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Author: Terrie Birch


Aspects of Above – Learning The Astrological Chart

Cosmic connections of the chart


astrological chart

When I am writing articles and newsletters, or whenever I am speaking or giving readings, I try to avoid jargon as much as possible, as one of my key intentions is to make the information and insights as accessible as possible to everyone, to make them applicable to everyday life.  It can be quite difficult to avoid astrological terms altogether though, and the two that you will hear frequently used, by all astrologers, are the words “aspect” and “transits”. I thought it might be helpful to explain a little of what these mean and their relevance when we are looking at charts. This time we will look at aspects, as they are an important part of birth chart interpretation, and transits, are seeing how the current astrology relates to a chart, so we’ll look at those next time.

The description “aspect”, is telling us that two or more planets have a connection, they are relating to each other.  As an example, I might say that Mercury is aspecting Saturn. I am describing the fact that Mercury and Saturn are interacting in some way. This connection might be easy and free-flowing, co-operative and supportive, encouraging positive expression of the characters of both planets and the signs they are in. If we connect into that energy, we feel the easy flow, things go well and we feel positive. Or the connection might be challenging or stressful, with contradictory energies that are naturally oppositional, bringing a tension to situations around us and within us.

These planetary relationships are no different from, and in fact mirror and echo, the relationships in our lives. There are some people we get on well with and naturally fall into an easy flow with. We might notice that they are easy to talk to, and we find that we are comfortable with each other and bring out the best in each other. That doesn’t mean to say that we never disagree or fall out, but the majority of the time things work well.

Then, of course, we all have the people who challenge us. When we first meet we might instinctively be cautious, or even take a dislike to someone and we might find we have nothing in common with them. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we just can’t get on with someone, we seem to annoy each other and argue. When we talk we can quickly become annoyed and find it difficult to see and accept the other’s point of view. In the same way, there are natural characteristics of signs and planets that can complement or contradict one other.

The chart below is for the upcoming Full Moon on 19th July 2016. The planets are represented by the symbols inside the chart, and the symbols around the very outside represent the signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc etc. The aspects, how the planets are relating to one another, are indicated by the lines in the innermost circle.

astrological chart


The easiest planet to spot is the Moon which is shown with a typical crescent Moon shape and can be seen at the top of the chart. The green symbol beside it and on the outside of the chart, which looks like a V and S combined is Capricorn. So, in this chart we have the Moon in Capricorn.

Here are all the symbols


Á Aries ª Sun
 Taurus « Moon
à Gemini ¬ Mercury
Ä Cancer ­ Venus
Å Leo ® Mars
Æ Virgo ¯ Jupiter
Ç Libra ° Saturn
È Scorpio ± Uranus
É Sagittarius ² Neptune
Ê Capricorn ¿ Pluto
Ë Aquarius ì Chiron
Ì Pisces North Node
í South Node


If we look at all the planets and which sign they are in, we begin to build up the picture of the personality or event the chart represents, the different facets and individual characteristics. We could then end up with a list that reads a bit like a grocery list or a list of ingredients for a recipe.

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Capricorn

Mercury in Leo

Venus in Leo

Mars in Scorpio

Jupiter in Virgo

Saturn in Sagittarius

Uranus in Aries

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn

Chiron in Pisces

North Node in Virgo

South Node in Pisces


To get an understanding of what these placements mean, we combine the keywords and the key energies of the planet and the sign. So, for example, Mars is our physical energy, how we assert ourselves, competitiveness, motivation, sexual drive and shows how easily we get angry. It rules Aries, a masculine Fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac, so this helps us to be spontaneous and initiating. Scorpio is a feminine Water sign, deep water in fact and it can be deep and mysterious and intense. It can be sensitive and feel things very deeply, but may not be able to cope with the intensity of these feelings and can therefore bury them beneath the surface. Scorpio has strong sexual urges and is not afraid to go to the taboo areas of life. We can see that the Fire of Mars will lose its spark in that deep water and operate in a different way. Taking on the characteristics of Scorpio, Mars can be dark, mysterious and brooding, there can be a strong sexual urge, and whatever it is doing it will tackle single-mindedly and even intensely. With this energy, we are likely to be driven to look more deeply at things, not just at what is on the surface, and especially deeply buried anger and emotional issues.

