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All Things Etheric

Let’s talk about God


It is common to hear people speak of God, usually in grand terms such as God is the all-knowing yet unknowable punisher of the wicked and benign provider to the deserving. The usual proof for this god is: “Look around. How else could all of this be possible?”

Spiritualists speak of God as a ubiquitous presence and the source of Natural Law. While the Spiritualist organizations reject the father god characterization, individually, Spiritualists tend to stay with the old ways, characterizing God as a benefactor and giver of laws. The foundation proof of this god is Natural Law.

For many people, the need to look to a higher source is stronger than the desire to maintain a rational world perspective. A person may not believe in God but still look to a divine influence to make sense of life. We are good at compartmentalizing our need for divinity from our need for rationality.

Informed Perception of God

If God is a father god living in some distant part of reality like the mythological gods of Mount Olympus, then perhaps it will remain unknowable. However, an important assumption in many ancient wisdom schools* is that reality is knowable. As a logical exercise, that means God is knowable, as well. So, let’s talk about what we know, beginning with three assumptions:

  1. God is the source of reality
  2. God is expressed as order in reality.
  3. God is knowable
  4. Each instance of life is an aspect of God

* Ancient wisdom schools, especially Hermetic Traditions, tend to be knowledge based, rather than faith based. Also, the assumption that reality, and by extension, God is knowable is the foundation assumption of systems teaching the concept of Natural Law.

Taken as a logical argument, these givens imply a therefore which might be summed as:

Therefore: By knowing about ourselves, we can know about God.

Building a Cosmology

A cosmology is a model of reality based on the metaphysical study of the nature of reality. A useful tool for developing a cosmology is black box analysis. The technique is often used for reverse engineering a competitor’s device when only the purpose, input and output is known. The result is supposed to be a device, process, technique … something that will satisfy the input and output to fulfill the same purpose.

Black box analysis is also a way to develop a metaphysical cosmology that may not be actually correct but is functionally correct and useful for further study. The theory presented here has evolved from of such a study.

Foundation Concepts

A number of important concepts need to be part of this study. It is important that you understand and are comfortable with them, so please feel free to contact me at (ethericstudies.org/contact.htm) if you would like a better explanation, have questions and/or suggestions:

  • Reality is referred to here as the etheric, as opposed to the physical which is referred to as an aspect of the etheric.

The psi field described in parapsychology is considered etheric, but to avoid confusion, it is treated as a local aspect of reality which is in conjunction with the physical.

  • A person is an etheric life field entangled with a human body in an avatar relationship.

The Functional Areas of a Life Field diagram below illustrates many of these points. The Life Field concept is explained in detail at ethericstudies.org.1

  • We exist in the etheric. This includes our personality (who we really are as: I am this), unconscious mind, perceptual processes and conscious self (I think I am this). As a person, our conscious self experiences reality from the perspective of the human body.
  • Conscious self’s perception is normally dominated by worldview which is a combination of human instincts, inherited urge to learn, inherited and acquired understanding and beliefs acquired during the current lifetime.
  • The human senses are transformed into etheric form for processing in the perception function of our unconscious mind (External Influence in the Life Field diagram below).
  • As it is modeled, we enter into a lifetime to gain understanding about the nature of reality as it is expressed in the physical. This is an urge inherited from our Source.
  • As objects of reality, fields consist of related elements which are attracted to an intelligent core. (A thoughtform is an example of a field.)
  • Life, characterized as a life field, is the building block of reality. In the cosmology, life fields are arranged as a hierarchsierpinski_triangley of nested fields.

Functional areas of each instance of a life field are more or less expressed. For instance, compare human life field to cell life field.

The last point needs explaining. A fractal is a shape which is repeated at all levels of granularity. As an example, in what is known as a Sierpinski Triangle (right), the equilateral triangle is a fractal. In principle, the triangle is repeated at every level of magnification.2

Functional Area of Life FieldThe Life Field represents a fractal as the building block of reality. The functional areas in the diagram and their relationship have come from the black box analysis technique. (Functionally correct, may not be technically correct) Think of yourself as the Conscious Self functional area, the Attention Complex as your unconscious mind and Personality functional area is your higher self and that which is immortal. The Intelligent Core is the autonomic system of your life field as the body consciousness is the autonomic system for your body body.

As Above, So Below

Another assumption is that reality is homogenous, in that knowing the nature of one part indicates the nature of the rest. Hermes is said to have taught this fundamental concept around 5,000 years ago via the Emerald Tablet.3

The first two lines of the Emerald Tablet read:

  1. “It is true and no lie, certain and to be depended upon, that which is above is as that which is below; and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the one truly great work.”
  2. “And as all things are from only one thing, by will of the one God, so all things have their origin in this one power, by adaptation to their individual purposes.”

The Great Work is the process of transmuting a faith-based worldview into one that is in accordance with the actual nature of reality. Of course, the “one thing” is God, but important to note is that, while Hermes has told us all things are of God, he also said that each individual has been differentiated as a unique aspect of God. This echoes the concept of life as a fractal in which God is the top fractal.

Morphic Fields

In the Hypothesis of Formative Causation proposed by Rupert Sheldrake,4 formation of a living organism is managed via what he refers to as a morphic field. The field is nonphysical and formation is based on what he refers to as Nature’s habit. In a physical organism, the fields are arranged in a hierarchy of nested fields, meaning that there is a top field (Intelligent core is body consciousness) and many dependent fields such as skin, bones, organs and cells. There is a many-to-one relationship (nested) so that for instance, many cell morphic fields would be associated with the skin morphic field.

Speaking in terms of cosmology, morphic fields are etheric. To work, they need basically the same functional areas shown in the Life Field diagram. Nature’s habit is like the Worldview functional area. The ability to evolve Nature’s habit is in the Perceptual Loop. External expression in the diagram represents the organizing influence a morphic field has on the physical processes of organism formation.

Sheldrake’s Hypothesis of Formative Causation is by no means established science. In fact, it tends to be an updated variation of Lamarckian evolution5 which competed for a time with Darwinian evolution but then was discarded for lack of a recognize physical mechanism for transmitting change to the next generation. The difference is that Sheldrake has given a mechanism for inheritance that makes sense considering current understanding of the etheric.

There is some analytical support for the inheritance of acquired traits,6 but the real interest for this discussion is how Sheldrake applies Nature’s habit. Expression by a life field and a morphic field must follow the same principles. Applying the principle of as above, so below, if morphic fields are validated as the building block of organic life, the same principles and research should apply to life fields.

Unconscious Perception

Who we are, is not who we think we are.7 I have discussed this concept in other issues of this column. As the Life Field diagram shows, the attention complex is an unconscious part of our mind. We become consciously aware of the results of the processes represented by the Perceptual Loop. What we become consciously aware of is based on our worldview.8,9

The importance of unconscious perception is that we use the same mechanisms that organize cell formation to develop an objective image of our physical world. This is an emerging realization of mainstream science8 and you can expect to hear a lot more about this in the future. The Life Field diagram illustrates unconscious filtering of conscious perception.

Source as a Life Field

Considering what has been presented here,* reality can be modeled as a hierarchy of nested life fields. Source is the top life field, and as such, it is also the reality field. In effect, everything in reality is in Source’s life field by way of the thread of entanglement between first cause and subsequent aspectations. This influence of entanglement is a function of intention, attention and imagined outcomes.

* Additional support for this cosmology comes from various forms of transcommunication and psi research.

A morphic field is modeled so that the organism it influences is in the field. This is because the morphic field imposes an influence on the biological process. In the field means within the field of influence expressed by the morphic field or life field.

This hypothetical model is important to support the idea that God (Source) is the reality field. Consider how we express our personal reality. What we imagine remains associated with us by way of a link of attention. What we expect to express via our creative process remains in our influence field. It is in effect, in our field of influence, just as we are in God’s reality field.

Personal Reality

Key to this discussion is the idea that we make our world. We have a personal reality based on what we believe to be true (worldview). Since we only become consciously aware of what our unconscious perceptual processes present to our conscious self, we literally experience objective reality as it is expressed by our beliefs. This is becoming established science.8, 9 We manage our sense of reality by learning to change worldview. One way to accomplish this is via mindful living.10 In effect, that is what we do while learning to understand Natural Law.

If life fields are fractals in Source’s reality, then it is arguable that Source also has a personal reality and is seeking to align it with its actual nature. As such, God is still learning.

Self-organizing Reality

An important indication about the nature of Source (God) is that the concept of organizing principles (Natural Law) enables reality to self-organize without an all-knowing god. If a cosmology begins with a sentient personality that is given the functional attributes of a life field, then all else follows without much intervention.

Notice in the Life Field diagram that there is an Intention Channel between conscious self and the Attention Complex. That is the one conscious influence we have on our unconscious perceptual processes. If Source is given the attribute of curiosity about its own nature, it is arguable that it will attempt to visualize itself and its environment as a means of satisfying that curiosity.

Using ourselves as a model, our curiosity about something naturally initiates a mental exercise in which we imagine various aspects of it as it might relate to us. A useful exercise is to imagine what it would be like to own a new sports car. It is likely that we would imagine a situation in which we would be driving the car. If we really want to know what it is like, we would give that Little Me self-determination. When we have explored the situation, our Little Me would return understanding of the experience to our worldview.

Such imaginings are usually only a moment in duration in our unconscious and only the decision emerges into consciousness. However, the exercise will become part of our personal reality if we focus our attention on the question and allow our conscious exploration to run its course.

In terms of cosmology, the process of creating Little Me and the situation we want our Little Me to explore is referred to as aspectation and the process is differentiation. It is our intention that gives the imagined Little Me purpose and attention which determines the duration of the exercise.

In this model, the physical aspect of reality is such an imagining. It is shared by many personalities via their collective of aspects.

The idea of a shared venue for learning is useful to explain the pervasive references in virtually all forms of religion to personalities holding the physical aspect of reality in their mind (angels, devas, nature spirits) and we who experience lifetimes in the physical. As it is modeled in the Implicit Cosmology,11 many personalities are using the physical venue to gain understanding about specific aspect so Source’s nature. Their imaginings produce many aspect personalities which remain entangled with them so that they are the top life field for the collective of their imagined personalities. I am part of such a collective. You may be part of the same collective (Soul mate?), but more likely part of another.

Examples of Self-organization

The functional areas of Life Fields naturally occur in response to the influence of curiosity (Intention and Perception) and the state of understanding (Worldview). This assumption is based on the expectation that such functional areas are necessary to produce known response patterns.

An Organizing Principle that naturally results from our perceptual processes is Perceptual Agreement which can be stated as: Personality must be in perceptual agreement with the aspect of reality with which it will associate. The implication is that we are not able to experience parts of reality which do not agree with our expectations (personal reality). There is no need for an ethereal being to say we cannot go to heaven if our worldview will not allow our sensing of heaven to emerge to conscious self from the Perceptual Loop.

A second Organizing Principle is Cooperative Communities which may be stated as: Personalities are attracted to communities of like-minded people cooperating to facilitate progression. The conscious expression of intention to be spoken to the listener. If this initial effort to explain a concept is followed by questions and new attempts to explain the concept, it can affect worldview in the same way as a Maybe outcome of the Perceptual Loop. (A Maybe outcome changes Worldview).

The Golden Rule of Do unto others as you world have them do unto you likely has at its foundation a more pragmatic Teach me as I teach you. The objective of a lifetime is to gain understanding. As it is modeled, the collective may not fulfill its purpose until expected understanding has been gained by every member life field. Cooperative communities are a natural response to that imperative.

God and Gods

In a sense, people speak as if there is an impersonal ubiquitous god of Natural Law and a personal god of our reason for being. We find meaning in communion with our loved ones, and enjoy the comfort of knowing we have guides dedicated to our progression. Our inner space is populated with loved ones and guides, … sometimes with nature spirits of one character or another.

Always implicit in our sense of inner community is the understanding that there are ethereal beings at the edge of our awareness; present, but acting through our more accessible loved ones and guides. It is to those implied gods that I believe we direct our prayers; perhaps not as the deliberate act of a metaphysician, but the instinctive act of respect for those we sense care if we progress in our understanding.

In this cosmology, these ethereal beings are the top life field of our collective. Just as we have many Little Me aspects of ourselves populating our imagined inner worlds for experience, so we are Little Mes for these beings. It is our ethereal beings who must wait until we gain sufficient perceptual agreement to return our treasure of understanding so that they may move on toward their ethereal being. As I have come to understand order, it is through this progression that Source will eventually come to understand its nature.


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Crystal Protection

The Amber Room

The Amber Room, St Petersburg. Catherine the Great’s stunning room of protection. Photo: Wikipedia.en

You no doubt assume that you are well protected, but are you?

Do you pick up other people’s thoughts and feelings?

Have you inadvertently upset someone?

Are you particularly accident prone?

Do you have a nagging pain under your left armpit?

Do you constantly feel tired and listless?

If so, you may be in need of a special kind of protection. Many people assume that if they are working spiritually, they are automatically protected. But!

While I do not want to worry you unnecessarily and certainly don’t want to instill fear, would it surprise you to know that there is something subtle against which you may need to protect yourself? An intrusion that is silent, invisible, and yet which can be extremely powerful in its effect and to which some people, especially those who start to dabble in the psychic realm or who open up spiritually, may be particularly vulnerable. This unseen force operates not in the physical world but in the invisible and, to counteract it, you need easy to use, psychic self-protection tools such as the power of your mind and a few crystals. This force goes under the name of ill-wishing or, in its most virulent form, psychic attack.

