is just pure fantasy or a product of our wild imagination.

But once, “Spirit” or “My Guides” once whispered to me (I heard it as a stray idea which came into my thinking mind) this amazing, quite profound idea, which when I heard it, I knew it was is absolutely true!  And it was this:  “If you can imagine something in your mind’s eye (whatever it is – perhaps a place you have never been to or a new invention to create), you can only imagine it because it already exists somewhere within the infinite universe we live in!!”  Returning now to this idea that we have these natural spiritual (some call them psychic) gifts let turn to what happened to us when we learned to ride a bicycle. At first when you tried to ride, no doubt you fell off, but eventually if you kept practicing, it then became a part of you right? Thus, if you don’t use these special spiritual gifts over time, then you will lose them unless you were born extremely spiritually aware (as many of the new children are who are being born these days which we call them Crystal or Indigo Children) and thus, this is who you are.  For example, as you continue to ride that bicycle, your subconscious will remember how to ride for you (another aspect of this inner part of our self not readily available to the five physical senses) and even (like what happened to me when I moved to the Netherlands) if you haven’t ridden the bicycle for maybe 30 years, you will get on and just do it without any hesitation or fear.  So too, if we use our spiritual gifts when we are young, they will stay with us subconsciously for the rest of our lives, and if people didn’t tell you, this was strange or you were weird, you would just accept it as a natural ability which everyone has (and they do).

So my suggestions then, as your spiritual brother, is to figure out, if you haven’t already, what are your strongest inner or spiritual gifts and start using them NOW, this moment and trust in them completely.  Whether its your intuition, a feeling, a knowing, or something you see or hear – we are moving into a time now on our world, with “The Mother Earth”, when we must and will have to use our inner gifts to live a balanced and happy life. This also means we must learn to accept more the feminine aspect of our being.


During the Syfy Channel’s (US Scifi cable channel) Crystal Skull Documentary in 2008, Joshua had a chance to do some research with Bill Homann, the Guardian of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, how the skulls energy touches people .. the results yet to be released.

Furthermore, I would conclude from my 35+ years of intense spiritual studies and life journeys that the so called “Other Side”, where our spiritual family is, is finding more and ingenious ways to contact us in our reality while sitting existing in their own. And that again, as I was told by this loving inner family that since they don’t exist in “Time and Space” (see one of my earlier articles here) as we know it, they are – GET READY – always right next to us!! Thus, if you use your own inner gifts (as I am using my gift of inner feeling right now as I originally typed these words) you will sense them there (and I have tingles all on my rights side and especially by my right ear and the back of my right head during the writing of this sentence).  They are coming closer and closer to assist us (not do it for us) so we have clarity in our lives and can co-create together a peaceful and joyful world.

Ok I have thrashed out aspects of the paranormal quite a bit here in this article so far but, what has this to do with Crystal Skulls?  Now I am going to suppose that you, the reader of this specific article that you already have some idea of what the “Crystal Skulls” are.  And that maybe, just maybe you have been following some of the earlier articles I have contributed for TOSP (yes, you have, well great!).  But if you haven’t been following my progress as a contributing author, you may want to go back and review those articles.  Moving on then, I want to mention again an idea I have presented before here on TOSP, which is the only conclusion I can make from dealing with our own personal crystal skulls and the hundreds or thousands of other ones I have met or held during my world traves. As it is as if there is some type of “Living Consciousness” that is working through them to make these skull shaped gemstones seem to be alive and have a personality which does interface and interact with their guardians and the people they meet along the way in various ways.

Now, if you were a non-spiritual person and heard such a statement that I have just made you would probably say: “This Joshua fellow is a looney tunes, he is insane – do you hear what you are saying man, a rock has a living consciousness – no way in (blank) I could ever accept such a statement!!”

However, as students of the paranormal, we know:

  1. Within every particle on every level and plane of existence of the universe – at the core is the consciousness of creator …
  2.  That our spiritual family who exist on other levels of reality are using thought to create all the infinite realities and universe that exist in the cosmos — therefore there is the handiwork of an intelligence everywhere we can perceive on some level.

So when we study the fantastic healings that happen around the crystal skulls which are publicly known — when we study the electro-magnetic energies these so-called stones are eminating — when we interview numerous crystal skull guardians who tell us that their personal crystal skulls are talking with them (telepathically in some form) and give them their name — when people’s spiritual gifts are activated or enhanced in their presence, even their own creative gifts are expanded — and on and on and on — Something very interesting is going on linked to these skulls. Why I even believe that we haven’t come remotely close to fully understanding what these rocks can do yet!!

This leads me to write about next, some of the special experiences I have had over the years which I always find I can best illustrate some of my points and ideas by telling stories linked with one of our crystal children (skulls) …. and so let us go back in time to do so ….


Here we see a member of the “Lecher Antenna” group measuring the energy of “Portal de Luz” using this device and the totally unexpected energetic readings our crystal skull shared with the researchers.

The Place is in/near Antwerp, Belgium, it is at the home of a good friend Marc, who I met during the summer of 2001 before I officially moved to Holland at the end of 2001. I met Marc at a public talk I did in Antwerp about the crystal skulls and learned that he was a student of a special device known as a “Lecher Antenna”. This device was named after an Austrian Physicist, Ernst Lecher (1856-1926) because this antenna (device) is based on his research and discovery about the Principle of Resonant Energy.  Essentially what this device is, it is a glorified dowsing rod in that it is sensitive to various frequencies of energies and flips when it encounters such. The difference however is that it has numbers on the side which is used to measure for specific frequencies of energies and when discovered, this is when it does its flipping motion. Thus a very well trained practitioner can use the antenna to test their patients (people) for unhealthy conditions and know what the root cause is for their problem or problems.

However on this fine summer day in Belgium, Marc had invited his teacher who was giving lessons how to use the “Lecher Antenna” as well as members of this class to come and witness some tests to be done upon our crystal skull known as “Portal de Luz” (the one I am holding in my top photo).  Since my Dutch/Flemish wasn’t so good, I couldn’t understand what everyone was saying on this day but I was told by Marc, that his teacher said something to the affect (before we started), “We would be wasting our time, as the skull was just a piece of rock and had no special energies to speak of”.  Well, I don’t think this is how things turned out and let me explain further.

The first time they did their battery of energy measurements upon this skull, are you ready for this(?), they told us that “Portal” was eminating the frequencies of energy of the “Five Human Senses”.  Did you hear me right, yes I said he was showing the frequencies of energy of the five human senses you and I have”.  Their teacher didn’t believe these results at all, so he had them do the tests again – SAME RESULTS – and again and the same results showed up that third time.  Not only this, as I am re-reading the report I received from Marc, just now, but they also measured the energy of a crown and third eye chakra and the pressence of an aura around the crystal skull too.  This doesn’t seem to be the energetic behavior one would expect around a rock yes?

