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Orb Phenomenon and Unknown Dimensions

Orbs and Dimensions

Question: “What can this phenomenon be? Why is it occurring and increasing around the world with the advancement of the digital camera?”

Question: “Is it a ‘real’ phenomenon, and if so, is it ‘paranormal’?” (Since ‘paranormal’ refers to objects, events, and phenomena that cannot be explained by our current understanding of science, how then, can we ever know if it is paranormal or not?)

These frequently asked questions have been laughed at, scorned at, ridiculed, and tried to be debunked and put aside as just ‘dust’ by the skeptics. And here I must add, that I do not doubt whatsoever, that dust and airborne anomalies can ‘sometimes’ produce false images in photos, but are not ‘always’ the cause for orb images to appear, because this would be as absurd as suggesting that just because ‘some’ roses are red, hence ‘all’ roses are red, (this method of assumption is not the correct way of science).

With the revolution of the digital camera, the Orb Phenomenon is a relatively recent photographic phenomenon since the mid 1990’s to come to our attention. With this new 21st Century sophisticated camera technology, one would think that surely, it would be less likely for photographic anomalies to crop up so often. But instead, the plethora of orb-like images are increasing all around the world, rather than decreasing. I am confident in saying, this new sophisticated technology, is giving us this new ability to photograph and capture images of an invisible phenomenon that is opening itself to us. An invisible phenomenon that has been around us since the beginning of mankind, but until now, has not previously been so easily photographable. This phenomenon was almost unknown on mages taken previously with the older type ‘film cameras’.


The Quest for knowledge in Pioneering Studies:


The burden of proof lies on the one who makes a claim: and until this day, no one has come up with solid proof or solid evidence that authentic and genuine orbs are from Parallel Dimensions.

Where does one begin to talk about a topic, such as the Orb Phenomenon, which has no written manuals, no guide-lines, no information, and no universal knowledge about why, where, how or why it is here? All these criteria about the orb phenomenon enigma are unknown. So how does one collect evidence? How does one talk about this unknown mystery, and how does one describe something that has no other forms for comparison, which has baffled skeptics and believers for decades?

If an object cannot be seen with the naked eye, but is believed to exist in a certain state outside of our normal comprehension, then it is a scientific necessity to find a way to photograph it. This is why ‘scientific photography’ has become an essential component for many areas of science, in order to witness things that cannot be seen with the unaided eye. Evidence through ‘vision and observation’ is a very powerful tool… for if we look at some of the advancements that have been made in science using cameras to capture visual evidence, in areas that would be just impossible to be seen without this technology:

  • It is through visual observation that mankind has researched the stars and the universe, through photographic images with the use of ‘telescopes’:
  • It is through visual observation that mankind has researched the microscopic worlds, through visual photographic images with the use of ‘microscopes’:
  • It is through visual observation that mankind has researched our anatomies, through visual photographic images with the use of ‘ultra-sound and x-ray machines’:
  • And, it is through visual observation that I have researched the orb phenomenon, through visual photographic images, with the use of ‘digital cameras’.


I have discovered a simple photographic method that can visually capture ‘holographic images’ showing various activities deep within the multi-dimensional authentic orbs. I have named this procedure, the “MFT Method” (Merlina Focus Technique Method). This discovery is a new technique that can ‘focus’ into these unknown multi-dimensional energy fields (we know very little about), as this is what I believe authentic orbs to be. My MFT Method can consistently be replicated over and over again, even under the most effective controlled analysis, and this method cannot be dismissed as fake.

Genuine Orbs:

Every genuine orb that I have studied is unique. Different colours, different faces, different scenes, and the number of the ‘hologram’ sentient images inside vary. These numbers can range from only a few large sentient to literally as many as hundreds. Yes that’s right, I said hundreds of sentient could be visually seen in some orbs.

It is important for me to point out here, that when I use the term ‘sentient’, I am referring to holographic images of evolved spirit beings. And when I use the term ‘orb’, I am only referring to the external surface of these globular or spheroid constructions, and not the sentient activity that is inside it. From my observations, orbs act as chambers or some type of cosmic vessels that surround and enclose the activity inside it.

From my experience, the more we become attuned to them, the more responsive they become to us, and they will often immobilize and stand still for us, to give us a chance to photograph them. They know they are being photographed because I believe they can feel and understand our intentions. This may perhaps explain the reason why many skeptics do not capture them in photos, but in contrast, many people who are ready to accept them, do.


Classification of genuine orbs:


My study has led me to the conclusion that there are distinct “Hierarchy Levels” involved in these multiple-dimension orb structures. By the simple process of observing and understanding the external-outer appearance of these orb capsules, we are closer to understanding what hologram images are inside these cosmic vehicles. In other words, as strange as it may sound, the hierarchy level of each individual sentient, is directly associated with the type of orb that they use.

I have categorized the orbs into three main groups: Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3. Each of these categories has distinct characteristics and specific patterns that can be visually seen. Today, I will talk about Category 1 Orbs:

Category 1 Orbs:


This Category of orbs vividly and brightly stands out from all the rest; they have ‘extreme luminosity’ and colours of brilliant whites, yellows, and golden hues. Very characteristic is that they have a thick, to very thick luminous membrane around the outside structure of the orb. This outer membrane can be compared to an external sheath or cell wall and gives them a higher level of protection.

(See photos below):





Using the MFT Method, hologram images of the sentient inside Category 1 orbs are large in size and few in numbers, and never seen as overpopulated or overcrowded in comparison to the other categories. Most often, large multi-coloured heads can be seen. While the rest of their bodies cannot easily be distinguished, because the bodies are usually ‘covered’ or ‘camouflaged’ by a thick white-cloudy substance.

(See photos below):


Category one orbs


Next month I will talk about Category 2 Orbs, and compare them to Category 1 Orbs, so that it will be easier to visualize and comprehend the main differences.

Spirit ORBS

                                                                                 Merlina Marcan



UFO Government Information Released

In June 2013 the UK Government released what was (at the time) billed as the final batch of Ministry of Defence (MoD) UFO files – part of a wider project to declassify and release the entire archive of these files and transfer them to the National Archives. Nick Pope used to work on these files – and indeed wrote some of them! As the public face of the MoD’s UFO project and of the UFO file release project, Nick Pope will give an insider’s account of what is arguably the biggest UFO-related story in recent years. He tells the story of the release of these real-life X-Files by means of a Q&A in which he responds to the questions on this story that he’s been asked most frequently, by the media, by the UFO community and by the public.

How much material has been released?

209 files and around 52,000 pages of documentation have been released so far. This is in addition to a number of UFO files that had already been released under the old Public Record Act, the best-known provision of which was the so-called 30-year rule, which said files could be considered for public release 30 years after the date of the most recent document contained in them.

Why were these files released?

There were three reasons. Firstly, the French Government released their UFO files in 2007, setting a precedent that would have been difficult for us to ignore. Secondly, the MoD hoped this would generate good PR about the Department’s commitment to open government and freedom of information, while helping to dispel rumours of a cover-up. But the third and biggest reason was that the MoD devised this as a means of dealing with the huge number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests the Department was getting on UFOs. In 2005, 2006 and 2007, there were many months when the MoD got more FOIA requests on UFOs than on any other subject. The workload involved in responding to them on a case-by-case basis was huge. But once the decision had been made (in 2007) to release the files proactively, all future FOIA requests could be dealt with simply by saying that the Department was in the process of releasing the material. In this way, new FOIA requests would not require a substantive answer, because “information intended for future release” is one of a number of FOIA exemptions. Similarly, once all the files have been released, pretty much all FOIA requests on UFOs can be dealt with by a statement saying that all information held on the subject is available at the National Archives.

How exactly did the release take place?

Firstly, all of the material had to be scanned-in, so it was available electronically. The MoD then had to redact the files. That is, they went through them word by word and blacked out anything still classified, or anything covered by any of the other exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act. Then, the unclassified/declassified files were transferred to the National Archives. This was a slow and time-consuming process, so the files were released in separate batches. There have been ten batches released to date. The first batch was made public in May 2008, with successive batches following every 6 months or so. The most recent batch (the tenth) was released in June 2013. The remaining 18 files are likely to be made public later in 2015, or in 2016, either in a single, final batch, or possibly in two batches.

I’ve seen one or two ufologists claim they were responsible for the file release. Is there any truth in such boasts?

No. Such claims are either dishonest or incredibly naïve. Hundreds of people made UFO-related FOIA requests. Writing in 2006, on the MoD’s website, the Under Secretary of State for Defence, Tom Watson said this: “There is a real and enduring interest in Unidentified Flying Objects. By far the most popular topic of FOI requests has been UFOs, followed by recruitment enquiries, enquiries from staff, and historical events such as World War Two, the Falklands conflict and the Balkans. Recent freedom of information releases on UFOs have attracted media interest from as far away as Japan”. This was the main factor that led the MoD to decide to transfer its UFO files to the National Archives, so it’s pretty insulting to the hundreds of other members of the public, journalists and ufologists who lobbied MoD on this issue and made FOI requests, if any individual ufologists try to take credit for this.

So what’s actually in the files that have been released?

Let me start by saying what’s not in the files: there’s no ‘spaceship in a hangar’ smoking gun that’s going to prove we’re being visited by extraterrestrials. If we have such a thing, I’m afraid they didn’t tell me! Now, as to what’s in the files, it’s a mixture. Firstly, there are policy documents, setting out how those of us charged with researching and investigating UFOs viewed the phenomenon. These papers set out the MoD’s strategy on the issue, so to speak. Secondly, there are the sighting reports themselves. This category is a mixed bag, because obviously the vast majority of sightings turn out to be misidentifications, so people have to wade through a lot of bland one or two-page reports of what are obviously aircraft lights or Chinese lanterns, before they get to the better material – it’s a classic example of the old saying that “the best place to hide a book is in a library”! To add to the frustration, the MoD’s investigations didn’t often generate the paper trail researchers would like. Thirdly, there are the public correspondence files. Fourthly, there are files showing how the subject was handled when raised in Parliament.

If there’s no ‘smoking gun’, what do the files show, taken collectively?

What’s readily apparent from a detailed study of all this is that the MoD was telling Parliament, the media and the public that the UFO phenomenon was of “no defence significance” and of limited interest to the MoD. However, the files show that behind the scenes, the subject was obviously taken more seriously than we let on, with many of the cases self-evidently being of great defence significance – e.g. when UFOs were seen in close proximity to military bases, were encountered by RAF pilots, or were tracked on radar by fighter controllers or air traffic controllers. Those of us working on this subject often found ourselves having to employ an Orwellian ‘doublethink’ in our handling of this issue.

Do the files cover other mysteries too?

The UFO files inevitably include some alien contact/alien abduction accounts, as well as some material on other mysteries that some people believe are linked to the UFO phenomenon, such as crop circles and animal mutilations. And occasionally – mainly because there was nowhere else in government to send such material – the UFO project received reports of ghosts seen at military bases, and approaches from psychics, offering to undertake ‘remote viewing’ for the MoD. The last batch of files that was released even contained some papers relating to interest in anti-gravity and gravity modification research expressed by MoD scientists. I wasn’t joking when I referred to MoD’s UFO project as being “the real-life X-Files”.

What has your personal involvement been with the release of these files?

