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Category: Mediumship

Extra Terrestrial

A process for raising the state of vibration

What does it mean for people to have a vibrational state? It is understood to be a property of spiritual existence. It may refer to a relatively low frequency vibration of a person’s etheric body, perhaps occurring just before an out-of-body  experience, or it may be felt at higher frequencies as a particular emotion. A low vibration being may be fearful with little ability to love, while a high vibration being is full of unconditional love for everyone. A vibrational state is a point on a dimension. It determines the nature of interpersonal relations, but it also has a cosmic significance as a parameter of the creative process.

The process of creation was discussed in an earlier article of this series entitled, “The creation process and states of love”. It was explained by the extraterrestrial Zeta beings who spoke to us via Paul Hamden’s mediumship. The Zetas agreed that the vibrational state of a creator being is analogous to the frequency of laser light in the making of a physical hologram. A creation cannot be experienced by another being who has a vibrational state lower than that of the creator being. This means that a being’s creations cannot be perceived by others who are by nature less loving. The human race is in a relatively low vibrational state, and so there is much information beyond our reach. The possibility of access to such information is an incentive to raise one’s vibrational state.

Raising vibrational state is not an easy thing to put into words. Even an experienced medium cannot explain how to connect with a being in a higher vibration energetic realm. It would be like trying to describe a “felt state” such as the experience of colour or taste. Because of this difficulty, developing mediums cannot build on the experience of others who have gone before. The only option seems to be a process of trial and error for each person to discover how to proceed. The neophyte medium hopes to stumble upon the mental process that is conducive to a higher state of vibration, and must also be prepared to wait for an indefinite period of time for connection to occur. The lack of timely feedback is a serious obstacle to learning.

Some people are natural mediums. At a young age, they may have unusual experiences with beings from other realms, and they may have opportunities to build on and control this natural talent. The rest of us have much more difficulty rising to the same level of performance. But maybe we can be assisted by a process inferred from various discussions with the Zeta beings. It was recognized by analogy with the process of heterodyning utilized in physical electronic circuits.

Heterodyning is a process for changing the frequency of physical signals. The circuit typically consists  of a non-linear device called a mixer that accepts two frequencies as input and yields a new frequency as output. The frequency of the output is the difference between the two input frequencies. A Zeta confirmed that vibrational state could be substituted for frequency, and so the heterodyning process could be used to raise our vibrational state. Further, the non-linear device required to make it function is a being’s intention.

When used correctly, heterodyning can place a human in a temporary higher state of vibration. The human’s own vibrational state is one input to the process, while a second is supplied by another entity existing at a much higher vibrational state. The intention of the two beings creates a difference potential which enables the human to move to the difference vibrational state.

To establish the correspondence between frequency and state of vibration, a Zeta was asked to confirm a hypothetical scenario using frequencies. Specifically, when a human with a state of 8 cycle/sec heterodynes with another being with a state of 32 cycles/sec, does a difference frequency of 24 cycles/sec temporarily take the place of the human’s 8 cycle/sec frequency, and would the human feel the love from the higher difference frequency? The Zeta responded, “Yes it does, and then of course, once the other being of the higher vibratory nature removes itself from the reality of the lower waveform, the lower waveform reinstates itself because its natural environment reimplements its normal state of frequency.” He confirmed that the human would feel the love of the higher state of vibration.

The Zeta advised that the human should adopt a loving attitude during this process. He said, “That strong emotion gives you the capacity to be in a different frequency, because the emotional body is resonating in conjunction with the etheric body, and that’s the frequency that you are emanating is based, has it’s core basis, in the emotional of love.” The emotion of love gives the etheric body the capacity to operate at the higher difference potential.

The Zeta added further, “But the higher frequencies, the higher consciousness, only donates a portion of their consciousness to exist in the lower form. The lower form increases its totality to then create the intermediary process. The higher form, the higher level of consciousness, only commits a small portion that is required, because the levels of consciousness that are held by different entities are of different levels of magnitude.” The Zeta implied that the heterodyning process is hardly noticeable to the higher vibration being, suggesting that the lower vibration being should not hesitate to ask for the contribution from the higher vibration being.

The following procedure outlines more specifically how to involve a higher vibration entity in the heterodyning process. The choice of a loving entity may vary widely, depending on personal predilection. For example, a Christian would likely invoke the love of Jesus Christ. Another spiritually-minded person might invoke the higher self in the spirit world, a familiar “ascended master”, a non-specific energy from spirit realm, or some other high vibration facet of source consciousness. Someone practicing shamanism might invoke Mother Earth or Father Sky. All that appears to be required is the belief that the high vibration entity exists and the expectation that it will respond.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position. Relax a few moments while breathing slightly slower and deeper than normal. Fill each breath you take with love, perhaps by imagining the love you have for an innocent child. Bringing such a feeling of love “creates capacity” to move to a higher vibrational state.
  2. Focus your attention on the higher vibration entity with the intention of sharing its vibrational state.
  3. Hold in your mind your own relatively low vibrational state while simultaneously reaching for the entity’s much higher state of love. Simultaneity of these inputs is important.
  4. ‘Intend’ to resonate with the higher state while continuing to breath slowly. You may feel, unbidden, a rush of sensation that may be interpreted as love. This sensation arises when your vibrational state of consciousness is attracted to the heterodyning difference potential.
  5. Continue slowly inhaling and exhaling breaths of love while focusing on this process.

The heterodyning difference potential will last as long as the required intention is maintained. The Zeta assured us that the heterodyning process is never a drain on the energy of the higher vibration entity.

Carefully following the process gives rise to a more loving energy that is characteristic of higher states of vibration. Feeling the difference vibrational state is evidence that the higher being is heterodyning with one’s lower vibration.

Perhaps if mediums were to agree that what they do intuitively is heterodyne with higher vibration entities, they would be better able to describe to the rest of us how to connect with such beings.

The heterodyning process is discussed in more detail in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”, which is freely available in pdf format. Please see the chapters entitled “Zeta technology” and “Heterodyning vibrational states”. Links to books and additional articles about the Zeta race may be found here.

Constant Companion

The Fabric of “Experience”

The Fabric of “Experience”

(“Ghost Writers in the Sky”)

“Dreams seem real while they last. Can you say more than this about your life?”

Havelock Ellis

Alright, I admit I am dating myself with the title. ’Sokay. I’ve reached the age where I am the only one who will (date me) and, with time, came experience. Understanding that word is magical – pivotal. Experience is a “mistake from which you have ‘learned’”, which means you have assigned meaning/significance. My edification has been all about the difference between experience and Reality. Nothing is as it seems.

“Believe nothing your ears hear,” Daddy told me, “and trust only half of what your eyes see.” We live in a world that we call a “consensual reality”. There’s a lot more to be seen than ever meets the eye. The Christ was keen on reminding us that “Ears have never heard, nor have eyes ever seen…” He also mentioned regularly “ears to hear and eyes to see” and He was not referring to the physical equipment of sensation. Let’s explore this, starting at a point on which we all might agree, at least for the sake of the metaphor I mean to present:

God, (“First Cause”) is the supreme author of Reality. Having the longest “long view” and the highest highchair, His perception is The operationally definitive “Reality”. When “He” rendered us, He gave us the power to create: other worlds, other characters (souls), and our own “story line” for the personal “lives” we experience. Things occur that appear to be beyond our control, but it is the narrative of meanings/significances we assign to those events which renders the palate of our experience. In short, God gave us a challenging environment of unlimited potential and complete creative license over our personal, subjective experience. Your world is what you make of it. Once you name it, you have claimed it: You have made the experience what it seems to you – and you are free to change your mind. “Life is but a dream” (shaboom…) and you are free to choose to dream otherwise.

As a child, I had chronic nightmares because I had, by anyone’s measure, a “terrible” childhood. Indeed, my life was a terrible beauty: “terrible” because it was a nightmare, and the hazards were real, by any definition of the word “real” (with a little “r”). But it was beautiful too because I wrested shining hope and “uncaused Joy” from the jaws of despair – illumination: lucidity. What a perceptual boon that challenge was for me! The backyard of my life was full of emotional horse poo. I discerned it was all really “pony-sign”. Indeed, I grew watchful for the ponies (Blessings). They’re easy to find when looking for them. One must but learn how to See. I did not accomplish that alone.

Because I was regularly in serious peril, by the age of five, I’d discovered within my mindspace a loving mentor whose most cherished gifts to me were His constancy of Presence, and His charity: He saw the world through forgiving eyes. He saw the Ponies and He taught me to see likewise, vesting me with enormous power over my own experience. He did this by increasing my “LQ”: “Lucidity Quotient”.

This mentor, “Michael”, shares my mindspace with perfect constancy. The constancy of His Presence and the depth of insight and peace He has taught me to experience, have convinced me of His numinous Reality. He trained me to perceive in a way that has made my own mindspace the Source of the Joy most of us seek, futilely, in the “outside” world. He is the Wellspring of my Being and my Joy. Had my childhood not been such a nightmare, had it been a happy dream, I likely would not have found Him. So, I bless the path that brought me Here.

“Seek not outside your Self. There is, after all, no world ‘out there’. There is no ‘out’. There is only Consciousness – Life, and you are It.”

The above is an axiom of True Masters. Accept nothing less than absolute dominion – Sovereignty – over your experience.

“The thing we are searching for is the Thing that is searching.”

