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Crystal Consciousness

Living Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Consciousness

 To me, crystals are sentient beings. Alive, conscious and extremely intelligent. They’ve long been described as ‘the brain cells of Mother Earth.’ Nikolas Tesla was right when he said: ‘In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.’ (The Problem of Increasing Human Energy). But I’m fortunate enough to have had glimpses into their life and their purpose. I’d like to share a few of them in this column.

When Jalal ed-Din Rumi said:

I died as mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was human,
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
Yet once more I shall die human,
To soar with angels blessed above.
And when I sacrifice my angel soul
I shall become what no mind ever conceived.
As a human, I will die once more,
Reborn, I will with the angels soar.
And when I let my angel body go,
I shall be more than mortal mind can know.

I would have added:

‘Returned to my crystal roots in form reborn’

as I’ve come to believe that they are part of an unfolding evolutionary cycle.


judy hall

‘Returned to my crystal roots in form reborn’   Photo copyright Michael Illas

Rumi also said ‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do’ and I have been extremely fortunate to work with crystals for the greater part of my life.

Meeting the new generation crystals

I’ve been on a fascinating journey for the last few years as new generation crystals have lovingly unfolded what I can only describe as a massive ‘energetic uplift’, a shift in consciousness that has opened new, higher dimensional chakras and accessed multidimensions and multiverses. It’s taken me places I’d always dreamed of. To the stars and beyond, and through multi-dimensional consciousness. But these new crystals don’t come with instructions for use. It’s been rather like a computer having a totally new programme installed and then having to fathom out exactly how to utilise the enormous potential it offers. Fortunately I’ve been running crystal workshops that have attracted some very experienced crystal workers and ‘beginners’ who were eager to learn, or perhaps I should say reconnect to their old knowledge, so we’ve explored that potential together. Once we’d connected, the crystals themselves told us what they wanted us to do.

When she was small my granddaughter said to me: ‘Nana, you’re talking to a crystal.’

‘Yes…so…?’ I responded. ‘They’re talking back,’ she said in amazement. And they haven’t stopped since. Books such as Crystal Prescriptions 2¸ The Crystal Bible 3, 101 Power Crystals and Earth Blessings: Using Crystals For Personal Energy Clearing, Earth Healing & Environmental Enhancement came out of those sessions helping to share the knowledge. But so much is happening so fast that I’ve started a blog and a ‘new crystals’ page on my website so that I can report our findings as they occur.

In my experience all crystals have a further intelligence behind them. What Mike Eastwood of Aristia calls ‘the crystal oversouls’. Each crystal type has a specific oversoul that links all those crystals together no matter where in the world they may be scattered. This not only links them together energetically and metaphysically but it has a definite evolutionary purpose as well. That purpose has been displayed through the way that the exceptionally high vibration new generation crystals have come into my life. It was clearly meticulously pre-planned with exquisite timing. Each crystal opening the way for the next. Expanding up my consciousness in a way that didn’t overload me. I am so grateful to the wonderful crystal sellers who wove themselves into the pattern and introduced me to these amazing beings.


Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz. One crystal many points but a united consciousness that links to all Spirit Quartz wherever it may be. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/www.angeladditions.co.uk


The new high vibe crystals

These exceptionally high vibration crystals are harnessing the power of the highest dimensions to assist humankind – and our planet – evolve. The frequency of these crystals is finer and lighter than those previously known. Where they really come into their own is bringing about a vibrational shift of consciousness for the Earth and everyone on it. Literally taking us into a new dimension – or, rather, opening all possible dimensions. There are many crystals becoming available now whose stated aim is to usher in a ‘new age’ of the awareness of being both human and divine at one and the same time. The more we align our vibrations, expand our awareness and interact with higher dimensions, the more information encoded within crystals manifests. Higher vibration crystals resonate with the journey of our soul and the process of enlightenment: literally bringing light into our inner being and the fabric of our physical body, reminding us that: ‘We are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us’ (Chief Seattle).

However, the crystals also point out that we cannot achieve this unity until we’ve done our own personal healing and growth work – with which they also assist. I’ve just delivered the manuscript of Crystal Prescriptions 4: Chakra balancing crystals and kundalini activation stones. Having taught a series of higher vibrational chakra and higher consciousness workshops, I’d become aware of just how much kundalini energy is involved in this ‘system uplift’. But I was also aware that the Earth’s own kundalini energy had shifted from the Himalayas where it had lain for thousands of years – hence so much spiritual activity taking place there. It now runs down the spine of the Americas, the Rockies and the Andes. Many of the new high vibe crystals are emerging from that mountain chain.

The U.S’s home-grown crystal consciousness-raisers

crystal concsciousness

Above Middle Fork Campground, Snoqualmie River, Infinite Bliss, near Treen Peek, Cascade Mountains, WA, USA (courtesy of Scott B Nelson Photography) http://www.flickr.com/photos/scott_nelson/ http://www.pbase.com/scott_nelson 


First there was Rainbow Mayanite from the Cascade Mountains and then came the Green Ridge Quartzes. Amazing, exceptionally high vibration Quartzes often with a gunky iron coating that has powerful cleansing properties, and incredible rainbows that open higher consciousness. Add to this Auralite 23 from Canada to clear your mind and you have the perfect crystal combination. I love them all.

The Way-shower

Discovered in 2011, naturally iridescent Rainbow Mayanite was first marketed as a support for riding out the planetary changes of 2012. It was recommended for rainbow chakra healing and the activation of new joy, focus, purpose and stepping on to your true path. The crystal quickly revealed that its true potential was far greater. Rainbow Mayanite is a Golden Healer taken to new heights. Not a stone for the fainthearted or the inexperienced, Rainbow Mayanite de-energises old patterns from any source, taking out debris and karmic encrustations from the past and pulls out toxic dross that you have absorbed from other people or the environment that has lodged between the subtle layers of your etheric body. It builds new, more supportive structures at every level as we move into the expanded consciousness of the New Age. (Extracted from Crystal Bible 3).



Rainbow Myanite

The way-shower   Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/www.angeladditions.co.uk



Your very own Infinite Bliss

Green Ridge Quartz is one of the most powerful healing crystals I’ve come across to date. The different varieties make an excellent healing grid. Green Ridge acts as a ‘life support system’ during healing, keeping the body stable while work is done on the physical and etheric body. It then activates the higher dimensional chakras and helps to integrate them before raising the kundalini force. Truly mind blowing! Green Ridge is found in Clear, Amethyst, Orange, Golden and Iron-coated forms, some with metals included. The different forms are a continuum of healing energy and should be used together laid out along the chakras of the body. (See www.angeladditions for directions on how to use this amazing crystal.)