Having worked on MoD’s UFO project, staff at the National Archives asked me to select some cases that could be highlighted to the media in the run-up to the release. The media could run whatever stories they liked, of course, but inevitably, most times they would pick the ones I suggested. I was asked to ensure that there were cases from all parts of the UK, so as to appeal to the regional press, and to ensure that the material selected catered to a wide cross-section of viewpoints, i.e. picking out some cases that were easy to explain, some that were genuine mysteries, some disturbing cases (e.g. near-misses between UFOs and commercial aircraft) and some of the more amusing cases in the files, such as the man who claimed that his car, tent and pet dog had been abducted by aliens. I was also asked to record a promotional video for the National Archives, drawing attention to the release and talking about it in positive terms. But my biggest involvement in all this was to do literally hundreds of TV, radio, newspaper and magazine interviews on the story (and write some of the features myself) and thus become the public face of the file release project. It was certainly a success and I appeared on a huge range of news programmes, chat shows and radio programmes, including Newsnight, BBC News, ITV News, CNN News, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Sky News, This Morning, GMTV and Radio 4’s Today programme, to name but a few.

What was it like for you on the actual days the files were released?

It was manic! As regard to the practicalities of a “file release day”, two days beforehand, an embargoed press release would be sent out to the world’s media. On a couple of occasions the embargo was broken, but we managed (just) to get the genie back into the bottle. On many occasions, I would be asked to write a feature article for a newspaper. I wrote several for The Sun, but also wrote for The Times, The Guardian and the Daily Mirror. Once the embargoed press release was sent out, I would receive requests for short, punchy comments that could be used in newspaper articles (that often ran in parallel to the features I wrote myself), as well as numerous TV and radio interview bids. I’d try to accept as many of these bids as possible, but inevitably, if I was at the BBC studios in White City for a live TV interview at 7am, I wasn’t going to be able to get to the Sky News studios in West London by 7.15am. I partly got around this by trying to stagger things, so that I would do, say, a BBC news interview at 6am, an ITV chat show at 7am and a Sky News feature at 8am. But inevitably, things got hectic and stressful, especially as the BBC, ITV and Sky studios are in different parts of London, and the traffic can be a nightmare. I’m pleased to say that I never once missed an interview, but there were certainly some very close calls. Things got even more hectic as new requests came in all the time, and there were some surreal moments, such as doing a down-the-line interview with a BBC radio station on my mobile phone, while sitting in the back of a courtesy car taking me to my next TV interview. Another way we got around these difficulties was by pre-recording things where possible. Before most file release days I would record a string of ‘to camera’ remarks about the files at the studios of ITN Productions, in Holborn. They would then produce 2 or 3 different news packages, which any media outlets could use. This was particularly useful for US networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox. If people Google “Nick Pope” & “ITN” they can watch a few of these. It became a tradition that after my final interview, usually in the late evening, the courtesy car would drop me off at my local sports bar for a well-earned cold beer.

What was your favourite interview or news feature?

I have several. Newsround and Blue Peter were great fun to do, as was The Alan Titchmarsh Show. One of the most unusual stunts involved my writing a science fiction story based on the files, for the BBC World Service show The World Today. I then had to judge the entries from listeners, who were invited to email in suggestions for continuing the story. I also enjoyed giving a talk about the file release at the Royal Albert Hall, in October 2010.

What’s your favourite story from the files?

It was good to see more papers released on ‘classic cases’ such as the Rendlesham Forest incident and the Cosford incident, though it was unfortunate that some Defence Intelligence Staff files containing documents on Rendlesham had been destroyed. There were also some interesting (and highly disturbing) reports of near-misses between UFOs and commercial aircraft. However, if readers will forgive me for highlighting a somewhat light-hearted story, I rather like the case of the man who placed a 100-1 bet that alien life would be officially confirmed by the Millennium, and then tried to enlist the help of the MoD to support his case against the bookmakers. Sadly, the man lost his bet.

How did you feel, seeing all this material again after so many years?

The whole file release project has been something of a ‘blast from the past’ for me, seeing material that I worked on (or wrote), when I never thought I’d see it again. Bear in mind that when I was working on MoD’s UFO project, the UK didn’t have a Freedom of Information Act, so the assumption was that none of the files I was working on would even be considered for public release until 30 years after a file was closed. So, there were mixed emotions really. I had some feelings of nostalgia, obviously, but also some feelings of pride at a job well done, and some regrets for the inevitable mistakes and missed opportunities.

Have all the MoD’s UFO files been released?

No. Firstly, many UFO files from the 1950s and 1960s were destroyed many years ago, before any decisions were made to retain files on this subject, or release them. Secondly, there are a number of exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act, which can exclude from public release material covering such areas as “defence”, “national security” and “intelligence”. Many exemptions in the UFO files are little more than deleting the names and addresses of witnesses, to protect their privacy, but there are cases where other exemptions have been used. The final report of an intelligence study into UFOs, codenamed Project Condign, is a good example of a publicly-released UFO document where a small (but significant) amount of information has been blacked out. Thirdly, and by the MoD’s own admission, Defence Intelligence Staff files on the Rendlesham Forest incident were “inadvertently destroyed”. Similarly, the MoD stated that a ship’s log for HMS Manchester, that might have contained details of a UFO seen during a NATO exercise, was lost after having been blown overboard by a “freak gust of wind”. Gun camera footage of UFOs taken by RAF jets in the Sixties has apparently “not survived”, while a spectacular UFO photograph that had been on my office wall for many years was “mislaid” – along with the negatives. I make no accusations of foul play here, but I can certainly understand the anger and frustration that has been expressed by some people in the UFO community and the conspiracy theory community. And finally, as I’ve mentioned earlier, despite the MoD and the National Archives stating to the media that the last of the files had been released in June 2013, there are, in fact, a further 18 files that have yet to be passed from the MoD to the National Archives.

What has been the reaction of the UFO community to the release of these files?

To be honest, the reaction was a little disappointing. True believers tended to dismiss the release as disinformation: “All the good stuff’s been held back” was a frequent comment. The revelations concerning material that has been destroyed or lost didn’t help, while my central role in publicizing the release project further fuelled the fire: “He’s still on the payroll” is a phrase that I often heard from true believers and conspiracy theorists, when they saw me in the media, discussing these files. The reaction from die-hard debunkers was equally disappointing. There was a sneering tendency to focus on the odd case which clearly involved a hoax or an eccentric, while ignoring or glossing over the sightings where the witnesses were police officers, pilots or military personnel, where UFOs were tracked on radar, or where a photo or video was analysed by MoD’s technical wizards, with no evidence of fakery being found. The reasons for these reactions, of course, had to do with belief. Just as fascist and communist regimes are actually very similar, despite the apparent distance implied by phrases like “left-wing” and “right-wing”, so true believers and die-hard debunkers are actually chiseled from the same block, united by their dogma and their conclusion-led approach to the subject. The MoD files played to this, because they told neither group what they wanted to hear. True believers wanted definitive proof of extraterrestrial visitation and a government cover-up, while die-hard debunkers wanted confirmation that all sightings could be explained in terms of misidentifications, hoaxes, delusions, or people who’d had too much drink or drugs. But the files didn’t tell them this – they reflected a more subtle and complex truth about UFOs, i.e. that MoD isn’t covering up proof of extraterrestrial visitation, but that some UFO sightings appeared to defy conventional explanation, with even those of us in government not being aware of the true nature of the phenomenon.

So what happens now? Where do we go from here?

There was massive media and public interest on each of the days that the files were released, and for maybe a day or two afterwards, but memories fade quickly. There’s an old saying in the UK media that today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper. Once the dust has settled, the UFO community turns its attention elsewhere. More sightings take place, new stories surface and things move on. MoD’s UFO files are a valuable resource, but in time they will doubtless become little more relevant to the ufological debate as, say, the Project Blue Book archive. In the final analysis, little will change. True believers and die-hard debunkers will occasionally cherry-pick cases, information and quotes that fit their existing worldview – a classic case of what cognitive science calls “confirmation bias”. Ultimately though, true believers will naïvely continue to believe every tall tale they hear, while die-hard debunkers will dishonestly ignore good data, or alter the facts of a case so as to shoehorn it into their pre-conceived views. The irony is that UFO phenomenon itself will endure, as it always has done, oblivious to the views of either faction.

Do you have any final comments to make on the release of these files?

Perhaps I can finish by restating two points I made when the June 2013 file release took place, as they were quoted in most of the media articles about this story. I think they encapsulate things quite nicely:

“I hope people have as much fun reading these real-life X-Files as I had working on them. These documents don’t resolve the UFO mystery but they certainly show how the phenomenon was just as intriguing to the government as it is to the public.”

“These are the real-life X-Files. Most UFO sightings had conventional explanations, but a small percentage remained unexplained. These included cases where UFOs were seen by police officers, chased by pilots and tracked on radar. Whatever you think about UFOs, the release of these files shines a light on one of the most intriguing subjects ever studied by the British Government”.




John Zaffis And His Paranormal World

John Zaffis Paranormal Expert

[soundcloud id=’206031590′]

John is considered to be one of the foremost experts in paranormal research in the world today. He follows in the footsteps of noted Paranormalists Ed and Lorraine Warren who mentored John through his formative years. Whether you belive in the Paranormal or not, his experiences often defy science and we are grateful to have benefitted from his knowledge and wisdom, which we hope will not be the last here on TOSP. However, the recording is not the best but does note detract from the quality of the interview.

John Zaffis Bio – From His Website

John Zaffis has over forty years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent John beyond looking for ghosts and hauntings and into studying demonology under the Warrens. This led into John’s involvement with cases of possession and exorcism, which gave him the opportunity to work with prominent exorcists in this field, including Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Father Malachi Martin, and the Reverend Jun.

His research has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland covering several thousands of cases. Through hands on investigating with other investigators and clergy, he has obtained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the paranormal and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field today.

John has a lot of first-hand paranormal experience, including experience with ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic and diabolical entities. He has also worked extensively with both spiritualists and psychics concerning how their knowledge is used for channeling, reincarnation (past-life regression), calling of the spirits for information, and how they use meditation to acquire the information which they are seeking. Because of his personal experiences with hauntings, ESP, near death experiences and other paranormal activities, he is firm in his conviction that such phenomena exist.

John has been featured in the Discovery Channel’s documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Fox News Live, and many other print and news media events. John also appears in Graveyards and In A Dark Place, both books written by Ed and Lorraine Warren. John’s first book, Shadows of the Dark, co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John hosted a show on SyFy, Haunted Collector, and became a producer for the last season of the show. John has also appeared on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities.

Over the years, John has collected many hundreds of possessed items either given to or sent to him by people wishing to be rid of them. The John Zaffis Paranormal Museum opened in 2004 in order to display these items, and continues to be open today. John wrote and starred in the documentary film Museum of the Paranormal, released in 2010, which gives the viewer a tour of his museum and the stories behind some of the objects.



John’s Books are Fascinating


shadows of the dark john zaffis

We will be reviewing this sometime in the future, but suffice to say that all of John’s Books are worth a read and will certainly open your eyes.



Extra Terrestrial

The Nature Of Consciousness Space

Beings from the non-terrestrial Zeta race have given us much information via the medium, Paul Hamden, about the nature of the energetic realms and our place in it. They explain that consciousness is the basis for all existence, and there are constraints on experience that are analogous to our physical laws. This point of view resolves problems that our science considers inexplicable, including such things as physical mediumship phenomena and familiar sensations known as qualia. A number of these insights will be presented in this column.

Altered States and Hypnotic World

Soul Flight

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience leaving your body and coming back, to have an out of body experience, to see the vibrational energy grid of the universe or to astral travel and have a vivid surreal encounter?

We live in an information age and our society and culture is continually expanding to accommodate every new and exciting discovery. As humans we need to keep moving forward in order to develop and survive and to progress to the next level in our evolution. Many of us want to experience the other side and have considered taking risks to achieve this but there is another way you can choose this experience using your mind and body.