Now we have all our characters, all our ingredients in our recipe, but what do they make? How do we know whether we end up with a soufflé or a meatloaf? How do we know which flavours combine well, which will dominate, or if a certain combination will curdle the eggs? The answer to this is to look at the aspects. Aspects are the geometric relationships the planets make to each other and the closer the aspect, the stronger the effect.  An experienced astrologer, like a chef, understands the relationships between the individual ingredients and can see how they work together.


One of the easier connections is between planets in the same element. People who are aware of Sun signs often comment that they know they get on well with certain other signs in particular. The different elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water operate in unique ways and therefore, within each element, there is an inherent understanding of each other. So, the Fire signs naturally feel the Fire energy, the spark and warmth of their fellow Fire signs, the Earth signs share a practicality and down-to-earth nature, the Air signs like to think, communicate and share ideas while the Water signs have a shared sense of being intuitive, emotional and trusting their gut instincts.


If you look at the example chart again, you will see the various, different coloured lines going across the centre circle that represent the aspects. They show which planets are connecting with others and how well. The different colours denote different aspects and therefore different relationships. There is a key to the symbols below to show what the aspects are. Two planets in an aspect are like having two different points of view but often three or four will combine to make a much more powerful combination, an aspect pattern. If the planets in this pattern are working well together, they find a shared or complementary point of view; it can be a flowing, dynamic, optimistic and positive influence with much potential.  But if there are more difficult aspects involved, with differing points of view it is highly likely that we will have challenges to face. If you think of a birth chart where each planet represents a different facet of our personality, you can begin to see and understand how we can have internal conflicts.

Î Conjunction
Ï Opposition
Ð Trine
Ñ Square
Ò Sextile
Ó Inconjunct


If you find Neptune and Mercury in the chart and look at the numbers beside them, you will see that Mercury is at 11° 33¨ Leo and Neptune is at 11°42¨ Pisces. So this is a very close aspect as they are both at 11 degrees. The line connecting them indicates an inconjunct, sometimes called a quincunx This is a stressful aspect, the energies are quite internal and we feel an inner tension between the conflicting energies of the two planets as we try to find a way to harmonise and balance them. Often, it can feel like there is something unresolvable because there seems to be no common ground.

One of the key aspects of this Full Moon is a combination of three planets called a Yod, or sometimes called the Finger of Fate. It is a triangle pattern, a combination of two inconjuncts and a sextile. If you look again at the inconjunct aspect between Mercury and Neptune that I mentioned before, Mercury, and Venus beside it (conjunct) are actually at the head of this Yod. There are also inconjuncts going from Venus and Mercury to Pluto, and then Pluto and Neptune are sextiling each other. The South Node is closely conjunct Neptune too so joins in the fun! A Yod can be a very stressful aspect, as the three planets involved, have nothing in common, either in their element or the way in which the signs that they are in operate. If we have no common ground, how do we find a resolution? And that is the feeling we often get with a Yod. In this case, with the combination of these planets there is likely to be an old, karmic pattern of falling back into guilt, victimhood or escapism, whilst there is a need to be noticed, appreciated and valued, and power issues could surface, possible from authority figures. With Mercury, which rules the mind and communication at the apex, there could either be verbal power games or ego-based outbursts, or the conflict could be in the mind, going round and round, looking for a solution.


A Yod is also a karmic aspect and indicates an old energy pattern that might be ancestral. It can be a pattern that has been repeated through many generations and when it is highlighted, we have the opportunity to clear it. If you have a Yod in your birth chart, you have the opportunity in this life time to clear the ancestral karma that is indicated by the Yod, you are a potential lineage breaker!
An image that I have which might help to explain aspects, is of the chart being wired electrically. I see the round chart as a physical object, and the position of the planets are marked by different colour lightbulbs, which glow weakly or brightly according to how strongly the planet is being triggered. The aspect lines across the middle, representing the relationship between the planets, are different coloured strips or neon lights denoting the different aspects, so that the planets that are aspecting are wired to each other. When we look at transits next time, we will see how, when one planet in a chart is aspected by something in the current astrology, it activates any existing aspects in the chart.


I hope this has given you a bit of a flavour and understanding of the aspects of a chart and their importance in interpretation. Next time we will take this a stage further and look at transits, the continuing movement of the planets through the sky and how they affect us through the aspects that they make to our birth chart.

© Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.co.uk








What astrology can do for you

What can astrology do for you, have you ever wondered?

