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Author: William Treurniet

Extra Terrestrial

A process for raising the state of vibration

What does it mean for people to have a vibrational state? It is understood to be a property of spiritual existence. It may refer to a relatively low frequency vibration of a person’s etheric body, perhaps occurring just before an out-of-body  experience, or it may be felt at higher frequencies as a particular emotion. A low vibration being may be fearful with little ability to love, while a high vibration being is full of unconditional love for everyone. A vibrational state is a point on a dimension. It determines the nature of interpersonal relations, but it also has a cosmic significance as a parameter of the creative process.

The process of creation was discussed in an earlier article of this series entitled, “The creation process and states of love”. It was explained by the extraterrestrial Zeta beings who spoke to us via Paul Hamden’s mediumship. The Zetas agreed that the vibrational state of a creator being is analogous to the frequency of laser light in the making of a physical hologram. A creation cannot be experienced by another being who has a vibrational state lower than that of the creator being. This means that a being’s creations cannot be perceived by others who are by nature less loving. The human race is in a relatively low vibrational state, and so there is much information beyond our reach. The possibility of access to such information is an incentive to raise one’s vibrational state.

Raising vibrational state is not an easy thing to put into words. Even an experienced medium cannot explain how to connect with a being in a higher vibration energetic realm. It would be like trying to describe a “felt state” such as the experience of colour or taste. Because of this difficulty, developing mediums cannot build on the experience of others who have gone before. The only option seems to be a process of trial and error for each person to discover how to proceed. The neophyte medium hopes to stumble upon the mental process that is conducive to a higher state of vibration, and must also be prepared to wait for an indefinite period of time for connection to occur. The lack of timely feedback is a serious obstacle to learning.

Some people are natural mediums. At a young age, they may have unusual experiences with beings from other realms, and they may have opportunities to build on and control this natural talent. The rest of us have much more difficulty rising to the same level of performance. But maybe we can be assisted by a process inferred from various discussions with the Zeta beings. It was recognized by analogy with the process of heterodyning utilized in physical electronic circuits.

Heterodyning is a process for changing the frequency of physical signals. The circuit typically consists  of a non-linear device called a mixer that accepts two frequencies as input and yields a new frequency as output. The frequency of the output is the difference between the two input frequencies. A Zeta confirmed that vibrational state could be substituted for frequency, and so the heterodyning process could be used to raise our vibrational state. Further, the non-linear device required to make it function is a being’s intention.

When used correctly, heterodyning can place a human in a temporary higher state of vibration. The human’s own vibrational state is one input to the process, while a second is supplied by another entity existing at a much higher vibrational state. The intention of the two beings creates a difference potential which enables the human to move to the difference vibrational state.

To establish the correspondence between frequency and state of vibration, a Zeta was asked to confirm a hypothetical scenario using frequencies. Specifically, when a human with a state of 8 cycle/sec heterodynes with another being with a state of 32 cycles/sec, does a difference frequency of 24 cycles/sec temporarily take the place of the human’s 8 cycle/sec frequency, and would the human feel the love from the higher difference frequency? The Zeta responded, “Yes it does, and then of course, once the other being of the higher vibratory nature removes itself from the reality of the lower waveform, the lower waveform reinstates itself because its natural environment reimplements its normal state of frequency.” He confirmed that the human would feel the love of the higher state of vibration.

The Zeta advised that the human should adopt a loving attitude during this process. He said, “That strong emotion gives you the capacity to be in a different frequency, because the emotional body is resonating in conjunction with the etheric body, and that’s the frequency that you are emanating is based, has it’s core basis, in the emotional of love.” The emotion of love gives the etheric body the capacity to operate at the higher difference potential.

The Zeta added further, “But the higher frequencies, the higher consciousness, only donates a portion of their consciousness to exist in the lower form. The lower form increases its totality to then create the intermediary process. The higher form, the higher level of consciousness, only commits a small portion that is required, because the levels of consciousness that are held by different entities are of different levels of magnitude.” The Zeta implied that the heterodyning process is hardly noticeable to the higher vibration being, suggesting that the lower vibration being should not hesitate to ask for the contribution from the higher vibration being.

The following procedure outlines more specifically how to involve a higher vibration entity in the heterodyning process. The choice of a loving entity may vary widely, depending on personal predilection. For example, a Christian would likely invoke the love of Jesus Christ. Another spiritually-minded person might invoke the higher self in the spirit world, a familiar “ascended master”, a non-specific energy from spirit realm, or some other high vibration facet of source consciousness. Someone practicing shamanism might invoke Mother Earth or Father Sky. All that appears to be required is the belief that the high vibration entity exists and the expectation that it will respond.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position. Relax a few moments while breathing slightly slower and deeper than normal. Fill each breath you take with love, perhaps by imagining the love you have for an innocent child. Bringing such a feeling of love “creates capacity” to move to a higher vibrational state.
  2. Focus your attention on the higher vibration entity with the intention of sharing its vibrational state.
  3. Hold in your mind your own relatively low vibrational state while simultaneously reaching for the entity’s much higher state of love. Simultaneity of these inputs is important.
  4. ‘Intend’ to resonate with the higher state while continuing to breath slowly. You may feel, unbidden, a rush of sensation that may be interpreted as love. This sensation arises when your vibrational state of consciousness is attracted to the heterodyning difference potential.
  5. Continue slowly inhaling and exhaling breaths of love while focusing on this process.

The heterodyning difference potential will last as long as the required intention is maintained. The Zeta assured us that the heterodyning process is never a drain on the energy of the higher vibration entity.

Carefully following the process gives rise to a more loving energy that is characteristic of higher states of vibration. Feeling the difference vibrational state is evidence that the higher being is heterodyning with one’s lower vibration.

