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Crystal Consciousness

Stones that have uplifted their consciousness


Uplifting Crystals That Have Affected Us

Photocopyright Michael Illas, Earth Blessings (Watkins Books)

As I’ve mentioned previously in this column certain crystals are in the process of uplifting their consciousness. Their vibrations have become more refined and ‘higher’ and the stones have made a closer contact with the Earth. Which may sound paradoxical but stay with me. Two prime examples of these apparently different processes coming together are Malachite and Moldavite. When I first began writing about Moldavite in 2003 its energies were, to my mind, being overtaken by newer finds. The vibration had been one of the highest on the planet, but something was changing. They weren’t taking me to the furthest reaches of consciousness as they once had. A few years later it was as though they’d been given a kick ‘upstairs’ and yet were more plugged into the planet so that their energy could be grounded and utilised more fully. The energy was even more vibrant than it had been. But people needed to be first grounded and then attuned and ready to work with it or they were simply blown away.

Similarly Malachite was quite unstable at that time. It was bringing up deep issues for resolution but by catharsis rather than transformation. Now it’s stabilised again but at a higher resonance than before. It’s is a powerful stone of magical transmutation. So let’s start with Malachite.

Malachite: your true power crystal

Malachite raw, c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk

Opaque in hue, with th’ emerald’s vivid green, Malachite charms the sight, first in Arabia seen. [Ancient rhyme]

Malachite is a power stone for intense inner transformation and purgation. Acting as a cleanser for the emotional body and for deep soul healing, it scours away the residue of past life or childhood trauma and resets ancestral DNA. The stone draws in spiritual energy to raise the frequency of the physical body. It is the perfect stone to assist in letting go of old ego-identity and everything that restricts your sense of true self. With Malachite’s assistance you can step into your true power and from there manifest your own reality. This stone surprises you with the depth of transmutation you achieve – and the evasive distractions that have been holding you back. Face up to your secrets and, with Malachite’s assistance, you manifest your truly power-full self.

Malachite teaches that when you’re fully empowered, you manifest your own reality. But points out that, if you’re not standing in your power, you are unable to manifest anything except negativity. This stone brings to the surface all the hidden issues, toxic thoughts and repressed feelings that are holding you back or sabotaging you. Once you’ve faced these, you can reclaim your power. Malachite is particularly useful when you are seeking to manifest a way out of trauma and emotional drama. But you can use it in any area of your life to call on your power, to be strong and resolute, and to manifest the real you.

Polished Malachite. Turn it over, and this is what is revealed.

c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Legendary power

Over 6000 years ago Malachite was obtained from Egyptian copper mines in Sinai. Mines that were sacred to the goddess Hathor. Strangely for a stone that later became associated with all things occult and metaphysical, Malachite was a talisman against enchantment and the evil eye and as such had the sun engraved upon it because its light was antithical to witchcraft, necromancers and demons. The Roman Geographer Pliny tells us that, in his time, Malachite had a reputation for protecting children as it was a natural prophylactic against danger. It was also valued as beneficial to nursing mothers and for the eyes.

Power properties

Malachite has always been recognized as a powerful conduit for transferring energy into the body and was valued for its protective qualities. It absorbs environmental pollution such as geopathic stress, electromagnetic smog and radiation. This stone is merciless in its exposure of the personality’s imperfections, the outgrown patterns, blockages and ties that must be dissolved before the soul can ascend to a higher vibration. The stone is adamant that you must take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. This makes it an excellent karmic cleanser and scourer of the soul, activating soul purpose. The Egyptians used it extensively as a paste to treat eyes, cholera and infected wounds. At times modern medicine catches up with ancient healing methods and the copper carbonate/hydroxide in Malachite has recently been found have an anti-bacterial effect, inhibiting pathogens such as staphylococcus. An effect that would have been reinforced by the Egyptian habit of mixing powdered Malachite with honey, a natural antibiotic.

Transmutational power

A resolute stone that draws insights up from the subconscious mind, Malachite is the raw essence of copper. Its protective influence guards and guides you on your journey through the underworld and all that resides there, takes you through death of the ego and your old-self and facilitates the regeneration of your true self. As the crystal is itself evolving, it is the perfect crystal for all transmutational shadow work, especially on an emotional and intellectual level but, the more you work with it, the more expansive its influence becomes.

The crystal’s convoluted whorls help to illuminate all the hidden corners of your mind. It brings to light the inner critic or the saboteur who trips up your manifestation intentions. This stone demands that you take a hard look at the psychosomatic and karmic causes that lie behind an apparent inability to manifest ease and well-being. It facilitates release and letting go so that you move forward. Malachite draws off negativity at all levels, releasing ancient trauma and outgrown feelings so that you find deep emotional healing. Working with this crystal brings you face to face with whatever is blocking your spiritual path and assists in its transmutation.

Harnessing the power

Meditate with Malachite letting your half-focused eyes gently follow its contours. It makes an excellent journeying or scrying stone as the whorls take you ever deeper into yourself or into the future.

Malachite Meditation: What am I holding on to?

c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

This Malachite meditation is a potent way to connect with the issues that are keeping you from stepping into your power. We may think that past issues are resolved and that the path ahead is clear, but often old hurts and confusion lie buried, acting as energetic blocks to our progress. Malachite’s strong protective properties help you to feel safe as you gently let go of old thoughts, feelings and experiences that no longer serve you and the inner figures that have tripped you up, and open up to the wisdom they offer. Take as long as you need for this process of release.

  1. Settle yourself comfortably where you will not be disturbed and breathe gently, withdrawing your attention from the outside world and into the crystal. Keep your eyes half open and gaze at the whorls and contours of your Malachite as you connect with the power of the crystal. Feel its strength in your hand. Let its energy radiate up your arms and into your heart and mind. As you focus on each whorl let it take you inwards. Allow the bands to move you gently into contact with your deepest self. Close your eyes and relax. When you feel ready place the crystal over your solar plexus.
  2. Ask the crystal to let you know what you are holding onto, what it would be beneficial to release. Notice any thoughts that drift into your mind, recognise if there is a pattern, then let them go with love. Acknowledge any emotions that arise, and lovingly release them. Take your mind around your body to any areas of tension or pain, breathe gently and let them go. Let the Malachite show you any hooks that are in your heart and gently dissolve these, filling the place with loving energy and forgiveness.
  3. Ask the crystal to show you how the past is affecting your present in any area of your life and how your mind and your emotions control what you manifest. Willingly surrender all that no longer serves you, all the pain and emotions, beliefs, expectations, experiences or inner figures that have weighed you down and held you back. Acknowledge them and let them be drawn into the crystal for transmutation. Let them go with forgiveness in your heart.
  4. Ask the crystal to show you the gifts hidden behind that old pain, the qualities you have developed and the resources you can draw on. Step into your power. Allow yourself to know how you use these and how you work with this crystal in future to manifest your new reality.
  5. Ask the crystal if it has any other information and wait quietly for the answer. If an inner figure appears, negotiate a positive role for it.
  6. Before you begin the return journey, put your attention out to the subtle bodies around your physical self and ask the crystal to draw off and transmute any negative energies or disharmonies that have not yet been released, bringing all the subtle bodies into alignment.
  7. Feel the strong protection from the Malachite wrapping around you. Finally, feel the strength of the crystal and its powerful connection to the Earth grounding you into your physical existence, bringing you fully into the present moment. When you feel ready, thank the crystal, open your eyes, get up and move around.

[Extracted from 101 Power Crystals (Fairwinds) and Life Changing Crystals/Crystals to Empower you (Godsfield Press/Fairwinds)

Moldavite: the starborn stone

Moldavite, c. Judy Hall

Moldavites … are among the most powerful gemstone tools for spiritual development and expansion of consciousness. They seem to engender an acceleration of one’s inner growth and evolution. Hundreds of times people have described to us the rapid transformation of their lives which has come soon after they acquired Moldavite. Jobs, relationships, life styles or possessions which did not serve their highest paths were rapidly released, and the new, evolutionary forms of these same things appeared, drawn as if by magnetism. We have heard stories of visionary experience, chakra activation, energy cleansings and the discovery of personal destiny, all associated with the entrance of Moldavite in to one’s life.”

Robert Simmons

Holding a Grail Cup that Robert Simmons created from Moldavite prompted such a rush of energy that I had to hand it back rather hastily. I was at his stand at a crystal conference in Glastonbury and about to give a crystal talk to a couple of hundred people. It wasn’t exactly the right time to take the journey to Source that I knew was possible. But even that brief contact changed my life. I’d been in touch with Moldavite before of, course, but never in that quantity or at that potency. That was when I knew that the Moldavite uplift had occurred. It had a profound effect on me. Yes, a great deal was stripped away. But I stepped into what was literally a new life, one that gave me unprecedented access to ancient crystal information that I’ve been sharing ever since. As a Sagittarius I am always on a grail quest and I certainly found one that day.


Sagittarius The Zodiac Pack c. Judy Hall


Moldavite is a stone of exceptional karmic and soul transformation, downloading information from the Akashic Record and cosmic consciousness. Taking you back into your past to reconnect to your previous wisdom and soul purpose, it also takes you forward into the future to access what is needed for your soul’s evolution and then facilitates putting that into practice in the present moment. If you are sensitive or unused to high vibration crystals, wear or use Moldavite sparingly until energetic adjustment is made. Whenever you work with Moldavite it is sensible to combine it with a grounding stone such as Smoky Quartz or Flint so that the new energy is anchored into the earth. Moldavite has become more adept at this as its awareness has expanded, but it appreciates a helping hand.

If you are a star child who finds the vibration of the earth heavy and inert, gridding with or wearing Moldavite adjusts your vibration so that you can bring more cosmic energy down into your body to feel more at home at earth while at the same time transmuting earth energy through integration of cosmic light. If you are shamanically inclined, you can use it for an upper world journey back to the source.

Most people feel a huge rush of energy through the physical body on holding Moldavite. If you are using it for healing, Moldavite focuses attention on the cause, rectifying the underlying imbalances that create dis-ease or impede spiritual evolution. Other grounding stones such as Hematite, Flint or Smoky Quartz may be needed as part of the process as Moldavite can cause dizziness and severe ungroundedness. If so, remove the stone and try again later.