The much rarer Amethyst Green Ridge has an incredibly pure spiritual vibration that connects to the highest dimensions and to unity consciousness. It brings a whole new meaning to spiritual connection. With it you can experience Infinite Bliss!


Green Ridge Quartz

Lower chakra cleansing, kundalini activating Green Ridge Quartz. A pipe-cleaner for the soul, combined Iron-Golden Healer reveals what’s hidden, bringing up the deeper issues and the karmic wisdom. The lighter points facilitate soul remembrance. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/www.angeladditions.co.uk




green ridge quartz higher chakra

Crystal heaven: Golden Rainbow Green Ridge Quartz higher chakra opener Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/www.angeladditions.co.uk



For further details of Green Ridge Quartz see www.angeladditions.co.uk or email my daughter Jeni Campbell on angeladditions@gmail.com who will be happy make a personal selection for you from stock not on the website.

Rainbow Mayanite is available direct from the miner Kellie Conn at http://www.neatstuff.net/avalon/q-to-s/Rainbow-Mayanite-Quartz.html or from www.angeladditions.com

Judy Hall’s blog and crystal reports are to be found on www.judyhall.co.uk and crystals specially attuned for you at www.angeladditions.co.uk. You can keep up with her on her Facebook pages crystal-judy-hall and the-crystal-bible-by-judy-hall.

Enjoy your crystals!

Divine Medicine

The Angel Of Love

Angels Of Love

Are you searching for your one true love? Why not make this search a whole lot easier for you by aligning with a higher power to help you. God’s holy angels willingly work behind the scenes of your life to help you in all your ways and all you need to do is to specifically ask for what you truly desire personal help with. Angels are innumerable and so there are more than enough celestial helpers for every human desire that we could possibly imagine. Within the heaven realms there is a magnificent Angel of Love, and this unconditional healing angel has legions of love angels helping him by working on the same healing frequency of God’s divine love. These angels of love will especially help us when those who truly need this assistance divinely request it.

The angel of love can personally help you

The angel of love can help you to attract and find the perfect love that you are longing for, as long as you are truly ready to receive it. For some people they may long to find love, but they are still unwilling to let their heart energy open fully to be able to let love enter into their life. This is often due to them being deeply hurt and let down in a previous relationship. Their internal fear of this emotional pain repeating itself acts as a form of safety by repelling the energy of true love away. This unnecessary act of self-sabotage may serve to protect them from maybe getting hurt again, as there are no guarantees in love because true love has no conditions applied to it, but it also ensures a lonely existence because the person is unable to truly and completely connect to another human being on a level that their soul desires.

This is where the angel of love can not only help you to heal your old heart pain, so that you can be open to receiving love once more, but they can also help you to find the one true love that perfectly suits your individual personality. The one true love who completely understands you at a soul level. And, the one true love who is loyal, sincere, unconditional and supportive. Are you ready to ask for this impressive divine assistance from the all-powerful angel of love? If so, you can use the following two all-powerful divine prayers to help you. The first divine prayer will help you to heal your heart energy so that it begins to flow again instead of repelling love as a misguided form of protection. The second divine prayer, involves actually asking the angel of love to help you find your perfect love.

Divine Medicine Healing Prayer to open your heart energy

“Dear God, please can you help me to release the old pain, hurt, anger and un-forgiveness that interferes with my heart energy and with my ability to attract true love into my life. I am willing to change these destructive patterns within me and to open my heart energy to both give and receive love. I ask that the divine light of God enter into my heart energy and make this much needed transformation for my greatest good. Thank you God, Amen. It is done!”

Say this divine prayer daily. Follow through on any divine inspiration and guidance you receive to help in the transformational process. When you ask for divine healing, you will receive divine healing.

Angel Medicine Divine Prayer to attract your perfect love

“Dear God, I ask for the divine assistance of the Angel of Love to help me find true love that is perfect for my personality and soul and for my greatest good. Thank you God, thank you Angel of Love. Amen. It is done!”

Finish this prayer by quickly visualizing your entire body, inside an out flowing with a beautiful rose pink light. This rose pink light is a very powerful divine energy frequency that connects you to the healing power and assistance of the Angel of Love. Say this prayer daily and visualize the rose pink light daily, while also keeping faith that divine guidance and angelic help is working behind the scenes of your life to bring your request to you. Do not interfere with divine timing by becoming impatient. Keep believing and expecting that your request has already been answered and the answer is yes, true love is absolutely coming.


I knew that was going to happen…

The Reality Of Precognition

I know a man who was very skeptical (“sceptical” in UK English) about psychic phenomena, yet also intrigued by it. He was what you might call an “open-minded skeptic.” The man subsequently became a believer and an advocate for psychical and mediumship research. So what caused him to change his mind?

The man in question, Jerry Conser told me, “You can’t fake precognition” and it was my father, Richard Ireland’s work in this area that convinced him of the reality of psi phenomena. After setting Jerry’s head spinning with a number of unique clairvoyant hits, my father shared several predictions that subsequently came to pass. Among these prophecies, my Dad told Jerry that he would be a millionaire by the age of 30 years. Indeed, Jerry did very well in the business world and this came to be.

Since my father’s passing, I have spoken to many other people who confirmed the accuracy of his predictions. Just days ago I spoke to former Phoenix, Arizona television personality, Rita Davenport who had been told by my father that she “would have two sons.” This ended up being the case. He also told her that there would be “fireworks” at the time of her first sons’ birth. As Rita explained, “It was Labor Day and I was in the delivery room at the hospital watching the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon on TV when they suddenly showed a fireworks display.”

[indeed-social-locker sm_list=’fb,tw,go1,li’ sm_template=’ism_template_1′ sm_list_align=’horizontal’ sm_display_counts=’true’ sm_display_full_name=’true’ locker_template=2 sm_d_text='<h2>Please Share To Read This Content</h2> <p>Share This Page and Reveal, Tosp Thanks You!</p> ‘ ism_overlock=’default’ ]

Perhaps more remarkable was Rita’s recollection of a prediction my father made to one of her friends, a woman named Sharon. This took place on the set of Rita’s television show and my father told Sharon that she was pregnant and would have twins. This statement later proved correct, although Sharon didn’t even know she was pregnant at the time my father made the prediction.