Soul Flight 1
We have a very small gland in the center of the brain called the pineal gland. It is shaped like a small pine cone and has more blood flow and higher levels of concentrated energy than anywhere else in the body. The pineal gland which is part of our endocrine system performs functions that are essential to our life. When our individual vital life force or soul energy enters the fetus in the womb, it completes our physical body.   Our body is not complete without a soul.  The pineal gland acts as a conduit for this soul energy and is known as the seat of the soul or the pathway to consciousness. Think of it as your spiritual antenna which picks up energy that operates on vibrational frequencies.

The center of the pineal gland is made up of water and in the fluid there are crystal components called micro clusters which can flip over. The fluid is connected to the conductive electromagnetic fields of time and space. When a source of energy vibrates in time or space it activates the crystals in the water of the pineal gland and the alteration of energy activates functions of the gland via the retina and cornea of the eyes. This amazing gland which with good reason is also called our third eye provides us with the ability to experience inner mind vision, to see visions in our dreams and to experience astral travelling.

The pineal gland is an essential part of our glandular system producing the hormones serotonin and melatonin which are highly concentrated tryptamine-based enzymes crucial to our bodily functions.  A natural process which occurs in the pineal gland during deep sleep or sometimes under extreme stress doubles the amount of tryptamine in our brains and naturally results in DMT or N-Dimethyltryptaimine.

Soul Flight 2
When the body produces large amounts of DMT it creates an altered state of consciousness and opens up gateways into time alterations, providing access to paranormal realms and other dimensional realities. It allows the movement of our life force through energetic alterations. Many have explored this phenomenon as a spiritual experience describing a euphoric sensation beyond the normal comprehension of our known reality. When a person has a near death experience, the brain is flooded with natural DMT to allow the vital life force to exit the body. The pineal gland is responsible for engaging an extraordinary amount of DMT at a pinnacle point in our life span.

Scientific research has been able to produce synthetic DMT and it acts as a powerful short-acting psychedelic drug producing similar effects to natural DMT. This drug is either smoked or intravenously injected into the blood stream for rapid effect. Natural DMT offers the same experience however the results vary depending on the length of time.

Nature has also created DMT in certain plants that contain beta-carbolines (alkaloids which are derived from the amino acid L-Tryptophan). Ayahuasca is a medicinal tea prepared from the vine Banisteriopsis Caapi, which when combined with some other specific plant species, activates a brew with high levels of DMT.   When Ayahuasca brew is ingested this orally activates the DMT within our own bodies.  By using the natural plant base  you can experience an intense connection with the spiritual world.

Soul Flight 3
There are several other plants which have a similar effect on the mind and body but Ayahuasca is probably the most commonly known.  It assists in the spiritual exploration of self and acts as a guiding inner teacher who outlines the number of lessons you need to acknowledge.  By creating an altered state of mind, Ayahuasca acts as facilitator in your journey of personal healing from emotional blocks and delivers insights into the therapeutic restoration of physical issues. There are many purposes behind the use of this medicine. It can deliver expansion and illumination of your personal consciousness to create a deeper level of understanding about your life journey, your purpose on earth, the true meaning of the universe and clarify how to explore the depth of your involvement.

Science is not sure about what role Ayahuasca plays in our society however it has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries. Indigenous western Amazonian tribes have used the plant in religious and healing ceremonies and Shamans have been using Ayahuasca under formal controlled conditions for years, following traditional methods and strict protocol with regard to diet, physical and mental conditions, to prepare for a ceremony which would normally progress over several days.  It provides individuals with access to subconscious processes in a state comparable to, but thought to be even more potent than, a meditative state.

If you choose to journey with Ayahuasca, bonding with your guide is essential as they will support you during your experience. Many travellers have reported euphoric mental and visual experiences however your mindset prior to ingesting the brew could influence your experience.   There is another not quite so pleasant side to this naturally occurring drug.  Side effects can include vomiting, nausea, gastric upset and hot and cold sweats. Not much is generally mentioned about this however Shamans generally believe this is the body eliminating toxins after or during the experience.  DMT can also increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Soul Flight 4
Ayahuasca has also played a significant role in drug rehabilitation clinics in South America. Through experimenting with DMT based drugs in the recourse of clinical trials to assist heavy drug addicts recover from addiction, research concluded that addicts exposed to five or more sessions with DMT either completely changed their drug habits or dramatically reduced their usage.

This mind-expansive, naturally-occurring drug can be a journey of self-discovery that will blow your mind from the inside out. You can experience ‘oneness’ not only with yourself, but with nature, the world and even the whole universe around you.

Crystal Consciousness

Firing Up Creativity


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
Maya Angelou


People often ask me how I can write so many books. What’s the secret? Well, apart from the fact that I’m always coming across new information, I have the help of a very special crystal, Triplite, and Silver Genie, a Petaltone essence. Combine those two and away you go. The synergy of a crystal with an essence goes way beyond what the individual components would achieve. The first time I had Triplite on my desk I wrote 5000 words in a morning. It’s an incredible crystal for activating creativity – and for raising kundalini. There’ll be more about that in a future article. Only last month I used the Triplite-Silver Genie combination to write a 55,000 word crystal book in three weeks. Now, non-writers may not think much to that, but writers will appreciate just how speedy that was. It was as though I plucked the text fully formed out of the ether. I have another writing secret too. A goddess likes to get in on the act. The Lady of the Flame, the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet.


The Lady of the Flame, the goddess Sekhmet.

The Lady of the Flame, the goddess Sekhmet. [Photo copyright Terrie Birch/www.astrologywise.co.uk]

 Reliving an Egyptian temple initiation inspired my first novel

 The bright Egyptian sun was swallowed by gloom as we penetrated deep into the shadows of Dendera temple, cool under its heavy stone roof.

“Come, see.” A smiling, blue-robed guardian urged us forward, his teeth gleaming whitely. As he lifted a flagstone and I peered into blackness, claustrophobia crawled up my spine.

“No. I can’t.” I muttered.

But it was too late. The guardian nimbly disappeared, clutching my torch. My excited companion pressed past me down narrow stairs, pulling me behind him. The walls were colder than anything I’d ever felt before.

“Don’t be foolish,” I admonished myself. “You’re an astrologer. You know all about the twelve crypts of Dendera and their astrological links. This is what you came to see.” But I hadn’t realised they’d be like this, low and stooped, crawling with something I didn’t want to think about, and so very black.

As the flagstone dropped behind us, it was all I could do not to scream. The light from the torch hardly touched the darkness and then the guardian must have turned a corner because, suddenly, the light was gone.

When I put my hands out, the air pushed back against them. This wasn’t an absence of light. Something was eating it. I couldn’t breathe, black air was pressing on me. The walls were closing in. I could hear the stones grinding together as they moved closer and could sense the skittering of scorpions, smell the must of sharp-toothed rodents, and the decay of the tomb. Panicking and panting, I knew there was a huge black hooded cobra waiting to strike. It would attack any moment. There were demons and unspeakable things of the night crowding in, horned beings and serpents crawling near, and a strange triple-headed beast swallowing the light. I bet those old priests conjured them up and forgot to banish them again.

The eyes of a lioness flared out of the darkness.

Suddenly I knew I’d done this before, it was all an illusion. I could send them back where they belonged. I took a deep, calming breath:

“Begone foul beasts and creatures of the depths of night,” I began firmly. “Be gone great snake that waits to strike, resist me not. Return to your lair. Be gone triple headed demons of Set. Return to the far reaches of the desert to him who made you. Be gone in the name of light. Walls stand firm, hold your place. Protect those who come in light. Protect me.”

I had no idea where the words were coming from but it seemed to work. As the banishing ritual ended, a torch pierced the darkness and my companion called impatiently for me to join him on the tour. I hurried forward, thankfully.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. That night, in a dream, I relived the whole initiation. Meeting and overcoming unspeakable beings as I passed through the door to each crypt and all the parts of myself were stripped away and my soul was finally laid bare before The Terrible One.

The lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, memories of whom had haunted me since childhood, told me that I was to tell a story. I’d already written several books, but those had been non-fiction. I had no idea how to craft a novel, or what story I’d tell.

“Use your memories, my child,” the now kindly lioness told me. “Weave them into a tale that tells what it was like back then and how the past intertwines with the present. I will help you.”

And she did, getting me out of bed many a night to jot down a dream or spontaneous memory. I resisted putting it all together, however. Only a short story came out of it. I write twenty eight more mind-body-spirit books in the meantime, but these didn’t satisfy her. “Torn Clouds took more than twelve years to evolve from that short story into what metaphysician Alan Richardson called: ‘an outpouring from another age, a genuine glimpse into beyond-time mysteries’. A time-slip novel of reincarnation and romance that, as he warned, draws you into more than a mere novel. It certainly does, that reliving of the ritual became a major part of the novel, although it was transposed into my heroine’s experience along with many more of my past life memories.

“Torn Clouds” dips into the upheavals brought about by the mysterious Akhenaton – the latter drawing on another time-slip experience in Egypt where I was face down in the dust, a young priestess being plucked from her home to go to the new City of Light. That regression was immensely real to me because, in my present life, I can’t imagine being face down in the dust before anyone. But the love I felt then for the misshapen alien Pharaoh and his mother Tiye is reborn every time I hear their names. Standing in front of his statue in the Luxor museum, I was in tears.

Entering the tiny Sekhmet sanctuary at Karnak made me want to throw myself full length before her. I settled for the touching of her chakras and my own that the smiling Nubian guardians taught me – little did they know that they were carrying out an ancient ritual themselves. I still do that ritual today.


In the sanctuary of Sekhmet

In the sanctuary of Sekhmet, Temple Karnak, 2014 [Photo copyright Terrie Birch/astrologywise]

My heroine Megan McKennar appeared fully formed one stormy night and took over my computer to expand her story in a heart pounding three months. It was quite a ride. In the end, I simply had to comply with Sekhmet’s demand and tell the story. After many rejections on the grounds that there was no market for this kind of fiction (since then time-slip has become a recognised genre, I always was ahead with the zeitgeist), “Torn Clouds” was published by John Hunt of O Books, a courageous publisher I’d gone to visit to discuss another non-fiction book – “Crystal Prescriptions” now a best seller in its own right but then only a germ of an idea. When I mentioned my novel and its reincarnation theme, he casually said: “I’ll publish it.”

As soon as he did, “The Crystal Bible”, became a best seller. It was as though Sekhmet had relented and brought me success. An American friend has dreamed she was in a cinema watching “Torn Clouds” on the screen – she described that heart stopping visit to the crypts without having read the book. Recently I found myself sitting next to a screenwriter… Hollywood, here I come! Now which crystal do I need for that?


And Triplite and an Egyptian priestess inspired my second


Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi


That first novel was written over 15 years ago. More recently, just after Triplite entered my life, I began to dream again. An Egyptian priestess whispered in my ear. Another novel was born. Now all I need to find is what my friend Mario Reading, author of “The Nostrodamus Trilogy” amongst so many other excellent books, calls ‘a fairly eccentric publisher’ who looks outside the established genre box. Well, the new novel does combine time-slip events in ancient Egypt, tantric sex and modern day gothic horror with a young woman finding her magical inner power. A new genre indeed! Is there anybody out there? I’d better get the Triplite out and ask My Lady for assistance!


Triplite (Vayrynenite)


Triplite (Vayrynenite)

Triplite (Vayrynenite) [Photo copyright www.angeladditions.co.uk]

 Source: Skadu, Pakistan (also occurs in China; Bavaria, Germany; Kimito, Finland; Karibib, Namibia; and Maine, Connecticut, Arizona and Colorado.)

