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What astrology can do for you

What can astrology do for you, have you ever wondered?

Last, month, I gave you an insight into the origins of astrology and what astrology is. We looked at how astrology has evolved into understanding and interpreting meaning from the celestial bodies and how the interpretation is applied to our Soul intention, character, our personalities and our behaviours, giving us a greater understanding of ourselves. The cycles of the planets are intricately and subconsciously echoed in the cycles of our own lives.

C.G. Jung …. Astrology is a sophisticated tool which can be used to mirror the processes of the unconscious and which can also be used as a guide through the unexplored realms of expanding consciousness,

Probably the biggest question we ask ourselves in our lifetime is, why am I here, or what am I supposed to be doing, what is my Soul purpose? I love how, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe, and everything was calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Finally, the much awaited answer was given -The number 42. This shocking answer resulted in the construction of an even larger supercomputer, named Earth, which was tasked with determining what the question was in the first place. As current inhabitants of Earth, we are eternally asking that question and seeking the answer, Astrology can give us an answer to these questions.

This time, we will explore further and look at how astrology can help us individually. In the years I have been studying and applying astrology, through my own experience, and those of my clients, I have found it to be an accessible and invaluable system that can be used by everyone for self-knowledge and spiritual growth. The more I learn, the more I understand about myself, my unconscious cycles and patterns and the more conscious I become. In fact, the more I have understood myself, the more I understand about other people and their unconscious programming and scripts, and the more accepting and tolerant of others I have become; now that can’t be a bad thing!

As I mentioned before, there are many branches or areas of specific interest within astrology, but the basis of all astrological study is an astrology chart, and for personal study we create a birth, or natal chart, using our birth date, place and time, if known. In simple terms, this chart shows the position of the planets at the time we were born and therefore what sign they were in. You might already know your Sun or zodiac sign, you might describe yourself as an Aquarian or a Pisces. This means, that the Sun was in that sign on the day you were born and this gives you vital information about your core personality. As well as this, our birth chart gives us the position and the sign that all the other planets were in. So, in addition to Sun in Aquarius, we might have, for example, Moon in Leo, Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Virgo, and so we begin to build up the different layers of the personality, and we can see that, although we share traits with people with the same Sun sign as us, the placement of the other planets are what make us different and unique.

How can astrology help?

Our natal chart, being as unique to us as our fingerprints, is a valuable tool for psychological understanding, for spiritual knowledge.  Exploring our chart gives us pieces of our own personal jigsaw puzzle of self-knowledge that we continue to add to throughout our lives. We can start simply, by ourselves, armed with our own chart and with the aid of some of the excellent books and articles we can readily find these days. We can easily find out our Sun and Moon signs and look at the interpretations for these. More pieces of the jigsaw come through adding the other planets which give other facets of the personality such as our emotions, how we react to situations and to others, how we relate, how we love, communicate and think.

Going deeper

If we want a deeper understanding of ourselves, we have to look into the chart deeper, and for this, we might need the help of a professional astrologer. Our chart not only shows personality but also our Soul intentions, karmic strengths and challenges and the Soul potential we have in this lifetime. A skilled astrologer can interpret the language of an astrology chart and help to unravel the threads of this life, giving it understanding and meaning and help us to discover our treasures. They can act as a guide on our journey, helping us to understand the past and helping us to see our way forward.

My special area of expertise is karmic, or as I like to call it, Soul astrology. This comes from my belief, or understanding, on a spiritual level, that we are eternal Souls who choose our lifetimes to help us evolve as Souls, although. most of us have no memory of our Soul planning meeting. Earth is one of many choices but considered to be quite a brave choice, because of the range and depth of emotions and experiences. In spirit, without any bodily form, we are pure light and, while emotions are experienced, there is little or no contrast. I often quote the saying “If you were an all-white person in an all-white room, how would you know you were white?” This is how we learn, through the contrasts in our lives. We cannot know love without hate, courage without fear, kindness without cruelty or compassion without indifference or criticism. Through difficult experiences, we learn and grow, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Without knowledge of our Soul planning meeting and our Soul intentions, navigating our human life can feel as if we are trying to find our way blindfold around a city we have never been to, and where people don’t even speak the same language as us. Astrology, and a skilled astrologer can act as your interpreter, guide, companion, torch holder and map reader on your spiritual journey.

Generally, we choose a life, and the life challenges that we are likely to experience, with the specific purpose of working on our Soul growth, of growing emotionally. In past lives, we have been working on certain emotional challenges. Some we will already have achieved, others we are still working on, and will be for many life-times to come. You might be wondering what you experienced in past lives and what you have chosen to work on in this lifetime. What are the key themes that will reoccur for you? What skills have you already attained, what positive karma can you draw on?

This is where karmic astrology comes in. It can reveal information on past lives, karmic wounds, the karmic lessons we are working on in this lifetime, the strengths and challenges we have to draw on, and our Soul intentions and purpose.

In future articles, I will be exploring some of the key Soul purposes that we often see in a chart such as balancing male and female energies, developing self-worth, nurturing and Mothering issues, the Karpman triangle, and emotional independence.

One of the biggest frustrations we can experience is of repeating patterns in our lives. These are an indication of a repeating karmic pattern from past lives which will keep recurring until we get the message! Our chart can not only reveal these patterns but can give us an understanding of why they reoccur. Then we can explore these energies and also those that we are looking to develop, to create a new, more productive and positive pattern.

Ancestral patterning is an area of spiritual growth which is very prominent at the moment and seems to be one of the key areas we are being challenged to look at, in order to raise our energies. We are gaining an increased understanding and acceptance of ancestral patterning and programming and the impact it has on us. I am noticing more and more workshops, books, crystals and trainings emerging, aimed at helping us to clear old ancestral programming and our birth chart has many strong indicators of our family background and our relationship with our parents. We can spend a lot of our adult life understanding and healing the experiences of our childhood


There is a specific pattern, or aspect that appears in a person’s chart when they have chosen, in this lifetime, to be a lineage breaker, that is, they have the opportunity to break an old ancestral pattern in this lifetime. We can often dedicate a whole consultation to this one area of our chart, looking at what it represents and exploring how it has manifested back through the lineage.

So, if we take the belief that we choose our lives, and our birth chart represents what we have chosen to work on in this lifetime, we can see that studying the chart and exploring the information it can reveal, can only help us gain a greater insight into our lives, and their purpose. We can gain an understanding of deeper issues, what lies beneath the surface. Importantly, it can put us back in control of our lives, instead of feeling that we are unwitting victims of a series of events that happen to us.

Unfolding the chart

So once we have some knowledge of our own chart, how can that help us on an everyday level?  Personal or Soul astrology doesn’t stop with the birth chart. In the same way, that our life begins with our birth and unfolds over the coming years, our chart unfolds too, mirroring and echoing the way we grow and evolve. Just to briefly use astrological terms, which I will explain more later, we can look at transits, our Progressed chart and Solar Return charts to help us on an everyday level and looking forward, as well as back. Standing in the present, we can look back for understanding and learning and look forward for guidance. One of the most empowering ways astrology can help us, is to follow the current astrology. The planets are influencing our lives in differing ways, all the time, with their own character, their own personality.



The birth chart is like a moment frozen in time, a snapshot of the cosmos at a particular moment, but the planets keep moving and in the current moment, we are experiencing the current astrology and how that astrology relates to us through our chart. Transits, describes the current astrology and that relationship. If the position of one of the planets at the moment, relates to something in our natal chart, it will trigger or highlight the energies of our chart and our personality. Whatever is happening now in the skies, we are feeling; how this feels, how we are affected, will be dependent on our birth chart, our karmic energies and Soul intentions, and our spiritual growth in this lifetime.  If a group of people were sat in a room and someone came in, looked around without saying anything and walked out again, everyone would have their own way of interpreting what had just happened, based on their own experiences and personality. If we asked them to write about the experience, each account would be different, even though they would only contain the same 26 letters. Some would be short, some would be long, some in sentences, some only in descriptive words. So, in the same way, through our own individual filters, we experience the energies differently, although the core themes will echo the personality of the planets involved.