If you think about it, Jerry Conser was right about precognition. When it comes to accurately predicting an event that has yet to occur there are only two possible outcomes; the event happens or it does not. Provided that the prediction is heard and noted by people in advance of the event, the evidence is beyond reproach.

But when it comes to clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, and telepathy people can allege that information shared during a reading (aka sitting) may be the product of fraud. The most common concern I’ve heard came from sitters who had a remarkable session, but later expressed concern. They said the reading was “too good” and wondered if they’d been “Googled” in advance. In cases where the reading was conducted by a psychic-medium I know and trust, who I’ve seen perform well in controlled conditions I assure them that this is not the case. But by contrast, a prediction that later comes to pass can never be questioned in this way.

Jeane Dixon gained notoriety for predicting the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In the May 13, 1956 issue of Parade Magazine. Dixon was quoted as saying that the 1960 presidential election would be “won by a Democrat” who would “be assassinated or die in office”. Skeptics later attacked Dixon, noting that she flip-flopped on her prediction in 1960, claiming that Nixon would win the election.

I actually find this latter point quite interesting when it comes to the whole matter of predicting events before they occur. Why is that? Well, some people are disturbed by the notion of precognition because it suggests that the future is already set and fixed, and that freewill is an illusion. My father said that there is a general pattern or trend, which if things continue along that course will yield a most likely outcome. But he contended that freewill does come into play and can derail a prediction.

There may have been a valid reason for Dixon’s reversal on the matter of who would be the US President in 1960. The election ended up yielding the closest popular vote count in US history, with only 1/10 of 1% separating the two candidates. With such a small margin for error, perhaps all of the variables adding up to who would win the election favored the Republican candidate, Nixon at the precise time she altered the prediction. And the fact that Kennedy pulled out such a narrow win may suggest that some of those variables may have turned in another direction between the updated prediction and Election Day. Some people may have come to the polls, or avoided them on the basis of things as simple as weather, illness, or how long they had to work that day. I am not making excuses for Dixon, but rather trying to make a point against the idea of total predestination.


The inability of people to predict the future with 100% accuracy seems to support the existence of freewill and the malleable nature of the future. Nevertheless, the ability of some people to predict events before they occur also suggests that there is a general pre-set pattern to life. Maybe life is like a very wide highway with guardrails on each side.

Altered States and Hypnotic World

Personality Archetype


Personality archetype characteristics are a combination of certain qualities and traits in an individual resulting from their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


[row][col w=”6″]

Pesonality Archetype Image by Bigstock

[/col][col w=”6″]

This is the basis of how humans respond and react to the people and objects in their environment. Our personality type is genetic and it is attracted to and responds through thought forms from an energy source. [/col][/row]This source is called the collective unconscious. The way we access the collective unconscious is through our personality archetype and the unconscious mind. Our personality archetype is the source code to altering the unconscious mind. When we look at hypnotherapy we define the process as being an alchemical process that then alters patterns of behaviour in the unconscious mind.
Discovering your archetype is an exploration of the amazing aptitude of the unconscious mind. By looking at your personality type you gain a deeper understanding of who you are. There are two layers of the unconscious mind. The first is the personal unconscious, which is the part that holds our mind blueprint. This is all of our beliefs, values and behaviours and also where we have our recorded and repressed feelings, habits and urges and where we access the patterns connecting them. The second part of the unconscious mind accesses the collective unconscious, which is a non-physical plane of existence or energy matrix. Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychologist who coined the term ‘the collective unconscious’ as being a non-physical plane containing patterns of energy in the form of shared visions, experiences, wisdom and the universal knowledge of all human kind.
Our patterns are inherited genetically through our DNA and arranged in energy pattern types known as archetypes. Our archetypes have distinct personality characteristics and behaviours applicable to each one. Through the collective unconscious we are attracted to certain types of ideas through our individual archetype. Archetypes are the secret language of symbols that are conveyed through energy and are the manner in which we display certain aspects of our psyche or personality.
Each personality archetype has its own values, meaning and identity traits. This is a part of who we are, how we think and certain ways of being. Personality archetypes are a part of who we are as an individual.
We all have our own archetypes which are structured to affect how we experience our lives and which guide us to be attracted to certain types of purpose. The unconscious mind processes using a sentient organism of the collective unconscious that directly influences mental and physical behaviour. The unconscious mind does not function with language, but with symbols which act as communications. These are released by our unconscious mind through dreams, meditations and conscious thinking. You can explore your own archetypes which in addition to accessing the collective unconscious, is how you map your reality through the unconscious mind. When you discover and acknowledge your archetypes it gives you insights and an understanding of your attraction to certain applicable ideas and concepts and allows you to recognise patterned personality traits. We receive our reality through a filter of time, space, matter and energy and this affects what we consider to be true and real. Your archetypes are how you navigate that filter of your known physical world.

Whose thoughts are they?

Most people assume that our mind generates all of our thoughts and emotions. However a percentage do not come from our mind but come instead from the collective unconscious. We receive thought forms and emotions from the collective unconscious telepathically via crystalline transmitters and electromagnetic waves projected and received by the body energy system. The way this happens is that our mind and the subtle body of the aura are connected. Our subtle bodies are sub-consciously attracting thought-forms from the collective unconscious that match our current state of mind and level of consciousness. We telepathically access this energy matrix by uploading and downloading thought forms from the collective unconscious through the unconscious mind. However, most of us are unaware of this. From this collective unconscious we access a myriad of other people’s thoughts and emotions telepathically. It’s true to say that most original ideas are not original. You will find they have come from the collective unconscious and they are borrowed as recycled thought forms.
Through the collective unconscious we can experience changes in human behaviour. This can be displayed as an expression of public opinion, such as mob behaviour or mass belief which are both examples of telepathic phenomena that are drawn from the collective unconscious.
Certain aspects of the social media paradigm are also examples of the collective unconscious where undesirable groups can be obtrusive and display negative behaviour. This is expressed through the attraction of archetypal universal thought forms that influence people’s feelings or actions.

How do we act?