This stone knows exactly where to go to help its user. It tunes into you and calibrates your energy. It’s the perfect stone for overcoming energetic depletion and kick-starting creativity. Boosting the flow of kundalini and Qi throughout the body, it stimulates the base and sacral chakras and enhances the flow of life force to all parts of the body, physical and subtle. If a brown or black Triplite is placed below the feet, a red on the base chakra and an orange on the sacral, it shoots energy up through the heart and into the top of the head – rather like a firework going off. If the effect is too dramatic it can be regulated with a white crystal above the head and a piece of the matrix below your feet. The energy then flows down around the aura to enclose and boost your biomagnetic field. Placing Triplite over the dantien (just below the navel) stores the creative force until it is required.

Triplite helps you to recognise your frenemies (inner or outer), those people or thoughts that appear to be friendly and yet subtly pull you down into destructive mode. A friend to your face who gossips, or criticises you behind your back, or takes credit for your work. The stone brings them out into the open so that the situation can be resolved with grace and move into true friendship – or release them from your life. It does the same for your inner frenemies, the thoughts and emotions that undermine you. It helps you to see situations calmly, to assess them and find solutions, and then strengthens your resolve as you put them into practice.


Astro-characters: Zodiac Sex Style


When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.” Lady Gaga


Just in case you’d like to write a novel of your own, here’s a helpful cribsheet from my book: “Astro-Characters Creating Compelling Fictional Characters with Astrology”. All writers need to create compelling and believable characters – and they can with just a smidgen of astrological know-how – and the help of a crystal or two. The zodiac signs are instantly recognisable archetypes with which a reader can identify. The book offers in-depth astrological profiles from the signs themselves, giving away all their secrets, foibles and flaws. Just what a writer needs. Simply by combining a sun and moon sign with a rising sign – you don’t need to know the technicalities for this, just pick what is appropriate for your character – you’ll create a complex, multi-layered personality. As Sekhmet inspired a tantric-sex novel, here’s her take on the zodiac signs sexual style.

Let’s face it. No matter what kind of story you are writing, your protagonist will have sex on his or her mind at some point in the story. Not every tale is a love story but all your character’s relationships will be coloured by the zodiac signs you’ve chosen. Each sign has a distinctive approach to relationship which is set out in the guide that follows. Reading “Astro-Characters” with its in-depth profiles of the signs will, of course, enable you to flesh out your character but this short guide gives an idea of which sun-sign you could choose for your character and how selecting a clashing moon and rising sign would add interest, internal struggle, a dash of the unexpected to the mix and another layer of tension to your plot.


The contradictions of Virgo. The ancient corn goddess has morphed into the modern virgin. How? Why?

The contradictions of Virgo. The ancient corn goddess has morphed into the modern virgin. How? Why? [Image copyright Judy Hall The Zodiac Pack]


Aries 21 March-19 April

Crystal: Ruby

Style: Active. Raunchy. Impatient. Too fast? Too bad!

Says: “Me first”.

Prelims: Doesn’t bother

Enjoys: Danger

Relationship quality: Selfish

Achilles heel: Impatient for new experiences


Taurus 20 April -21 May

Crystal: Emerald

Style: Passive. Sensual. Savours slowly. Can be boring.

Says: “Let’s get comfortable”

Prelims: A good meal

Enjoys: Massage

Relationship quality: Loyal

Achilles heel: Too entrenched


Gemini 22 May – 20 June

Crystal: Agate

Style: Active. Eloquent. Sex occurs mostly in the head. Talks continuously.

Says: “Do you think ….”

Prelims: A good conversation

Enjoys: Talking through the Kama Sutra

Relationship quality: Changeable

Achilles heel: Naivety


Cancer 21 June -22 July

Crystal: Moonstone

Style: Passive. Possessive. Cuddlesome. Caring. Emotional.

Says: “I’ll look after you.”

Prelims: Cooking for two

Enjoys: A quiet evening in

Relationship quality: Clingy.

Achilles heel: Neediness


Leo 23 July – 22 August

Crystal: Citrine

Style: Active. Lustful. Romantic. Larger than life. Egocentric.

Says: “Do I look good in this?”

Prelims: Flattery

Enjoys: A good evening out

Relationship quality: Narcissistic

Achilles heel: Pride


Virgo 23 August – 22 September

Crystal: Peridot

Style: Passive. Discerning. Earthy sensuality. Cool ardour.


Says: “I’ll just freshen up first … ”

Prelims: Checking how tidy the bedroom is

Enjoys: Perfection

Relationship quality: Picky

Achilles heel: Dirt


Libra 23 September – 23 October

Crystal: Sapphire

Style: Passive. Alluring. Amorous. Accommodating. Partner-


Says: “What would please you?”

Prelims: Being courted and flattered

Enjoys: Harmony

Relationship quality: Adaptive

Achilles heel: People-pleasing


Scorpio 24 October – 21 November

Crystal: Malachite

Style: Active. Magnetic. Intense. Secretive. Jealous.

Says: “Tell me all about yourself.”

Prelims: Beautiful underwear

Enjoys: Bondage, allure, mystery

Relationship quality: Ouch!

Achilles heel: Secrets and lies


Sagittarius 22 November – 21 December

Crystal: Topaz

Style: Active. Adventurous. Easily bored. The grass is

greener elsewhere.

Says: “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.”

Prelims: A plane ticket

Enjoys: New experiences

Relationship quality: Freedom

Achilles heel: Promises too much


Capricorn 22 December – 19 January

Crystal: Garnet

Style: Active. Cautious. Reserved. Surprisingly highly


Says: “Are you serious?”

Prelims: Checking the bank balance

Enjoys: Quality above quantity

Relationship quality: Committed

Achilles heel: Keeping up appearances


Aquarius 20 January – 19 February

Crystal: Aquamarine

Style: Active. Detached. Inventive. Electric. A real one-off

Says: “Have you tried … ?”

Prelims: Friendship

Enjoys: The weird and wacky

Relationship quality: Dispassionate

Achilles heel: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


Pisces 20 February – 20 March

Crystal: Amethyst

Style: Passive. Romantic. In love with love. Rose tinted

glasses. Swims off.

Says: “I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for”

Prelims: Declaration of undying love.

Enjoys: Fantasy and variety

Relationship quality: Serial soulmates

Achilles heel: Sucker for a sob-story


Enjoy your character creation!






All Things Etheric

Opinion Setters: What to Believe

The Seeker’s Way

If you consider yourself a paranormalist, then you are probably a seeker in search of spiritual maturity. One of the things that distinguish you from mainstream society is the realization that you have a part to play as a citizen of a greater reality. For all of us, coming to understand what that means and how to integrate that understanding into our life underlines much of what we do.

We are not born with this understanding, only a formless imperative to gain understanding; a spiritual instinct, if you will. It is a huge step in our spiritual evolution when we evolve from formless instinct to the understanding that this urge is so much more than just idle curiosity; when we come to understand that it is, in fact, our purpose.

While realizing the need to gain understanding about our connectedness with the greater reality is important, there remains the task of finding the path of learning which is right for us. Each of us is different and the way of progression we must follow is likely different as well.

A way of learning is not so much a matter of this lesson or that. It is a lifelong process shaped by our individual point of view, but it must permit, even require frequent examination of beliefs and a pragmatic attitude about truth. Our teachers are most often accidental role models; family members or peers we admire or who provide examples of how not to be. Some we seek out, and as is the nature of humanity, some may be described as false teachers.

Opinion Setters

Some of our teachers are the opinion setters of our community such as politicians and scholars. Important teachers are the holy men and women who have gone before us and now seek to show the way for those of us who would come after. We must depend on guidance from the opinion setters, but the task is to understand their message and to select the opinion setters who can show the way without demanding belief in their dogma; however, before you can do that, you need to understand what you want to learn.

The idea of an opinion setter will likely go against the grain for most paranormalists. We are an independent lot and know that we have been pretty much lied to by mainstream society. In fact, many of the opinion setters of mainstream society are the skeptics of our frontier community. They would have us believe that our urge to gain understanding is illusion and that reality stops at the edge of the physical. They would have us believe we will cease to exist when our body dies.

So, we look to the leaders within our community for guidance. But first, it is probably a good idea for you to know why you should listen to me. After all, it seems here that I am posing as an opinion setter talking about opinion setters, which is possibly a conflict of interest.

In mainstream terms, you might think of me as a futurist. In fact, much of my last ten or so years in the corporate world was as a long-rang planner. I polished my crystal ball every morning. J

Today, I consider myself a metaphysician. The fruit of a metaphysician’s study is a cosmology. A good metaphysical cosmology will provide a model to help a person understand their spiritual nature and how they might relate to the greater reality. Naturally, such a cosmology represents the author’s understanding, but it should be based on available science. There are a number of good cosmologies, so to help keep track, and for reasons I will explain later, I refer to my work as the Implicit Cosmology. So, think of me as an aggregator of ideas. And as such, I do not see myself as an opinion setter, only a reporter. My objective is to give you enough information for you to develop your own opinion.

Explaining Experiences

The first foundation of fact is that people have experiences which are not satisfactorily explained by mainstream science. It is these experiences that distinguished the paranormalist community.

An important perspective about experiences is that, if they are able to be explained as something ordinary that has been mistaken as paranormal, the experience is just that. It is not paranormal. For instance, if a suspected Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) turns out to someone talking down the hall, then that example is not EVP. EVP are by definition anomalous voices; voices in recording media not explained by known science.

If a mundane explanation cannot be shown, there must be a hypothesis which at least provides a plausible model for the experience based on current science and known fact, all informed by proposed alternative explanations. What was the experience? Did others share it? Is it common or rare? Can it be replicated under controlled conditions? If known science does not explain it, what is the least extraordinary model that will?

Different Views of Reality

While we share a common interest in things paranormal, we tend to fall into sub-communities of interest characterized by rather different point of view. These can be generalized as those of us who believe that mind only survives as memory and those of us who believe it continues as living personality. These are very profound differences, but it is seldom obvious who is in which camp.

The easiest way to keep track of these two points of view is the Super-psi Hypothesis (survived memory, memories of the past) and the Survival Hypothesis (survived, living personality). For a general description of these:

Super-psi Hypothesis

  • All that exists is the physical universe.
  • The universe may have evolved from a singularity into what it is today.
  • An as yet unidentified form of space called psi (psi field) permeates all of physical reality.
  • Life has evolved on earth from a primordial soup into what it is today.
  • Mind exists in the psi field and continues beyond death of the brain as differentiated, residual energy.
  • Brain is a transmitter/receiver for mind.
  • Thought, memory and emotions are retained in the psi field.
  • People have five senses that are informed by impressions from the psi field.

The Super-psi Hypothesis requires the existence of subtle energy which is influenced by intention. Once formed, it is argued that information exists forever in the subtle energy field as memory which is accessible by sensing the psi field (psi functioning, psychic). As such there is no such thing as mediumship, only psi functioning. Super-psi does not require the existence of a greater reality, survived living intelligence or a nonphysical source (creator, Source, Gostrongd). That means mainstream academia need only accept the existence of a psi field and an extraordinary human ability to psychically access information retained in that field.

Parapsychological research tends to support Super-psi without many of the logical exercises needed to make it support survival. As such, it is widely accepted amongst parapsychologists. However, since the existence of psi is not expressly defined by mainstream science, it is rejected by mainstream academia.

Survival Hypothesis

  • There is a greater reality of which the physical universe is an aspect.
  • The psi field is an aspect of a greater reality.
  • An as yet unidentified form of space called psi (psi field) permeates all of reality.
  • Mind, with its thoughts, memories and emotions, has evolved in the greater reality and continues to exist beyond death of the brain.
  • For a lifetime, mind and brain are entangled to produce a physical-etheric link.
  • During a lifetime, mind is expressed as consciousness and an etheric personality (unconscious).
  • People have five senses that are informed by impressions from the psi field by way of personality to conscious self.