So the reason I am sharing this story is that I don’t see any way how to fully understand the phenomena that takes place around the crystal skulls unless we are open to the existence of the paranormal, and get a little help from various scientifically created devices which are sensitive to measure all these type of unusual energies which point to the existence of other realms and realities around us which we can’t perceive through our human senses.  Now I can go on to tell you two more stories from Poland, and visits there from (2002-2005) that also will support these special energies coming out from these so-called stones … listen to this …

PolandResearchIn the photo to your left, we see a man with a pedelum swining the pedelum again over our skull “Portal”.  What you can’t see, is under Portal is kind of like a circular chart, which based on the zenith of the pendelum’s swing shows the strength of the energy being broadcast from the object being measured by the pedelum.  As we were told by this Polish researcher shown, who invented this system, “Portal” was showing 115% (his system measured from 100 to 200, with 100% representing a person using 100% of their human energy to its full potential) energetic emanations.  Then when held with a second skull and I was re-tested, the reading shut up to 150% or what the researcher said was the range of what a living human avatar might show.  So the questions then begs to be asked, where are these powerful energies coming from the skulls and again we are led back to the possibility of a living consciousness working through the skulls.

Another story from Poland involves a young boy who came for a session with us and the crystal skulls.  His physical challenge is he had some problem with his eyes, he couldn’t see properly so he would go to the doctor and receive some type of chemical treatment which eventually would help his eyes but he would be in bed for three or four days to recover before he could resume a so-called normal life of a child.  Well his mother scheduled his session (which was 15-20 minutes long) with us before he went to the doctor for his next treament. After meditating and holding one of our skulls (forget which one), he shortly thereafter did his visit with the doctor to have his next chemical therapy. When we had a second session with this child a few weeks later, his mother told us that he was outside playing with his friends the same day after that last therapy session.  We can interpret this report that he must have received some type of energy through the skull which strengthened him probably physically and energetically to deal with his therapy and that possibly using more natural methods of healing would help her child more.

There are thousands of stories and reports we receive from people all over the world how either their personal crystal skulls are helping and empowering them in their lives or that they have met, what our crystal children call their “Older Brother and Sister Skulls” (some would call ancient or very old skulls created long ago by some means) and had a powerful life changing experience with these skulls.  Clearly, it appears the strong interest people now have in the crystal skulls as well as to have at least one of their own, is linked to an activation (by whom?) on some level with the crystal skulls.  Each year we are hearing about more and more of the very old crystal skulls are publicly resurfacing in addition to the thousands upon thousands of new made crystal skulls being carved.  This demand to have a crystal skull basically began in the mid 1990’s and has not stopped since.  It is common now as we do our world travels (as happened when I went to Gent, Belgium working with my sponsor Tian Tu in early October, 2015) that there will be a table filled with 50-100 or more skulls at these public events. I saw the same conditions in May (2015) when I traveled to the Eastern part of Australia (the down-under).


In 2004, Joshua had an opportunity to visit the British Museum Crystal Skull (then stored at the now defunct Museum of Man in London) and was given a chance to hold this skull – later he would have his right hand on the British Skull and his left on his personal skull “Portal” to help share energies between the two skulls.

So to conclude then, what the heck is happening here?  I can only offer a gut feeling I have based upon 32+ years of wanderings with the skulls but these observations seem to fit the facts.  Our so-called invisible (but very present) spiritual family is looking for unique and special ways how to help us and indirectly to have contact with us without causing great fear or panic.  Our inner spiritual family is able to easily view the history of the world (the true history, of which more and more is coming out every day and not what we were taught in school) and sees that the “crystal skulls” have been powerful tools in the past to assist humanity with our spiritual evolution.  That not only are these very old skulls from times past jammed packed with powerful healing and life giving energies that they have recorded and obsorbed, but they also can act as a dimensional door from their reality into our own.  They can, if they wish, work through the skulls, give them a personality if it were, so its easier for us to accept and work with them and then share with us key knowledge and insights in a way we can understand and comprehend.  Thus the skulls become a type of living being (like a person) who is sharing with another living being (us, humans) except the skulls are the medium to make this exchange possible..

With the advent of so many crystal skulls being created today,  then this spiritual information and uplifting energies they carry is not just coming through a few skulls (as perhaps was the case in the 1960’s and 1970’s) but coming through thousands upon thousands of skulls which then, their guardians are carrying with them to the four corners of our world.  And if each skull is like a little energy vortex, then imagine the pinpicks of light that can be seen from space by our cosmic brothers and sisters as we, the crystal skull guardians energetically work with all these skulls in so many locations?  Also prior to the writing of this article, I just did an interview with my good friend Bill Homann, who is the guardian of the famous “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”.  This interview was done to support our new upcoming membership service (we hope to offer this before the end of 2015, that it will be ready soon, see a further discussion of it below).  Mr. Homann said, to paraphrase him that – the crystal skulls many times are working behind the scenes in other dimensions (especially the skull he guards) even while they seem to be quiet and resting in their physical location.  So I believe the crystal skulls are being utilized in various powerful and subtle ways bhy our spiritual family existing in the other realms to help us down here at times and gives these loving helpers a way to be present here to a degree.

As no doubt, if our cosmic brothers and sisters just showed up where we could see them clearly in the normal physical form, and those who live underground and in the Inner Earth also just showed up, or other beings existing in other dimensions lowered their frequencies to appear to us – it might be a bit much for us to handle viewing these alien or strange looking lifeforms and it could throw our world into a bit of chaos.  So our inner spiritual families are always looking for new methods to speak to us more directly.  They also knew, that the shape of the human bone skull was specifically designed, like a pyramid does due to its shape, to receive cosmic knowledge and information which goes from higher levels of our inner consciousness till it eventually moves into the waking consciousness and is stored in our brain.  So when we work with a crystal skull it not only has the same capabilities to record this higher knowledge within its etheric energy structure and lattice but then to share it with us when we are nearby or holding the skulls – a type of energy transfer.

In conclusion, I hope you found this article helpeful, to see another side of the crystal skulls and the paranormal and why the skulls could be one of the most visible objects we know of today that is showing us the existence of the so-called paranormal or spiritual realities which are within us at the core of our being and flow around us all the time.  The crystal skulls are a catalyst to awaken the inner part of our being, our divine nature as well as a type of mirror that show us who we truly are within.  The crystal skulls also are creating bridges with our spiritual family in the other levels and dimensions for communication.  I just don’t see the interest in the crystal skulls going away any time soon.  If you don’t have your own skull, maybe its time to get one or to explore such a possibility.

Crystal Skull World DayFinally I don’t want to forget, as there is less than a month to go for what is being called, “Crystal Skull World Day”, November 22nd, being coordinated by the Crystal Skull Hearts Council.  As was done last year (2014), on the same day, a call went out to all the crystal skull guardians (caretakers) all over the world to come together for a short time to do a meditation with their personal crystal skulls.  The energy last year was amazing and powerful as many guardians took part.  Now, even if you do not have your own crystal skull, then feel free to select and use a special piece of quartz or gemstone you have, to hold this during the meditation. All are invited to join.  This year a guided meditation is being done that goes for about 1/2 hour.  On the website shown below (on the Menu item – “What to do on CSWD2015?”) – is a page that discusses how to perform the meditation, how to listen or download the audio file to listen to the meditation while you areparticipating, and the words that will be spoken in the meditation.  The meditation will also be offered in 7 languages (you may need to wait just before November 22nd for a few of these languages) as well.  So check out this special day at:


(Also we would like to thank Jock, the owner of TOSP, for his help with his knowledge of SEO and marketing, to help get the word out about Crystal Skull World Day).