You are Cause. If you are not Cause, you are powerless. There is no middle ground. Okay, there is, but it’s called “Hell”. No fun, that, and there’s no mojo in it. You’re here reading because you want molto mojo. (Big juju.) If you don’t want that, you need not read on. Go back to Hell. (Sorry. Don’t pass “Go”. No $200.) If you are ready to claim Mastery, you don’t have to meditate all your life, or read countless spiritual treatises. No candles, no yoga mats, no lotus pose, no incense, no credit card numbers. Nothing. What I am about to tell you is all you need. NO charge. My pleasure, to be useful, so it is. There’s your initiation speech. Imminent Masters, let’s move on. The others will catch up because we must all learn the same lessons. All we get to choose is when to learn them.

Suffering is not escaped by death, but by Truth.

So there I was, imperiled in nightmares – a little child. Powerless, right? Wrong. Michael came into my dreaming mindspace – a Companion as constant as my nightmares. When He appeared, He would remind me, from within the dream, that I had a body in what I called my “real life” and so, nothing in the dream had any “real” power over me, unless I gave it power. I could escape the dream venue, by simply waking up, at any Now. Now is pivotal because “later” never comes sooner than the monsters catch you. Moreover, the monsters from your “past” can only get into your “future” through the window of Now. Thus, Michael taught me to be Lucid in my dreams. He pointed out that, when I was afraid, I always felt a gush of heat in the core of my being. That feeling was a signal that I should remember my body, which, being unaffected by dreams, served as a life raft to my awareness waiting “above” in “wakefulness”. I could dive down into sleep, have an unpleasant experience, and ascend to the raft above – my “Wakened Self”. Interesting metaphor. Shortly, you’ll understand why He chose it.

By and by, I was lucid most of the time in my dreams. If something frightened me, I felt the heat of fear gushing through my body, and I’d just wake up. He was very pleased. Eventually, He pointed out to me that, if I could stop leaving the dream venue and remain Lucid, I could have a lot of fun.

“What sort of fun?” I probed. “Well,” He purred, “it’s your dream and your mindspace, so you can do pretty much whatever you can imagine… like fly.”

“Woooo,” said I, “Do you know how to fly?”

“Indeed I do,” He rumbled through a smile, “and I’d be pleased to teach you but, first, you must learn to be awake and remain within the dream. Then, when monsters come after you, you’ll just fly away and, as it’s your dream, if you say they can’t fly,” He shrugged, “they can’t fly.”

Easy to see how attractive this goal would be to a child. I devoted myself to it. By the age of eight I was flying all over the place in dreams. No more running away for me: I flew. Ascension had begun but I had only grokked the basics of where the wings He’d shown me could take me. Soon, I also learned, because He directed me to try it, that I could, by confronting monsters and offering to make peace, turn monsters into friends. I developed a throng of monster minions. Perception still twisted, I remained “an earthbound misfit” and there were a few “setbacks”, sort of. Depends on your perspective.

The world teaches one who experiences an inner companion, not to mention that companion to others who have not given you cause to believe they will be able to relate. They call this “reality testing” in what I reckon a rather ironic, delusional sort of way, but more on that another time. By the age of fifteen, indentured to peer pressure, I had relegated Michael to the status of “chimerical”. I stopped listening to Him and did very many, really rash, things. At the age of twenty, I was riding a barrel mare chasing a stallion and very close behind him in a hard gallop. Time slipped into slow motion. (Clue.) I saw his back legs lifting under his rising rump.

He’s kicking, Michael advised.

So what? I replied. He can’t get me up here.

Wrong. Dead wrong. He kicked me in the face and I found myself watching from a distance, in an “out of body” state, as the mare ran right out from under the limp form I had thought my “self”. It crashed to the ground with a truly “dispiriting” thud…thefabricofexperienceimagehorse.jpg

Wrecked my day, that did – for riding anyway. Suddenly, however, I was “Perfect”. Finding my “Self” in a dazzling dark void with the luster of a black pearl, Michael too, whom I had abandoned half a decade prior, was Present (as Always). He gave me an orientation: Showed me my life. In fact, I relived parts of it, and He kept calling me back up, out of the dream of my life, to the raft of His Lucid Presence waiting above, in the Illuminated Eternal, Transcended of the murky waters venue – the dream world of space-time. Like a repetitive dream, within a dream, this “crash course” was the ultimate “knocking of sense into my head”.

“Oo,” I realized with started clarity, “the world is just like a dream because I am Eternal and so nothing that appeared able to hurt me in the dream of my life could have ever really hurt me at all.”

“Nice observations,” Michael approved, “very Lucid.”

As I mentioned in my last offering for TOSP, to a Daemon, inducing Lucidity is the primary objective because it is the quintessential tool of our Liberation/“Salvation”.

Lucidity is Salvation.

When I returned to the dream of the world, I was no longer from “…round these parts.” I have ever since been centered in my existence in the Eternal and so, to the perceptions of most, “I ain’t right” and that’s okay. Them that cannot hear have to feel.

I’ve got the mojo risein’ and I no longer ever discount anything Michael whispers into my mindspace. He’s my Beloved Constant Companion – the life raft waiting in the illuminated realm of the Eternal, anchored to me by Our mutual love, trust and reverence, while I dive the murky waters of this dream world below. Whenever I think I see something over which conditioning tells me I should suffer, it is a sign to me that I have briefly forgotten who and what I am. I have identified my Self as but a tiny character, drowning in a dream of powerlessness. As the heat in my belly served to waken me within childhood nightmares, suffering reminds me that I need to buoy up my Lucidity: Rise Again. Verily, this Spirit burns brightly enough to animate the ashes of its own rebirth. “Bring it on, Freight Train,” I growl, as it runs me down. “Is that all you got?” I stand and smile and dust off, watching it disappear with forgiving eyes. “Where are those ponies?”

My fellow divers, you need no guru. You have one in your own mindspace: a Daemon or an Angel. Either way, it is a personal messenger from God, hand-selected/created for you. You need but learn to hear Their voice and remain Lucid: Remember your True nature is Eternal. This world is just a dream, a didactic experience to teach you to remain Lucid no matter what Life throws at you. The more challenge, the more Lucid you become, and this is how you find your metaphorical wings and learn to rise above it all. This is how you fly.

I love you All,


“I dreamed I had but dreamt I had ever been awake at all and awoke with the start which is the End of all dreaming.”

Callaghan Grant



Divine Medicine

Angel Healing

Angel Healing is God’s Divine Healing Power

Angel healing is a spiritual term used to describe God’s divine healing power in our lives that is always available to help us with all of our needs, heartfelt desires, and requirements. Angel healing encompasses working with God’s all-powerful divine light frequencies, applying the holy power of prayer, especially affirmative prayer – and using an array of energy healing exercises and specialized techniques. All of these aspects of angel healing are astonishingly helpful in initiating remarkable changes in our consciousness that are then positively out-pictured within our body’s physiology and our life experiences.

Our earliest Angel Healing experiences

God has blessed us with our very own guardian angel to help guard, guide and protect us throughout our daily lives. Our glorious guardian angel has been with us ever since we were born and has continuously helped to support our consciousness many times over, and especially so when we experience any times of disharmony. Such disharmony in our consciousness results from a buildup of daily life stresses; any traumas we have encountered along our way that we have difficulty recovering from; any un-forgiveness issues; any guilt, hatred, jealousy and resentment issues; any kinds of irrational and illusionary fears; and from any illness, disease, aches and pains. All kinds of disharmony is message to our soul that we are out of divine alignment and harmony with God’s Divine Truth and His Divine Love.

Disharmony always begins in our mental energy first through our acceptance of many false and limiting beliefs and from the destructive thoughts and words we consistently express. Angel healing meets us exactly where the disharmony is in our mental energy and goes straight to work. From our earliest years to the present moment we have unconsciously received many vital downloads of God’s divine love frequency from our guardian angels to help us heal, to help uplift us, to help inspire us, and to help comfort and support us. This is the beautiful divine agreement taking place on a higher spiritual level between your soul and your guardian angel.

How Angel Healing Works

Our guardian angel sends us a constant stream of God’s divine love, which enters our consciousness via subtle light waves of spiritual energy that are encoded with the divine love frequency. Divine love helps to clear, repair, correct and resolve many deep seated issues in our consciousness, so that we can revitalize our energy, empower our creativity, overcome life’s difficulties, let go and move on. God’s divine love frequency lights up our nervous system, which immediately soothes and comforts our mental energy, and which also causes a positive and rebalancing chemical response in our physiology. Divine light is activated deep within our cells and the atoms of our body and the darkness of disease, illness and depression will soon transmute and leave.

An Angel Healing Prayer to Help You

“Guardian angel, please light up my consciousness with God’s rose pink divine light frequency. I willingly receive the light to help me express divine love in me and through me, and to resolve all aspects of me that is out of harmony with divine love. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”


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Crystal Consciousness

Crystals for healing

Crystals for Healing

Crystals for Healing © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Earth Blessings

I have been working with crystals all my life both for healing and scrying. I instinctively wear one each day, intuitively place several on a client’s birth chart when doing a past life reading – or on a client if I see them face to face. Or I hold one for a few moments to energise it and then send it wherever it is needed. My home always has crystals around because they feel good to me, and many are programmed to help other people, or our world. But it wasn’t until I wrote the first edition of The Crystal Bible that I appreciated quite what I’d been intuitively doing for so long, how many crystals there are, and the enormous range of healing possibilities they encompass – it’s now in three volumes and I could easily do a fourth. Researching Crystal Prescriptions a few years later took me back to the use of gemstones for healing in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and beyond. For my M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology I tracked the origins of the use of crystals back some seven thousand years but I know it goes back further, there’s just no written record, only evidence found in graves. It truly is an ancient science: the oldest crystal healing prescription I found was Bloodstone, Carnelian and Green Aventurine for cleansing and restoring the kidneys and liver: exactly what a crystal healer might use today. Indeed, Bloodstone and Carnelian are two of the oldest-known, continuously-used healing stones.