If we have an understanding of the current astrology, and how it is likely to affect us or manifest for us, it helps us to look at events and our feelings differently, to look beneath the outward event for the deeper meaning and Soul learning. As I write this article, the planetary energies are particularly strong, due to two planets preparing to go retrograde. (For more information on retrogrades visit )

As the two planets are Mars and Pluto, the planets of action and transformation, when they slow down, as they are doing now, ready to go retrograde, it can feel particularly heavy and our shadow side, related to the planets’ energies, is often highlighted. I was given an excellent example of this recently. As well as slowing, Mars, has been prominent in the last few weeks. The planet of action and assertion, Mars often manifests in frustration and anger.  Someone told me how they were shocked at a stranger who had completely overreacted to a situation with a torrent of verbal abuse. Mars is the alpha-male energy, that of the warrior; soldier, fighting and wars. This male was described as having a voice like a sergeant major in the army, using his voice and large, muscly stature to threaten and intimidate. The recipient of this outburst, is a non-aggressive, peace-loving male, whose own Mars is in a passive sign and position in his chart. The aggressor, therefore, did not get an alpha-male challenge in response, but was shown the opposite, peaceful response, that did not rise to nor accept the challenge. Given the timing of the incident and the two opposite expressions of Mars energy, it would suggest that both men were being challenged to look at how Mars energy works in their lives, how they assert themselves and how they deal with anger. Having a knowledge of astrology and the current transits, would help them to look into the deeper meaning of this incident and what the self-knowledge and gift was for them.

In simple terms, our Progressed chart represents where we are now, in relation to our birth, where we started in this life. The natal chart is what we were born with, our Soul potential and the progressed chart shows where on our path we are now, how we have changed and grown. A simple analogy would be to say that the natal chart is our original software and the Progressed chart is the current update!

The Solar Return chart is our Birthday chart, when the Sun returns to its original position and represents the upcoming year for us. It is useful for seeing what influences are coming up. Both transits and the Solar Return chart are particularly useful for planning ahead. If we have something we want to do, we can use them to plan the best time to start a new project, move house etc., or avoid a time when difficulties might occur or we might not feel very strong, physically or emotionally.

So, there are many ways astrology can help us, whether it is to gain understanding of the past, ourselves and others, or in moving forward and planning ahead. The “ah-ha” moments that come along the way, when the pieces fit together and the bigger picture is seen, are empowering. and often cathartic, and always, ultimately, help us on our spiritual journey.

If you would like a copy of your own natal, progressed or Solar return charts, follow this link http://astrologywise.co.uk/store/c15/Order_a_chart.html

For more information on an astrology consultation visit my website www.astrologywise.co.uk

©Terrie Birch

Tales from a Crystal Skull Explorer

Crystal Skulls to Heal You and the Planet!

Here we see a photo of Joshua Shapiro, a columnist for the Other Side Press and known as a Crystal Skull Explorers holding his personal skull called "Portal de Luz"

Here we see the author of this column Joshua, holding his personal smoky quartz skull “Portal de Luz”

One of the Most Powerful Healing Tools On the Planet – What are They?
Why the Crystal Skulls of course!

Welcome to Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro here, your host to take you on another exciting adventure into the world of the Crystal Skulls, the Paranormal and various World Mysteries. So for this next part of my column, lets talk about some thoughts about crystal skulls as a powerful tool for personal healing.

So if you are ready then, time to proceed on to our next exploration ….. into the land of the Crystal Skulls and how these sacred tools can be used to expand oneself as well as discuss the most famous crystal skull that exists and how you can meet this skull!

Let’s talk about in this special article a wondrous tool for healing that is very accessible to most everyone as well as is being utilized by thousands of people all over the world right now for a variety of purposes, even beyond healing purposes. If you haven’t guessed it by now, what I plan to discuss it is how the crystal skulls are an amazing tool for bringing forth special healing energies and how they work.  However, please note, I will be finishing this article by sharing about one particular crystal skull that is the most famous and known as a powerful “healing skull”. A crystal skull which has forever changed my life after I have had several opportunities to visit with it and be in this skull’s presence not so long ago.  Now, let us move on ….

Here we see Joshua holding his personal crystal skull Portal de Luz with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in the background - this was after a research session done for the Syfy Channel documentary in 2008 at a high school in Valparaiso, Indiana where the guardian of the MH Skull, Bill Homman lives.

Here we see Joshua holding his personal crystal skull Portal de Luz with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in the background – this was after a research session done for the Syfy Channel documentary in 2008 at a high school in Valparaiso, Indiana where the guardian of the MH Skull, Bill Homman lives.

But first, every person who deals with healing has their own idea and philosophy about what this is all about. So I thought I should give my two sense first, so the reader will have an idea from which side of the road I am coming from.  The concept of healing to me is about being in balance.  That is, to honor that within each of us is our masculine side (logic and strategy, thinking) and our feminine side (creative, flowing and more emotional).  This means we must find a way during the course of our life to honor the time we need to be responsible so we can get the activities done that support our livelihood but also, to make time for the child within to play and do fun things.  No matter how old you are, you have to let that inner child come out.  The ultimate key for creating this balance, in my humble opinion is to discover which of all the possible activities you may engage in while here on Earth, makes your heart sing the most? Do you know?

The key to being healthy and happy is to honor yourself, not be so critical of any self perceived weaknesses and actively pursue those activities which bring to you the greatest joy.  We all have our own gifts – for me writing articles, blogs, reports or books along with organizing special events and doing my public talks is what I truly love to do, of course, working closely with my divine life partner Katrina.  So while I do work hard and spend a lot of time investigating these crystal skulls and also, I am constantly challenging myself to find new ways to sharing information about them publicly (by setting up new and unique special events); I do have other interests as well that I enjoy to do and make time for it.  All work and no play is definitely not the way to go.  If we love our self and honor our self, life will show us what is the correct path to follow.

Remember however, whatever actions and activities bring happiness for you may not be appropriate for anyone else living on this Earth. So it’s not a good idea to try to compare your lifestyle and life activities to what other individuals engage in that creates a satisfying life for them.

Now in order to see how the crystal skulls are linked to “Healing” we need to speak about “Energy”.  What do I mean by “Energy”?  Well an example of a form of energy is Sunlight.  The rays of the Sun help to give vitality to plants to be alive.  We could think of the food we eat as another form of energy that helps to keep a person active and alert.  But the type of energy I am speaking about linked to the crystal skulls is invisible – and it is being emanated outwardly by certain objects like quartz crystals, as a field of energy or a solid force. In this article, we will focus on quartz crystals as it is a key gemstone that comprises some of the most powerful skulls.

Now my primary and strongest spiritual gift that I have is my ability to feel the emanation of energy that comes from people, or animals or plants or even stones. I sense and feel this energy on my body. I have learned how to interpret what I feel from this energy into words to explain what type of energy field it is. For example, around each crystal skull there is a field or force that can be measured. How this force could be experienced by a person is described below:

1) a slight or strong pressure on your body which is a confirmation the crystal skull is emanating an energy outward from it;

2) It could be like a heat upon your body which to me represents an energy to heal something inside of you that is out of balance;

3) It could feel like a coolness on your body, this represents as I understand it an energy that is in balance and you are flowing with it completely;

4) You could feel the energy field coming from the crystal skull totally lifting you up and making you feel very light and peaceful or calm – this would be a type of energy field that is be projected outward to help you grow spiritually – it is moving and shifting the vibration in your body to a higher level.

Another factor I have discovered that is linked to the crystal skulls are that when a crystal skull is activated (either by the people from past advanced civilizations or with a modern crystal skull made by a carver that the guardian awakens), there appears to be a living consciousness which enters into the crystal skull works through it which presents itself as a type of human personality.  Let me explain this idea a bit better.

For me, quartz crystals (and I won’t be speaking about other gemstones in this article BTW) has the property that it can function like a dimensional door to allow energies from higher vibrational planes of existence to come into our reality. Quartz additionally allows us to make contact with the minds of other intelligent beings who exist in these higher planes as well.  So it is my feeling that when I have an inner telepathic dialogue with a crystal skull (this intelligence uses my minds voice which is the voice I hear when I write and read) it is an intelligent being or a group of beings who are using this door to come into our reality and then animate the crystal skull to appear to be alive.  So if this is true, it is a way for our spiritual family on the other side to be able to more directly help us with the impression that their help is coming through a physical being which we can see, touch and hear.  Thus, this is a very comfortable way that “Spirit” can send us healing energies without causing fear or panic.

Another aspect in working with a crystal skull is that it looks like us – the first crystal skulls found in Mexico and Central America were in shape of a human bone skull.  So when you are dialoguing with a crystal skull (whether it’s a telepathic message, a feeling your receive or you hear an external voice speaking to you) you feel as if you are speaking to a person – because when we talk to each other we look at the other person’s head.  This is why the crystal skulls will tell their guardians about a name they have, it makes it easier for us to speak about the crystal skull if it has a name and a personality as the crystal skull is emulating being a human being.

Portal de Luz ("Portal of Light", a newly made smoky quartz skull done by the Brazilian Carver Leandro with Joshua since 1999, going with him on all of his world travels.

Portal de Luz (“Portal of Light”, a newly made smoky quartz skull done by the Brazilian Carver Leandro with Joshua since 1999, going with him on all of his world travels.