I have listened to the meditation, and it does take one to a higher level.  Plus as all the people link in to the energy being created on this day, it will be very powerful and transformative.  I believe that one day, we will find a special song many people will sing at the same time, and when this happens, it will setup a powerful resonance that could shift our world into a time of peace – when a great number of people do the same activity at the same time, such miracles are possible.  This is why events such as Crystal Skull World Day are very important.

If you wish to know more about the crystal skulls, find at the bottom of this article some special on-line resources that we offer. To a great 2015, what remains and to the amazing years that are coming ahead of us.

Peace and Light always,

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com
website: www.crystalskullexplorers.com

free crystal skull e-book:
free on-line newsletter, “Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls”

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Could the Crystal Skulls be here to Save our World? What do you Think?

Here we see a photo of Joshua Shapiro, a columnist for the Other Side Press and known as a Crystal Skull Explorers holding his personal skull called "Portal de Luz"

Here we see the author of this column Joshua, holding his personal smoky quartz skull “Portal de Luz”

Welcome to Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro here, your host to take you on another exciting adventure into the world of the Crystal Skulls.  Now, if you have followed my other articles here at TOSP, you know I write in a very informal style.  I call it:  “writing as if I was speaking to you in person”.

So if you are ready, let us proceed on this next exploration …..

The title of this article asked a very good question that could impact our world, yes?  You have probably heard about the Crystal Skulls before, by now, but how could they be a catalyst for peace when humanity can’t learn how to place nice with each other? Also, why are there so many people feeling drawn to them, to such a degree that these individuals feel compelled to have one or more skulls in their possession?  Let delve into this article and find out the answers to such questions and learn more, shall we?

But first we must ask this: “Does our World really need to be Saved and if so from whom or what?”  Some of our readers might feel that our world is perfectly ok and doing just fine for them right?  Then again, we  have just as many readers if not more, who are watching all of the suffering going on all over this Earth basically due to the inappropriate way we are  sharing the abundant resources we collectively have which could easily feed, house and care for everyone on the planet.  So in order to move forward in this article we will have to assume or suppose that everyone who is reading it believes in their heart, mind and soul, we can do much better and create a harmonious world.  Actually, I believe, if we each did our part and by this I mean, doing what makes our “heart sing” we can truely make this world a paradise.  But recently, special tools and ancient instruments have been resurfacing, sacred tools used by ancient civilizations and cultures whereas the crystal skulls definitely definitely are of one of these such tools coming back.

Additionally, I have decided that within this article I am going to bombard you with quite a few images to make things more interesting, so please do read the captions below each image.  First, let’s do a short review of what the crystal skulls are, and what are some of their capabilities, yes?

The Crystal Skull Explorers travel the world and meet all kinds of crystal skulls, in this photo some of our personal skulls are with the ancient skull known as "ET".

Here we see some of our personal crystal skulls visiting with the ancient skull “ET” (to your left) which is with the van Dieten family.

As the term “crystal skull” implies (and I have given you a few examples of photos within this article, like the smoky quartz crystal skull I am holding in my picture above so you can easily visualize what they are) it is a skull-shaped object, which was originally comprised from a quartz crystal, primarily shaped in the likeness of a human bone skull. However, today in modern times, we are witnessing crystal skulls being made from all types of gemstones and coming in all type of physical forms including animal and alien skulls even.

In a few of my prior posts on “The Otherside Press”, I have gone into greater details about the energy that seems to be connected with the crystal skulls and how they have changes the lives of the people they touch; but let us just say for the moment (and you will have to believe me about the ideas I am putting forth next after being around them for 32+ years), they have a healing energy and act as a catalyst to awaken people’s spiritual and creative gifts. Also we believe the crystal skulls work like our modern-day computers in which they store energy and knowledge (information) within them which while we may not fully understand how the skulls do this and how we can receive this yet, many people have past life memories of working with the skulls in these ways and that understanding these capabilities will be known quite soon. Finally, and this is just a theory, we think the crystal skulls might be tools that came from the Gods (the ETs or dimensional beings) that were left on the earth to greatly assist with the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Now if you consider what I just  shared in the last paragraph, the capabilities and services which a crystal skull offers has the potential to change every person they have contact with us and this is pretty darn amazing wouldn’t you say? Considering that basically we are really, in simple truth, just speaking about a mineral that has been shaped into the form of a human skull. Why should their be anything special about such a formed object?  However, below, is one conclusion we have how the crystal skull function. This statement is based upon our personal research and approach we have to used to understand the crystal skulls, a kind of scientific approach if you will, that is based upon the observable activities surrounding the skulls and the type of effects they are having upon the reports we receive from other crystal skull guardians all over the planet.  Reports I should say that are repeatedly be discussed publicly and with us (the crystal skull explorers) in person or via email communications and this is:

There appears to be a living consciousness which is working through the crystal skulls and having a daily interaction and communication with their respective crystal skull guardian or keeper.  The symptoms of this interaction is that the crystal skull will almost always give to their guardian a name and then use the spiritual gifts of their guardian to communicate with them, just like a live person.  So the various forms of communication that these guardians report to us includes: telepathic communication (For example: I hear our personal skulls speak to me via the thinking voice I hear inside of me, my mind’s voice when I read or write or the inner voice which helps me when I give my public talks so spontaneously), where either the guardian hear the words within themselves or as a voice outside of their ears; they could have a vision that comes to them from their skull (or skulls); they could have an instaneously knowingness while around their skull; they might actually see the being or beings who are communicating through the skull around it or as aura colors flowing over the skull and so on … We speculate that this living consciousness are other beings (spirit or dimensional) who see the crystal skull as a communication device to have a way to have contact with us.  And then since, they are acting like a human being, an individual person, it is not so strange or scary for us to accept this communication.

Photo of the personal crystal skulls from the Crystal Skull Explorers visiting a spiritual energy vortex in a labrynth in Wisconsin

We take our personal crystal skulls everywhere so they can absorb special energies – here they are in a spiritual labrynth in Wisconsin where many orbs appear!!

Now let us move on to how could the re-emergence of the crystal skulls (note: many people have felt since the crystal skulls only have begun coming into the public’s eye since the middle part of the 1800’s, that they were hidden for a long time [to protect them until the right time to come out??] and now their re-emergence is a sign of some type of prophecy that a golden age or positive future is ahead?) is very involved in assisting or helping our world to create world peace?  Well this answer is really quite simple – if we just look at the case of some form of healing that goes on around the skulls, obviously, there is some form of higher intelligence which knew that since the skulls look like us, people would be drawn to them and be curious about them.

For some people even, it could be a past life memory of having worked with the crystal skulls before and that they were a catalyst to bring that person a happy and joyful life by balancing them energetically and healing any illness or physical injuries.  We have already measured these energies eminated around the skulls with all kinds of electro-magnetic sensitive devices that clearly show there is a healing or energizing field around them.  And it doesn’t seem to matter if the skull is a very very old one or a relative new one (although for the newly made crystal skulls it depends upon who is their guardian and their intention how they work with this skull as well as how they have been activated or brought it to life).  What quite a few guardians are doing are different type of meditations with their crystal skulls to send out a positive energy to our world or they are going to sacred sites on the planets and doing their prayers, meditations or ceremonies there.  We know also, that some of the indigenous people on our world also have their own crystal skulls (such as the Mayans, Aztec, some Native American, Tibetan, etc …) and are including the skulls in their sacred ceremonies which have been handed down from generation to generation, usually performed privately to be able to protect these sacred artifacts so they are not stolen or taken away and misused in the modern world.