Rather than telling you how to do crystal healing (which needs a properly structured course of study but you can always take a look at my Crystal Healing Pack for a basic outline), I’d like to share with you some crystals and techniques that I find particularly useful.

Good vibrations

Ajoite with Shattuckite © www.artfire.com

Ajoite with Shattuckite – © www.artfire.com

If you are surrounded by good vibrations your health and wellbeing are assured and crystals have always been revered for putting out good vibes and for protecting the wearer or the space they are in. I often wear a beautiful piece of Shattuckite with Ajoite. This rare stone protects against subtle ill-wishing, connects me to higher levels of being, and offsets the effects of electromagnetic smog. It can be difficult to get hold of and a Quartz such as Smoky, Rose, Tourmalinated or Rutilated (Angel Hair) can work just as well. If you, like me, are sensitive to cellphone emanations, then taping a piece of Shungite, Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz onto the phone works wonders as it re-integrates your auric field.

Black Tourmaline, Tantalite and Amethyst are excellent for turning back ill-wishing or jealousy, and are highly protective when worn around the neck – and, traditionally, Amethyst has the added attraction of warding off inebriation – allegedly. It’s been used that way for three thousand years.

Caption: Anandalite, the perfect aura cleanser  © www.exquistecrystals.com

Anandalite, the perfect aura cleanser
© www.exquistecrystals.com

If you want to keep your energy clear at all times, a Quartz, Flint or Charoite crystal can be used to ‘comb’ all around your body about a foot out. An AnandaliteTM is absolutely brilliant for this. All these stones absorb negative energy, repair weak spots in your biomagnetic field, and re-energise your whole body. A long Quartz point is also useful for cleaning your chakras, simply spiral it out from the chakra, cleanse it under running water or with a proprietary crystal cleanser, and then spiral in again in the opposite direction (some people are adamant that there is a right and wrong direction for this but I find it best to do what feels right).

Caption: Labradorite  © Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Labradorite © Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

A Labradorite crystal with its unexpected scintillating flash of blue is a wonderful energy protector that also pulls in spiritual power. It is an excellent stone for healers and those who work with other people to wear around your neck. Creating an interface between your own energies and those of another person, it enhances intuition whilst preventing taking on other people’s problems or negative thoughts or energy.

Using your crystals

Crystals can be placed over chakras or directly over organs, or laid out around the body to create a healing grid. If your crystal has a point, placing it point facing outwards draws negative energy away from the body, and point facing in draws energy into the body.

Auralite 23: perfect for shutting off mind chatter and creating focus. © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Auralite 23: perfect for shutting off mind chatter and creating focus. © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Crystal Wisdom Oracle

If you feel stressed out and need to relax, lying with crystals on your chakras does the trick. It cleanses and re-energizes each chakra, balancing them; helping you to relax and bringing about a sense of well being and good health. You can use the traditional colour correspondences with the chakras by placing a stone of an appropriate colour on the chakra (see table below), or intuitively choose your own colours. You can also place 7 Amethyst points (point facing in) around your body to help you relax with a Smoky Quartz point down at your feet to draw off negative energy. One on your third eye (middle of your forehead) is very helpful if you have a headache, as is Azurite or Lapis Lazuli. If you have trouble shutting off your mind, place three Auralite 23 or Bytownite crystals around your head or one on your third eye. Many people who are opening up psychically experience pressure in the third eye and an Apophyllite pyramid or Labradorite placed over the third eye helps it to open and relieves the pressure.

 Healing the heart

Tugtupite: the pink colour intensifies the longer you wear it. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Tugtupite: the pink colour intensifies the longer you wear it.
© Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Following the break up of a relationship your heart may feel somewhat battered. The most soothing crystal is Rose Quartz. It prevents bitterness from entering your heart, gently melts any resentment and heals abuse of trust, bringing forgiveness in its place. When your heart feels whole again, Green Aventurine, Dioptase and Rose Quartz reactivate your higher heart chakra, the place of compassion and unconditional love. You can also wear the rare and beautiful stone Tugtupite from Greenland to keep your heart chakra functioning at its best.

Twinflame crystal. ©  Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Twinflame crystal. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Rose Quartz is the stone to use if you want to attract more love into your life. Place the largest piece you can find by your bed, and put one in the relationship corner of your house too – this is the farthest right corner from the front door. If you can find a crystal that has two equal sized crystals side by side on a common base place this here too. Many Quartzes can be found in twin formations that spring from a joint base and they are excellent for this purpose. They symbolise mutual support and loving interdependence. It will attract a twinflame into your life: a twinflame being a soulmate without the karma or the hassle. Something we all need in our life!

 Combating the energy vampires

It is all too easy to lose energy to other people without really knowing why or even that it has occurred, especially if you work in the healing or counselling field. The main symptom is a feeling of weariness or slight depression, very low energy and a tugging or tweaking pain under your left armpit. If you get a nagging pain there, an energy vampire is at work. This may be a family member, partner or friend, client or work colleague. Fortunately the antidote is simple. Tape a Green Aventurine, Green Fluorite or Jade crystal over the chakra, or wear one on a long chain so that it reaches to the end of your breastbone. Remembering to disconnect from clients as they walk out of the door keeps this chakra healthy and your own energy high.

 Being in a safe space

Crystals are an excellent way to ensure that you are in a good space and to keep a healing or living room energetically clean. Unfortunately these days most of us are bombarded with unseen electromagnetic radiation, to which many people are sensitive especially those who are psychic. I live near an electricity sub-station, not my first choice of location as I’m all too aware of the potentially health depleting effects – although I have turned this around and affirm that it will energise and realign me. As soon as I moved in I gridded the whole garden with pieces of Black Tourmaline, positioning one at each corner. I then placed Amazonite, Amethyst clusters and Smoky Quartz points on the windowsills (with the points pointing away from the house to deflect the energy). Now I’ve added huge chunks of Shungite to the window sills. The house feels energetically clear and, on dowsing, registers no adverse electromagnetic emissions. These stones are equally effective for any ‘bad vibes’ that may be affecting your home or workplace. My computer is surrounded with Shungite, Fluorite and Lepidolite to further protect my energy but you could use the Smoky Quartz, Sodalite or Amethyst for this.

To keep a healing room energetically clean, place a large piece of Smoky Quartz, Calcite, Black Tourmaline or Tourmalinated Quartz in a central position and ask it to absorb negative energies. Remember to cleanse it every day. You can also grid small pieces of Black Tourmaline in each corner to keep out bad vibes or ethereal white Selenite to draw in spiritual light to assist in your work.

 How to charge your crystals

Before using a crystal for the first time, cleanse it, dedicate it for the highest good of yourself and everyone who comes into contact with it, then programme it to your needs. Precisely formulate what you want your crystal to do but do not limit it, say ‘this or something better’. Sit quietly and hold your crystal. Focus your attention on it. State your intention firmly and clearly – you may need to repeat several times.

How to clean your crystals

Crystals need regular cleansing and re-energising. When you purchase a crystal, it holds the energy of everyone who handled it. When you have worn or used it for awhile, especially if you’ve been using it for healing, it will need cleaning again. Most crystals can be cleansed under running water and then left in sunlight but delicate crystals can be placed in uncooked brown rice overnight (compost the rice afterwards). A quick way to clean and recharge all crystals is to put a drop of Petaltone Clear2Light on them (see www.petaltoneessences.com).

Useful crystal healing kit

A selection of healing crystals. ©  Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

A selection of healing crystals. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions



Function: cleansing, protecting, stabilizing, tranquilizing, transmuting, opening. Balances all the subtle bodies and chakras, makes spiritual connections.

Organs: lungs, intestines, brain.

Gland: pineal

Systems: endocrine, digestive, metabolic, nervous, immune, skeletal, digestive, subtle bodies.

Chakras: brow, throat and crown.



Function: cleansing, protecting, revitalizing particularly of the blood, cleanses and realigns the lower chakras,

Organs: liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, bladder

Gland: thymus

Systems: immune, circulation, lymphatic, metabolic

Chakras: stimulates heart and base chakras.

Blue Lace Agate

Function: Cooling, calming, opening, activating, nurturing.

Organs: Pancreas, brain, throat

Gland: Thyroid, parathyroid

Systems: Lymphatic, skeletal, nervous

Chakras: Throat


Clear Quartz

Function: energising, absorbing, storing, purifying, balancing, releasing and regulating energy.

Organs: all

Gland: pituitary and pineal

Systems: immune, biomagnetic sheath

Chakras: harmonizes all the chakras, aligns the subtle body and activates the higher crown.


Green Aventurine

Function: cleansing, activating, regulating, stabilizing and creating abundance.

Organs: heart, adrenals, lungs, sinuses, eyes

Gland: Thymus

Systems: mental, nervous, muscular, urogenital, connective tissue,

Chakras: heart, spleen.