I will use one of our personal skulls as an example. We have a 10 lb smoky quartz skull which was made by a master carver in Brazil.  I was inspired to give him this name “Portal de Luz” (which is Portuguese since the carver spoke Portuguese) which means “Portal of Light” or “Portal” for short.  And this name is a reflection of part of the service “Portal” does in that he is a bridge into other universes and dimensions which allow the higher frequencies (the Light) to come through him and be present. He also acts as a kind of bridge to connect with other intelligences in these universes. Plus, he is a jack of all trade as well – he does many things quite easily – and he tells me he is also a representative of “HIS” total crystal skull family like an ambassador. Therefore, when people work with “HIM” or have an experience with “HIM”, even though he is a modern made skull, he does give to people an idea of the energies that are linked to all the crystal skulls in the world.  Further, while the carving of “Portal” was done just in 1998, the spirit (or spirits) who are working through “HIM” are very very old, ancient and wise.

So I hope so far I have been able to explain to some degree (as this is a somewhat difficult and complex subject) how the crystal skulls can be amazing tools for healing. The skull not only help to bring us back into balance and good health but to assist in opening up our awareness to other levels of our soul and spirit that we can integrate into our physical life too.  Now let’s look at that famous crystal skull I was referring to at the start of this article and share with you an important announcement of a special opportunity coming up that you may wish to partake of.

The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull - photo comissioned by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. this photo shows this skull is two pieces with the lower jaw separate, an almost exact duplicate of a human bone skull. Was this Crystal Skull made in Atlantis? Why does everyone wish to meet it? Permission for use of this photo through Bill Homann, the guardian.

The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull – photo comissioned by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. this photo shows this skull is two pieces with the lower jaw separate, an almost exact duplicate of a human bone skull. Was this Crystal Skull made in Atlantis? Why does everyone wish to meet it? Permission for use of this photo through Bill Homann, the guardian.

Really the first crystal skull to become very well known to the general public is the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.  This crystal skull is named after the Mitchell-Hedges family who comes from England. You see, F. A. Mitchell-Hedges led an expedition to British Honduras (now Belize) in 1923 and they discovered this crystal skull inside a pyramid in an ancient Mayan ruin. Besides, that this is one of the first human-sized and shaped crystal skulls to publicly surface, it is acutely recognized because of the quality of workmanship that was needed to create this crystal skull.  The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is an almost exact duplicate of a human bone skull and in 1923, there did not exist the technology we have today (diamond tip tools, saws and drills) to make such an amazing crystal skull.  And thus, since supposedly we are the most advance culture to exist on Planet Earth ever, how is this possible?  Could this Crystal Skull have been created by an unknown technology that they had in Atlantis?  Or was it a gift that came to the Meso-American people from the Gods in the skies?  In any case, this crystal skull is the one that made people sit up and take notice.

Over the years, the Mitchell-Hedges family has allowed many people to see this crystal skull and there have been reports of various people with physical, emotional or mental problems receiving miraculously healings once they came into the presence of this crystal skull.  Anna Mitchell-Hedges also said publicly, that the crystal skull was used by the Mayans, who were the previous guardians, in two different ways.  One was when an old Priest was dying they would have a young man lie down on the ground next to this old (dying) Priest and put the crystal skull in between them. Then the knowledge of the old Priest would go into the mind of the young man and be preserved.  Secondly according to Ms. Mitchell-Hedges, if there was a person in the tribe who was very ill and in terrible pain, a Priest would work with the skull and have the skull will this ill person to die a peaceful death to release their pain in a kind way.

Bill Homann, the guardian of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull which he is holding in this photo, taken while he lived in Sedona. We used this photo from Bill in the interview we did with him for our free crystal skull e-book (see how to get it at the end of this article).

Bill Homann, the guardian of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull which he is holding in this photo, taken while he lived in Sedona. We used this photo from Bill in the interview we did with him for our free crystal skull e-book (see how to get it at the end of this article).

For myself, of all the Crystal Skulls I have been privileged to personally visit since 1983, the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull has affected me the most powerfully and changed my life forever.  In 2008, I came into contact with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull twice.  Once in the home of the current guardian Bill Homann (when Miss Mitchell-Hedges passed away in 2007, Mr. Homann a very good friend of hers who supported her at the end of her life, he inherited the crystal skull) living in Indiana where I did about a 20 minute meditation session with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull directly in front of me.  During this meditation, I had three of my personal skulls around the Mitchell-Hedges Skull and after a few moments, I felt the energy in the room around me became so calm and peaceful that I felt like I was in Heaven.

After about ten minutes, then I felt a unusual presence just show up in the room, as I sensed it in the air above the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and to my right. It told me telepathically it was a living Universal Consciousness (felt like a group or collective of several souls acting as one).  This living consciousness seemed to know everything there was to know about me. After this encounter, I found I could very easily stay more in the neutral about events happening around me and in our world. Plus, I didn’t need to make judgments about anyone else, I could just accept who each person is and its fine how they wish to live their life whether I agree or not. That all things which happen to us in our lives are in divine perfection and here to teach us how to be the best we can be no matter how long it takes. We are always granted “FREE WILL” to explore all options and possibilities in life.

The second time that year I was with this crystal skull, Mr. Homann and I flew from Chicago to Italy for a one day crystal skull conference. Once again, during this trip, I had some very powerful experiences when I was near the crystal skull. After we arrived, Mr. Homann and I were taken to the home of one of the main organizers of the conference to meet the team. They made us a wonderful Italian meal I recall. And then, of course everyone presented want to see the crystal skull privately before the conference started. However, after Mr. Homann took the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull out of its case, I almost immediately started to become sick with a sore throat and eventually I had a high fever. I had to stay in bed at the hotel till the very last minute on the day of the conference so when I did my one hour presentation I would have enough strength to finish it. Whereupon, at my presentation’s conclusion; I lost consciousness when my head hit the table (where our crystal skulls were sitting upon including the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull) where all the speakers were sitting at on the stage.

Therefore I had to stay in Italy an extra four days to fully recover before I could fly back to Chicago. But on one of these mornings while I was still in Italy, I woke up and I received exactly how to do a series of Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations which we now do each month. So as you can see, the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is a powerful catalyst that takes you in special and unexpected directions in your life.

Thus, as you can imagine, everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to have a chance, at least once in their lifetime, to see and experience the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull directly.  So this is our special announcement I am making in this article that we have a way how you can do this during the summer (July 24th through July 3rd, 2016) if you are ready. :–)

I am good friends with Mr. Homann, we have known each other since the early 1990’s.  The first time I met him, was when we entertained in Chicago my good friend Joke van Dieten (she and her family have a collection of 10 very old skulls) who came to visit us in America in our apartment near Chicago (she was living in Holland at the time).  Ms. van Dieten had purchased an old Mayan Skull, from a crystal dealer in Los Angeles in 1991 who received it from a family in Guatemala. In 1906 or so, they had dug up this skull from the ground on their property. I just happened to be in the Los Angeles area when Ms. van Dieten officially bought this skull. Also it turns out Ms. van Dieten found the crystal dealer listed in my first crystal skull book so I think I was suppose to be around at this time (destiny). I saw this new crystal skull for the first time as did Ms. van Dieten did. She decided to call this smoky quartz Mayan skull, “ET” because the shape of the head was like an extraterrestrial’s head.

The Crystal Skull "ET" is the large skulll to your left, with some of our personal skulls. This photo was taken in 2011 when we visit Ms. van Dieten son in British Columbia, who had her personal skulls at the time for safe keeping - notice the different shape to "ET" vs. a more human type skull.

The Crystal Skull “ET” is the large skulll to your left, with some of our personal skulls. This photo was taken in 2011 when we visit Ms. van Dieten son in British Columbia, who had her personal skulls at the time for safe keeping – notice the different shape to “ET” vs. a more human type skull.

Anyway when Ms. van Dieten visited with me in Chicago for Christmas in 1992, I heard that Anna Mitchell-Hedges was living in Indiana with her good friend Bill Homann.  So we brought the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull together with “ET” at Mr. Homann’s home. I could feel energetically when these two old skulls were next to each other, they knew each other and had been together some time before in our (far) past.  This was the first time I met Mr. Homann and over the years we would periodically meet at restaurants to discuss our love for the crystal skulls and anything  new developments.  When the Syfy channel did their two hour crystal skull documentary I was interviewed in Mr. Homann’s home and that is how I setup to visit with him and the skull in his home a few weeks later.

So the good news is that we are working together with Mr. Homann right now, at the time of the release of this article, to bring the Mitchell-Hedges Skull to the Seattle area where we will be offering two different type of events:  a) private sessions with the crystal skull and Bill Homann; b) a public presentation with talks by Mr. Homann and myself, followed by a world peace meditation led by Bill.  And then to finish this presentation we will give the attendees a chance to come up close to the Mitchell-Hedges Skull and experience the healing energies that this skull emanates.