Perhaps if mediums were to agree that what they do intuitively is heterodyne with higher vibration entities, they would be better able to describe to the rest of us how to connect with such beings.

The heterodyning process is discussed in more detail in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”, which is freely available in pdf format. Please see the chapters entitled “Zeta technology” and “Heterodyning vibrational states”. Links to books and additional articles about the Zeta race may be found here.

Extra Terrestrial

How matter is an illusion

From conversations with extraterrestrial Zeta beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden, I came to realize how our physical universe and all it contains is an illusion. These conversations are documented and discussed in several freely available books and articles. The realization was strongly supported by Edward Close in his book, Transcendental Physics. Close explained how modern physics requires that the observer’s awareness creates physical reality moment by moment. By definition then, our experience of reality is illusory, not what it seems.

This new understanding was soon followed by the discovery that it was not all that original. The Hindu metaphysics of Advaita Vedanta has a similar concept called maya. It is explained briefly in the next section, followed by a discussion of the mechanism of the illusion of matter.

The Vedanta concept of maya

The Advaita view holds that Brahman is the one and only reality and all else is mere appearance or illusion. The concept that the physical universe is an illusion is called maya, and it is introduced in the following select quotes from discussions of the Advaita metaphysics.

An Advaita Vedanta website explains the concept of maya.

  • According to the Advaita philosophy, this world we live in, the space as well as time is a projection of your consciousness or your awareness. In fact your mind, your thoughts as well as your physical attributes are just a projection of that consciousness into the state of waking. Advaita Vedanta calls this projection as Maya. Maya creates apparent multiplicity in a universe where only Brahman really exists.

Another source, Indian Philosophy Simplified, explains the concept of the Brahman and how it is related to maya.

  • Brahman is the ultimate reality behind all world-objects.
  • Brahman can be considered as Pure Consciousness.
  • Maya is the unique power (shakti) of Brahman.
  • Brahman manifests itself in the world with the help of maya. The world and the world objects come into existence due to the power of maya. Maya and its creation is termed illusory. … Maya is dependent on Brahman. Maya has created the world of appearances. So the world is illusion.

And another source entitled “Sankara’s Doctrine of Maya” offers the following nuggets of information.

  • Why does this illusory world have an apparently objective homogeneity? Because the world is not an illusion of each particular individual, in which case each individual would ‘dream’ a different world, but of the human collectivity. The empirical and objective ‘solidity’ of the world proves not its reality but the collective nature of the illusion.
  • The ‘mechanism’, as it were, through which the illusion is generated and sustained is adhyasa, the super-imposing of limitations and multiplicities upon Brahman.
  • All attachments, aversions, dreams, fears and thoughts, all memories, cognitions and mental modifications of whatever kind are grounded in maya.
  • Any attempt to explain the ‘creation’ or ‘origin’ of the world is bound to fail not only because the mind is trapped in maya but also because the very notion of creation is an error.

These quotes from the Vedanta metaphysical literature give us a basic understanding of maya at a philosophical level. The next section proposes a mechanism for the illusion of matter that has a connection to the theory of quantum mechanics.

A mechanism for the illusion of matter

The Zeta cosmology has a concept of source consciousness that is equivalent to Brahman. A Zeta explained, “There is nothing that can be created that is outside of it, all forms, all shapes, all existence is determined by this process. All matter would disintegrate without this. There would be no planets, there would be no universe, it is held together by consciousness.” It is multidimensional, so we could imagine it as a mathematical entity. Our familiar 3D space and its contents are constructs in this consciousness space.

Source consciousness is described by a Zeta when he said, “The void is a living entity of total consciousness, oligarchical in nature, and is partially living as an experience in separation, through illusion, of self through the vesture of matter.” The entity of total consciousness has configured itself so that parts of it appear to be in separation from other parts. The separation is an illusion partly accomplished by the appearance of matter. The illusion of matter is meant to provide different and independent experiences for source consciousness.

The Zeta added, “Each separation of consciousness is layers to perform many functions. Some levels of consciousness pervade the worlds of matter, whereas others are multifaceted in energetic form, each having the ability to exist as a race of beings in every form.” Distinctions in levels of consciousness form souls or spirits having different vibrational states and living an “experience in separation”. Some are beings that “pervade the worlds of matter”.

A Zeta said, “Consciousness has all information, but how consciousness reveals it to itself is a different process, nothing is created.”  The definitions are selected and activated as seeming acts of creation by conscious beings. The mechanism of creation was discussed in an earlier article entitled The creation process and states of love”.

A set of activated definitions are located in a dimension of consciousness space known as the etheric realm. They exist there to enable beings like us to create illusory physical experiences. The Zetas suggest that the etheric templates were created by a race of beings “that are much older, wiser and advanced than yourselves and us.” The set of templates is finite and that limits the forms of the physical illusion that are possible. The limitation is reminiscent of “the super-imposing of limitations and multiplicities upon Brahman” which was given earlier as the mechanism for maya.

Beings such as us participate in creating the illusion. A Zeta commented, “Now remember that without matter, consciousness has no reflection, and so all consciousness exists from one source entity, but exists in matter as multiple races.” Beings of races see themselves in the physical illusion only because they are equipped with the proper etheric sensory mechanisms. The physical sensory organs such as the visual system are illusions created from etheric forms which define their special function. Physical illusions are experienced when the sensory information from the etheric templates is reflected back to awareness in consciousness.

The templates existing in the etheric realm are activations of source consciousness. A being having the physical experience perceives/decodes these etheric templates, and the resulting perception is registered and interpreted by the being’s consciousness. Since its consciousness is a facet of source consciousness, the process of perception closes a feedback loop. The experience by the being is consciousness observing itself.