Legendary power

The power of Moldavite comes from the sky. About 11 million years ago Moldavite burst onto earth with enormous force as a giant meteor metamorphosed the surrounding rock into a glass-like non-crystalline substance fusing the power of the sky with that of Mother Earth. A metaphor for cosmic transformation, Moldavite was one of the highest vibrational crystals for expanding consciousness but it has been overtaken by other crystals. If you have worked with high vibration crystals for some time, your vibrations may have moved beyond it despite its recent uplift. However, it is still a very effective stone especially if you are new to crystals. It is a useful step on the ladder of higher dimensional working and spiritual transformation.

There are many myths in which a stone falls to earth, is lost and has to be found for transformation to take place. In Eschenbach’s story of Parzifal, the Holy Grail was a green stone that fell from the sky and many crystal experts link Moldavite with the grail. Another legend says that a green stone fell from Satan’s crown as he tumbled from heaven – a symbol of divine light falling to earth. In the original myths, God’s favorite angel was not evil. Hethe lightbringer for the Earth, as is Moldavite. This stone is prized as a bringer of cosmic wisdom that puts you in touch with higher guidance, planetary and star beings, and cosmic messengers.


Grounding extraterrestrial properties

Moldavite fuses extraterrestrial energies with Mother Earth and takes you way beyond your limits and boundaries.  Bringing you into communication with your higher self, Moldavite has its own cosmic oversoul. It integrates the divine blueprint and accelerates spiritual growth by downloading information from the Akashic Record and the light body, which has to be processed and made conscious. Under the influence of Moldavite you can go forward to a future life to see the results of actions taken in the present, or to learn what is needed now to prevent destruction in the future.

Moldavite is a useful stone for sensitive people who find it difficult being in incarnation on earth and it assists in developing detachment from security issues such as money and worries for the future. Providing an over-view of reasons for incarnating and spiritual purpose, and integrating this into earthly life, Moldavite releases fixed ideas and outworn belief systems and can neutralize hypnotic commands.



Harnessing the cosmic power

Meditate with Moldavite on your third eye to connect to the highest planes of consciousness.

Maldavite taking flight c. Judy Hall

Crystal Journey to Source

Crystal journeying can be carried out lying or sitting down in a place where you will not be disturbed (turn off your phone!). It needs to be a safe, sacred space – four or five Black Tourmalines, Clear Quartz, Smoky Elestial Quartz or Selenite crystals set out around you that you have asked to protect you will ensure that the space is clear. You can use a drum or chanting CD to assist if you wish, especially one that has a specific ending to call you back. Some people like to sit or lie beneath a special blanket.


  • Cleanse your Moldavite and hold the crystal loosely in your hands and set your intention. Be very clear about why you are journeying. State your aim, that you wish to travel to Source – and back. Set the intention that you will return with the memory and any answers fully available to your everyday conscious mind. (You may also like to set a return time, say in fifteen or twenty minutes.)
  • Place a piece of Flint, Smoky Quartz or Hematite at your feet.
  • Gaze with softly focused eyes into your Moldavite.  Breathe gently, establishing a comfortable rhythm.
  • Feel the crystal establishing a ladder to the upper world, lifting you up and  through.
  • Let the crystal transport you, don’t force it. Be aware of vibrations and feelings, sensations and insights that float into your mind. You may feel a whirling, rushing, ascending or descending motion or a deep still space. Ask your crystal and power allies to join you on this journey and bring you the answers or the experience that you seek.


  • When it’s time to return, thank your helpers and ask the crystal to return you to your everyday world. Stand up and connect your feet to the floor, have a good stretch and a little shake to ensure you are comfortable in your body. Then immediately write down your impressions and the answers you received. Consciously disconnect by putting the crystal aside and picking up the grounding stone from your feet.


[Extracted from 101 Power Crystals (Fairwinds), The Crystal Encylopedia (Godsfield Press/Fairwinds),The Crystal Bible volume 1 (Godsfield Press) and Shamanic Crystals  www.judyhall.co.uk]




When I first undertook the journey to Source I then found myself travelling back via the creation of this present universe. Returning with Mother Earth herself as the cosmos wove itself into being. Which is what brought my attention to earth healing and sacred sites and aided the conception of several books. But I was aware, even as the universe wove itself, that ancestral and karmic healing would be needed, which is where I am now focusing my attention. I hope your trip is as fruitful!











Einsteins Theory Proven Correct

Science has finally claimed they have detected gravitational waves in space, which is the theory of relativity that einstein predicted over a century ago.

This breakthourgh has excited the physics and astronomy experts who now say they can look at the universe differently from now on. Scientists have always known about the possibilty, but for the most part, it has beeen mainly an unproven theory. However, now a a team of astrophysicists using over a billion dollars of equipment detected the waves when they witnesses the colision of two black – holes. This means the space time theory introduced by Einstein is no longer a theory but a proven fact.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said California Institute of Technology physicist David Reitze

“It’s been a very long road, but this is just the beginning,” Louisiana State University physicist Gabriela Gonzalez told the news conference, touting the opening of a new era in astronomy

How Was This Achived?

This was acheived by using giant laser detectors located in Louisiana and Washington State.

“The colliding black holes that produced these gravitational waves created a violent storm in the fabric of space and time, a storm in which time speeded up, and slowed down, and speeded up again, a storm in which the shape of space was bent in this way and that way,” Caltech physicist Kip Thorne said.

The two laser detectors work together and are known as the Laser Interfermometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), which were able to pick up small vibrations of passing gravitational waves. The scientists were then able to convert the waves into sounds and listen to the black holes crashing and merging, which only increased the excitment of the discovery.

The meaning behind this is truly remarkable and opens new doors of research into the universe and the existence of the beginning of time that has been ellusive so far.

“It is really a truly, truly exciting event,” said Abhay Ashtekar, director of Penn State University’s Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos. “It opens a brand new window on the universe.”

Perhaps we are now getting closer to understanding theories as fact such as space time travel and the reality of space matter.To get a sense of this, imagine that you are swimming in a pond when someone drops a giant rock into it. However, instead of simply bobbing up and down with the resulting ripples, imagine that the ripples physically caused you to get larger and smaller as they passed through you. That’s essentially what happens when gravitational waves pass through space in the universe

Perhaps our reality is about to change and what has been known for thousands of years is now being taken even more seriously.

via Einstein gravitational waves theory proven

via Einstein Gravitational Theory Proven Right — a Century Later

Divine Medicine

“Angel Healing Made Easy

“Angel Healing”

To help evolve your consciousness and empower your physical health and wellbeing”

“For He will command His Angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” Psalm 91:11 (NIV)

Higher Power (Oneness)

Your spiritual relationship to your guardian angel can help you to connect to a higher power and your own higher-self nature/consciousness. This higher power can be thought of as “God”, for God is the Creator of the angels, in the same way that He is the Creator of us. God’s Power and Light is always contained within us, as we are all sparks of light originating from the ONE Source of cosmic, universal and Divine Power. Your Guardian Angel is God’s messenger – they take your prayers to God to be heard and then answered. Your prayers are always answered in a way that will always be for your greatest good. Sometimes this means that you do not receive what you have asked for.

Your guardian angel’s most important task is to help you to awaken your consciousness to your higher-self nature and divine heritage. When you begin to acknowledge and trust in a higher power to help guide you throughout your life (co-creation), then you will come to see remarkable changes occur, along with improved health and happiness. Therefore complete healing begins with acknowledging ‘who you truly are’ (a divine spark/light of God). You are so much more than just a body/mind individual with a physical anatomy. You are also a soul and a spiritual being with an energetic and spiritual anatomy.

Connecting with your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is already in tune with your consciousness prior to your birth. All you need to do is to consciously re-align with their vibrational frequency. You can then bring more of their angelic light (knowledge/wisdom/guidance) into your daily life experience. To re-align with them you simply need to hold a sincere heartfelt intention to connect with them. When you add to this a clear mental intention of silently asking your guardian angel to help you, then you have the perfect outcome for success. By doing both, you automatically unify the energies of your heart and your head to come into agreement as one.

This enables your soul’s light to become harmonized with your guardian angel’s beautiful vibration. It truly is that simple. Your heart and your head agreeing as one perfect rhythm instantly aligns and harmonizes both hemispheres of your brain to help you to create the perfect energetic space and frequency to receive higher intuitive guidance. You will then consciously begin your path of soul evolution and whole body healing. The following information includes healing struggles and addictions with Archangel Michael, followed by a very powerful angel healing prayer.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is an extraordinary angel who embodies God’s divine truth, divine power/strength and divine faith. You can ask this magnificent Archangel to help you break free of your struggles and addictions. You can accomplish all things in God’s Light, as remember that God has given His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. Archangel Michael’s divine light frequency is royal blue, and it is this potent royal blue light that contains God’s divine intelligence and instructions that will begin to merge with your own consciousness to help correct any dysfunctional patterns/habits back into harmony with divine truth. Archangel Michael’s Light will help to enlighten and support you in your path to healing and wholeness. Your Guardian Angel will always work in harmony with the mighty power of Archangel Michael to help guide you to the right people, situations and opportunities that can also help you to win though your addictive struggles. You can use the following angel healing prayer to help spiritually support you to overcome any kind of addiction:

Addiction Angel Healing Prayer

“Archangel Michael, please light up my consciousness with God’s royal blue divine light frequency of His perfect truth, courage and strength of will. I am struggling with an addiction to (state addiction) and need divine help to overcome my unbalanced desires. I now willingly release my struggle, desire and addiction over to God. I allow the divine light of truth to completely transform me, and the divine power of courage and strength to steady my will. I am ready to be fully present in my life without fear. I am ready to express the greatness of my soul without suppression. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”


Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Love and Attracting Your Soulmate

Crystal Love – Our Crystals That Hold The Vibration Of Love

The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz

c. Michael Illas The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to attract and enhance love. Ancient jewellery was much more than mere adornment, the beautiful stones were often dedicated to the goddess of love, Venus under her many guises – Aphrodite in Greece, Inanna or Ishtar in Babylon, Hathor in Egypt – and drew love and devotion to the wearer. Although her reputation was light and flirtatious, amorous Venus symbolised much more than romantic love, she was – and still is – a goddess of lust and erotic desire as well as undying affection. Her stones draw passion to you, no matter what age you may be.

Traditionally, pink and green-blue stones belonged to the Goddess of Love but the oldest association of all – over 5000 years – is with the scintillating Lapis Lazuli, the deep blue of the night sky shot through with gold. The Babylonian goddess Inanna (Venus) carried Lapis Lazuli measuring rods which laid out a person’s destiny. So, if you want to draw love into your life, using Venus stones makes perfect sense. You can wear them, keep them under your pillow or by your bed, or place them in your bath, but the most potent method of all is to carry out a ritual with them.