This then bring us to one of the key activities I want to share with our readers, that of the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations we began to offer on January 1st, 2009.  But before I talk about this, let us make a simple assumption, which I hope you will understand and agree with me.  Let us assume that if a human being, a crystal skull guardian, does a meditation by him or herself, and focuses on sending out a loving and peace energy, that on some level the energy from such a meditation will and does benefit our world. Well, we do know from a spiritual perspective that we are all inwardly connected, thus for any spiritual or paranormal student this is a given.  But one of the keys that seems to be known within the community of people who work and studying the properties and effects of any type of quartz crystal or the different gemstones people have in their possession, is that these stones will balance and expand the energy field around the human body as well as amplify what we are thinking and visualizing.  Many people have reported to us, how powerful it has been for them to meditate with their personal crystal skulls as well as the positive changes that have come into their life by repeatedly meditating and working with their skulls. But what if, we imagine two people doing the same meditation for world peace working with their crystal skull – what if three or four people do it – what could happen?

A depiction of the 13 master crystal skulls from the first crystal skull book with Bowen, Nocerino and Shapiro, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed

A vision of how the circle of 13 master skulls may have once come together with one skull in the circle rotating clockwise and another circle of 12 skulls rotating counter-clockwise sitting on a crystal dias – a wheel within a wheel during Atlantis – special symbol for the World Peace Mediations

This is the whole point and reason for the World Peace Meditations that we do each month working with one of our personal crystal skulls. Normally for this meditation (although we never know for sure how many people) we have at least a few hundred people joining us from various countries around the world.  So each time another person joins us for the meditation, it is like a geometric multiple of the power of the positive and loving energy we are generating to send out to all life on the planet.  I am bringing up this meditation becausse it basically has been an ongoing process since the beginning of 2009 (although we did stop for the first part of 2011, but other friends picked up doing a form of the mediation for us and then we started it up again in the late part of 2011 and have been going strong ever since).

Essentially how the meditation works, and there is a way to join us, even if you don’t have your own crystal skull (which it is easy to get one these days – thousands are available on e-bay for example, in local crystal stores or we can help you with the contact of modern carvers that we know as we have probablyhelped over 1000 people since 2009) is that on the 13th day of each month, at the 13th hour, a person either sits quietly alone in some location (their home, at work, outside in nature, etc …) or within a group of people, holding their person skull and listens to an mp3 recording guiding the meditation. This mediation we offer on-line spoken by my beloved Katrina, who leads those who join us in about a 15 minute guided meditation.  Now because everyone is doing this meditation at 1 PM or 13:00 their local time, we have quite a number of the timezones covered during that day.  But what if the 13th of the month comes out on a work day or you can’t do it at 1 PM (13:00) because you are already engaged?  Well since we believe time doesn’t really exist (but all time is simultaneous), you can do the meditation before the appointed time (like the night before) and send the energy from your session forward in time to 1 PM (13:00) on the meditation day.

Now I would like to discuss the interesting history how this meditation came to be.  But before I do, if you are curious what it is all about and how the meditation works (besides the mp3 audio file, the meditation is written out on the page below as well) just head over to:

(note: if you read this article after 2016, the meditation as discussed is still valid or just change the url and put in your current year for 2015 and it will still work)

History of the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation

I am not sure of the exact year we started, it could have been in the late 1990’s I do believe, but we did organize via our website at V J Enterprise to do a meditation linked with the crystal skulls every sunday, just a simple meditation where we sent out a pink energy of love all over the world that came from the skulls. Back at this time too, we started our crystal skull mailing list on Yahoo as well, so that is where most people came from who originally joined us for the meditation and we also shared this meditation in our free crystal skull e-book (see resources listed at the end of this article).  So this early promoted weekly meditation was the pre-cursor to the one we are doing now, you could say it was a building block if it were to get us here.

The next key activity which happened, that inspired what would become the world peace meditation as we know today, has to do with a contact I had with the well known Israeli Psychic, the “Spoon Bender”, Uri Geller.  I am not sure at the present moment if Mr. Geller still lives in England but in the early part of 2001, I with two friends, all very connected with crystals and crystal skulls met Mr. Geller at a local hotel in London. Prior to meeting him, we had just gone to the British Museum, where the British Museum Crystal Skull (a full size single piece clear quartz skull discovered in Mexico in the 1860’s) was on special display on loan from the now defunct British Museum of Man, a sister museum.  The reason I had sought Mr. Geller out is we knew he had a strong affinity for quartz crystals and I asked him if I could do an interview with him (which unfortunately the casette that holds that interview is long gone) which he agreed to.  For the 30 minute interview he gave us, he did hold my personal crystal skull “Portal de Luz” (Portal of Light, the skull I am holding in the first photo of this article) which no doubt received some of the special energies that Mr. Geller channels (he believes his gift started when he had a UFO encounter in Israel when he was young).  But after this interview, Mr. Geller invited me to appear on his radio show of the time (which was broadcast via the internet and via some U.S. based radio stations even though he did his interviews while in England) which I arranged to appear on my 46 birthday, April 17th, 2001 (BTW, on April 17th, 2000, I went to the Museum of Man in London to see their crystal skull with “Portal de Luz” with me but they stated they didn’t show the skull privately to anyone …).

Now there are two significant things which took place during the radio show interview I had with Mr. Geller – #1 – as soon as we spoke about the crystal skulls (and “Portal de Luz” was next to me as I was doing this interview over the phone, Mr. Geller called me from England), the internet broadcast of the radio stopped. I had this happen to me once before, in 1999, when I visited Las Vegas and a friend did a simulcast like this except over the internet the video portion broadcast and the audio part was done on a local radio station. The video camera had been tested and was working perfectly but as soon as our interview started, the camera stopped working and wouldn’t start up again till the show was over (OH “Portal” what were you doing in those days???).

Examples of the type of crystal skulls which the Crystal Skull Explorers help individuals in the world acquire, made by carvers in Brazil

Here we see a special group of Ametrine Crystal Skulls (a combination of amethyst & citrine quartz) that are made from a carver in Brazil – every kind of gemstone known is being made into crystal skulls.

However, as related to this article, we come to the second key aspect of the interview which happened in that Mr. Geller asked me the following question, “So Joshua, how can the crystal skulls be used in a way to help create world peace?” — well I was on the spot I just answered with the first thought which came to me at that moment as I shared (as we had been doing these meditations on Sunday): what if we could gather and bring together at the same time as many of the crystal skull guardians in the world, to perform a specific meditatation for world peace, this could be a very powerful way to offer a collective harmonious energy for our world, would it not?  So it was in that precise moment that an idea was implanted within me which I have never forgotten, that perhaps there was a way we could take our meditations a bit more seriously and to a higher level. But I didn’t know what to do to make this a reality and by this time in my life, you know how it is, people were getting tired of doing the same thing week after week with the meditation, so it suffered a slow death until something new would take its place.