The relation of this process to modern quantum theory was discussed by Close (2000). According to a quantum mechanical process, an object is presented to an observer as a spectrum of potentials or possibilities. All processes at the scale of the atom are quantized, and these include the sensory mechanisms underlying the observer’s perceptions. A chain of quantized processes involved in sensation are defined by the observer’s etheric body, and the chain ends with a non-quantized receptor in the consciousness of the observer. Close suggested, “The final receptor completing an observation must be something real, existing beyond physical quanta, capable of receiving and properly organizing the distinct impressions of form and structure relayed by the effects of the quanta of matter and energy that we perceive as existing in an objective physical world. Since the interpretation of form and structure as information with meaning is a function of the conscious observer, this something must be closely related to, if not the very substance of, consciousness itself.”

Close concluded, “Every observation is an instance of reality/primary consciousness observing itself. It is the completion of a self-referential loop. Structure and form, originating in primary consciousness, is projected as a spectrum of potentialities. The process is completed when one specific structure or form is selected by observation and confirmed again in the nonlocal space of consciousness.”

According to Close’s view, source consciousness presents the physical universe “as a spectrum of potentialities” that can be calculated by a well-known equation in quantum mechanics. The observer selects particular potentials from this spectrum and transmutes them to the non-quantized individualized consciousness. The observation is “confirmed” by comparison with the original defining construct in source consciousness where it has always existed. Like the Zetas, Close could say that the experience by the being is consciousness observing itself.

A Zeta agreed that matter is perceived when “intention selects possibilities projected by etheric objects to create the physical illusion.” The possibilities projected by etheric objects are like Close’s spectrum of potentialities provided by primary consciousness. So the etheric template for an object may be understood as the collection of wave functions defined by quantum mechanics as probabilities. The observer selects  components of the wave function from the possibilities projected by the etheric object.

A being’s physical body is defined by the etheric body and is experienced by the same process as any other physical object. A Zeta said, “The physical body is a potential. The way that its potential is perceived and used is directly a response from the entity working with the physical body.” When asked about the entity receiving the sensory information, the Zeta replied, “There is capacity for the local consciousness to participate in this process, but the greater process is the higher-self heterodyning, as you call it, back to the local consciousness and beyond.” According to the Zeta, the sensory information is communicated to the higher self, the higher-vibration entity associated with the local consciousness of the observer. It is the higher self that feeds back the information to source consciousness so it can observe itself.

In summary, the etheric precursor of the matter illusion is presented in consciousness as a spectrum of quantized potentials. Particular potentials are selected by the consciousness of an observer and reconstructed in a non-quantized form in consciousness. All takes place in consciousness, so to believe that matter has an objective existence independent of consciousness is an error.

The physical illusion is very powerful. A Zeta observed, “The illusion is the physical life, but others seek to define the physical life as being the real reality, which it is not.” He added, “Humans do not like to know the truth, they like their own physical constructs because that provides them with a level of safety. You are in comfort within your illusion.” People feel safe with what they know, so they shy away from accepting that consciousness forms the illusion of physical reality.

The mechanism for the illusion is complex, yet relatively easy to grasp. But we are indoctrinated with the concept of materialism from an early age, so it is difficult to accept fully that the true basis of reality is hidden by the very convincing illusion of matter.


Close, Edward R. Transcendental Physics, toExcel Press, 2000.

Treurniet, W. C. and Hamden, P. The science of the Zeta race, Copyright Hamden & Treurniet, 2016.


Ascension From The Zeta’s Perspective

The Zeta view of ascension

Certain religious or spiritual beliefs hold that human spirituality is evolving and this process will eventually culminate in a transformation of some kind. The final stage is expected to be a relatively sudden change, and is known as ascension. The details of the expected changes vary considerably. Christian eschatology refers to this process as the “rapture”, when people who meet certain requirements will be physically transported to heaven.

Spiritual Views

More recent, perhaps new-age, spiritual views have offered variations on this theme. For some, the human body will be transformed physically when drastic DNA changes occur. This will allow the body to move to a new, higher-vibration planet. Others believe that ascension will be a  personal transformation to a higher state of consciousness rather than a physical transformation. This will be facilitated by exposure to new energies from various sources. There are those who believe that the ascension process has already begun and that people are experiencing physical symptoms associated with their changing vibrational state.

Because it is an individual’s choice to participate in the ascension process, there is the sense that it is for the benefit of the individual, that good things will come to each person who succeeds in raising their state of consciousness and becomes more loving.

The Zetas have also used the word “ascension” in their discussions, but it clearly has a different meaning. Ascension is something that must be achieved by humanity as a whole. When a critical mass of humans arrives at a high enough state of consciousness or love, the human collective consciousness will become self-aware. Ascension refers to this maturation of the collective consciousness.

Zeta’s View On Ascension

According to the Zetas, the human collective consciousness is a construct in what is known as the astral realm. All of human thought and experience is represented there, and humans may visit while having out-of-body experiences. The realm is said to be quite chaotic at this time, but the overall vibrational state is rising. The Zetas say that “the human population one day may decide that it was to change, then the combined collective thought of the human race would automatically create the capacity for the collective mind to be charged into action, to make a newly given mind.” The collective consciousness would then become self-aware.

State of consciousness is an important parameter of existence, since it constrains what a being can experience. In the creation process described in an earlier article, “The creation process and states of love”, a being creates with intent using its highest possible state of consciousness. Its creations can normally be experienced only by beings who have the same or higher states of consciousness. Experiences cannot be shared with less loving beings unless there is the intention by the more loving being to do so. Sharing a state of consciousness is the prerequisite for sharing a consensus reality. This is a fundamental organizing principle in what we have called consciousness space.

It is because of the difference in vibrational states that the Zeta race cannot interact easily with the human race. They are working to facilitate the shift in the state of the human collective consciousness so that telepathic communication between the races will be possible. This is a primary goal of the ascension process from their point of view.