Psychic invasion

Psychic invasion comes from both the living and those who have passed on – especially those who have failed to move on in the spirit world. It can be deliberate, or inadvertent. Few people realise what a powerful effect thoughts such as ‘I’ll get back at you’, ’You’ll suffer for this’, ‘Why does she have all the luck?’, or ‘I’ll never forgive you’ can have – and how long they can linger in the ether. Jealousy, rage and resentment are particularly powerful psychic attackers, but someone’s depression or black emotions can be equally debilitating. And few people realise that their own toxic thoughts and emotions can be just as potent a form of attack on themselves.

All kinds of strange energies can surround you.

All kinds of strange energies can surround you. Photo copyright Terrie Birch/www.astrologywise.co.uk

The key to good protection is to find exactly the right method for you and the situations you find yourself in. What you believe in, you bring into being. So, positive thoughts and visualisation (picturing things in your mind’s eye) are powerful tools for protecting yourself as is seeing the world as a benevolent place. So too are crystals – which have been used for this purpose for thousands of years.


What is psychic self-protection and why might you need it?

Psychic self-protection is all about creating a safe space in which to live, work and have your being. It’s about having positive emotions and constructive thoughts that create a calm centre within yourself. It is a protective barrier around the aura – the subtle energy field that surrounds you and which can sometimes be glimpsed as a whitish glow. Psychic protection acts as an impermeable barrier to other people’s thoughts and feelings, especially if those are malevolent. Most people, at some time or another, have had the experience of having a thought pop into their head that doesn’t belong. But, there are people who are constantly bombarded by other people’s thoughts, and some have the misfortune to come under deliberate attack by someone who bears a grudge. Recreational drugs, meditation and yoga can also make you more sensitive to ‘bad vibes’, increasing your need for psychic protection. But help is at hand.

Using psychic self-protection creates healthy boundaries and turns away psychic attack. You inhabit a tranquil space in which others cannot disturb your equilibrium – either deliberately or by what they think or feel inadvertently spilling out into the atmosphere. You’ll no doubt have noticed that some people leave ‘bad vibes’ behind themselves or that you’re exhausted after you’ve seen a particular friend. It’s the same with getting aught up in the glamour of contact with ‘the spirit world’, or the excitement of spells and incantations. And places can have an effect too. We’ve all felt those chills down the spine or that headache that develops almost instantly in a particular place. If we recognise these signals that all is not well energetically, we can quickly take steps to transmute the energy and to protect ourselves if necessary.

Signs you may need psychic self-protection

  • Do you feel invaded, somehow not yourself.
  • Do you feel someone ‘has it in’ for you?
  • Do you give away too much of your energy?
  • Do you detach yourself after contact with someone else finished?
  • Do you read or watch programs about sensational psychic activity?
  • Do you meddle or dabble in psychic things without being trained?
  • Do you believe you’re psychic or have a sixth sense?
  • Do you meditate or read tarot cards and the like?
  • Are you allowing someone to have too much influence over you?
  • Do certain people or places leave you feeling drained?
  • Do you feel low if a friend is depressed or unhappy?
  • Do you feel on edge if a friend is angry?
  • Are you accident prone?
  • Have small things gone wrong recently?
  • Do you lose things?
  • Do you have nightmares and insomnia?
  • Are you anxious, nervy, on edge?
  • Do you have invisible feelers out, testing the air around you?
  • Are you perpetually tired, listless, feeling hopeless?

If you tick more than two or three of these, then you probably need psychic self-protection!

Cleaning, charging up and programming your crystals.

If you don’t cleanse your crystals regularly even they can be bad for you as they collect and then give off negative energies. Cleaning your crystals is simple if you choose tumbled stones, rugged chunks or single points. You merely have to hold them under running water for a few minutes and, preferably, put them out in the sun and possibly the moon to recharge (white crystals are particularly fond of moonlight). Or, you can put them onto a large Quartz cluster or Carnelian to recharge. You can also use salt water to cleanse robust stones. If you use crystal clusters or stones that are fragile or dissolve, such as Selenite, the crystals need placing in raw brown rice overnight.

The reason crystals sometimes don’t work for people is they often forget to ask. So, once the crystal has been cleaned and energetically recharged, hold it in your hands and ask that it works for your highest good to protect you.

How do I do it?

At its simplest level, psychic protection can be a bubble you inhabit (see the Amber Melt below). It can be a crystal you wear, or a talisman you keep at your side. Many people find themselves instinctively crossing their arms over their solar plexus when the emotional level around them becomes too highly charged – this is where your body feels invaded by other people’s strong emotions. If you feel you’re vulnerable to psychic invasion, you can quickly close off with a traditional body posture that seals your aura and creates an energy circuit around your body that cannot be breached by outside influences. Simply cross your arms over your solar plexus and cross your ankles. But, as you cannot keep your arms crossed all the time, practising the light bubble visualisation or the Amber Melt may be more useful as it protects your aura at all times.

Psychic self-protection means taking charge of your own thoughts and feelings and being fully grounded in your body: something that is easily achieved with a few deep breaths and a grounding crystal. When you trust and believe you’re safe and power-full, you are. Common sense and a few pointers to sensible working, and strengthening your energetic boundaries, soon overcomes any possibility of psychic invasion. The greatest tool is one you already possess: the power of your own mind. If you look positively at the world, you have natural self-protection. Being able to laugh at yourself and at the idiosyncrasies of all worlds is also an excellent deterrent, little survives the benevolent glow of good humour. But a strong aura is also extremely effective as it deflects any ill-wishing or energy pirates that come your way.

The Amber Melt

The Amber Melt

Photo: http://www.gemselect.com/gem-info/amber/amber-gemstone-information-and-education.php

Close your eyes, breathe gently and hold a piece of Amber over your head (or place it above your head if you’re lying down). Put all your attention into the crystal. Feel the Amber slowly melting and trickling down like honey all around your energy field until it completely coats it, meeting under your feet. Feel how safe it is within your Amber cloak, how secure, and notice how you can easily find your centre and grounding within this beautiful crystal. Allow the crystal to draw off and transmute any negative energy or fearful emotions, de-stressing you and filling you with positive self-regard and inner peace. Feel how, from the top of your head down into your heart, and on down to the earth beneath your feet, you have a central core of deep peace you can lean and rely on. When you’re ready to end, withdraw your attention from the crystal but leave your bubble in place so that when you return your attention into the room you’ll still have that core of inner peace.

Crystal tip: If you find it difficult to visualise, use your hands to help you mark out the amber bubble all around you and concentrate your gaze into the crystal imagining walking inside it.

Belly breathing

Stand or sit with your feet firmly on the floor and your knees relaxed. Letting your shoulders hang low and loose, take a long, slow breath. Deliberately push out your ribs and belly and pull the breath deep into the base of your lungs. Feel your ribs expanding outwards at the back and sides, and your back and solar plexus opening up. Breathe in for a count of four (increase the count with practise), hold the breath for a count of two, and exhale slowly pulling your belly and ribs in to expel all the air for a count of ten – press your ribs in with your hands to assist. Rest a moment and take another breath. Repeat eight times more (stop immediately if you feel lightheaded and take your attention down to your feet, bouncing firmly on the earth). Return to your normal breathing pattern but remember to pull the air deep down into your lungs.

Crystal tip: keep an earthy stone such as a Flint pebble, Jasper or Hematite in your hip pocket to pull the breath deep into your belly.

Dealing with psychic attack or ill-wishing

If you have the misfortune to come under psychic attack, keep calm. There are some very effective tools to counteract it, the most important one being to avoid fear and to disengage with the person concerned:

  • Picture yourself in an Amber bubble and wear Black Tourmaline constantly
  • Disconnect from the person: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Do not have any contact or think or talk about them.
  • Don’t play their game or get pulled into power struggles
  • Laugh about to yourself, don’t take it too seriously
  • Turn your attention on to something positive
  • Don’t meditate or open yourself up psychically unless you are protected and avoid drugs, alcohol or consciousness-altering substances
  • If you have to, face ill-wishers fearlessly with your boundaries strong.
  • Place a Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz crystal in a quiet corner to absorb and transmute negative energy but remember to ask the crystal to assist.
  • If the psychic attack comes from an unknown source, use the Amber melt and wear a black Tourmaline constantly until you can suss out the source and deal with it, or it is dispelled.
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, the finest protection against psychic attack. Photo copyright Michael Illas/Watkins Books. The Crystal Wisdom Oracle.

Golden rules for psychic safety:

      • Don’t meddle in things you don’t understand.
      • Stay focused and positive and keep things in proportion.
      • Retain a sense perspective and of humour at all times.
      • If you are using crystals, ask them to protect you and remember to cleanse them regularly under running water and put them out in the sun to recharge.

And finally:     Stop worrying and start living joyously.


Quick Fixes


The energy interface, Labradorite. Photo copyright Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

To protect your aura: Wear an Amber, Labradorite or Black Tourmaline crystal around your neck. Use the Amber Melt.

Under psychic attack? Wear a Black Tourmaline crystal around your neck at all times. Place four Black Tourmaline around your bed.

Ungrounded? Take four deep belly breaths and carry a Flint, Jasper or Hematite crystal in your hip pocket.

Sudden energy drain? Place your hands over your solar plexus and cross your ankles. Use a Spleen Protector crystal such as Green Aventurine, Jade or Green Fluorite. Or, wear a Labradorite crystal around your neck. Pop a Green Adventurine crystal in a lefthand breast pocket or in your bra on the lefthand side under your armpit.

Other people’s thoughts bothering you? Wear a Black Tourmaline, Auralite 23, Fluorite or Sodalite crystal around your neck.

(Extracted from Crystals for Psychic Self-Protection, Hay House, and Good Vibrations Flying Horse Publications).


An international workshop leader for over 45 years, Judy Hall is known world-wide for her crystal work and a wide range of MBS books. Her Crystal Bible (vol.1) has sold well over 1 million copies and now runs to 3 volumes. Crystals for Psychic Self Protection and Good Vibrations draw on her extensive psychic protection experience. See www.judyhall.co.uk www.angeladditions.co.uk



Could the Crystal Skulls be here to Save our World? What do you Think?

Here we see a photo of Joshua Shapiro, a columnist for the Other Side Press and known as a Crystal Skull Explorers holding his personal skull called "Portal de Luz"

Here we see the author of this column Joshua, holding his personal smoky quartz skull “Portal de Luz”

Welcome to Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro here, your host to take you on another exciting adventure into the world of the Crystal Skulls.  Now, if you have followed my other articles here at TOSP, you know I write in a very informal style.  I call it:  “writing as if I was speaking to you in person”.

So if you are ready, let us proceed on this next exploration …..

The title of this article asked a very good question that could impact our world, yes?  You have probably heard about the Crystal Skulls before, by now, but how could they be a catalyst for peace when humanity can’t learn how to place nice with each other? Also, why are there so many people feeling drawn to them, to such a degree that these individuals feel compelled to have one or more skulls in their possession?  Let delve into this article and find out the answers to such questions and learn more, shall we?

But first we must ask this: “Does our World really need to be Saved and if so from whom or what?”  Some of our readers might feel that our world is perfectly ok and doing just fine for them right?  Then again, we  have just as many readers if not more, who are watching all of the suffering going on all over this Earth basically due to the inappropriate way we are  sharing the abundant resources we collectively have which could easily feed, house and care for everyone on the planet.  So in order to move forward in this article we will have to assume or suppose that everyone who is reading it believes in their heart, mind and soul, we can do much better and create a harmonious world.  Actually, I believe, if we each did our part and by this I mean, doing what makes our “heart sing” we can truely make this world a paradise.  But recently, special tools and ancient instruments have been resurfacing, sacred tools used by ancient civilizations and cultures whereas the crystal skulls definitely definitely are of one of these such tools coming back.

Additionally, I have decided that within this article I am going to bombard you with quite a few images to make things more interesting, so please do read the captions below each image.  First, let’s do a short review of what the crystal skulls are, and what are some of their capabilities, yes?

The Crystal Skull Explorers travel the world and meet all kinds of crystal skulls, in this photo some of our personal skulls are with the ancient skull known as "ET".

Here we see some of our personal crystal skulls visiting with the ancient skull “ET” (to your left) which is with the van Dieten family.

As the term “crystal skull” implies (and I have given you a few examples of photos within this article, like the smoky quartz crystal skull I am holding in my picture above so you can easily visualize what they are) it is a skull-shaped object, which was originally comprised from a quartz crystal, primarily shaped in the likeness of a human bone skull. However, today in modern times, we are witnessing crystal skulls being made from all types of gemstones and coming in all type of physical forms including animal and alien skulls even.