When some personalities interact with the collective, it can emotionally shape their ideas and behaviours. When we are actively telepathically accessing the collective unconscious and absorbing thought forms, this can influence our behaviour through the establishment of consistent patterns which we then start to own. This owned idealistic behaviour can greatly influence our perpetual reality filter and if the patterns are repeated enough times the subconscious mind accepts it as normal behaviour. When clients are seeking hypnotherapy treatment for behaviours that do not serve them well and are searching for a desired change regarding a specific issue, a therapist should consider using the archetype personality as a source of information to help understand how the client responds to those patterned behaviours and should then utilise similar patterns to achieve increased effective treatment. We must take into account that the behaviour attached to the issue may not have been generated by personal life experience. The source of the initial activation could have been telepathically downloaded from the collective unconscious and matched the archetype pattern that the personal unconscious mind blueprint found to be congruent and accepted. As we are natural energy receptors and respond as such, therapists should consider how clients are acting and responding to their perpetual reality filter. Are these presenting behaviours obtained through inherited genetic archetypal energy patterns from the collective unconscious or through environmental factors of human development?

The ancient art of alchemy

Alchemy is the ancient craft of taking something of seemingly little value and turning it into something precious. Traditionally this refers to the philosophical concept that chemically the prima materia of base metals such as lead can be turned into precious metals such as gold. Esoterically it represents personal transformation, purification and perfection in a spiritual sense. Symbolically the enigmatic prima materia represents the unknown substance within us that carries the projection of the unconscious mind.
Hypnotherapy is an alchemical modality that unites the mind-body connection. Being a transformational process that embraces the language of the mind, when we go deeper in analysis into the personality archetype, it leads us to a formula to source the code of the unconscious mind. Archetype energy patterns are the psychic platform in which the unconscious content within us is encoded. When we apply this to the psychological aspect of Jung’s hypothesis of the collective unconscious and have an understanding of the analytic process we have an exploration of unconscious awareness available to utilise as a healing tool.
Jung reminds us of the dual nature of alchemy, comprising both the chemical process and a parallel mystical component. Finally, in using the alchemical process to provide insights into individuation, Jung emphasises the importance of alchemy in relating to us and the transcendent nature of the psyche. This then allows a vehicle for the transformation process thereby assisting the client in being aware of their own progressive development and to embrace their own individual change.


Very few people understand the implication of the energy matrix of the collective unconscious and the role it plays in our lives. By telepathically accessing the collective paradigm we are indiscriminately altering our psychological behaviour through these patterns. This then offers a transpersonal objective of genetic archetype from which we absorb and develop personality traits that are not generated by our individual mind. Further in-depth analysis into the client’s archetype could be the difference between how a client achieves success with hypnotherapy or fails to respond to treatment. Genetic archetypes are the pathway that leads us to the key to the alchemical process which unlocks the unconscious mind. By knowing how, we can open the door to the unconscious mind for us to achieve change, to heal and evolve and to live the life they so desire.

Tales from a Crystal Skull Explorer

Why You Want to Have Contact with a Crystal Skull but …..


Hello again dear Reader – Brothers and Sisters who are students of the paranormal – welcome back to the world of the CRYSTAL SKULLS – I am your host here on “The Other Side”, Joshua Shapiro, known as a crystal skull explorer – I am writing this on New Year’s Eve Day (2014), just before the energy of 2015 hits us here near Seattle …

So what do I mean by “Why You Want to Have Contact with a Crystal Skull” and why do I also say But….?

If you had a chance to view my first article entitled “Tales from a Crystal Skull Explorer: The Journey Begins” (click on the link to view this long article), you know what I am talking about when I say a crystal skull. As a matter of fact in the photo above I am holding one of our personal crystal skulls known as “Portal de Luz” (this is Portuguese which means “Portal of Light”), lets take a closer look at what a fairly large (10 lbs) crystal skull looks like here:


The crystal skull above was made by the well known Brazilian carver Leandro da Souza .. it is from smoky quartz mined in Brazil and according to my brother Leandro only took him 3 days to carve (using diamond tip tools) and a few days for his helpers to smooth it out by sanding the quartz. “Portal” as I affectionately call him, and I have traveled all over the world together and now joined by my divine light partner Katrina and about 20 other crystal skulls, our family has seen many amazing places and enjoyed some incredible experiences. But here is what I want you to do with the photo of “Portal” before I explain the title of this article (make this an experiential article, why not??) – just gaze at this crystal skull and see if you feel something? Do you feel a tingling in your body somewhere — or heat — or coolness — or becoming lighted, etc??

If you felt something, then what I am about to share next will probably make more sense aye (what am I becoming a Canadian now)?

First let me answer the “BUT” part of the title – this is a warning, and the warning goes as follows:

If you don’t want your life changed in any way – if you don’t wish to become happier and have more balance and harmony in your life then by God, stay away from having direct contact with a crystal skull. Especially a crystal skull that has been shown to be quite old or ancient (meaning it could be several thousand years old when it was first created) or one of the new skulls made like “Portal” which has been fully juiced and activated by his/her guardian! But if you are a spiritual seeker, which is why you found your way to this website and thus to this post, you may want to read the next part I have to share ….

For many hundreds of years until the middle part of the 1800’s, the crystal skulls seemed to be hidden or guarded by various indigenous tribes. However, in the 1860’s all of sudden, linked to ancient ruins primarily in Mexico and Central America, the crystal skulls started to come out publicly. Now as we stand in 2015, so many crystal skulls are resurfacing. I believe, if you will, this process over the past 150+ years has been overseen by a spiritual council as this council knows the crystal skulls are sacred tools who can help with the activation of our inner self to come forward and move into the physical world. As each of us in truth, at the core of our being, are multidimensional beings who exist on many different levels or reality and most of these levels there is no time or space. Like for example, when we go to sleep and dream, our soul is returning to these levels while our physical body gets rest.

Now further, we have found that the crystal skulls are functioning just like dimensional gateways – when a skull is activated by its guardian (and we believe the skulls pick us to be their caretakers and not the other way around) – it is a door to these other dimensions which allows the skulls to become animated with life as various spiritual beings work through the skulls to communicate on one level or another with the people they meet. Plus, the skulls working with this living consciousness know, when they meet each person, they can ready their vibration and energy signature and see what energy they can share back to help that person with their own spiritual growth and expansion.

So if this is what is really happening, and it is a personal theory based on working with hundreds and hundreds of crystal skulls for over 30 years, then this is why I say “You Want to Have Contact with a Crystal Skull”, as they are sacred tools that are reappearing for this purpose, to ultimately help humanity create a harmonious and peaceful world. The only way to know that I am not crazy is to have your own experience with one but make sure that you feel an affinity towards the crystal skull you will see or its guardian. We have met some skulls (since they seem to record the energy of everything that also happens around them) that have the energy of man’s inhumanity to man because those older skulls were misused by the past civilization who had them. Or since there are so many crystal skulls now being carved by modern carvers, get one of your own and we have helped quite a few people to do this as well plus we charge them with our own personal skulls, which we call our “Crystal Children”.