Lapis Lazuli c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Venus stones: Rose Quartz. Rhodochrosite, Cobaltocalcite, Mangano Calcite,  Danburite, Rhodochrosite, Green Aventurine (for love in later life), Almandine Garnet, Kunzite, Larimar, Sugilite, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Topaz, Ruby, Garnet, Tugtupite,Turquoise.

Rhodochrosite c. Michael Illas, Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

The attracting love affirmation:


‘I attract love into my life, my life is full of love right now, my life is full of abundant love. I am a magnet for love, right now.’

Repeat the love affirmation several times a day while holding the piece of Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite. Phrase it in the now rather than saying ‘I will attract’, to bring it into instant manifestation. If you ask the goddess Venus for help in your quest, the affirmation is that much more powerful.

Soulmate or twinflame?

Before you ask for love think hard about what you really want. Most people are looking for their soulmate but a word of caution here. Soulmates are partners to whom we are drawn across lifetimes, often because we have unfinished business, lessons to learn or a promise to keep. They are not always the blissful experience we imagine.  Fortunately even this kind of soulmate relationship can benefit from the gentle energy of crystals but you may prefer to ask your crystal to bring you a different kind of love: a twinflame. A twinflame is your true soul partner, who arrives without baggage. A twinflame is a life companion who loves you unconditionally and with whom you enjoy mental empathy, emotional rapport, spiritual connection, unconditional support, friendship, joy  and physical fulfilment, someone totally compatible. Be very specific about which kind of love you want when programming your crystal.

The crystal you use will be the same, the difference is in what you ask for. A soulmate or twinflame crystal has two equal sized crystals, joined on one side possibly sharing a common base – which makes it that much more physical. Place the crystal under running water to purify it, hold it in your hands and ask that the crystal will draw to your side your soulmate or twinflame – whichever you have decided upon. Then put it in the love corner of your bedroom.

The love corner

Where you place your crystals is vital. Nothing is more effective at attracting and sustaining love than Rose Quartz. But it needs to be in the right place. Place a big chunk of this beautiful stone, which you have rinsed in running water to purify it and then held in your hands for a few moments while you invoke love, in the relationship corner of your home. This is the far right corner from the front door or the door of your bedroom. You can also place it by your bed and you won’t have to wait long for love. Rose Quartz is also a vital part of the Attracting Love Ritual.

The attracting love ritual

Rituals to attract love are highly potent. The Attracting Love Ritual uses Rose Quartz and Danburite but you can substitute any of the love attractor crystals. Romantic Rose Quartz is prized for attracting and offering unconditional love. Its effect can be surprisingly powerful for such a gentle stone as Rose Quartz is tender and passionate, erotic and exciting. Adding Danburite emphasises the twinflame aspect of love. This crystal packs a powerful punch into a small piece. If you want loving companionship, replace Danburite with Sugilite. But if it’s a hot date you are after, replace the Danburite with lusty Ruby or fiery Garnet, powerful attractors of erotic love. Green Aventurine invites passion into the lives of those of more mature years and enables love to be ongoing.

The crystals should be purified, dedicated and pre-programmed before use. . It is traditional to bathe and wear clean clothes when working a ritual and pink or red clothes are appropriate depending on whether you want romance or red-hot passion. Burning a smudge or joss stick prepares the room and you can anoint yourself with rose oil. Pink candles set the scene and appropriate background music assists your concentration. When carrying out the ritual, consciously make your movements slow, moving with voluptuous intent. If you already have a partner, rather than calling in your twinflame, ask that more love will manifest between you and that the relationship becomes the best that it has the potential to be.

Timing rituals

Anciently the power of the moon was used to enhance rituals. Rituals to attract something new into your life are best done on a new moon. Rituals to let something go out of your life are best carried out at full moon.

The attracting love ritual

You will need:

4 Rose Quartz

l Danburite

4 candles and Rose Quartz holders

Ritual: Attracting love

Place your crystals and four candles on a table covered with a silk cloth. Position one candle to the north, welcoming in love from that direction as you light it. Then place one to the south, east and west, again welcoming love from each direction. Ask that the light from these candles act as guardian and keep you safe, attracting the highest manifestation of love.

Take your Rose Quartz crystals into your hands and sit down facing your table (if the crystals are large, hold one at a time). Close your eyes and quietly attune to the crystals. Let their energy flow through your hands, up your arms and into your heart. As the energy reaches your heart, feel it open out and expand. Touch the crystals to your heart. Rose Quartz is a powerful heart cleanser and healer so allow your heart to be purified by the energies of the crystals.

Then say, out loud: ‘I am a magnet for love. I welcome love into my heart and love into my life’. Place the crystals on the table and pick up the Danburite. Say out loud: ‘I call on my twinflame to be present and to manifest fully and lovingly in my life’ [or, ‘I call on the love between my partner and myself to manifest to its highest potential, fully and unconditionally loving and supporting us both’.]. Sit quietly for a few moments with your eyes focussed on the crystals. Picture what your life is like when you have the fully unconditional and mutually supportive love of your twinflame at your side [or when you and your partner manifest all the love that is possible between you]. Send that picture out into the future, unrolling it before you so that you can walk that path. When you are ready to complete the ritual, get up and blow out each candle in turn saying: ‘I send light and love into the world and it returns to me tenfold.’  Either leave the crystals on the table, or place them around your bed.

Crystal Aphrodisiacs

Crystals are powerful aphrodisiacs, activating the subtle sexual centres in your body, known as chakras (see diagram on page xx), so that sexual energy is highly charged, inhibitions are removed, and love is given and exchanged freely. Your sex life is greatly enhanced if you and your partner share a sexual recharge, placing the stones on each other as part of foreplay or enfolding them between your bodies during lovemaking (use gently rounded tumbled stones for comfort). Aphrodisiac crystals also work well when tucked under your pillow or placed strategically around your living or bedroom. An excellent way to enjoy them with your partner is to take a crystal love bath together.

Aphrodisiac crystals

Pink Tourmaline in Snow Quartz c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Pink Tourmaline

If you want to spice up your love life, or need a little help in the love department, look no further than Pink Tourmaline. This beautiful stone stimulates your libido and encourages you to share physical pleasure with your lover. It is particularly effective made into a gem essence and rubbed on your wrists before bed.

Red Jasper

An excellent stone for stimulating your libido and for prolonging your sexual pleasure, Red Jasper energises and cleanses the sexual organs and is particularly appropriate for men.

Orange Carnelian

A recharging crystal, vibrant Orange Carnelian energises the creative centres, overcomes impotence or frigidity, and restores vitality to the female reproductive organs.

Smoky Quartz

If you have any hang-ups about sexual matters, Smoky Quartz helps you to accept that sex is a normal and natural – and highly enjoyable – part of life. It enhances virility and cleanses the sexual centres so that your passion flows freely.

Rose Quartz

Opening your heart centre, Rose Quartz restores love and trust between you and your partner. It teaches you how to love yourself and to receive love from someone else. This stone is said to increase your fertility.

Red Garnet

Promoting passion and increasing your sexual potency, Red Garnet revives and revitalises your sex life.

Red-Black Mahogany

Powerful Red-Black Mahogany increases virility and stamina, keeping you grounded in your body so that sex becomes a full-body experience.


If you or your partner find your interest in sex flagging, Variscite restores your libido, increases sexual energy and helps you to bring more unconditional love into the situation.


The perfect stone to use when old vows of celibacy have been holding you back. Pietersite resolves your internal conflicts and increases your stamina.

Virility crystals

Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for improving your virility. Place it over your lower chakras to cleanse, purify and energise them, or rub the gem essence over your lower abdomen.

Shiva Lingam: a traditional stone for virility, Shiva Lingam traditionally bring to masculine and feminine energies into harmony.

Shiva Lingam c. Michael Illas Earth Blessings

Additional stones for virility:

Red-Black Obsidian, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Zircon

Sharing unconditional love

Unconditional love is the most constructive basis for relationships of any kind. If partners share truly unconditional love it is mutually supportive and trust-enhancing. Unconditional love means loving someone ‘warts and all’, accepting them as they are without trying to force them to change, but it does not mean getting tangled up in their dramas and traumas. It is non-manipulative and non-coercive. It means seeing that they are the most wonderful person in the world (we all are!), but accepting that sometimes they may not behave as though they are and there is nothing to be done about that. It means standing placidly by offering loving acceptance whilst someone sorts out their own life, not doing it for them. It means saying: ‘I love you and I am taking care of myself by staying in a good space within myself’. Unconditional love sets boundaries, but for yourself not the other person. It certainly does not mean being walked all over, abused or any of the myriad forms of victimisation or domination that sometimes pass for unconditional love. Sometimes the most loving thing you do for someone is to walk away.

All crystals radiate unconditional love but certain crystals encourage you to love unconditionally. Wear Cymophane, soft pink Danburite, gentle Tugtupite or radiant Petalite on a long chain over your heart. A Selenite pillar in your home ensures an abundant supply of unconditional love. Crystalline Kyanite is a useful stone to smooth the way for unconditional love in lasting relationships, for which it needs two stones – one for each person. The stones can be programed to enhance appropriate intuitive communication between the two people concerned and to bring harmony and unconditional love to the partnership.

Ritual:  sharing unconditional love

You will need:

2 Selenite or Rose Quartz eggs or hearts

Most potent time: new moon

Sit facing your partner in a softly lit room – candlelight is ideal. Each hold your crystal cupped in your hands and look deeply into each other’s eyes. Now close your eyes for a few minutes and feel the unconditional love radiating out from the crystal, moving up your arms, across your shoulders and down into your heart. Feel how the energy opens and warms your heart. Put your crystal on your heart and feel the love go to your partner’s heart. Now open your eyes and look deep into your partner’s eyes again, looking with the eyes of unconditional love and sharing that quality. Place your crystal over your partner’s heart and hold it there while your partner puts a crystal to your heart. Keeping your eyes and hearts open, share the unconditional love between you. When you are ready, put the crystals down but allow the unconditional love to continue.

Understanding each other

If you have difficulty in understanding your partner, or feel that your partner does not understand you, or you simply want to understand each other better, seek the help of Sugilite. This gentle, loving stone brings light into the darkest of situations. It is beneficial if you each carry a similar sized stone that has been magnetised to its twin. It is also beneficial to meditate together for ten minutes morning and evening, each holding a stone and focusing on opening communication between your hearts.