In a few of my prior posts on “The Otherside Press”, I have gone into greater details about the energy that seems to be connected with the crystal skulls and how they have changes the lives of the people they touch; but let us just say for the moment (and you will have to believe me about the ideas I am putting forth next after being around them for 32+ years), they have a healing energy and act as a catalyst to awaken people’s spiritual and creative gifts. Also we believe the crystal skulls work like our modern-day computers in which they store energy and knowledge (information) within them which while we may not fully understand how the skulls do this and how we can receive this yet, many people have past life memories of working with the skulls in these ways and that understanding these capabilities will be known quite soon. Finally, and this is just a theory, we think the crystal skulls might be tools that came from the Gods (the ETs or dimensional beings) that were left on the earth to greatly assist with the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Now if you consider what I just  shared in the last paragraph, the capabilities and services which a crystal skull offers has the potential to change every person they have contact with us and this is pretty darn amazing wouldn’t you say? Considering that basically we are really, in simple truth, just speaking about a mineral that has been shaped into the form of a human skull. Why should their be anything special about such a formed object?  However, below, is one conclusion we have how the crystal skull function. This statement is based upon our personal research and approach we have to used to understand the crystal skulls, a kind of scientific approach if you will, that is based upon the observable activities surrounding the skulls and the type of effects they are having upon the reports we receive from other crystal skull guardians all over the planet.  Reports I should say that are repeatedly be discussed publicly and with us (the crystal skull explorers) in person or via email communications and this is:

There appears to be a living consciousness which is working through the crystal skulls and having a daily interaction and communication with their respective crystal skull guardian or keeper.  The symptoms of this interaction is that the crystal skull will almost always give to their guardian a name and then use the spiritual gifts of their guardian to communicate with them, just like a live person.  So the various forms of communication that these guardians report to us includes: telepathic communication (For example: I hear our personal skulls speak to me via the thinking voice I hear inside of me, my mind’s voice when I read or write or the inner voice which helps me when I give my public talks so spontaneously), where either the guardian hear the words within themselves or as a voice outside of their ears; they could have a vision that comes to them from their skull (or skulls); they could have an instaneously knowingness while around their skull; they might actually see the being or beings who are communicating through the skull around it or as aura colors flowing over the skull and so on … We speculate that this living consciousness are other beings (spirit or dimensional) who see the crystal skull as a communication device to have a way to have contact with us.  And then since, they are acting like a human being, an individual person, it is not so strange or scary for us to accept this communication.

Photo of the personal crystal skulls from the Crystal Skull Explorers visiting a spiritual energy vortex in a labrynth in Wisconsin

We take our personal crystal skulls everywhere so they can absorb special energies – here they are in a spiritual labrynth in Wisconsin where many orbs appear!!

Now let us move on to how could the re-emergence of the crystal skulls (note: many people have felt since the crystal skulls only have begun coming into the public’s eye since the middle part of the 1800’s, that they were hidden for a long time [to protect them until the right time to come out??] and now their re-emergence is a sign of some type of prophecy that a golden age or positive future is ahead?) is very involved in assisting or helping our world to create world peace?  Well this answer is really quite simple – if we just look at the case of some form of healing that goes on around the skulls, obviously, there is some form of higher intelligence which knew that since the skulls look like us, people would be drawn to them and be curious about them.

For some people even, it could be a past life memory of having worked with the crystal skulls before and that they were a catalyst to bring that person a happy and joyful life by balancing them energetically and healing any illness or physical injuries.  We have already measured these energies eminated around the skulls with all kinds of electro-magnetic sensitive devices that clearly show there is a healing or energizing field around them.  And it doesn’t seem to matter if the skull is a very very old one or a relative new one (although for the newly made crystal skulls it depends upon who is their guardian and their intention how they work with this skull as well as how they have been activated or brought it to life).  What quite a few guardians are doing are different type of meditations with their crystal skulls to send out a positive energy to our world or they are going to sacred sites on the planets and doing their prayers, meditations or ceremonies there.  We know also, that some of the indigenous people on our world also have their own crystal skulls (such as the Mayans, Aztec, some Native American, Tibetan, etc …) and are including the skulls in their sacred ceremonies which have been handed down from generation to generation, usually performed privately to be able to protect these sacred artifacts so they are not stolen or taken away and misused in the modern world.

This then bring us to one of the key activities I want to share with our readers, that of the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations we began to offer on January 1st, 2009.  But before I talk about this, let us make a simple assumption, which I hope you will understand and agree with me.  Let us assume that if a human being, a crystal skull guardian, does a meditation by him or herself, and focuses on sending out a loving and peace energy, that on some level the energy from such a meditation will and does benefit our world. Well, we do know from a spiritual perspective that we are all inwardly connected, thus for any spiritual or paranormal student this is a given.  But one of the keys that seems to be known within the community of people who work and studying the properties and effects of any type of quartz crystal or the different gemstones people have in their possession, is that these stones will balance and expand the energy field around the human body as well as amplify what we are thinking and visualizing.  Many people have reported to us, how powerful it has been for them to meditate with their personal crystal skulls as well as the positive changes that have come into their life by repeatedly meditating and working with their skulls. But what if, we imagine two people doing the same meditation for world peace working with their crystal skull – what if three or four people do it – what could happen?

A depiction of the 13 master crystal skulls from the first crystal skull book with Bowen, Nocerino and Shapiro, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed

A vision of how the circle of 13 master skulls may have once come together with one skull in the circle rotating clockwise and another circle of 12 skulls rotating counter-clockwise sitting on a crystal dias – a wheel within a wheel during Atlantis – special symbol for the World Peace Mediations

This is the whole point and reason for the World Peace Meditations that we do each month working with one of our personal crystal skulls. Normally for this meditation (although we never know for sure how many people) we have at least a few hundred people joining us from various countries around the world.  So each time another person joins us for the meditation, it is like a geometric multiple of the power of the positive and loving energy we are generating to send out to all life on the planet.  I am bringing up this meditation becausse it basically has been an ongoing process since the beginning of 2009 (although we did stop for the first part of 2011, but other friends picked up doing a form of the mediation for us and then we started it up again in the late part of 2011 and have been going strong ever since).

Essentially how the meditation works, and there is a way to join us, even if you don’t have your own crystal skull (which it is easy to get one these days – thousands are available on e-bay for example, in local crystal stores or we can help you with the contact of modern carvers that we know as we have probablyhelped over 1000 people since 2009) is that on the 13th day of each month, at the 13th hour, a person either sits quietly alone in some location (their home, at work, outside in nature, etc …) or within a group of people, holding their person skull and listens to an mp3 recording guiding the meditation. This mediation we offer on-line spoken by my beloved Katrina, who leads those who join us in about a 15 minute guided meditation.  Now because everyone is doing this meditation at 1 PM or 13:00 their local time, we have quite a number of the timezones covered during that day.  But what if the 13th of the month comes out on a work day or you can’t do it at 1 PM (13:00) because you are already engaged?  Well since we believe time doesn’t really exist (but all time is simultaneous), you can do the meditation before the appointed time (like the night before) and send the energy from your session forward in time to 1 PM (13:00) on the meditation day.

Now I would like to discuss the interesting history how this meditation came to be.  But before I do, if you are curious what it is all about and how the meditation works (besides the mp3 audio file, the meditation is written out on the page below as well) just head over to:

(note: if you read this article after 2016, the meditation as discussed is still valid or just change the url and put in your current year for 2015 and it will still work)

History of the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation

I am not sure of the exact year we started, it could have been in the late 1990’s I do believe, but we did organize via our website at V J Enterprise to do a meditation linked with the crystal skulls every sunday, just a simple meditation where we sent out a pink energy of love all over the world that came from the skulls. Back at this time too, we started our crystal skull mailing list on Yahoo as well, so that is where most people came from who originally joined us for the meditation and we also shared this meditation in our free crystal skull e-book (see resources listed at the end of this article).  So this early promoted weekly meditation was the pre-cursor to the one we are doing now, you could say it was a building block if it were to get us here.

The next key activity which happened, that inspired what would become the world peace meditation as we know today, has to do with a contact I had with the well known Israeli Psychic, the “Spoon Bender”, Uri Geller.  I am not sure at the present moment if Mr. Geller still lives in England but in the early part of 2001, I with two friends, all very connected with crystals and crystal skulls met Mr. Geller at a local hotel in London. Prior to meeting him, we had just gone to the British Museum, where the British Museum Crystal Skull (a full size single piece clear quartz skull discovered in Mexico in the 1860’s) was on special display on loan from the now defunct British Museum of Man, a sister museum.  The reason I had sought Mr. Geller out is we knew he had a strong affinity for quartz crystals and I asked him if I could do an interview with him (which unfortunately the casette that holds that interview is long gone) which he agreed to.  For the 30 minute interview he gave us, he did hold my personal crystal skull “Portal de Luz” (Portal of Light, the skull I am holding in the first photo of this article) which no doubt received some of the special energies that Mr. Geller channels (he believes his gift started when he had a UFO encounter in Israel when he was young).  But after this interview, Mr. Geller invited me to appear on his radio show of the time (which was broadcast via the internet and via some U.S. based radio stations even though he did his interviews while in England) which I arranged to appear on my 46 birthday, April 17th, 2001 (BTW, on April 17th, 2000, I went to the Museum of Man in London to see their crystal skull with “Portal de Luz” with me but they stated they didn’t show the skull privately to anyone …).

Now there are two significant things which took place during the radio show interview I had with Mr. Geller – #1 – as soon as we spoke about the crystal skulls (and “Portal de Luz” was next to me as I was doing this interview over the phone, Mr. Geller called me from England), the internet broadcast of the radio stopped. I had this happen to me once before, in 1999, when I visited Las Vegas and a friend did a simulcast like this except over the internet the video portion broadcast and the audio part was done on a local radio station. The video camera had been tested and was working perfectly but as soon as our interview started, the camera stopped working and wouldn’t start up again till the show was over (OH “Portal” what were you doing in those days???).

Examples of the type of crystal skulls which the Crystal Skull Explorers help individuals in the world acquire, made by carvers in Brazil

Here we see a special group of Ametrine Crystal Skulls (a combination of amethyst & citrine quartz) that are made from a carver in Brazil – every kind of gemstone known is being made into crystal skulls.

However, as related to this article, we come to the second key aspect of the interview which happened in that Mr. Geller asked me the following question, “So Joshua, how can the crystal skulls be used in a way to help create world peace?” — well I was on the spot I just answered with the first thought which came to me at that moment as I shared (as we had been doing these meditations on Sunday): what if we could gather and bring together at the same time as many of the crystal skull guardians in the world, to perform a specific meditatation for world peace, this could be a very powerful way to offer a collective harmonious energy for our world, would it not?  So it was in that precise moment that an idea was implanted within me which I have never forgotten, that perhaps there was a way we could take our meditations a bit more seriously and to a higher level. But I didn’t know what to do to make this a reality and by this time in my life, you know how it is, people were getting tired of doing the same thing week after week with the meditation, so it suffered a slow death until something new would take its place.

It took over 7 years, till we come to the magical year of 2008.  What was so magical about this year was that Speilburg and Lucas decided to make the artifact that “Indy” goes looking for a “Crystal Skull” in the 4th edition of the Indiana Jones movies.  At the end of 2007 when we heard this announcement we were in shock and we didn’t believe it but when the posters came out for the film and the trailer we knew it was true and we prayed and hoped they would portray the crystal skulls properly.  Now if you know the TV show Star Gate – SG1, in the 4th season they did do a very good portrayal of a crystal skull and shared some real history, but unfortunately the producers of Indiana Jones #4 utilized the Hollywood tradition and the film didn’t really show the crystal skull as they really are. However, in that year I had more media interviews in a short time than ever before and many more people in the world learned the crystal skulls were indeed real.  But now, we must discuss the Italian conference which took place in June of 2008, right after the film had come out.

From the end of 2001 till the early part of 2008, I was living in Holland.  However, it was time for me to return home to the U.S. as what I was doing in Europe had finished.  So by February of 2008 I was back in America and then I had an opportunity to be interviewed at the home of Bill Homann, the current guardian of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull”, for the Syfy Crystal Skull two-hour documentary where they even recorded us doing some crystal skull energy researching using a device called a Meridian Stress Test system (this devices uses an electrode to meassure the energy at various meridian points in your hands and feets and is very accurate) at a local high school in Indiana (where Mr. Homann lived at the time) with both the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” and “Portal de Luz”. This research provided us some fascinating insights about energetically how both skulls function and what effect they had our test subjects but it was never shown on their documentary.

Anyway, this special interview gave me a chance to reconnect with my good friend Bill and since I was living in the Chicago area at this moment, when the organizers of the Italian Crystal Skull Conference invited us both to attend and do a presentation (May 2008),  we flew on the same plane to Italy from Chicago.  I should also mention that in February of this year, I returned to Bill’s home (after the visit with the Syfy camera people) and not only did a 25 minute video interview with him but got a chance to have a 20 minute private session with the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” which forever changed my life; it was amazing and energizing and I will speak about that experience at another time in a future article.

Anyway, once we arrived in Italy (I forget which large city it was but it was in the northern part of the country), a strange series of experiences happened to me.  First, our bags didn’t arrive on time so we only had the clothes on our backs for a few days.  Second, at a dinner held at the home of one of the organizers, the same day we arrived, before the conference started, when Bill brought out the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” from its protective bag, so the organizers and helpers of the conference could have an early direct experience with the skull before all the participants would arrive, I started to become immediately sick. I had a sore throat by the end of the evening and a fever started the next day. This was a strange response to the skull after 3 months earlier when meditating with it I like I was in heaven with its powerful healing energy.

As it turned out, on the day of the conference when I had to do a one hour talk, I still had a fever.  However, being the typical Aries I am, I had no intention not to provide the lecture that I promised to do and had been invited to do, that included a paid roundtrip ticket, hotel and meals, so I stayed in bed till the very last minute and arrived at the conference just in time to do my talk.  It didn’t help matters that where I was sitting with the other speakers, the “Mitchell-Hedges Skull” was directly in front of me but I put all my physical energy I had into giving my talk and share all the information I had to discuss.  However, as soon as I finished, I was so exhausted that I put my head on the table with the other speakers and I passed totally out.