The Zetas can use only indirect or subtle methods to encourage the ascension process. For example, many of them have arranged to be born as humans on earth. A Zeta consciousness and a spirit realm consciousness may occupy the same physical body with the permission of the spirit entities involved. In this hybrid form, a Zeta consciousness can work to raise the state of love of the human race.

In this time of transition to a higher state, the human collective consciousness does not have adequate self-control and is interfering with the consciousness of other extraterrestrial races. So the Zetas have implemented a physical environment within the solar system from which they have worked telepathically for many years to stabilize the human collective consciousness. They gather in hundreds of small groups to focus love on the planet in the hope that the process will be accelerated. They are holding “the consciousness of the human race in its current state to aid in the process for the transitional environment that the human mind is moving through.”

The process is enabled by many humans who “are seeking to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential … and are the entry points for this collective effort in aiding the planet.” The consciousness of these humans are beacons for the Zetas who need their help to influence the human collective consciousness.  The Zeta said, “If you make a choice to walk in a higher level of consciousness, that is a choice made by you in freewill. That will be a beacon to the race.”

Although the Zetas may accelerate the ascension process, the ultimate success will depend on humanity’s ability to love.






Extra Terrestrial

A Conversation with a Zeta about Time

Once in a while, an extraterrestrial Zeta being, speaking through the medium Paul Hamden, has a free-wheeling discussion with someone in the room about a certain topic. In this sitting, the circle leader wished to understand how the Zeta beings function without using a rigid timeline like humans do. For the Zetas, “time is a reference point, not a continuum”, and “the process of existence is each task is completed and then the next task is moved on to.” Events following one another are expected intuitively rather than by measurements on a timeline. The circle leader, identified as “Human” in the following transcript, wished to understand what life is like without the concept of a clock.

Human: I want to have a discussion with you about the concept of time. As humans, we measure things by time. Things happened in the past, things are happening in this moment. You don’t use the concept of time.

Zeta: Let me explain. The human entity lives within the physical construct on the linear process of time, which means that for you, your perception is that you exist on a line of time. But imagine as in this sphere in front of you [the Zeta refers to a working plasma ball in the room], each one of the threads were consciousness, that rather than the consciousness being one beam of light but was many. Then of course you can move into any area of consciousness because you can move the threads of consciousness. What denotes the point of origin for the threads, if you see the device, is the central point of the device. If the being is the central point of the device, then of course all of the threads would emanate from the being’s consciousness.

Your time, your concept of existence is based on your potential to understand that you are, at this point, living in a physical existence.

Human: So time really only comes with the physical?

Zeta: Of course. Consciousness does not envelop the understanding of the time principle. Time is used as a mechanism for humans and other races to determine functionality. What function will they provide now? What will they do tomorrow?

Human: So in saying that, your race is also a physical race.

Zeta: Yes.

Human: But you don’t use time.

Zeta: No.

Human: So how do you function?

Zeta: Simply, there is no requirement for time if you know that your time is limitless. Why would you watch your time if time was irrelevant to you? If you lived forever, would you care? If you existed forever as a race, knowing that if any of you terminated that you were to come back to the same place, you would understand that the facilities that are offered to you on this planet, the resources, would be cherished by the race, knowing that you are being nurtured to some extent by the planet and its resources. But because there is a finite amount of time that you believe that you exist, your capacity as a race to use resources is great.

Human: If you don’t use time, how do you have a reference back to something that happened when you were younger?

Zeta: Let me use your mind to show you the answer. Imagine if your life existed as a dream, that all of your experiences existed in the dream state, that there was no capacity for you to wake up, that you had no understanding of your physical body, much like when you are asleep. You move from one visualization to the other. There is no time construct within the dream state. That is the closest estimation that we can give you in regards to how we perceive our memories.

Human: We perceive our memories like a dream state as well.

Zeta: Ah, but you measure the memory according to your length of years. You mistake that, when you were young, this potential took place, this process took place.

Human: Yes, do you not do that?

Zeta: No.

Human: Even though those things took place.

Zeta: Ah, because they still exist.

Human: So you are able to go back to that time?

Zeta: Yes, you can go back to that time if you understand that you are not limited to the experiences and consciousness you have had because of your physical body.

Human: I’m able to go back to a time in my mind, but I know that it actually happened along the timeline at a particular point. You are saying that doesn’t happen with you. But that would have happened at a particular point in your life as well.

Zeta: Yes, but let me try to clarify what is taking place. Let me bring an example forward. We have existed in other forms, so a Zeta consciousness will exist in another human container along the linear time process. But that potential exists within the physical environment. If we wish, we could also use time as a method of measuring our existence. But when you do not have your physical body, all of your experiences here will be part of your existence away from the physical reality.

Human: Yes, I understand that, as memories and experiences are held in consciousness.

Zeta: Your questioning may indicate that you seek to believe that you can move back through your consciousness and change a physical outcome.

Human: Oh no, I was not going there. I actually don’t believe that could happen.

Zeta: The spirit people do not have the concept of time. They have no need for the concept of time. Now, if you were able to separate from your body consciously, your consciousness was to disassociate itself from the physical container, it would recognize within itself it does not have the potential to need time.

Human: Are you talking about human astral travelling?

Zeta: Yes.

Human: So when you astral travel you don’t need time?

Zeta: Yes.

Human: When you astral travel, can that take you back to a different point of your life?

Zeta: Let me use this sphere, I believe it will be used many times. The sphere in the room, you are the central entity. The threads are your experiences. You move in consciousness, not in a linear fashion, but in a spherical fashion. Understand that you do not exist on a line.

Human: Yes, and all of these are different experiences.