Intimacy and loving communication

To encourage loving communication between yourself and your partner, each carry a piece of tranquil Kunzite or the beautiful sparky Crystalline Kyanite and hold one whenever you need to have a frank discussion as it keeps things calm between you. The soft flakes of Muscovite open your heart to intimate sharing and dissolve doubt whilst Hemimorphite encourages open and honest emotional communication.

Additional stones for intimacy and loving communication:

Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Strombolite


Emerald has traditionally known as ‘the stone of successful love’, as it induces domestic bliss and keeps a relationship in balance but there are times when it beyond the power of an Emerald to hold a relationship together. If this stone changes colour, it is said to warn of unfaithfulness. If you suspect a male partner may be straying, gift him a Turquoise. It too changes colour when there is a danger of infidelity. If a female partner is the object of suspicion, try the age-old test of placing a piece of Magnetite under her pillow. If she falls out of bed during the night or calls out a name that is not yours, your suspicions are confirmed. However, suspicion is a negative emotion and is not beneficial to your relationships. It would be better to use restoring trust stones to help you replace suspicion with trust, your partner is sure to repay you with faithfulness. Repeat the trust affirmation each morning looking into your eyes in a mirror whilst holding a restoring trust stone.

The trust affirmation: ‘I am loving, I am trusting, I open my heart to trust.’

Restoring trust crystals: Garnet, Rhodonite, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Pink or Watermelon Tourmaline


Watermelon Tourmaline, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladitions.co.uk

It may, however, be time to recognise that this relationship has come to its natural end and that it is time to move on. In which case, choose stones that support your strength and encourage moving on such as Rainbow Obsidian and refer to my book The Soulmate Myth? for a tie-cutting ritual to release each partner to go their own way.


Healing a broken heart.

If you’ve had your heart broken and are finding it difficult to love again, let crystals gently heal your heartbreak.


Strong but slow working, Agate heals bitterness of the heart. It is particularly useful when the heartbreak is deeply entrenched and is accompanied by resentment or a sense of having been betrayed. It dissolves anger and gives you the courage to start again. Agate is particularly appropriate for the pulverising the bonds that bind your heart ritual. Blue Lace Agate is excellent for healing childhood wounds, as is Pink Agate.

Rainbow Obsidian

Beautiful banded Rainbow Obsidian acts more gently than the solid colour form of Obsidian. It releases past pain, cuts the cords of old love, removes hooks that others have left in your heart, and clears emotional bondage. You may need to wear it for several weeks to complete the healing process.


Pink Kunzite is an excellent healer for depression following break up of a relationship. If your heart is full of emotional debris, tranquil Pink Kunzite dissolves it and brings in unconditional love to heal your heart.


Powerful two-toned Rhodonite is a useful first aid measure when your heart is first broken, and an emotional balancer that brings your heart back on line. It is useful when you have been betrayed and are set on revenge or self-destruction as it ameliorates these feelings.


Soft and gentle Larimar is the ideal stone for healing a broken heart or other trauma that may have closed down the heart as it restores playfulness and child-like joy.

Additional Stones for Healing Heartbreak:

Rose Quartz, Dioptase, Pink Tourmaline, Morganite (Pink Beryl), Tugtupite.

Bringing Love Into Your Environment

Amethyst angel. c. Michael Illas

The delicate petals of a lilac Amethyst flower-formation introduce light and love into your surroundings whilst the womb-like interior of an Amethyst geode encourages compatibility and harmony. Amethyst is particularly effective if you need to bring a lighter vibration to your environment. Program one to attract more love into your neighbourhood.

Sending love to the world

Rose Quartz is probably the best universal love stone there is. Program one to send out love to the whole world, neutralizing terror and hostility wherever it finds it and replacing it with unconditional love and forgiveness. Picture this love radiating out from the stone until it surrounds the whole world. Touch the stone each day.  A Selenite pillar works equally well.

A large chunk of Rose Quartz is perfect for sending love out to the world c. Michael Illas, Earth Blessings.

Extracted from Crystal Love by Judy Hall, Godsfield Press and

The Soulmate Myth: a dream come true or your worst nightmare? Flying Horse Books.


We Are the Gods of Our Own Reckonings

“I have told you, Ye are gods. Ye are all children of the most high.”
Psalm 82:6

When First Cause (AKA: “God”) renders a universe all there is to use to create it is god-stuff. Of all of First Cause’s creations, in this world, “Human Beings” are the most like First Cause in that we are capable of rendering, just as our Maker did, other worlds, and even to change the lives in which we often appear to be trapped. Trapped we often are, too – because of our own thinking and our own imagining.


It is an axiom of experience – of invoking and summoning: “As you name a thing, so shall you experience it,” for your naming is The Word, the invocation. With your naming, you ask the universal mechanism to provide you with the experience as you have labeled it. In the beginning was The Word and thus began all experience. The “Ten Thousand Things” of Lao Tsu’s description sprang into being with “The Word”. When a thing/Being is cognizant and self-reflective, it is vested with creative Sovereignty. That’s right, I said Sovereignty. We are the “gods of our own reckonings”. Hence the warning: “Take care, what you wish for”. That is indeed sage advice.

“None sleep so soundly as those who but dream they are awake.”

Of all the “things” that appear to confront and challenge us, it is our thinking and our imagining (and, most of all, our thoughtless vocalizations) which we must master. Silence is golden for this reason alone. “Think before you speak” has ramifications wildly beyond what most ever dare to imagine. We are as fully vested in creative ability as is our Maker, and it is our minds and our hearts (“passions”) that are the key to what we experience and manifest.


Typically, we summon experience unconsciously. That is to say our unvoiced, unexamined expectations and fears determine what we summon into experience, and our thoughtless vocalizations too render unexpected outcomes. I say “summon” but this is a bit of a misnomer. We don’t really “attract” anything, and the fine distinction of the mechanism of manifestation is important to understand lest we sit about languishing without results while we are “allowing”. Allowing is fine – permission is required – once a manifestation’s probability has been maximized with passionate emotion. But, make no mistake, passion opens the door to manifestation. For a brief description of the way this actually works we must turn to an old model of reality, re-emerging in modern day physics: the so-called “Many Worlds Model”:


To this model, time is an illusion. All possible scenarios exist simultaneously and the story lines we but seem to experience are assembled by the experiencer. The Universe is like a brood chamber our Maker has rendered in which to teach us to be competent to create without causing the perception of “harm”. Mind, as eternal beings, we cannot actually be harmed but, while experiencing our Selves as temporal, mortal beings we do indeed often experience harm and those “painful” experiences come to us because of the way we use our minds.

In short, the environment was rendered to manifest, very slowly, whatever it is we focus upon. This slowness is necessary until we realize we are “at cause”. Once we realize this we see what we have been willing into being, and we realize we are free to dream otherwise while there is yet time to change an undesired outcome: to avert suffering. The experience of the relative speed of manifestation changes with increasing lucidity.


It is said “The heart summons whatsoever the mind focuses upon”. Count on it. The more benevolent a being becomes, the more responsive the environment grows to that being’s thoughts/invocations. That is to say, the more conscientious a being becomes, the more their experience becomes one of accountability. That is why, for those who are full of love and compassion, and compunction, it often feels as if they are not allowed to “get away with” much destructive thinking/behavior. Ask the universe for “…but a closer walk with Thee” and you will tread “the razor’s edge” with increasing focus and lucidity – guaranteed. Mind the small print of how you invoke. The Maker has quite the quirky sense of ironic humor and trains the initiate to be precise. Feedback becomes more and more instantaneous so that we learn exactly the source of what appears in our experience: It is our own thinking/imagining and labeling – and we learn to be precise about what we ask for. But, again, we aren’t really “summoning”. Stay with me here.

If all possible scenarios exist simultaneously then every possible combination of experiences is available to be played out/experienced. One can even change course midstream over and over. It’s like an experiential smorgasbord. People say “Find your passion”, “Follow your bliss”, “Do what you love and wealth/success will follow”. This is all true and it is true because it is passion that opens the portal between the various alternate probable experiential streams. No one works to their very limit on anything they do not Love. It is this passion that drives manifestation. Yes, hard work is important to honing your craft so that, when your audience appears, they will also applaud. But it is the passion that allows you to step from a mundane life into an epic life of grand freedom and acclaim and vast sweeping EFFECTS. Mind you, this should not be considered the measure of “success”. In this world school what you are here to learn is how to manifest benevolently and, most importantly, consciously. Many heroes are entirely cryptic. They mingle among us, blessing in sacred privacy, The Thirty Six: The Lamed Vav or Tzadikim Nistarim.


Blessedly, we each have a guide, a being who has been through the process of maturation, sent to counteract our miscreation lest we suffer. That guide is the Daemon, and it is the Daemon’s intention to make us conscious, for we are mostly dreamers dreaming and creating and summoning without lucidity. To the Daemon, the first order of business is lucidity: The Daemon wants you to place responsibility for your experience precisely where it belongs: It is all your own doing/willing/“fault”, which is good. It is good because, if you are Cause, it means it is also in your power to change your experience. You are free to dream otherwise.

The task of the Daemon is quite single minded: Waken the dreamer while yet within the dream so that they become lucid dreamers creating/summoning/invoking consciously. The lucid dreamer becomes more and more centered in an experience of their own Causal Sovereignty. Until this level of intentionality is reached, the Daemon spends much creative energy whispering antidote invocations into our mindspaces. The angry child’s utterance “I wish that bastard would drop dead!” is answered with “You love your father passionately and are grateful for his presence in your life. You can hardly wait to be reconciled.” The road-raged driver’s frightened outburst “I hope your car blows up, you jerk!” is neutralized with “That poor man is late for Christmas gathering and you hope everyone makes it home safely to be with their loving family and friends. The whole world is your family and you love them.” The housewife’s shattered “I hate my life!” is answered with “You are the love the world keeps secret from its self. Your loving heart is God’s very answer to His children’s sighing”.

You get the idea. Rest assured, without the Daemon’s constant intervention to neutralize our thoughtless summonings the world would quickly devolve back into the hellish nightmare from which it has slowly emerged and on the brink of which it yet teeters while the Daemonic legions collude to waken the dreamers en masse. This, my own Daemon calls “The Will that is Holy”.


Briefly, The Will that is Holy is holy because we share it with all creation, that is, with First Cause. The Maker built this universe as an environment in which to waken all matter and all manifestations to their full causative Sovereignty. In other words, all the creative forces/minds of all Being align and join, Willing with us that we (and even all matter) waken to lucidity. God is on our side but, to make it all happen there is one simple rule the lucid dreamer must adopt fully. As my Daemon said to me in 2007: “If you want your words to have power, you must first cull from your speech and thoughts any words you would NOT to empower.”