So, if you would like a chance to meet the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull during this summer tour, we have setup a special webpage on our website, with all the details, the schedule, the prices and how to make your reservation.  Just head over to:


So in conclusion, the Crystal Skulls that come from antiquity I believe were gifts to humanity from the Gods (more advanced space fairing cultures) to help us create world peace. The crystal skulls are spiritual mirrors that can reflect back to us who we truly are inside and act as a powerful catalyst to awaken many people to realize their spiritual essence.  There was a Polish healer I once knew, who we worked with closely in Poland around 2003 and 2004; as we shared the crystal skulls during this time with many people. My God we did hundreds of private healing sessions too (more than I have ever done in a short period in my life!). Anyway, this magnetic Polish healer saw a crystal skull as a portable medicine bag, in that when you are not feeling well, you take out the crystal skull, just hold it for a time and you became more calm as it took away any physical pain and discomfort.  I think this is a good way to end this article to describe the crystal skulls.

Hope you enjoyed this new contribution,
In peace and light always,

Joshua Shapiro
A crystal skull explorer



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Tumbled crystals are ideal for making crystal essences

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Crystal essences are an excellent way to use the healing power of crystals, and several crystals can be combined provided you dowse to check compatibility. Crystal essences are made by transferring the subtle vibrational energies and minute concentrations of the mineral constituents of the crystal into water, which then stores the vibrations and transfers them to the chakras, physical or subtle bodies in exactly the same way that a homoeopathic essence works. The essence is bottled and a preservative – brandy, vodka or cider vinegar – added. If the essence is to be taken by those for whom alcohol is inappropriate, cider vinegar can be used as a preservative or the essence rubbed on the skin. The essence can be gently rubbed on the skin or over a chakra. Essences can also be added to a glass of water and sipped, or taken from a dropper bottle, or sprayed around the aura.

Caution: Some stones contain trace minerals that are toxic (see the list on www.judyhall.co.uk) and essences from these stones, and especially from lead-based crystals such as Galena or Stibnite, need to be made by an indirect method that transfers the vibrations without transferring any of the toxic material from the stone. If in doubt, make the essence by the indirect method, which is also suitable for fragile or layered stones. Always wash your hands after handling one of these stones and use in a tumbled version wherever possible.


Essences from toxic stones such as raw Tantalite should always be made by the indirect method.

Fragile or layered crystals should also be made into an essence using the indirect method. Rainbow Mayanite, c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk


You will need:

  • An appropriate crystal, which has been cleansed and purified either by placing under running water, in brown rice, or using a proprietary cleanser such as Petaltone Clear2Light.
  • One or two clean glass bowls,
  • Spring water
  • A suitable bottle in which to keep the essence (coloured glass is preferable to clear as it preserves the vibrations better).

The direct method

Essences can be made by the direct or indirect method. The indirect method is suitable for friable, layered or clustered crystals as well as those that may have a degree of toxicity. Spring water should be used rather than tap water that has chlorine, fluoride and aluminium added to it. Water from a spring with healing properties is particularly effective.

Direct method

  • Place enough spring water in a glass bowl to just cover the crystal.
  • Stand the bowl in sunlight for several hours. (If the bowl is left outside, cover with a glass lid or clingfilm to prevent insects falling into it.)
  • If appropriate, the bowl can also be left overnight in moonlight.

Indirect method

  • If the crystal is toxic or fragile (see contra-indications page xx) place the crystal in a small glass bowl and stand the bowl within a large bowl that has sufficient spring water to raise the level above the crystal in the inner bowl.
  • Stand the bowl in sunlight for several hours. (If the bowl is left outside, cover with a glass lid or clingfilm.)
  • If appropriate, the bowl can also be left overnight in moonlight.



The indirect method


Bottling and preserving

If the essence is not to be used within a day or two, top up with two-thirds brandy, vodka, white rum or cider vinegar to one-third essence, otherwise the essence will become musty. This makes a ‘mother tincture’ that can be further diluted. To make a small dosage bottle, add seven drops of the mother essence to a dosage bottle containing two-thirds brandy and one-third water. If a spray bottle is being made, add seven drops of mother essence to pure water if using immediately. For prolonged use, vodka or white rum makes a useful preservative as it has no smell.


Using a crystal essence

For short-term use, an essence can be sipped every few minutes. For longer term use, apply 2 or 3 times a day. Essences can also be applied to the skin, either at the wrist or over the site of a chakra or problem spot, or added to bath water. If a spray bottle is made, spray all around the aura and at the site of particular chakras remembering that these can extend for several feet out from the physical body or room. This is particularly effective for clearing negative energies.


Making Shungite water


Elite or Noble Shungite c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Shungite water has been shown to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial, removing harmful micro-organisms and pollutants. Research has shown that Shungite absorbs that which is hazardous to health whether it be pesticides, free radicals, bacteria and the like, or EMF, microwave and other vibrational emissions. It boosts physical well-being and has a powerful effect on the immune system. Restoring emotional equilibrium, it transmutes stress into a potent energetic recharge. A traditional cure-all, anecdotal evidence and current research suggest that Shungite assists cellular metabolism, neurotransmitters, the immune, digestive and filtration systems. It enhances enzyme production and provides pain relief. It is a detoxifier, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Shungite Water is used to treat sore throats, burns, cardio-vascular diseases, blood disorders, allergies, asthma, gastric disturbances, diabetes, arthritis and osteoarthritis, kidney and liver disorders, gall-bladder dysfunction, auto-immune diseases, pancreatic disorders, impotence and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Shungite Water is made in a slightly different way to the usual crystal essence. To become biologically active, water needs to have Shungite immersed in it for at least forty eight hours. However, once the first batch has been made, you can simply refill the filter jug every time you use some of the water so that it is constantly replenished. Wash the jug and the bag of Shungite at least once a week depending on how much water you have used (you can store the activated water and return it to the jug). Place the Shungite in the sun for a few hours to recharge or use a proprietary crystal recharging essence. I find raw Shungite more effective than the silvery tumbles, but, no matter how often the non-vitreous type of Shungite has been washed, it does tend to leave a very fine suspension of black particles in the water. I have drunk this for several years now without any ill effects and, indeed, I believe it to have contributed greatly to my overall well-being.

Making the water:

You will need:

2 litre filter jug

Fine mesh 2” bag of raw Shungite (10-100gm)

2 or 3 pieces of Elite or Noble Shungite


  • Wash the raw Shungite thoroughly. It will release fine black particles. This will continue as you make the Shungite water but it is part of the process.
  • Place the mesh bag of Shungite in the base of the filter jug (if using tap water you can also use a commercial filter if the jug is provided with one).
  • Pour water into the jug until it is full.
  • Stand it aside for 48 hours.
  • Then top up the water each time it is used.
  • Cleanse the Shungite frequently under running water and re-energise in the sun or fresh air.




As the water potentizes, your jug will begin to look like this:



Drink at least 2 litres a day for maximum well-being.


[Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions and Earth Blessings]




The Higgs Boson Particle – A Hidden Reality

The discovery of the Higgs Boson particle by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, cracked a new perspective into how we fundamentally understand the physical world.

What exactly is the Higgs Boson particle?

To understand it, we’ll first ask ourselves “What is mass?” Mass, basically (I’m no physicist, so please forgive the crude explanations), is when you push on an object and you feel resistance from that object as you push it. It’s what makes up something, the amount of matter that constitutes any given object. This, then logically begs the question: “Where does this mass come from?” To which the answer is, obviously, a bunch of different things. Electrons, protons, and a whole slue of sub-atomic particles. The next question is, “Where does the mass of protons and electrons and so forth come from?” And in that question, we get to what exactly the Higgs Boson particle is.

In order to visualize what exactly the Higgs Boson is, imagine that the world is surrounded by an invisible molasses. When electrons, quarks and other sub atomic particles move through space, they pass through this invisible molasses, experiencing resistance. The measure of this resistance would give us the mass of these subatomic particles. This molasses is, essentially, what is known as the Higgs Field. The Higgs Field is made up of Higgs Boson particles. Now, that analogy isn’t perfect, so I’ll have to mention that unlike molasses, the Higgs Field doesn’t not slow sub atomic particles due to friction.

I’m sorry, what? An invisible field

Exactly. For a long time, this theory was thought to be another wild theory on something that humans can’t see with their own eyes. Most of the scientific community laughed off the notion that there was a type of field that was imperceptible to humans. For a long time, no one knew how to even test such a crazy idea, until October 8th, 2013. A group of scientists decided to speed up sub atomic particles to the speed of light, and smash them together.

