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Aspects of Above – Learning The Astrological Chart

Cosmic connections of the chart


astrological chart

When I am writing articles and newsletters, or whenever I am speaking or giving readings, I try to avoid jargon as much as possible, as one of my key intentions is to make the information and insights as accessible as possible to everyone, to make them applicable to everyday life.  It can be quite difficult to avoid astrological terms altogether though, and the two that you will hear frequently used, by all astrologers, are the words “aspect” and “transits”. I thought it might be helpful to explain a little of what these mean and their relevance when we are looking at charts. This time we will look at aspects, as they are an important part of birth chart interpretation, and transits, are seeing how the current astrology relates to a chart, so we’ll look at those next time.

The description “aspect”, is telling us that two or more planets have a connection, they are relating to each other.  As an example, I might say that Mercury is aspecting Saturn. I am describing the fact that Mercury and Saturn are interacting in some way. This connection might be easy and free-flowing, co-operative and supportive, encouraging positive expression of the characters of both planets and the signs they are in. If we connect into that energy, we feel the easy flow, things go well and we feel positive. Or the connection might be challenging or stressful, with contradictory energies that are naturally oppositional, bringing a tension to situations around us and within us.

These planetary relationships are no different from, and in fact mirror and echo, the relationships in our lives. There are some people we get on well with and naturally fall into an easy flow with. We might notice that they are easy to talk to, and we find that we are comfortable with each other and bring out the best in each other. That doesn’t mean to say that we never disagree or fall out, but the majority of the time things work well.

Then, of course, we all have the people who challenge us. When we first meet we might instinctively be cautious, or even take a dislike to someone and we might find we have nothing in common with them. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we just can’t get on with someone, we seem to annoy each other and argue. When we talk we can quickly become annoyed and find it difficult to see and accept the other’s point of view. In the same way, there are natural characteristics of signs and planets that can complement or contradict one other.

The chart below is for the upcoming Full Moon on 19th July 2016. The planets are represented by the symbols inside the chart, and the symbols around the very outside represent the signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc etc. The aspects, how the planets are relating to one another, are indicated by the lines in the innermost circle.

astrological chart


The easiest planet to spot is the Moon which is shown with a typical crescent Moon shape and can be seen at the top of the chart. The green symbol beside it and on the outside of the chart, which looks like a V and S combined is Capricorn. So, in this chart we have the Moon in Capricorn.

Here are all the symbols


Á Aries ª Sun
 Taurus « Moon
à Gemini ¬ Mercury
Ä Cancer ­ Venus
Å Leo ® Mars
Æ Virgo ¯ Jupiter
Ç Libra ° Saturn
È Scorpio ± Uranus
É Sagittarius ² Neptune
Ê Capricorn ¿ Pluto
Ë Aquarius ì Chiron
Ì Pisces North Node
í South Node


If we look at all the planets and which sign they are in, we begin to build up the picture of the personality or event the chart represents, the different facets and individual characteristics. We could then end up with a list that reads a bit like a grocery list or a list of ingredients for a recipe.

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Capricorn

Mercury in Leo

Venus in Leo

Mars in Scorpio

Jupiter in Virgo

Saturn in Sagittarius

Uranus in Aries

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn

Chiron in Pisces

North Node in Virgo

South Node in Pisces


To get an understanding of what these placements mean, we combine the keywords and the key energies of the planet and the sign. So, for example, Mars is our physical energy, how we assert ourselves, competitiveness, motivation, sexual drive and shows how easily we get angry. It rules Aries, a masculine Fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac, so this helps us to be spontaneous and initiating. Scorpio is a feminine Water sign, deep water in fact and it can be deep and mysterious and intense. It can be sensitive and feel things very deeply, but may not be able to cope with the intensity of these feelings and can therefore bury them beneath the surface. Scorpio has strong sexual urges and is not afraid to go to the taboo areas of life. We can see that the Fire of Mars will lose its spark in that deep water and operate in a different way. Taking on the characteristics of Scorpio, Mars can be dark, mysterious and brooding, there can be a strong sexual urge, and whatever it is doing it will tackle single-mindedly and even intensely. With this energy, we are likely to be driven to look more deeply at things, not just at what is on the surface, and especially deeply buried anger and emotional issues.

Now we have all our characters, all our ingredients in our recipe, but what do they make? How do we know whether we end up with a soufflé or a meatloaf? How do we know which flavours combine well, which will dominate, or if a certain combination will curdle the eggs? The answer to this is to look at the aspects. Aspects are the geometric relationships the planets make to each other and the closer the aspect, the stronger the effect.  An experienced astrologer, like a chef, understands the relationships between the individual ingredients and can see how they work together.


One of the easier connections is between planets in the same element. People who are aware of Sun signs often comment that they know they get on well with certain other signs in particular. The different elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water operate in unique ways and therefore, within each element, there is an inherent understanding of each other. So, the Fire signs naturally feel the Fire energy, the spark and warmth of their fellow Fire signs, the Earth signs share a practicality and down-to-earth nature, the Air signs like to think, communicate and share ideas while the Water signs have a shared sense of being intuitive, emotional and trusting their gut instincts.


If you look at the example chart again, you will see the various, different coloured lines going across the centre circle that represent the aspects. They show which planets are connecting with others and how well. The different colours denote different aspects and therefore different relationships. There is a key to the symbols below to show what the aspects are. Two planets in an aspect are like having two different points of view but often three or four will combine to make a much more powerful combination, an aspect pattern. If the planets in this pattern are working well together, they find a shared or complementary point of view; it can be a flowing, dynamic, optimistic and positive influence with much potential.  But if there are more difficult aspects involved, with differing points of view it is highly likely that we will have challenges to face. If you think of a birth chart where each planet represents a different facet of our personality, you can begin to see and understand how we can have internal conflicts.

Î Conjunction
Ï Opposition
Ð Trine
Ñ Square
Ò Sextile
Ó Inconjunct


If you find Neptune and Mercury in the chart and look at the numbers beside them, you will see that Mercury is at 11° 33¨ Leo and Neptune is at 11°42¨ Pisces. So this is a very close aspect as they are both at 11 degrees. The line connecting them indicates an inconjunct, sometimes called a quincunx This is a stressful aspect, the energies are quite internal and we feel an inner tension between the conflicting energies of the two planets as we try to find a way to harmonise and balance them. Often, it can feel like there is something unresolvable because there seems to be no common ground.

One of the key aspects of this Full Moon is a combination of three planets called a Yod, or sometimes called the Finger of Fate. It is a triangle pattern, a combination of two inconjuncts and a sextile. If you look again at the inconjunct aspect between Mercury and Neptune that I mentioned before, Mercury, and Venus beside it (conjunct) are actually at the head of this Yod. There are also inconjuncts going from Venus and Mercury to Pluto, and then Pluto and Neptune are sextiling each other. The South Node is closely conjunct Neptune too so joins in the fun! A Yod can be a very stressful aspect, as the three planets involved, have nothing in common, either in their element or the way in which the signs that they are in operate. If we have no common ground, how do we find a resolution? And that is the feeling we often get with a Yod. In this case, with the combination of these planets there is likely to be an old, karmic pattern of falling back into guilt, victimhood or escapism, whilst there is a need to be noticed, appreciated and valued, and power issues could surface, possible from authority figures. With Mercury, which rules the mind and communication at the apex, there could either be verbal power games or ego-based outbursts, or the conflict could be in the mind, going round and round, looking for a solution.


A Yod is also a karmic aspect and indicates an old energy pattern that might be ancestral. It can be a pattern that has been repeated through many generations and when it is highlighted, we have the opportunity to clear it. If you have a Yod in your birth chart, you have the opportunity in this life time to clear the ancestral karma that is indicated by the Yod, you are a potential lineage breaker!
An image that I have which might help to explain aspects, is of the chart being wired electrically. I see the round chart as a physical object, and the position of the planets are marked by different colour lightbulbs, which glow weakly or brightly according to how strongly the planet is being triggered. The aspect lines across the middle, representing the relationship between the planets, are different coloured strips or neon lights denoting the different aspects, so that the planets that are aspecting are wired to each other. When we look at transits next time, we will see how, when one planet in a chart is aspected by something in the current astrology, it activates any existing aspects in the chart.


I hope this has given you a bit of a flavour and understanding of the aspects of a chart and their importance in interpretation. Next time we will take this a stage further and look at transits, the continuing movement of the planets through the sky and how they affect us through the aspects that they make to our birth chart.

© Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.co.uk








UFO Whistleblowers

  • UFO Workers Need To Speak

    Ufology is full of whistleblowers. There’s the one who worked on the alien spaceship at Area 51, the one who was involved in a gunfight with extraterrestrials, the one who rescued an alien and was able to send him back home, and the one who went on an exchange trip to an alien planet. Then there’s the one who did an interview in a hotel room, and the one who did an interview in a darkened room, so as to disguise his identity. Oh, and let’s not forget the one who was assassinated by the government. Ufology is full of whistleblowers, right? Wrong! Ufology is not full of whistleblowers. Ufology is full of bogus whistleblowers.