At first glance, the Survival Hypothesis agrees with super-psi in most details, but there are very substantial differences. Survival requires that personality, as a person’s intelligent core, is immortal: existed before birth of the person’s physical body and continues to exist after death of the body. As such, the physical body is an avatar with which etheric personality is entangled and which host conscious self via the brain as transmitter-receiver of consciousness.

With the requirement of immortal personality, the Survival Hypothesis also requires a greater reality which is personality’s natural environment. Since we are attempting to provide a theory to model paranormal experiences, survival must also stipulate that discarnate personalities are able to communicate across the etheric-physical veil (transcommunication).

If super-psi is not accepted by mainstream academia because of a lack of theoretical agreement with mainstream science, survival is seen as religious nonsense. Many in parapsychology also see it as pure superstition. It is not that parapsychologists are ignoring evidence. It is just that almost all of the survival phenomena can be pretty well explained with super-psi.

Litmus Test

Applying a go-no-go test to anything is intellectually risky, but using a litmus test to decide whether or not to agree with a particular point of view is useful. In this case, does the Super-psi Hypothesis or the Survival Hypothesis make the most sense? Do either allow for reported experiences? If you consider yourself a medium, then I would expect you to turn toward survival. If you think you are psychic, then I would expect you to favor Super-psi.

Psi Access to Information

There is no known way to shield from the psi field or the influence of intention. Also, distance does not seem to be a barrier for psi functioning. It is well documented that people are able to sense information from other people no matter where they are. As such, anything that a medium might sense, presumably from a discarnate loved one, might also be sensed from the mind of the sitter, or even of a friend in another part of the world.

The psi field is clearly nonlocal, meaning that there is no apparent distance between points in reality and psi influences seem to be equally present everywhere. The evidence for a nontemporal nature of psi field is not as certain. All of the presentiment studies I have seen seem to be explainable with First Sight Theory 1 and Presentiment (The sense that something is about to happen).

Precognition—the sensing of something before it happens—is usually thought of as a longer-term sensing than presentiment. In a literal sense, it indicates that all time is now; however, there is much support for the idea of potential futures. Call these a thoughtform or etheric field 2 that represents the process of becoming for a thing, idea or event. There is much more support for the idea that a person might sense potential futures, especially ones that are particularly meaningful to the person or that is eminent while carrying a lot of meaning to the person. In that case, time is real, processes take time and the future is … well, it is in the future and only seen as potential futures.

The hardest part of mediumship research is concocting a test that eliminates the possibility of psychic access of information. Because experiments seem to always have a super-psi explanation for results, mediumship comes out as providing the least convincing evidence of survival when compared with the evidence of reincarnation and near-death experiences. Whatever you tell me as a medium, if I can show that someone in the physical knew that information … now or in the past, I can simply argue that the Super-psi Hypothesis explains the message without resorting to survival.

So the litmus test for mediumship is whether or not the information could have been accessed from someone’s mind or as a memory from the psi field. If the answer is yes, then the message can reasonably be thought of as psychic. The idea is that the explanation requiring the least deviation from known science should be favored. That is the position taken by people who accept super-psi.


This is part of the Implicit Cosmology, which is a hypothesis developed to help explain the phenomena of transcommunication, especially Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). The functional areas are explained in the Creative Process essay.  [11]

Trans-survival Hypothesis

Take a look at the Life Field Complex diagram, above. It is part of an effort to model the Survival Hypothesis based on current parapsychological research and what is known about Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). (You may be more familiar with the audio form of ITC which is better known as EVP.) I generalize the model as the Implicit Cosmology. 3

The Survival Hypothesis is referred to but seldom explained as more than “we survive death.” The version I work with is rather more comprehensive because of transcommunication, so I refer to it as “Trans-survival” with the “trans-“ prefix intended to indicate the added influence of transcommunication concepts. The implications of survival are far-reaching and complex, so they are modeled as the Implicit Cosmology.

The only physical part of the diagram is the human body. The only conscious part is the personality’s perception that it is the human body. I refer to this perspective as the human-centric one as “I think I am this.” Everything else is unconscious function.

This model is loosely based on the concept of morphic fields described by Rupert Sheldrake in his Hypothesis of Formative Causation. 4 In that, he describes morphogenetic (morphic) fields for organisms which are guided by “Nature’s habit” for how that organism has always been formed. In the diagram above, the morphic field is the life field, shown here as it is entangled in a physical lifetime. “Nature’s habit” is maintained in the Worldview functional area. The human body has a morphic field but shares the Attention Complex with its entangled etheric personality.

A person is an etheric personality (I am this) entangled with a human body in an avatar relationship (I think I am this). As such, a person shares its worldview with the body and is strongly influenced by the human’s instincts. It is for the person to moderate these physical instincts with spiritual ones.

Morphic fields have a zone of influence engulfing the organism. (It is likely that the influence of this field extends beyond the physical organism and may represent the “personal bubble” many of us claim as personal space around us.) Think of the field as an organizing influence on life processes. A person has a “top” field which organizes many subfields responsible for morphogenesis of chemical production, cells and organs. These life fields also have memory, a means of sensing and expression, a purpose and a means of modifying behavior.

Of course, I am explaining Sheldrake’s model in terms that helps to explain my model. The point is that we think of life from the perspective of the organism’s physical presence, while in fact, there is a rather complex and extensive subtle field associated with every instance of life. We are no exception. If you think in terms of fractals, life would be the universal fractal with Source as the top fractal. Source’s morphic field would be the reality field.

The immortal part of us, our personality, represents the mind of our morphic (life) field. In the Implicit Cosmology, both physically sensed and psi sensed information is processed in our life field. In this model, our personality, as our immortal intelligent core, is actually part of a collective of personalities. As such, our psi interaction with another person is not some unseen ray between our head and the other person’s head. It is modeled as a link of attention between our etheric personality and that of the other person’s personality in the collective.

In this model, when it comes to the exchange of information, there is little difference between a discarnate personality and one still entangled with its avatar human. As such, there is no difference between a psychic and a medium. Both must communicate via their etheric personality.

To emphasize this point, the functions of psi sensing and mediumship are modeled in the Implicit Cosmology as just another form of perception. That is, environmental information (psi signature and output of physical senses to mind) is unconsciously sensed by a person, but a decision is made in the Attention Limiter to ignore or consider the information. If the information is considered, then it is unconsciously related to worldview for recognition. If it is not recognized in some way, it is ignored anyway. Recognition may result in modification of the information to agree with worldview. It is that modified form which enters into conscious awareness. 5

In this model, the litmus test for mediumship is not whether or not it could have been accessed from someone’s mind or from residual memory in the psi field. It must be the content of the information and its sensibility. Does the information source in the etheric interact with the medium in unexpected ways?

The problem of accessing memory is that someone knows what a person might have said, based on remembered mannerisms and attitudes. The only way I know of to address this is to ask whether or not the information seems surprising. Our society is constantly evolving and how we interact with our environment today is at least a little different from how we interacted yesterday. Memory does not evolve unless it is impressed by a living process. People have a good sense of humanness and what seems contemporary, but it probably requires a peer panel to decide. Although it will not likely be a scientific test, perhaps that sense or “newness” is all we have for testing authenticity of mediumistic communication.

In this model, information from other personalities is translated in the Attention Complex based on the medium’s worldview. That is, it comes from the communicating entity as a gestalt thoughtform and is “embodied” in best-fit words, images and feeling from the medium’s worldview. As such, the message may be from an ancient personality even though it is expressed to the sitter in modern terms. As far as I can tell, only deep-trance mediumship is able to bypass the medium’s perceptual process. (Lucidity)

A White Crow

To be valid, survival models need objective evidence that cannot be explained with super-psi. The one example I can think of was produced by ATransC member, Martha Copeland. Martha’s daughter Cathy made her transition while still in her teens. The story of how it began is told in Martha’s book, “I’m still Here,” 6 but to keep this short, she recorded many EVP from Cathy in which she is saying things she would have said during her lifetime.

Martha was of the habit of leaving her voice-activated audio recorder on while she did routine chores, just in case someone on the other side wanted to say hello. One day, her chores were interrupted by a friend’s invitation to go shopping. She left in a hurry, forgetting to put Cathy’s dog, Doja, outside. While she was away, the dog made a huge mess of the house. In an EVP, you can hear the dog  making a mess and Cathy’s voice clearly scolding the dog “Doja … no!” 7

The value of this EVP is that it records an event that no one was aware of at the time of the recording and it is clearly Cathy’s voice saying what she could be expected to say. So I will argue that, if there is one instance that supports survival over super-psi, then it is reasonable to seriously consider the hypothesis as an alternative. As such, I will argue that mediumship is a plausible explanation for some anomalous information access.

Survival Physics

Another example of how a litmus test can be applied is seen in the work of Ron Pearson. He is widely acclaimed as a champion of survival. Taking a close look at his point of view shows that he proposes survival of memory and not of living personality. He has stated: “Although the brain must die its exact copy lives on to be connected with another parallel universe.” 8 As I see it, Pearson set out to reimagine current science to show how, with a few corrections, it supports survival of mind. His focus is on how information never ceases to exist and remains psychically accessible. All of the right words are there for Spiritualist except for how he describes the actual nature of survived information. In actuality, his theory is just a version of Super-psi.

The litmus test here can be described as “the arrow of creation.” By that, I mean that in Super-psi, the arrow of creation flies from that hypothetical primordial soup of our body’s origin. In the Survival Hypothesis, the arrow flies from a Source of reality, of which the physical is just an aspect. So does the theory argue that our personality evolved from the physical body or does it allow for the personality to exist prior to this lifetime?

In the phenomenon of mediumship, our communicators very often tell us that we are part of a collective; that we have begun from that collective and that we remain connected with it via consciousness. We strengthen that connectedness with our attention on it via our mediumship. 9

Anomalistic Psychology

Anomalistic psychology is another field of study ostensibly supporting what we know to be true. As a general rule, psychologists are paranormalist’s most insidious skeptics. A close look at the anomalistic psychology literature will show that studies are mostly concerned with perception of things paranormal with the intention to show that things paranormal are not real … only illusion.

In the article, “What is Anomalistic Psychology” 10 paranormal is defined as “Alleged phenomena that cannot be accounted for in terms of conventional scientific theories.” The author explains that “Anomalistic psychology may be defined as the study of extraordinary phenomena of behavior and experience, including (but not restricted to) those which are often labeled ‘paranormal.’ It is directed towards understanding bizarre experiences that many people have without assuming a priori that there is anything paranormal involved. It entails attempting to explain paranormal and related beliefs and ostensibly paranormal experiences in terms of known psychological and physical factors.”

The emphasis is on “It entails attempting to explain paranormal and related beliefs and ostensibly paranormal experiences in terms of known psychological and physical factors.” “…without assuming a priori that there is anything paranormal involved” can be understood as “without becoming informed about the phenomena thought to be involved.

In a very real sense, anomalistic psychologists set out to prove that whatever the paranormal is claimed to be, it is actually all in the beholder’s mind. This is well-understood by parapsychologists, which forces us to question why that kind of literature is published in a respected paranormal-oriented journal without at least some kind of warning to the reader.

The litmus test for any research report concerning things paranormal is whether or not the authors include consideration of the Super-psi and Survival Hypotheses in a way that leaves the possibility open that they may be real. The second part of this test is whether super-psi or survival is part of the working hypothesis, and if so, which one.

If you consider yourself a psychic, then the second part of this does not matter. All you are interested in is acknowledgement that psi functioning may be real and not imagination. If you consider yourself a medium, then I assume you think you are talking to discarnate loved ones who are still very much alive, just in “different atmospheres and awarenesses.”