Once you are lucid and employing assiduously the above axiom, you have begun to “Wield The Will”. This is a lovely and exciting stage of development as we move from unconsciously manifesting gloom, with our expectations of such, to consciously manifesting blessed experiences. When we think we might be seeing suffering, at this stage, we reserve judgment, recollecting that the suffering itself serves a purpose: It raises The Will that it should be “otherwise”. This is necessary for it is passion/The Will that opens the worm hole/crack or pulls back the veil barrier between alternate simultaneous experiential streams of being, allowing us to step through into a new experiential stream. As my Daemon told me during my NDE in 1979, “It (the world) seemed so scary because you believed you could suffer loss and die, but that too was necessary for, had you not experienced such fear and suffering, you would not have learned what you went there to learn. Nor would you have done what you went there to do.”

“Which was?” I prompted.

“To summon your Will.”


My Will is the Will that is Holy. It is The Will I share with God and all creation: that all creation and all dreamers waken and become lucid within the dream discovering, suddenly and with undeniable clarity, their own creative Sovereignty. And this I Will for, together, we have rendered the world a slowly improving nightmare. If we can but waken a small number who Will to dream in concert a different dream, a dream of wakening, then the world will change in “but the twinkling of an eye”. We step through the veil which our united passion opens between the realms, and we enter a new dream of true magnificence. I ask you to dream with me a new scenario. Dream it consciously. Will it with passion, invoking The Will that is Holy. We need but seven percent of the world’s population: a mere seven percent – seven brides with their lamps full, ready for the bridal feast of celebration. The groom is your Daemon. He knocks but gently, that only those who are alert and listening consciously will hear and open the door. He is waiting, with His heart full of passionate love for you, His Beloved. Let us open for Him the door.

I love you all.

I but dreamt I had ever been awake...

Callaghan Grant books are here.

Copyright 2015 Callaghan Grant for TOSP. All Rights Otherwise Reserved.

Crystal Consciousness

Golden healers crystal consciousness

The evolution of crystal consciousness: Golden healers



Just as human consciousness is evolving and shifting to a higher level, so too, it would appear, is crystal consciousness. New Quartz finds display an ever higher frequency. Golden Healers are an excellent example of this. They have been coming out of the ground with increasingly finer vibrations creating a multi-dimensional ladder to higher awareness. First there was the lovely Arkansas Golden Healer, ‘a master healer filled with Christ Consciousness’ (John van Rees). Then came the stunning Rainbow Mayanite from the Cascade Mountains. Marketed as an ‘Ascension Stone for 2012’ (Kelly Conn) but rapidly revealing itself as so much more. That was quickly followed by the incredibly high vibration of Green Ridge Quartz earthed by its iron-coating. An amazing healer.

On a trip to Egypt I found potent Nubian Temple stones but the situation there has made it impossible to return for more. Those that I was able to bring back did their transformational work, however, going around the globe to reveal their ancient wisdom. Sometimes such crystals emerge for a short space of time, as required, and then return to apparent obscurity again. Much the same happened with the Rainbow Mayanite as a mining permit wasn’t granted for a year or two but I see Kellie has it for sale again [] They are still at work however whether in or above ground.

And finally, for the time being but who knows what will have revealed itself by the time this article is published, the unique Celtic Golden Healer from a crystal dragon mountain in Wales. Our very own UK Golden Healer. Sparkling with Merlin and draconic energy for magical transformation, accompanied by the delicate star-being attuned Celtic Chevron Quartz and something other that is waiting to reveal itself.


Nubian Temple stone c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk


Generic Golden Healer Quartz

Found in several forms ranging from transparent to milky, Golden Healer Quartz, with its high iron content, has an extremely active vibration and is suitable for all sacred and healing space. Creating immense peace, it is often found around sacred sites as water worn opaque pebbles, like Nubian Temple Stones, or laid down in layers, such as potent Rainbow Mayanite. It contains a high ratio of Qi and Bioscalar Healing Waves that create a multi-dimensional healing layout around a site or the planet, or between the cells of the physical body. It acts as a catalyst for profound spiritual growth. Golden Healer purifies and re-energises the chakras, rapidly releasing toxic mental or emotional conditioning. [extracted from Earth Blessings: using crystals for personal energy clearing, earth healing and environmental enhancement.]


Arkansas Golden Healer



Arkansas Golden Healer c. Michael Illas Crystal Wisdom Oracle


Carrying the divine essence of All That Is and high concentrations of the universal life force or Qi, Golden Healer Quartz has an exceedingly high vibration that takes the master healing power of Quartz to another level. Using this Quartz raises your vibrations to meet those of the crystal. It is a catalyst for profound spiritual activation. Golden Healer is incredibly active, the iron oxide in the stone amps up the power exponentially and creates a multi-dimensional energy grid around our planet. This Quartz has the iron content within the crystal itself or between the layers of the Quartz as well as a dusting or coating on the crystal. Accessing multi-dimensional, interstellar healing power and bringing Christ Consciousness down to the earth, it potentizes healing on all levels. This is a wonderful tool to prepare the lightbody for an influx of cosmic energy that expands awareness. Using it helps you to walk in Christ Consciousness on the earth so that your whole being helps the planet to ascend. Golden Healer carries natural bioscalar waves that heal at multi-dimensions and intercellular levels. It purifies, aligns and re-energises the chakras and rapidly releases ancient emotional conditioning held in the solar plexus. The crystal harnesses the personal will held in that chakra with that of divine will held in the chakras above the crown so that the Higher Self becomes the guiding light rather than the ego. This stone facilitates making profound changes in your life with minimum fuss and effort. [Extracted from Crystal Bible volume 3]

Using Arkansas Golden Healer: Place a large Golden Healer under a healing couch, or grid small ones at each corner to experience multi-dimensional cellular healing for the physical, subtle and light bodies. You can dedicate your Golden Healer to send peace and healing into our world.




Rainbow Mayanite


Rainbow Mayanite c. Jeni Campbell


Discovered in 2011, naturally iridescent Rainbow Mayanite was marketed as a support for riding out the planetary changes of 2012 and the shift to a new Mayan astrological cycle. A self cleansing stone, it was recommended for rainbow chakra healing, kything and activation of new joy, focus, purpose and stepping on to your true path. The crystal quickly revealed that its true potential was far greater. Rainbow Mayanite is a Golden Healer taken to new heights. With exceedingly high vibrations, it contains natural bioscalar healing waves. Not a stone for the fainthearted or the inexperienced, Rainbow Mayanite de-energises old patterns from any source, taking out debris and karmic encrustations from the past and pulls out toxic dross that you have absorbed from other people or the environment that has lodged between the subtle layers of your etheric body. It builds new, more supportive structures at every level as we move into the expanded consciousness of the New Age.

The minerals that percolated deep through the Quartz to create the deep yellow coating and myriad rainbows were strongly concentrated and this stone takes you into the depths of yourself to discover your own inner rainbow treasures.

Rainbow Mayanite works in different ways according to its natural shape… As a blade Rainbow Mayanite really comes into its own but needs to be used with delicacy, sensitivity and higher awareness in the hands of a skilled healer as otherwise auric damage may occur. This highly intelligent crystal knows exactly how to work and a Rainbow Mayanite blade simply requires the sensitive cooperation of a practitioner, not direction or control which would limit its abilities… Pieces that combine both shapes, blades and chunky points, work on all levels simultaneously and are perfect for gem essences for multi-dimensional and intercellular healing.

[Extracted from Crystal Bible volume 3]


Using Rainbow Mayanite: ‘Combed’ all around the aura, Rainbow rapidly dissolves cords, attachments, hooks, patterns and implants from any dimension and any timeframe that are caught up in the etheric levels and replaces destructive cellular memory or auric imprints with a new beneficial matrix bringing about core soul healing. Releasing detrimental spiritual connections and past life jealousies and interference, it calls in cooperation, light and dynamic unconditional love. The Rainbow Mayanite then creates a non-penetrable interface around the outside of the aura to protect the biomagnetic sheath and multi-dimensional bodies. It continues to repattern the energy field to its optimum functioning and highest frequency. If even a tiny scrap of toxic or inappropriate energy has been left in the aura, Rainbow Mayanite highlights the last remnant of transmutational work required. Having brought such scraps to your attention, it dissolves them, de-energises the memory structure left behind, and replaces them with divine sparks.


Green Ridge Quartz



Iron coated Green Ridge Quartz with Clear, Orange and Golden healers c. Jeni Campbell,


Green Ridge Quartz is a Golden Healer with exceptionally high vibrations. The more we align our own vibrations, expand our awareness and interact with higher dimensions, the more information encoded within such crystals manifests. Higher vibration crystals resonate with the journey of our soul and the process of enlightenment: literally bringing light into our inner being and the fabric of our physical body, reminding us that: We are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us – Chief Seattle. Green Ridge is found in several varieties: Clear, Amethyst, Orange, Golden and Iron-coated forms, some with metals included. They link in a spectrum of vibrations.

A combined Iron-Golden Healer helps the soul to remember what’s hidden, bringing up the deeper issues and karmic wisdom. The lighter bits are for soul remembrance.

Green Ridge Iron-coated is like a pipe cleaner brush that reaches all the little areas that couldn’t normally be released. The dark iron entraps material not needed in the energetic body – the iron transfers it through the greenish clear Green Ridge Quartz. As the coating flakes away so the negativity is removed. It creates an energetic circuit: a vortex pulling down material that needs cleaning from the dantien and the spiralling energy into the crystal. An Iron-coated plate removes deep ancestral and shadow material from deep within – deeper than we know about. These are lower vibrational aspects that are usually ignored – shadow things we’re not proud of, residual emotions, unethical acts that can go way back into the past. These aspects need to come out as we can’t hold the lower vibrations any longer. It sheds the outer layer, clears the crap to reveal the light inside. ‘Filaments’ then connect to the other soul aspects and the subtle bodies so that integration can take place once the cleansing has occurred. A small densely Iron-coated plate on the throat pulls out cords attached to old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve.

The Orange Green Ridge is highly energising and creative, giving the sacral chakra an effective cleanse from previous relationship hooks and leaving it ready to start anew. It also has an activating effect on the soul star chakra, linking it into the whole chakra system at both higher and lower vibrational levels.