    At first sight, this may strike some people as being overly-harsh. You might be thinking about leaked government UFO documents that you’ve read, and recalling UFO documentaries or conferences where some of these whistleblowers have appeared. Surely, you might say, a fair proportion of what we know about UFOs comes from various courageous whistleblowers who have taken the decision to violate their secrecy oaths, because they believe they have a higher moral responsibility to the truth. The people have a right to know, as the saying goes. It all sounds great in theory, but the truth is somewhat different, and can be easily demonstrated with a bit of critical thinking.

    Ask yourself what happens – outside the field of ufology – to people who leak highly classified information. I’m not talking about traitors who pass classified information to foreign powers, but people who have made such information public, citing the public’s right to know. Some well-known names spring to mind: Former CIA employee Edward Snowden and US Army intelligence specialist Chelsea Manning are two such people. In the UK, ex-MI5 officer David Shayler and former MI6 employee Richard Tomlinson are good examples. There are others. Now, ask yourself, what did the government do in all of those cases? The answer is this: they went after the individuals concerned, proactively, aggressively and relentlessly, using the full resources available to them. And no, I don’t mean they tried to kill them, I mean that where the state was able to do so, the full weight of the criminal justice system (police, prosecutors, courts, etc.) was brought to bear upon them. In real life, that’s what happens to people who leak classified information. So why doesn’t this happen with ufology’s whistleblowers? Why would the government leave such people alone? The answer is obvious. Ufology’s so-called whistleblowers aren’t leaking classified information at all. They’re making up stories. If any of these people were genuinely leaking classified information they’d be arrested in an instant. I know this not because of my time on the MoD’s UFO project, but because of a later job that I did in the Directorate of Defence Security, where I had some peripheral involvement with Official Secrets Act cases. That, along with my 21 years in a government department where top secret information is commonplace, taught me a lot about the reality of how allegations of security breaches are handled.

    Incidentally, at risk of being labelled a government lackey, I don’t approve of whistleblowers anyway, even genuine ones. That’s because such people leak information after deciding that they know better than anyone else whether or not something should be released. However, what I’ve learned from my own work on classified information is that the information owner – usually the subject matter expert – is best-placed to make judgements on whether or not something can safely be declassified. So it’s a mistake for someone else to see such documents pass across their desk and, without knowing the full story, decide for themselves that something should be public knowledge. It’s arrogant and ignorant. That’s not to say that there’s no place for responsible whistleblowing in a free, open and democratic society, but that’s a discussion for another day.

    Returning to UFOs and whistleblowing, what of the verifiable government and military personnel who have spoken out about UFOs? People like Edward Ruppelt, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, myself, Dr. John Alexander, Charles Halt, John Burroughs, Jim Penniston and others? The key point is, they’re not whistleblowers. Such people fall into two categories. Witnesses such as Halt, Burroughs and Penniston are simply describing experiences they’ve had. Unless someone specifically instructed them not to talk about things, they aren’t divulging classified information by describing what they saw and experienced. When I collaborated with Burroughs and Penniston on the bestselling book “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest”, the manuscript was pre-submitted to both the UK MoD and the US DOD, because we treat our respective secrecy oaths seriously. When Charles Halt is asked about nuclear issues, he declines to comment, neither confirming nor denying the presence of nuclear weapons in any particular location at any particular time (I answer such questions in exactly the same way). As for those of us who aren’t witnesses, but who have genuinely investigated UFOs for the government, we take our secrecy oaths seriously too, and would never release classified information without proper authorisation. We’re not whistleblowers either. When people see me on TV talking about the MoD’s UFO files, I’m discussing material that’s already been declassified and released by the British Government.

    This brings me to the final irony concerning people in ufology who claim to have inside knowledge about secret government UFO projects. You know the ones I mean. The ones making fantastic but totally unverifiable claims about vast underground bases, secret exchange deals between Presidents and extraterrestrials, moon bases, Mars colonies, and much more besides. Such people are absolutely certain about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc. They’ll give you chapter and verse on anything from UFO propulsion systems and alien agendas, through to the geography of various alien planets. This mirrors the way that many ufologists at the extreme ends of the belief spectrum (i.e. the most devout true believers and die-hard debunkers) are absolutely certain about the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. And here’s the ultimate irony: those of us who have genuinely researched and investigated the UFO mystery for the government are much less sure about things!

    Nick Pope is a former employee of the UK Ministry of Defence. From 1991 to 1994 he ran the British Government’s UFO project and he is now the public face of the ongoing project to declassify and release the entire archive of these UFO files. Nick Pope held a number of other fascinating posts in the course of his 21-year government career, which culminated in his serving as an acting Deputy Director in the Directorate of Defence Security. He now works as a broadcaster and journalist, covering subjects including space, fringe science, defence and intelligence.

Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Cave Meditation



At eve, when all is still,

Save the soft-sighing wind or evening bird,

How the home voices through my spirit thrill,

Till all its depths are stirred.

The Language of Gems, Miss H.J. Woodman

I’d like to share one of my favourite meditations with you. The journey to the crystal cave. I have practised it for over forty five years and never tire of it. The cave constantly expands and takes me to a new part of myself and All That Is. Allow plenty of time for this meditation and ensure that you will not be disturbed. You may like to play a favourite piece of music to accompany the journey (there’s some great water sounds on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJaZc4E8Y4U or, with piano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dzdJNWBEpQ)

An Amethyst geode helps you to focus on the cave but it is not essential – you can use an Amethyst crystal or the photograph of the geode instead. If you have a big Amethyst geode that is too large to hold, place it on a table in front of you. Otherwise hold the crystal in your hand.


The Meditation


Sit comfortably and gaze gently at your Amethyst (or use the photograph above). Let your eyes roam all around it. Use softly focused eyes. When you can remember its contours, close your eyes.

Without opening your eyes, look up to the point above and between your eyebrows: your ‘third eye’. Feel this eye open. Breathe gently and withdraw your attention from the outside world, focusing it deep inside yourself. Hold your Amethyst in whichever hand feels comfortable or place your hands on it and be aware of its vibrations radiating up your arm and into your third eye at the centre of your forehead, feel it opening and expanding your inner awareness.

Now picture yourself standing on the bank of a wide river that is flowing gently to the sea. Upstream in the far distance you can see high blue mountains and, at their foot, a shining lake. In front of you there is a small wooden jetty with a boat tied up beside it. A boatman is waiting to help you into the boat. When you have settled yourself comfortably, he casts the boat off and takes the boat upstream moving quickly against the current. You can see the banks passing by and soon the river opens out into a beautiful lake.


crystal meditation

As you cross the lake, you can see a narrow river is coming down from the mountains and flowing into the lake. The boatman takes you as far up this river as it is possible to go. He ties the boat up and helps you out onto a rocky ledge.

crystal cave meditation

Follow this ledge up into the mountains, as it twists and turns you can see light shining in front of you until you enter crystal cave. The cave is a huge amethyst geode, light flickering from every point.

Find a comfortable place to settle yourself and allow yourself to merge with the energy of the Amethyst, enfolded within the geode. Let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Ask the Amethyst to show you your soul path.  



When you have found your soul path, ask to be shown the guides and helpers who surround you in the unseen world. Ask them how they help you and set out any specific requests you have for assistance.



Then let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Be aware of how ancient the crystal is, how it is light personified and the divine taking on form.  Let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Let go. Expand into All that Is. Simply merge and Be.



When you are ready to leave the crystal cave, withdraw into yourself once more but retain your connection to the whole through the Amethyst in your hand. Make your way back down the ledge to where the boatman waits for you. Settle yourself in the boat and allow him to quickly propel the boat back down the narrow river and the wide shining lake. In front of you, you see the river you set out from and soon the boat is tying up at the bank. Thank your boatman for the journey and make your way back onto the bank.


When you have finished the journey, thank the crystal for its light and your guides and helpers and ask that they be always with you.

And let the light crystalise at the outer edges of your aura, protecting you within a bubble of light.

Take your attention down to your feet. Be very aware of the contact they make with the earth. Feel them holding you and grounding you on the earth and into your body. Then, when you are ready, open your eyes.


This exercise can be further expanded on future occasions by checking out whether there are any areas of the cave you have not visited, especially at the higher levels. Look out for hidden doorways and narrow tunnels. Explore whatever you find there – asking for a light to show the way.


When you become proficient you could extend your journey by taking a crystal space shuttle to explore our galaxy and beyond.