The head of the conference was a very sensitive man and he couldn’t very well send me back to the U.S. in this condition so I stayed four extra days at the home of one of the other organizers of the conference to rest and gain my strenth.  However, and this is the key linked to the World Peace Meditation, I remember waking up one morning and I had in my head, exactly how to do the first version of the new world peace meditation with the crystal skull and which dates to perform this meditation for the next year.  We would start on January 1st, 2009, (I first announced this new set of meditations on August 8th, 2008 or what was known as the 8-8-8) the first meditation and then in 2009 we did other meditations surrounding dates which the number of the date added up to the number 13, like  February 1st, 2008 (2 +1 + 2 + 8 = 13).

Now you may have noticed that I keep referring to the number 13 linked to these meditations, why is this?  Some of you may have heard there is a prophecy told by various indigenous cultures living in our world which state there is a set of 13 master crystal skulls.  That at one time in the past these 13 special crystal skulls were together (in Atlantis?) but that they were scattered all over the world (perhaps due to the destruction of Atlantis).  In any case, this prophecy further states that when these thirteen master skulls return and come back together, in the same place at the same time, their combined frequencies and energies will help shift our world into a time of peace, or a “Golden Age”.  Now whether such legends exist or are even true, I can’t say but my intuition and gut feeling alway says there is a great deal of truth surrounding this prophecy.  So in our meditation we honor the number of 13 throughout.

The Personal Crystal Skull of the Crystal Skull Explorers known as "Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye" who works with the indigenous ceremonial energies

One of our more popular personal crystal skulls known as “Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye”, who works with the indigenous ceremonial energies of many cultures – he is so popular we have had to have our carvers make Geronimo Jrs. that help share “his” energy around the world.

After the first year of doing these new meditations (we did about 4 or 5 total meditations in that year), one of our participants suggested for 2010 we should shift it and begin to do 13 meditations each year. How this would work is the crystal skull world peace meditation would take place in each year beginning on January 1st and then we would follow this up with the other meditations on the 13th of each month, at the 13th hour. And thus we have kept this format since then.  Since 2009 we have probably done almost 70 meditations by now.  And while it was my hope that we would eventually see many of the crystal skull guardians living today joining us, we have yet to reach this goal.  I was hopeful more of the guardians who claim to have the ancient or very old skulls would be very excited by these meditations as most of these guardians share with the people who come to meet their crystal skull how they are here for peace. Never-the-less, the door is always open to any crystal skull guardian to be a part of the meditation as we make no distinction on a person joining us being any more special or better than any other.  However, we are always grateful to all those who do join us and we have had some of the guardians with these olders skulls be a part of it which is always a good feeling.  Each time we do this meditation, once a month it kind of feels as if we linking up with our true spiritual or extended family to help co-create a special day sharing a loving and positive energy with the entire world and what can be better than this?

Another important aspect linked to our monthly mediations which I feel is happening each time we perform them is that we are building on the energy that was generated from all the meditations before.  This is similar to what happened (for those of you who are familiar with this case) with the Scole Experiment Group led by Robin and Sandra Foy. This couple led a spiritual circle in the cellar of their home from 1994 -1998 in Scole, England.  The spirit team they were working with requested that they place a Glass Bell Dome in the center of the circular table they sat around for each session in order to store and build up the composite energy in the room. This energy had three components, the energy of the ley lines of the earth which the cellar was sitting on top of, the energies from the people sitting in the circle and the energies being transported into our reality from spirit. So as this energy built up, store in the bell dome, it was easier for their spirit team to create their physical manifestations in the cellar.  I believe, we are doing the same thing in that we are building a collective energy from all the meditations we have done since 2009, and thus able to link into this loving energy from before which just keeps building and building. Plus we repeatedly get reports from participants of these mediations how powerful the energy we are co-creating is and how it touches them as well as being stored within their person crystal skulls.

Plus, if the crystal skulls are a catalyst for awakening people to their spiritual and creative gifts – this due no doubt to the energy they are subtly broadcasting as they activate different people at different times. And it stands to reason that as more and more people are becoming spiritual aware of who they are within, this then is opening up more of the collective awareness of humanity as one day we will sing the same song in our souls which will eventually guide us into a world of peace.

And now in Conclusion including Another Special Announcement

So it seems dear readers, that no matter where I turn in my spiritual and paranormal studies, there are powerful links with the crystal skulls that suggest the return of the skulls coming out to the public is not some random act, or just happenstance, but it is linked to a series of divinely inspired events which are unfolding in our world to take us into a higher vibration state and awakening.

The official logo of Crystal Skull World Day that will be held on November 22nd, 2015, a special guided meditation done by crystal skull guardians from around the world.

The logo for Crystal Skull World Day featuring with permission in the center the well known Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, this day is on November 22nd (2015) and will feature a special guided meditation done by the crystal skull guardians around the world.

Additionally, I want to mention again about Crystal Skull World Day (CSWD) which began last year and will be contining on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 of this year.  The organizers of this event is a group of 17  crystal skull guardians who call themselves The Crystal Skull Hearts Council. For this year, a special audio is being prepared that will include indigenous prayers in their native language with a 10-15 minute guided meditation with the participants working with one of their personal crystal skulls. I already know there will be several public gathering taking place as we had last year in different parts of the world and hopefully again on this day, we will be joined by various indigenous elders doing their own special ceremony.  Once again the goal of this day is to ask for each crystal skull guardian to linkup in one of the meditation times on this day for a brief period and share and create together a peaceful energy amplified by the skulls.  Both Katrina and I are serving as co-sponsors and have helped to setup two public gatherings around the Seattle area.  If you would like to know more about this day and see if you wish to join us, head over to:

(Note: there is a free document (PDF format) you can see in various languages with others to inform them about this day or you can download the logo and link to the CSWD 2015 website above on your own site).

While working to help with CSWD 2014 , I had the extreme pleasure to meet Jose Federico Munoz, who is a Mayan Daykeeper from Guatemala.  Jose is one of the very few elders I know who is also traveling with a clear quartz crystal skull that has special energies and was gifted to him a few years ago. What is very remarkable is that he is including his crystal skull and inviting other people to bring their skulls as well, to be a part of the numerous sacred ceremonies that he has organized, mostly focused in the western part of the U.S. So here we have another visible example of how the crystal skulls are being utitlized to create a peaceful energy for the planet and reconnecting with the natural energies of “Mother Earth”.  I met Jose in person for the first time in April of this year (2015) at a gathering of elders in Sedona, Arizona and we did a joint presentation together. Jose also right now is sharing with people about the 23 sacred calendars the Mayans have guarded for many years of which one is called a “Crystal Skull Calendar”.  The Mayan elders through their messenger Jose, claim if we would return and live by these sacred calendars, putting us in harmony with galactic and universal energies and cycles, this would bring a time of peace to our world.

So I absolutely do believe, that the return of the crystal skulls is a very powerful visible sign of the extra help and love we are receiving from our galactic family to help us make planet Earth into a harmonious and peaceful world.  I do believe that the various world peace meditations linked with the skulls and which are on-going, all of them are of tremendous assistance to helping to share these loving energies with all life on the planet.  So what do you think?  Will you join us for one of these meditations? Is it time to have a crystal skull as a special tool to help you in your spiritual evolution and be part of our monthly events?

Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull explorer on one of his visit to the mystical land of Peru with his personal crystal skulls, this photo is a sign of a special new novel that Joshua is working that will take place in Peru

Joshua has had an opportunity to go to Peru on a number of occassions – which will be a key area visited by the main character in his new novel. Further, we believe there are crystal skulls hidden in Peru that came over there when Atlantis was destroyed.

Finally, I wanted to share with the readers, a special new project we have begun which is going on concurrently as I was writing this new article for the column (August 2015). By the time you read this article (or shortly thereafter) we will be providing a new on-line service through the new version of our website that we are developing (to make it easier to find things and get around).  We are going to offer a special membership service late in the summer of 2015, where our members are going to receive parts (chapters) of each of the two novel we are currently writing now. One of these novels is based upon a movie script that show what happens when 13 crystal skulls come back together – we couldn’t get the movie down so we are doing the novel. A second novel will be about a journey a paranormal investigator, author and public speak takes (he is invited) into another dimension through a dimensional gate or portal and then comes back to share his full experience, with answers to the questions of our existence humanity has been asking forever.  Both of these novels are going to require three books to share their full stories. In each case, since I am not a novelist but I am the author of the stories, a friend who is such a writer is helping me.  Besides sharing a chapter from each novel each month, I will also be sharing audio interviews I have been doing with special teachers as well.  We will give our members a higher discount on the products we sell and finally I will have a place to share from a wealth of information I have collected over 30 years that I haven’t been able to do with my books or current websites.  This membership service will also begin to introduce the new website we will eventually be using.

If you would like to know more about our work or the new membership services, here are some of the key on-line resource we have which we share:

Our Free Crystal Skull E-book (updated in May for the one month tour of Australia)

sharing and alliances,


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Filming In Rendelsham Forrest