Function: energising, stimulating, cleansing, stabilizing, grounding into the present moment, bringing in abundance

Organs: reproductive, kidneys, intestines,

Gland: adrenals

Systems: metabolic, reproductive,

Chakras: base, sacral and spleen

Rose Quartz

Function: enhancing love, sedating, releasing, assimilating, forgiving, restoring the blood

Organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, genitals, liver

Gland: thymus, adrenals.

Systems: circulatory, lymphatic

Chakras: heart and higher heart


Smoky Quartz

Function: cleansing, protecting, grounding, pain relieving.

Organs: heart, muscles, nerves, back

Gland: none

Systems: reproductive, nervous

Chakras: earth and base



Function: regulating fluids, cooling, stabilising, releasing

Organs: vocal cords, larynx.

Gland: pineal, thyroid

Systems: lymphatic, immune, metabolic

Chakras: throat, brow.


Function: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-electromagnetic stress, protective, immune-stimulating and just about anything else you could need

Organs: all

Glands: all

Systems: all

Chakras: all

Chakras and associated crystals

Chakra              Crystal             Crystal Function

Earth                          Smoky Quartz           Grounding and protecting

Base                           Red Jasper                 Energising

Sacral                         Orange Carnelian      Creating

Solar Plexus               Yellow Jasper                        Nurturing, feeling

Heart                          Green Aventurine      Healing emotional distress

Higher Heart             Rose Quartz              Unconditional love

Throat                                    Blue Lace Agate        Opening communication

Brow                           Sodalite                      Attuning

Crown                         Amethyst                   Opening intuition

Higher Crown (1)       Labradorite               Opening spiritual communication

Higher Crown (2)      New Quartzes           Reaching enlightenment






Author of Crystal Basics, The Crystal Healing Pack and The Crystal Bible volumes 1-3, Crystal Prescriptions 1-4. Judy Hall has a B.Ed in Religious Studies, a Masters in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and an extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology. Crystals, including Bluestones, attuned by Judy can be obtained from www.angeladditions.co.uk. For details of Judy Hall’s workshops and karmic readings see www.judyhall.co.uk




John Zaffis And His Paranormal World

John Zaffis Paranormal Expert

[soundcloud id=’206031590′]

John is considered to be one of the foremost experts in paranormal research in the world today. He follows in the footsteps of noted Paranormalists Ed and Lorraine Warren who mentored John through his formative years. Whether you belive in the Paranormal or not, his experiences often defy science and we are grateful to have benefitted from his knowledge and wisdom, which we hope will not be the last here on TOSP. However, the recording is not the best but does note detract from the quality of the interview.

John Zaffis Bio – From His Website

John Zaffis has over forty years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent John beyond looking for ghosts and hauntings and into studying demonology under the Warrens. This led into John’s involvement with cases of possession and exorcism, which gave him the opportunity to work with prominent exorcists in this field, including Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Father Malachi Martin, and the Reverend Jun.

His research has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland covering several thousands of cases. Through hands on investigating with other investigators and clergy, he has obtained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the paranormal and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field today.

John has a lot of first-hand paranormal experience, including experience with ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic and diabolical entities. He has also worked extensively with both spiritualists and psychics concerning how their knowledge is used for channeling, reincarnation (past-life regression), calling of the spirits for information, and how they use meditation to acquire the information which they are seeking. Because of his personal experiences with hauntings, ESP, near death experiences and other paranormal activities, he is firm in his conviction that such phenomena exist.

John has been featured in the Discovery Channel’s documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Fox News Live, and many other print and news media events. John also appears in Graveyards and In A Dark Place, both books written by Ed and Lorraine Warren. John’s first book, Shadows of the Dark, co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John hosted a show on SyFy, Haunted Collector, and became a producer for the last season of the show. John has also appeared on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities.

Over the years, John has collected many hundreds of possessed items either given to or sent to him by people wishing to be rid of them. The John Zaffis Paranormal Museum opened in 2004 in order to display these items, and continues to be open today. John wrote and starred in the documentary film Museum of the Paranormal, released in 2010, which gives the viewer a tour of his museum and the stories behind some of the objects.



John’s Books are Fascinating


shadows of the dark john zaffis

We will be reviewing this sometime in the future, but suffice to say that all of John’s Books are worth a read and will certainly open your eyes.



Crystal Consciousness

Firing Up Creativity


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
Maya Angelou


People often ask me how I can write so many books. What’s the secret? Well, apart from the fact that I’m always coming across new information, I have the help of a very special crystal, Triplite, and Silver Genie, a Petaltone essence. Combine those two and away you go. The synergy of a crystal with an essence goes way beyond what the individual components would achieve. The first time I had Triplite on my desk I wrote 5000 words in a morning. It’s an incredible crystal for activating creativity – and for raising kundalini. There’ll be more about that in a future article. Only last month I used the Triplite-Silver Genie combination to write a 55,000 word crystal book in three weeks. Now, non-writers may not think much to that, but writers will appreciate just how speedy that was. It was as though I plucked the text fully formed out of the ether. I have another writing secret too. A goddess likes to get in on the act. The Lady of the Flame, the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet.


The Lady of the Flame, the goddess Sekhmet.

The Lady of the Flame, the goddess Sekhmet. [Photo copyright Terrie Birch/www.astrologywise.co.uk]

 Reliving an Egyptian temple initiation inspired my first novel

 The bright Egyptian sun was swallowed by gloom as we penetrated deep into the shadows of Dendera temple, cool under its heavy stone roof.

“Come, see.” A smiling, blue-robed guardian urged us forward, his teeth gleaming whitely. As he lifted a flagstone and I peered into blackness, claustrophobia crawled up my spine.

“No. I can’t.” I muttered.

But it was too late. The guardian nimbly disappeared, clutching my torch. My excited companion pressed past me down narrow stairs, pulling me behind him. The walls were colder than anything I’d ever felt before.

“Don’t be foolish,” I admonished myself. “You’re an astrologer. You know all about the twelve crypts of Dendera and their astrological links. This is what you came to see.” But I hadn’t realised they’d be like this, low and stooped, crawling with something I didn’t want to think about, and so very black.

As the flagstone dropped behind us, it was all I could do not to scream. The light from the torch hardly touched the darkness and then the guardian must have turned a corner because, suddenly, the light was gone.

When I put my hands out, the air pushed back against them. This wasn’t an absence of light. Something was eating it. I couldn’t breathe, black air was pressing on me. The walls were closing in. I could hear the stones grinding together as they moved closer and could sense the skittering of scorpions, smell the must of sharp-toothed rodents, and the decay of the tomb. Panicking and panting, I knew there was a huge black hooded cobra waiting to strike. It would attack any moment. There were demons and unspeakable things of the night crowding in, horned beings and serpents crawling near, and a strange triple-headed beast swallowing the light. I bet those old priests conjured them up and forgot to banish them again.

The eyes of a lioness flared out of the darkness.

Suddenly I knew I’d done this before, it was all an illusion. I could send them back where they belonged. I took a deep, calming breath:

“Begone foul beasts and creatures of the depths of night,” I began firmly. “Be gone great snake that waits to strike, resist me not. Return to your lair. Be gone triple headed demons of Set. Return to the far reaches of the desert to him who made you. Be gone in the name of light. Walls stand firm, hold your place. Protect those who come in light. Protect me.”

I had no idea where the words were coming from but it seemed to work. As the banishing ritual ended, a torch pierced the darkness and my companion called impatiently for me to join him on the tour. I hurried forward, thankfully.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. That night, in a dream, I relived the whole initiation. Meeting and overcoming unspeakable beings as I passed through the door to each crypt and all the parts of myself were stripped away and my soul was finally laid bare before The Terrible One.

The lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, memories of whom had haunted me since childhood, told me that I was to tell a story. I’d already written several books, but those had been non-fiction. I had no idea how to craft a novel, or what story I’d tell.

“Use your memories, my child,” the now kindly lioness told me. “Weave them into a tale that tells what it was like back then and how the past intertwines with the present. I will help you.”

And she did, getting me out of bed many a night to jot down a dream or spontaneous memory. I resisted putting it all together, however. Only a short story came out of it. I write twenty eight more mind-body-spirit books in the meantime, but these didn’t satisfy her. “Torn Clouds took more than twelve years to evolve from that short story into what metaphysician Alan Richardson called: ‘an outpouring from another age, a genuine glimpse into beyond-time mysteries’. A time-slip novel of reincarnation and romance that, as he warned, draws you into more than a mere novel. It certainly does, that reliving of the ritual became a major part of the novel, although it was transposed into my heroine’s experience along with many more of my past life memories.

“Torn Clouds” dips into the upheavals brought about by the mysterious Akhenaton – the latter drawing on another time-slip experience in Egypt where I was face down in the dust, a young priestess being plucked from her home to go to the new City of Light. That regression was immensely real to me because, in my present life, I can’t imagine being face down in the dust before anyone. But the love I felt then for the misshapen alien Pharaoh and his mother Tiye is reborn every time I hear their names. Standing in front of his statue in the Luxor museum, I was in tears.

Entering the tiny Sekhmet sanctuary at Karnak made me want to throw myself full length before her. I settled for the touching of her chakras and my own that the smiling Nubian guardians taught me – little did they know that they were carrying out an ancient ritual themselves. I still do that ritual today.