All the luminous the coloured spectacles which the world in the immensity of space can offer us, nature has produced in miniature amongst precious stones. ~Charles Blanc, Art in Ornament and Dress, 1875


The Amethyst journey is one of self-exploration. If you wish to make a journey to abundance and inner joy, then a Citrine geode would be appropriate.



What astrology can do for you

What can astrology do for you, have you ever wondered?

Last, month, I gave you an insight into the origins of astrology and what astrology is. We looked at how astrology has evolved into understanding and interpreting meaning from the celestial bodies and how the interpretation is applied to our Soul intention, character, our personalities and our behaviours, giving us a greater understanding of ourselves. The cycles of the planets are intricately and subconsciously echoed in the cycles of our own lives.

C.G. Jung …. Astrology is a sophisticated tool which can be used to mirror the processes of the unconscious and which can also be used as a guide through the unexplored realms of expanding consciousness,

Probably the biggest question we ask ourselves in our lifetime is, why am I here, or what am I supposed to be doing, what is my Soul purpose? I love how, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe, and everything was calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Finally, the much awaited answer was given -The number 42. This shocking answer resulted in the construction of an even larger supercomputer, named Earth, which was tasked with determining what the question was in the first place. As current inhabitants of Earth, we are eternally asking that question and seeking the answer, Astrology can give us an answer to these questions.

This time, we will explore further and look at how astrology can help us individually. In the years I have been studying and applying astrology, through my own experience, and those of my clients, I have found it to be an accessible and invaluable system that can be used by everyone for self-knowledge and spiritual growth. The more I learn, the more I understand about myself, my unconscious cycles and patterns and the more conscious I become. In fact, the more I have understood myself, the more I understand about other people and their unconscious programming and scripts, and the more accepting and tolerant of others I have become; now that can’t be a bad thing!

As I mentioned before, there are many branches or areas of specific interest within astrology, but the basis of all astrological study is an astrology chart, and for personal study we create a birth, or natal chart, using our birth date, place and time, if known. In simple terms, this chart shows the position of the planets at the time we were born and therefore what sign they were in. You might already know your Sun or zodiac sign, you might describe yourself as an Aquarian or a Pisces. This means, that the Sun was in that sign on the day you were born and this gives you vital information about your core personality. As well as this, our birth chart gives us the position and the sign that all the other planets were in. So, in addition to Sun in Aquarius, we might have, for example, Moon in Leo, Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Virgo, and so we begin to build up the different layers of the personality, and we can see that, although we share traits with people with the same Sun sign as us, the placement of the other planets are what make us different and unique.

How can astrology help?

Our natal chart, being as unique to us as our fingerprints, is a valuable tool for psychological understanding, for spiritual knowledge.  Exploring our chart gives us pieces of our own personal jigsaw puzzle of self-knowledge that we continue to add to throughout our lives. We can start simply, by ourselves, armed with our own chart and with the aid of some of the excellent books and articles we can readily find these days. We can easily find out our Sun and Moon signs and look at the interpretations for these. More pieces of the jigsaw come through adding the other planets which give other facets of the personality such as our emotions, how we react to situations and to others, how we relate, how we love, communicate and think.

Going deeper

If we want a deeper understanding of ourselves, we have to look into the chart deeper, and for this, we might need the help of a professional astrologer. Our chart not only shows personality but also our Soul intentions, karmic strengths and challenges and the Soul potential we have in this lifetime. A skilled astrologer can interpret the language of an astrology chart and help to unravel the threads of this life, giving it understanding and meaning and help us to discover our treasures. They can act as a guide on our journey, helping us to understand the past and helping us to see our way forward.

My special area of expertise is karmic, or as I like to call it, Soul astrology. This comes from my belief, or understanding, on a spiritual level, that we are eternal Souls who choose our lifetimes to help us evolve as Souls, although. most of us have no memory of our Soul planning meeting. Earth is one of many choices but considered to be quite a brave choice, because of the range and depth of emotions and experiences. In spirit, without any bodily form, we are pure light and, while emotions are experienced, there is little or no contrast. I often quote the saying “If you were an all-white person in an all-white room, how would you know you were white?” This is how we learn, through the contrasts in our lives. We cannot know love without hate, courage without fear, kindness without cruelty or compassion without indifference or criticism. Through difficult experiences, we learn and grow, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Without knowledge of our Soul planning meeting and our Soul intentions, navigating our human life can feel as if we are trying to find our way blindfold around a city we have never been to, and where people don’t even speak the same language as us. Astrology, and a skilled astrologer can act as your interpreter, guide, companion, torch holder and map reader on your spiritual journey.

Generally, we choose a life, and the life challenges that we are likely to experience, with the specific purpose of working on our Soul growth, of growing emotionally. In past lives, we have been working on certain emotional challenges. Some we will already have achieved, others we are still working on, and will be for many life-times to come. You might be wondering what you experienced in past lives and what you have chosen to work on in this lifetime. What are the key themes that will reoccur for you? What skills have you already attained, what positive karma can you draw on?

This is where karmic astrology comes in. It can reveal information on past lives, karmic wounds, the karmic lessons we are working on in this lifetime, the strengths and challenges we have to draw on, and our Soul intentions and purpose.

In future articles, I will be exploring some of the key Soul purposes that we often see in a chart such as balancing male and female energies, developing self-worth, nurturing and Mothering issues, the Karpman triangle, and emotional independence.

One of the biggest frustrations we can experience is of repeating patterns in our lives. These are an indication of a repeating karmic pattern from past lives which will keep recurring until we get the message! Our chart can not only reveal these patterns but can give us an understanding of why they reoccur. Then we can explore these energies and also those that we are looking to develop, to create a new, more productive and positive pattern.

Ancestral patterning is an area of spiritual growth which is very prominent at the moment and seems to be one of the key areas we are being challenged to look at, in order to raise our energies. We are gaining an increased understanding and acceptance of ancestral patterning and programming and the impact it has on us. I am noticing more and more workshops, books, crystals and trainings emerging, aimed at helping us to clear old ancestral programming and our birth chart has many strong indicators of our family background and our relationship with our parents. We can spend a lot of our adult life understanding and healing the experiences of our childhood


There is a specific pattern, or aspect that appears in a person’s chart when they have chosen, in this lifetime, to be a lineage breaker, that is, they have the opportunity to break an old ancestral pattern in this lifetime. We can often dedicate a whole consultation to this one area of our chart, looking at what it represents and exploring how it has manifested back through the lineage.

So, if we take the belief that we choose our lives, and our birth chart represents what we have chosen to work on in this lifetime, we can see that studying the chart and exploring the information it can reveal, can only help us gain a greater insight into our lives, and their purpose. We can gain an understanding of deeper issues, what lies beneath the surface. Importantly, it can put us back in control of our lives, instead of feeling that we are unwitting victims of a series of events that happen to us.

Unfolding the chart

So once we have some knowledge of our own chart, how can that help us on an everyday level?  Personal or Soul astrology doesn’t stop with the birth chart. In the same way, that our life begins with our birth and unfolds over the coming years, our chart unfolds too, mirroring and echoing the way we grow and evolve. Just to briefly use astrological terms, which I will explain more later, we can look at transits, our Progressed chart and Solar Return charts to help us on an everyday level and looking forward, as well as back. Standing in the present, we can look back for understanding and learning and look forward for guidance. One of the most empowering ways astrology can help us, is to follow the current astrology. The planets are influencing our lives in differing ways, all the time, with their own character, their own personality.



The birth chart is like a moment frozen in time, a snapshot of the cosmos at a particular moment, but the planets keep moving and in the current moment, we are experiencing the current astrology and how that astrology relates to us through our chart. Transits, describes the current astrology and that relationship. If the position of one of the planets at the moment, relates to something in our natal chart, it will trigger or highlight the energies of our chart and our personality. Whatever is happening now in the skies, we are feeling; how this feels, how we are affected, will be dependent on our birth chart, our karmic energies and Soul intentions, and our spiritual growth in this lifetime.  If a group of people were sat in a room and someone came in, looked around without saying anything and walked out again, everyone would have their own way of interpreting what had just happened, based on their own experiences and personality. If we asked them to write about the experience, each account would be different, even though they would only contain the same 26 letters. Some would be short, some would be long, some in sentences, some only in descriptive words. So, in the same way, through our own individual filters, we experience the energies differently, although the core themes will echo the personality of the planets involved.