It took over 7 years, till we come to the magical year of 2008.  What was so magical about this year was that Speilburg and Lucas decided to make the artifact that “Indy” goes looking for a “Crystal Skull” in the 4th edition of the Indiana Jones movies.  At the end of 2007 when we heard this announcement we were in shock and we didn’t believe it but when the posters came out for the film and the trailer we knew it was true and we prayed and hoped they would portray the crystal skulls properly.  Now if you know the TV show Star Gate – SG1, in the 4th season they did do a very good portrayal of a crystal skull and shared some real history, but unfortunately the producers of Indiana Jones #4 utilized the Hollywood tradition and the film didn’t really show the crystal skull as they really are. However, in that year I had more media interviews in a short time than ever before and many more people in the world learned the crystal skulls were indeed real.  But now, we must discuss the Italian conference which took place in June of 2008, right after the film had come out.

From the end of 2001 till the early part of 2008, I was living in Holland.  However, it was time for me to return home to the U.S. as what I was doing in Europe had finished.  So by February of 2008 I was back in America and then I had an opportunity to be interviewed at the home of Bill Homann, the current guardian of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull”, for the Syfy Crystal Skull two-hour documentary where they even recorded us doing some crystal skull energy researching using a device called a Meridian Stress Test system (this devices uses an electrode to meassure the energy at various meridian points in your hands and feets and is very accurate) at a local high school in Indiana (where Mr. Homann lived at the time) with both the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” and “Portal de Luz”. This research provided us some fascinating insights about energetically how both skulls function and what effect they had our test subjects but it was never shown on their documentary.

Anyway, this special interview gave me a chance to reconnect with my good friend Bill and since I was living in the Chicago area at this moment, when the organizers of the Italian Crystal Skull Conference invited us both to attend and do a presentation (May 2008),  we flew on the same plane to Italy from Chicago.  I should also mention that in February of this year, I returned to Bill’s home (after the visit with the Syfy camera people) and not only did a 25 minute video interview with him but got a chance to have a 20 minute private session with the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” which forever changed my life; it was amazing and energizing and I will speak about that experience at another time in a future article.

Anyway, once we arrived in Italy (I forget which large city it was but it was in the northern part of the country), a strange series of experiences happened to me.  First, our bags didn’t arrive on time so we only had the clothes on our backs for a few days.  Second, at a dinner held at the home of one of the organizers, the same day we arrived, before the conference started, when Bill brought out the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” from its protective bag, so the organizers and helpers of the conference could have an early direct experience with the skull before all the participants would arrive, I started to become immediately sick. I had a sore throat by the end of the evening and a fever started the next day. This was a strange response to the skull after 3 months earlier when meditating with it I like I was in heaven with its powerful healing energy.

As it turned out, on the day of the conference when I had to do a one hour talk, I still had a fever.  However, being the typical Aries I am, I had no intention not to provide the lecture that I promised to do and had been invited to do, that included a paid roundtrip ticket, hotel and meals, so I stayed in bed till the very last minute and arrived at the conference just in time to do my talk.  It didn’t help matters that where I was sitting with the other speakers, the “Mitchell-Hedges Skull” was directly in front of me but I put all my physical energy I had into giving my talk and share all the information I had to discuss.  However, as soon as I finished, I was so exhausted that I put my head on the table with the other speakers and I passed totally out.

The head of the conference was a very sensitive man and he couldn’t very well send me back to the U.S. in this condition so I stayed four extra days at the home of one of the other organizers of the conference to rest and gain my strenth.  However, and this is the key linked to the World Peace Meditation, I remember waking up one morning and I had in my head, exactly how to do the first version of the new world peace meditation with the crystal skull and which dates to perform this meditation for the next year.  We would start on January 1st, 2009, (I first announced this new set of meditations on August 8th, 2008 or what was known as the 8-8-8) the first meditation and then in 2009 we did other meditations surrounding dates which the number of the date added up to the number 13, like  February 1st, 2008 (2 +1 + 2 + 8 = 13).

Now you may have noticed that I keep referring to the number 13 linked to these meditations, why is this?  Some of you may have heard there is a prophecy told by various indigenous cultures living in our world which state there is a set of 13 master crystal skulls.  That at one time in the past these 13 special crystal skulls were together (in Atlantis?) but that they were scattered all over the world (perhaps due to the destruction of Atlantis).  In any case, this prophecy further states that when these thirteen master skulls return and come back together, in the same place at the same time, their combined frequencies and energies will help shift our world into a time of peace, or a “Golden Age”.  Now whether such legends exist or are even true, I can’t say but my intuition and gut feeling alway says there is a great deal of truth surrounding this prophecy.  So in our meditation we honor the number of 13 throughout.

The Personal Crystal Skull of the Crystal Skull Explorers known as "Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye" who works with the indigenous ceremonial energies

One of our more popular personal crystal skulls known as “Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye”, who works with the indigenous ceremonial energies of many cultures – he is so popular we have had to have our carvers make Geronimo Jrs. that help share “his” energy around the world.

After the first year of doing these new meditations (we did about 4 or 5 total meditations in that year), one of our participants suggested for 2010 we should shift it and begin to do 13 meditations each year. How this would work is the crystal skull world peace meditation would take place in each year beginning on January 1st and then we would follow this up with the other meditations on the 13th of each month, at the 13th hour. And thus we have kept this format since then.  Since 2009 we have probably done almost 70 meditations by now.  And while it was my hope that we would eventually see many of the crystal skull guardians living today joining us, we have yet to reach this goal.  I was hopeful more of the guardians who claim to have the ancient or very old skulls would be very excited by these meditations as most of these guardians share with the people who come to meet their crystal skull how they are here for peace. Never-the-less, the door is always open to any crystal skull guardian to be a part of the meditation as we make no distinction on a person joining us being any more special or better than any other.  However, we are always grateful to all those who do join us and we have had some of the guardians with these olders skulls be a part of it which is always a good feeling.  Each time we do this meditation, once a month it kind of feels as if we linking up with our true spiritual or extended family to help co-create a special day sharing a loving and positive energy with the entire world and what can be better than this?

Another important aspect linked to our monthly mediations which I feel is happening each time we perform them is that we are building on the energy that was generated from all the meditations before.  This is similar to what happened (for those of you who are familiar with this case) with the Scole Experiment Group led by Robin and Sandra Foy. This couple led a spiritual circle in the cellar of their home from 1994 -1998 in Scole, England.  The spirit team they were working with requested that they place a Glass Bell Dome in the center of the circular table they sat around for each session in order to store and build up the composite energy in the room. This energy had three components, the energy of the ley lines of the earth which the cellar was sitting on top of, the energies from the people sitting in the circle and the energies being transported into our reality from spirit. So as this energy built up, store in the bell dome, it was easier for their spirit team to create their physical manifestations in the cellar.  I believe, we are doing the same thing in that we are building a collective energy from all the meditations we have done since 2009, and thus able to link into this loving energy from before which just keeps building and building. Plus we repeatedly get reports from participants of these mediations how powerful the energy we are co-creating is and how it touches them as well as being stored within their person crystal skulls.