In the sanctuary of Sekhmet

In the sanctuary of Sekhmet, Temple Karnak, 2014 [Photo copyright Terrie Birch/astrologywise]

My heroine Megan McKennar appeared fully formed one stormy night and took over my computer to expand her story in a heart pounding three months. It was quite a ride. In the end, I simply had to comply with Sekhmet’s demand and tell the story. After many rejections on the grounds that there was no market for this kind of fiction (since then time-slip has become a recognised genre, I always was ahead with the zeitgeist), “Torn Clouds” was published by John Hunt of O Books, a courageous publisher I’d gone to visit to discuss another non-fiction book – “Crystal Prescriptions” now a best seller in its own right but then only a germ of an idea. When I mentioned my novel and its reincarnation theme, he casually said: “I’ll publish it.”

As soon as he did, “The Crystal Bible”, became a best seller. It was as though Sekhmet had relented and brought me success. An American friend has dreamed she was in a cinema watching “Torn Clouds” on the screen – she described that heart stopping visit to the crypts without having read the book. Recently I found myself sitting next to a screenwriter… Hollywood, here I come! Now which crystal do I need for that?


And Triplite and an Egyptian priestess inspired my second


Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi


That first novel was written over 15 years ago. More recently, just after Triplite entered my life, I began to dream again. An Egyptian priestess whispered in my ear. Another novel was born. Now all I need to find is what my friend Mario Reading, author of “The Nostrodamus Trilogy” amongst so many other excellent books, calls ‘a fairly eccentric publisher’ who looks outside the established genre box. Well, the new novel does combine time-slip events in ancient Egypt, tantric sex and modern day gothic horror with a young woman finding her magical inner power. A new genre indeed! Is there anybody out there? I’d better get the Triplite out and ask My Lady for assistance!


Triplite (Vayrynenite)


Triplite (Vayrynenite)

Triplite (Vayrynenite) [Photo copyright www.angeladditions.co.uk]

 Source: Skadu, Pakistan (also occurs in China; Bavaria, Germany; Kimito, Finland; Karibib, Namibia; and Maine, Connecticut, Arizona and Colorado.)

This stone knows exactly where to go to help its user. It tunes into you and calibrates your energy. It’s the perfect stone for overcoming energetic depletion and kick-starting creativity. Boosting the flow of kundalini and Qi throughout the body, it stimulates the base and sacral chakras and enhances the flow of life force to all parts of the body, physical and subtle. If a brown or black Triplite is placed below the feet, a red on the base chakra and an orange on the sacral, it shoots energy up through the heart and into the top of the head – rather like a firework going off. If the effect is too dramatic it can be regulated with a white crystal above the head and a piece of the matrix below your feet. The energy then flows down around the aura to enclose and boost your biomagnetic field. Placing Triplite over the dantien (just below the navel) stores the creative force until it is required.

Triplite helps you to recognise your frenemies (inner or outer), those people or thoughts that appear to be friendly and yet subtly pull you down into destructive mode. A friend to your face who gossips, or criticises you behind your back, or takes credit for your work. The stone brings them out into the open so that the situation can be resolved with grace and move into true friendship – or release them from your life. It does the same for your inner frenemies, the thoughts and emotions that undermine you. It helps you to see situations calmly, to assess them and find solutions, and then strengthens your resolve as you put them into practice.


Astro-characters: Zodiac Sex Style


When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.” Lady Gaga


Just in case you’d like to write a novel of your own, here’s a helpful cribsheet from my book: “Astro-Characters Creating Compelling Fictional Characters with Astrology”. All writers need to create compelling and believable characters – and they can with just a smidgen of astrological know-how – and the help of a crystal or two. The zodiac signs are instantly recognisable archetypes with which a reader can identify. The book offers in-depth astrological profiles from the signs themselves, giving away all their secrets, foibles and flaws. Just what a writer needs. Simply by combining a sun and moon sign with a rising sign – you don’t need to know the technicalities for this, just pick what is appropriate for your character – you’ll create a complex, multi-layered personality. As Sekhmet inspired a tantric-sex novel, here’s her take on the zodiac signs sexual style.

Let’s face it. No matter what kind of story you are writing, your protagonist will have sex on his or her mind at some point in the story. Not every tale is a love story but all your character’s relationships will be coloured by the zodiac signs you’ve chosen. Each sign has a distinctive approach to relationship which is set out in the guide that follows. Reading “Astro-Characters” with its in-depth profiles of the signs will, of course, enable you to flesh out your character but this short guide gives an idea of which sun-sign you could choose for your character and how selecting a clashing moon and rising sign would add interest, internal struggle, a dash of the unexpected to the mix and another layer of tension to your plot.


The contradictions of Virgo. The ancient corn goddess has morphed into the modern virgin. How? Why?

The contradictions of Virgo. The ancient corn goddess has morphed into the modern virgin. How? Why? [Image copyright Judy Hall The Zodiac Pack]


Aries 21 March-19 April

Crystal: Ruby

Style: Active. Raunchy. Impatient. Too fast? Too bad!

Says: “Me first”.

Prelims: Doesn’t bother

Enjoys: Danger

Relationship quality: Selfish

Achilles heel: Impatient for new experiences


Taurus 20 April -21 May

Crystal: Emerald

Style: Passive. Sensual. Savours slowly. Can be boring.

Says: “Let’s get comfortable”

Prelims: A good meal

Enjoys: Massage

Relationship quality: Loyal

Achilles heel: Too entrenched


Gemini 22 May – 20 June

Crystal: Agate

Style: Active. Eloquent. Sex occurs mostly in the head. Talks continuously.

Says: “Do you think ….”

Prelims: A good conversation

Enjoys: Talking through the Kama Sutra

Relationship quality: Changeable

Achilles heel: Naivety


Cancer 21 June -22 July

Crystal: Moonstone

Style: Passive. Possessive. Cuddlesome. Caring. Emotional.

Says: “I’ll look after you.”

Prelims: Cooking for two

Enjoys: A quiet evening in

Relationship quality: Clingy.

Achilles heel: Neediness


Leo 23 July – 22 August

Crystal: Citrine

Style: Active. Lustful. Romantic. Larger than life. Egocentric.

Says: “Do I look good in this?”

Prelims: Flattery

Enjoys: A good evening out

Relationship quality: Narcissistic

Achilles heel: Pride


Virgo 23 August – 22 September

Crystal: Peridot

Style: Passive. Discerning. Earthy sensuality. Cool ardour.


Says: “I’ll just freshen up first … ”

Prelims: Checking how tidy the bedroom is

Enjoys: Perfection

Relationship quality: Picky

Achilles heel: Dirt


Libra 23 September – 23 October

Crystal: Sapphire

Style: Passive. Alluring. Amorous. Accommodating. Partner-


Says: “What would please you?”

Prelims: Being courted and flattered

Enjoys: Harmony

Relationship quality: Adaptive

Achilles heel: People-pleasing


Scorpio 24 October – 21 November

Crystal: Malachite

Style: Active. Magnetic. Intense. Secretive. Jealous.

Says: “Tell me all about yourself.”

Prelims: Beautiful underwear

Enjoys: Bondage, allure, mystery

Relationship quality: Ouch!

Achilles heel: Secrets and lies


Sagittarius 22 November – 21 December

Crystal: Topaz

Style: Active. Adventurous. Easily bored. The grass is

greener elsewhere.

Says: “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.”

Prelims: A plane ticket

Enjoys: New experiences

Relationship quality: Freedom

Achilles heel: Promises too much


Capricorn 22 December – 19 January

Crystal: Garnet

Style: Active. Cautious. Reserved. Surprisingly highly


Says: “Are you serious?”

Prelims: Checking the bank balance

Enjoys: Quality above quantity

Relationship quality: Committed

Achilles heel: Keeping up appearances


Aquarius 20 January – 19 February

Crystal: Aquamarine

Style: Active. Detached. Inventive. Electric. A real one-off

Says: “Have you tried … ?”

Prelims: Friendship

Enjoys: The weird and wacky

Relationship quality: Dispassionate

Achilles heel: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


Pisces 20 February – 20 March

Crystal: Amethyst

Style: Passive. Romantic. In love with love. Rose tinted

glasses. Swims off.

Says: “I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for”

Prelims: Declaration of undying love.

Enjoys: Fantasy and variety

Relationship quality: Serial soulmates

Achilles heel: Sucker for a sob-story


Enjoy your character creation!






All Things Etheric

Opinion Setters: What to Believe

The Seeker’s Way

If you consider yourself a paranormalist, then you are probably a seeker in search of spiritual maturity. One of the things that distinguish you from mainstream society is the realization that you have a part to play as a citizen of a greater reality. For all of us, coming to understand what that means and how to integrate that understanding into our life underlines much of what we do.

We are not born with this understanding, only a formless imperative to gain understanding; a spiritual instinct, if you will. It is a huge step in our spiritual evolution when we evolve from formless instinct to the understanding that this urge is so much more than just idle curiosity; when we come to understand that it is, in fact, our purpose.

While realizing the need to gain understanding about our connectedness with the greater reality is important, there remains the task of finding the path of learning which is right for us. Each of us is different and the way of progression we must follow is likely different as well.

A way of learning is not so much a matter of this lesson or that. It is a lifelong process shaped by our individual point of view, but it must permit, even require frequent examination of beliefs and a pragmatic attitude about truth. Our teachers are most often accidental role models; family members or peers we admire or who provide examples of how not to be. Some we seek out, and as is the nature of humanity, some may be described as false teachers.

Opinion Setters

Some of our teachers are the opinion setters of our community such as politicians and scholars. Important teachers are the holy men and women who have gone before us and now seek to show the way for those of us who would come after. We must depend on guidance from the opinion setters, but the task is to understand their message and to select the opinion setters who can show the way without demanding belief in their dogma; however, before you can do that, you need to understand what you want to learn.