With the publication of “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest”, the book that John Burroughs, Jim Penniston and I co-wrote about the Rendlesham Forest incident, Britain’s most famous and compelling UFO encounter is once again receiving major mainstream media coverage. “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest” is being put out by Thomas Dunne Books, part of the giant Macmillan publishing house – one of the so-called “Big Six” in the literary world. But in this article, I’m not going to talk about the UFO event that has been dubbed “Britain’s Roswell”, or about the book. To give people an entirely new perspective, I want to come at the subject from an entirely different angle, and detail what happened on some of the various occasions that I’ve filmed TV interviews in Rendlesham Forest. This will be a comparatively lighthearted, anecdote-based article, but relating these stories will hopefully illustrate a few more serious points about the incident, about ufology, and about media coverage of the UFO phenomenon more generally.
I’m not going to attempt to give a definitive, chronological list of shows. Nor am I going to list times when I’ve discussed the Rendlesham Forest incident on news bulletins (e.g. in relation to my involvement with the declassification and release of the MoD’s UFO files), chat shows or documentaries where I’m in a TV studio. Frankly, there are far too many (well over a hundred, I suspect) to list, and many of the interviews cover broadly similar ground. So I’m going to focus on the occasions where I’ve actually filmed on location in Rendlesham Forest. Even here, it won’t be a definitive list. Again, I’ve probably filmed in the forest well over a dozen times, and inevitably, there’s been some overlap. Rather, I want to pick out a few anecdotes, so as to give people a flavour of the sort of things that go on in the media world, which won’t necessarily be readily apparent from watching the finished TV shows. Hopefully, readers will appreciate this behind-the-scenes look at how the media works, even if it comes across as a somewhat disjointed series of stories.
For outside broadcasts, I’ve been used in a number of different roles. Given that I now work as a journalist and broadcaster myself, I’ve sometimes acted as the presenter, sometimes as the presenter’s friend (a role where you facilitate the discussion by talking with the main host in a particularly chatty way, as if you’re old friends), sometimes as the lead contributor, other times as a standard contributor, and sometimes as the reporter, doing the straight-to-camera live broadcast:
“This is Nick Pope, live from Rendlesham Forest, where back in December 1980 …”
Bear in mind that if you’ve seen me do that sort of thing on a breakfast TV show, at 7am, the chances are that I was up at 3am or 4am (even if I was staying in a local hotel), rehearsing the piece with the film crew, with all of us being pretty tired, cold and miserable. The TV industry isn’t always quite as glamourous as some people may think!
On the theme of TV not being the glamorous industry it’s sometimes portrayed as, I should probably start off by mentioning three factors that have a bearing on just about all outside broadcasts: the weather, noise, and passers by.
Few places in the UK are colder than the East coast of England in the wintertime, and if you look at some videos of me at Bentwaters, e.g. the episode of “UFO Hunters” that was devoted to the case, you’ll see that warm weather clothing is essential. One seldom films in the rain at all, as the lens gets wet and the light tends to vary too much if there are showers, but if the only issue is the cold, you just have to get on with it. The secret is to find a really stylish but warm coat – you don’t want to wear too many layers, as you end up looking overly bulky (accepted wisdom is that people already look a little chunkier on TV than in real life, so you don’t want to compound the effect). It sometimes helps to wear a hat, gloves and scarf in between takes, and then remove items such as the scarf just before the cameras roll – though you have to keep an eye on continuity and ensure, for example, that you don’t end up wearing an item of clothing in one shot, but not in the next. Incidentally, on the subject of clothing, there are often strict rules about what you can and can’t wear on TV, e.g. no branded clothes and no ‘busy’ patterns such as stripes that are too close together. I always check with the researcher/production assistant well beforehand, but there have been some surreal moments, e.g. the time when a production company decided they wanted me to go with my ‘Man from the Ministry’ image and wear a suit. That sort of thing is fine if I’m on Newsnight, but it looked decidedly odd walking around a forest dressed for the office!
Noise is a problem for most outdoor shoots (and some indoor ones too!) and while people might think a rural area like Rendlesham Forest is better than a city, background noise in the country (e.g. from a passing aircraft) actually stands out far more than background noise in the city, and can often lead to halts in filming.
The same is true with passers by walking into the shot. On several occasions I’ve had to walk slowly and purposefully away from the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge, towards the camera (a dramatic shot that directors love), only to hear “cut”, look behind me, and find that a dog-walker has wandered into the shot at the last moment. Getting a simple piece of B-roll footage (supplementary shots filmed to establish a character and/or location, and slotted between material shot in the main interview) can often take a long time to film. Children can present particular challenges, and the fact that there’s a children’s area by the car park/camp site at the beginning of the “UFO Trail” in Rendlesham Forest leads to the inevitable “Hey mister, are you making a film?”, or other such questions. I always respond in a polite and friendly way, of course, and unlike some TV folk I could mention, I never refuse an autograph request.
I mentioned dog walkers, but Rendlesham Forest has another wildlife challenge that one doesn’t often encounter on a shoot. I was doing a “walk and talk” along one of the main forest tracks with a film crew one summer’s day, when suddenly there was a loud yell. I looked around and saw one of the crew frozen on the spot, looking fearfully ahead. He’d nearly trodden on a snake that had been basking in the summer sunshine. It was an adder, and could have given him a nasty bite. This is a good example of why TV companies must apply to the Forestry Commission for permission to film, as they’ll need a licence, and issue of the licence is dependent upon the company having adequate insurance in place.
Occasionally, there can be some funny moments on a shoot. On one occasion, I went out to shoot a small item and there was only one other person present, so he was director, camera operator, lighting engineer and sound engineer, all in one. He then got a call from the studio, asking us to film a recreation of the UFO sighting, to accompany my interview. We looked at each other in amazement, wondering how we were going to accomplish this. In the end, as the light was fading, we found a small bush, and the inventive TV company man detached the light and fixed it onto the end of a rod. We both then got down on our knees, one of us on each side of the bush. I moved the light slowly from side to side, while he operated the camera and filmed it. I never saw the finished piece (I’m not one of those people who watches my own TV shows!) but I hope it didn’t look too amateurish!
On another occasion, I was with a larger crew and time margins were running out on us, despite our still being some distance from the site where the UFO was seen to land, on the first night. The director turned to me:
“Is it much further?”
“A fair way, yes”, I replied.
A crafty look appeared on the director’s face.
“One bit of forest looks pretty much the same as another, doesn’t it?”
I caught his drift.
“Absolutely”, I replied, nodding enthusiastically. “It’s all very similar”.
A few moments later we’d set up and I was speaking to camera:
“Here, somewhere very close to this spot – we can’t be certain of the exact location after all these years …”
Joking aside, there are strict broadcasting rules about faking things, so we had to be very careful we weren’t falsely implying that we were at the exact spot. Plus, as people who know the case well are aware, large parts of the forest were felled in the Great Storm of 1987, and the replanting changed the layout of the forest to such an extent that it’s not really possible, nowadays, to be sure where John Burroughs and Jim Penniston encountered the landed UFO.
While I’ve done hundreds of TV interviews over the years, it’s still easy to occasionally get things wrong. One time I was asked to walk into a clearing and tell the story of what happened to John Burroughs and Jim Penniston when they first saw the landed UFO. I was asked to put myself in their shoes and tell the story in real-time. They wanted a standard commentator interview, but I inadvertently slipped into presenter mode, which is louder and more extrovert. I walked into the clearing, turned around with a shocked expression on my face and launched into a gravel-voiced and dramatic retelling of the story, along the lines of the cliché about the voiceover specialists who begin movie trailers with the phrase “In a world ….” – anyway, that’s when I heard the director’s voice, loud and clear:
“Cut. Lose the theatrics!”
One amusing incident happened near the forest, not in it. The director concerned wasn’t really sure what to make of the lighthouse theory and thought it was a bit weak. But it’s been featured in one or two previous documentaries, so he thought he’d better get some footage of it. So we drove, and drove, and drove, until finally we arrived at the coast, a few miles away, at Orford. And there was the lighthouse – still looking tiny in the distance.
“Oh for **** sake”, the director muttered, under his breath, realising instantly what any ufologists who have actually been to the area have long-since figured out, i.e. that the chances of numerous USAF witnesses mistaking a distant lighthouse for a landed, metallic UFO are about zero. He decided it would be intellectually dishonest to even imply that the lighthouse could have been involved, so we broke for lunch and discussed some of the stronger skeptical theories that we might feature instead. Even on occasions where I’ve filmed with crews at night, when we’ve found one of the few areas of the forest from which the lighthouse is even visible, it appears as a tiny pinprick of light on the distant horizon. Confusion over the lighthouse badly caught out one ufologist (another amateur astronomer trying to position himself as an expert on UFOs) in a recent UFO series that included coverage of the Rendlesham Forest incident. He launched into a monologue about how the blinking of the lighthouse might coincide with points on Colonel Halt’s tape when the UFO came into view. But it was clear that the ufologist concerned had never actually been to the forest himself. As the TV show wrapped up the story it was revealed that the lighthouse wasn’t even visible from most of the locations from which the UFO was seen, resulting in a situation where the skeptical ufologist probably came across to viewers as being either naïve or dishonest – or both. This is one of the big lessons of TV. You might want to be on television, but if you try to bluff it and talk about something you don’t really know about, you will be found out!
One of the most memorable shoots I’ve done was associated with an event put on to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest incident. In parallel with the event, at which I was one of the speakers, I’d been commissioned by The Sun to write a feature article on the case and the fact that 30 years had elapsed. It was a complicated dynamic, not least because I had to ask John Burroughs and Jim Penniston to break away from what they were doing, so they could meet the photographer from The Sun, and pose for photos in the forest. But all the time, John and Jim – who were still tired and jetlagged after their flight over from America – were preparing for the talk, as well as filming with Prometheus Pictures, the production company that makes “Ancient Aliens”. That was before John, Jim and I decided to collaborate on a book, so it was slightly more tricky to get them away from the film crew than it might otherwise have been. The Sun’s photographer got his photos in the end, and my feature article ran a day or two later, but the expression on John and Jim’s faces in the photos makes it pretty clear that they wanted to be somewhere else – preferably somewhere warm. On more than one occasion I’ve joked with film crews where the running gag has been how we wish this famous UFO encounter had taken place somewhere warmer!
I hope this article has given readers an interesting and slightly different perspective on not just the Rendlesham Forest incident, but the media as whole. As someone who now works in the film and TV industry, I find there’s a lot of misunderstanding on the part of the UFO community when it comes to the media, and I’m aware that some ufologists believe the media is part of a cover-up, or at least complicit with one, through a policy of ridicule. That’s not the case, but that’s a whole new topic, which I’ll save for a future article. So for now, I’ll sign off with the three words that everyone being filmed wants to hear the director say:
“That’s a wrap!”


My Paranormal Views

The Paranormal.

For me the Paranormal has always been normal. I have seen things since I was two and in fact my very first experience, a memorable one, was of seeing a “ghost”.

This was when I was walking between my parents past manor park cemetery and on being aware of “something” going on I turned round to see a man rising horizontally from the pavement to up end and stand on his feet.

As amazing as that may seem to me that wasn’t what was “wrong” he was wearing what I now know to be Victorian clothes, the whole suit with a top hat. Not seeing anyone dressed like that was odd, nothing else.

So, when my Dad asked what was wrong I simply replied “there is a funny man behind us” that was my first introduction if you like or I prefer to call it “awakening” that remembering  that I had come from somewhere else, that I was borrowing this time though not perhaps entirely sure why at that young. Some of course are far more aware.

I have seen a few since as I grew up but mostly I have felt them and the atmosphere they create.

There are basically two types of ghost phenomena.

There are basically two types of ghost phenomena, one is the “imprint type” where energy is concentrated in an area and reacts in a similar way to a recording, I simply replays the energy stored sometimes at a predestined or preset time on a par with an alarm clock, we have all heard of the “White lady who reputedly appears on such and such a date at midnight.”

This can also be triggered by events and conditions. The second type vastly more interesting is the interactive type which is where much of the current interest in media is concentrated.

This is a spirit, conscious, who interacts with our world. It will react to us in some way and shows intelligence in its responses and those responses will vary enormously. They can be from friendly, timely warnings to poltergeist phenomena, to gross interaction.

A proliferation of programmes, some obviously dubious, are not doing any favours for the serious research and work that real professionals undertake. These programs are only interested in sensationalism and are aimed at feeding a particular market.

One program in particular has a rather angry gentleman who tries to antagonise any particular spirit that is supposed to be around. This is a particularly ignorant and dangerous thing to do especially if the place itself is “haunted” the knowledge of protection is sadly misunderstood and this kind of example only encourages those who are either foolish or sceptics to try their luck.

The Paranormal is not new.

There are one or two genuine paranormal programmes in the world but generally because of the actions of some that have gained notoriety it has given the subject media wise a bad name.

This subject is one that deserves proper scientific investigation. The Paranormal is not new, throughout history people have experienced and noted down,  since man began we have had this instinct that “something exists” some have of course passed into legend and like many urban myths some have passed into folk law and become a “myth of a myth” human nature being what it is and the Chinese whispers syndrome there are many reports which will fail proper investigation but, like all things paranormal there are some that defy any “rational explanation” rational that is to tall except he debunking sceptic.

New inventions.

With the inventions of new sensitive equipment, and ways of measuring for instance there are some wonderful cameras around for example the Go Pro camera which has such a range of accessories and is highly adaptable, waterproof and extreme low light capabilities that can be used are becoming available to many people and new discoveries on of scientific investigation and some great website’s provide information on how to use equipment and where to find suitable places to investigate. Everyone now uses mobile phones, tablets etc all of which are highly portable.

Fakes, Hoaxes and sheer fraud.

This has provided very many opportunities for phenomena to be recorded and uploaded. There are of course so many fakes and there must be a good proportion of fakes propounded by debunkers who not only take great pleasure in fooling a public and underlining the fact that people can be fooled quite easily, giving them (debunkers) more confidence that “they are right” of course some are meant to fool the more serious investigator and a debunker highly prizes a piece of work that gains notoriety as real when they can at a suitable time, say “rubbish this was produced like this, we faked it and so is everything else!”

In that light there have been some notable hoaxes one of the best ever, screened as a live ghost watch was screened on 31 October 1992 with Sarah Greene and best of all Michael Parkinson which gave the show much credibility, Mr Parkinson not especially known for hoaxing being a real positive for the show apparently being real. For a link to that go to: – http://hoaxes.org/archive/permalink/ghostwatch

There are many great and genuine phenomena captured and so interesting to find. We in the UK are the most watched people in the world apparently… and the fact means that we and the world is videoed and screened more than at any time and with 24/7 surveillance more and more is captured in “normal circumstances”, daylight, and in what previously would have been unexpected places, petrol stations for example.

Science is moving fast

Science is moving incredibly fast in the field of the paranormal and especially in particular with Quantum physics.

I have been told that in 20/30 years time that “this place (Earth) will be very different” and what we do in ASSMPI as much as any real general awakening, will have a large effect on the world. Quantum physics, the awakening and the fact that people will make a different correlation to religions will all tally together to show people that the “Paranormal” is in fact actually the “real normal”.

Light, always, Leo Bonomo


Crystal divination

by Judy Hall


Of mighty force my mystic science shows… this potent stone, by sages old extolled. Restless Adamant [quartz] is right called, for that it bends the powers who rule the sky…with influence bland, it soothes the soul to rest. And rouses pleasant thoughts in the human breast.

Orpheus on Gems: The Lithika

In the ancient Egyptian Songs of Isis and Nephthys, the two goddesses address their brother Osiris: ‘your hair is lapis lazuli… your vertebrae are made of turquoise.’ The ancient Egyptians, whilst poetic in utterance, were also literal. In their view, the god in the heavens is made of lapis lazuli and turquoise, and the stone carries the qualities of the god on earth. ‘As above, so below,’ the ancient hermetic dictum. It is no wonder, therefore, that crystals such as lapis lazuli and turquoise have traditionally been used to ascertain the will of the gods. That is, they were used for divination. In ancient Greece, for instance, Axinomancers placed a piece of agate or jet onto a red hot axe to ascertain the guilty party in a crime – the crystal jumped to point at the person. I still use crystals for divination today.

Reading the crystal oracle at Knowlton Henge, my local sacred site.

Reading the crystal oracle at Knowlton Henge, my local sacred site.

Photo copyright Michael Illas

 The magical crystal past

Eight and a half thousand years ago a young shaman was laid to rest on a bed of red hematite at Bad Dürrenberg, her magical grave goods beside her. They included numerous bones, thirty one tiny flint blades which she kept in a crane’s bone box, and a carefully fashioned stone ball that, I would suggest, could be rolled rather like a dice. Five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia a woman was respectfully interred with twelve pebbles beside her, her only grave goods. In a land where pebbles are extremely rare these were collected from two hundred miles away. It is tempting to think, along with the professor who uncovered the grave, that these pebbles had a specific purpose: divination. Many similar discoveries have been made but most archaeologists tend to overlook ‘mere pebbles’ so their significance has not been realised.

In the ancient Egyptian story King Cheops and the Magicians, the king, builder of the Great Pyramid, had long sought for hidden chambers in a temple of the wisdom god Thoth – keeper of the Akashic Record. Cheop’s son suggested he seek out a magician named Djedi. Asked if he knew the location of the chambers, the magician replied, “No, but the answer will be found in a basket of flint in a room named ‘investigator’ in Heliopolis.” Heliopolis is the sun or the self. This is profound piece of oracular wisdom that could be interpreted as the answer having to be sought in the inner, not the outer, world. But note that flint held the answer. This ancient portal stone is much underrated in the modern crystal world, but the ancients recognised its oracular value.

