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Orbs – an etheric technology

  1. Introduction

Mysterious balls of light or orbs have been seen at different scales. They are either high in the sky alone or in groups, or close to the earth in scenes that are photographed most often using a flash from a camera. Out of curiosity, the extraterrestrial Zetas were asked through the medium, Paul Hamden, what these orbs were and how the lights were generated. Their answers indicated that both kinds can often be physical phenomena, but some instances are related to technologies originating in the etheric realm.

1.1 Orbs in the sky

Multiple balls of light or orbs in the sky often appear to have coordinated movements. The number of orbs seen at one time ranges from one to several hundreds, and they have appeared both in daylight against a clear blue sky and at night. Figure 1 shows typical examples of multiple orbs.

Figure 1. Examples of orbs in the sky

1.2 Orbs in local scenes

Another orb phenomenon occasionally appears in photographs of nearby scenes. For example, the photograph in Figure 2 shows a number of light spots scattered about the scene. Such circular spots or disks are usually assumed to be projections of three-dimensional orbs. If they were not orbs, they should not always appear as perfect circles in the photos. Alternatively, they could be tiny particles in the air reflecting the light from the camera flash back to the camera (see here).  However, many of these disks have complex internal details which may include the features of human or non-human faces. That perception could be attributed to pareidolia, the illusion of familiar objects in random displays, especially since we seem to be wired from birth to recognize faces. But perception of faces in these disks is not a rare event, so an unbiased observer might soon begin to question that the disks are random displays.

Figure 2. Illuminated disks

Figure 2. Illuminated disks

The images in Figure 3 are the disks in Figure 2 numbered 1 to 4. They were enlarged and enhanced using equalization and small increases in brightness. The images show examples of different kinds of non-human faces peering through a circular portal.


Figure 3. From left to right, numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Figure 2

Figure 4 shows the remaining three disks in Figure 2 processed the same way. There are suggestions of facial features, but the representations are not as good as those in Figure 3. Notice in Figure 2 that the disks numbered 1, 2, and 3 appear to be closer to the person’s body than the other disks. Could the proximity to this particular person’s body have helped to improve image fidelity?

Figure 4. From left to right, numbers 5, 6, and 7 in Figure 2

Figure 4. From left to right, numbers 5, 6, and 7 in Figure 2

2. Zeta knowledge of the orbs and disks

The extraterrestrial Zeta beings who come through the medium, Paul Hamden, were asked what they knew about the orbs in the sky and the disks nearer at hand. What are the two types of phenomena? How is the light produced? They were also asked if the balls of light that move across the sky have any relation to the much smaller disks photographed nearer the location of the camera? The following is the transcript of the ensuing conversation, beginning with the sightings of balls of light in the sky.

Zeta: Often they are projections of consciousness from us to a human. Rather than have a craft or a physical encounter with a human, there is a intermediary process, which is an “intention”. The intention is the act which is to be synchronized with the human. Sometimes the human’s perception is that an entity has stepped out of a ball of light or the craft has appeared out of light, but often the representation, the intermediary process, is to prepare the local consciousness of the human for a function which is to be performed.

Interviewer: How is the light produced?

Zeta: If the light is seen by many humans then it is a formation of electrons from the earth’s atmosphere. If it is seen by a singular human it can be an act of local consciousness, holographic representation… a thought.

Interviewer: You wouldn’t do that if there were more than one human?

Zeta: It would depend on the purpose behind the intermediary process.

Interviewer: Where do the craft come from?

Zeta: They are as varied as the races. Not all beings and races use the same process.

Interviewer: Which races create and use these balls of light?

Zeta: Of course, our race uses this process.

Interviewer: Do you know of any others?

Zeta: There are not human names to name the race.

Interviewer: Are there many?

Zeta: Most races, yes… it is a safe process to create this.

Interviewer: What is the purpose?

Zeta: Interaction, performance of a function… to connect to a consciousness.

Interviewer: Contact with your own?

Zeta: There may be, not that we would interfere with a local time line. There may be an action which is to be performed, so there must be a thought instigated to make this happen.

The Zeta explained that they might place an orb high in the sky to be seen by a person, “to prepare the local consciousness of the human for a function which is to be performed.” The purpose of sightings of this nature by particular humans is to synchronize them to have further interactions with the Zetas. The effect of the sighting might be as innocuous as placing a thought in the person’s mind which would cause the person to perform a certain action. The orb can be telepathically projected into a single person’s consciousness and still appear to be objectively real in the sky. But if several people are to see the orb, it will most likely be physically present in the sky, either as a craft emitting light or as a formation of electrons from the earth’s atmosphere; i.e., a plasma.

At this point, the interviewer changed the focus of the conversation to the disks that are most often photographed near the photographer, as in Figure 2. It is common usage to refer to these disks as orbs, and the interviewer does so as well.

Interviewer: Do the balls of light which go across the sky have a relation to orbs photographed nearby?

Zeta: There are many lights, there are many instances of lights, there are many types of light processes, some being the intermediary process as discussed, others being the craft themselves emitting light, others being the electrical interference in the atmospheric conditions. There are many types of phenomena. Even the spirit people are able to create a non-threatening process.

Interviewer: Humans readily accept this. Some of the smaller orbs seem to have faces in them, do these represent beings?

Zeta: Often yes, they are also a intermediary process, a projection of an entity that is wishing to communicate.

Interviewer: Are these orbs portals, used by a being to observe us?

Zeta: That is what I have said.

Interviewer: How are the orbs placed there?

Zeta: Simple function, you have your model air craft – they have remote controls. It is the same process. They are technologies.