Zeta: Yes, and so the consciousness which is you has the potential to move to any of the threads any “time” it wishes.

Human: So that’s just the consciousness that can do that?

Zeta: That consciousness is all that is. The physical which you hold in great importance is irrelevant. When the physical terminates, you will be the sphere. You already are, but cannot see because of the physical container that you are in and around.

Human: Even though you yourself are in a physical container…

Zeta: But we are often in separation from the container.

Human: Ok, because that’s part of your normal everyday life, isn’t it?

Zeta: Yes, and that is why the facility of time is irrelevant. The physical body for yourself is a mechanism that you step into in the morning to complete physical functions. At night you step out of your physical body, you do not use the time concept at all while you are asleep.

Human: As a Zeta, you would have functions that you would be required to perform, teaching for example.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Human: That’s not regulated by time?

Zeta: No, it is regulated by consciousness. Let me give you an indication, to the best of our ability. There is to be a class, we require the students to attend at the appropriate moment. There is many levels of information. One of the levels of information is indicated to the younger entities. Example, do you really understand what your two children are doing now at school? At this point you do not know what they are doing. That is because the level of information is aimed at the potential that the two exist within their current environment. Of course you trust that they are safe. 

So there are layers of information. The layers of information are aimed at providing the information required to younger people that are required to go to the school process. You do not access that level. It is irrelevant in some respects to you, but the children know that they must move in that layer to be within the education process. 

So, our children are the same. There is a level that they move in. Their understanding is one based in consciousness. They understand that… difficult to say without using the word time… there is a process that they will be alerted they are required to attend a lesson. The strength of the connection will determine how close the lesson is for them to attend. The amplitude of the lesson indicates when the lesson will be held.

Human: What denotes when that is going to happen?

Zeta: The teacher will determine when that will take place.

Human: So when the teacher is ready, it just happens.

Zeta: Yes, of course, and then the lesson may go for a length of time that is required.

Human: Another reason you don’t need time is because of the telepathy between your race, which is the communication.

Zeta: You could say that the amplitude of the telepathy removes the need for time. So quickly to indicate this, the medium must go to an appointment today, yes? While the appointment is many of your hours away, there is no imperative for the medium to go to the appointment. As the appointment becomes closer, the imperative builds according to your time function, that he has limited time to be at the appointment. 

Change that to a telepathic process. The information is given that you must be somewhere. It is given as a point of reference. It is weak. As the telepathic signal builds its amplitude, when it reaches a certain level, then the students know that they must be at that place. This is how the spirit people operate as well as they do not use time. The potential builds around the situation or medium, and the spirit people are summoned by the amplitude of the experience.

Human: The starting point is then the teacher. I asked how does the teacher know what time to do this, and you said whenever they are ready. But there are other factors…

Zeta: Yes, of course, so I have other functions to perform, as do others in the race. That is why I said there are levels of telepathic communication. Of course the lower levels of communication do not take precedence over the higher levels of communication. That is how it is determined what is of importance. Your time mechanism prioritizes, gives you priority, as to what is important to do.

Human: So as a teacher, you prioritize, things happen. What if there are so many priorities and the teaching just gets put off and put off, even though you know you have to perform a certain amount of functions?

Zeta: Ah no, because one of the indicating factors, is that for consciousness to operate synchronously, is that all things are in harmony.

Your fingers are able to operate on your hand at different aspects. They are able to move in directions they wish to as though they are individual entities. But of course, they are connected to the base of the hand. Why does not the hand do whatever it wishes, as it has the potential to do that? Because it is part of a whole system. The whole system works together to perform various functions. The body is able to perform millions of functions within one second of your timeframe. Neurons are firing to support thought, the electrical systems pumping the blood around your body, the various organs performing different functions to keep the physical body at a cellular level in the re-creation process. Does the body understand time? The body has within it the mechanism to have within its own capacity, its understanding of what is a time, but it has cellular time.

Human: My question to you is, my physical container has a certain amount of priorities throughout the day that have to happen. If I have no concept of time … for example, yourself … you are teaching, and if the teaching is supposed to take this amount of time, but took twice that amount of time, was longer than it was supposed to, that means that something else in the day either has to be adjusted or not happen in order for all those functions to …

Zeta: You see, you are saying in a day, but if the day does not exist, then you do not have the confines of working within the construct of a day. If you did not sleep and your lighting never changed, there would never be a day.

Human: But you do sleep.

Zeta: Yes, we have physiological processes which require that, within the estimated timeframe of humans, seven of your days, that we are required to move to stasis.

Human: And your body is an indicator of when that has to happen?

Zeta: Yes, it is based on cellular information and, of course, nutritional processes.

Human: If, for example, you were teaching and you just got carried away and it took longer and longer and longer. Something else has to change.

Zeta: If there is something that holds importance, education will continue to the end. The other importance, as you say, will be an indication of another that would be communicated to the other telepathically, “I am busy at the moment.”

If I choose to stop what I am doing and remain in a position where I can speak through the medium to you, that is my choice. I have freewill. Do you talk to your family while you perform other functions?

Human: Yes

Zeta: That is the same.

Human: You don’t do any leisure activity, but do you have any down time, or is that the time when your consciousness leaves your body about every seven days? And if everything else in your life is not measured by time, is the down time adjusted?

Zeta: You suppose that there is a requirement to be away from one’s self – down time. Your animals, you have a cat and a dog, do they have down time?

Human: They play.

Zeta: No, they are actions. Do they have the capacity as humans do, to seek separation from their duties? No, because your animals do not understand time. They also do not understand that they are finite creatures. They have no understanding of their length of existence. They sleep when they wish, they do no function that creates, as the whole planet is the same. The humans are the only ones on the planet that use the time function.

Human: So the others only exist and their main purpose is to feed themselves, and have emotions, and to sleep, and exist?