The idea behind it is that when you smash something together at the speed of light, space—for lack of a better phrase—jiggles a little. When space jiggles, you should be able to see the Higgs Field jiggles as a result. With the right amount of jiggling, a particle is bound to pop off. Really, the big deal is that the chances of a Higgs particle bouncing off is near one in a trillion. As you can see, a lot of scientist thought that even trying something with such infinitesimal chances was a waste of time and resources.  You wouldn’t be alone in that, a lot of scientists ridiculed this notion.

It all changed though, and eventually, against all odds, one of these particles reared its impossible head. This confirmation is important, because is serves to answer one of the most basic questions about human understanding of existence. Based on what the results of this experiment show, we can now begin to understand what, exactly, gives sub atomic particles their mass and how the universe was formed.

This is great, but why should I care?

While you might not be a physicist, the discovery of the Higgs Boson is a classic story of the underdog. When something is right, when it is true, fighting for it against all odds is the only thing that matters. It might take half a trillion tries, but it’s worth it. This lesson is way more important than the discovery of some trivial sub atomic particle. What we can learn in the story of the discovery of the Higgs Boson pushes beyond the findings of a complex physical question. While it might not impact your life to know that there are even tinier particles than atoms, it might behoove you to know that despite what anyone might be telling you, your one idea, thought, or personal project is one step away from fruition.


Secrets Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is no secret, and it remains the oldest and largest pyramid on Earth. It’s so old and large, in fact, that it still baffles modern scientists today, who all squabble about how, what, and who could have possibly built this monolithic structure. There are many different theories and ideas about how it could have been constructed with simple prehistoric tools. At the end of the day, there still isn’t one definitive answer to any of those questions—and there probably won’t be for some time. There have been numerous recent findings, however, that have blown all past theories out of the water.


Below are some of those uncommon facts, recently discovered, that throw a wrench into our modern understanding of the Great Pyramid in general. The titles are hyperlinked to other sources you can check out, if you want to do further research for yourself, I strongly recommend it!


  1. The Pyramid is not a tomb.


While the Pyramid of Giza has traditionally been explained as the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, there hasn’t, to date, been any findings of burial equipment or remains that would signify that the pyramid was used as a tomb. Essentially, what they found locked away deep in the heart of the pyramid was an empty granite box. This granite box was constructed with perfect mathematical dimensions, and its stark contents contrast greatly with other sarcophagi dedicated to dead Pharaohs.


  1. An 8-Sided Pyramid?!


Another mind-blowing discovery, one that modern science still have yet to explain, is the fact that the Great Pyramid is actually eight-sided. When viewed during the Autumn and Spring equinox, the sides of the Pyramid reveal themselves to be slightly concave, splitting each of the four sides in two mathematically equal halves. This begs the question, “If this was built in ancient times, how in the world could they have known all that?”


  1. The Pyramid as the center of math.


A man by the name of John Taylor in 1859 proposed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built to represent the mathematical phenomena of pi, and the golden ratio, both of which are essentially the foundations of all math on Earth. Taylor found out that if you divide the perimeter of the Great Pyramid by its height, you get pi. Taylor goes on to describe that if you do this same equation with a circle you get the same result, pi, and he argues that the Pyramid was built in order to represent the spherical nature of the Earth. If this is true, it would suggest that the ancient Egyptians understood way more about math, the universe, and space than we originally thought.


  1. Ley Lines, anyone?


The final, and my favorite uncommon fact about the Pyramid of Giza, is the fact that there are now scientists who believe that the Pyramid of Giza is connected mathematically with multiple different ancient religious sites throughout the world. This train of thought originated from a man named Alfred Watkins, who in 1921, began dancing with the idea that all prehistoric religious sites were lined up in straight lines all across the globe called “ley lines.”


If those facts aren’t unsettling, or at least intriguing, then I’m not sure what is. What these simple discoveries show us is that, despite our technology and modern understanding, there are numerous things about our past that we will never quite understand. The best way to approach an answer is to keep an open mind.

Crystal Consciousness

EMF Protection Using Crystals

Anti-EMF Crystal Prescriptions

Is the technological world getting you down? Crystals provide the perfect solution to the detrimental effects of electromagnetic stress.

Smoky Elestial Quartz, a natural anti-EMF protection device.

Many people don’t realise it but sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can have a profound affect on well-being – and on your hopes for the future. The fields are generated by the technology around us and they are increasing all the time. The human body evolved against a natural background radiation from the planet of 7.83 Hz but this now rises to over 250 Hz through manmade electrical pollution, a phenomenal rise to which we are not adapted. The effect can be subtle. Who would have thought that electro-sensitivity could prevent you from conceiving or carrying a child to full term, or that it could induce temporary impotence? But research shows that this is so along with a whole host of the ‘diseases of civilisation’ such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, Parkinsons and the like.

EMFs have been shown to adversely affect the immune, nervous and endocrine systems and when these don’t function efficiently, dis-ease is the result. Not surprising when so much of our body relies on subtle energy patterns to maintain good health. When I was researching the effects of EMFs for Crystal Prescriptions volume 3: crystal solutions to electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress, I was surprised at how wide the range of dis-eases was – and that scientists were so aware of the effects (which are collated in the book) but so little was being done. Fortunately it is possible to shield yourself from the effects and keep yourself energetically healthy with crystals.

Common everyday sources of EMFs include:

  • Cordless or cell phones and towers
  • Power lines
  • Electricity generating stations
  • Wi-fi
  • Smart meters
  • Electrical wiring
  • Microwave ovens
  • Computers
  • Fluorescent and other lighting
  • CCT cameras

Overhead power lines are a major source of EMF and static electricity pollution

Photo c. Terrie Birch, www.astrologywise.co.uk

Check list

Do you:

  • Feel constantly tired and out of sorts
  • Suffer from insomnia or restless sleep
  • Instantly catch any illness that’s going round
  • Find it hard to heal small ailments
  • Have M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Suffer from constant headaches
  • Want to conceive but can’t
  • Have muscle cramps, tension and pain
  • Experience temporary impotence
  • Cramping and bloating
  • Experience extreme mood swings
  • Suffer from depression and panic attacks
  • Lack concentration and confidence

Getting grounded

Surprisingly perhaps, ‘raising your vibrations’ and becoming more sensitive to energies can increase electro-sensitivity. If you meditate, work with crystals, do any kind of energy healing or massage, and so on, you open up your aura – which is a bioenergetic field composed of subtle vibrations and resonances. If you don’t protect the aura and keep yourself rooted and in connection with the Earth then you are susceptible to subtle energy disruption, which then can have a physical effect. One of the best tools for handling EMF sensitivity is to get yourself grounded, in contact with the planet and completely earthed with your lower chakras fully functioning. So many people who suffer from excessive sensitivity have only a toehold in incarnation and, of course, the more uncomfortable the physical body becomes, the more the tendency is to ‘float away’. But, make contact with the Earth, make a friend of your body, become comfortable in incarnation and the detrimental effects will lessen significantly. How do you do this? Use your crystals! Flint is my go-to crystal for this essential step but Hematite and Boji Stones work equally well.

Flint, one of the finest grounding stones

Photo c. Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.co.uk

Coming back into harmony

Dis-ease is the result of a lack of harmony, of our subtle energetic physiological signals going out of sync. Fortunately it is possible to apply a complementary energy pattern to restore equilibrium through ‘sympathetic resonance’. Crystals hold such a beneficial pattern.

How does this work? Well, the human body is, to a large extent, crystalline with millions of crystals being present in the brain, blood and so on. Crystals have a perfect geometric molecular structure that is coherent (that is, it stays the same) and stable, each part replicating the other. They are have a very low incidence of entropy – a gradual, and natural, decline into disorder. Human bodies have a very high level of entropy, which means our energetic vibrations can be easily disrupted by internal or external factors. The stable, low entropy state of healing crystals can entrain– that is match – our frequency to theirs, returning our vibrations to a coherent state. This ‘perfect state’ is one of the reasons why crystals can help with electro-sensitivity. The field of a crystal is in direct contrast to an EMF, which is chaotic and disorganised. Put an organised field into a disorganised one and the two will entrain back into the most stable form.


Shungite, the most powerful EMF protector crystal

Photo c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk

Your EMF crystal toolkit

  • Shielding

Wearing a shielding crystal surrounds the outer edge of your aura with a protective coating and does not let the EMF through into your inner space. Similarly, crystals can be placed next to an EMF source such as computer or stuck on a mobile phone to shield it. Effective shielding crystals include Shungite (made up of tiny ‘buckyballs’ or fullerenes that imprison the EMF), Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Elestial Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Healer’s Gold and Amazonite.

Soft and gentle Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone to keep in your environment or by your computer and other sources of EMF stress.