Something every paranormalist needs to decide is whether or not the information they access with their inner senses is psychically accessed from memory or mediumistically accessed from a living personality. Is it communication (mediumship) or data mining (psychic)? Technically, there is a huge difference in how psychic and medium are defined. Three models have been discussed in this essay:

  1. The Super-psi Hypothesis claims that the anomalously accessed information is psychically accessed from memory of living people or residual memory in the psi field. It is modeled on psi research, for which First Sight Theory 1 is an aggregator model. (Psychic)
  2. The Survival Hypothesis proposes that information is mediumistically accessed via communication with discarnate personalities. It is based on Super-psi with the stipulation that information is from living personality. (Mediumship)
  3. The Trans-survival Hypothesis proposes the idea that all information is accessed via the person’s etheric personality as a personality-to-personality exchange. (Using old terms, the psychic or mediumship question is decided by message content)

Super-psi allows for survived mind as it evolved with the evolving brain. Survival requires that mind precedes brain, and exists after brain dies. Super-psi and survival ignore the evidence of ITC. All three provide for the unconscious processing of information, the results of which emerge into consciousness but biased by worldview.

It is for you to decide which model makes the most sense. But be aware that what you decide will affect how sensed information emerges into your conscious awareness because your beliefs train your Attention Complex to filter sensed information to agree with your beliefs. For practicing mediums, this also has a lot to do with how messages should be explained to sitters.

As a certified NSAC medium, I serve our local Spiritualist Society with “spirit greetings.” It has always been a source of consternation to me whether or not what I deliver is psychic or mediumistic. Of course, I understand the difference, but after spending so many decades poking around in my mind, the only sense of certainty that the message comes from a loved one is the unexpected nature of what comes to my conscious awareness.

The best solution for me would be if our community changed its point of view away from psychic and/or medium to trans-communicator. The measure of my ability would be the lucidity of my access to my unconscious mind.

Perhaps “transcommunicator” is a better term.


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Altered States and Hypnotic World

Altered States

Altered states refer to states of mind that differ from our normal state of consciousness.

When exploring altered states, we become aware of consciousness and how its definition of mindfulness (our thoughts, feelings, memories and sensations) transforms into different levels of awareness when changes occur in our brain wave patterns.
Our mind activity is measured by rhythm, vibration and patterns of brain wave impulses as our perceptions change our thought process.


Brain Wave Activity

There are four main types of brain waves. When we are awake and thinking, we’re in the “beta” state. When we’re falling asleep and the mind begins to quiet, we are in the “alpha” state. When we are asleep or quietly meditating, our brains are in the “theta” state. Lastly, in deep sleep, where there is no body-awareness, we are in the “delta” state.
Altered states are characterised by an increased response to suggestions from our immediate environment from which we develop heightened focus and concentration on a specific thought or memory, while at the same time being able to block out distractions.
Altered states are the result of a subtle change in how our mind perceives a situation and manifests as a chemical alteration in the brain wave pattern function followed by neurological responses.
This change happens constantly on a daily basis as we naturally slip in and out of various altered brain wave states depending on our surroundings and external stimuli. This can result in a profound change in awareness and therefore also in our level of consciousness, which is expressed through various levels of trance or what we sometimes refer to as a ‘trance state’.

Abstract 2

The Trance State

So what exactly is trance? Trance is just a state of awareness, no more, no less. It’s a different state from our normal state of consciousness but is just as natural and is the result of when we change the focus of our attention.
We slip in and out of hypnotic states all day long, naturally and without any planning or thought. A trance state is a focused level of awareness which we experience every day, just at varying levels.
When we are concentrating our attention on something in particular it gives us a greater level of absorption or consciousness.
Let’s go deeper into the levels of altered states conscious awareness you can experience.
A hypnotic trance state can be induced through self–hypnosis. It can induce changes in areas such as relaxation, stress management and various forms of innate ability. Hypnotic trance states can also be guided by a professional hypnotist/therapist who is able to induce deeper levels of the trance state. This can help people change unwanted behaviours, explore past lives and incarnations through regressive therapy and offer them positive inspirational suggestions to create lifestyle changes.
By engaging your imagination with calm thinking using a form of guided imagery and by concentrating your attention on the experience, it creates an enhanced level of accelerated learning which helps you make the changes you desire.
Meditation can be a wonderful personal experience of self-discovery. Your contemplation creates a stillness of the mind which brings a deep sense of calm and transforms your state of awareness, allowing you to access your inner understanding, your higher self or infinite intelligence.
Meditation is primarily used for guidance in relaxation and for accessing holistic therapeutic resources. Working with meditation, will give you a calm persona and allow you to still your mind. Amazing and profound discoveries can be made about oneself. Enlightenment and other gateways of the mind can be discovered through this natural trance state using a concentrated level of awareness. It allows you to access your own personal level of spiritual awareness.
Imagination is a conscious mind/thought form process using visualization. By changing the level of your focus you create a space into which you bring forward images and ideas, usually about an event or future concept, for which you want to create a desired outcome.
Intuition is an amazingly powerful awareness on a soul level which can occur suddenly and which often has a strong emotion connected to it. Or sometimes it can be a focused psychic awareness.
We each have our five physical senses -hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and seeing. Then there is our sixth sense which is known as extra sensory perception.
In our minds we can expand our feelings or inner radar past our energy field, which is known as ’sensing through our aura’. When you sense through your aura, you either experience a replied response or an inner knowing. You automatically tune into this conscious reaction or feeling and then during the response if another person is involved your aura blends with theirs and you feel a sense of what the other person perceives. Some say this is a metaphysical gift. Psychic power and intuition are similar to each other.
Inspiration is different from intuition. Inspiration is an alpha state of mind on a conscious level. This level of thinking creates stimulation or motivation about a particular concept or idea and from there leads to a future event or a series of events. Inspiration is usually created to promote movement of an idea, to inspire action or to influence a person or situation.
A psychic trance is a conscious state of awareness with a change in the level of focused attention. This change of focus means tapping into your specific ability in your unconscious mind. For example, clairvoyance, which is the ability to clearly see beyond the reach of ordinary experience, is when we deliberately concentrate our powers of sight in order to see images are not visible to the naked eye and usually flash into the psychic mind just behind the eyes. These can be symbols, objects, colours, people, and scenes. When you tap into your psychic powers of sensory perception to access relevant information it is known as a focused state.
A hypnagogic trance or ‘hypnagogic arrest’ is a transition state in between wakefulness and sleep. It is when you are in a half dream state of mind. You are almost asleep but also awake in a suspended level of consciousness. You do this naturally every day when you transition into sleep or start waking up.

During this experience a variety of sights, images, sounds and impressions can unfold, during which time you have an alteration in the level of your frequency. This can provide a platform or a link to the spirit world creating a state where you can interact with discarnate or other spirit entities. In this state of trance you can activate your psychic ability to improve your sixth sense.

When you are going into a calm, relaxed state just before you drift off to sleep, you can prolong this trance state by tensing your hand with your fingers in a spread position to delay sleep. This is where an altered dream- like state opens up and allows a change in frequency and the link to occur.
When exploring a hypnagogic trance state I would suggest keeping note paper handy to write down any impressions.
A mediumistic trance is when the conscious mind goes into a rapid rested state to access the unconscious mind through the pineal gland, in order to link to a spirit communicator. This connection with spirit is possible through using a blended combination of the aura and the unconscious mind.

During the trance state, a medium can go one step further and deepen the trance state to allow spirit voice. This is where the medium must silence the mind and create a mentally clear space which causes the brain state to alter and drop into a theta state of consciousness.

There are also physical effects on the body. For example, the heart rate slows, the breathing rate dramatically reduces and the body temperature drops. When this state is achieved, there is an alteration in the medium’s energy at the cellular level in the physical body. Indeed, this is evidenced by the suppression of the medium’s state of consciousness. The medium then appears to allow the spirit communicator to work through their body and mind.

The spirit communicator doesn’t actually enter the physical body even though it may appear to be that way but the medium’s personality seems to step aside allowing the spirit communicator’s personality to come forward. The spirit communicator takes direct control of the medium’s speech and physical movement, which brings forth a fascinating variety of facial expressions, mannerisms, voice changes and varying degrees of transfiguration.

The medium is sometimes aware of this behaviour or speech but this varies depending on the depth of the trance. Sometimes there may be spontaneous occurrences in these states and various paranormal phenomena may come forward.

In a shamanic trance, the shaman enters an altered trance state which extends beyond the normal waking consciousness. This level of ability is acquired with extensive mental training and achieved over a period of time.

The ecstatic level of awareness is obtained through a variety of ritualistic actions such as drumming, humming and verbal commands. Through this process the shaman accesses the astral plane and other alternative gateways of reality in order to gain knowledge through observation and communication with astral entities and light beings. When the purpose of the trance has been achieved the shaman returns to ordinary awareness with full memory of the encounters.
When exploring altered states, take into consideration fractionation, which is a process that breaks the trance journey into stages and based on information and verbal feedback from each step, takes you deeper into the next level of trance. An incredibly deep state can be obtained using this practice of repetition.

If someone has the ability to go in and out of a light trance state a few times, it doesn’t take long for them to develop the ability to enter a deeper trance state. The theory behind this method is the more often you go into a deep trance state the quicker and deeper you will go next time.
We all have a fascinating innate ability to enter altered states at varying levels, to explore our consciousness and to experience a range of different states of mind which lead us closer to knowing who we really are.

Tales from a Crystal Skull Explorer

What if Time and Space is an illusion?

Follow me on this one if you can!!

Hello again dear Reader – Brothers and Sisters who are students of the paranormal – welcome back to the world of the CRYSTAL SKULLS (and the paranormal) – I am your host here on “The Other Side”, Joshua Shapiro, known as a Crystal Skull Explorer – I am writing this on March 3rd, 2015, as I am preparing to go to Sedona in April for a gathering of elders (so you know I will be writing about this in the future) and a tour for a month in Australia in May. So I am writing this next column with part of what I will be sharing in these future public talks – so get ready …

Within the last several years, “Spirit” (I call it this, but really it’s our so-called invisible family that is always around us) has been driving me crazy and helping me to find books at the library to read.  I recall when I was much younger – in the 1990’s, let’s say (I will be turning 60 yikes next month, where did the time go — but young in my mind and heart so don’t worry!) – I thought there wasn’t anything new about “Spirit” and the “Paranormal” I could read (can you believe it, it’s typical for an Aries, like yours truly to think they know it all).  However, what I can tell you from the books I have found the past few years in the library is that great stuff is coming out.  I never thought while we are alive in the physical body we could fully understand what Creator is all about and how things work but boy oh boy, with the information that is either:

1) Being Inspired through one’s own creative gifts (intuition, inner vision, dreams, spontaneous writing, etc …)

2) Coming from one’s Soul Memory – knowledge gained in other lifetimes that just comes out miraculously unexpectedly …

3) or Communication Directly via Other Living Intelligences generally via a spiritual medium – (these other living Intelligences could be “Spirit Guides”, “Souls who have passed on”, “ET Beings”, “Dimensional Beings”, “Other Beings living on the earth like the people in the Hollow Earth, who are the spirits from Orbs, Nature Spirit, Parallel Earth Spirits, you name it) —

The gist of the matter is we are starting to receive how things work in the Universe and on multidimensional planes.  But for me the key is, the understanding of  “All is One” and that even though we perceive time (a movement forward in time with the inability to go back into the past) from moment to moment and that as we walk around in life we are traveling in space – but the truth seems to be that there is no “Time” and no “SPACE”.  So, how does one get around this?

The Source Field by David Wilcock

The Source Field by David Wilcock

Well, I am going to recommend an interesting book by David Wilcock (who some say could be the reincarnated Edgar Cayce). The Source Field Investigations, written in 2011 was also subtitled The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies.  Forget about 2012, as we are past this …(but the Mayan Daykeeper I know, Jose Federico Munoz, a crystal skull carrierwith whom I will be speaking in April said that the Mayan Calendar cycle ended in 2012 – but we are now in a new cycle.  I will have to share another time what came to me during December 2012… ) For now, let’s focus a little bit on some key ideas David shared in this book (and I hope I can meet David some day to discuss this).