Zeta: They do not know they exist. Your birds and animals, their actions do not have a mirroring effect. They do not see themselves, as a human would, as being temporary. They live in the process of the now.

Human: We probably are not aware and do not have the capacity to understand whether they know they exist.

Zeta: No, you do not know that.

Human: You’re saying they don’t have that awareness.

Zeta: They do not have the awareness to understand that they have a temporary lifespan of a physical nature such as yourself.

Human: Is that because we have evolved?

Zeta: You have a different evolutionary process, a different genetic structure, and a different level of consciousness.

Human: When an animal is dying, surely they would be aware of what was happening. Are you saying that they don’t?

Zeta: They do not.

Human: So they would only have the awareness of the pain.

Zeta: Yes, of course. They do not understand, or have the capacity to understand, that they are transitioning. Now, the medium has seen your past pet. That is because the pet does not know that it has transitioned, it did not see

Human: But that’s the spirit…

Zeta: No, the spirit people know they have passed over, but the animals see no difference between being in the physical and being out of the physical.

A long conversation, we will now terminate.

[For more about the Zetas speaking through Paul Hamden, see Communications with the Zeta race]

Extra Terrestrial

Orbs – an etheric technology

  1. Introduction

Mysterious balls of light or orbs have been seen at different scales. They are either high in the sky alone or in groups, or close to the earth in scenes that are photographed most often using a flash from a camera. Out of curiosity, the extraterrestrial Zetas were asked through the medium, Paul Hamden, what these orbs were and how the lights were generated. Their answers indicated that both kinds can often be physical phenomena, but some instances are related to technologies originating in the etheric realm.

1.1 Orbs in the sky

Multiple balls of light or orbs in the sky often appear to have coordinated movements. The number of orbs seen at one time ranges from one to several hundreds, and they have appeared both in daylight against a clear blue sky and at night. Figure 1 shows typical examples of multiple orbs.

Figure 1. Examples of orbs in the sky

1.2 Orbs in local scenes

Another orb phenomenon occasionally appears in photographs of nearby scenes. For example, the photograph in Figure 2 shows a number of light spots scattered about the scene. Such circular spots or disks are usually assumed to be projections of three-dimensional orbs. If they were not orbs, they should not always appear as perfect circles in the photos. Alternatively, they could be tiny particles in the air reflecting the light from the camera flash back to the camera (see here).  However, many of these disks have complex internal details which may include the features of human or non-human faces. That perception could be attributed to pareidolia, the illusion of familiar objects in random displays, especially since we seem to be wired from birth to recognize faces. But perception of faces in these disks is not a rare event, so an unbiased observer might soon begin to question that the disks are random displays.

Figure 2. Illuminated disks

Figure 2. Illuminated disks

The images in Figure 3 are the disks in Figure 2 numbered 1 to 4. They were enlarged and enhanced using equalization and small increases in brightness. The images show examples of different kinds of non-human faces peering through a circular portal.


Figure 3. From left to right, numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Figure 2

Figure 4 shows the remaining three disks in Figure 2 processed the same way. There are suggestions of facial features, but the representations are not as good as those in Figure 3. Notice in Figure 2 that the disks numbered 1, 2, and 3 appear to be closer to the person’s body than the other disks. Could the proximity to this particular person’s body have helped to improve image fidelity?

Figure 4. From left to right, numbers 5, 6, and 7 in Figure 2

Figure 4. From left to right, numbers 5, 6, and 7 in Figure 2

2. Zeta knowledge of the orbs and disks

The extraterrestrial Zeta beings who come through the medium, Paul Hamden, were asked what they knew about the orbs in the sky and the disks nearer at hand. What are the two types of phenomena? How is the light produced? They were also asked if the balls of light that move across the sky have any relation to the much smaller disks photographed nearer the location of the camera? The following is the transcript of the ensuing conversation, beginning with the sightings of balls of light in the sky.

Zeta: Often they are projections of consciousness from us to a human. Rather than have a craft or a physical encounter with a human, there is a intermediary process, which is an “intention”. The intention is the act which is to be synchronized with the human. Sometimes the human’s perception is that an entity has stepped out of a ball of light or the craft has appeared out of light, but often the representation, the intermediary process, is to prepare the local consciousness of the human for a function which is to be performed.

Interviewer: How is the light produced?

Zeta: If the light is seen by many humans then it is a formation of electrons from the earth’s atmosphere. If it is seen by a singular human it can be an act of local consciousness, holographic representation… a thought.

Interviewer: You wouldn’t do that if there were more than one human?

Zeta: It would depend on the purpose behind the intermediary process.

Interviewer: Where do the craft come from?

Zeta: They are as varied as the races. Not all beings and races use the same process.

Interviewer: Which races create and use these balls of light?

Zeta: Of course, our race uses this process.

Interviewer: Do you know of any others?

Zeta: There are not human names to name the race.

Interviewer: Are there many?

Zeta: Most races, yes… it is a safe process to create this.

Interviewer: What is the purpose?

Zeta: Interaction, performance of a function… to connect to a consciousness.

Interviewer: Contact with your own?

Zeta: There may be, not that we would interfere with a local time line. There may be an action which is to be performed, so there must be a thought instigated to make this happen.

The Zeta explained that they might place an orb high in the sky to be seen by a person, “to prepare the local consciousness of the human for a function which is to be performed.” The purpose of sightings of this nature by particular humans is to synchronize them to have further interactions with the Zetas. The effect of the sighting might be as innocuous as placing a thought in the person’s mind which would cause the person to perform a certain action. The orb can be telepathically projected into a single person’s consciousness and still appear to be objectively real in the sky. But if several people are to see the orb, it will most likely be physically present in the sky, either as a craft emitting light or as a formation of electrons from the earth’s atmosphere; i.e., a plasma.

