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Equipment You Need For A Ghost Hunt

Best Equipment For A Ghost Hunt

Nothing as frightening as a ghost pass by without you capturing it. What’s more frightening is not seeing one, it’s the wind that blows and the sounds that you hear that send chills up your spine leaving you goose-face. Some say ghosts don’t exist while others believe they are there with us, sleeping right under our noses. Well first for you to catch one you have got to believe you are going to catch one. Then you have to know where to find one. Of course, it can’t be in your backyard not unless this ghost loves kids and takes milk in the morning instead of feeding on your fear and soul.

A haunted house, for example, would be the most ideal. Haunted houses are normally those big abandoned houses that have owls flying in and out. Another place you can find ghosts is in the cemetery. There has got to be a bunch of old grannies with broom sticks hovering all over there. Also look for them in schools at night and maybe prisons.  You can’t just run towards a ghost and catch it. That’ll be foolish.

There are a number of equipment that you require. Nothing really too fancy just something that will let you to the physical side of the ghost. Number one on the list and the most important of them all is a ghost camera recorder. Don’t worry, it’s just an ordinary camera recorder, I just put in the Ghost to spice it up. I know you’re thinking, ‘camera! What in the world is that for?’ Well how else will you prove you saw one? You don’t want to keep the information to yourself, do you now? Then again if the ghost passes behind you how else would you know or tell? If you could get a 360 camera, the better as you get all angles though this one is expensive. Second on the list is an EMF sound meter.

Ghosts have something to do with electricity blah blah blah… and magnetic fields. Who cares, I wasn’t that good in physics but all I know this EMF thing will help you get the job done. You think I’m lying wait till you catch one and pass an electric circuit through it. The EMF meter picks disturbances from nearby that may be caused by the ghost. You can get a good EMF sound meter online at a fairly good price. Last but not least, (drum rolls), the infrared thermal scanner. Quite challenging to use but once you get the hang of it you are good to go. You may place this at several spots in the room for hunting and it’ll be able to detect thermal changes. There are several apps coming with inbuilt thermal scanners so you can use those as well. As you do this be on the look out for any abnormal activities, we don’t want us catching aliens or witches instead let’s leave that for the CIA. You can attract ghost by placing webs at strategic points and candles forming a triangular shape with a circle. After that ensure the area is properly covered, meaning what goes in doesn’t come out. That’s all, seat back and wait for your ghost to come.

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