The disks photographed nearer the photographer, especially when a flash was used, are an entirely different phenomenon from the orbs seen in the sky. According to the Zeta, these disks are not all images of particles in the air, such as dust or water droplets. Some are remote controlled devices that act as portals through which the physical environment can be observed from another realm. They can have complex internal structures that are representations of spirit beings who wish to communicate. We can often interpret the structures as images of faces.

3. Additional examples of faces in disks

Examples of faces in disks have accumulated as people present their photographs on-line. In most cases, the origins of the photographs are now unknown. I thank the owners of the photos for making them public. The array of processed disks in Figure 5 contain recognizable human and non-human faces, although the quality does vary somewhat. Roughly the same number of disks were also processed that clearly did not show a face, and these are not included. Some faces will be recognized immediately, while others may take a few seconds before they jump into focus. A few of the images were rotated to bring the faces to an upright position.

Figure 5. Array of enhanced disks with faces

Figure 5. Array of enhanced disks with faces

4. Discussion

The Zeta’s answers to our questions revealed that the two kinds of light phenomena, although very different, both originate in another realm.

The orbs in the sky are sometimes intended as a means of contact between a Zeta and a human. The orbs could be craft materialized from the etheric realm, or plasma balls created in the atmosphere by such craft. In some cases, an orb is sent telepathically to a single human for the same purpose, and appears physically real to that person. The perception seems to synchronize a telepathic communications channel so that further subtle interactions can follow.

Some photographed orbs or disks of light seen nearer to the photographer also originate in a non-physical realm. It is a device controlled remotely by a non-physical entity who also has the intention to communicate. The Zeta said, “Even the spirit people are able to create a non-threatening process”, suggesting that the attempts to communicate using these disks come from the spirit realm.

However, the Zeta emphasized that “There are many lights, there are many instances of lights, there are many types of light processes, some being the intermediary process as discussed, others being the craft themselves emitting light, others being the electrical interference in the atmospheric conditions. There are many types of phenomena.” That is, not all lights in the sky are communications from beings in another realm, and some disks of light in photographs may, in fact, be reflections from particles in the air.

The appearance of faces in the internal structures of the disks are likely symbolic attempts at communication and not mere accidental reflections from dust particles. Figure 3 and Figure 5 show a number of examples of “a projection of an entity that is wishing to communicate.” Although the recognition of patterns in the internal structure of a disk is subjective, there should be general agreement that many are representations of faces. The Zeta implies that their origin is the spirit realm.

The majority of the faces pictured above are non-human. Are they the actual faces of spirit entities who exist in the spirit realm? In a previous column, “Spirit realm as information structures”, the Zeta mentioned that spirits returning to the spirit realm may represent themselves visually however they wish, simply by intending to do so. So spirit people have the option to look like any human or non-human entity. On the other hand, since the face in a disk is a projection, it may be an avatar chosen for the device by the spirit operator.

Given that the disks are a manifestation of an etheric technology, can we say anything about how the technology works? In this regard, Ledwith (in Ledwith and Heinemann, 2007) discussed some interesting ideas from a scientific perspective based on extensive observations of orbs. Ledwith believes that the orbs themselves are stimulated by the camera flash to emit light. The evidence suggested that the light from the orb is delayed slightly relative to the much brighter camera flash, and so they must be separate events. He also proposed that the camera flash stimulates a process of fluorescence near an orb whereby the orb emits different colours.

Ledwith also believes that the orbs are under intelligent control. He even attempted communication based on “yes” and “no” answers, although the details are not disclosed in the book. Also, a few of his photographs show that masses of orbs can organize themselves into an amazing vortex structure. He concludes, “The overwhelming nature of this evidence has to show at least a significant level of consciousness in most if not all the orb forms. It is equally evident that they can also exhibit a group ‘mind’ when they appear, disappear, or otherwise maneuver in perfect unity.”

Ledwith has taken the theoretical position that orbs exist in an extension of our physical reality. He proposes that different levels of this reality somehow exist in widely separated octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our reality is invisible to beings in a higher octave until they develop a technology capable of seeing our part of the spectrum. He believes that orbs are such a technology.

The Zeta cosmology, as described in Treurniet and Hamden (2014), offers a different perspective. Spirit beings, who remotely operate the disks, exist in the etheric realm which is a dimension of a multidimensional reality in consciousness. They are said to have an etheric technology that enables them to interact with the physical realm. This interaction may use the quantum process that the Zetas mentioned in the context of healing the human body (Treurniet, 2015). The physical human body is maintained or healed using blueprint information obtained from a corresponding etheric body. The information is in the form of an etheric potential that becomes a physical potential via a process of quantum entanglement between the two realms. The state of an etheric entity is instantaneously reflected in the state of an entangled physical entity. The etheric device directly involved in the entanglement process appears to have the shape of a vortex.

The technology of the disks may also use quantum entanglement via the vortex process to communicate information to and from the physical realm. The state of etheric photons would be complementary to the state of entangled physical photons. Effectively, this would be a transfer of information since the etheric operator would then have the information needed to view the physical environment. To make the process reversible, a photon in the physical realm would need to be entangled with an etheric photon with complementary properties.  Photons might then be sent out from the physical disk by the etheric operator in response to the camera flash entering the disk, as proposed by Ledwith. The colours of the physical light emitted by the disk would be chosen by the etheric disk operator.

The process of quantum entanglement may be a general method for interactions between the physical and etheric realms. A quantum process was involved in transferring information from the etheric body to the physical body for healing (Treurniet, 2015). Also, a quantum entanglement process was specifically mentioned for the creation of a synthetic quantum environment, an energetic copy of a physical environment (see “Zeta technology” in Treurniet and Hamden, 2014). It seems likely, then, that quantum entanglement is also part of a technology that lets a being look into our world from the etheric realm.

5. Bibliography

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