Early Mesopotamian sources mention an ‘elmeshu stone’ (often translated as diamond, quite possibly clear quartz) stone that functioned as an oracle, which makes the following few lines in an ancient Assyrian private letter rather intriguing:

To my father say, thus saith Elmeshu: Shamash and Marduk fill with well-being the days of my father perpetually. My father, be thou well, flourish; the God that preserves my father direct my father’s source of grace.

‘Elmeshu’ is usually interpreted by archaeologists as a ‘woman’ but as Shamash (the Sun) and Marduk (Jupiter) are gods of good fortune, perhaps they, through the stone, have been consulted as to the future of the writer’s father.

As far back as the 6th century BCE the Ratnapariksa of Buddhabhatta tells us that the emerald gives knowledge of the future. Diamond then, as now, indicated faithful love. His list is reproduced in the eighth century Arabic stonebook Achametis , which shows the enduring nature of the tradition. The latter includes interpretations of a king’s dream of crystal crowns. Such a dream usually portended increased power and success but the colour and character of the crystal were significant. If the gems were red carbuncles or rubies, it portended great joy and good fortune and indicated that the king would be even more feared by his enemies. Blue crystals however were a bad omen, foreshadowing the loss of part of the kingdom. Leek green stones indicated that the king would gain a reputation throughout the world, ‘both by his good faith and by the greatness of his kingdom’.

Before tea leaves

When Pliny the Elder, the first century Roman geographer, wrote his treatise on stones his intention was to ridicule the beliefs of his time concerning crystals. However, he inadvertently told us just how widespread and wide ranging those beliefs were. He calls it a ‘dreadful lie’ that an Anachitis, Stone of Necessity, could call up water spirits to act as an oracle for the future, for instance. But hydromancy, divination through water, and lithomancy, divination by crystals, had long been part of the mantic arts. And belief in the power of stones continued well into the Middle Ages. The magician Henry Cornelius Agrippa informs us that ‘the stone Anachitis makes the images of the gods appear. The stone Ennectis, put under them that dream, causeth oracles.’ Agrippa also tells us that another stone, synochitis, obliged the spirits to remain while they were interrogated as to the future. The problem is, we don’t know what these stones are. Anachitis is sometimes translated as pearl, at others agate. Martin Ruland the Elder, a German physician, alchemist and follower of the physician Paracelsus rendered it as ‘diamond’. It may well have been a type of clear quartz, which was believed in ancient times to be frozen water and so would contain water spirits.

In the wonderful crystal odyssey that is the Lithica, a fourth century Orphic poem describes in great detail the properties of crystals and the initiation steps needed to become a crystal worker. A magical black stone sphere is described. According to Helenus, a Trojan soothsayer, this sphere foretold the downfall of his city. The tale describes in graphic detail how the soothsayer fasts for twenty-one days, tenderly wraps the sphere in soft garments and makes offerings to it until through the magic of his prayers ‘a living soul warmed the precious substance.’ Sadly the news that the communicator had to offer was not good and the city fell.

Crystals were cast onto board, used as a kind of dice, or held to invoke assistance of the spirits. A beautiful rock crystal dodecahedron with symbols on each of its facets was found in an ancient Greek cave. It could be rolled to give an answer and many of the ‘board games’ and crystals found in early graves could well be oracles, as could the polished rock crystal mirrors. Crystal balls were consulted throughout history.

Dr John Dee, consultant to Queen Elizabeth the First paid Edward Kelly £50 a year (an enormous amount in those days) to scry with a crystal ball or ‘shewestone’ and Dee’s diaries are full of references to this ‘big, bright clere and glorious’ egg-shaped stone which was accompanied by angels and their messages. Dee also owned a smoky quartz ball. The English politician and antiquarian Horace Walpole writes of Dee’s ‘magic speculum’ a highly polished black mirror half an inch in thickness and seven and a quarter inches in diameter – which sounds like obsidian. These items are now in the British Museum although many years ago I visited a minor English stately home and was handed what was purported to be one of Dee’s scrying stones. It was an incredibly powerful object! My hand still tingles at the memory. Such things seem to have been commonplace. In the 16th century James Thomson wrote ‘one great amusement of our household was in a huge crystal magic globe to spy as you turned it all things that do pass upon this Ant-Hill Earth.’

The Breastplate of the High Priest

But we can go back much further in history than this to explore crystal divination. In Exodus 28, 15-30 we are told by Moses that: ‘the people come to me to enquire of God’ (18:15). This was by means of the Breastplate fashioned for his brother Aaron which had twelve crystals set within it. Hearsay evidence about the use of the Breastplate as an oracle comes from Josephus, the Roman historian, writing many years later:

From the stones which the High Priest wore (these were sardonyxes and I hold it superfluous to describe their nature, since it is known to all), there emanated a light… which was worn on the right shoulder instead of a clasp emitting a radiance sufficient to give light even to those far away, although the stone previously lacked this splendour. And certainly, this in itself merits the wonder of all those who do not, out of contempt for religion, allow themselves to be led away by a pretence of wisdom. However, I am about to relate something still more wonderful, namely that God announced victory by means of the twelve stones worn by the High Priest on his breast.

artist’s impression of the breastplate, which is more likely to have been a pouch rather than a flat plate.

Artist’s impression of the breastplate, which is more likely to have been a pouch rather than a flat plate.

The breastplate contained the Urim and Thumin and the Bible also relates their use as an oracle. Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis says the Talmud describes it as functioning ‘as a kind of ouija board with messages being spelled out for the High Priest.’ And the Breastplate has been described as ‘a distinctive symbol of the priest in his capacity as the giver of oracles’. Who said crystals are ungodly?

When the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel had his call to prophesy, it involved crystal and astrological imagery:

As I looked a stormy wind came out of the north, a great cloud with brightness around it and fire flashing forth continually, and in the middle of the fire, .. gleaming amber [also translated as ‘awesome crystal]. In the middle of it .. four living creatures… As for the appearance of their faces: the four had the face of a human being, the face of a lion on the right side, the face of an ox on the left side, and the face of an eagle…   [the fixed cross of astrology]

… I saw a wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction, their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl… over the heads of the living creatures there was… a dome, shining like crystal… When they moved, I heard the sound of their wings like the sound of mighty waters, like the thunder of the Almighty… Above the dome [was] a throne, in appearance like sapphire… Like the bow in a cloud on a rainy day, such was the appearance of the splendour all around. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. [Ezekiel 1]

 This is the famous ‘chariot of fire’ that so many people today interpret as a spaceship coming down to land. Powered by crystals perhaps?

When crystals were respectable

In the 19th century, Sir John Aubrey, a British politician, gave an eye witness account of a scrying ball in use with the blessing of the church for at least two hundred years:

… a miller had it and he did work great cures with it (if curable), and in the Beryl they did see, either the receipt in writing, or else the herb. [A minister had it] the spirits or angels would appear openly, and because the miller (who was his familiar friend) one day happened to see them, he gave him the aforesaid Beryl… Afterwards this Beryl came into somebody’s hand in London who did tell strange things by it; insomuch that at last he was questioned for it, and it was taken away by authority (it was about 1645). This Beryl is a perfect sphere, the diameter of it I guess to be something more than an inch; it is set in a ring, or circle, of silver, resembling the meredian of a globe; the stem of it is about ten inches high, all gilt. At the four quarters of it are the names of four angels, viz: Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel.”

John Aubrey, “Miscellanies,” London, 1890.

Citrine crystal ball. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions.

Citrine crystal ball. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions.

Similarly, an esteemed clergyman and president of a Victorian psychical research society Andrew Lang recorded the following story at the beginning of the 20th century:

“I had given a crystal ball to a young lady, Miss Baillie, who had scarcely any success with it. She lent it to Miss Leslie, who saw a large, square, old-fashioned, red sofa, covered with muslin (which she afterward found in the next country-house she visited). Miss Baillie’s brother laughed at these experiments but took the ball into his study, and came back looking ‘gey gash.’ He admitted that he had seen a vision -somebody he knew, under a lamp. He said he would discover during the week whether he saw right or not. This was at 5.30 on a Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday Mr Baillie was at a dance in a town 40 miles from his house, and met a Miss Preston. ‘On Sunday,’ he said, ‘about half-past five, you were sitting under a standard lamp, in a dress I never saw you wear, a blue blouse with lace over the shoulders, pouring out tea for a man in blue serge, whose back was towards me, so that I only saw the tip of his moustache.’ ‘Why, the blinds must have been up,’ said Miss Preston. ‘I was at Dulby.’

A horoscope set out in stones

Oral tradition tells us that crystal talismans were used not only ascertain but also to influence the future. From Babylonian times, many crystals were astrological in nature, intrinsically linked to the planets and zodiac. They were part of a complex system of forecasting and petitioning favour from the gods. Iron-rich Hematite, which is red when raw and silver when polished, was linked to the red planet Mars, for instance, a correspondence that continues up to the present day.

My own personal favourite account of a crystal oracle is the board used by the Egyptian Pharaoh Nectanebo to foretell the birth of Alexander the Great. Nectanebo is not exactly a disinterested observer – nor sadly can it be seen as historical fact as he wasn’t exiled to Greece until after Alexander’s birth. But The Alexander Romance is a good tale nonethless. Later in the story he disguises himself as Ammon and impregnates Olympias after prophesying that she would be visited by the god in the night. As an astrologer, it was the means by which Nectanebo cast the synastry (interaction) between the Queen and her husband that caught my attention:

 He placed his hand in a fold of his garment and took out an extraordinary little writing tablet, constructed from gold, ivory, ebony and silver, and engraved with three zones. On the first circle were the thirty-six decans, on the second the twelve signs of the zodiac, and on the inner one the Sun and Moon. He put it on a chair. Then he opened a small ivory box, revealing the seven stars and the ascendant made of eight precious stones, which lit up the pictured miniature heaven. The Sun was of crystal, the Moon of diamond, the Mars of haemetite, the Mercury of emerald, the Jupiter of air-stone, the Venus of sapphire, the Saturn of orphite (Serpentine) and the pointer of white marble.

                        The Alexander Romance

Similar boards have indeed been found and the association between crystals and the zodiac goes way back to Mesopotamia (see my MA dissertation ‘The Stone Horoscope’ on www.judyhall.co.uk).

birthstones laid out on the zodiac wheel. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Birthstones laid out on the zodiac wheel. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

 Are oracles still relevant today?

I would answer a resounding yes to this question. My work with crystals has shown me that they are eager to help us forge a new way forward, a path of expanded awareness that takes us beyond the everyday into the multidimensions of consciousness. They show us what is necessary to bring a new understanding into play, to create a ‘new age.’ I call this the path of the soul. The crystals led me to create my own oracle. My Crystal Wisdom Oracle was the fruit of extensive research into the crystal past – and the soul’s future. The superb photographs were specially taken to help you connect to the energies of the mineral kingdom and develop your own intuition. Each card has a self understanding insight and a divinatory meaning to assist in navigating your soul path. But you can also use stones tumbled onto a board, gaze into a crystal ball or the eyes of a crystal skull, or simply sit quietly tuning into the energies of any crystal you happen to have to hand. The crystal will speak.

 Crystal gazing

You need: crystal ball, crystal skull or large clear crystal point.

  1. Settle yourself comfortably where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Open your palm chakras by rubbing your hands together briskly and hold your crystal in your lap.
  3. Breathe gently letting each out-breath be longer than the in.
  4. As you breathe out let go of any stress or tension you may feel.
  5. As you breathe in draw the energy of the crystal up your arms to calm and centre you.
  6. Allow your breathing to settle into a steady rhythm.
  7. With softly focused eyes look into your crystal.
  8. Notice its shape, its weight, its colour.
  9. Allow yourself to wander through the inner planes and landscape.
  10. Notice any impressions you receive.
  11. When your gazing session is complete, take two deep breaths.
  12. Put your crystal down and stand up with your feet firmly on the floor. Stamp your foot to ground you.

(Extracted from Hay House Basics: Crystals)

 Crystal skull photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Crystal skull photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions


Ancient divinatory meanings

Agate: worldly success

Amber: good health

Carnelian: a new friend

Diamond: enduring love

Hematite: success in lawsuits

Lapis Lazuli: divine favour

Sapphire: the past will catch up with you

Tiger’s Eye: all is not as it seems



Author of The Crystal Wisdom Oracle and Good Vibrations: psychic protection, energy enhancement and space clearing, Judy Hall has a B.Ed in Religious Studies, a Masters in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and an extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology. Crystals, including Bluestones, attuned by Judy can be obtained from www.angeladditions.co.uk. For details of Judy Hall’s workshops and karmic readings see www.judyhall.co.uk


Altered States and Hypnotic World

The Intuitive Connection of Telepathy

The intuitive connection of telepathy

The intuitive connection of telepathy

When we blend the energy of our mind, body and soul and engage with it, there are certain kinds of messages that come to us in an inward manner or to which we are particularly receptive. These messages are absorbed through our energy field, sensory channels and appear as an overwhelming, significant awareness. How you receive messages will be an individual experience depending on your awareness. Let me go into more depth about how messages are transmitted and which parts of the body and mind best facilitate the flow of energy.
Telepathy encompasses the science of psychology and quantum mechanics. It is a communication transmission via the sensory channels and the part of the mind which processes the sending and receiving of messages. This communication is between two people and is conducted on physical, emotional and mental energy levels. Telepathy is instinctual and there are different levels of both mental and emotional frequencies that tune into and convey language, feelings, symbols and desires.
Telepathy utilises the aura, our sensory channels and the pituitary and pineal glands. It also works with our awareness, unconscious and conscious minds. This principle works on electrical and quantum impulses in the brain, when fluctuations in the level of electron response alter the neuron-pathway frequency. These projections allow the receiver’s emotional subtle body aura to sense the emotions being projected. These are then decoded through the nervous system and interpreted through the limbic system deep within the brain. This is how we receive emotional telepathy.