Photo c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

  • Support

Crystals can strengthen your aura and align it with your physical body, bringing them into harmony and stimulating your immune system to heal and defend itself against detrimental energies. Try Golden Healer Quartz, Bloodstone, Shungite, Flint, Auralite 23, Anandalite, Magnetite (Lodestone), Rainbow Mayanite, Zircon

Auralite 23

  • Transmute

Crystals transmute toxic energies into beneficial ones, preventing damage in the first place. The crystals act like a voltage converter, changing the frequency and adapting it as necessary. Shungite and Black Tourmaline are excellent for this as is Smoky Quartz and Amber, Amethyst, Heulandite, Lapis Lazuli, Orgonite, Scolecite, Shungite, Smoky Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite or Stilbite.

  • Ground

Crystals help you to anchor your energies to the Earth, grounding you and strengthening the lower chakras so that you are more resistant to the toxic effects of EMFs. Black Tourmaline, Flint, Smoky Quartz, Boji Stones, Carnelian, Red Jasper and Shungite help you to ground yourself and strengthen the lower chakras.

  • Negative ions

Ions are electronically charged atoms or molecules that can be positive or negative. Negative ions assist the body to repair cellular damage and a strong negative ion field can help to prevent initial damage. Negatively-charged ions stimulate the cells that filter out dead and toxic material maintaining healthy organ function and blood chemistry. This is especially helpful in areas affected by powerlines and static electricity. Crystals such as Tourmaline, Amethyst, Zeolite, Heulandite, Apophyllite, Klinopotilolith, Lepidolite, Quartz, Pollucite, Orgonite, Renierite, Scolecite, Sphalerite, Shungite or Stilbite naturally create negative ions from moisture in the air.


Indispensible Black Tourmaline blocks EMF and geopathic stress.

Photo c. Michael Illas/Earth Blessings


An international workshop leader for over 45 years, Judy Hall is known world-wide for her crystal work and a wide range of MBS books. Her Crystal Bible has sold well over 1 million copies and now runs to 3 volumes. Crystals and Sacred Sites examines the connections between sacred space, the planetary energy system and crystals. Earth Blessings: using crystals for personal energy clear, earth healing and environmental enhancement draws on her extensive experience of earth energy work and Crystal Prescriptions 3: Crystal solutions to electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress is the latest in the popular Crystal Prescriptions: an A-Z guide series.

Altered States and Hypnotic World

What is Spirituality – The Transpersonal Self

The Transpersonal Spiritual Self


Spirituality is a way of gaining perspective on life, recognizing that our role of existence has a greater value than just what we do every day, by broadening our perspective and activating a potential prospect to look beyond what life presents. Some people see spirituality as a way of coping with change or uncertainty. By being consciously aware through life challenges, there are many opportunities to create a difference around an unwanted or difficult situation.

Developing spiritually, allows life to be viewed through different eyes; it opens up a whole new perspective by trusting the inner significant part of oneself to bring forward guidance, urges and insights.  This shift,  gravitating to new expression and ideas will take you to places you never imagined, resulting in a refined absolution of faith, abundance and freedom. Therefore, bringing these desired attributes into a more conscious way of living, feeling and acting, with an aspiration of a positive and prosperous life.

People are often discouraged about their ability to change and grow,  choosing to cling to fear and familiar ways of life that are no longer fulfilling. When something is distressing, it can take control of every part of your being. The influence can be so strong that,  being unable to progress, it becomes a physical, mental and emotional experience. It can be  difficult to move forward in addressing a specific problem without first building a realistic sense of hope. Being  hopeful creates improvement by opening a new way of understanding. Letting go of the limitations and resistances and replacing them with faith will enable you to remove the old ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Going through personal challenges that overtake the experience of life, can at times,leave  only one option  – and that is to turn your life around making a transformation though hope and aspiration  to a greater aspect.

Transpersonal exploration of the spiritual depth of self is a diverse education about the transpersonal and self, those transcendent and spiritual aspects of the human experience. This theory subscribes to the belief of subconscious and superconscious minds. Transpersonal experiences may be defined as “Experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond oneself, the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche, cosmos or the divine power of source energy”.

It identifies the various states of consciousness, trance states and declare that each has multiple layers within that hold their own realities and systems. This theory emphasizes that people can move back and forth through the different stages of consciousness and difference levels of reality perceived.

The transpersonal self encompasses and envelops an exploration of the spiritual aspect of transformation, as an education about how to develop a personal shift.  If the situation has a big enough impact on our lives, we open a door way to create change.

The doorway representing personal transformation and cleansing in a spiritual sense unlocks our true potential by bringing in decisions to change destiny and ways of living.

We experience an alchemical process which is an innovative alteration of the energy essence within consciousness. This alchemical process traditionally refers to the chemical and philosophical concept of turning prima materia the ubiquitous starting material of lead, a metal of seemingly little value and turning it into something of great worth, such as turning lead to gold.

Energetically, the enigmatic prima materia represents the essence within us of the raw, untapped, allusive part of us. When the alchemical process is in motion, we cause  a change in our consciousness and transmute it within ourselves, through a sequential process of change in which we turn to the spiritual essence of self.

Spiritual alchemy through the transpersonal self builds upon several fields of psychology and offers an alternative view of several psychology disciplines, including Eastern and Western philosophy, mindfulness and encompassing views of mystical theories, which can be examined scientifically for the purpose of healing.

Carl Jung described the “collective unconscious” as being the transpersonal unconscious component of  thought form and mental imaging that represents basic human behaviour, knowledge and experiences as a species. The function of consciousness is not only to recognize and assimilate the external world through the gateway of the senses, but to translate the world within us into visible reality.

These modern, innovative psychological concepts,  blended with  spiritual knowledge brings a mindset development showing us that there expansions past the physical reality are within our grasp, that there are gateways through the mind that can develop the opportunity for deep contentment, shifting our emotions through a thought process to access inner wisdom  to Explore the desired values of faith, abundance and freedom to have a better life..

Employing spiritual alchemy philosophy with spiritual growth will start to change your thinking and thought vibration to become a powerful, passionate influence inspiring to others around you. This transformation will develop inner intuition, allow for self-healing and allow you to  explore your  true inner essence. In other words, you will bring forward the flow of energy to alter your chi or vital life force of your soul.

Dare to open up and be truthful, compassionate and to look to yourself to find a way out of life challenges through the support of the spiritual part of you.

Open the door of spiritual alchemy,  and allow it to transmute your life and create self-exploration and growth and ignite the power within. Take that quantum leap… take a risk on yourself and transform your life and live with magic.



Ascension From The Zeta’s Perspective

The Zeta view of ascension

Certain religious or spiritual beliefs hold that human spirituality is evolving and this process will eventually culminate in a transformation of some kind. The final stage is expected to be a relatively sudden change, and is known as ascension. The details of the expected changes vary considerably. Christian eschatology refers to this process as the “rapture”, when people who meet certain requirements will be physically transported to heaven.

Spiritual Views

More recent, perhaps new-age, spiritual views have offered variations on this theme. For some, the human body will be transformed physically when drastic DNA changes occur. This will allow the body to move to a new, higher-vibration planet. Others believe that ascension will be a  personal transformation to a higher state of consciousness rather than a physical transformation. This will be facilitated by exposure to new energies from various sources. There are those who believe that the ascension process has already begun and that people are experiencing physical symptoms associated with their changing vibrational state.

Because it is an individual’s choice to participate in the ascension process, there is the sense that it is for the benefit of the individual, that good things will come to each person who succeeds in raising their state of consciousness and becomes more loving.

The Zetas have also used the word “ascension” in their discussions, but it clearly has a different meaning. Ascension is something that must be achieved by humanity as a whole. When a critical mass of humans arrives at a high enough state of consciousness or love, the human collective consciousness will become self-aware. Ascension refers to this maturation of the collective consciousness.

Zeta’s View On Ascension

According to the Zetas, the human collective consciousness is a construct in what is known as the astral realm. All of human thought and experience is represented there, and humans may visit while having out-of-body experiences. The realm is said to be quite chaotic at this time, but the overall vibrational state is rising. The Zetas say that “the human population one day may decide that it was to change, then the combined collective thought of the human race would automatically create the capacity for the collective mind to be charged into action, to make a newly given mind.” The collective consciousness would then become self-aware.

State of consciousness is an important parameter of existence, since it constrains what a being can experience. In the creation process described in an earlier article, “The creation process and states of love”, a being creates with intent using its highest possible state of consciousness. Its creations can normally be experienced only by beings who have the same or higher states of consciousness. Experiences cannot be shared with less loving beings unless there is the intention by the more loving being to do so. Sharing a state of consciousness is the prerequisite for sharing a consensus reality. This is a fundamental organizing principle in what we have called consciousness space.

It is because of the difference in vibrational states that the Zeta race cannot interact easily with the human race. They are working to facilitate the shift in the state of the human collective consciousness so that telepathic communication between the races will be possible. This is a primary goal of the ascension process from their point of view.