If we have an understanding of the current astrology, and how it is likely to affect us or manifest for us, it helps us to look at events and our feelings differently, to look beneath the outward event for the deeper meaning and Soul learning. As I write this article, the planetary energies are particularly strong, due to two planets preparing to go retrograde. (For more information on retrogrades visit )

As the two planets are Mars and Pluto, the planets of action and transformation, when they slow down, as they are doing now, ready to go retrograde, it can feel particularly heavy and our shadow side, related to the planets’ energies, is often highlighted. I was given an excellent example of this recently. As well as slowing, Mars, has been prominent in the last few weeks. The planet of action and assertion, Mars often manifests in frustration and anger.  Someone told me how they were shocked at a stranger who had completely overreacted to a situation with a torrent of verbal abuse. Mars is the alpha-male energy, that of the warrior; soldier, fighting and wars. This male was described as having a voice like a sergeant major in the army, using his voice and large, muscly stature to threaten and intimidate. The recipient of this outburst, is a non-aggressive, peace-loving male, whose own Mars is in a passive sign and position in his chart. The aggressor, therefore, did not get an alpha-male challenge in response, but was shown the opposite, peaceful response, that did not rise to nor accept the challenge. Given the timing of the incident and the two opposite expressions of Mars energy, it would suggest that both men were being challenged to look at how Mars energy works in their lives, how they assert themselves and how they deal with anger. Having a knowledge of astrology and the current transits, would help them to look into the deeper meaning of this incident and what the self-knowledge and gift was for them.

In simple terms, our Progressed chart represents where we are now, in relation to our birth, where we started in this life. The natal chart is what we were born with, our Soul potential and the progressed chart shows where on our path we are now, how we have changed and grown. A simple analogy would be to say that the natal chart is our original software and the Progressed chart is the current update!

The Solar Return chart is our Birthday chart, when the Sun returns to its original position and represents the upcoming year for us. It is useful for seeing what influences are coming up. Both transits and the Solar Return chart are particularly useful for planning ahead. If we have something we want to do, we can use them to plan the best time to start a new project, move house etc., or avoid a time when difficulties might occur or we might not feel very strong, physically or emotionally.

So, there are many ways astrology can help us, whether it is to gain understanding of the past, ourselves and others, or in moving forward and planning ahead. The “ah-ha” moments that come along the way, when the pieces fit together and the bigger picture is seen, are empowering. and often cathartic, and always, ultimately, help us on our spiritual journey.

If you would like a copy of your own natal, progressed or Solar return charts, follow this link http://astrologywise.co.uk/store/c15/Order_a_chart.html

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Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Potions and Crystal Essences For Healing

Transform crystal energy into a potent essence for healing and well-being


Tumbled crystals are ideal for making crystal essences

Photo c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Crystal essences are an excellent way to use the healing power of crystals, and several crystals can be combined provided you dowse to check compatibility. Crystal essences are made by transferring the subtle vibrational energies and minute concentrations of the mineral constituents of the crystal into water, which then stores the vibrations and transfers them to the chakras, physical or subtle bodies in exactly the same way that a homoeopathic essence works. The essence is bottled and a preservative – brandy, vodka or cider vinegar – added. If the essence is to be taken by those for whom alcohol is inappropriate, cider vinegar can be used as a preservative or the essence rubbed on the skin. The essence can be gently rubbed on the skin or over a chakra. Essences can also be added to a glass of water and sipped, or taken from a dropper bottle, or sprayed around the aura.

Caution: Some stones contain trace minerals that are toxic (see the list on www.judyhall.co.uk) and essences from these stones, and especially from lead-based crystals such as Galena or Stibnite, need to be made by an indirect method that transfers the vibrations without transferring any of the toxic material from the stone. If in doubt, make the essence by the indirect method, which is also suitable for fragile or layered stones. Always wash your hands after handling one of these stones and use in a tumbled version wherever possible.


Essences from toxic stones such as raw Tantalite should always be made by the indirect method.

Fragile or layered crystals should also be made into an essence using the indirect method. Rainbow Mayanite, c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk


You will need:

  • An appropriate crystal, which has been cleansed and purified either by placing under running water, in brown rice, or using a proprietary cleanser such as Petaltone Clear2Light.
  • One or two clean glass bowls,
  • Spring water
  • A suitable bottle in which to keep the essence (coloured glass is preferable to clear as it preserves the vibrations better).

The direct method

Essences can be made by the direct or indirect method. The indirect method is suitable for friable, layered or clustered crystals as well as those that may have a degree of toxicity. Spring water should be used rather than tap water that has chlorine, fluoride and aluminium added to it. Water from a spring with healing properties is particularly effective.

Direct method

  • Place enough spring water in a glass bowl to just cover the crystal.
  • Stand the bowl in sunlight for several hours. (If the bowl is left outside, cover with a glass lid or clingfilm to prevent insects falling into it.)
  • If appropriate, the bowl can also be left overnight in moonlight.

Indirect method

  • If the crystal is toxic or fragile (see contra-indications page xx) place the crystal in a small glass bowl and stand the bowl within a large bowl that has sufficient spring water to raise the level above the crystal in the inner bowl.
  • Stand the bowl in sunlight for several hours. (If the bowl is left outside, cover with a glass lid or clingfilm.)
  • If appropriate, the bowl can also be left overnight in moonlight.



The indirect method


Bottling and preserving

If the essence is not to be used within a day or two, top up with two-thirds brandy, vodka, white rum or cider vinegar to one-third essence, otherwise the essence will become musty. This makes a ‘mother tincture’ that can be further diluted. To make a small dosage bottle, add seven drops of the mother essence to a dosage bottle containing two-thirds brandy and one-third water. If a spray bottle is being made, add seven drops of mother essence to pure water if using immediately. For prolonged use, vodka or white rum makes a useful preservative as it has no smell.


Using a crystal essence

For short-term use, an essence can be sipped every few minutes. For longer term use, apply 2 or 3 times a day. Essences can also be applied to the skin, either at the wrist or over the site of a chakra or problem spot, or added to bath water. If a spray bottle is made, spray all around the aura and at the site of particular chakras remembering that these can extend for several feet out from the physical body or room. This is particularly effective for clearing negative energies.


Making Shungite water


Elite or Noble Shungite c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Shungite water has been shown to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial, removing harmful micro-organisms and pollutants. Research has shown that Shungite absorbs that which is hazardous to health whether it be pesticides, free radicals, bacteria and the like, or EMF, microwave and other vibrational emissions. It boosts physical well-being and has a powerful effect on the immune system. Restoring emotional equilibrium, it transmutes stress into a potent energetic recharge. A traditional cure-all, anecdotal evidence and current research suggest that Shungite assists cellular metabolism, neurotransmitters, the immune, digestive and filtration systems. It enhances enzyme production and provides pain relief. It is a detoxifier, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Shungite Water is used to treat sore throats, burns, cardio-vascular diseases, blood disorders, allergies, asthma, gastric disturbances, diabetes, arthritis and osteoarthritis, kidney and liver disorders, gall-bladder dysfunction, auto-immune diseases, pancreatic disorders, impotence and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Shungite Water is made in a slightly different way to the usual crystal essence. To become biologically active, water needs to have Shungite immersed in it for at least forty eight hours. However, once the first batch has been made, you can simply refill the filter jug every time you use some of the water so that it is constantly replenished. Wash the jug and the bag of Shungite at least once a week depending on how much water you have used (you can store the activated water and return it to the jug). Place the Shungite in the sun for a few hours to recharge or use a proprietary crystal recharging essence. I find raw Shungite more effective than the silvery tumbles, but, no matter how often the non-vitreous type of Shungite has been washed, it does tend to leave a very fine suspension of black particles in the water. I have drunk this for several years now without any ill effects and, indeed, I believe it to have contributed greatly to my overall well-being.

Making the water:

You will need:

2 litre filter jug

Fine mesh 2” bag of raw Shungite (10-100gm)

2 or 3 pieces of Elite or Noble Shungite


  • Wash the raw Shungite thoroughly. It will release fine black particles. This will continue as you make the Shungite water but it is part of the process.
  • Place the mesh bag of Shungite in the base of the filter jug (if using tap water you can also use a commercial filter if the jug is provided with one).
  • Pour water into the jug until it is full.
  • Stand it aside for 48 hours.
  • Then top up the water each time it is used.
  • Cleanse the Shungite frequently under running water and re-energise in the sun or fresh air.




As the water potentizes, your jug will begin to look like this:



Drink at least 2 litres a day for maximum well-being.


[Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions and Earth Blessings]



Crystal Consciousness

EMF Protection Using Crystals

Anti-EMF Crystal Prescriptions

Is the technological world getting you down? Crystals provide the perfect solution to the detrimental effects of electromagnetic stress.

Smoky Elestial Quartz, a natural anti-EMF protection device.

Many people don’t realise it but sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can have a profound affect on well-being – and on your hopes for the future. The fields are generated by the technology around us and they are increasing all the time. The human body evolved against a natural background radiation from the planet of 7.83 Hz but this now rises to over 250 Hz through manmade electrical pollution, a phenomenal rise to which we are not adapted. The effect can be subtle. Who would have thought that electro-sensitivity could prevent you from conceiving or carrying a child to full term, or that it could induce temporary impotence? But research shows that this is so along with a whole host of the ‘diseases of civilisation’ such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, Parkinsons and the like.