The key for 2015 will be co-creation, working and helping each other and if you are a crystal skull guardian, we invite you to join others in the crystal skull world family on the 2nd Annual Crystal Skull World Day – which will take place in the later part of this year. For more details about what happened on Crystal Skull World Day 2014, visit: http://www.crystalskullworldday.com

To the next great adventure, stay tuned

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer, a teller of tales
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com
website: www.crystalskullexplorers.com

Divine Medicine

Angel Medicine for a New Start

Angel Insights For The New Year

It is very healthy and wise for us to go within and contemplate all aspects of our health and our life, so that we can begin to weed out what is no longer good for us. Self-reflection is one of the most important and unconditional acts we can do for ourselves, to help us to establish some positive and supportive new habits and behaviors. The New Year is a natural time for all of us to take certain measures that can begin to incorporate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual changes for our greatest good. These subtle changes, no matter how small, can help us to move in the best direction for our souls, and for our dreams and heartfelt desires to eventually become our reality.

How do we do this successfully without us sabotaging our desire to positively change, and without us giving up on our dreams when we lose heart because it seems so difficult? The number one most important answer is that you do not try to do it alone. You reach out to a higher power, a divine power, to help you. This is known as co-creating, or co-designing your life with a divine power, a power that is so much greater than yourself alone, and a power that you are already a part of. Aligning our human soul with a higher power is what can give our soul a powerful boost of divine energy to help us accomplish our goals.

God’s Holy Angels work on behalf of this higher power to bless our souls with God’s divine light. This is the answer to long term success. The following Angel Medicine Divine Energy Exercise will help you to adjust your energy vibration, so that you can begin to establish new and successful energy habits. All that is required from you is to align with the divine daily and you will soon notice the extraordinary results of this powerful divine medicine working within your life.

Angel Medicine Exercise

Angel medicine align with the divine exercise
Use this divine exercise to help you:

• Align with the divine
• Protect your vitality
• Keep you in healing mode

Time (approximately 2 minutes)

Angelic Divine Prayer

Divine prayer: “Dear God, please work within my body, mind, soul and life for my greatest good. I love you God, I love my life, thank you God.”
This is an extremely powerful prayer that will help you to develop your personal relationship with God through opening your heart and soul to the divine power.

Align with the divine exercise: Begin with your hands in prayer position held over the center of your chest area. Take a few long, slow, deep breaths in through the nose and out of the mouth, and relax. Next, stretch one arm up towards the heavens with your palm facing heavenwards, while your other arm moves down to your side with your palm facing the ground. You will begin to draw divine light and subtle energies from both heaven and earth (balancing your energies) into your palms. You can even visualize white light pouring in through your palm stretched above your head, and vibrant orange light pouring in to your palm facing the ground. After a minute of doing this bring your hands back into prayer position and hold them over the center of your chest. That’s it.

Divine affirmation: “I am aligned with the divine powers of heaven.”

Altered States and Hypnotic World

The Art of Spiritual Alchemy

What is Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is the ancient craft of using a chemical philosophy to turn lead metal into gold. Now how does spiritual alchemy work so that you can turn around a difficult situation to create and a positive and prosperous life? Let me explain….

When something distresses us we are involved with it and a part of it. It takes control of every part of our being. The influence is so strong you are unable to progress and it becomes a physical, mental and emotional experience. Then, from the depths of hopelessness you are able to turn yourself around to become the ultimate spiritual alchemist.

We have all experienced fear or distress to a degree; this state of mind can destroy ambition, undermine enthusiasm, can have full command of your imagination and can also overwhelm your thoughts. It can stop you dead in your tracks, freeze you and have you breathless.

Going through the extreme depths of personal meltdown whether this is due to a loss of finances, illness or disease, legal, a love or even grief can leave you cut to the core of your being. All you have left is one thing and that is to turn your life around. Your only option is to dare to open up and be truthful, compassionate and look to yourself to find a way out.

This is Spiritual Alchemy, transmuting your life and creating self- exploration and growth to ignite the power within you. By taking a quantum leap… taking a risk on yourself.

You Can Learn Spiritual Alchemy

You have control over your own mind and the power to allow whatever thought impulses you choose, sometimes there are emotions that challenge us in our everyday lives. You have the choice to have control or for it to control you; feeling the strength of the distress and then turning the heightened emotion into positive expression.

By developing your inner knowing, it will allow you to see life with different eyes; you will see a whole new perspective by connecting to the divine voice of your soul. By trusting your inner significant you, it will bring forward guidance, urges and insights. Then suddenly you will feel yourself gravitating to new expression and ideas and go to places you would never imagine.

A power to action with an impulse of thought. These thoughts are almost like a magnetic force that will attract similar or related thoughts, you become in harmony with your decisions. The mind is constantly attracting and drawing in the energies of one’s thoughts.

If you let go of the limitations and replace them with faith, you will be able to remove the old ways of thinking that do not serve you. By working with this philosophy you will start to change your thoughts you will become a powerful, passionate influence to yourself and others around you. This transformation will develop inner intuition, allow for self- healing and allow yourself to explore your true inner essence. Developing this mindset is one of the most powerful life strategies. On a personal level using powerful positive thinking, visualizations and positive affirmations can help transform your life. This leads to greater health and a wonderful feeling about the direction your life is taking. You will wake up in the morning ready to enjoy your day to the fullest, with renewed optimism about what you will attract in your life. This enlighten way of thinking will explore the great power within you. Now it’s time create your personal transformation take that leap of faith to believe you can become the alchemist and live the life you desire.

All Things Etheric

The Winter Solstice as a Parable for Progression

Like the Winter Solstice, Progression is a cycle of Renewal

January is a good time to stand back and consider what we are doing, where we are trying to go and whether or not we are on a path that is right for us. I begin with a discussion about the implications of the Winter Solstice and a brief exploration of how some people relate to that moment of renewal. Speaking for myself now, it seems odd that I am so introspective about a day of the year. Yet, there is this urge which needs exploring.

Instincts from Two Sources

We are citizens of reality and only visitors on this physical earth. While there is no obvious foundation in the metaphysics for our etheric personality to have a tradition associated with the earthly seasons, there is solid support for the idea of cycles, polarity and balance which we associate with progression (spiritual growth).