The Zetas can use only indirect or subtle methods to encourage the ascension process. For example, many of them have arranged to be born as humans on earth. A Zeta consciousness and a spirit realm consciousness may occupy the same physical body with the permission of the spirit entities involved. In this hybrid form, a Zeta consciousness can work to raise the state of love of the human race.

In this time of transition to a higher state, the human collective consciousness does not have adequate self-control and is interfering with the consciousness of other extraterrestrial races. So the Zetas have implemented a physical environment within the solar system from which they have worked telepathically for many years to stabilize the human collective consciousness. They gather in hundreds of small groups to focus love on the planet in the hope that the process will be accelerated. They are holding “the consciousness of the human race in its current state to aid in the process for the transitional environment that the human mind is moving through.”

The process is enabled by many humans who “are seeking to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential … and are the entry points for this collective effort in aiding the planet.” The consciousness of these humans are beacons for the Zetas who need their help to influence the human collective consciousness.  The Zeta said, “If you make a choice to walk in a higher level of consciousness, that is a choice made by you in freewill. That will be a beacon to the race.”

Although the Zetas may accelerate the ascension process, the ultimate success will depend on humanity’s ability to love.







What Is Astrology

I am delighted to have been asked to join the team of trusted contributors here on The Other Side Press and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and thoughts on astrology with you and hope that you will find something of interest and hopefully, of help. Some of you will be familiar with astrology, its concepts and how it can help us on our spiritual journey; while others’ experience of astrology is often limited to the horoscopes that we see in papers, magazines and on-line.

Like most spiritual subjects, astrology invites believers, sceptics and non-believers. These days, astrology is often criticised or dismissed as “fortune-telling,” but, as well as a spiritual subject, it is a science that goes back a very, very, long time. So where does astrology originate and what is it all about?

Astrology has been around for thousands of years, if not from very near the beginning of (human) time. The origin is so far back that today we cannot really know when man first noticed a correlation between the movement of objects in the sky, and the cycles of the seasons and tides. The Sun and Moon brought them warmth and light and there was a pattern in their movements, a cycle. Over time they came to know these movements and the understanding of the year came through understanding the Sun. Man came to know when and where in the sky the Sun would rise and how high it would travel. They learnt when to plant seeds, when to harvest the crops and when to hunt through the cycles of the Moon that also determined tides and river floods. From these understandings, the Sun came to represent life and vitality and the Moon, fertility.

A few years back, in my early days of astrology study, a holiday in France “synchronicitously” found me staying just a few miles from the prehistoric caves at Lascaux. Here, among the stunning cave paintings they have discovered one of the earliest examples of a lunar calendar, dating back some 15, 000 years.


You can read the article here;

You can read the article here;


Many ancient buildings and sacred sites around the world have been found to be aligned to the directions and celestial events such as the Solstices and the Equinoxes. I was privileged to have been in Egypt in December 2014 for the Winter Solstice. Before leaving, I discovered that Karnak temple was listed as one of the ten best places to view the Winter Solstice and we were lucky to be able to be there to see this amazing spectacle. It was easy to imagine the awe with which ancient peoples viewed the Sun and its powers. Karnak temple was built around 1391-1351 BC in the era of Pharaoh Ramses II and the Winter Solstice Sun rises spectacularly in the entryway between the high walls of the ancient monument.

Juan Belmonte of the Canaries Astrophysical Institute conducted a survey of 650 Egyptian temples and found that most of the sites were built in recognition of celestial events – especially sunrise on the equinoxes and solstices. This is echoed through the world in many civilisations as well as the Ancient Egyptians; these civilisations were all very aware of the skies and the movements of the planets which they often worshipped, particularly the Sun or Ra as the Egyptians knew him.

Over time, man grew to see a further correlation between the celestial bodies and terrestrial events. Other planets were noticed and mapped and characteristics attributed to them. No court was complete without its own astrologer to guide the monarch. John Dee worked personally for Queen Elizabeth I and many famous astronomers such as Johanne Kepler and Galileo Galilei worked as court astrologers. On a personal level, charts were most often used for medical knowledge with herbs grown, harvested and prescribed according to the person’s chart. There was no distinction between astronomy and astrology as there is now. The study of the movements and their effect on us were all studied together, whereas today astronomy and astrology have become separate. Astronomy is now a purely scientific study of the skies and the separation of the two occurred around the 1700s.

Astrology has evolved into understanding and interpreting meaning from the celestial bodies and their movements and when used on a personal level, the interpretation is applied to our character, our personalities and our behaviours. Our lives are cycles echoed by the movements of the planets and their study can help us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves. We can also create a chart for an event, like a Full or New Moon. Below is an example of a chart, showing the symbols for the planets and the signs they are in at that moment in time. The symbols of astrology have special psychological meaning and have remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years.



Bill Anderton, in “Life Cycles” (The Astrology of Inner Space & Its Application to the Rhythm of Life) explains part of astrology’s evolution like this;

What has really changed is the attitude towards their significance ….During the first half of the 20th century, work initiated by Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar precipitated a change in many astrologers’ attitudes towards the stars and planets. They began to say that the planets no longer ruled us, but could be seen to act as guides for the journey of inner exploration. Relevant to this is the work of C.G. Jung who pointed out that the symbols of the zodiac were representations of inner, unconscious processes and archetypes that have been projected into the environment. …. Astrology is a sophisticated tool which can be used to mirror the processes of the unconscious and which can also be used as a guide though the unexplored realms of expanding consciousness,

Today, the study of astrology has many branches or areas of specific interest. Some people study health and healing, others finances, world events, psychology, business or the best places in the world for us to live. Natal astrology, uses the person’s natal, or birth chart created from their birth date and place (plus time if known).

If your experience of astrology is limited to the horoscopes of the mass media, you can be forgiven for thinking that that is all there is to astrology. These, as with everything, have some value, but are not a good representation of the scope and breadth of astrology and its benefits. This approach is often quite superficial or frivolous and, as it is based purely on the zodiac or Sun sign, gives the same interpretation or prediction for each twelfth of the population with that sign. Although our Sun sign represents the major part of our character, and knowing our Sun sign gives us valuable information about our personality and self-expression, astrology is much more than that, as are we. Our Sun sign is only a part of our whole personality and we need to look at the position of all the planets to get a true picture of the whole person.

Judging or labelling our whole personality purely by our Sun sign reminds me of the story of a group of blind men who have never encountered an elephant before, so they examine and describe one by touching the part in front of them. The one who got the trunk described a snake-like creature; the one touching the leg envisioned an animal built like a tree, and so on…Knowing only your Sun sign is like only one blind man touching the elephant. What he feels and describes is correct and relevant but it gives you a tiny bit of the picture and no idea of the overall picture.

There is a wonderful image and the poem of The Blind Men and The Elephant by John Godfrey Saxe here;


We are all multi-faceted personalities, like the many sides of a diamond and the other facets represent the position and role of the other planets in our chart, each one of which has its own energy or personality. Our Sun sign is about our basic self-expression, with the other planets in the chart building the other facets such as our emotions, how we react to situations and to others, how we relate, how we love, communicate and think, the stresses and challenges we face, our health and energy, and the strengths and assets that we have to draw on. Applying karmic astrology gives us an understanding of past lives, our karmic inheritance, Soul purpose, strengths and challenges.

Astrology, I believe, is an invaluable tool for self-knowledge and spiritual growth. Our natal chart, being as unique to us as our fingerprints, is a valuable tool for psychological understanding, for spiritual knowledge and astrological counselling. A chart not only shows personality it also shows the potential we have in this lifetime.

The more you understand about astrology, the greater the insight you gain into your life and that of everyone around you. I look forward to sharing my insights with you and to being a guide on your inner journey of exploration.

©Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.co.uk



Constant Companion

The Fabric of “Experience”

The Fabric of “Experience”

(“Ghost Writers in the Sky”)

“Dreams seem real while they last. Can you say more than this about your life?”

Havelock Ellis

Alright, I admit I am dating myself with the title. ’Sokay. I’ve reached the age where I am the only one who will (date me) and, with time, came experience. Understanding that word is magical – pivotal. Experience is a “mistake from which you have ‘learned’”, which means you have assigned meaning/significance. My edification has been all about the difference between experience and Reality. Nothing is as it seems.