Soul Star with Rainbow Coating charged by Judy Hall (3)

c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk


A Green Ridge Light-Golden plate acts as a life support system while healing work is being done in much the same way as a life support machine works in a hospital. It takes over running the physiological and autonomics systems for the physical body. This enables delicate healing to be undertaken which can then be anchored in the physical body. As with all Golden Healer Quartz it is a master healing crystal.

Clear Green Ridge

Clear Green Ridge Quartz is excellent for the outer edges of a grid as it draws in healing and transmutational energy. It clarifies and fine tunes the changes set in motion by the chakra crystals. It opens the crown and higher crown chakras like a kaleidoscope to see what’s inside and to make powerful high vibrational connections for the lightbody and to higher beings. It literally brings enlightenment, light into every cell of your being.

Mining in the Green Ridge mountains


Using Green Ridge Quartz

Green Ridge Quartz makes an excellent healing grid and facilitates profound shamanic journeying. The different forms are a continuum of healing energy and should be used together laid out along the chakras of the body, with Iron-coated Green Ridge at the base, Orange Green Ridge over the sacral, a Golden plate over the heart or throat, and Clear or Clear with Amethyst above the head at the Soul Star or Stellar Gateway. The combination disassembles everything that’s happened previously so that a new program can go in. Clear Green Ridge then clarifies and fine tunes. It opens the crown and higher crown chakras like a kaleidoscope to see what’s inside. It then anchors the energies into the here and now.

[Extracted from  ‘New Crystals’. Buy one from:



Celtic (Welsh) Golden Healer


Celtic Golden Healer, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk


An extraordinary find. Full of magical Merlin energy. As high in vibration as the Green Ridge Quartz I prize so highly. So nurturing, so joy-full, infused with sunshine and such good vibes. But this crystal is an excellent cleanser too, both physically and psychosomatically. It releases all that no longer serves, especially negative, toxic thoughts, and infuses you with new energies.

The crystal is very talkative. So pleased to have been found. It had been pulled from its bed during road making. But it didn’t mind. ‘I want to go around the world,’ it said. ‘To create a grid to bring peace and harmony to the Earth. Let’s heal together.’ We’re honouring that request (see www.angeladditions.co.uk). It works brilliantly with Ancestralite and the Cradle of Humanity stone to heal right back to the beginning of time and then takes the healing insights out through the ancestral line into the future so that new generations will benefit. It does that for the planet too, healing the past and anchoring healing light for the future. No doubt more will be revealed as the grid lights up and more work is done with this amazing crystal.

Buy one from: https://store6106298.yolastore.com/#!/~/search/keywords=Welsh%20Golden%20Healer&offset=0&sort=relevance


The Crystal Dragon Mountain


Eye of the Dragon. Celtic Golden Healer Quartz c. Judy Hall


Using the crystal: Many of the crystals collected on the crystal mountain resemble a dragon in their form, which is not surprising given that a Golden Welsh Dragon lives at the mountain. It has communicated in many workshops its desire to assist with healing the Earth. Even when it is not in dragon form, the crystal is still a powerful Earth healer that can be gridded on or in the Earth to restore the meridian grid and bring peace to our troubled world. It works equally well on a map or a photograph. Or, it can be placed around trees to open energy portals to energise the land.




Celtic Golden Healers working in conjunction with Horace, my Smoky Quartz earth-healing skull, and Morganna my Preseli Bluestone dragon. c. Judy Hall.


Celtic Chevron Quartz

Celtic Chevron Quartz c. Jeni Campbell


In addition to the wonderful Celtic Golden Healer, the delicate and so beautiful Celtic Chevron Quartz has made its presence felt. It looks like triangles stacked on top of each other, little light beings creating a ladder to other dimensions. It has the same effect as Auralite 23, shutting off the chattering mind and creating a calm space into which other people’s antics do not intrude. It is a source of healing energy for the ancestral line so works well with Ancestralite and the Celtic Golden Healer. It brings both side of the brain into balance, creating clarity of mind. It is effective for regenerative healing.


This unusual Quartz has intimated that it works in harmony with the ‘Star Beings’ crystal skulls. The intention is to take us beyond ‘aliens’, ‘implants’ and ‘little green men’ to connect to the star beings who once communed with our ancestors and who, if the old stories are to be believed, could well have been part of our ancestry. They were certainly part of an evolutionary shift on Earth back then and as we’re in the middle of another one now their assistance is most welcome. So many of us feel that our true home is beyond the stars and the Celtic Chevron Quartz wants to reconnect us – and to soothe and en-lighten us while we serve our time on Planet Earth.


Using Celtic Chevron Quartz: I’ve been using this Quartz in conjunction with a piece of Golden Healer and one of the ‘something other’ below to create ‘bringing in light’ peace grids for the planet. (Grids are available from .) They link into this, the large ‘bringing in light’ grid that seems set to occupy my dining room table for sometime to come.


The major bringing light grid. Smaller grids link in to this. c. Judy Hall


And something ‘other’





The other crystal that came off the mountain definitely has something ‘other’ about it, ancient and benign. It contains ‘the Lumi’, star beings, so I supposed I should call it ‘Luminite’ but I’m waiting to see what is revealed. It’s being rather coy at the moment as it slowly reveals its true being and refuses to be photographed in focus. It may be Anglesite, galena (lead) that has metamorphosed, which would be fitting. These are my best two attempts at photography so far, it’s almost as though its energy hasn’t quite stabilised. No doubt there will be more to reveal at a later date!




Extra Terrestrial

A Conversation with a Zeta about Time

Once in a while, an extraterrestrial Zeta being, speaking through the medium Paul Hamden, has a free-wheeling discussion with someone in the room about a certain topic. In this sitting, the circle leader wished to understand how the Zeta beings function without using a rigid timeline like humans do. For the Zetas, “time is a reference point, not a continuum”, and “the process of existence is each task is completed and then the next task is moved on to.” Events following one another are expected intuitively rather than by measurements on a timeline. The circle leader, identified as “Human” in the following transcript, wished to understand what life is like without the concept of a clock.

Human: I want to have a discussion with you about the concept of time. As humans, we measure things by time. Things happened in the past, things are happening in this moment. You don’t use the concept of time.

Zeta: Let me explain. The human entity lives within the physical construct on the linear process of time, which means that for you, your perception is that you exist on a line of time. But imagine as in this sphere in front of you [the Zeta refers to a working plasma ball in the room], each one of the threads were consciousness, that rather than the consciousness being one beam of light but was many. Then of course you can move into any area of consciousness because you can move the threads of consciousness. What denotes the point of origin for the threads, if you see the device, is the central point of the device. If the being is the central point of the device, then of course all of the threads would emanate from the being’s consciousness.

Your time, your concept of existence is based on your potential to understand that you are, at this point, living in a physical existence.

Human: So time really only comes with the physical?

Zeta: Of course. Consciousness does not envelop the understanding of the time principle. Time is used as a mechanism for humans and other races to determine functionality. What function will they provide now? What will they do tomorrow?

Human: So in saying that, your race is also a physical race.

Zeta: Yes.

Human: But you don’t use time.

Zeta: No.

Human: So how do you function?

Zeta: Simply, there is no requirement for time if you know that your time is limitless. Why would you watch your time if time was irrelevant to you? If you lived forever, would you care? If you existed forever as a race, knowing that if any of you terminated that you were to come back to the same place, you would understand that the facilities that are offered to you on this planet, the resources, would be cherished by the race, knowing that you are being nurtured to some extent by the planet and its resources. But because there is a finite amount of time that you believe that you exist, your capacity as a race to use resources is great.

Human: If you don’t use time, how do you have a reference back to something that happened when you were younger?

Zeta: Let me use your mind to show you the answer. Imagine if your life existed as a dream, that all of your experiences existed in the dream state, that there was no capacity for you to wake up, that you had no understanding of your physical body, much like when you are asleep. You move from one visualization to the other. There is no time construct within the dream state. That is the closest estimation that we can give you in regards to how we perceive our memories.

Human: We perceive our memories like a dream state as well.

Zeta: Ah, but you measure the memory according to your length of years. You mistake that, when you were young, this potential took place, this process took place.

Human: Yes, do you not do that?

Zeta: No.

Human: Even though those things took place.

Zeta: Ah, because they still exist.

Human: So you are able to go back to that time?

Zeta: Yes, you can go back to that time if you understand that you are not limited to the experiences and consciousness you have had because of your physical body.

Human: I’m able to go back to a time in my mind, but I know that it actually happened along the timeline at a particular point. You are saying that doesn’t happen with you. But that would have happened at a particular point in your life as well.

Zeta: Yes, but let me try to clarify what is taking place. Let me bring an example forward. We have existed in other forms, so a Zeta consciousness will exist in another human container along the linear time process. But that potential exists within the physical environment. If we wish, we could also use time as a method of measuring our existence. But when you do not have your physical body, all of your experiences here will be part of your existence away from the physical reality.

Human: Yes, I understand that, as memories and experiences are held in consciousness.

Zeta: Your questioning may indicate that you seek to believe that you can move back through your consciousness and change a physical outcome.

Human: Oh no, I was not going there. I actually don’t believe that could happen.

Zeta: The spirit people do not have the concept of time. They have no need for the concept of time. Now, if you were able to separate from your body consciously, your consciousness was to disassociate itself from the physical container, it would recognize within itself it does not have the potential to need time.

Human: Are you talking about human astral travelling?

Zeta: Yes.

Human: So when you astral travel you don’t need time?

Zeta: Yes.

Human: When you astral travel, can that take you back to a different point of your life?

Zeta: Let me use this sphere, I believe it will be used many times. The sphere in the room, you are the central entity. The threads are your experiences. You move in consciousness, not in a linear fashion, but in a spherical fashion. Understand that you do not exist on a line.

Human: Yes, and all of these are different experiences.

Zeta: Yes, and so the consciousness which is you has the potential to move to any of the threads any “time” it wishes.

Human: So that’s just the consciousness that can do that?

Zeta: That consciousness is all that is. The physical which you hold in great importance is irrelevant. When the physical terminates, you will be the sphere. You already are, but cannot see because of the physical container that you are in and around.

Human: Even though you yourself are in a physical container…

Zeta: But we are often in separation from the container.

Human: Ok, because that’s part of your normal everyday life, isn’t it?

Zeta: Yes, and that is why the facility of time is irrelevant. The physical body for yourself is a mechanism that you step into in the morning to complete physical functions. At night you step out of your physical body, you do not use the time concept at all while you are asleep.