Nature, both physical and etheric, typically changes (evolves) in small increments, and seldom catastrophically. As a model, this change can be characterized as: growth (new understanding); integration leading to maturity; extended stability leading to stagnation; introspection/assimilation; and, renewed effort which initiates new growth. This is a cycle we experience in our progression (spiritual growth) and we do have respect for this cycle in our etheric “DNA.”

Of course, our humans have evolved in a world of seasons, and recognition of the cycle of birth, living, maturity and death is in our host’s DNA. Early societies learned to expect this cycle, work with it and even honor the certainty of the Wheel of Life. Modern religion and philosophy have evolved from these early attempts to understand and live with these life-forming influences.

For early civilizations, honoring Mother Nature was an obvious choice, even as ways were found to put her to work. In the early days, marking the cycles of the year so as to know when to plant was a natural part of honoring the forces that made that possible; however, today, we have clear-cut “This is religious belief” and “That is science.” This sanitation of our understanding of natural influences has helped humankind progress, but it has also left us with urges for which we have no real expression. The human in us needs gods to worship and we, the etheric personality in this entangled relationship, need mysteries to solve.

As probably the most important moment in earth’s year, the Winter Solstice marks the end and the beginning of earth’s cycle of renewal. Humans around the world instinctively recognize this cycle, and we who are etheric personality also recognize this from a spiritual perspective. The results are culturally unique ways of embracing this urge to revere nature.

I am okay with this logic, but there remains the question of how to put this urge to work.

Cultural References to Renewal

Here are a few ways in which this recognition of a cycle of renewal has been honored by societies. As you read them, look for the common factors


The Winter Solstice is celebrated in Wicca as the Yule. (“Iul” meaning “wheel.” (i u L) … think The Great Wheel of the Zodiac; The Wheel of Life.) From The White Goddess website: “Yule is deeply rooted in the cycle of the year, it is the seed time of year, the longest night and the shortest day, where the Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother and gives birth to the new Sun King. In a poetic sense it is on this the longest night of the winter, ‘the dark night of our souls’, that there springs the new spark of hope, the Sacred Fire, the Light of the World, the Coel Coeth).”1



Silver fern frond: Wikimedia Commons


The Māori people of New Zealand use the koru (Māori for “loop”) to symbolize new beginnings or new life. The spiral shape is based on a new, unfurling, silver fern frond. The spiral is one of the oldest and most universal of religious symbols. It represents continuing inward to the source and outward to the world of manifestation; growth and evolution, evolving journey in life.

Celt spiral

Triple Spiral at Newgrange, Irland By Chris Evans, flickr.com/photos/drumminhands/


This triple spiral is an ancient symbol of Celtic beliefs. The meaning of the symbol is not definitively known; however, many people suggest it is the ancient Celts symbol for the passage through birth, death and rebirth. Notice that the figure is drawn with a single, unbroken line, suggesting a continuous movement of time.

The symbol was found carved in the rock forming the front wall of the inner chamber of the ancient mound of Newgrange, Ireland. The mound was built during the Neolithic period around 3200 BC, possibly to mark the beginning of the New Year. The rising sun of the winter solstice shines through a narrow passage to illuminate the carvings, including the Triple Spiral.

Native American

The Medicine Wheel, and sometimes the hoop, is symbolic of the vital force of Nature and the personal power within each of us. “Medicine” is a term used to mean this force. The Medicine Wheel is divided into the center and four quadrants representing East, West, North and South. These quadrants are assigned a color and special meaning. Part of the wheel’s meaning is the understanding that nature is cyclic and we humans are affected by Nature’s influence.

Dark Night

Dawn thefilesoflife. wordpressdotcom

Dark Night of Soul

Saint John of the Cross (San Juan de la Cruz<>; 1542-1591) wrote a poem titled The Dark Night of Soul, and according to Got Questions Ministry, “This eight-stanza poem outlines the soul’s journey from the distractions and entanglements of the world to the perfect peace and harmony of union with God. According to the poet, the “dark night of the soul” is synonymous with traveling the “narrow way” that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 7:13-14.2

This poem was written in 1578, and the concept has since been adopted by many systems of thought to describe the emotional crises seekers often encounter.

The dark night is typically described as beginning with a growing self-doubt which may lead to deep depression and sense of futility. When all seems to be lost, the seeker experiences an abrupt awakening with heightened consciousness. The seeker is, in effect, reborn with greater understanding. From this “awakened” perspective, the “dark night” is seen as a necessary tearing down of old structures of thought and belief so that new understanding can be gained.

While the Dark Night is said to be experienced by seekers, it is a cycle that everyone probably experiences to some degree. The awakening need not be into a higher consciousness, but may simply be a fresh outlook on life. There remains the clinical depression which is not accompanied by such awakenings, and one should be mindful not to forgo help with the expectation of greater understanding.

Born Again

For some Christians, being born again is to undergo a spiritual rebirth or regeneration of the human spirit from the Holy Spirit. The idea is thought to have come from John 3.3 in which Jesus tells a Pharisee (member of ruling council) that: “Unless a man is born anew he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” He goes on to explain in John 3:5 that: “Unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” The reference to water is thought to mean baptism, which is a commitment to the teachings of Jesus.

While “born again” in the context of Christianity usually means a spiritual awakening, it is most often applied in the sense of baptism or conversion from a commonly passive form of worship into one of great commitment to the teachings of Jesus.

It is important to note that, as portrayed in the Bible, Jesus presented himself as a three-fold teacher in much the same sense as Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes Mercurius Trismegiatus is thought to be the source of one of the first divine dispensations of knowledge about our spiritual nature. Much of ancient wisdom is attributed to his teaching, either directly or from inspiration. The last part of his name refers to Hermes as the greatest philosopher and the greatest priest and the greatest king. That is, he represented the path of learning (philosophy), a person who has learned (priest) and the accomplishment made possible by learning (king).

Jesus is shown in John 14-6 to say to his disciples: “I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” That is, he is not a deity but an example as the three aspects of the teacher: follow me as what I teach is the way; follow me as the Spirit of Truth; and, follow me as I have lived.