We telepathically convey emotional impressions through our aura to support our words which helps other people to understand us on an emotional level and this how we project emotional telepathy. We are constantly sending and receiving on an energetic level, intuitively sensing on a simple telepathic level. Emotional telepathic communication is more specific and adept between people who have a close emotional bond such as a mother and child or between twins. They communicate clearly on a frequency that is transmitted between the emotional bodies as if they were linked physically. They are still linked, but the link is energetic.

Another element of telepathy is an awareness of premonitions. A common example of this is when you know that the phone is going to ring and even who the caller is or when you are aware that a relative has passed to the afterlife. This clear inner knowing has transpired telepathically and the impressions are received through the super unconscious mind. It then becomes a part of our conscious mind as a thought form. These types of impressions appear as if they have come from nowhere, all of a sudden and are felt on an emotional level and through the aura at the same time.


Then we have the synchronicity of two minds meeting and linking for communication which is known as mental telepathy. This next level is a more complex communication and is known as non-verbal conversation directly from mind to mind. This is directly linked with the pineal gland, the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.
Mental telepathy in the dream state is known as precognitive or prophetic dreaming. This ability is being able to be in the dream state and to have visions, or to sense and clearly know about future events. It is a warning signal to be aware of the possibility of disasters, deaths and ill health or to be careful of the hidden or as yet unknown. This type of dream state telepathy is undefined as it is about an event that has not yet happened, however it largely depends on how you interpret these dreams. The pineal gland is the main part of this function of telepathic dreaming. During this dream state, the cornea and retina of the pineal gland see the vision or images of your dream. Then the second subtle body of the aura records the emotions experienced in the dream state. This is how you can reflect on how you felt in the dream.


Telepathy with animals is a similar type of communication to that already discussed as it is a non- verbal transmission. With animals it still works on the same principle of sending and receiving on an emotional or mental frequency, however animals do not communicate in our known verbal language. Through intuition we receive impressions of emotion and knowing, images and thoughts. Our pets are very intuitive and can tune into their carer and companion, clearly sensing the human’s emotions and knowing when health issues arise. Animals use auditory, olfactory and visual signs and postural gestures to send and receive telepathically.


Crystal Consciousness

Crystals for healing

Crystals for Healing

Crystals for Healing © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Earth Blessings

I have been working with crystals all my life both for healing and scrying. I instinctively wear one each day, intuitively place several on a client’s birth chart when doing a past life reading – or on a client if I see them face to face. Or I hold one for a few moments to energise it and then send it wherever it is needed. My home always has crystals around because they feel good to me, and many are programmed to help other people, or our world. But it wasn’t until I wrote the first edition of The Crystal Bible that I appreciated quite what I’d been intuitively doing for so long, how many crystals there are, and the enormous range of healing possibilities they encompass – it’s now in three volumes and I could easily do a fourth. Researching Crystal Prescriptions a few years later took me back to the use of gemstones for healing in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and beyond. For my M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology I tracked the origins of the use of crystals back some seven thousand years but I know it goes back further, there’s just no written record, only evidence found in graves. It truly is an ancient science: the oldest crystal healing prescription I found was Bloodstone, Carnelian and Green Aventurine for cleansing and restoring the kidneys and liver: exactly what a crystal healer might use today. Indeed, Bloodstone and Carnelian are two of the oldest-known, continuously-used healing stones.

Rather than telling you how to do crystal healing (which needs a properly structured course of study but you can always take a look at my Crystal Healing Pack for a basic outline), I’d like to share with you some crystals and techniques that I find particularly useful.

Good vibrations

Ajoite with Shattuckite © www.artfire.com

Ajoite with Shattuckite – © www.artfire.com

If you are surrounded by good vibrations your health and wellbeing are assured and crystals have always been revered for putting out good vibes and for protecting the wearer or the space they are in. I often wear a beautiful piece of Shattuckite with Ajoite. This rare stone protects against subtle ill-wishing, connects me to higher levels of being, and offsets the effects of electromagnetic smog. It can be difficult to get hold of and a Quartz such as Smoky, Rose, Tourmalinated or Rutilated (Angel Hair) can work just as well. If you, like me, are sensitive to cellphone emanations, then taping a piece of Shungite, Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz onto the phone works wonders as it re-integrates your auric field.

Black Tourmaline, Tantalite and Amethyst are excellent for turning back ill-wishing or jealousy, and are highly protective when worn around the neck – and, traditionally, Amethyst has the added attraction of warding off inebriation – allegedly. It’s been used that way for three thousand years.

Caption: Anandalite, the perfect aura cleanser  © www.exquistecrystals.com

Anandalite, the perfect aura cleanser
© www.exquistecrystals.com

If you want to keep your energy clear at all times, a Quartz, Flint or Charoite crystal can be used to ‘comb’ all around your body about a foot out. An AnandaliteTM is absolutely brilliant for this. All these stones absorb negative energy, repair weak spots in your biomagnetic field, and re-energise your whole body. A long Quartz point is also useful for cleaning your chakras, simply spiral it out from the chakra, cleanse it under running water or with a proprietary crystal cleanser, and then spiral in again in the opposite direction (some people are adamant that there is a right and wrong direction for this but I find it best to do what feels right).

Caption: Labradorite  © Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Labradorite © Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

A Labradorite crystal with its unexpected scintillating flash of blue is a wonderful energy protector that also pulls in spiritual power. It is an excellent stone for healers and those who work with other people to wear around your neck. Creating an interface between your own energies and those of another person, it enhances intuition whilst preventing taking on other people’s problems or negative thoughts or energy.

Using your crystals

Crystals can be placed over chakras or directly over organs, or laid out around the body to create a healing grid. If your crystal has a point, placing it point facing outwards draws negative energy away from the body, and point facing in draws energy into the body.

Auralite 23: perfect for shutting off mind chatter and creating focus. © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Auralite 23: perfect for shutting off mind chatter and creating focus. © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Crystal Wisdom Oracle

If you feel stressed out and need to relax, lying with crystals on your chakras does the trick. It cleanses and re-energizes each chakra, balancing them; helping you to relax and bringing about a sense of well being and good health. You can use the traditional colour correspondences with the chakras by placing a stone of an appropriate colour on the chakra (see table below), or intuitively choose your own colours. You can also place 7 Amethyst points (point facing in) around your body to help you relax with a Smoky Quartz point down at your feet to draw off negative energy. One on your third eye (middle of your forehead) is very helpful if you have a headache, as is Azurite or Lapis Lazuli. If you have trouble shutting off your mind, place three Auralite 23 or Bytownite crystals around your head or one on your third eye. Many people who are opening up psychically experience pressure in the third eye and an Apophyllite pyramid or Labradorite placed over the third eye helps it to open and relieves the pressure.

 Healing the heart

Tugtupite: the pink colour intensifies the longer you wear it. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Tugtupite: the pink colour intensifies the longer you wear it.
© Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Following the break up of a relationship your heart may feel somewhat battered. The most soothing crystal is Rose Quartz. It prevents bitterness from entering your heart, gently melts any resentment and heals abuse of trust, bringing forgiveness in its place. When your heart feels whole again, Green Aventurine, Dioptase and Rose Quartz reactivate your higher heart chakra, the place of compassion and unconditional love. You can also wear the rare and beautiful stone Tugtupite from Greenland to keep your heart chakra functioning at its best.

Twinflame crystal. ©  Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Twinflame crystal. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Rose Quartz is the stone to use if you want to attract more love into your life. Place the largest piece you can find by your bed, and put one in the relationship corner of your house too – this is the farthest right corner from the front door. If you can find a crystal that has two equal sized crystals side by side on a common base place this here too. Many Quartzes can be found in twin formations that spring from a joint base and they are excellent for this purpose. They symbolise mutual support and loving interdependence. It will attract a twinflame into your life: a twinflame being a soulmate without the karma or the hassle. Something we all need in our life!

 Combating the energy vampires

It is all too easy to lose energy to other people without really knowing why or even that it has occurred, especially if you work in the healing or counselling field. The main symptom is a feeling of weariness or slight depression, very low energy and a tugging or tweaking pain under your left armpit. If you get a nagging pain there, an energy vampire is at work. This may be a family member, partner or friend, client or work colleague. Fortunately the antidote is simple. Tape a Green Aventurine, Green Fluorite or Jade crystal over the chakra, or wear one on a long chain so that it reaches to the end of your breastbone. Remembering to disconnect from clients as they walk out of the door keeps this chakra healthy and your own energy high.

 Being in a safe space

Crystals are an excellent way to ensure that you are in a good space and to keep a healing or living room energetically clean. Unfortunately these days most of us are bombarded with unseen electromagnetic radiation, to which many people are sensitive especially those who are psychic. I live near an electricity sub-station, not my first choice of location as I’m all too aware of the potentially health depleting effects – although I have turned this around and affirm that it will energise and realign me. As soon as I moved in I gridded the whole garden with pieces of Black Tourmaline, positioning one at each corner. I then placed Amazonite, Amethyst clusters and Smoky Quartz points on the windowsills (with the points pointing away from the house to deflect the energy). Now I’ve added huge chunks of Shungite to the window sills. The house feels energetically clear and, on dowsing, registers no adverse electromagnetic emissions. These stones are equally effective for any ‘bad vibes’ that may be affecting your home or workplace. My computer is surrounded with Shungite, Fluorite and Lepidolite to further protect my energy but you could use the Smoky Quartz, Sodalite or Amethyst for this.

To keep a healing room energetically clean, place a large piece of Smoky Quartz, Calcite, Black Tourmaline or Tourmalinated Quartz in a central position and ask it to absorb negative energies. Remember to cleanse it every day. You can also grid small pieces of Black Tourmaline in each corner to keep out bad vibes or ethereal white Selenite to draw in spiritual light to assist in your work.

 How to charge your crystals

Before using a crystal for the first time, cleanse it, dedicate it for the highest good of yourself and everyone who comes into contact with it, then programme it to your needs. Precisely formulate what you want your crystal to do but do not limit it, say ‘this or something better’. Sit quietly and hold your crystal. Focus your attention on it. State your intention firmly and clearly – you may need to repeat several times.

How to clean your crystals

Crystals need regular cleansing and re-energising. When you purchase a crystal, it holds the energy of everyone who handled it. When you have worn or used it for awhile, especially if you’ve been using it for healing, it will need cleaning again. Most crystals can be cleansed under running water and then left in sunlight but delicate crystals can be placed in uncooked brown rice overnight (compost the rice afterwards). A quick way to clean and recharge all crystals is to put a drop of Petaltone Clear2Light on them (see www.petaltoneessences.com).

Useful crystal healing kit

A selection of healing crystals. ©  Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

A selection of healing crystals. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions



Function: cleansing, protecting, stabilizing, tranquilizing, transmuting, opening. Balances all the subtle bodies and chakras, makes spiritual connections.

Organs: lungs, intestines, brain.

Gland: pineal

Systems: endocrine, digestive, metabolic, nervous, immune, skeletal, digestive, subtle bodies.

Chakras: brow, throat and crown.



Function: cleansing, protecting, revitalizing particularly of the blood, cleanses and realigns the lower chakras,

Organs: liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, bladder

Gland: thymus

Systems: immune, circulation, lymphatic, metabolic

Chakras: stimulates heart and base chakras.

Blue Lace Agate

Function: Cooling, calming, opening, activating, nurturing.

Organs: Pancreas, brain, throat

Gland: Thyroid, parathyroid

Systems: Lymphatic, skeletal, nervous

Chakras: Throat


Clear Quartz

Function: energising, absorbing, storing, purifying, balancing, releasing and regulating energy.

Organs: all

Gland: pituitary and pineal

Systems: immune, biomagnetic sheath

Chakras: harmonizes all the chakras, aligns the subtle body and activates the higher crown.


Green Aventurine

Function: cleansing, activating, regulating, stabilizing and creating abundance.

Organs: heart, adrenals, lungs, sinuses, eyes

Gland: Thymus

Systems: mental, nervous, muscular, urogenital, connective tissue,

Chakras: heart, spleen.


Function: energising, stimulating, cleansing, stabilizing, grounding into the present moment, bringing in abundance

Organs: reproductive, kidneys, intestines,

Gland: adrenals

Systems: metabolic, reproductive,

Chakras: base, sacral and spleen

Rose Quartz

Function: enhancing love, sedating, releasing, assimilating, forgiving, restoring the blood

Organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, genitals, liver

Gland: thymus, adrenals.

Systems: circulatory, lymphatic

Chakras: heart and higher heart


Smoky Quartz

Function: cleansing, protecting, grounding, pain relieving.

Organs: heart, muscles, nerves, back

Gland: none

Systems: reproductive, nervous

Chakras: earth and base



Function: regulating fluids, cooling, stabilising, releasing

Organs: vocal cords, larynx.

Gland: pineal, thyroid

Systems: lymphatic, immune, metabolic

Chakras: throat, brow.