At this point, the interviewer changed the focus of the conversation to the disks that are most often photographed near the photographer, as in Figure 2. It is common usage to refer to these disks as orbs, and the interviewer does so as well.

Interviewer: Do the balls of light which go across the sky have a relation to orbs photographed nearby?

Zeta: There are many lights, there are many instances of lights, there are many types of light processes, some being the intermediary process as discussed, others being the craft themselves emitting light, others being the electrical interference in the atmospheric conditions. There are many types of phenomena. Even the spirit people are able to create a non-threatening process.

Interviewer: Humans readily accept this. Some of the smaller orbs seem to have faces in them, do these represent beings?

Zeta: Often yes, they are also a intermediary process, a projection of an entity that is wishing to communicate.

Interviewer: Are these orbs portals, used by a being to observe us?

Zeta: That is what I have said.

Interviewer: How are the orbs placed there?

Zeta: Simple function, you have your model air craft – they have remote controls. It is the same process. They are technologies.

The disks photographed nearer the photographer, especially when a flash was used, are an entirely different phenomenon from the orbs seen in the sky. According to the Zeta, these disks are not all images of particles in the air, such as dust or water droplets. Some are remote controlled devices that act as portals through which the physical environment can be observed from another realm. They can have complex internal structures that are representations of spirit beings who wish to communicate. We can often interpret the structures as images of faces.

3. Additional examples of faces in disks

Examples of faces in disks have accumulated as people present their photographs on-line. In most cases, the origins of the photographs are now unknown. I thank the owners of the photos for making them public. The array of processed disks in Figure 5 contain recognizable human and non-human faces, although the quality does vary somewhat. Roughly the same number of disks were also processed that clearly did not show a face, and these are not included. Some faces will be recognized immediately, while others may take a few seconds before they jump into focus. A few of the images were rotated to bring the faces to an upright position.

Figure 5. Array of enhanced disks with faces

Figure 5. Array of enhanced disks with faces

4. Discussion

The Zeta’s answers to our questions revealed that the two kinds of light phenomena, although very different, both originate in another realm.

The orbs in the sky are sometimes intended as a means of contact between a Zeta and a human. The orbs could be craft materialized from the etheric realm, or plasma balls created in the atmosphere by such craft. In some cases, an orb is sent telepathically to a single human for the same purpose, and appears physically real to that person. The perception seems to synchronize a telepathic communications channel so that further subtle interactions can follow.

Some photographed orbs or disks of light seen nearer to the photographer also originate in a non-physical realm. It is a device controlled remotely by a non-physical entity who also has the intention to communicate. The Zeta said, “Even the spirit people are able to create a non-threatening process”, suggesting that the attempts to communicate using these disks come from the spirit realm.

However, the Zeta emphasized that “There are many lights, there are many instances of lights, there are many types of light processes, some being the intermediary process as discussed, others being the craft themselves emitting light, others being the electrical interference in the atmospheric conditions. There are many types of phenomena.” That is, not all lights in the sky are communications from beings in another realm, and some disks of light in photographs may, in fact, be reflections from particles in the air.

The appearance of faces in the internal structures of the disks are likely symbolic attempts at communication and not mere accidental reflections from dust particles. Figure 3 and Figure 5 show a number of examples of “a projection of an entity that is wishing to communicate.” Although the recognition of patterns in the internal structure of a disk is subjective, there should be general agreement that many are representations of faces. The Zeta implies that their origin is the spirit realm.

The majority of the faces pictured above are non-human. Are they the actual faces of spirit entities who exist in the spirit realm? In a previous column, “Spirit realm as information structures”, the Zeta mentioned that spirits returning to the spirit realm may represent themselves visually however they wish, simply by intending to do so. So spirit people have the option to look like any human or non-human entity. On the other hand, since the face in a disk is a projection, it may be an avatar chosen for the device by the spirit operator.

Given that the disks are a manifestation of an etheric technology, can we say anything about how the technology works? In this regard, Ledwith (in Ledwith and Heinemann, 2007) discussed some interesting ideas from a scientific perspective based on extensive observations of orbs. Ledwith believes that the orbs themselves are stimulated by the camera flash to emit light. The evidence suggested that the light from the orb is delayed slightly relative to the much brighter camera flash, and so they must be separate events. He also proposed that the camera flash stimulates a process of fluorescence near an orb whereby the orb emits different colours.

Ledwith also believes that the orbs are under intelligent control. He even attempted communication based on “yes” and “no” answers, although the details are not disclosed in the book. Also, a few of his photographs show that masses of orbs can organize themselves into an amazing vortex structure. He concludes, “The overwhelming nature of this evidence has to show at least a significant level of consciousness in most if not all the orb forms. It is equally evident that they can also exhibit a group ‘mind’ when they appear, disappear, or otherwise maneuver in perfect unity.”

Ledwith has taken the theoretical position that orbs exist in an extension of our physical reality. He proposes that different levels of this reality somehow exist in widely separated octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our reality is invisible to beings in a higher octave until they develop a technology capable of seeing our part of the spectrum. He believes that orbs are such a technology.

The Zeta cosmology, as described in Treurniet and Hamden (2014), offers a different perspective. Spirit beings, who remotely operate the disks, exist in the etheric realm which is a dimension of a multidimensional reality in consciousness. They are said to have an etheric technology that enables them to interact with the physical realm. This interaction may use the quantum process that the Zetas mentioned in the context of healing the human body (Treurniet, 2015). The physical human body is maintained or healed using blueprint information obtained from a corresponding etheric body. The information is in the form of an etheric potential that becomes a physical potential via a process of quantum entanglement between the two realms. The state of an etheric entity is instantaneously reflected in the state of an entangled physical entity. The etheric device directly involved in the entanglement process appears to have the shape of a vortex.