As it is in the Book of John in the bible, the concept of “born again” appears to explain that the seeker must discard traditional systems of thought and follow the three-fold teachings of Jesus. Those same teachings were taught by the followers of Hermes and are being taught today by some systems of thought. The Spiritualist’s Declaration of Principles 3 is a useful reminder of this way, as is the Tarot as it is taught by B.O.T.A.4

Hermetic Wisdom
Key 16 The Tower

An important concept taught by ancient wisdom schools is the idea that people become set in their ways and that it is necessary to break down those old structures of thought and behavior so that new ones can take their place. Of course, mindful living is all about that process as a way of life, but in some systems of thought, it is assumed that spiritual growth cannot occur unless mind surrenders to the new order. Like The Dark Night of Soul, this is seen as a catastrophic event which is illustrated in Key 16, The Tower, in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

The Tarot of the Waite Deck illustrates the Great Work as progression from Key 0 as The Fool (lead) to spiritual maturity (Gold; the Fool again, oddly enough). Virtually every element in The Tower has special meaning. For instance, the tower itself represents ignorance. The crown represents will power. The man and woman, who are featured throughout the Major Arcana are actually two aspects of a person: the man represents self-consciousness and the woman represents sub-consciousness.

Common Attributes

Any senior citizen can tell you that understanding is relative. What was right often turns out to be a cultural norm when considered many years later. I have considered natural law for nearly sixty years and I still am not sure that there is such a thing as an immutable law. Instead, it seems evident that we, as the experiencing aspect of Infinite Intelligence (Source and reality field), are learning, and therefore, so is Infinite Intelligence. That necessarily means the expression of Infinite Intelligence also evolves. Rupert Sheldrake talks about this in a local (physical organism) sense as “Nature’s habit.” It is changed as the organism come up with creative alternatives.5

Understanding does converge on something like a truth, however. A curve of this would look a lot like a half-life curve so that our first encounter with an experience might give us a good sense of what is true, but the next encounter will likely show that we did not completely understand, thus requiring us to modify our understanding. Of course, this all assumes we are paying attention and actually want to learn. As you can see, the next encounter will likely produce more understanding, and so on. The curve approaches complete understanding (truth) but never quite makes it.

Part of the reason for this imperfect understanding is that we share this venue for learning with other personalities. With those other personalities, we create this venue, and as our understanding increases, so the creative result is modified. …so goes the theory.

So what does this have to do with the Winter Solstice? First, it happens every year; it marks a cycle like the Fool in the Tarot. As a parable for progression (understanding), it illustrates that spiritual awakening is an iterative process. While the Dark Night of Soul and The Tower of the Tarot represent awakening, they are not seen as a one-time event for the seeker. Key 0 of the Tarot, The Fool, is seen as both the beginning and the end of the cycle which is expected to repeat countless times. This is echoed in the many initiations required in some modern societies as members progress from first initiate to master.

As we are beginning to understand about how our mind works, learning occurs in small increments. And as such, the Tower represents an “Ah ha moment.” That is the “secret wisdom” I see in the depiction of sudden enlightenment. It is in this gradualism with an occasionally catastrophic moment of progress that I believe we all sense in New Years, the Winter Solstice and spring renewal. The Māori people have it about right. Each year, the fern unfurrows its new fronds; the spiral represents renewal, and that is a cycle of life. The rest of the story is that progression is a life-long process.


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Additional Reference

Briers, Francis, “3 Cultural Learning Styles,” fudoshin.org.uk/blog/2010/8/16/3-cultural-learning-styles-linear-cyclical-and-holistic.html

A Personal Note

As I said in my first offering, individual progression takes a community. I am always interested in your comments and suggestions. Am I too far out on the fringe? Are there points that need clarifying? What would you rather I talk about?

I am also interested in help proofreading the text. Please let me know of typos and parts that seem contradictory or simply do not make sense.


A reason for Illness and Healing.

Healing can be a very emotional subject — the need for it or indeed the desperation for it can rule our very lives.

Healing or illness arises out of various needs and while that may sound strange, it is a fact that we create our surroundings more specifically in spirit where we organise what difficulties we must incur for the benefit of our spiritual progression, but we also shape, here by means of our freewill and we may say that why would someone want to be ill but that in itself is a condition, isn’t it?

Illness manifests for various reasons our inability to cope for example with any given situation and the resultant stress. The fact that we have chosen a life “marred” by illness is a brave choice and so of the most advanced and beautiful souls have chosen lives of complete dependence on others and therefore at the complete mercy of others.

As well as a direct wish to live this live there are often Karmic considerations for this. For example in choosing to place ourselves such, it gives the other person freewill to help us or to hinder… The very sad cases recently of that care home come to mind where those of limited abilities where preyed upon by others who should have exercised compassion and understanding but chose deliberately not too.

In a Karmic sense it shows that they have had the chance to do right and had chosen not to. Those who so placed themselves at their mercy gave of love so that a Karmic compensation could be made.

Whilst you may draw the obvious conclusion from this you may wish to understand that in placing themselves at their mercy it could well be that they had played the exact same role of abuser in former lives and were there (in this life) to be “used” perhaps as a punch bag, to completely understand what they had inflicted upon others in that former life.

This is a complication isn’t it? So many see and feel that karma is “simple” in some ways it can appear to be but the role of “rich in one life poor in the next” is certainly possible but actually rare in the sense that while it is good to understand this, it may in fact be hundreds of lives apart…

In wanting to give healing, to ask for it to be sent – for none of us truly heal in ourselves of course, we are simply a reflector, a conduit or channel, we show a fraction of what we are, or can be in a truer spiritual sense and show even though it may be limited at times, a glimpse of our spiritual level.

Some are not meant to be healed and so it will test their faith, others will be healed sometimes miraculously, to uphold or begin their faith and at times to go on and inspire others.

It shows the compassion that is evident, it shows that the Spirit is real and tangible and it also shows sometimes (when healing does not work) that we need patience, both the healer and the recipient.

We need healing for different reasons. Sometimes it is Karmic and a reward (Yes I know that sounds strange) or a repayment, notice I do not say punishment! As some will no doubt ask “Why” we do we often say of our children “If I could take it away” well in other incarnations a great friend or child may have had great suffering and we ask so we may also experience, for such a condition. In any event we cannot live others lives for them.

The fortitude with which we face, accept and deal with the condition show again our spiritual level and willingness to understand that whatever we need to deal with it is above all a learning experience. I have known some wonderful souls who have suffered so greatly but never mention it, they want no help preferring to deal with it themselves and this is for a reason.

So little of what we go through is wasted in this life. No matter how much time, or effort you may feel has been wasted in your life it has not, not at all. Even the patience to deal with it is a lesson.

