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Category: Hauntings


Is This Really Haunted – The Oaks Homestead

The Oaks homestead in Oakhurst New South Wales, Australia, is one place full of paranormal activity – allegedly. It has been investigated by paranormal teams who have all reported the place is a hive of activity, but one top team in Australia reports is a lot more realistic.

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The Owner of the Oaks is continually experiencing the increase in activity and paranormal phenomena. The property is steeped in history and the activity has been going on for many years.

‘The Oaks’. It is a magnificent, two-storey building, built between 1895-1897 by William Golding. Many people have experienced many aspects of a plethora of paranormal phenomena such as;

  1. Apparitions – Many have reported seeing the apparition of a young girl age range of about 8-9 years old. She has been seen wandering around the home and upon the surrounding bushland. The current owner has also confirmed the siting of a grave within the local bushland.
  2. Audible Phenomena – The staff of the home have heard their names being called clearly when they were the only people within the home. Footsteps have also been heard in the night. At first, the owner thought there may have been intruders in the home.
  3. Emotional Intrusion – There have been several reports of people feeling fearful, anxious and uneasy as well as feeling off balance physically.
  4. Electricity Issues – These are frequently reported as issues.

West Sydney Paranormal EVP

The team at WSP (West Sydney Paranormal) did manage to catch some EVP of the home. There are voices, knocking, and other strange sounds.

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Some members of the team also claimed to have witnessed a shadow figure in a bedroom on the lower levels of the home.

You have to make up your mind if this is enough to pique your interest as the group were unable to document anything of any substantial paranormal aspects. One thing to note is that many old homes need much repair and sometimes the owners of the said homes find that opening to paranormal events can help alleviate that issue. Nevertheless, there are places where the phenomena is substantial and much more activity is being recorded. Is there a place where there is a lot of paranormal activity that you would like to report. Contact us at paranormal daily news.

There are plenty places to investigate but as with anything in life, make sure you take the relevant precautions to ensure your safety at all times. The paranormal world is a dangerous place to tread.

via The Oaks Historic Homestead – WestSydneyParanormal

To find out more about WSPR (West Sidney Paranormal Group)


How to know if your house is haunted


Do you always have this feeling like someone is always watching you even if you’re just all alone in your room? And no matter how you try to ignore it but you just can’t shake it off. There are times when you hear some footsteps walking in and out but when you check who it is, no one’s there. There are some sure signs that you need to check out to know for sure if your house is haunted and you did not create these eerie feeling due to watching too much scary flicks.

The most common sign that people with haunted house is that they hear all these unexplained noises. It can be multiple footsteps, loud banging sound, knocks, scratching noises, rapping, or the sound of something being dropped even if there isn’t anything moving once you checked. There are instances that you can hardly hear the sound especially if your home is noisy but there are some instance where it can be really loud.

Another common paranormal activity is the doors, cupboards or cabinets that keep on opening and closing even if no one’s there doing it. Sometimes only sound is heard that a door is shut closed even if owners left it locked and nobody went there to open it. There are also some cases where homeowners feel that certain furniture moved like the chair or table from their original position without them doing it. Only in some rare cases that people actually see this happening first hand but they can distinctly hear sounds of moving and notice things are not on their original place.

The lights turning on and off again are another common thing that is commonly seen in the movies but it is also an actual common sign of houses that are haunted. Sometimes even their radio, TV and other electrically powered gadgets are affected by the disturbance and will just turn on its own.

Sometimes there are some items that will just suddenly vanish especially if you need it. Then they will just turn up when you are no longer looking for it. There are instances that you will see shadows without you seeing what’s casting it. If you have pets you will notice that they will sometimes behave strangely or not enter a certain room in your house. And if you already feel like someone is watching you then definitely you have a haunted home. You can have it tested by paranormal experts so that you can prove that you actually live in a haunted home.

There are some ways you can capture proof such as taking pictures on places that you feel eerie or try capturing an EVP with a simple tape recorder or you can just leave it with an expert and invite them to visit your home so that you’d know once and for all why you feel these things in your home. Maybe there’s a story behind it that only the paranormal expert could uncover or you can also try on researching for the history of your property.