EMFs have been shown to adversely affect the immune, nervous and endocrine systems and when these don’t function efficiently, dis-ease is the result. Not surprising when so much of our body relies on subtle energy patterns to maintain good health. When I was researching the effects of EMFs for Crystal Prescriptions volume 3: crystal solutions to electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress, I was surprised at how wide the range of dis-eases was – and that scientists were so aware of the effects (which are collated in the book) but so little was being done. Fortunately it is possible to shield yourself from the effects and keep yourself energetically healthy with crystals.

Common everyday sources of EMFs include:

  • Cordless or cell phones and towers
  • Power lines
  • Electricity generating stations
  • Wi-fi
  • Smart meters
  • Electrical wiring
  • Microwave ovens
  • Computers
  • Fluorescent and other lighting
  • CCT cameras

Overhead power lines are a major source of EMF and static electricity pollution

Photo c. Terrie Birch, www.astrologywise.co.uk

Check list

Do you:

  • Feel constantly tired and out of sorts
  • Suffer from insomnia or restless sleep
  • Instantly catch any illness that’s going round
  • Find it hard to heal small ailments
  • Have M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Suffer from constant headaches
  • Want to conceive but can’t
  • Have muscle cramps, tension and pain
  • Experience temporary impotence
  • Cramping and bloating
  • Experience extreme mood swings
  • Suffer from depression and panic attacks
  • Lack concentration and confidence

Getting grounded

Surprisingly perhaps, ‘raising your vibrations’ and becoming more sensitive to energies can increase electro-sensitivity. If you meditate, work with crystals, do any kind of energy healing or massage, and so on, you open up your aura – which is a bioenergetic field composed of subtle vibrations and resonances. If you don’t protect the aura and keep yourself rooted and in connection with the Earth then you are susceptible to subtle energy disruption, which then can have a physical effect. One of the best tools for handling EMF sensitivity is to get yourself grounded, in contact with the planet and completely earthed with your lower chakras fully functioning. So many people who suffer from excessive sensitivity have only a toehold in incarnation and, of course, the more uncomfortable the physical body becomes, the more the tendency is to ‘float away’. But, make contact with the Earth, make a friend of your body, become comfortable in incarnation and the detrimental effects will lessen significantly. How do you do this? Use your crystals! Flint is my go-to crystal for this essential step but Hematite and Boji Stones work equally well.

Flint, one of the finest grounding stones

Photo c. Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.co.uk

Coming back into harmony

Dis-ease is the result of a lack of harmony, of our subtle energetic physiological signals going out of sync. Fortunately it is possible to apply a complementary energy pattern to restore equilibrium through ‘sympathetic resonance’. Crystals hold such a beneficial pattern.

How does this work? Well, the human body is, to a large extent, crystalline with millions of crystals being present in the brain, blood and so on. Crystals have a perfect geometric molecular structure that is coherent (that is, it stays the same) and stable, each part replicating the other. They are have a very low incidence of entropy – a gradual, and natural, decline into disorder. Human bodies have a very high level of entropy, which means our energetic vibrations can be easily disrupted by internal or external factors. The stable, low entropy state of healing crystals can entrain– that is match – our frequency to theirs, returning our vibrations to a coherent state. This ‘perfect state’ is one of the reasons why crystals can help with electro-sensitivity. The field of a crystal is in direct contrast to an EMF, which is chaotic and disorganised. Put an organised field into a disorganised one and the two will entrain back into the most stable form.


Shungite, the most powerful EMF protector crystal

Photo c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk

Your EMF crystal toolkit

  • Shielding

Wearing a shielding crystal surrounds the outer edge of your aura with a protective coating and does not let the EMF through into your inner space. Similarly, crystals can be placed next to an EMF source such as computer or stuck on a mobile phone to shield it. Effective shielding crystals include Shungite (made up of tiny ‘buckyballs’ or fullerenes that imprison the EMF), Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Elestial Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Healer’s Gold and Amazonite.

Soft and gentle Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone to keep in your environment or by your computer and other sources of EMF stress.

Photo c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

  • Support

Crystals can strengthen your aura and align it with your physical body, bringing them into harmony and stimulating your immune system to heal and defend itself against detrimental energies. Try Golden Healer Quartz, Bloodstone, Shungite, Flint, Auralite 23, Anandalite, Magnetite (Lodestone), Rainbow Mayanite, Zircon

Auralite 23

  • Transmute

Crystals transmute toxic energies into beneficial ones, preventing damage in the first place. The crystals act like a voltage converter, changing the frequency and adapting it as necessary. Shungite and Black Tourmaline are excellent for this as is Smoky Quartz and Amber, Amethyst, Heulandite, Lapis Lazuli, Orgonite, Scolecite, Shungite, Smoky Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite or Stilbite.

  • Ground

Crystals help you to anchor your energies to the Earth, grounding you and strengthening the lower chakras so that you are more resistant to the toxic effects of EMFs. Black Tourmaline, Flint, Smoky Quartz, Boji Stones, Carnelian, Red Jasper and Shungite help you to ground yourself and strengthen the lower chakras.

  • Negative ions

Ions are electronically charged atoms or molecules that can be positive or negative. Negative ions assist the body to repair cellular damage and a strong negative ion field can help to prevent initial damage. Negatively-charged ions stimulate the cells that filter out dead and toxic material maintaining healthy organ function and blood chemistry. This is especially helpful in areas affected by powerlines and static electricity. Crystals such as Tourmaline, Amethyst, Zeolite, Heulandite, Apophyllite, Klinopotilolith, Lepidolite, Quartz, Pollucite, Orgonite, Renierite, Scolecite, Sphalerite, Shungite or Stilbite naturally create negative ions from moisture in the air.


Indispensible Black Tourmaline blocks EMF and geopathic stress.

Photo c. Michael Illas/Earth Blessings


An international workshop leader for over 45 years, Judy Hall is known world-wide for her crystal work and a wide range of MBS books. Her Crystal Bible has sold well over 1 million copies and now runs to 3 volumes. Crystals and Sacred Sites examines the connections between sacred space, the planetary energy system and crystals. Earth Blessings: using crystals for personal energy clear, earth healing and environmental enhancement draws on her extensive experience of earth energy work and Crystal Prescriptions 3: Crystal solutions to electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress is the latest in the popular Crystal Prescriptions: an A-Z guide series.

Altered States and Hypnotic World

What is Spirituality – The Transpersonal Self

The Transpersonal Spiritual Self


Spirituality is a way of gaining perspective on life, recognizing that our role of existence has a greater value than just what we do every day, by broadening our perspective and activating a potential prospect to look beyond what life presents. Some people see spirituality as a way of coping with change or uncertainty. By being consciously aware through life challenges, there are many opportunities to create a difference around an unwanted or difficult situation.

Developing spiritually, allows life to be viewed through different eyes; it opens up a whole new perspective by trusting the inner significant part of oneself to bring forward guidance, urges and insights.  This shift,  gravitating to new expression and ideas will take you to places you never imagined, resulting in a refined absolution of faith, abundance and freedom. Therefore, bringing these desired attributes into a more conscious way of living, feeling and acting, with an aspiration of a positive and prosperous life.

People are often discouraged about their ability to change and grow,  choosing to cling to fear and familiar ways of life that are no longer fulfilling. When something is distressing, it can take control of every part of your being. The influence can be so strong that,  being unable to progress, it becomes a physical, mental and emotional experience. It can be  difficult to move forward in addressing a specific problem without first building a realistic sense of hope. Being  hopeful creates improvement by opening a new way of understanding. Letting go of the limitations and resistances and replacing them with faith will enable you to remove the old ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Going through personal challenges that overtake the experience of life, can at times,leave  only one option  – and that is to turn your life around making a transformation though hope and aspiration  to a greater aspect.

Transpersonal exploration of the spiritual depth of self is a diverse education about the transpersonal and self, those transcendent and spiritual aspects of the human experience. This theory subscribes to the belief of subconscious and superconscious minds. Transpersonal experiences may be defined as “Experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond oneself, the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche, cosmos or the divine power of source energy”.

It identifies the various states of consciousness, trance states and declare that each has multiple layers within that hold their own realities and systems. This theory emphasizes that people can move back and forth through the different stages of consciousness and difference levels of reality perceived.

The transpersonal self encompasses and envelops an exploration of the spiritual aspect of transformation, as an education about how to develop a personal shift.  If the situation has a big enough impact on our lives, we open a door way to create change.

The doorway representing personal transformation and cleansing in a spiritual sense unlocks our true potential by bringing in decisions to change destiny and ways of living.

We experience an alchemical process which is an innovative alteration of the energy essence within consciousness. This alchemical process traditionally refers to the chemical and philosophical concept of turning prima materia the ubiquitous starting material of lead, a metal of seemingly little value and turning it into something of great worth, such as turning lead to gold.