Human: As a Zeta, you would have functions that you would be required to perform, teaching for example.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Human: That’s not regulated by time?

Zeta: No, it is regulated by consciousness. Let me give you an indication, to the best of our ability. There is to be a class, we require the students to attend at the appropriate moment. There is many levels of information. One of the levels of information is indicated to the younger entities. Example, do you really understand what your two children are doing now at school? At this point you do not know what they are doing. That is because the level of information is aimed at the potential that the two exist within their current environment. Of course you trust that they are safe. 

So there are layers of information. The layers of information are aimed at providing the information required to younger people that are required to go to the school process. You do not access that level. It is irrelevant in some respects to you, but the children know that they must move in that layer to be within the education process. 

So, our children are the same. There is a level that they move in. Their understanding is one based in consciousness. They understand that… difficult to say without using the word time… there is a process that they will be alerted they are required to attend a lesson. The strength of the connection will determine how close the lesson is for them to attend. The amplitude of the lesson indicates when the lesson will be held.

Human: What denotes when that is going to happen?

Zeta: The teacher will determine when that will take place.

Human: So when the teacher is ready, it just happens.

Zeta: Yes, of course, and then the lesson may go for a length of time that is required.

Human: Another reason you don’t need time is because of the telepathy between your race, which is the communication.

Zeta: You could say that the amplitude of the telepathy removes the need for time. So quickly to indicate this, the medium must go to an appointment today, yes? While the appointment is many of your hours away, there is no imperative for the medium to go to the appointment. As the appointment becomes closer, the imperative builds according to your time function, that he has limited time to be at the appointment. 

Change that to a telepathic process. The information is given that you must be somewhere. It is given as a point of reference. It is weak. As the telepathic signal builds its amplitude, when it reaches a certain level, then the students know that they must be at that place. This is how the spirit people operate as well as they do not use time. The potential builds around the situation or medium, and the spirit people are summoned by the amplitude of the experience.

Human: The starting point is then the teacher. I asked how does the teacher know what time to do this, and you said whenever they are ready. But there are other factors…

Zeta: Yes, of course, so I have other functions to perform, as do others in the race. That is why I said there are levels of telepathic communication. Of course the lower levels of communication do not take precedence over the higher levels of communication. That is how it is determined what is of importance. Your time mechanism prioritizes, gives you priority, as to what is important to do.

Human: So as a teacher, you prioritize, things happen. What if there are so many priorities and the teaching just gets put off and put off, even though you know you have to perform a certain amount of functions?

Zeta: Ah no, because one of the indicating factors, is that for consciousness to operate synchronously, is that all things are in harmony.

Your fingers are able to operate on your hand at different aspects. They are able to move in directions they wish to as though they are individual entities. But of course, they are connected to the base of the hand. Why does not the hand do whatever it wishes, as it has the potential to do that? Because it is part of a whole system. The whole system works together to perform various functions. The body is able to perform millions of functions within one second of your timeframe. Neurons are firing to support thought, the electrical systems pumping the blood around your body, the various organs performing different functions to keep the physical body at a cellular level in the re-creation process. Does the body understand time? The body has within it the mechanism to have within its own capacity, its understanding of what is a time, but it has cellular time.

Human: My question to you is, my physical container has a certain amount of priorities throughout the day that have to happen. If I have no concept of time … for example, yourself … you are teaching, and if the teaching is supposed to take this amount of time, but took twice that amount of time, was longer than it was supposed to, that means that something else in the day either has to be adjusted or not happen in order for all those functions to …

Zeta: You see, you are saying in a day, but if the day does not exist, then you do not have the confines of working within the construct of a day. If you did not sleep and your lighting never changed, there would never be a day.

Human: But you do sleep.

Zeta: Yes, we have physiological processes which require that, within the estimated timeframe of humans, seven of your days, that we are required to move to stasis.

Human: And your body is an indicator of when that has to happen?

Zeta: Yes, it is based on cellular information and, of course, nutritional processes.

Human: If, for example, you were teaching and you just got carried away and it took longer and longer and longer. Something else has to change.

Zeta: If there is something that holds importance, education will continue to the end. The other importance, as you say, will be an indication of another that would be communicated to the other telepathically, “I am busy at the moment.”

If I choose to stop what I am doing and remain in a position where I can speak through the medium to you, that is my choice. I have freewill. Do you talk to your family while you perform other functions?

Human: Yes

Zeta: That is the same.

Human: You don’t do any leisure activity, but do you have any down time, or is that the time when your consciousness leaves your body about every seven days? And if everything else in your life is not measured by time, is the down time adjusted?

Zeta: You suppose that there is a requirement to be away from one’s self – down time. Your animals, you have a cat and a dog, do they have down time?

Human: They play.

Zeta: No, they are actions. Do they have the capacity as humans do, to seek separation from their duties? No, because your animals do not understand time. They also do not understand that they are finite creatures. They have no understanding of their length of existence. They sleep when they wish, they do no function that creates, as the whole planet is the same. The humans are the only ones on the planet that use the time function.

Human: So the others only exist and their main purpose is to feed themselves, and have emotions, and to sleep, and exist?

Zeta: They do not know they exist. Your birds and animals, their actions do not have a mirroring effect. They do not see themselves, as a human would, as being temporary. They live in the process of the now.

Human: We probably are not aware and do not have the capacity to understand whether they know they exist.

Zeta: No, you do not know that.

Human: You’re saying they don’t have that awareness.

Zeta: They do not have the awareness to understand that they have a temporary lifespan of a physical nature such as yourself.

Human: Is that because we have evolved?

Zeta: You have a different evolutionary process, a different genetic structure, and a different level of consciousness.

Human: When an animal is dying, surely they would be aware of what was happening. Are you saying that they don’t?

Zeta: They do not.

Human: So they would only have the awareness of the pain.

Zeta: Yes, of course. They do not understand, or have the capacity to understand, that they are transitioning. Now, the medium has seen your past pet. That is because the pet does not know that it has transitioned, it did not see

Human: But that’s the spirit…

Zeta: No, the spirit people know they have passed over, but the animals see no difference between being in the physical and being out of the physical.

A long conversation, we will now terminate.

[For more about the Zetas speaking through Paul Hamden, see Communications with the Zeta race]


Fitness Of The Heart – Angels help Angel

With all the issues going on in the world, the hatred between brother and sister and the quest for power and money, the wars between countries and individuals, it is hard to sometimes see the good things in the world. One man’s quest to get one up on another and the ego taking control of the material.

It is wonderful to know that good still permeates the world and with each prayerful thought we can open our hearts and minds. This Boss changed the life of one of his employees because of the fitness of his heart. What an amazing story of Angels helping Angels. I dare you not to cry!

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Altered States and Hypnotic World

Spiritual Laws

We have spiritual laws that govern the universe. These laws are a source of knowledge and wisdom, to be developed and implemented into our lives. The following eight spritual laws are the basic principles upon which the universe expands and contracts. It evolves and grows as we move the energy within it. We are beings of energy and it is energy which governs the universal laws. These laws are the spiritual and energetic guidelines that allow us to be guided through our human experience. As they do govern ALL, how we act and react with them plays a role in our lives and affects our spiritual self. The principle of these laws holds the truth, which is what creates and structures the reality that we experience. When you grasp these universal laws and truly understand them, when you work with them and respect them, you open and access far more information for yourself. It is like knowing how to open a book and then drawing from the knowledge in that book.

The Law of Mentalism – All is Thought

Pesonality Archetype Image by BigstockMentalism is about your thoughts and the reality created from those thoughts. The tapestry of intertwined thinking that has made the world you live in and for which you are responsible affects your reality. One of the most fruitful ways to harness your thoughts is to meditate, which is about mindfulness. Learning to focus your concentration and to work with the power of your thoughts, gives you the ability to receive insights, visualise with more clarity and to view your reality in a harmonious manner.
This then expands the bigger picture for you. Once you have control over your thoughts you gain control over your life. The power of intent of your thoughts is vital. We can create anything we want from our thinking. When you become aware of your thoughts you open up the possibility of bringing yourself closer to being aligned with your heartfelt purpose. This gives you a sense of freedom and you discover your true self.
The key is to be open to change and take action to effect it. By taking action you move towards changing your physical world through the intent of your thoughts. But first just take a moment to reflect as to the intent behind your thoughts. By taking just a moment, you will gain further insight and give yourself a clearer idea of your direction. You are the one that holds the key to your power. The spoken word is a vehicle of power. Your words give form and expression to your thoughts therefore your words are shaped from your thoughts and go into the matrix of vibration.

The Law of Vibration – All Moves All the Time

vibrationThe Law of Vibration is that all is in motion as nothing is inactive. Therefore everything that exists must be continually in motion. The rate of vibration differs between matter, energy, mind and spirit and these varying rates of vibration affect all that exists.
All vibration creates sound and that sound, whether heard or not, creates form. Sound comes in high and low wave frequency bands. Depending on the range of frequency of the sound, the human ear picks up those sounds. These frequencies each have a level of vibration.
At times, different levels of vibration and motion can move at such intense speeds they are unseen by the human eye and some even move at a speed that makes them seem motionless. All matter has its own unique vibrational frequency and what moves or alters that vibration is energy.


The Law of Polarity – All contains All Opposites Simultaneously

polarityThis universal law governs the two poles which even though they are opposite and opposed still create balance and are equal. Whether it’s right and left, yin and yang, positive and negative or male and female, for balance to occur there must be polarity. Vibration creates polarity. All opposites are created from the same elements, but are the contrast of each other with varying degrees of distance in between. Whether you measure the distance either way, the result is the same. Understanding and working with the law of polarity we learn to harmonize. It gives us a reality check in order to create balance for ourselves. If you have a problem in the present moment you also have a way to resolve that problem. You just need to look at all the options including those that appear to be the opposite of what you think is required. From this we understand that we are the creator of life’s challenges and this then allows us to have balance in our lives.

The Law of  ‘As Above as Below’ – All has Reflection Everywhere

reflectionThis law gets us to look at how our inner world is displayed in our outer world. The wisdom here is that we have all the answers we are searching for within us. We can access a deep understanding of this principle and know that the path we walk is an outward reflection of our inner world. So the internal existence of a thought then becomes represented in an external way. This extraordinary principle shows us that our current reality is created by what is going on inside us and mirrors our thinking. If our outer reality is unsettled and unhappy, this is a reflection of what is happening internally. ‘As above as below’ is how we experience the reflection of what we see in the mirror.