Plus, if the crystal skulls are a catalyst for awakening people to their spiritual and creative gifts – this due no doubt to the energy they are subtly broadcasting as they activate different people at different times. And it stands to reason that as more and more people are becoming spiritual aware of who they are within, this then is opening up more of the collective awareness of humanity as one day we will sing the same song in our souls which will eventually guide us into a world of peace.

And now in Conclusion including Another Special Announcement

So it seems dear readers, that no matter where I turn in my spiritual and paranormal studies, there are powerful links with the crystal skulls that suggest the return of the skulls coming out to the public is not some random act, or just happenstance, but it is linked to a series of divinely inspired events which are unfolding in our world to take us into a higher vibration state and awakening.

The official logo of Crystal Skull World Day that will be held on November 22nd, 2015, a special guided meditation done by crystal skull guardians from around the world.

The logo for Crystal Skull World Day featuring with permission in the center the well known Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, this day is on November 22nd (2015) and will feature a special guided meditation done by the crystal skull guardians around the world.

Additionally, I want to mention again about Crystal Skull World Day (CSWD) which began last year and will be contining on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 of this year.  The organizers of this event is a group of 17  crystal skull guardians who call themselves The Crystal Skull Hearts Council. For this year, a special audio is being prepared that will include indigenous prayers in their native language with a 10-15 minute guided meditation with the participants working with one of their personal crystal skulls. I already know there will be several public gathering taking place as we had last year in different parts of the world and hopefully again on this day, we will be joined by various indigenous elders doing their own special ceremony.  Once again the goal of this day is to ask for each crystal skull guardian to linkup in one of the meditation times on this day for a brief period and share and create together a peaceful energy amplified by the skulls.  Both Katrina and I are serving as co-sponsors and have helped to setup two public gatherings around the Seattle area.  If you would like to know more about this day and see if you wish to join us, head over to:

(Note: there is a free document (PDF format) you can see in various languages with others to inform them about this day or you can download the logo and link to the CSWD 2015 website above on your own site).

While working to help with CSWD 2014 , I had the extreme pleasure to meet Jose Federico Munoz, who is a Mayan Daykeeper from Guatemala.  Jose is one of the very few elders I know who is also traveling with a clear quartz crystal skull that has special energies and was gifted to him a few years ago. What is very remarkable is that he is including his crystal skull and inviting other people to bring their skulls as well, to be a part of the numerous sacred ceremonies that he has organized, mostly focused in the western part of the U.S. So here we have another visible example of how the crystal skulls are being utitlized to create a peaceful energy for the planet and reconnecting with the natural energies of “Mother Earth”.  I met Jose in person for the first time in April of this year (2015) at a gathering of elders in Sedona, Arizona and we did a joint presentation together. Jose also right now is sharing with people about the 23 sacred calendars the Mayans have guarded for many years of which one is called a “Crystal Skull Calendar”.  The Mayan elders through their messenger Jose, claim if we would return and live by these sacred calendars, putting us in harmony with galactic and universal energies and cycles, this would bring a time of peace to our world.

So I absolutely do believe, that the return of the crystal skulls is a very powerful visible sign of the extra help and love we are receiving from our galactic family to help us make planet Earth into a harmonious and peaceful world.  I do believe that the various world peace meditations linked with the skulls and which are on-going, all of them are of tremendous assistance to helping to share these loving energies with all life on the planet.  So what do you think?  Will you join us for one of these meditations? Is it time to have a crystal skull as a special tool to help you in your spiritual evolution and be part of our monthly events?

Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull explorer on one of his visit to the mystical land of Peru with his personal crystal skulls, this photo is a sign of a special new novel that Joshua is working that will take place in Peru

Joshua has had an opportunity to go to Peru on a number of occassions – which will be a key area visited by the main character in his new novel. Further, we believe there are crystal skulls hidden in Peru that came over there when Atlantis was destroyed.

Finally, I wanted to share with the readers, a special new project we have begun which is going on concurrently as I was writing this new article for the column (August 2015). By the time you read this article (or shortly thereafter) we will be providing a new on-line service through the new version of our website that we are developing (to make it easier to find things and get around).  We are going to offer a special membership service late in the summer of 2015, where our members are going to receive parts (chapters) of each of the two novel we are currently writing now. One of these novels is based upon a movie script that show what happens when 13 crystal skulls come back together – we couldn’t get the movie down so we are doing the novel. A second novel will be about a journey a paranormal investigator, author and public speak takes (he is invited) into another dimension through a dimensional gate or portal and then comes back to share his full experience, with answers to the questions of our existence humanity has been asking forever.  Both of these novels are going to require three books to share their full stories. In each case, since I am not a novelist but I am the author of the stories, a friend who is such a writer is helping me.  Besides sharing a chapter from each novel each month, I will also be sharing audio interviews I have been doing with special teachers as well.  We will give our members a higher discount on the products we sell and finally I will have a place to share from a wealth of information I have collected over 30 years that I haven’t been able to do with my books or current websites.  This membership service will also begin to introduce the new website we will eventually be using.

If you would like to know more about our work or the new membership services, here are some of the key on-line resource we have which we share:

Our Free Crystal Skull E-book (updated in May for the one month tour of Australia)

sharing and alliances,


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My Paranormal Views

The Paranormal.

For me the Paranormal has always been normal. I have seen things since I was two and in fact my very first experience, a memorable one, was of seeing a “ghost”.

This was when I was walking between my parents past manor park cemetery and on being aware of “something” going on I turned round to see a man rising horizontally from the pavement to up end and stand on his feet.

As amazing as that may seem to me that wasn’t what was “wrong” he was wearing what I now know to be Victorian clothes, the whole suit with a top hat. Not seeing anyone dressed like that was odd, nothing else.

So, when my Dad asked what was wrong I simply replied “there is a funny man behind us” that was my first introduction if you like or I prefer to call it “awakening” that remembering  that I had come from somewhere else, that I was borrowing this time though not perhaps entirely sure why at that young. Some of course are far more aware.

I have seen a few since as I grew up but mostly I have felt them and the atmosphere they create.

There are basically two types of ghost phenomena.

There are basically two types of ghost phenomena, one is the “imprint type” where energy is concentrated in an area and reacts in a similar way to a recording, I simply replays the energy stored sometimes at a predestined or preset time on a par with an alarm clock, we have all heard of the “White lady who reputedly appears on such and such a date at midnight.”

This can also be triggered by events and conditions. The second type vastly more interesting is the interactive type which is where much of the current interest in media is concentrated.

This is a spirit, conscious, who interacts with our world. It will react to us in some way and shows intelligence in its responses and those responses will vary enormously. They can be from friendly, timely warnings to poltergeist phenomena, to gross interaction.

A proliferation of programmes, some obviously dubious, are not doing any favours for the serious research and work that real professionals undertake. These programs are only interested in sensationalism and are aimed at feeding a particular market.

One program in particular has a rather angry gentleman who tries to antagonise any particular spirit that is supposed to be around. This is a particularly ignorant and dangerous thing to do especially if the place itself is “haunted” the knowledge of protection is sadly misunderstood and this kind of example only encourages those who are either foolish or sceptics to try their luck.