Energetically, the enigmatic prima materia represents the essence within us of the raw, untapped, allusive part of us. When the alchemical process is in motion, we cause  a change in our consciousness and transmute it within ourselves, through a sequential process of change in which we turn to the spiritual essence of self.

Spiritual alchemy through the transpersonal self builds upon several fields of psychology and offers an alternative view of several psychology disciplines, including Eastern and Western philosophy, mindfulness and encompassing views of mystical theories, which can be examined scientifically for the purpose of healing.

Carl Jung described the “collective unconscious” as being the transpersonal unconscious component of  thought form and mental imaging that represents basic human behaviour, knowledge and experiences as a species. The function of consciousness is not only to recognize and assimilate the external world through the gateway of the senses, but to translate the world within us into visible reality.

These modern, innovative psychological concepts,  blended with  spiritual knowledge brings a mindset development showing us that there expansions past the physical reality are within our grasp, that there are gateways through the mind that can develop the opportunity for deep contentment, shifting our emotions through a thought process to access inner wisdom  to Explore the desired values of faith, abundance and freedom to have a better life..

Employing spiritual alchemy philosophy with spiritual growth will start to change your thinking and thought vibration to become a powerful, passionate influence inspiring to others around you. This transformation will develop inner intuition, allow for self-healing and allow you to  explore your  true inner essence. In other words, you will bring forward the flow of energy to alter your chi or vital life force of your soul.

Dare to open up and be truthful, compassionate and to look to yourself to find a way out of life challenges through the support of the spiritual part of you.

Open the door of spiritual alchemy,  and allow it to transmute your life and create self-exploration and growth and ignite the power within. Take that quantum leap… take a risk on yourself and transform your life and live with magic.



Ascension From The Zeta’s Perspective

The Zeta view of ascension

Certain religious or spiritual beliefs hold that human spirituality is evolving and this process will eventually culminate in a transformation of some kind. The final stage is expected to be a relatively sudden change, and is known as ascension. The details of the expected changes vary considerably. Christian eschatology refers to this process as the “rapture”, when people who meet certain requirements will be physically transported to heaven.

Spiritual Views

More recent, perhaps new-age, spiritual views have offered variations on this theme. For some, the human body will be transformed physically when drastic DNA changes occur. This will allow the body to move to a new, higher-vibration planet. Others believe that ascension will be a  personal transformation to a higher state of consciousness rather than a physical transformation. This will be facilitated by exposure to new energies from various sources. There are those who believe that the ascension process has already begun and that people are experiencing physical symptoms associated with their changing vibrational state.

Because it is an individual’s choice to participate in the ascension process, there is the sense that it is for the benefit of the individual, that good things will come to each person who succeeds in raising their state of consciousness and becomes more loving.

The Zetas have also used the word “ascension” in their discussions, but it clearly has a different meaning. Ascension is something that must be achieved by humanity as a whole. When a critical mass of humans arrives at a high enough state of consciousness or love, the human collective consciousness will become self-aware. Ascension refers to this maturation of the collective consciousness.

Zeta’s View On Ascension

According to the Zetas, the human collective consciousness is a construct in what is known as the astral realm. All of human thought and experience is represented there, and humans may visit while having out-of-body experiences. The realm is said to be quite chaotic at this time, but the overall vibrational state is rising. The Zetas say that “the human population one day may decide that it was to change, then the combined collective thought of the human race would automatically create the capacity for the collective mind to be charged into action, to make a newly given mind.” The collective consciousness would then become self-aware.

State of consciousness is an important parameter of existence, since it constrains what a being can experience. In the creation process described in an earlier article, “The creation process and states of love”, a being creates with intent using its highest possible state of consciousness. Its creations can normally be experienced only by beings who have the same or higher states of consciousness. Experiences cannot be shared with less loving beings unless there is the intention by the more loving being to do so. Sharing a state of consciousness is the prerequisite for sharing a consensus reality. This is a fundamental organizing principle in what we have called consciousness space.

It is because of the difference in vibrational states that the Zeta race cannot interact easily with the human race. They are working to facilitate the shift in the state of the human collective consciousness so that telepathic communication between the races will be possible. This is a primary goal of the ascension process from their point of view.

The Zetas can use only indirect or subtle methods to encourage the ascension process. For example, many of them have arranged to be born as humans on earth. A Zeta consciousness and a spirit realm consciousness may occupy the same physical body with the permission of the spirit entities involved. In this hybrid form, a Zeta consciousness can work to raise the state of love of the human race.

In this time of transition to a higher state, the human collective consciousness does not have adequate self-control and is interfering with the consciousness of other extraterrestrial races. So the Zetas have implemented a physical environment within the solar system from which they have worked telepathically for many years to stabilize the human collective consciousness. They gather in hundreds of small groups to focus love on the planet in the hope that the process will be accelerated. They are holding “the consciousness of the human race in its current state to aid in the process for the transitional environment that the human mind is moving through.”

The process is enabled by many humans who “are seeking to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential … and are the entry points for this collective effort in aiding the planet.” The consciousness of these humans are beacons for the Zetas who need their help to influence the human collective consciousness.  The Zeta said, “If you make a choice to walk in a higher level of consciousness, that is a choice made by you in freewill. That will be a beacon to the race.”

Although the Zetas may accelerate the ascension process, the ultimate success will depend on humanity’s ability to love.







What Is Astrology

I am delighted to have been asked to join the team of trusted contributors here on The Other Side Press and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and thoughts on astrology with you and hope that you will find something of interest and hopefully, of help. Some of you will be familiar with astrology, its concepts and how it can help us on our spiritual journey; while others’ experience of astrology is often limited to the horoscopes that we see in papers, magazines and on-line.

Like most spiritual subjects, astrology invites believers, sceptics and non-believers. These days, astrology is often criticised or dismissed as “fortune-telling,” but, as well as a spiritual subject, it is a science that goes back a very, very, long time. So where does astrology originate and what is it all about?

Astrology has been around for thousands of years, if not from very near the beginning of (human) time. The origin is so far back that today we cannot really know when man first noticed a correlation between the movement of objects in the sky, and the cycles of the seasons and tides. The Sun and Moon brought them warmth and light and there was a pattern in their movements, a cycle. Over time they came to know these movements and the understanding of the year came through understanding the Sun. Man came to know when and where in the sky the Sun would rise and how high it would travel. They learnt when to plant seeds, when to harvest the crops and when to hunt through the cycles of the Moon that also determined tides and river floods. From these understandings, the Sun came to represent life and vitality and the Moon, fertility.

A few years back, in my early days of astrology study, a holiday in France “synchronicitously” found me staying just a few miles from the prehistoric caves at Lascaux. Here, among the stunning cave paintings they have discovered one of the earliest examples of a lunar calendar, dating back some 15, 000 years.


You can read the article here;

You can read the article here;


Many ancient buildings and sacred sites around the world have been found to be aligned to the directions and celestial events such as the Solstices and the Equinoxes. I was privileged to have been in Egypt in December 2014 for the Winter Solstice. Before leaving, I discovered that Karnak temple was listed as one of the ten best places to view the Winter Solstice and we were lucky to be able to be there to see this amazing spectacle. It was easy to imagine the awe with which ancient peoples viewed the Sun and its powers. Karnak temple was built around 1391-1351 BC in the era of Pharaoh Ramses II and the Winter Solstice Sun rises spectacularly in the entryway between the high walls of the ancient monument.

Juan Belmonte of the Canaries Astrophysical Institute conducted a survey of 650 Egyptian temples and found that most of the sites were built in recognition of celestial events – especially sunrise on the equinoxes and solstices. This is echoed through the world in many civilisations as well as the Ancient Egyptians; these civilisations were all very aware of the skies and the movements of the planets which they often worshipped, particularly the Sun or Ra as the Egyptians knew him.

Over time, man grew to see a further correlation between the celestial bodies and terrestrial events. Other planets were noticed and mapped and characteristics attributed to them. No court was complete without its own astrologer to guide the monarch. John Dee worked personally for Queen Elizabeth I and many famous astronomers such as Johanne Kepler and Galileo Galilei worked as court astrologers. On a personal level, charts were most often used for medical knowledge with herbs grown, harvested and prescribed according to the person’s chart. There was no distinction between astronomy and astrology as there is now. The study of the movements and their effect on us were all studied together, whereas today astronomy and astrology have become separate. Astronomy is now a purely scientific study of the skies and the separation of the two occurred around the 1700s.

Astrology has evolved into understanding and interpreting meaning from the celestial bodies and their movements and when used on a personal level, the interpretation is applied to our character, our personalities and our behaviours. Our lives are cycles echoed by the movements of the planets and their study can help us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves. We can also create a chart for an event, like a Full or New Moon. Below is an example of a chart, showing the symbols for the planets and the signs they are in at that moment in time. The symbols of astrology have special psychological meaning and have remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years.