“Believe nothing your ears hear,” Daddy told me, “and trust only half of what your eyes see.” We live in a world that we call a “consensual reality”. There’s a lot more to be seen than ever meets the eye. The Christ was keen on reminding us that “Ears have never heard, nor have eyes ever seen…” He also mentioned regularly “ears to hear and eyes to see” and He was not referring to the physical equipment of sensation. Let’s explore this, starting at a point on which we all might agree, at least for the sake of the metaphor I mean to present:

God, (“First Cause”) is the supreme author of Reality. Having the longest “long view” and the highest highchair, His perception is The operationally definitive “Reality”. When “He” rendered us, He gave us the power to create: other worlds, other characters (souls), and our own “story line” for the personal “lives” we experience. Things occur that appear to be beyond our control, but it is the narrative of meanings/significances we assign to those events which renders the palate of our experience. In short, God gave us a challenging environment of unlimited potential and complete creative license over our personal, subjective experience. Your world is what you make of it. Once you name it, you have claimed it: You have made the experience what it seems to you – and you are free to change your mind. “Life is but a dream” (shaboom…) and you are free to choose to dream otherwise.

As a child, I had chronic nightmares because I had, by anyone’s measure, a “terrible” childhood. Indeed, my life was a terrible beauty: “terrible” because it was a nightmare, and the hazards were real, by any definition of the word “real” (with a little “r”). But it was beautiful too because I wrested shining hope and “uncaused Joy” from the jaws of despair – illumination: lucidity. What a perceptual boon that challenge was for me! The backyard of my life was full of emotional horse poo. I discerned it was all really “pony-sign”. Indeed, I grew watchful for the ponies (Blessings). They’re easy to find when looking for them. One must but learn how to See. I did not accomplish that alone.

Because I was regularly in serious peril, by the age of five, I’d discovered within my mindspace a loving mentor whose most cherished gifts to me were His constancy of Presence, and His charity: He saw the world through forgiving eyes. He saw the Ponies and He taught me to see likewise, vesting me with enormous power over my own experience. He did this by increasing my “LQ”: “Lucidity Quotient”.

This mentor, “Michael”, shares my mindspace with perfect constancy. The constancy of His Presence and the depth of insight and peace He has taught me to experience, have convinced me of His numinous Reality. He trained me to perceive in a way that has made my own mindspace the Source of the Joy most of us seek, futilely, in the “outside” world. He is the Wellspring of my Being and my Joy. Had my childhood not been such a nightmare, had it been a happy dream, I likely would not have found Him. So, I bless the path that brought me Here.

“Seek not outside your Self. There is, after all, no world ‘out there’. There is no ‘out’. There is only Consciousness – Life, and you are It.”

The above is an axiom of True Masters. Accept nothing less than absolute dominion – Sovereignty – over your experience.

“The thing we are searching for is the Thing that is searching.”

You are Cause. If you are not Cause, you are powerless. There is no middle ground. Okay, there is, but it’s called “Hell”. No fun, that, and there’s no mojo in it. You’re here reading because you want molto mojo. (Big juju.) If you don’t want that, you need not read on. Go back to Hell. (Sorry. Don’t pass “Go”. No $200.) If you are ready to claim Mastery, you don’t have to meditate all your life, or read countless spiritual treatises. No candles, no yoga mats, no lotus pose, no incense, no credit card numbers. Nothing. What I am about to tell you is all you need. NO charge. My pleasure, to be useful, so it is. There’s your initiation speech. Imminent Masters, let’s move on. The others will catch up because we must all learn the same lessons. All we get to choose is when to learn them.

Suffering is not escaped by death, but by Truth.

So there I was, imperiled in nightmares – a little child. Powerless, right? Wrong. Michael came into my dreaming mindspace – a Companion as constant as my nightmares. When He appeared, He would remind me, from within the dream, that I had a body in what I called my “real life” and so, nothing in the dream had any “real” power over me, unless I gave it power. I could escape the dream venue, by simply waking up, at any Now. Now is pivotal because “later” never comes sooner than the monsters catch you. Moreover, the monsters from your “past” can only get into your “future” through the window of Now. Thus, Michael taught me to be Lucid in my dreams. He pointed out that, when I was afraid, I always felt a gush of heat in the core of my being. That feeling was a signal that I should remember my body, which, being unaffected by dreams, served as a life raft to my awareness waiting “above” in “wakefulness”. I could dive down into sleep, have an unpleasant experience, and ascend to the raft above – my “Wakened Self”. Interesting metaphor. Shortly, you’ll understand why He chose it.

By and by, I was lucid most of the time in my dreams. If something frightened me, I felt the heat of fear gushing through my body, and I’d just wake up. He was very pleased. Eventually, He pointed out to me that, if I could stop leaving the dream venue and remain Lucid, I could have a lot of fun.

“What sort of fun?” I probed. “Well,” He purred, “it’s your dream and your mindspace, so you can do pretty much whatever you can imagine… like fly.”

“Woooo,” said I, “Do you know how to fly?”

“Indeed I do,” He rumbled through a smile, “and I’d be pleased to teach you but, first, you must learn to be awake and remain within the dream. Then, when monsters come after you, you’ll just fly away and, as it’s your dream, if you say they can’t fly,” He shrugged, “they can’t fly.”

Easy to see how attractive this goal would be to a child. I devoted myself to it. By the age of eight I was flying all over the place in dreams. No more running away for me: I flew. Ascension had begun but I had only grokked the basics of where the wings He’d shown me could take me. Soon, I also learned, because He directed me to try it, that I could, by confronting monsters and offering to make peace, turn monsters into friends. I developed a throng of monster minions. Perception still twisted, I remained “an earthbound misfit” and there were a few “setbacks”, sort of. Depends on your perspective.

The world teaches one who experiences an inner companion, not to mention that companion to others who have not given you cause to believe they will be able to relate. They call this “reality testing” in what I reckon a rather ironic, delusional sort of way, but more on that another time. By the age of fifteen, indentured to peer pressure, I had relegated Michael to the status of “chimerical”. I stopped listening to Him and did very many, really rash, things. At the age of twenty, I was riding a barrel mare chasing a stallion and very close behind him in a hard gallop. Time slipped into slow motion. (Clue.) I saw his back legs lifting under his rising rump.

He’s kicking, Michael advised.

So what? I replied. He can’t get me up here.

Wrong. Dead wrong. He kicked me in the face and I found myself watching from a distance, in an “out of body” state, as the mare ran right out from under the limp form I had thought my “self”. It crashed to the ground with a truly “dispiriting” thud…thefabricofexperienceimagehorse.jpg

Wrecked my day, that did – for riding anyway. Suddenly, however, I was “Perfect”. Finding my “Self” in a dazzling dark void with the luster of a black pearl, Michael too, whom I had abandoned half a decade prior, was Present (as Always). He gave me an orientation: Showed me my life. In fact, I relived parts of it, and He kept calling me back up, out of the dream of my life, to the raft of His Lucid Presence waiting above, in the Illuminated Eternal, Transcended of the murky waters venue – the dream world of space-time. Like a repetitive dream, within a dream, this “crash course” was the ultimate “knocking of sense into my head”.

“Oo,” I realized with started clarity, “the world is just like a dream because I am Eternal and so nothing that appeared able to hurt me in the dream of my life could have ever really hurt me at all.”

“Nice observations,” Michael approved, “very Lucid.”

As I mentioned in my last offering for TOSP, to a Daemon, inducing Lucidity is the primary objective because it is the quintessential tool of our Liberation/“Salvation”.

Lucidity is Salvation.

When I returned to the dream of the world, I was no longer from “…round these parts.” I have ever since been centered in my existence in the Eternal and so, to the perceptions of most, “I ain’t right” and that’s okay. Them that cannot hear have to feel.

I’ve got the mojo risein’ and I no longer ever discount anything Michael whispers into my mindspace. He’s my Beloved Constant Companion – the life raft waiting in the illuminated realm of the Eternal, anchored to me by Our mutual love, trust and reverence, while I dive the murky waters of this dream world below. Whenever I think I see something over which conditioning tells me I should suffer, it is a sign to me that I have briefly forgotten who and what I am. I have identified my Self as but a tiny character, drowning in a dream of powerlessness. As the heat in my belly served to waken me within childhood nightmares, suffering reminds me that I need to buoy up my Lucidity: Rise Again. Verily, this Spirit burns brightly enough to animate the ashes of its own rebirth. “Bring it on, Freight Train,” I growl, as it runs me down. “Is that all you got?” I stand and smile and dust off, watching it disappear with forgiving eyes. “Where are those ponies?”

My fellow divers, you need no guru. You have one in your own mindspace: a Daemon or an Angel. Either way, it is a personal messenger from God, hand-selected/created for you. You need but learn to hear Their voice and remain Lucid: Remember your True nature is Eternal. This world is just a dream, a didactic experience to teach you to remain Lucid no matter what Life throws at you. The more challenge, the more Lucid you become, and this is how you find your metaphorical wings and learn to rise above it all. This is how you fly.

I love you All,


“I dreamed I had but dreamt I had ever been awake at all and awoke with the start which is the End of all dreaming.”

Callaghan Grant