Function: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-electromagnetic stress, protective, immune-stimulating and just about anything else you could need

Organs: all

Glands: all

Systems: all

Chakras: all

Chakras and associated crystals

Chakra              Crystal             Crystal Function

Earth                          Smoky Quartz           Grounding and protecting

Base                           Red Jasper                 Energising

Sacral                         Orange Carnelian      Creating

Solar Plexus               Yellow Jasper                        Nurturing, feeling

Heart                          Green Aventurine      Healing emotional distress

Higher Heart             Rose Quartz              Unconditional love

Throat                                    Blue Lace Agate        Opening communication

Brow                           Sodalite                      Attuning

Crown                         Amethyst                   Opening intuition

Higher Crown (1)       Labradorite               Opening spiritual communication

Higher Crown (2)      New Quartzes           Reaching enlightenment






Author of Crystal Basics, The Crystal Healing Pack and The Crystal Bible volumes 1-3, Crystal Prescriptions 1-4. Judy Hall has a B.Ed in Religious Studies, a Masters in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and an extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology. Crystals, including Bluestones, attuned by Judy can be obtained from www.angeladditions.co.uk. For details of Judy Hall’s workshops and karmic readings see www.judyhall.co.uk




Science and Consciousness

Toward a Science of Consciousness

I recently had the wonderful experience of attending the “Toward a Science of Consciousness” Conference (June 9-13, 2015), in Helsinki, Finland, meeting some amazing people, as well as presenting my research. Professionally, this was a departure from my previous research interests and publications in mainstream scholarly fields of U.S.-China cultural exchange and Women’s History, and toward the history of the spirituality and spiritualism in the 19th century U.S. I had forgone two opportunities to present at more mainstream academic conferences related to my discipline because I was looking for a more spiritually inclined and interdisciplinary venue. I attended numerous thought-provoking panels and cannot do justice to all, but I was particularly interested in those that related to my new research interests.


The conference was initially held in Tucson, Arizona in 1994 and meets there on even numbered years, alternating with groups across the globe for the remainder of the yearly conferences. This year, the conference, expertly organized by Paavo Pylkkänen, and Päivi Seppälä from Finland, where there are efforts to preserve Finno-Ugric shamanism, boded well for the spirituality I hoped to find there at this conference venue in Helsinki. I wondered how, in this arena, the two predominant models of consciousness would be portrayed and interact. The standard model, is that consciousness is a result of the workings of brain neurons and synaptic transmissions. How would proponents of this view engage with the model that brings together spiritually minded practitioners, as well as some natural and social scientists? The spiritually minded believe that consciousness is an intrinsic part of the universe and that this came before biology. Deepak Chopra, an important keynote speaker at this conference, believes that evolution is driven by consciousness, which exists intrinsic to the universe and outside of biology. This view predominated among conference presenters in the pre-conference forum.

The East-West forum of June 8 was expertly moderated by University of Arizona Professor of Anesthesology, Dr. Stuart Hameroff, who would give an engaging presentation on consciousness as a property of the universe, and bring together spiritual practitioners and scholars in the natural and social sciences. Topics included states of consciousness with Indian classical music ragas and color, and Sona Ahuja’s presentation on the investigation of mystic experiences and pure conscious events. Ahuja described how mystical experiences present are as ineffable as the “hard problem of consciousness,” identified by David Chalmers. Bringing together what he described as “Western and Eastern views of Consciousness, University of London Psychology Professor Max Velmans brought together divergent Western materialist reductionist and Eastern philosophical traditions, explaining how these culminated in different views of the universe. The forum culminated in an interesting question and answer discussion panel with all participants addressing the links between spirituality and science, such as the relationship between meditation and EEG, from these myriad interdisciplinary perspectives.

During the remainder of the conference, from June 9th to June 13th, interesting topics such as the science of dreaming, models of hypnosis, out of body experiences, meditation, and Near Death Experiences, were addressed, based upon the theory that standard consciousness is a result of the workings of brain neurons and synaptic transmissions. The speakers, relying upon decades of research, concluded, in some cases, that there was “no soul,” that out of body experiences were causally related to brain activity and that hypnosis was strictly linked to imagination. One presentation dismissed NDEs because the marker cards that were set up in rooms where individuals were resuscitated were ignored by 100% of the NDErs.

I found these presentations interesting in light of the work of Dr. Penny Sartori, who has seventeen years of experience as an intensive care nurse, and was awarded a Ph.D. for her research on NDEs. Sartori addressed central objections to the validity of NDEs, explaining, for example, that her patients, ignored the marker cards set up because they were understandably more interested in what was happening to their bodies as they were being resuscitated. These patients could accurately report what was done to resuscitate them, while a control group completely erred in guessing what was done to their bodies during this process.

Given what seemed to me to be more of an emphasis on materialist reductionism during many of the conference panels, I wondered, through the week as my presentation neared, whether any of the participants would be interested in the topic of the afterlife in history, particularly when related to the topics of trauma, grief and emotions. There was only one other presentation dealing with the topic of afterlife communication, an engaging and informative talk by a psychology professor entitled “The medium as mystic,” based upon Psychology Professor Jennifer Lyke’s interviews with Windbridge Institute certified mediums. Lyke, explained that her interviews suggested that the medium was “a kind of mystic” because her subjects indicated engaging in communication with spirits and spirit guides, rather than a relating experiences of “oneness.” This was an important observation, as she explained that the level of experience of oneness is usually the criteria for defining a mystic, thus alluding to Sona Ahuja’s talk about the difficulty that this term presents. I would have to consider this when describing the experiences of my 19th century subjects.

Indeed, when it came to the conference’s focus on spirituality, the emphasis was on “oneness.” Proefssor Elina Hytonen-Ng discussed shamanic rituals from the perspective of how the use of sound and music played a part in altered states of consciousness, and her audience questions dealt more with questions of how to achieve brain entrainment rather than journeyers experiences with spirits or images while in that state of consciousness. Deepak Chopra’s excellent and eye-opening presentation, “One Universe, one Mind,” summarized this attention to the process of achieving oneness very well, as did his guided meditation. Chopra guided the meditators to repeat “I am (John Smith),” gradually dropping off each word beginning with the surname, for the purpose of ultimately relinquishing the self, remaining present and at peace with the feeling of “I am.” The goal of Chopra’s meditation, of arriving to a state of complete lack of ego and lack of attachment, complemented the foci of the East-West forum; however, it led me to wonder exactly where my research would fit in when it came to the existing conference themes that I had observed thus far.

Lack of attachment was most definitely not a feature of my talk, which aimed to explain how certain historical figures experienced a kind of “dark night of the soul” as a result of painful trauma and grief associated with their losses of loved ones. There were many fascinating concurrent panels at the time when mine was scheduled and I wondered whether I would be speaking to an empty room; however, to my surprise, conference participants would indeed express interest in my talk. All seats were filled, the audience was attentive and I received several invitations to give the talk again, as well as to collaborate on research with a few scholars in the natural sciences.

As the only mainstream historian at the conference, and one of the few to discuss the afterlife and afterlife communication, I pondered once again what this meant when a man in the audience, seated prominently in front of me, scowled deeply throughout my talk. I discovered the reason during the question period, when he finally asked, “how can you describe this phenomena (of painful grief) as a ‘dark night of the soul,’ when this term has been associated, in many traditions, as pure hell – quite terrifying”? I reminded him that the experience of loss, for these historical figures, as well as many grief-stricken individuals today, can truly be terrifying. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow clearly expressed the wish to end his life and wondered whether he might be institutionalized for insanity as a result of the intense grief he experienced due to his wife’s passing in 1861. Another grieving poet spoke of his “razors” and his “throat,” and expressed the wish to “end it all.” The man’s smile actually turned to a smile, and he nodded his head in approval at my answer as did others in the audience. This was just one of many examples I have seen which suggested that people may often be dissuaded from thinking about the nature of grief, and its level of pain associated with it, pushing it away, but when led to consider it, they can easily understand.

While 19th century Darwinist ideas were addressed by panelists, 19th century ideas connecting grief to the afterlife, with all its complex images, were not featured at this particular conference. Gradually, I believe that more scholars will explore this interesting topic. Harvard President, and historian, Drew Gilpin Faust, in This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War (Knopf, 2008), brilliantly illustrated that a surprisingly large number of Americans sought communication with loved ones in spirit in order to help heal their grief. Indeed, a few of my fellow panelists, whose interesting topics centered upon “emotions” from the perspective of the Social Sciences and Philosophy, also discussed with me the possibility of future emphasis upon historical figures.

While to 19th century Americans, connections with the spirit world went from being viewed as heretical to increasingly being seen as more commonplace and natural, today, many are not aware of the value that these connections had in the past. Important historical figures, such as Longfellow, demonstrated a level of mysticism arising from the experience of grief. While the conference has emphasized the definition of mysticism as a “hard problem,” akin to the hard problem of consciousness, perhaps we can utilize the language of the subjects themselves as a kind of window into greater understanding of the phenomena. Longfellow wrote, in his poem, “Haunted Houses,” (1852) after the transitioning of his first wife:

There are more guests at table, than the hosts
Invited; the illuminated hall
Is thronged with quiet, inoffensive ghosts,
As silent as the pictures on the wall.

The stranger at my fireside cannot see
The forms I see, nor hear the sounds I hear;
He but perceives what is; while unto me
All that has been is visible and clear.

Perhaps the gradual healing, from the “dark night of the soul,” achieved through this ability to see what is “visible and clear,” can be viewed as a stepping stone toward the ‘oneness’ that featured prominently as a topic in some of the panels, as well as the Deepak Chopra meditation. The inclusion of studies centering on the afterlife and its representations, as expressions, not of altered states of consciousness but, as spiritual medium Jock Brocas, has described, the “awakening of that which is dormant and …part of (human) natural consciousness or the reality of … consciousness,“ would also be a wonderful addition to the conference topics, as “Toward a Science of Consciousness,” and other conferences dedicated to the growing field of Consciousness Studies, evolve in the coming years.


Extra Terrestrial

The creation process and states of love

We learned in “Introduction to Zeta communications” that the purpose of existence is to evolve so as to experience new things and make comparisons. The Zetas say that every conscious entity has the ability to make changes to their environment. All that is needed to be a creator is the intention to create. So all beings have the innate ability to reconfigure consciousness into whatever form they desire. Although the process of creation is rather technical, it should be understood since it underlies much of experience in the energetic realms. The following discussion explains how it works and what the ramifications are for existence.

Two attributes of consciousness space are important for the process of creation described by the Zetas. The dimension of love is an inherent property of this space, and each facet of every soul entity has the ability to love to a greater or lesser extent. Another essential property is a multidimensional grid analogous to a space-filling grid in our three dimensions. It is a basic construct in consciousness space that holds all creations. The grid itself is said to have no form unless it is distorted by a creation. That is, in its pure undistorted form, the grid is a potential that is not perceived.

The Zetas gave us a way to think about the energy of consciousness space by using the analogy of a waveform. A single waveform is said to represent all that is. Individual objects or beings are components of this waveform. Conversely, individual things integrated with the one waveform are recovered by a being’s perceptual process. Perception transforms the waveform into separate things for the being’s consciousness to experience.

A new creation alters the content of the one waveform. The process of creation is analogous to how laser light is used to make a simple hologram in our physical reality. The ordered states of consciousness or love are analogous to the spectrum of light. The particular vibrational energy of a being’s highest possible state of love corresponds to the particular colour of light used to make the hologram. This vibrational energy is modified by the being’s intention to produce a particular creation. The modified energy is combined with the being’s unmodified energy to produce a result analogous to the interference pattern of the hologram. This outcome represents the desired creation and is preserved in the all-pervasive grid.

Other beings operating at the same state of love or higher can, as an act of perception, reconstruct the thought created in this way in the grid. These beings may therefore share the same reality. A being whose highest state of love is lower than the state that created the pattern would not be able to do so.

In general, a being in a particular state of love cannot experience the creations of another being in a higher state of love. This constraint undoubtedly has a profound impact on the kind of relations that can exist among beings. For example, higher-level beings need not be exposed to other beings with little ability to love and who might be self-centred and abusive. Also, a Zeta pointed out that the human race is in a relatively low state of love, and so there is much information at higher levels that is beyond our reach. However, this may be a good thing since humans would likely use advances in knowledge to make more destructive weapons.

There is an exception to the general principle that lower-level beings cannot interact with higher-level beings. That is, the higher-level being may invite another being in a lower state of love to conjoin with it. Such a loving invitation would enable the lower-level being to resonate with the vibrational state of the higher-level being and feel its higher state of love. This accounts for the inexpressible love some people have felt from other beings during epiphanies in near-death and other transcendent experiences.

So why is it difficult for us to change our physical world with our thoughts when all that is required to create is the intention? According to the Zetas, physical objects are supported by templates in a higher dimension we call the etheric realm. The etheric templates specify the detailed properties of objects such as chemical composition, shape, position, and other physical attributes. When a being’s intention modifies an etheric template, there is a corresponding change in the state of the associated physical object. For example, altering the spatial position of the etheric form in relation to its environment causes the physical object to move. We call this motion ‘teleportation’ since it has no apparent physical cause. Various experiments have found that human intention can indeed influence matter, but only to a small degree.

Perhaps we are unable to form a proper intention to change our physical environment because our state of consciousness is not quite up to it. Our intentions are relatively ineffective because the etheric templates supporting the forms of matter were created by an entity operating at a higher state of consciousness. Its etheric creations would not be perceived by humans and would therefore be hard to manipulate. This suggests, as many people already believe, that the creator being has a higher state of consciousness, and is therefore more loving than humans are. The Zetas and other races hope and expect that humans will eventually reach that higher state of consciousness, and by so doing, overcome the barrier to communication with them.