Bill Anderton, in “Life Cycles” (The Astrology of Inner Space & Its Application to the Rhythm of Life) explains part of astrology’s evolution like this;

What has really changed is the attitude towards their significance ….During the first half of the 20th century, work initiated by Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar precipitated a change in many astrologers’ attitudes towards the stars and planets. They began to say that the planets no longer ruled us, but could be seen to act as guides for the journey of inner exploration. Relevant to this is the work of C.G. Jung who pointed out that the symbols of the zodiac were representations of inner, unconscious processes and archetypes that have been projected into the environment. …. Astrology is a sophisticated tool which can be used to mirror the processes of the unconscious and which can also be used as a guide though the unexplored realms of expanding consciousness,

Today, the study of astrology has many branches or areas of specific interest. Some people study health and healing, others finances, world events, psychology, business or the best places in the world for us to live. Natal astrology, uses the person’s natal, or birth chart created from their birth date and place (plus time if known).

If your experience of astrology is limited to the horoscopes of the mass media, you can be forgiven for thinking that that is all there is to astrology. These, as with everything, have some value, but are not a good representation of the scope and breadth of astrology and its benefits. This approach is often quite superficial or frivolous and, as it is based purely on the zodiac or Sun sign, gives the same interpretation or prediction for each twelfth of the population with that sign. Although our Sun sign represents the major part of our character, and knowing our Sun sign gives us valuable information about our personality and self-expression, astrology is much more than that, as are we. Our Sun sign is only a part of our whole personality and we need to look at the position of all the planets to get a true picture of the whole person.

Judging or labelling our whole personality purely by our Sun sign reminds me of the story of a group of blind men who have never encountered an elephant before, so they examine and describe one by touching the part in front of them. The one who got the trunk described a snake-like creature; the one touching the leg envisioned an animal built like a tree, and so on…Knowing only your Sun sign is like only one blind man touching the elephant. What he feels and describes is correct and relevant but it gives you a tiny bit of the picture and no idea of the overall picture.

There is a wonderful image and the poem of The Blind Men and The Elephant by John Godfrey Saxe here;


We are all multi-faceted personalities, like the many sides of a diamond and the other facets represent the position and role of the other planets in our chart, each one of which has its own energy or personality. Our Sun sign is about our basic self-expression, with the other planets in the chart building the other facets such as our emotions, how we react to situations and to others, how we relate, how we love, communicate and think, the stresses and challenges we face, our health and energy, and the strengths and assets that we have to draw on. Applying karmic astrology gives us an understanding of past lives, our karmic inheritance, Soul purpose, strengths and challenges.

Astrology, I believe, is an invaluable tool for self-knowledge and spiritual growth. Our natal chart, being as unique to us as our fingerprints, is a valuable tool for psychological understanding, for spiritual knowledge and astrological counselling. A chart not only shows personality it also shows the potential we have in this lifetime.

The more you understand about astrology, the greater the insight you gain into your life and that of everyone around you. I look forward to sharing my insights with you and to being a guide on your inner journey of exploration.

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Crystal Consciousness

Stones that have uplifted their consciousness


Uplifting Crystals That Have Affected Us

Photocopyright Michael Illas, Earth Blessings (Watkins Books)

As I’ve mentioned previously in this column certain crystals are in the process of uplifting their consciousness. Their vibrations have become more refined and ‘higher’ and the stones have made a closer contact with the Earth. Which may sound paradoxical but stay with me. Two prime examples of these apparently different processes coming together are Malachite and Moldavite. When I first began writing about Moldavite in 2003 its energies were, to my mind, being overtaken by newer finds. The vibration had been one of the highest on the planet, but something was changing. They weren’t taking me to the furthest reaches of consciousness as they once had. A few years later it was as though they’d been given a kick ‘upstairs’ and yet were more plugged into the planet so that their energy could be grounded and utilised more fully. The energy was even more vibrant than it had been. But people needed to be first grounded and then attuned and ready to work with it or they were simply blown away.

Similarly Malachite was quite unstable at that time. It was bringing up deep issues for resolution but by catharsis rather than transformation. Now it’s stabilised again but at a higher resonance than before. It’s is a powerful stone of magical transmutation. So let’s start with Malachite.

Malachite: your true power crystal

Malachite raw, c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk

Opaque in hue, with th’ emerald’s vivid green, Malachite charms the sight, first in Arabia seen. [Ancient rhyme]

Malachite is a power stone for intense inner transformation and purgation. Acting as a cleanser for the emotional body and for deep soul healing, it scours away the residue of past life or childhood trauma and resets ancestral DNA. The stone draws in spiritual energy to raise the frequency of the physical body. It is the perfect stone to assist in letting go of old ego-identity and everything that restricts your sense of true self. With Malachite’s assistance you can step into your true power and from there manifest your own reality. This stone surprises you with the depth of transmutation you achieve – and the evasive distractions that have been holding you back. Face up to your secrets and, with Malachite’s assistance, you manifest your truly power-full self.

Malachite teaches that when you’re fully empowered, you manifest your own reality. But points out that, if you’re not standing in your power, you are unable to manifest anything except negativity. This stone brings to the surface all the hidden issues, toxic thoughts and repressed feelings that are holding you back or sabotaging you. Once you’ve faced these, you can reclaim your power. Malachite is particularly useful when you are seeking to manifest a way out of trauma and emotional drama. But you can use it in any area of your life to call on your power, to be strong and resolute, and to manifest the real you.

Polished Malachite. Turn it over, and this is what is revealed.

c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Legendary power

Over 6000 years ago Malachite was obtained from Egyptian copper mines in Sinai. Mines that were sacred to the goddess Hathor. Strangely for a stone that later became associated with all things occult and metaphysical, Malachite was a talisman against enchantment and the evil eye and as such had the sun engraved upon it because its light was antithical to witchcraft, necromancers and demons. The Roman Geographer Pliny tells us that, in his time, Malachite had a reputation for protecting children as it was a natural prophylactic against danger. It was also valued as beneficial to nursing mothers and for the eyes.

Power properties

Malachite has always been recognized as a powerful conduit for transferring energy into the body and was valued for its protective qualities. It absorbs environmental pollution such as geopathic stress, electromagnetic smog and radiation. This stone is merciless in its exposure of the personality’s imperfections, the outgrown patterns, blockages and ties that must be dissolved before the soul can ascend to a higher vibration. The stone is adamant that you must take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. This makes it an excellent karmic cleanser and scourer of the soul, activating soul purpose. The Egyptians used it extensively as a paste to treat eyes, cholera and infected wounds. At times modern medicine catches up with ancient healing methods and the copper carbonate/hydroxide in Malachite has recently been found have an anti-bacterial effect, inhibiting pathogens such as staphylococcus. An effect that would have been reinforced by the Egyptian habit of mixing powdered Malachite with honey, a natural antibiotic.

Transmutational power

A resolute stone that draws insights up from the subconscious mind, Malachite is the raw essence of copper. Its protective influence guards and guides you on your journey through the underworld and all that resides there, takes you through death of the ego and your old-self and facilitates the regeneration of your true self. As the crystal is itself evolving, it is the perfect crystal for all transmutational shadow work, especially on an emotional and intellectual level but, the more you work with it, the more expansive its influence becomes.

The crystal’s convoluted whorls help to illuminate all the hidden corners of your mind. It brings to light the inner critic or the saboteur who trips up your manifestation intentions. This stone demands that you take a hard look at the psychosomatic and karmic causes that lie behind an apparent inability to manifest ease and well-being. It facilitates release and letting go so that you move forward. Malachite draws off negativity at all levels, releasing ancient trauma and outgrown feelings so that you find deep emotional healing. Working with this crystal brings you face to face with whatever is blocking your spiritual path and assists in its transmutation.

Harnessing the power

Meditate with Malachite letting your half-focused eyes gently follow its contours. It makes an excellent journeying or scrying stone as the whorls take you ever deeper into yourself or into the future.

Malachite Meditation: What am I holding on to?

c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

This Malachite meditation is a potent way to connect with the issues that are keeping you from stepping into your power. We may think that past issues are resolved and that the path ahead is clear, but often old hurts and confusion lie buried, acting as energetic blocks to our progress. Malachite’s strong protective properties help you to feel safe as you gently let go of old thoughts, feelings and experiences that no longer serve you and the inner figures that have tripped you up, and open up to the wisdom they offer. Take as long as you need for this process of release.