First what he did, is support some of the key ideas I will present about how current scientists are viewing things and what has come up in some of their experiments – because I agree with David that one day in the future, science and spirit (or the study of spirit we call the paranormal) are going to go hand-in-hand just as it did when Atlantis existed.  So consider the following ideas or statements made in this book, on which I shall comment:

“The Universe is not dead and inert matter but a living conscious Being” – so this follows the idea that “All is One” or that everything that exists on every level is a molecule in the body of Creator including us.

Then he shares about reality that a “Super Intelligence has woven strands of space, time, energy, matter, biology and consciousness together in its own Image”, which David calls all of this the Source Field.  So what this means to me is that there exists a Level of Mind, pure mind which we can not comprehend, that has put the infinite universe with all its dimensions and worlds and universes together by visualizing their existence.

Now consider this idea – which I didn’t think about till David posed this very simple question. Scientist know that inside of the atom (and I believe they now have names for even smaller size particles but we will go with what we were all taught in school) has a nucleus of protons with a positive charge and neutrons with a null charge – and that there are electrons revolving around the nucleus with a negative charge.  So each atom has motion and is vibrating. But there has to be some force or a source of energy that is keeping all these untold number of atoms in motion, right?  So again he said this is the Source Field or Creator that is keeping this motion going, otherwise all life in all realms would cease to exist.

Further, I had read before that scientists can’t predict exactly where in space one of these tiny particles will be, they can only approximate it, so they called this the “Uncertainly Principle,” but also they began to discuss that a particle can be solid or it can act like a wave or change into light plus they began to have equipment sensitive enough to perceive these atomic particles and they notice some of them would totally disappear from our reality (possibly changing from being solid to a wave) and then all of sudden miraculously reappear in our reality – so where did they go?

Now, to explain this, we have to move on to the ideas of time and space, and this is where your mind might become very unhappy – I have heard channeled via ETs that space has three dimensions but also time has three dimensions too.  This means the ET being can go to any time and place in our universe.  But in David’s book, scientists have now come up with an explanation of how this works.  Before I share it, if you ever read the philosophy of Hermes, in which one principle states “As Above (in Spirit or the higher Dimensions) So Below (in the more dense physical dimension)”.  So here is what scientists are now speculating – that in our physical reality, we are in Space-Time, when you move in Space, you move forward in time (3 dimensions). But if you disappear in our reality (like the atomic particles do) – you aren’t really disappearing, you are going into a parallel dimension which he calls Time-Space.  Which means as you move forward there (and it looks like here) you are going forward in time and if you move backwards in this parallel dimension you are moving back in time.  So say I was somehow to have the ability at will to move myself into Time-Space and I came back to Space-Time, it would appear as if I disappeared and then just re-appeared from no-where like what some people see in spiritual circles, where spirit is able to apport objects – they could take an object from the past or future and bring it to the present or they use the power of mind to order particles of matter to take a form they visualize and condense into our reality.

Does this idea in the prior paragraph make any sense? David said that when you are in the physical reality we all are living in these six dimensions, and that without this relationship between Space-Time and Time-Space the physical world could not exist.

What this also means, I believe – because I seem able to do this – is if we were to focus our mind, our essence on another time in our reality, we could actually link with it and experience it to some degree.  For example, when I was very young, I had a great affinity for the Civil War – via certain circumstance and spontaneous events that happen to me, I believe I was one of the generals on the Union side.  When I searched out photos of this individual and look at his eyes, it seemed to have an energy similar to what I feel when I look at myself in a mirror.  Another friend who felt he was a confederate general and has full recall of that general’s life agreed with me about the Union General I felt the affinity with. I even went to this General’s grave (who I felt I was) and read from a book that his wife wrote about him, I read it out loud at the grave.  If I focus my mind on this individual I see battle scenes in my mind. When I went to Gettysburg, where he was present, the wandering spirits of Union soldiers there recognized me and I did a meditation with one of my crystal skulls to help them.

So the bridge with “Spirit” is this, then.  When a medium gets a communication from those on the other-side, who have passed away, they describe a reality like ours but that everything is more vivid.  That when they visualize some situation they wish to experience, this thought commands the particles around them to create this reality and it happens instantaneously.  Plus they exist in a reality where Time and Space do not exist and they can be aware of being in simultaneous places or situation at once.  So I experience this, with my mind when I sit here typing in the physical but talking about who I was in 1860-1870 which has not happened and is gone forever but is going on right now, in the same moment, the simultaneous now.

Another thing David discussed is that scientists are finding that time doesn’t flow at a consistent speed.  That they have found time is influenced by movement.  The faster you move in space, the faster you move in time and visa versa, the slower you move in time. This is why scientists say if you traveled in a spaceship near the speed of light and then returned to Earth, where you might only age a year, the earth may have gone through 20 or 30 years.  But also David claims that scientists have done tests here on earth in controlled conditions and were able to record time changing speed.  The reason why you or I might not notice this (like when a Solar Flare goes off, it changes time) is to us, it all seems normal as we are all moving at the same speed. But if you were outside our system of reality, you would see time going faster, and sometimes going so slow it looks like we are all in suspended animation.  I recall seeing an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation where this happened once and the Romulean ship and the Enterprise were caught in some unusual cosmic energy – but several members of both crews were not affected and while they saw all their crewmates, to their crewmates, they were invisible.

One other thing I wish to comment upon, which I read from another book which I can’t recall the name, was again the author was having a kind of telepathic communication with beings in spirit or other dimensions.  First, one day he spontaneously found himself in some other reality which seemed to develop this connection and then he would just sit at the computer and start to spontaneously write different ideas and thought.  But here is one thing he received, which when I heard it, I knew it was absolutely true and I will paraphase:

“Spirit said to him – you think because we are in other dimensions which your physical senses can not perceive that we are very far away from you?  Well this is not true, since all is ONE, then therefore, we are always right next to you.”  Or in other words there is no separation no matter what level of reality you are on.

So to conclude, part of what the prophecies of the Golden Age, a time of peace that is coming into our near future is that our reality on the Earth is slowly but surely changing and linking more with the reality in other dimensions which is timeless and space-less so that if this really takes form here we will be able to perceive all the loving beings who are consistently with us, rooting for us to awaken and work together in the spirit of co-creation as the true family of humanity we are and children of a loving Creator.  Well if you think about it, this is the message which is being shared through the crystal skulls which are probably communication devices for our “Spiritual Family.”

Next up this month is a chance to sit in on a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session. QHHT  was developed by Dolores Cannon (we honor her for her many years of dedication, she passed not too long ago) – where my friend who is a practitioner will be working with a client who has the ability for a higher aspect of her soul to speak in the session. This should be interesting and knowing me, you probably will hear about it in my next column. To a great 2015 and I hope the readers are having grand adventures.

See you in the next column, thank you ….

PS – A key for 2015 will be co-creation,how we work and helping each other. Now, if you are a crystal skull guardian, we invite you to join others in the Crystal Skull world family on the 2nd Annual Crystal Skull World Day (CSWD 2015) – which will take place on November 22nd of this year. For more details about what happened on Crystal Skull World Day 2014 and what CSWD 2015 could be like, visit: http://www.crystalskullworldday.com


All Things Etheric

Conversation: One Size Does Not Fit All


This essay focuses on some of the factors controlling the clarity of our communication with others. The idea is that there are different ways of learning and that personal agendas shape what is said and how it is understand. Five speaker-listener characteristics are described in detail and their implications are addressed. The focus is on mediumship and how these ways of learning influence lucidity.


What our audience hears us say is too often different from what we intend. Probably all of us have had the experience of explaining something, say giving instructions about how to do something, and then seeing the person do it wrong. “Why?” you might ask of the person. “I thought you said to.…” is likely the answer.

The ability to communicate an abstract concept is essential for anyone wishing to share ideas about the paranormal. And as it happens, virtually every idea about the paranormal is abstract, and lacking a common vocabulary, the words we use are often laden with unintended meaning. What does spirit mean? Is spiritual healing just putting a hand on someone’s forehead and praying out loud to God? Are dead people demons if they talk to you? Is that person crazy for hearing dead people or just a witch?

How we answer questions like these depend on our listener’s upbringing. A person who has spent most of a lifetime cloistered in a very orthodox religious family will likely hear words like spirit differently than a person raised in a Spiritualist household. A technical metaphysician will answer differently than a causal seeker. On the other hand, a casual seeker will likely be confused by a metaphysician’s answer.

While I am no expert in communicating abstract ideas, I do have experience in communicating complex ones. From my experience, the “art of communication” is all about understanding that:

  1. People have a style of learning.
  2. What people read or are told is different from what they understand and understanding is always based on their worldview.
  3. People pay attention to or ignore ideas, depending on how the information is delivered, their interest and learning style.
  4. A mismatch of agenda impairs communication.
  5. Worldview changes in small increments; learning hardly ever occurs in great leaps.

The message I would like you to take away from this essay is that sharing information means understanding your audience and perception requires attention. It is especially important for mediums, healers and society leaders to be mindful of how their words are received. For instance, mental mediums speak under the cloak of authority as holy people speaking in the name of the dead which is unconsciously attributed to them by the general public. The result is that mediums have extraordinary responsibility to manage their communication so as to avoid unintended implications and exaggerated expectations.

Here, it is important to picture yourself outside of the paranormalist community. We all know what you mean because most of us have direct experience. We are insiders, but people in mainstream society do not know what you mean. Consider them literalists who will hold you to the literal meaning and implication of every word.

1. People Have a Style of Learning.

Just as people are born left or right-handed, people are born with basic personality traits that tend to influence their behavior. Using the avatar model for a person, our entangled personality brings a personality style via prior understanding and inherited urges, but the human body also influences our decision-making because of the more dominant human instincts.

Personality Style

Personality styles are cataloged and studied in psychology as a means of understanding human behavior, and have been adapted to teach sales people how to relate to customers. A useful categorization is shown in the Personality Styles diagram below. 1 They are:

     Analytical: Thinking, thorough, disciplined; always a student of the subject

     Amiable: Supportive, patient, diplomatic; healer and caregiver

     Driver: Independent, decisive, determined; always thinking about the next step

     Expressive: Good communicator, enthusiastic, imaginative; often the opinion setter

Personality Types

Each basic style is typically further divided so that a person might be seen as a Driver-Analytical or a Drive-Expressive. The point of these styles is that people likely begin dealing with a situation from the perspective of one of these styles. Styles are probably associated with your intelligent core (I Am This).

Astrology is based on the assumption that behavior is influenced by the astrological conditions at the time of the human’s birth. Astrological influences are probably associated with your human body (I Think I Am This).

 Astrology and styles are not being recommended here, and are used to demonstrate that we do tend to display personality characteristics that are evident at a very young age and which tend to shape our lives … and how we relate to others on the Internet.

Of course, the “secret wisdom” of the diagram is that, practicing the middle way, we can move toward specific behaviors as appropriate, but return to balance without attachment to the outcome of our actions.

So What

A Driver, for example, tends to be impatient with people who do not get to the point. While they are important to have around if you want to get things done, they tend to scare Amiables. Expressives help to keep Drivers on track and Analyticals help to keep Drivers on the right track.

For a second example, Amiables connect a community with its purpose as its feeling, sensing aspect; however, that influence must be balanced by the other three aspects for the community to thrive.

The Internet brings people together according to their interests, but there is usually no way to separate people by learning styles. As such, it is common to see all four styles represented in any one thread, often to the dismay of the person who started it. This diversity is important, but can be damaging if communicators do not act accordingly.