The idea of an opinion setter will likely go against the grain for most paranormalists. We are an independent lot and know that we have been pretty much lied to by mainstream society. In fact, many of the opinion setters of mainstream society are the skeptics of our frontier community. They would have us believe that our urge to gain understanding is illusion and that reality stops at the edge of the physical. They would have us believe we will cease to exist when our body dies.

So, we look to the leaders within our community for guidance. But first, it is probably a good idea for you to know why you should listen to me. After all, it seems here that I am posing as an opinion setter talking about opinion setters, which is possibly a conflict of interest.

In mainstream terms, you might think of me as a futurist. In fact, much of my last ten or so years in the corporate world was as a long-rang planner. I polished my crystal ball every morning. J

Today, I consider myself a metaphysician. The fruit of a metaphysician’s study is a cosmology. A good metaphysical cosmology will provide a model to help a person understand their spiritual nature and how they might relate to the greater reality. Naturally, such a cosmology represents the author’s understanding, but it should be based on available science. There are a number of good cosmologies, so to help keep track, and for reasons I will explain later, I refer to my work as the Implicit Cosmology. So, think of me as an aggregator of ideas. And as such, I do not see myself as an opinion setter, only a reporter. My objective is to give you enough information for you to develop your own opinion.

Explaining Experiences

The first foundation of fact is that people have experiences which are not satisfactorily explained by mainstream science. It is these experiences that distinguished the paranormalist community.

An important perspective about experiences is that, if they are able to be explained as something ordinary that has been mistaken as paranormal, the experience is just that. It is not paranormal. For instance, if a suspected Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) turns out to someone talking down the hall, then that example is not EVP. EVP are by definition anomalous voices; voices in recording media not explained by known science.

If a mundane explanation cannot be shown, there must be a hypothesis which at least provides a plausible model for the experience based on current science and known fact, all informed by proposed alternative explanations. What was the experience? Did others share it? Is it common or rare? Can it be replicated under controlled conditions? If known science does not explain it, what is the least extraordinary model that will?

Different Views of Reality

While we share a common interest in things paranormal, we tend to fall into sub-communities of interest characterized by rather different point of view. These can be generalized as those of us who believe that mind only survives as memory and those of us who believe it continues as living personality. These are very profound differences, but it is seldom obvious who is in which camp.

The easiest way to keep track of these two points of view is the Super-psi Hypothesis (survived memory, memories of the past) and the Survival Hypothesis (survived, living personality). For a general description of these:

Super-psi Hypothesis

  • All that exists is the physical universe.
  • The universe may have evolved from a singularity into what it is today.
  • An as yet unidentified form of space called psi (psi field) permeates all of physical reality.
  • Life has evolved on earth from a primordial soup into what it is today.
  • Mind exists in the psi field and continues beyond death of the brain as differentiated, residual energy.
  • Brain is a transmitter/receiver for mind.
  • Thought, memory and emotions are retained in the psi field.
  • People have five senses that are informed by impressions from the psi field.

The Super-psi Hypothesis requires the existence of subtle energy which is influenced by intention. Once formed, it is argued that information exists forever in the subtle energy field as memory which is accessible by sensing the psi field (psi functioning, psychic). As such there is no such thing as mediumship, only psi functioning. Super-psi does not require the existence of a greater reality, survived living intelligence or a nonphysical source (creator, Source, Gostrongd). That means mainstream academia need only accept the existence of a psi field and an extraordinary human ability to psychically access information retained in that field.

Parapsychological research tends to support Super-psi without many of the logical exercises needed to make it support survival. As such, it is widely accepted amongst parapsychologists. However, since the existence of psi is not expressly defined by mainstream science, it is rejected by mainstream academia.

Survival Hypothesis

  • There is a greater reality of which the physical universe is an aspect.
  • The psi field is an aspect of a greater reality.
  • An as yet unidentified form of space called psi (psi field) permeates all of reality.
  • Mind, with its thoughts, memories and emotions, has evolved in the greater reality and continues to exist beyond death of the brain.
  • For a lifetime, mind and brain are entangled to produce a physical-etheric link.
  • During a lifetime, mind is expressed as consciousness and an etheric personality (unconscious).
  • People have five senses that are informed by impressions from the psi field by way of personality to conscious self.

At first glance, the Survival Hypothesis agrees with super-psi in most details, but there are very substantial differences. Survival requires that personality, as a person’s intelligent core, is immortal: existed before birth of the person’s physical body and continues to exist after death of the body. As such, the physical body is an avatar with which etheric personality is entangled and which host conscious self via the brain as transmitter-receiver of consciousness.

With the requirement of immortal personality, the Survival Hypothesis also requires a greater reality which is personality’s natural environment. Since we are attempting to provide a theory to model paranormal experiences, survival must also stipulate that discarnate personalities are able to communicate across the etheric-physical veil (transcommunication).

If super-psi is not accepted by mainstream academia because of a lack of theoretical agreement with mainstream science, survival is seen as religious nonsense. Many in parapsychology also see it as pure superstition. It is not that parapsychologists are ignoring evidence. It is just that almost all of the survival phenomena can be pretty well explained with super-psi.

Litmus Test

Applying a go-no-go test to anything is intellectually risky, but using a litmus test to decide whether or not to agree with a particular point of view is useful. In this case, does the Super-psi Hypothesis or the Survival Hypothesis make the most sense? Do either allow for reported experiences? If you consider yourself a medium, then I would expect you to turn toward survival. If you think you are psychic, then I would expect you to favor Super-psi.

Psi Access to Information

There is no known way to shield from the psi field or the influence of intention. Also, distance does not seem to be a barrier for psi functioning. It is well documented that people are able to sense information from other people no matter where they are. As such, anything that a medium might sense, presumably from a discarnate loved one, might also be sensed from the mind of the sitter, or even of a friend in another part of the world.

The psi field is clearly nonlocal, meaning that there is no apparent distance between points in reality and psi influences seem to be equally present everywhere. The evidence for a nontemporal nature of psi field is not as certain. All of the presentiment studies I have seen seem to be explainable with First Sight Theory 1 and Presentiment (The sense that something is about to happen).

Precognition—the sensing of something before it happens—is usually thought of as a longer-term sensing than presentiment. In a literal sense, it indicates that all time is now; however, there is much support for the idea of potential futures. Call these a thoughtform or etheric field 2 that represents the process of becoming for a thing, idea or event. There is much more support for the idea that a person might sense potential futures, especially ones that are particularly meaningful to the person or that is eminent while carrying a lot of meaning to the person. In that case, time is real, processes take time and the future is … well, it is in the future and only seen as potential futures.

The hardest part of mediumship research is concocting a test that eliminates the possibility of psychic access of information. Because experiments seem to always have a super-psi explanation for results, mediumship comes out as providing the least convincing evidence of survival when compared with the evidence of reincarnation and near-death experiences. Whatever you tell me as a medium, if I can show that someone in the physical knew that information … now or in the past, I can simply argue that the Super-psi Hypothesis explains the message without resorting to survival.

So the litmus test for mediumship is whether or not the information could have been accessed from someone’s mind or as a memory from the psi field. If the answer is yes, then the message can reasonably be thought of as psychic. The idea is that the explanation requiring the least deviation from known science should be favored. That is the position taken by people who accept super-psi.


This is part of the Implicit Cosmology, which is a hypothesis developed to help explain the phenomena of transcommunication, especially Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). The functional areas are explained in the Creative Process essay.  [11]

Trans-survival Hypothesis

Take a look at the Life Field Complex diagram, above. It is part of an effort to model the Survival Hypothesis based on current parapsychological research and what is known about Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). (You may be more familiar with the audio form of ITC which is better known as EVP.) I generalize the model as the Implicit Cosmology. 3

The Survival Hypothesis is referred to but seldom explained as more than “we survive death.” The version I work with is rather more comprehensive because of transcommunication, so I refer to it as “Trans-survival” with the “trans-“ prefix intended to indicate the added influence of transcommunication concepts. The implications of survival are far-reaching and complex, so they are modeled as the Implicit Cosmology.

The only physical part of the diagram is the human body. The only conscious part is the personality’s perception that it is the human body. I refer to this perspective as the human-centric one as “I think I am this.” Everything else is unconscious function.

This model is loosely based on the concept of morphic fields described by Rupert Sheldrake in his Hypothesis of Formative Causation. 4 In that, he describes morphogenetic (morphic) fields for organisms which are guided by “Nature’s habit” for how that organism has always been formed. In the diagram above, the morphic field is the life field, shown here as it is entangled in a physical lifetime. “Nature’s habit” is maintained in the Worldview functional area. The human body has a morphic field but shares the Attention Complex with its entangled etheric personality.

A person is an etheric personality (I am this) entangled with a human body in an avatar relationship (I think I am this). As such, a person shares its worldview with the body and is strongly influenced by the human’s instincts. It is for the person to moderate these physical instincts with spiritual ones.

Morphic fields have a zone of influence engulfing the organism. (It is likely that the influence of this field extends beyond the physical organism and may represent the “personal bubble” many of us claim as personal space around us.) Think of the field as an organizing influence on life processes. A person has a “top” field which organizes many subfields responsible for morphogenesis of chemical production, cells and organs. These life fields also have memory, a means of sensing and expression, a purpose and a means of modifying behavior.

