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UFO SIghtings – Creepy Black Figure In Texas

Wether or not you belive in UFO’s, there is no escaping that a plethora of evidence exists for their reality. How can so many be wrong; thousands of people world wide have seen and even interracted with UFO’s and though some seem so unusual others have caused fear and concern to governments.

Military establishments and personele have been silenced over the years but organizations such as MUFON have and continue to offer support as well as investigations into this phenomena.

Texas in particular seems to be a hot bed of activity and not so long ago another sighting was spotted over El Paso.

Witness report: It wasn’t some big event that I observed, more like an accidental picture of something really strange…

I was snapping pictures of the beautiful colors and textures created in the clouds by the sun setting. I take three pictures at a time for a quality check. I didn’t really notice what I caught until 20 minutes later when I showed my wife what great pictures I took.

Then we came across the picture I’m talking about, and we were baffled as to what it could be… I took two similar pictures before and the object was not there in the sky.

There were no birds around cause there aren’t any trees on this side of town, not really enough for much bird activity.

So I thought why not go ahead and upload my picture to MUFON, maybe they have an answer to what this strange appearance in the sky could be. Mufon case 68439.

The witness accidentally photographed something supernatural, an interdimensional being or there is a logical explanation for this phenomenon?

You have to make up your own mind at wether what you see is real or if there is a logical explanation. However, the fact that MUFON was called in tells you that something is being taken seriously. With the vast expanse of the universe, we surely cant be alone.

via Creepy black figure appears in the sky over El Paso, Texas on July 20, 2015 |UFO Sightings Hotspot