2. What people read or are told is different from what they understand and understanding is always based on their worldview.

To keep this one simple, I will make my point and ask you to follow a recommended link for an essay that explains the details. Here, I will say that it is becoming increasingly evident to psychologists that we unconsciously process what we sense and only become aware of the results of that processing. The translation from what is heard, felt or seen is based on our worldview. Worldview represents personal reality. It is like a database that is filled by our parents, teachers, local culture and the media. 2

A hint as to the rules for this unconscious processing of information—what I refer to as the Perceptual Loop—can be seen in a person’s personal style, as described above. The Perceptual Loop is an unconscious process that compares a possible understanding of incoming information with what is in worldview. As modeled, the result of this iterative, streaming process is: “accept” which is presented to conscious self in a form worldview understands; “reject” which results in the information being ignored; or, “conditional acceptance” which changes worldview and presents new understanding to conscious self.

So What

If our listener is accustomed to hearing about our subject from the perspective of, say a strong religious upbringing, then a statement such as “I heard from my loved one last night” my well be heard more in terms of possession. The person may hear the words correctly, but they will likely be understood from the person’s personal point of view (worldview).

The founder of a system of thought I was once involved in was a technical metaphysician and his way of explaining things agreed with my way of learning. He made his transition and the man who took his place spoke about the same ideas in more “feeling” terms. One phrase I remember from the new leader is “The golden heart.” Well, okay, I have no idea what that means. That was the beginning of the end for my time with that group.

In the “Golden heart” example, I literally have nothing in my worldview to help me visualize what that means. My personal style leans toward Analytical with emphasis on Expressive and all I am sure of is that “Golden heart” does not register with me.

The point here is that we unconsciously color what we experience to make the experience more familiar. Sometimes this may result in our listeners understanding the message in a very different way than what was intended or maybe even not registering the information at all.

3. People pay attention to or ignore ideas, depending on how the information is delivered, their interest and learning style.

This is a consequence of Item 2 and is referred to as “Switching” by the author of First Sight Theory. 3 Perception is modeled as an unconscious streaming process in that it produces a flow of impressions to the conscious mind (awareness) as information is received.

It is important to note the incremental nature of how awareness comes to us. A continuing process such as someone talking or information from reading a sentence, emerges into the conscious mind as a gradual “coming to understand.” If the reader is a Driver and the information is written by an Amiable, the Driver’s attention will likely switch between trying to absorb the message and wondering why the person didn’t get to the point faster.

For instance, it is difficult for a Driver-Analytical to sit through a video to access information. For them, video presentations just take too much time to get to the point. In fact, a five-minute video seldom conveys more information than can be written in a few paragraphs, so unless some animated or reality segment is required, an Analytical and certainly a Driver will probably not sit through a video. There is also the danger that some people will resent the perceived waste of time.

The same can be said for explanatory articles. Magazines intended for popular consumption such as “Scientific American,” typically begin articles with a too long “It was a sunny day and I admired the person’s home as I drove up…” kinds of dialogue. If an article is a reasonably technical discussion about immunology, for instance, why would the reader be interested in where the immunology expert lives or if the sun was shining?

So What

Your audience will listen to you with rapt attention, but take a close look at their eyes. Are they glazed over? Be aware of your purpose and get to the point. In technical writing, a good introduction, or better, a good abstract may be your only chance to communicate your point. Video may be easier for you, but a few written paragraphs might result in better communication.

Also, think about what you want from your communication. Do you expect your target audience to refer back to parts of your presentation? Would you like your work to be cited as a reference in an essay?

Controlling Switching

A second implication of switching is that we are conditional about what we focus on and therefor what we experience. During conversations, we likely, rapidly move our attention from what we are supposed to be experiencing to whatever we are working on … maybe lunch. It is important to be mindful of this because it has a lot to do with our ability to learn.

Remember that this is an unconscious process and simply deciding to focus on the conversation seldom helps. Controlling the unconscious processes is a way of life, as our perceptual processes are moderated by habit.

If you are developing mediumship skills, for instance, the ability to suppress switching will greatly enhance your lucidity. While switching is an unconscious process, it is driven by worldview and that can be changed over time as you would change a habit. (See item 5) Intention is a function of your conscious self. As you intend to focus your attention, you signal to your unconscious, perceptual processes what is important to you, but it takes time to develop that habit.

4. A mismatch of agenda impairs communication.

This is all about point of view. An example is what I have experience when trying to explain to a skeptic editor why the Rupert Sheldrake article in Wikipedia is biased. The skeptic’s agenda was to make Sheldrake look like a fool, and saying he is a biologist would indicate he is qualified to discuss morphogenesis. My objective was to have the article describe the man in a balanced manner. No matter what was actually said, the outcome was already determined by the skeptic’s agenda and the overwhelming number of skeptics backing him.

Remember Thomas Harris who told us in his book,”I’m OK-You’re OK,” that real communication between two people could only occur if both are in an “OK” place in life.4 This is also true of agendas. What are the two parties trying to get out of the exchange?

Mismatch of agendas tend to produce the phenomena of skepticism. The less what we say agrees with what our listener is expecting from us, the more likely our listener is to reject our words. The result is a skeptical response that emerges into our listener’s conscious awareness. Everyone is potentially a skeptic. It depends on how well worldviews match.

People always have tells that give them away, if only we are paying attention. For instance, it is possible to anticipate people who might righteously attack others base on their history. The recent attack by two parapsychologists on one of our mediums is an example of a totally irrational response instead of the true and expected levelheaded report indicating that phenomena had been witnessed under stringently controlled conditions. The investigators had substantial access to the medium during an extended series of séances. Because phenomena were produced despite the stringent controls and distractions, the medium reported feeling the investigator’s agenda was to understand the physical phenomena and would produce a positive report. Yet, the lead investigator and another individually wrote reports demonstrating their probably unconscious agenda. Both articles mostly ignored data collected via the prearranged protocol, and instead, focused on innuendo and hearsay from outside of the protocol to support “what if” explanations that were not evident in the data. In effect, if not in fact, their agenda was to debunk.

This was predicted, as the lead investigator had telegraphed his real agenda about survival concepts on numerous occasions prior to the study.5, 6

So What?

An interesting story portrays a group of friends sitting around a kitchen table, deciding if it is time to drive into town for lunch. During the exchange, there is a lot of “well, okay” kind of comments, rather than “Okay! Let’s go!” comments. At the end of the story, it turned out that none of them really wanted to go, but because they had previously agreed, they felt obligated. In that story, all had the same but unspoken agenda not to go into town. They did not clearly express their position and mistook the position of the others. This story was designed for corporate employee training in office communication.

The moral of the story is to make a conscious effort to let others know what you are thinking. Try to pause the conversation long enough for you to think about what is happening. Being honest (candid) about your objectives will greatly facilitate communication.

Conversely, be mindful of the people you are communicating with. I know skeptics have a “If mainstream science does not say it is so, then it cannot be” agenda in everything they say and do concerning what they see as pseudoscience. If you have read much of my writing, you will know that my agenda is to teach about survival. When you read my writing, and if you are aware of this, then you will know to look for hints of the underlying purpose of what I say.

Most of us intend to say what we mean but we often have unconscious drivers that shape our selection of words. Take a moment and consider whether or not you are understand what is being said and what you are saying. That pause can make a huge difference.

5. Worldview changes in small increments: learning hardly ever occurs in great leaps.

This is a governing principle for persuasive expression. Based on First Sight Theory [3] and an the Hypothesis for Formative Causation, 7 worldview resists change, but does accept small changes if they are an evolution of existing belief or understanding. (Also so see the Perception essay.)

In practical application, we tend to readily experience something if it agrees with our worldview. Remember this is an unconscious process based on our prior conditioning, so if the experience is not recognized by worldview, it might be outright rejected in the unconscious process. This means it will not be consciously experienced. If it is possible for the perceptual process to imagine how the experience might agree with prior conditioning, that “maybe” outcome can evolve worldview to accommodate that slight difference.

It is the “maybe” outcome of the perceptual process that results in learning. It is the rejection of information that does not agree with worldview that leads to skepticism and breaks down communication.

As a practical application of this concept, I talk about a model of reality (cosmology), many parts of which are likely new to people. People will likely reject it if they try to absorb it all at once. To facilitate its understanding, I tend to use some of the concepts in my essays. For instance, you may have noticed that I speak of personality (I am this) and our human avatar (I think I am this). As I read my audience, I expect that this avatar relationship will make sense and will not be outwardly rejected. This is good because it is an important element in the cosmology. As such, prior exposure to the avatar concept will make understanding the cosmology a little easier if it is encounter it in the future.

So What?

An interesting aspect of alien abduction reports is the frequency in which rabbits are involved in the accounts. The ability of the perceptual process to imagine an alternative perception of an experience to get it to agree with worldview is thought to result in substitutions in our perception, such as rabbits for little gray aliens. This is a main cause of what Spiritualist refers to as coloring. Coloring is usually an unconscious, honest process but sometimes a conscious one.

The streaming dream experience looks a lot like our unconscious mind attempting to find a story for sensed information that our worldview will accept. This ability of our mind to tell us a story emerges into our conscious awareness as understanding that is possibly only like but not the same as what was intended.

This is also a factor in what is sometimes referred to as storytelling, in which a person tries to make a supposed paranormal example or mediumistic message makes sense by concocting a plausible explanation. A creative story can bring meaning where there is none intended.

If you are training to be a mental medium, be aware that what you sense via psi functioning is possibly translated by your perceptual processes into your personal symbols based on your point of view. Incremental learning is involved, so for me, it has been a lifelong process of learning to recognize how my unconscious perceptual processes present mediumistically sensed information to my conscious awareness.

Automatic writing, pendulum work, even physical phenomena of the séance room is subject to this translation of original intent into the medium’s or an interested observer’s understanding. Here, it is important to note that the medium works with the sitter and both contribute to perception. This co-creation of experiences appears to be a factor in all forms of trans-etheric influence.

What I refer to as the “Intention Channel” is the link of influence between conscious awareness as source of intention and unconscious as servant of intention. In deep-trance mediumship, the Intention Channel between the medium’s conscious and unconscious awareness appears to be idled in some way so that the external communicating personality is able to express its intention on the medium’s perceptual processes. This transfer of the source of intentionality appears to be necessary for clear lucidity in mediumship which produces uncolored message and/or phenomena.

As a final note, it is apparent that many of us are able to spontaneously enter into a relatively deep trance and remain functional. This usually occurs without our realizing the change in state. For instance, when we pause to remember something, for a moment, we suspend many of our mental processes in order to increase lucidity. This translates as clearer access to the unconscious perceptual processes. Acknowledging to ourselves that we are likely functional trance mediums is one way to increase routine lucidity.


This essay began as introspection as to why I am uncomfortable exchanging comments in social media such as FaceBook. It is evident that people there see the world differently, not right or wrong, just differently than me. On close examination, it is clear that many others in the groups are not communicating very well because, while obviously thinking they are making a good, well-explained point, they are not. Yet, a few others seem to think they did. Obviously there is much more to conversation than simply typing out a comment.

On the Internet, what we say through our writing is all we are to others. Others do not see our smile or always understand if we are kidding. This is especially true if there are unexpected cultural implications attached to our words.

The Internet is a most powerful tool for community building. But to use this tool, it is important to be mindful of the underlying dynamics that shape how our words are understood.

This is doubly true of serving others via mediumship. Try to listen to what you say from the perspective of mainstream society. Many people believe in some things paranormal such as ghosts and heaven, but they subscribe to what mainstream science teaches them. Part of what they are taught is to be suspicious of what the mainstream does not understand.

The rest of the world, with which we seek legitimacy, is watching, so let us take care how our “like-mindedness” is understood by others.


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