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How to Meditate with a Crystal Skull

Here we see a photo of Joshua Shapiro, a columnist for the Other Side Press and known as a Crystal Skull Explorers holding his personal skull called "Portal de Luz"

Here we see the author of this column Joshua, holding his personal smoky quartz skull “Portal de Luz”

Welcome to Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro here, your host to take you on another exciting adventure into the world of the Crystal Skulls, the Paranormal and various World Mysteries. So for this next part of my column, lets talk about some thoughts about meditating with a crystal skull.

So if you are ready then, time to proceed on to our next exploration ….. into the land of the Crystal Skulls and how linking into the skulls via meditation can change your life forever!

Now the goal of this article for my column is to focus a little bit more upon how people are using their personal crystal skulls as powerful tool to assist them in their personal spiritual paths working with them in their meditations. But before I discuss some ways in which this is being done, I should discuss why a crystal skull is the perfect tool to be used in a meditation by an individual. (Note – this article pre-supposes that the reader is already familiar with what a crystal skull is – if not we recommend to read some of our earlier articles for this column on The Otherside Press magazine ..)

We have found that the crystal skulls which are made from quartz crystals carry within their internal lattice structure an ability to hold powerful and healing energies that accumulate over time. The crystal skulls seem to pick up and absorb all types of energies which they will hold that can take place via direct contact when a person holds or touches the skulls (or even if they are close proximity to the skull ), or from the vibrational frequencies and the energy essence of all events and activities which take place around them. The recording of such energies will also include the energy inherent within the ground or land where the skull have physically been present.

he Crystal Skull Explorers, Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head, offering a wealth of knowledge about the crystal skulls at their website: www.crystalskullexplorers.com

Additionally, it is believed that through the power of our mind, we can activate a piece of quartz that then will begin to help empower us to link in and use our natural spiritual gifts (even if we are not consciously aware we have such gifts) or, if you are already aware of these inner gifts then the skulls will help to expand their functionality. From a scientific perspective we know that a piece of quartz crystal amplifies an electrical current passed through it. Similarly, a quartz crystal will also amplify a human being’s natural energies, the vitality of our physical body and expand the energy around us which is within our auric field as well.

So since the skulls have this natural ability to enhance a person’s health and vitality in so many ways it is a perfect tool to use when you are performing a private inner meditation. When you enter a deep meditation, naturally holding a crystal skull in your hands, will give you a stronger energy in order to focus upon the inner levels of reality (other dimensions or the level of spirit) we try to reach in meditation and makes it so much easier to do. As you do such meditations repeatedly with your crystal skull, this will eventually take you to a more peaceful level deep within our being, and thus will help you become more calm and peaceful in your outer life.  The more calm and peaceful we become in our minds helps us to not focus upon disruptive thoughts or the challenging situations in our life that bring us a feeling of uneasiness and tension.


Here Joshua is meditating in a crop circle in England (near Avebury in the SW) holding his crystal skull, “Portal de Luz” and listening to music on a portable CD player, he felt a power cone of energy surround him (took place about 2003 or 2004).

The most powerful meditations I personally have performed with our personal skulls, is when I am also listening to a special music, using my mp3 player with its headphones. The music helps me to block out disturbing noises around me so I can focus completely on communicating with my inner self or soul.  This combination makes it quite easy for me to receive more directly the higher frequencies from the inner levels I try to reach as well as help tremendously with more of an integration with my inner being which then brings more balance in my physical life and reality. Also I find working with the crystal skull and its ability to amplify an energy, if I am listening to the perfect music at the time, and I speaking about a music that makes you want to dance and sing, brings a great joy or happiness, then there have been a few times when I have connected with an aspect of my multi-dimensional self that is blessful and uplifting, maybe even touching in some way, the core of my soul.  I think for this technique to work for others, it has to be the right personal skull that is really vibrating and resonating when you hold it and the music you use, has to be in harmonious sink not only your own essence (as we are each a unique note in Creator’s infinite symphony) but with the crystal skull you have picked to work with as well.

Therefore, moving forward, let us discuss the power of what such a meditation working in tandem with a crystal skull of what might happen to our planet if hundreds or thousands of people decided to meditate with their personal crystal skull at the same time and not just focus on doing such a meditation to benefit themselves. What if all of the mediators focused these powerful and healing energies to bring more peace to our world, what might happen?

Well this was the premise for the creation of Crystal Skull World Day, which originally took place on November 22nd, 2014. This was a five minute meditation for world peace using a special video with music to guide the owners (or what we call guardians) of the crystal skulls upon a common foucs. This day was very successful and so powerful that the organizing group, The Crystal Skull Hearts Council organized a second event for this year, once again on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015. Accept during this second meditation, since people found the meditation for the first year too short, the Council created an audio mp3 file (in 8 languages) which features a 30 minute guided meditation supported by two Native American prayers and one song.  Once again there were hundreds (if not thousands of people who joined) with thousands upon thousands of crystal skulls participating and most people felt a very peaceful energy.  This past Crystal Skull World Day saw four different time periods for people to link in and people participating from such countries as Australia, China, various countries within Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland — that we know about) and in North America (Canada, Mexico and the U.S.).  There were even about 12-15 public gatherings (where groups of people met to do the meditation together) that took place as well.

Anyone was able to participate in Crystal Skull World Day and join in on the meditation even if they did not have their own crystal skull. Some people used a special gemstone they had instead. So to be a part of this meditation was very simple. All one had to do is hold their special crystal skull or gemstone and then at one of the four special times, play the guided mp3 audio and follow the meditation.  Now the meditation performed can still be used by anyone, even though Crystal Skull World Day is over.  If you might be curious what took place on Crystal Skull World Day 2015 and what meditation was used (to perform this mediation at a special time for yourself and help to share a loving and positive energy with our world) all you have to do is go to the following webpage at:


Crystal Skull World DayThen, just pick the language which is best for you (of the 8 given), then either click on the link to download the mp3 meditation audio or just click on the link to listen to this audio through the internet.   I believe, as does the Crystal Skull Hearts Council, that meditation that was performed on Crystal Skull World Day did make a difference in our world and shared a great energy of love, unity, harmony and peace with all life on the planet. As of the date when this article was written, the end of November 2015, we hear crazy news that some intense conflict is headed toward our world. But we felt that in some way performing the meditation on November 22nd, did offer a peaceful energy to offset this potential problem in some way.

To read more about Crystal Skull World Day, you can also visit the main website at:

In conclusion, what I hope the reader of this article for my column will take away is that we each have the ability through our thoughts and feelings, which is an expression of the consciousness of our soul within the physical reality (since it is consciousness which creates all realities throught the multi-dimensional universe) to make changes in our world.  That if we can be co-creators of special events, working together for the same purpose and at the same time (or day), using a meditation to visualize peace, which is enhanced by a special tool (in this case a crystal skull) we can bring more peace and harmony to our world.  We are the creators of the reality around us and we can un-create an aspect of the physical world that doesn’t work or is not in harmony.

So suppose, that each person who reads this article, agrees that they will perform the meditation that was done on November 22nd (2015), once a month (and say we have 100 people who agree to do this – will you?) through the end of 2016, and those people, love the meditation so much they tell their special friends, who then tell their special friends and so on and so forth that by the time we reach the end of 2016, there could be 100,000 people doing this meditation once a month – what do you think might happen then?

Peace and Light always,

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com
website: www.crystalskullexplorers.com


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