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Spiritual Laws

We have spiritual laws that govern the universe. These laws are a source of knowledge and wisdom, to be developed and implemented into our lives. The following eight spritual laws are the basic principles upon which the universe expands and contracts. It evolves and grows as we move the energy within it. We are beings of energy and it is energy which governs the universal laws. These laws are the spiritual and energetic guidelines that allow us to be guided through our human experience. As they do govern ALL, how we act and react with them plays a role in our lives and affects our spiritual self. The principle of these laws holds the truth, which is what creates and structures the reality that we experience. When you grasp these universal laws and truly understand them, when you work with them and respect them, you open and access far more information for yourself. It is like knowing how to open a book and then drawing from the knowledge in that book.

The Law of Mentalism – All is Thought

Pesonality Archetype Image by BigstockMentalism is about your thoughts and the reality created from those thoughts. The tapestry of intertwined thinking that has made the world you live in and for which you are responsible affects your reality. One of the most fruitful ways to harness your thoughts is to meditate, which is about mindfulness. Learning to focus your concentration and to work with the power of your thoughts, gives you the ability to receive insights, visualise with more clarity and to view your reality in a harmonious manner.
This then expands the bigger picture for you. Once you have control over your thoughts you gain control over your life. The power of intent of your thoughts is vital. We can create anything we want from our thinking. When you become aware of your thoughts you open up the possibility of bringing yourself closer to being aligned with your heartfelt purpose. This gives you a sense of freedom and you discover your true self.
The key is to be open to change and take action to effect it. By taking action you move towards changing your physical world through the intent of your thoughts. But first just take a moment to reflect as to the intent behind your thoughts. By taking just a moment, you will gain further insight and give yourself a clearer idea of your direction. You are the one that holds the key to your power. The spoken word is a vehicle of power. Your words give form and expression to your thoughts therefore your words are shaped from your thoughts and go into the matrix of vibration.

The Law of Vibration – All Moves All the Time

vibrationThe Law of Vibration is that all is in motion as nothing is inactive. Therefore everything that exists must be continually in motion. The rate of vibration differs between matter, energy, mind and spirit and these varying rates of vibration affect all that exists.
All vibration creates sound and that sound, whether heard or not, creates form. Sound comes in high and low wave frequency bands. Depending on the range of frequency of the sound, the human ear picks up those sounds. These frequencies each have a level of vibration.
At times, different levels of vibration and motion can move at such intense speeds they are unseen by the human eye and some even move at a speed that makes them seem motionless. All matter has its own unique vibrational frequency and what moves or alters that vibration is energy.


The Law of Polarity – All contains All Opposites Simultaneously

polarityThis universal law governs the two poles which even though they are opposite and opposed still create balance and are equal. Whether it’s right and left, yin and yang, positive and negative or male and female, for balance to occur there must be polarity. Vibration creates polarity. All opposites are created from the same elements, but are the contrast of each other with varying degrees of distance in between. Whether you measure the distance either way, the result is the same. Understanding and working with the law of polarity we learn to harmonize. It gives us a reality check in order to create balance for ourselves. If you have a problem in the present moment you also have a way to resolve that problem. You just need to look at all the options including those that appear to be the opposite of what you think is required. From this we understand that we are the creator of life’s challenges and this then allows us to have balance in our lives.

The Law of  ‘As Above as Below’ – All has Reflection Everywhere

reflectionThis law gets us to look at how our inner world is displayed in our outer world. The wisdom here is that we have all the answers we are searching for within us. We can access a deep understanding of this principle and know that the path we walk is an outward reflection of our inner world. So the internal existence of a thought then becomes represented in an external way. This extraordinary principle shows us that our current reality is created by what is going on inside us and mirrors our thinking. If our outer reality is unsettled and unhappy, this is a reflection of what is happening internally. ‘As above as below’ is how we experience the reflection of what we see in the mirror.

The Law of Correspondence – All is Interdependent

linkedEverything is independent but at the same time participates to become a part of the whole. Where internal and external match each other they are then corresponding. This shows us that we are the small picture that is a part of the bigger picture and interdependent. There is an action from a corresponding thought so we live the corresponding action from our thoughts. What you imagine, you will become and through this law you will bring in your reality.

The Law of Rhythm – All Moves in Harmony with All


The universe and everything in it has rhythm. The human experience itself has a rhythm that is full of events, repetition and re-occurring cycles. Rhythm is organized vibration. The cosmic timing and natural rhythm of frequency combined, affects us here on the earthly plane. It is important to understand this law and to acknowledge the cycles of life. We must work with this law in order to understand ourselves and how cycles have rhythm. Even Mother Earth shows us the rhythm of cycles with the sun, moon and stars and how they affect us. If you understand the cycles of life, this creates harmony. To know whether to expand or contract on a cycle, you need to know if it is at the beginning, middle or end.

The Law of Karma – All has Cause and Effect

karmaThis one is all about cause and effect as every action has an appropriate reaction. It’s as simple as that. No more no less. The law sets out that you are solely responsible for your actions. Understanding karma puts you in the driver’s seat for action. We create and then live with the outcome whether it’s good or bad. To be in the service of others is a divine dispensation of karma. It allows you to clear and release from the past. From this you live a life of integrity, truth and love. Karma has a twofold effect. You can work off karma through pain and suffering or through the service to others. This assists you to have a release from the past but your intent will direct the balance of the effect.

The Law of Attraction – All is Attracted to All

like attracts likeThe law of attraction is ‘like will attract like’ meaning you will draw into your world through your thoughts. Working with this law can be very fulfilling and you can change your world. Work out what you want and be specific about your desire. Write it down and cover all angles. Be as clear and concise as you can and you will get what you ask for. If your request is coming from a place of pure greater good for you then there is a great chance you will receive it. If it comes from a place of not such good intentions, you will find it may have a bounce back effect on you. So think carefully about what you request as you will receive exactly what you ask for – to the word. To add an extra boost to your request, express a strong emotion like happiness or joy while you are thinking about what you want. This will give it more impact. If you are specific about details it will make your request clearer. Now request it from the universe. Show gratitude and trust in the power of the universal energy. These are the basic principles of the laws of attraction but in actual fact it is the laws of vibration of thought…whether it is money, physical items, success in business, personal goals, or even being able to attract your true heartfelt dreams. You have the power to be able to do this – all you have to do is just have faith and believe it can happen.

The Law of Gender

genderThe law of gender is about the balance of both masculine and feminine characteristics. This law bears no reference to sexuality but is about opposites creating balance. The law relates to the balance of all living forms which contain the energies and traits of both genders. This law covers the duality of male and female elements both of which we require to be present to ensure balance. It encompasses the feminine principles of love, patience, intuition and gentleness. This is then balanced by the masculine principles of energy, science, logic and intellect. The principle of gender is manifested and has a balance of both male and female principles ever present and active. The duality of masculine and feminine principles is reflected and exists on all mental, physical and spiritual planes.

“All is one
and we are all
connected to one”


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