Of course, I am explaining Sheldrake’s model in terms that helps to explain my model. The point is that we think of life from the perspective of the organism’s physical presence, while in fact, there is a rather complex and extensive subtle field associated with every instance of life. We are no exception. If you think in terms of fractals, life would be the universal fractal with Source as the top fractal. Source’s morphic field would be the reality field.

The immortal part of us, our personality, represents the mind of our morphic (life) field. In the Implicit Cosmology, both physically sensed and psi sensed information is processed in our life field. In this model, our personality, as our immortal intelligent core, is actually part of a collective of personalities. As such, our psi interaction with another person is not some unseen ray between our head and the other person’s head. It is modeled as a link of attention between our etheric personality and that of the other person’s personality in the collective.

In this model, when it comes to the exchange of information, there is little difference between a discarnate personality and one still entangled with its avatar human. As such, there is no difference between a psychic and a medium. Both must communicate via their etheric personality.

To emphasize this point, the functions of psi sensing and mediumship are modeled in the Implicit Cosmology as just another form of perception. That is, environmental information (psi signature and output of physical senses to mind) is unconsciously sensed by a person, but a decision is made in the Attention Limiter to ignore or consider the information. If the information is considered, then it is unconsciously related to worldview for recognition. If it is not recognized in some way, it is ignored anyway. Recognition may result in modification of the information to agree with worldview. It is that modified form which enters into conscious awareness. 5

In this model, the litmus test for mediumship is not whether or not it could have been accessed from someone’s mind or from residual memory in the psi field. It must be the content of the information and its sensibility. Does the information source in the etheric interact with the medium in unexpected ways?

The problem of accessing memory is that someone knows what a person might have said, based on remembered mannerisms and attitudes. The only way I know of to address this is to ask whether or not the information seems surprising. Our society is constantly evolving and how we interact with our environment today is at least a little different from how we interacted yesterday. Memory does not evolve unless it is impressed by a living process. People have a good sense of humanness and what seems contemporary, but it probably requires a peer panel to decide. Although it will not likely be a scientific test, perhaps that sense or “newness” is all we have for testing authenticity of mediumistic communication.

In this model, information from other personalities is translated in the Attention Complex based on the medium’s worldview. That is, it comes from the communicating entity as a gestalt thoughtform and is “embodied” in best-fit words, images and feeling from the medium’s worldview. As such, the message may be from an ancient personality even though it is expressed to the sitter in modern terms. As far as I can tell, only deep-trance mediumship is able to bypass the medium’s perceptual process. (Lucidity)

A White Crow

To be valid, survival models need objective evidence that cannot be explained with super-psi. The one example I can think of was produced by ATransC member, Martha Copeland. Martha’s daughter Cathy made her transition while still in her teens. The story of how it began is told in Martha’s book, “I’m still Here,” 6 but to keep this short, she recorded many EVP from Cathy in which she is saying things she would have said during her lifetime.

Martha was of the habit of leaving her voice-activated audio recorder on while she did routine chores, just in case someone on the other side wanted to say hello. One day, her chores were interrupted by a friend’s invitation to go shopping. She left in a hurry, forgetting to put Cathy’s dog, Doja, outside. While she was away, the dog made a huge mess of the house. In an EVP, you can hear the dog  making a mess and Cathy’s voice clearly scolding the dog “Doja … no!” 7

The value of this EVP is that it records an event that no one was aware of at the time of the recording and it is clearly Cathy’s voice saying what she could be expected to say. So I will argue that, if there is one instance that supports survival over super-psi, then it is reasonable to seriously consider the hypothesis as an alternative. As such, I will argue that mediumship is a plausible explanation for some anomalous information access.

Survival Physics

Another example of how a litmus test can be applied is seen in the work of Ron Pearson. He is widely acclaimed as a champion of survival. Taking a close look at his point of view shows that he proposes survival of memory and not of living personality. He has stated: “Although the brain must die its exact copy lives on to be connected with another parallel universe.” 8 As I see it, Pearson set out to reimagine current science to show how, with a few corrections, it supports survival of mind. His focus is on how information never ceases to exist and remains psychically accessible. All of the right words are there for Spiritualist except for how he describes the actual nature of survived information. In actuality, his theory is just a version of Super-psi.

The litmus test here can be described as “the arrow of creation.” By that, I mean that in Super-psi, the arrow of creation flies from that hypothetical primordial soup of our body’s origin. In the Survival Hypothesis, the arrow flies from a Source of reality, of which the physical is just an aspect. So does the theory argue that our personality evolved from the physical body or does it allow for the personality to exist prior to this lifetime?

In the phenomenon of mediumship, our communicators very often tell us that we are part of a collective; that we have begun from that collective and that we remain connected with it via consciousness. We strengthen that connectedness with our attention on it via our mediumship. 9

Anomalistic Psychology

Anomalistic psychology is another field of study ostensibly supporting what we know to be true. As a general rule, psychologists are paranormalist’s most insidious skeptics. A close look at the anomalistic psychology literature will show that studies are mostly concerned with perception of things paranormal with the intention to show that things paranormal are not real … only illusion.

In the article, “What is Anomalistic Psychology” 10 paranormal is defined as “Alleged phenomena that cannot be accounted for in terms of conventional scientific theories.” The author explains that “Anomalistic psychology may be defined as the study of extraordinary phenomena of behavior and experience, including (but not restricted to) those which are often labeled ‘paranormal.’ It is directed towards understanding bizarre experiences that many people have without assuming a priori that there is anything paranormal involved. It entails attempting to explain paranormal and related beliefs and ostensibly paranormal experiences in terms of known psychological and physical factors.”

The emphasis is on “It entails attempting to explain paranormal and related beliefs and ostensibly paranormal experiences in terms of known psychological and physical factors.” “…without assuming a priori that there is anything paranormal involved” can be understood as “without becoming informed about the phenomena thought to be involved.

In a very real sense, anomalistic psychologists set out to prove that whatever the paranormal is claimed to be, it is actually all in the beholder’s mind. This is well-understood by parapsychologists, which forces us to question why that kind of literature is published in a respected paranormal-oriented journal without at least some kind of warning to the reader.

The litmus test for any research report concerning things paranormal is whether or not the authors include consideration of the Super-psi and Survival Hypotheses in a way that leaves the possibility open that they may be real. The second part of this test is whether super-psi or survival is part of the working hypothesis, and if so, which one.

If you consider yourself a psychic, then the second part of this does not matter. All you are interested in is acknowledgement that psi functioning may be real and not imagination. If you consider yourself a medium, then I assume you think you are talking to discarnate loved ones who are still very much alive, just in “different atmospheres and awarenesses.”


Something every paranormalist needs to decide is whether or not the information they access with their inner senses is psychically accessed from memory or mediumistically accessed from a living personality. Is it communication (mediumship) or data mining (psychic)? Technically, there is a huge difference in how psychic and medium are defined. Three models have been discussed in this essay:

  1. The Super-psi Hypothesis claims that the anomalously accessed information is psychically accessed from memory of living people or residual memory in the psi field. It is modeled on psi research, for which First Sight Theory 1 is an aggregator model. (Psychic)
  2. The Survival Hypothesis proposes that information is mediumistically accessed via communication with discarnate personalities. It is based on Super-psi with the stipulation that information is from living personality. (Mediumship)
  3. The Trans-survival Hypothesis proposes the idea that all information is accessed via the person’s etheric personality as a personality-to-personality exchange. (Using old terms, the psychic or mediumship question is decided by message content)

Super-psi allows for survived mind as it evolved with the evolving brain. Survival requires that mind precedes brain, and exists after brain dies. Super-psi and survival ignore the evidence of ITC. All three provide for the unconscious processing of information, the results of which emerge into consciousness but biased by worldview.

It is for you to decide which model makes the most sense. But be aware that what you decide will affect how sensed information emerges into your conscious awareness because your beliefs train your Attention Complex to filter sensed information to agree with your beliefs. For practicing mediums, this also has a lot to do with how messages should be explained to sitters.

As a certified NSAC medium, I serve our local Spiritualist Society with “spirit greetings.” It has always been a source of consternation to me whether or not what I deliver is psychic or mediumistic. Of course, I understand the difference, but after spending so many decades poking around in my mind, the only sense of certainty that the message comes from a loved one is the unexpected nature of what comes to my conscious awareness.

The best solution for me would be if our community changed its point of view away from psychic and/or medium to trans-communicator. The measure of my ability would be the lucidity of my access to my unconscious mind.

Perhaps “transcommunicator” is a better term.


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All Things Etheric

The Winter Solstice as a Parable for Progression

Like the Winter Solstice, Progression is a cycle of Renewal

January is a good time to stand back and consider what we are doing, where we are trying to go and whether or not we are on a path that is right for us. I begin with a discussion about the implications of the Winter Solstice and a brief exploration of how some people relate to that moment of renewal. Speaking for myself now, it seems odd that I am so introspective about a day of the year. Yet, there is this urge which needs exploring.

Instincts from Two Sources

We are citizens of reality and only visitors on this physical earth. While there is no obvious foundation in the metaphysics for our etheric personality to have a tradition associated with the earthly seasons, there is solid support for the idea of cycles, polarity and balance which we associate with progression (spiritual growth).

Nature, both physical and etheric, typically changes (evolves) in small increments, and seldom catastrophically. As a model, this change can be characterized as: growth (new understanding); integration leading to maturity; extended stability leading to stagnation; introspection/assimilation; and, renewed effort which initiates new growth. This is a cycle we experience in our progression (spiritual growth) and we do have respect for this cycle in our etheric “DNA.”