The Paranormal is not new.

There are one or two genuine paranormal programmes in the world but generally because of the actions of some that have gained notoriety it has given the subject media wise a bad name.

This subject is one that deserves proper scientific investigation. The Paranormal is not new, throughout history people have experienced and noted down,  since man began we have had this instinct that “something exists” some have of course passed into legend and like many urban myths some have passed into folk law and become a “myth of a myth” human nature being what it is and the Chinese whispers syndrome there are many reports which will fail proper investigation but, like all things paranormal there are some that defy any “rational explanation” rational that is to tall except he debunking sceptic.

New inventions.

With the inventions of new sensitive equipment, and ways of measuring for instance there are some wonderful cameras around for example the Go Pro camera which has such a range of accessories and is highly adaptable, waterproof and extreme low light capabilities that can be used are becoming available to many people and new discoveries on of scientific investigation and some great website’s provide information on how to use equipment and where to find suitable places to investigate. Everyone now uses mobile phones, tablets etc all of which are highly portable.

Fakes, Hoaxes and sheer fraud.

This has provided very many opportunities for phenomena to be recorded and uploaded. There are of course so many fakes and there must be a good proportion of fakes propounded by debunkers who not only take great pleasure in fooling a public and underlining the fact that people can be fooled quite easily, giving them (debunkers) more confidence that “they are right” of course some are meant to fool the more serious investigator and a debunker highly prizes a piece of work that gains notoriety as real when they can at a suitable time, say “rubbish this was produced like this, we faked it and so is everything else!”

In that light there have been some notable hoaxes one of the best ever, screened as a live ghost watch was screened on 31 October 1992 with Sarah Greene and best of all Michael Parkinson which gave the show much credibility, Mr Parkinson not especially known for hoaxing being a real positive for the show apparently being real. For a link to that go to: – http://hoaxes.org/archive/permalink/ghostwatch

There are many great and genuine phenomena captured and so interesting to find. We in the UK are the most watched people in the world apparently… and the fact means that we and the world is videoed and screened more than at any time and with 24/7 surveillance more and more is captured in “normal circumstances”, daylight, and in what previously would have been unexpected places, petrol stations for example.

Science is moving fast

Science is moving incredibly fast in the field of the paranormal and especially in particular with Quantum physics.

I have been told that in 20/30 years time that “this place (Earth) will be very different” and what we do in ASSMPI as much as any real general awakening, will have a large effect on the world. Quantum physics, the awakening and the fact that people will make a different correlation to religions will all tally together to show people that the “Paranormal” is in fact actually the “real normal”.

Light, always, Leo Bonomo


John Zaffis And His Paranormal World

John Zaffis Paranormal Expert

[soundcloud id=’206031590′]

John is considered to be one of the foremost experts in paranormal research in the world today. He follows in the footsteps of noted Paranormalists Ed and Lorraine Warren who mentored John through his formative years. Whether you belive in the Paranormal or not, his experiences often defy science and we are grateful to have benefitted from his knowledge and wisdom, which we hope will not be the last here on TOSP. However, the recording is not the best but does note detract from the quality of the interview.

John Zaffis Bio – From His Website

John Zaffis has over forty years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent John beyond looking for ghosts and hauntings and into studying demonology under the Warrens. This led into John’s involvement with cases of possession and exorcism, which gave him the opportunity to work with prominent exorcists in this field, including Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Father Malachi Martin, and the Reverend Jun.

His research has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland covering several thousands of cases. Through hands on investigating with other investigators and clergy, he has obtained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the paranormal and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field today.

John has a lot of first-hand paranormal experience, including experience with ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic and diabolical entities. He has also worked extensively with both spiritualists and psychics concerning how their knowledge is used for channeling, reincarnation (past-life regression), calling of the spirits for information, and how they use meditation to acquire the information which they are seeking. Because of his personal experiences with hauntings, ESP, near death experiences and other paranormal activities, he is firm in his conviction that such phenomena exist.

John has been featured in the Discovery Channel’s documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Fox News Live, and many other print and news media events. John also appears in Graveyards and In A Dark Place, both books written by Ed and Lorraine Warren. John’s first book, Shadows of the Dark, co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John hosted a show on SyFy, Haunted Collector, and became a producer for the last season of the show. John has also appeared on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities.

Over the years, John has collected many hundreds of possessed items either given to or sent to him by people wishing to be rid of them. The John Zaffis Paranormal Museum opened in 2004 in order to display these items, and continues to be open today. John wrote and starred in the documentary film Museum of the Paranormal, released in 2010, which gives the viewer a tour of his museum and the stories behind some of the objects.



John’s Books are Fascinating


shadows of the dark john zaffis

We will be reviewing this sometime in the future, but suffice to say that all of John’s Books are worth a read and will certainly open your eyes.



Tales from a Crystal Skull Explorer

What if Time and Space is an illusion?

Follow me on this one if you can!!

Hello again dear Reader – Brothers and Sisters who are students of the paranormal – welcome back to the world of the CRYSTAL SKULLS (and the paranormal) – I am your host here on “The Other Side”, Joshua Shapiro, known as a Crystal Skull Explorer – I am writing this on March 3rd, 2015, as I am preparing to go to Sedona in April for a gathering of elders (so you know I will be writing about this in the future) and a tour for a month in Australia in May. So I am writing this next column with part of what I will be sharing in these future public talks – so get ready …

Within the last several years, “Spirit” (I call it this, but really it’s our so-called invisible family that is always around us) has been driving me crazy and helping me to find books at the library to read.  I recall when I was much younger – in the 1990’s, let’s say (I will be turning 60 yikes next month, where did the time go — but young in my mind and heart so don’t worry!) – I thought there wasn’t anything new about “Spirit” and the “Paranormal” I could read (can you believe it, it’s typical for an Aries, like yours truly to think they know it all).  However, what I can tell you from the books I have found the past few years in the library is that great stuff is coming out.  I never thought while we are alive in the physical body we could fully understand what Creator is all about and how things work but boy oh boy, with the information that is either:

1) Being Inspired through one’s own creative gifts (intuition, inner vision, dreams, spontaneous writing, etc …)

2) Coming from one’s Soul Memory – knowledge gained in other lifetimes that just comes out miraculously unexpectedly …

3) or Communication Directly via Other Living Intelligences generally via a spiritual medium – (these other living Intelligences could be “Spirit Guides”, “Souls who have passed on”, “ET Beings”, “Dimensional Beings”, “Other Beings living on the earth like the people in the Hollow Earth, who are the spirits from Orbs, Nature Spirit, Parallel Earth Spirits, you name it) —

The gist of the matter is we are starting to receive how things work in the Universe and on multidimensional planes.  But for me the key is, the understanding of  “All is One” and that even though we perceive time (a movement forward in time with the inability to go back into the past) from moment to moment and that as we walk around in life we are traveling in space – but the truth seems to be that there is no “Time” and no “SPACE”.  So, how does one get around this?

