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Orb Phenomenon and Unknown Dimensions

Orbs and Dimensions

Question: “What can this phenomenon be? Why is it occurring and increasing around the world with the advancement of the digital camera?”

Question: “Is it a ‘real’ phenomenon, and if so, is it ‘paranormal’?” (Since ‘paranormal’ refers to objects, events, and phenomena that cannot be explained by our current understanding of science, how then, can we ever know if it is paranormal or not?)

These frequently asked questions have been laughed at, scorned at, ridiculed, and tried to be debunked and put aside as just ‘dust’ by the skeptics. And here I must add, that I do not doubt whatsoever, that dust and airborne anomalies can ‘sometimes’ produce false images in photos, but are not ‘always’ the cause for orb images to appear, because this would be as absurd as suggesting that just because ‘some’ roses are red, hence ‘all’ roses are red, (this method of assumption is not the correct way of science).

With the revolution of the digital camera, the Orb Phenomenon is a relatively recent photographic phenomenon since the mid 1990’s to come to our attention. With this new 21st Century sophisticated camera technology, one would think that surely, it would be less likely for photographic anomalies to crop up so often. But instead, the plethora of orb-like images are increasing all around the world, rather than decreasing. I am confident in saying, this new sophisticated technology, is giving us this new ability to photograph and capture images of an invisible phenomenon that is opening itself to us. An invisible phenomenon that has been around us since the beginning of mankind, but until now, has not previously been so easily photographable. This phenomenon was almost unknown on mages taken previously with the older type ‘film cameras’.


The Quest for knowledge in Pioneering Studies:


The burden of proof lies on the one who makes a claim: and until this day, no one has come up with solid proof or solid evidence that authentic and genuine orbs are from Parallel Dimensions.

Where does one begin to talk about a topic, such as the Orb Phenomenon, which has no written manuals, no guide-lines, no information, and no universal knowledge about why, where, how or why it is here? All these criteria about the orb phenomenon enigma are unknown. So how does one collect evidence? How does one talk about this unknown mystery, and how does one describe something that has no other forms for comparison, which has baffled skeptics and believers for decades?

If an object cannot be seen with the naked eye, but is believed to exist in a certain state outside of our normal comprehension, then it is a scientific necessity to find a way to photograph it. This is why ‘scientific photography’ has become an essential component for many areas of science, in order to witness things that cannot be seen with the unaided eye. Evidence through ‘vision and observation’ is a very powerful tool… for if we look at some of the advancements that have been made in science using cameras to capture visual evidence, in areas that would be just impossible to be seen without this technology:

  • It is through visual observation that mankind has researched the stars and the universe, through photographic images with the use of ‘telescopes’:
  • It is through visual observation that mankind has researched the microscopic worlds, through visual photographic images with the use of ‘microscopes’:
  • It is through visual observation that mankind has researched our anatomies, through visual photographic images with the use of ‘ultra-sound and x-ray machines’:
  • And, it is through visual observation that I have researched the orb phenomenon, through visual photographic images, with the use of ‘digital cameras’.


I have discovered a simple photographic method that can visually capture ‘holographic images’ showing various activities deep within the multi-dimensional authentic orbs. I have named this procedure, the “MFT Method” (Merlina Focus Technique Method). This discovery is a new technique that can ‘focus’ into these unknown multi-dimensional energy fields (we know very little about), as this is what I believe authentic orbs to be. My MFT Method can consistently be replicated over and over again, even under the most effective controlled analysis, and this method cannot be dismissed as fake.

Genuine Orbs:

Every genuine orb that I have studied is unique. Different colours, different faces, different scenes, and the number of the ‘hologram’ sentient images inside vary. These numbers can range from only a few large sentient to literally as many as hundreds. Yes that’s right, I said hundreds of sentient could be visually seen in some orbs.

It is important for me to point out here, that when I use the term ‘sentient’, I am referring to holographic images of evolved spirit beings. And when I use the term ‘orb’, I am only referring to the external surface of these globular or spheroid constructions, and not the sentient activity that is inside it. From my observations, orbs act as chambers or some type of cosmic vessels that surround and enclose the activity inside it.

From my experience, the more we become attuned to them, the more responsive they become to us, and they will often immobilize and stand still for us, to give us a chance to photograph them. They know they are being photographed because I believe they can feel and understand our intentions. This may perhaps explain the reason why many skeptics do not capture them in photos, but in contrast, many people who are ready to accept them, do.


Classification of genuine orbs:


My study has led me to the conclusion that there are distinct “Hierarchy Levels” involved in these multiple-dimension orb structures. By the simple process of observing and understanding the external-outer appearance of these orb capsules, we are closer to understanding what hologram images are inside these cosmic vehicles. In other words, as strange as it may sound, the hierarchy level of each individual sentient, is directly associated with the type of orb that they use.

I have categorized the orbs into three main groups: Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3. Each of these categories has distinct characteristics and specific patterns that can be visually seen. Today, I will talk about Category 1 Orbs:

Category 1 Orbs:


This Category of orbs vividly and brightly stands out from all the rest; they have ‘extreme luminosity’ and colours of brilliant whites, yellows, and golden hues. Very characteristic is that they have a thick, to very thick luminous membrane around the outside structure of the orb. This outer membrane can be compared to an external sheath or cell wall and gives them a higher level of protection.

(See photos below):





Using the MFT Method, hologram images of the sentient inside Category 1 orbs are large in size and few in numbers, and never seen as overpopulated or overcrowded in comparison to the other categories. Most often, large multi-coloured heads can be seen. While the rest of their bodies cannot easily be distinguished, because the bodies are usually ‘covered’ or ‘camouflaged’ by a thick white-cloudy substance.

(See photos below):


Category one orbs


Next month I will talk about Category 2 Orbs, and compare them to Category 1 Orbs, so that it will be easier to visualize and comprehend the main differences.

Spirit ORBS

                                                                                 Merlina Marcan


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