A guide once said to me that “We often target a destination and are so keen to reach it that we miss the most vital part of the scenery along the way, in appreciating the scenery we can learn so much more that at “suddenly” arriving at that destination. The point between leaving and arriving is simply two points, a vast distance that may have been covered with the most beautiful scenery and experience along the way has been missed, there is no point in leaving a place to arrive somewhere else when a huge distance has been covered and not seen or ignored, our focus should be the journey we take not simple a goal to achieve”

This is the same with an illness and healing, they are merely routes and the target should be the experience and learning – the purification of the soul, not the concentration of how ill we are and the negative side of it. If positivity rules then we can change it all and if we have chosen a life of constant illness then that is our particular lesson.

There are those children who have serious and fatal conditions and they are some of the loveliest souls you could wish to meet, they accept and know that in living each day as it comes they can get a great deal from it, some appear to not have a care in the world, they are truly blessed.

In facing our illness’s and showing others how we deal with it we can be such an inspiration to others, perhaps that is what we have come to show?

Those who are blessed have so often chosen the hardest existences because they understand. So many healers refuse to accept healing for themselves and I used to too. We thought in a compassionate way that the energy is there to heal and by that we ourselves mean others.

Healer heal thyself… We need to be in a position to heal others — it is not merely a position of channelling healing. Whether you are a medium or healer,  if you work correctly there should be a residue left with you of the divine pure light and energy. If you feel tired or exhausted after working you are not working correctly.

As you channel healing understand that you are a valuable instrument and as such you need in modern parlance “to be fit for purpose” (this applies to mediums,  too) and as such you need to be as clear as you can be.

“Light to all, bless you as you bless others, understand them as you wish to be understood, praise them for they have chosen a path you have not, we have asked for this life, this path and the reason now may have escaped you, but be thankful for it because it is for your good alone. Petre.” (A guide).

Sometimes (Mostly) we create our own illness by our thoughts and actions. Some illness like alcoholism, is a trial in itself and a battle of our will – this can be a reason for not being cured too.

Also as we create hate and withhold what we need to say it creates a “bottle neck” which will manifest in illness.

To summarise there are many reasons for illness, not least to appreciate what it is and means, and part of it is the reason for it being healed or not.

Light and bless you all.


Divine Medicine

Angel Medicine Is Divine Healing

Angel Medicine

angel medicineAngel medicine is a powerful expression of divine healing work via the supremely potent divine light of God, which emanates directly through His seven magnificent Archangels. God’s holy Archangels embody seven powerful frequencies of divine light that can help us to heal in many different ways. The seven glorious frequencies each contain awe-inspiring and uniquely different attributes of God’s divine power over which each mighty Archangel is given spiritual authority.
The following is a shortened list of the seven majestic Archangels, their divine light frequencies, what they can help you with, and a divine declaration for you to immediately receive God’s divine light.

Archangel Michael

  • Divine light frequency is royal blue
  • Carrying God’s divine truth, power and will

If you need more confidence, courage, or to overcome your fears, you can use the following divine decree. This decree is extremely powerful and will instantly activate divine healing.

“It is decreed that my soul receive the royal blue divine light frequency of Archangel Michael to help me in all my ways (or be specific with what you need help with). I ask that this be in agreement with the will of God and for my greatest good. Amen! It is done. It is done. It is done.”

Archangel Jophiel

  • Divine light frequency is golden yellow
  • Carrying God’s divine wisdom and illumination

If you need more clarity, inspiration, or to overcome your negative thinking, you can use the following divine decree. This decree is extremely powerful and will instantly activate divine healing.
“It is decreed that my soul receive the golden yellow divine light frequency of Archangel Jophiel to help me in all my ways (or be specific with what you need help with). I ask that this be in agreement with the will of God and for my greatest good. Amen! It is done. It is done. It is done.”

Archangel Chamuel

  • Divine light frequency is rose pink
  • Carrying God’s divine love

If you need to find a true love relationship, improve an existing relationship, or to overcome a broken heart, you can use the following divine decree. This decree is extremely powerful and will instantly activate divine healing.
“It is decreed that my soul receive the rose pink divine light frequency of Archangel Chamuel to help me in all my ways (or be specific with what you need help with). I ask that this be in agreement with the will of God and for my greatest good. Amen! It is done. It is done. It is done.”

Archangel Gabriel

  • Divine light frequency is pure white
  • Carrying God’s divine purity

If you need to purify your emotions or physical body, and to overcome your toxic thinking, you can use the following divine decree. This decree is extremely powerful and will instantly activate divine healing.
“It is decreed that my soul receive the pure white divine light frequency of Archangel Gabriel to help me in all my ways (or be specific with what you need help with). I ask that this be in agreement with the will of God and for my greatest good. Amen! It is done. It is done. It is done.”

Archangel Raphael

  • Divine light frequency is emerald green
  • Carrying God’s divine healing power

If you need divine healing power to improve any physical health issue, or to regain a healthy balance in your life, you can use the following divine decree. This decree is extremely powerful and will instantly activate divine healing.
“It is decreed that my soul receive the emerald green divine light frequency of Archangel Raphael to help me in all my ways (or be specific with what you need help with). I ask that this be in agreement with the will of God and for my greatest good. Amen! It is done. It is done. It is done.”

Archangel Uriel

  • Divine light frequency is a mix of purple/gold/ruby
  • Carrying God’s divine peace and service

If you need more peace, harmony, or help with leading or serving others, you can use the following divine decree. This decree is extremely powerful and will instantly activate divine healing.
“It is decreed that my soul receive the purple/gold/ruby light frequency of Archangel Uriel to help me in all my ways (or be specific with what you need help with). I ask that this be in agreement with the will of God and for my greatest good. Amen! It is done. It is done. It is done.”

Archangel Zadkiel

  • Divine light frequency is violet
  • Carrying God’s divine transformation, freedom and justice

If you need freedom from old emotional pain and trauma, or to receive help with forgiveness and letting go, you can use the following divine decree. This decree is extremely powerful and will instantly activate divine healing.
“It is decreed that my soul receive the violet divine light frequency of Archangel Zadkiel to help me in all my ways (or be specific with what you need help with). I ask that this be in agreement with the will of God and for my greatest good. Amen! It is done. It is done. It is done.”
Joanne Brocas is a number one award winning and bestselling author, angel expert and divine energy healer. Visit her website for further information and to check out her exciting new ‘Angel Medicine Online Divine Healing Course’ at www.joannebrocas.com. The Archangels can deliver a portion of these extremely powerful divine frequencies to help deal with and heal an array of health conditions and life complaints.

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