The Law of Correspondence – All is Interdependent

linkedEverything is independent but at the same time participates to become a part of the whole. Where internal and external match each other they are then corresponding. This shows us that we are the small picture that is a part of the bigger picture and interdependent. There is an action from a corresponding thought so we live the corresponding action from our thoughts. What you imagine, you will become and through this law you will bring in your reality.

The Law of Rhythm – All Moves in Harmony with All


The universe and everything in it has rhythm. The human experience itself has a rhythm that is full of events, repetition and re-occurring cycles. Rhythm is organized vibration. The cosmic timing and natural rhythm of frequency combined, affects us here on the earthly plane. It is important to understand this law and to acknowledge the cycles of life. We must work with this law in order to understand ourselves and how cycles have rhythm. Even Mother Earth shows us the rhythm of cycles with the sun, moon and stars and how they affect us. If you understand the cycles of life, this creates harmony. To know whether to expand or contract on a cycle, you need to know if it is at the beginning, middle or end.

The Law of Karma – All has Cause and Effect

karmaThis one is all about cause and effect as every action has an appropriate reaction. It’s as simple as that. No more no less. The law sets out that you are solely responsible for your actions. Understanding karma puts you in the driver’s seat for action. We create and then live with the outcome whether it’s good or bad. To be in the service of others is a divine dispensation of karma. It allows you to clear and release from the past. From this you live a life of integrity, truth and love. Karma has a twofold effect. You can work off karma through pain and suffering or through the service to others. This assists you to have a release from the past but your intent will direct the balance of the effect.

The Law of Attraction – All is Attracted to All

like attracts likeThe law of attraction is ‘like will attract like’ meaning you will draw into your world through your thoughts. Working with this law can be very fulfilling and you can change your world. Work out what you want and be specific about your desire. Write it down and cover all angles. Be as clear and concise as you can and you will get what you ask for. If your request is coming from a place of pure greater good for you then there is a great chance you will receive it. If it comes from a place of not such good intentions, you will find it may have a bounce back effect on you. So think carefully about what you request as you will receive exactly what you ask for – to the word. To add an extra boost to your request, express a strong emotion like happiness or joy while you are thinking about what you want. This will give it more impact. If you are specific about details it will make your request clearer. Now request it from the universe. Show gratitude and trust in the power of the universal energy. These are the basic principles of the laws of attraction but in actual fact it is the laws of vibration of thought…whether it is money, physical items, success in business, personal goals, or even being able to attract your true heartfelt dreams. You have the power to be able to do this – all you have to do is just have faith and believe it can happen.

The Law of Gender

genderThe law of gender is about the balance of both masculine and feminine characteristics. This law bears no reference to sexuality but is about opposites creating balance. The law relates to the balance of all living forms which contain the energies and traits of both genders. This law covers the duality of male and female elements both of which we require to be present to ensure balance. It encompasses the feminine principles of love, patience, intuition and gentleness. This is then balanced by the masculine principles of energy, science, logic and intellect. The principle of gender is manifested and has a balance of both male and female principles ever present and active. The duality of masculine and feminine principles is reflected and exists on all mental, physical and spiritual planes.

“All is one
and we are all
connected to one”



How to Meditate with a Crystal Skull

Here we see a photo of Joshua Shapiro, a columnist for the Other Side Press and known as a Crystal Skull Explorers holding his personal skull called "Portal de Luz"

Here we see the author of this column Joshua, holding his personal smoky quartz skull “Portal de Luz”

Welcome to Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro here, your host to take you on another exciting adventure into the world of the Crystal Skulls, the Paranormal and various World Mysteries. So for this next part of my column, lets talk about some thoughts about meditating with a crystal skull.

So if you are ready then, time to proceed on to our next exploration ….. into the land of the Crystal Skulls and how linking into the skulls via meditation can change your life forever!

Now the goal of this article for my column is to focus a little bit more upon how people are using their personal crystal skulls as powerful tool to assist them in their personal spiritual paths working with them in their meditations. But before I discuss some ways in which this is being done, I should discuss why a crystal skull is the perfect tool to be used in a meditation by an individual. (Note – this article pre-supposes that the reader is already familiar with what a crystal skull is – if not we recommend to read some of our earlier articles for this column on The Otherside Press magazine ..)

We have found that the crystal skulls which are made from quartz crystals carry within their internal lattice structure an ability to hold powerful and healing energies that accumulate over time. The crystal skulls seem to pick up and absorb all types of energies which they will hold that can take place via direct contact when a person holds or touches the skulls (or even if they are close proximity to the skull ), or from the vibrational frequencies and the energy essence of all events and activities which take place around them. The recording of such energies will also include the energy inherent within the ground or land where the skull have physically been present.

he Crystal Skull Explorers, Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head, offering a wealth of knowledge about the crystal skulls at their website: www.crystalskullexplorers.com

Additionally, it is believed that through the power of our mind, we can activate a piece of quartz that then will begin to help empower us to link in and use our natural spiritual gifts (even if we are not consciously aware we have such gifts) or, if you are already aware of these inner gifts then the skulls will help to expand their functionality. From a scientific perspective we know that a piece of quartz crystal amplifies an electrical current passed through it. Similarly, a quartz crystal will also amplify a human being’s natural energies, the vitality of our physical body and expand the energy around us which is within our auric field as well.

So since the skulls have this natural ability to enhance a person’s health and vitality in so many ways it is a perfect tool to use when you are performing a private inner meditation. When you enter a deep meditation, naturally holding a crystal skull in your hands, will give you a stronger energy in order to focus upon the inner levels of reality (other dimensions or the level of spirit) we try to reach in meditation and makes it so much easier to do. As you do such meditations repeatedly with your crystal skull, this will eventually take you to a more peaceful level deep within our being, and thus will help you become more calm and peaceful in your outer life.  The more calm and peaceful we become in our minds helps us to not focus upon disruptive thoughts or the challenging situations in our life that bring us a feeling of uneasiness and tension.


Here Joshua is meditating in a crop circle in England (near Avebury in the SW) holding his crystal skull, “Portal de Luz” and listening to music on a portable CD player, he felt a power cone of energy surround him (took place about 2003 or 2004).

The most powerful meditations I personally have performed with our personal skulls, is when I am also listening to a special music, using my mp3 player with its headphones. The music helps me to block out disturbing noises around me so I can focus completely on communicating with my inner self or soul.  This combination makes it quite easy for me to receive more directly the higher frequencies from the inner levels I try to reach as well as help tremendously with more of an integration with my inner being which then brings more balance in my physical life and reality. Also I find working with the crystal skull and its ability to amplify an energy, if I am listening to the perfect music at the time, and I speaking about a music that makes you want to dance and sing, brings a great joy or happiness, then there have been a few times when I have connected with an aspect of my multi-dimensional self that is blessful and uplifting, maybe even touching in some way, the core of my soul.  I think for this technique to work for others, it has to be the right personal skull that is really vibrating and resonating when you hold it and the music you use, has to be in harmonious sink not only your own essence (as we are each a unique note in Creator’s infinite symphony) but with the crystal skull you have picked to work with as well.

Therefore, moving forward, let us discuss the power of what such a meditation working in tandem with a crystal skull of what might happen to our planet if hundreds or thousands of people decided to meditate with their personal crystal skull at the same time and not just focus on doing such a meditation to benefit themselves. What if all of the mediators focused these powerful and healing energies to bring more peace to our world, what might happen?

Well this was the premise for the creation of Crystal Skull World Day, which originally took place on November 22nd, 2014. This was a five minute meditation for world peace using a special video with music to guide the owners (or what we call guardians) of the crystal skulls upon a common foucs. This day was very successful and so powerful that the organizing group, The Crystal Skull Hearts Council organized a second event for this year, once again on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015. Accept during this second meditation, since people found the meditation for the first year too short, the Council created an audio mp3 file (in 8 languages) which features a 30 minute guided meditation supported by two Native American prayers and one song.  Once again there were hundreds (if not thousands of people who joined) with thousands upon thousands of crystal skulls participating and most people felt a very peaceful energy.  This past Crystal Skull World Day saw four different time periods for people to link in and people participating from such countries as Australia, China, various countries within Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland — that we know about) and in North America (Canada, Mexico and the U.S.).  There were even about 12-15 public gatherings (where groups of people met to do the meditation together) that took place as well.

Anyone was able to participate in Crystal Skull World Day and join in on the meditation even if they did not have their own crystal skull. Some people used a special gemstone they had instead. So to be a part of this meditation was very simple. All one had to do is hold their special crystal skull or gemstone and then at one of the four special times, play the guided mp3 audio and follow the meditation.  Now the meditation performed can still be used by anyone, even though Crystal Skull World Day is over.  If you might be curious what took place on Crystal Skull World Day 2015 and what meditation was used (to perform this mediation at a special time for yourself and help to share a loving and positive energy with our world) all you have to do is go to the following webpage at:


Crystal Skull World DayThen, just pick the language which is best for you (of the 8 given), then either click on the link to download the mp3 meditation audio or just click on the link to listen to this audio through the internet.   I believe, as does the Crystal Skull Hearts Council, that meditation that was performed on Crystal Skull World Day did make a difference in our world and shared a great energy of love, unity, harmony and peace with all life on the planet. As of the date when this article was written, the end of November 2015, we hear crazy news that some intense conflict is headed toward our world. But we felt that in some way performing the meditation on November 22nd, did offer a peaceful energy to offset this potential problem in some way.

To read more about Crystal Skull World Day, you can also visit the main website at:

In conclusion, what I hope the reader of this article for my column will take away is that we each have the ability through our thoughts and feelings, which is an expression of the consciousness of our soul within the physical reality (since it is consciousness which creates all realities throught the multi-dimensional universe) to make changes in our world.  That if we can be co-creators of special events, working together for the same purpose and at the same time (or day), using a meditation to visualize peace, which is enhanced by a special tool (in this case a crystal skull) we can bring more peace and harmony to our world.  We are the creators of the reality around us and we can un-create an aspect of the physical world that doesn’t work or is not in harmony.

So suppose, that each person who reads this article, agrees that they will perform the meditation that was done on November 22nd (2015), once a month (and say we have 100 people who agree to do this – will you?) through the end of 2016, and those people, love the meditation so much they tell their special friends, who then tell their special friends and so on and so forth that by the time we reach the end of 2016, there could be 100,000 people doing this meditation once a month – what do you think might happen then?

Peace and Light always,

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com
website: www.crystalskullexplorers.com


free crystal skull e-book:
free on-line newsletter, “Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls”

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