Of course, our humans have evolved in a world of seasons, and recognition of the cycle of birth, living, maturity and death is in our host’s DNA. Early societies learned to expect this cycle, work with it and even honor the certainty of the Wheel of Life. Modern religion and philosophy have evolved from these early attempts to understand and live with these life-forming influences.

For early civilizations, honoring Mother Nature was an obvious choice, even as ways were found to put her to work. In the early days, marking the cycles of the year so as to know when to plant was a natural part of honoring the forces that made that possible; however, today, we have clear-cut “This is religious belief” and “That is science.” This sanitation of our understanding of natural influences has helped humankind progress, but it has also left us with urges for which we have no real expression. The human in us needs gods to worship and we, the etheric personality in this entangled relationship, need mysteries to solve.

As probably the most important moment in earth’s year, the Winter Solstice marks the end and the beginning of earth’s cycle of renewal. Humans around the world instinctively recognize this cycle, and we who are etheric personality also recognize this from a spiritual perspective. The results are culturally unique ways of embracing this urge to revere nature.

I am okay with this logic, but there remains the question of how to put this urge to work.

Cultural References to Renewal

Here are a few ways in which this recognition of a cycle of renewal has been honored by societies. As you read them, look for the common factors


The Winter Solstice is celebrated in Wicca as the Yule. (“Iul” meaning “wheel.” (i u L) … think The Great Wheel of the Zodiac; The Wheel of Life.) From The White Goddess website: “Yule is deeply rooted in the cycle of the year, it is the seed time of year, the longest night and the shortest day, where the Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother and gives birth to the new Sun King. In a poetic sense it is on this the longest night of the winter, ‘the dark night of our souls’, that there springs the new spark of hope, the Sacred Fire, the Light of the World, the Coel Coeth).”1



Silver fern frond: Wikimedia Commons


The Māori people of New Zealand use the koru (Māori for “loop”) to symbolize new beginnings or new life. The spiral shape is based on a new, unfurling, silver fern frond. The spiral is one of the oldest and most universal of religious symbols. It represents continuing inward to the source and outward to the world of manifestation; growth and evolution, evolving journey in life.

Celt spiral

Triple Spiral at Newgrange, Irland By Chris Evans, flickr.com/photos/drumminhands/


This triple spiral is an ancient symbol of Celtic beliefs. The meaning of the symbol is not definitively known; however, many people suggest it is the ancient Celts symbol for the passage through birth, death and rebirth. Notice that the figure is drawn with a single, unbroken line, suggesting a continuous movement of time.

The symbol was found carved in the rock forming the front wall of the inner chamber of the ancient mound of Newgrange, Ireland. The mound was built during the Neolithic period around 3200 BC, possibly to mark the beginning of the New Year. The rising sun of the winter solstice shines through a narrow passage to illuminate the carvings, including the Triple Spiral.

Native American

The Medicine Wheel, and sometimes the hoop, is symbolic of the vital force of Nature and the personal power within each of us. “Medicine” is a term used to mean this force. The Medicine Wheel is divided into the center and four quadrants representing East, West, North and South. These quadrants are assigned a color and special meaning. Part of the wheel’s meaning is the understanding that nature is cyclic and we humans are affected by Nature’s influence.

Dark Night

Dawn thefilesoflife. wordpressdotcom

Dark Night of Soul

Saint John of the Cross (San Juan de la Cruz<>; 1542-1591) wrote a poem titled The Dark Night of Soul, and according to Got Questions Ministry, “This eight-stanza poem outlines the soul’s journey from the distractions and entanglements of the world to the perfect peace and harmony of union with God. According to the poet, the “dark night of the soul” is synonymous with traveling the “narrow way” that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 7:13-14.2

This poem was written in 1578, and the concept has since been adopted by many systems of thought to describe the emotional crises seekers often encounter.

The dark night is typically described as beginning with a growing self-doubt which may lead to deep depression and sense of futility. When all seems to be lost, the seeker experiences an abrupt awakening with heightened consciousness. The seeker is, in effect, reborn with greater understanding. From this “awakened” perspective, the “dark night” is seen as a necessary tearing down of old structures of thought and belief so that new understanding can be gained.

While the Dark Night is said to be experienced by seekers, it is a cycle that everyone probably experiences to some degree. The awakening need not be into a higher consciousness, but may simply be a fresh outlook on life. There remains the clinical depression which is not accompanied by such awakenings, and one should be mindful not to forgo help with the expectation of greater understanding.

Born Again

For some Christians, being born again is to undergo a spiritual rebirth or regeneration of the human spirit from the Holy Spirit. The idea is thought to have come from John 3.3 in which Jesus tells a Pharisee (member of ruling council) that: “Unless a man is born anew he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” He goes on to explain in John 3:5 that: “Unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” The reference to water is thought to mean baptism, which is a commitment to the teachings of Jesus.

While “born again” in the context of Christianity usually means a spiritual awakening, it is most often applied in the sense of baptism or conversion from a commonly passive form of worship into one of great commitment to the teachings of Jesus.

It is important to note that, as portrayed in the Bible, Jesus presented himself as a three-fold teacher in much the same sense as Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes Mercurius Trismegiatus is thought to be the source of one of the first divine dispensations of knowledge about our spiritual nature. Much of ancient wisdom is attributed to his teaching, either directly or from inspiration. The last part of his name refers to Hermes as the greatest philosopher and the greatest priest and the greatest king. That is, he represented the path of learning (philosophy), a person who has learned (priest) and the accomplishment made possible by learning (king).

Jesus is shown in John 14-6 to say to his disciples: “I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” That is, he is not a deity but an example as the three aspects of the teacher: follow me as what I teach is the way; follow me as the Spirit of Truth; and, follow me as I have lived.

As it is in the Book of John in the bible, the concept of “born again” appears to explain that the seeker must discard traditional systems of thought and follow the three-fold teachings of Jesus. Those same teachings were taught by the followers of Hermes and are being taught today by some systems of thought. The Spiritualist’s Declaration of Principles 3 is a useful reminder of this way, as is the Tarot as it is taught by B.O.T.A.4

Hermetic Wisdom
Key 16 The Tower

An important concept taught by ancient wisdom schools is the idea that people become set in their ways and that it is necessary to break down those old structures of thought and behavior so that new ones can take their place. Of course, mindful living is all about that process as a way of life, but in some systems of thought, it is assumed that spiritual growth cannot occur unless mind surrenders to the new order. Like The Dark Night of Soul, this is seen as a catastrophic event which is illustrated in Key 16, The Tower, in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

The Tarot of the Waite Deck illustrates the Great Work as progression from Key 0 as The Fool (lead) to spiritual maturity (Gold; the Fool again, oddly enough). Virtually every element in The Tower has special meaning. For instance, the tower itself represents ignorance. The crown represents will power. The man and woman, who are featured throughout the Major Arcana are actually two aspects of a person: the man represents self-consciousness and the woman represents sub-consciousness.

Common Attributes

Any senior citizen can tell you that understanding is relative. What was right often turns out to be a cultural norm when considered many years later. I have considered natural law for nearly sixty years and I still am not sure that there is such a thing as an immutable law. Instead, it seems evident that we, as the experiencing aspect of Infinite Intelligence (Source and reality field), are learning, and therefore, so is Infinite Intelligence. That necessarily means the expression of Infinite Intelligence also evolves. Rupert Sheldrake talks about this in a local (physical organism) sense as “Nature’s habit.” It is changed as the organism come up with creative alternatives.5

Understanding does converge on something like a truth, however. A curve of this would look a lot like a half-life curve so that our first encounter with an experience might give us a good sense of what is true, but the next encounter will likely show that we did not completely understand, thus requiring us to modify our understanding. Of course, this all assumes we are paying attention and actually want to learn. As you can see, the next encounter will likely produce more understanding, and so on. The curve approaches complete understanding (truth) but never quite makes it.

Part of the reason for this imperfect understanding is that we share this venue for learning with other personalities. With those other personalities, we create this venue, and as our understanding increases, so the creative result is modified. …so goes the theory.

So what does this have to do with the Winter Solstice? First, it happens every year; it marks a cycle like the Fool in the Tarot. As a parable for progression (understanding), it illustrates that spiritual awakening is an iterative process. While the Dark Night of Soul and The Tower of the Tarot represent awakening, they are not seen as a one-time event for the seeker. Key 0 of the Tarot, The Fool, is seen as both the beginning and the end of the cycle which is expected to repeat countless times. This is echoed in the many initiations required in some modern societies as members progress from first initiate to master.

As we are beginning to understand about how our mind works, learning occurs in small increments. And as such, the Tower represents an “Ah ha moment.” That is the “secret wisdom” I see in the depiction of sudden enlightenment. It is in this gradualism with an occasionally catastrophic moment of progress that I believe we all sense in New Years, the Winter Solstice and spring renewal. The Māori people have it about right. Each year, the fern unfurrows its new fronds; the spiral represents renewal, and that is a cycle of life. The rest of the story is that progression is a life-long process.


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Additional Reference

Briers, Francis, “3 Cultural Learning Styles,” fudoshin.org.uk/blog/2010/8/16/3-cultural-learning-styles-linear-cyclical-and-holistic.html

A Personal Note

As I said in my first offering, individual progression takes a community. I am always interested in your comments and suggestions. Am I too far out on the fringe? Are there points that need clarifying? What would you rather I talk about?

I am also interested in help proofreading the text. Please let me know of typos and parts that seem contradictory or simply do not make sense.