The Source Field by David Wilcock

The Source Field by David Wilcock

Well, I am going to recommend an interesting book by David Wilcock (who some say could be the reincarnated Edgar Cayce). The Source Field Investigations, written in 2011 was also subtitled The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies.  Forget about 2012, as we are past this …(but the Mayan Daykeeper I know, Jose Federico Munoz, a crystal skull carrierwith whom I will be speaking in April said that the Mayan Calendar cycle ended in 2012 – but we are now in a new cycle.  I will have to share another time what came to me during December 2012… ) For now, let’s focus a little bit on some key ideas David shared in this book (and I hope I can meet David some day to discuss this).

First what he did, is support some of the key ideas I will present about how current scientists are viewing things and what has come up in some of their experiments – because I agree with David that one day in the future, science and spirit (or the study of spirit we call the paranormal) are going to go hand-in-hand just as it did when Atlantis existed.  So consider the following ideas or statements made in this book, on which I shall comment:

“The Universe is not dead and inert matter but a living conscious Being” – so this follows the idea that “All is One” or that everything that exists on every level is a molecule in the body of Creator including us.

Then he shares about reality that a “Super Intelligence has woven strands of space, time, energy, matter, biology and consciousness together in its own Image”, which David calls all of this the Source Field.  So what this means to me is that there exists a Level of Mind, pure mind which we can not comprehend, that has put the infinite universe with all its dimensions and worlds and universes together by visualizing their existence.

Now consider this idea – which I didn’t think about till David posed this very simple question. Scientist know that inside of the atom (and I believe they now have names for even smaller size particles but we will go with what we were all taught in school) has a nucleus of protons with a positive charge and neutrons with a null charge – and that there are electrons revolving around the nucleus with a negative charge.  So each atom has motion and is vibrating. But there has to be some force or a source of energy that is keeping all these untold number of atoms in motion, right?  So again he said this is the Source Field or Creator that is keeping this motion going, otherwise all life in all realms would cease to exist.

Further, I had read before that scientists can’t predict exactly where in space one of these tiny particles will be, they can only approximate it, so they called this the “Uncertainly Principle,” but also they began to discuss that a particle can be solid or it can act like a wave or change into light plus they began to have equipment sensitive enough to perceive these atomic particles and they notice some of them would totally disappear from our reality (possibly changing from being solid to a wave) and then all of sudden miraculously reappear in our reality – so where did they go?

Now, to explain this, we have to move on to the ideas of time and space, and this is where your mind might become very unhappy – I have heard channeled via ETs that space has three dimensions but also time has three dimensions too.  This means the ET being can go to any time and place in our universe.  But in David’s book, scientists have now come up with an explanation of how this works.  Before I share it, if you ever read the philosophy of Hermes, in which one principle states “As Above (in Spirit or the higher Dimensions) So Below (in the more dense physical dimension)”.  So here is what scientists are now speculating – that in our physical reality, we are in Space-Time, when you move in Space, you move forward in time (3 dimensions). But if you disappear in our reality (like the atomic particles do) – you aren’t really disappearing, you are going into a parallel dimension which he calls Time-Space.  Which means as you move forward there (and it looks like here) you are going forward in time and if you move backwards in this parallel dimension you are moving back in time.  So say I was somehow to have the ability at will to move myself into Time-Space and I came back to Space-Time, it would appear as if I disappeared and then just re-appeared from no-where like what some people see in spiritual circles, where spirit is able to apport objects – they could take an object from the past or future and bring it to the present or they use the power of mind to order particles of matter to take a form they visualize and condense into our reality.

Does this idea in the prior paragraph make any sense? David said that when you are in the physical reality we all are living in these six dimensions, and that without this relationship between Space-Time and Time-Space the physical world could not exist.

What this also means, I believe – because I seem able to do this – is if we were to focus our mind, our essence on another time in our reality, we could actually link with it and experience it to some degree.  For example, when I was very young, I had a great affinity for the Civil War – via certain circumstance and spontaneous events that happen to me, I believe I was one of the generals on the Union side.  When I searched out photos of this individual and look at his eyes, it seemed to have an energy similar to what I feel when I look at myself in a mirror.  Another friend who felt he was a confederate general and has full recall of that general’s life agreed with me about the Union General I felt the affinity with. I even went to this General’s grave (who I felt I was) and read from a book that his wife wrote about him, I read it out loud at the grave.  If I focus my mind on this individual I see battle scenes in my mind. When I went to Gettysburg, where he was present, the wandering spirits of Union soldiers there recognized me and I did a meditation with one of my crystal skulls to help them.

So the bridge with “Spirit” is this, then.  When a medium gets a communication from those on the other-side, who have passed away, they describe a reality like ours but that everything is more vivid.  That when they visualize some situation they wish to experience, this thought commands the particles around them to create this reality and it happens instantaneously.  Plus they exist in a reality where Time and Space do not exist and they can be aware of being in simultaneous places or situation at once.  So I experience this, with my mind when I sit here typing in the physical but talking about who I was in 1860-1870 which has not happened and is gone forever but is going on right now, in the same moment, the simultaneous now.

Another thing David discussed is that scientists are finding that time doesn’t flow at a consistent speed.  That they have found time is influenced by movement.  The faster you move in space, the faster you move in time and visa versa, the slower you move in time. This is why scientists say if you traveled in a spaceship near the speed of light and then returned to Earth, where you might only age a year, the earth may have gone through 20 or 30 years.  But also David claims that scientists have done tests here on earth in controlled conditions and were able to record time changing speed.  The reason why you or I might not notice this (like when a Solar Flare goes off, it changes time) is to us, it all seems normal as we are all moving at the same speed. But if you were outside our system of reality, you would see time going faster, and sometimes going so slow it looks like we are all in suspended animation.  I recall seeing an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation where this happened once and the Romulean ship and the Enterprise were caught in some unusual cosmic energy – but several members of both crews were not affected and while they saw all their crewmates, to their crewmates, they were invisible.

One other thing I wish to comment upon, which I read from another book which I can’t recall the name, was again the author was having a kind of telepathic communication with beings in spirit or other dimensions.  First, one day he spontaneously found himself in some other reality which seemed to develop this connection and then he would just sit at the computer and start to spontaneously write different ideas and thought.  But here is one thing he received, which when I heard it, I knew it was absolutely true and I will paraphase:

“Spirit said to him – you think because we are in other dimensions which your physical senses can not perceive that we are very far away from you?  Well this is not true, since all is ONE, then therefore, we are always right next to you.”  Or in other words there is no separation no matter what level of reality you are on.

So to conclude, part of what the prophecies of the Golden Age, a time of peace that is coming into our near future is that our reality on the Earth is slowly but surely changing and linking more with the reality in other dimensions which is timeless and space-less so that if this really takes form here we will be able to perceive all the loving beings who are consistently with us, rooting for us to awaken and work together in the spirit of co-creation as the true family of humanity we are and children of a loving Creator.  Well if you think about it, this is the message which is being shared through the crystal skulls which are probably communication devices for our “Spiritual Family.”

Next up this month is a chance to sit in on a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session. QHHT  was developed by Dolores Cannon (we honor her for her many years of dedication, she passed not too long ago) – where my friend who is a practitioner will be working with a client who has the ability for a higher aspect of her soul to speak in the session. This should be interesting and knowing me, you probably will hear about it in my next column. To a great 2015 and I hope the readers are having grand adventures.

See you in the next column, thank you ….

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