  1. Settle yourself comfortably where you will not be disturbed and breathe gently, withdrawing your attention from the outside world and into the crystal. Keep your eyes half open and gaze at the whorls and contours of your Malachite as you connect with the power of the crystal. Feel its strength in your hand. Let its energy radiate up your arms and into your heart and mind. As you focus on each whorl let it take you inwards. Allow the bands to move you gently into contact with your deepest self. Close your eyes and relax. When you feel ready place the crystal over your solar plexus.
  2. Ask the crystal to let you know what you are holding onto, what it would be beneficial to release. Notice any thoughts that drift into your mind, recognise if there is a pattern, then let them go with love. Acknowledge any emotions that arise, and lovingly release them. Take your mind around your body to any areas of tension or pain, breathe gently and let them go. Let the Malachite show you any hooks that are in your heart and gently dissolve these, filling the place with loving energy and forgiveness.
  3. Ask the crystal to show you how the past is affecting your present in any area of your life and how your mind and your emotions control what you manifest. Willingly surrender all that no longer serves you, all the pain and emotions, beliefs, expectations, experiences or inner figures that have weighed you down and held you back. Acknowledge them and let them be drawn into the crystal for transmutation. Let them go with forgiveness in your heart.
  4. Ask the crystal to show you the gifts hidden behind that old pain, the qualities you have developed and the resources you can draw on. Step into your power. Allow yourself to know how you use these and how you work with this crystal in future to manifest your new reality.
  5. Ask the crystal if it has any other information and wait quietly for the answer. If an inner figure appears, negotiate a positive role for it.
  6. Before you begin the return journey, put your attention out to the subtle bodies around your physical self and ask the crystal to draw off and transmute any negative energies or disharmonies that have not yet been released, bringing all the subtle bodies into alignment.
  7. Feel the strong protection from the Malachite wrapping around you. Finally, feel the strength of the crystal and its powerful connection to the Earth grounding you into your physical existence, bringing you fully into the present moment. When you feel ready, thank the crystal, open your eyes, get up and move around.

[Extracted from 101 Power Crystals (Fairwinds) and Life Changing Crystals/Crystals to Empower you (Godsfield Press/Fairwinds)

Moldavite: the starborn stone

Moldavite, c. Judy Hall

Moldavites … are among the most powerful gemstone tools for spiritual development and expansion of consciousness. They seem to engender an acceleration of one’s inner growth and evolution. Hundreds of times people have described to us the rapid transformation of their lives which has come soon after they acquired Moldavite. Jobs, relationships, life styles or possessions which did not serve their highest paths were rapidly released, and the new, evolutionary forms of these same things appeared, drawn as if by magnetism. We have heard stories of visionary experience, chakra activation, energy cleansings and the discovery of personal destiny, all associated with the entrance of Moldavite in to one’s life.”

Robert Simmons

Holding a Grail Cup that Robert Simmons created from Moldavite prompted such a rush of energy that I had to hand it back rather hastily. I was at his stand at a crystal conference in Glastonbury and about to give a crystal talk to a couple of hundred people. It wasn’t exactly the right time to take the journey to Source that I knew was possible. But even that brief contact changed my life. I’d been in touch with Moldavite before of, course, but never in that quantity or at that potency. That was when I knew that the Moldavite uplift had occurred. It had a profound effect on me. Yes, a great deal was stripped away. But I stepped into what was literally a new life, one that gave me unprecedented access to ancient crystal information that I’ve been sharing ever since. As a Sagittarius I am always on a grail quest and I certainly found one that day.


Sagittarius The Zodiac Pack c. Judy Hall


Moldavite is a stone of exceptional karmic and soul transformation, downloading information from the Akashic Record and cosmic consciousness. Taking you back into your past to reconnect to your previous wisdom and soul purpose, it also takes you forward into the future to access what is needed for your soul’s evolution and then facilitates putting that into practice in the present moment. If you are sensitive or unused to high vibration crystals, wear or use Moldavite sparingly until energetic adjustment is made. Whenever you work with Moldavite it is sensible to combine it with a grounding stone such as Smoky Quartz or Flint so that the new energy is anchored into the earth. Moldavite has become more adept at this as its awareness has expanded, but it appreciates a helping hand.

If you are a star child who finds the vibration of the earth heavy and inert, gridding with or wearing Moldavite adjusts your vibration so that you can bring more cosmic energy down into your body to feel more at home at earth while at the same time transmuting earth energy through integration of cosmic light. If you are shamanically inclined, you can use it for an upper world journey back to the source.

Most people feel a huge rush of energy through the physical body on holding Moldavite. If you are using it for healing, Moldavite focuses attention on the cause, rectifying the underlying imbalances that create dis-ease or impede spiritual evolution. Other grounding stones such as Hematite, Flint or Smoky Quartz may be needed as part of the process as Moldavite can cause dizziness and severe ungroundedness. If so, remove the stone and try again later.


Legendary power

The power of Moldavite comes from the sky. About 11 million years ago Moldavite burst onto earth with enormous force as a giant meteor metamorphosed the surrounding rock into a glass-like non-crystalline substance fusing the power of the sky with that of Mother Earth. A metaphor for cosmic transformation, Moldavite was one of the highest vibrational crystals for expanding consciousness but it has been overtaken by other crystals. If you have worked with high vibration crystals for some time, your vibrations may have moved beyond it despite its recent uplift. However, it is still a very effective stone especially if you are new to crystals. It is a useful step on the ladder of higher dimensional working and spiritual transformation.

There are many myths in which a stone falls to earth, is lost and has to be found for transformation to take place. In Eschenbach’s story of Parzifal, the Holy Grail was a green stone that fell from the sky and many crystal experts link Moldavite with the grail. Another legend says that a green stone fell from Satan’s crown as he tumbled from heaven – a symbol of divine light falling to earth. In the original myths, God’s favorite angel was not evil. Hethe lightbringer for the Earth, as is Moldavite. This stone is prized as a bringer of cosmic wisdom that puts you in touch with higher guidance, planetary and star beings, and cosmic messengers.


Grounding extraterrestrial properties

Moldavite fuses extraterrestrial energies with Mother Earth and takes you way beyond your limits and boundaries.  Bringing you into communication with your higher self, Moldavite has its own cosmic oversoul. It integrates the divine blueprint and accelerates spiritual growth by downloading information from the Akashic Record and the light body, which has to be processed and made conscious. Under the influence of Moldavite you can go forward to a future life to see the results of actions taken in the present, or to learn what is needed now to prevent destruction in the future.

Moldavite is a useful stone for sensitive people who find it difficult being in incarnation on earth and it assists in developing detachment from security issues such as money and worries for the future. Providing an over-view of reasons for incarnating and spiritual purpose, and integrating this into earthly life, Moldavite releases fixed ideas and outworn belief systems and can neutralize hypnotic commands.



Harnessing the cosmic power

Meditate with Moldavite on your third eye to connect to the highest planes of consciousness.

Maldavite taking flight c. Judy Hall

Crystal Journey to Source

Crystal journeying can be carried out lying or sitting down in a place where you will not be disturbed (turn off your phone!). It needs to be a safe, sacred space – four or five Black Tourmalines, Clear Quartz, Smoky Elestial Quartz or Selenite crystals set out around you that you have asked to protect you will ensure that the space is clear. You can use a drum or chanting CD to assist if you wish, especially one that has a specific ending to call you back. Some people like to sit or lie beneath a special blanket.


  • Cleanse your Moldavite and hold the crystal loosely in your hands and set your intention. Be very clear about why you are journeying. State your aim, that you wish to travel to Source – and back. Set the intention that you will return with the memory and any answers fully available to your everyday conscious mind. (You may also like to set a return time, say in fifteen or twenty minutes.)
  • Place a piece of Flint, Smoky Quartz or Hematite at your feet.
  • Gaze with softly focused eyes into your Moldavite.  Breathe gently, establishing a comfortable rhythm.
  • Feel the crystal establishing a ladder to the upper world, lifting you up and  through.
  • Let the crystal transport you, don’t force it. Be aware of vibrations and feelings, sensations and insights that float into your mind. You may feel a whirling, rushing, ascending or descending motion or a deep still space. Ask your crystal and power allies to join you on this journey and bring you the answers or the experience that you seek.


  • When it’s time to return, thank your helpers and ask the crystal to return you to your everyday world. Stand up and connect your feet to the floor, have a good stretch and a little shake to ensure you are comfortable in your body. Then immediately write down your impressions and the answers you received. Consciously disconnect by putting the crystal aside and picking up the grounding stone from your feet.


[Extracted from 101 Power Crystals (Fairwinds), The Crystal Encylopedia (Godsfield Press/Fairwinds),The Crystal Bible volume 1 (Godsfield Press) and Shamanic Crystals  www.judyhall.co.uk]




When I first undertook the journey to Source I then found myself travelling back via the creation of this present universe. Returning with Mother Earth herself as the cosmos wove itself into being. Which is what brought my attention to earth healing and sacred sites and aided the conception of several books. But I was aware, even as the universe wove itself, that ancestral and karmic healing would be needed, which is where I am now focusing my attention. I hope your trip is as fruitful!