The technology of the disks may also use quantum entanglement via the vortex process to communicate information to and from the physical realm. The state of etheric photons would be complementary to the state of entangled physical photons. Effectively, this would be a transfer of information since the etheric operator would then have the information needed to view the physical environment. To make the process reversible, a photon in the physical realm would need to be entangled with an etheric photon with complementary properties.  Photons might then be sent out from the physical disk by the etheric operator in response to the camera flash entering the disk, as proposed by Ledwith. The colours of the physical light emitted by the disk would be chosen by the etheric disk operator.

The process of quantum entanglement may be a general method for interactions between the physical and etheric realms. A quantum process was involved in transferring information from the etheric body to the physical body for healing (Treurniet, 2015). Also, a quantum entanglement process was specifically mentioned for the creation of a synthetic quantum environment, an energetic copy of a physical environment (see “Zeta technology” in Treurniet and Hamden, 2014). It seems likely, then, that quantum entanglement is also part of a technology that lets a being look into our world from the etheric realm.

5. Bibliography

Ledwith, M. and Heinemann, K. The orb project, Atria Books, New York, NY, 2007.

Treurniet, W.  The role of consciousness and the etheric body in health and healing, Spirit and Science Journal, September, 2015.

Treurniet, W. and Hamden, P. A Primer of the Zeta Race, 10th Edition, Copyright Hamden and Treurniet, 2014.

Extra Terrestrial

The creation process and states of love

We learned in “Introduction to Zeta communications” that the purpose of existence is to evolve so as to experience new things and make comparisons. The Zetas say that every conscious entity has the ability to make changes to their environment. All that is needed to be a creator is the intention to create. So all beings have the innate ability to reconfigure consciousness into whatever form they desire. Although the process of creation is rather technical, it should be understood since it underlies much of experience in the energetic realms. The following discussion explains how it works and what the ramifications are for existence.

Two attributes of consciousness space are important for the process of creation described by the Zetas. The dimension of love is an inherent property of this space, and each facet of every soul entity has the ability to love to a greater or lesser extent. Another essential property is a multidimensional grid analogous to a space-filling grid in our three dimensions. It is a basic construct in consciousness space that holds all creations. The grid itself is said to have no form unless it is distorted by a creation. That is, in its pure undistorted form, the grid is a potential that is not perceived.

The Zetas gave us a way to think about the energy of consciousness space by using the analogy of a waveform. A single waveform is said to represent all that is. Individual objects or beings are components of this waveform. Conversely, individual things integrated with the one waveform are recovered by a being’s perceptual process. Perception transforms the waveform into separate things for the being’s consciousness to experience.

A new creation alters the content of the one waveform. The process of creation is analogous to how laser light is used to make a simple hologram in our physical reality. The ordered states of consciousness or love are analogous to the spectrum of light. The particular vibrational energy of a being’s highest possible state of love corresponds to the particular colour of light used to make the hologram. This vibrational energy is modified by the being’s intention to produce a particular creation. The modified energy is combined with the being’s unmodified energy to produce a result analogous to the interference pattern of the hologram. This outcome represents the desired creation and is preserved in the all-pervasive grid.

Other beings operating at the same state of love or higher can, as an act of perception, reconstruct the thought created in this way in the grid. These beings may therefore share the same reality. A being whose highest state of love is lower than the state that created the pattern would not be able to do so.

In general, a being in a particular state of love cannot experience the creations of another being in a higher state of love. This constraint undoubtedly has a profound impact on the kind of relations that can exist among beings. For example, higher-level beings need not be exposed to other beings with little ability to love and who might be self-centred and abusive. Also, a Zeta pointed out that the human race is in a relatively low state of love, and so there is much information at higher levels that is beyond our reach. However, this may be a good thing since humans would likely use advances in knowledge to make more destructive weapons.

There is an exception to the general principle that lower-level beings cannot interact with higher-level beings. That is, the higher-level being may invite another being in a lower state of love to conjoin with it. Such a loving invitation would enable the lower-level being to resonate with the vibrational state of the higher-level being and feel its higher state of love. This accounts for the inexpressible love some people have felt from other beings during epiphanies in near-death and other transcendent experiences.

So why is it difficult for us to change our physical world with our thoughts when all that is required to create is the intention? According to the Zetas, physical objects are supported by templates in a higher dimension we call the etheric realm. The etheric templates specify the detailed properties of objects such as chemical composition, shape, position, and other physical attributes. When a being’s intention modifies an etheric template, there is a corresponding change in the state of the associated physical object. For example, altering the spatial position of the etheric form in relation to its environment causes the physical object to move. We call this motion ‘teleportation’ since it has no apparent physical cause. Various experiments have found that human intention can indeed influence matter, but only to a small degree.

Perhaps we are unable to form a proper intention to change our physical environment because our state of consciousness is not quite up to it. Our intentions are relatively ineffective because the etheric templates supporting the forms of matter were created by an entity operating at a higher state of consciousness. Its etheric creations would not be perceived by humans and would therefore be hard to manipulate. This suggests, as many people already believe, that the creator being has a higher state of consciousness, and is therefore more loving than humans are. The Zetas and other races hope and expect that humans will eventually reach that higher state of consciousness, and by so doing, overcome the barrier to communication with them.

Extra Terrestrial

The Nature Of Consciousness Space

Beings from the non-terrestrial Zeta race have given us much information via the medium, Paul Hamden, about the nature of the energetic realms and our place in it. They explain that consciousness is the basis for all existence, and there are constraints on experience that are analogous to our physical laws. This point of view resolves problems that our science considers inexplicable, including such things as physical mediumship phenomena and familiar sensations known as qualia. A number of these insights will be presented in this column.