Last, month, I gave you an insight into the origins of astrology and what astrology is. We looked at how astrology has evolved into understanding and interpreting meaning from the celestial bodies and how the interpretation is applied to our Soul intention, character, our personalities and our behaviours, giving us a greater understanding of ourselves. The cycles of the planets are intricately and subconsciously echoed in the cycles of our own lives.

C.G. Jung …. Astrology is a sophisticated tool which can be used to mirror the processes of the unconscious and which can also be used as a guide through the unexplored realms of expanding consciousness,

Probably the biggest question we ask ourselves in our lifetime is, why am I here, or what am I supposed to be doing, what is my Soul purpose? I love how, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe, and everything was calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Finally, the much awaited answer was given -The number 42. This shocking answer resulted in the construction of an even larger supercomputer, named Earth, which was tasked with determining what the question was in the first place. As current inhabitants of Earth, we are eternally asking that question and seeking the answer, Astrology can give us an answer to these questions.

This time, we will explore further and look at how astrology can help us individually. In the years I have been studying and applying astrology, through my own experience, and those of my clients, I have found it to be an accessible and invaluable system that can be used by everyone for self-knowledge and spiritual growth. The more I learn, the more I understand about myself, my unconscious cycles and patterns and the more conscious I become. In fact, the more I have understood myself, the more I understand about other people and their unconscious programming and scripts, and the more accepting and tolerant of others I have become; now that can’t be a bad thing!

As I mentioned before, there are many branches or areas of specific interest within astrology, but the basis of all astrological study is an astrology chart, and for personal study we create a birth, or natal chart, using our birth date, place and time, if known. In simple terms, this chart shows the position of the planets at the time we were born and therefore what sign they were in. You might already know your Sun or zodiac sign, you might describe yourself as an Aquarian or a Pisces. This means, that the Sun was in that sign on the day you were born and this gives you vital information about your core personality. As well as this, our birth chart gives us the position and the sign that all the other planets were in. So, in addition to Sun in Aquarius, we might have, for example, Moon in Leo, Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Virgo, and so we begin to build up the different layers of the personality, and we can see that, although we share traits with people with the same Sun sign as us, the placement of the other planets are what make us different and unique.

How can astrology help?

Our natal chart, being as unique to us as our fingerprints, is a valuable tool for psychological understanding, for spiritual knowledge.  Exploring our chart gives us pieces of our own personal jigsaw puzzle of self-knowledge that we continue to add to throughout our lives. We can start simply, by ourselves, armed with our own chart and with the aid of some of the excellent books and articles we can readily find these days. We can easily find out our Sun and Moon signs and look at the interpretations for these. More pieces of the jigsaw come through adding the other planets which give other facets of the personality such as our emotions, how we react to situations and to others, how we relate, how we love, communicate and think.

Going deeper

If we want a deeper understanding of ourselves, we have to look into the chart deeper, and for this, we might need the help of a professional astrologer. Our chart not only shows personality but also our Soul intentions, karmic strengths and challenges and the Soul potential we have in this lifetime. A skilled astrologer can interpret the language of an astrology chart and help to unravel the threads of this life, giving it understanding and meaning and help us to discover our treasures. They can act as a guide on our journey, helping us to understand the past and helping us to see our way forward.

My special area of expertise is karmic, or as I like to call it, Soul astrology. This comes from my belief, or understanding, on a spiritual level, that we are eternal Souls who choose our lifetimes to help us evolve as Souls, although. most of us have no memory of our Soul planning meeting. Earth is one of many choices but considered to be quite a brave choice, because of the range and depth of emotions and experiences. In spirit, without any bodily form, we are pure light and, while emotions are experienced, there is little or no contrast. I often quote the saying “If you were an all-white person in an all-white room, how would you know you were white?” This is how we learn, through the contrasts in our lives. We cannot know love without hate, courage without fear, kindness without cruelty or compassion without indifference or criticism. Through difficult experiences, we learn and grow, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Without knowledge of our Soul planning meeting and our Soul intentions, navigating our human life can feel as if we are trying to find our way blindfold around a city we have never been to, and where people don’t even speak the same language as us. Astrology, and a skilled astrologer can act as your interpreter, guide, companion, torch holder and map reader on your spiritual journey.

Generally, we choose a life, and the life challenges that we are likely to experience, with the specific purpose of working on our Soul growth, of growing emotionally. In past lives, we have been working on certain emotional challenges. Some we will already have achieved, others we are still working on, and will be for many life-times to come. You might be wondering what you experienced in past lives and what you have chosen to work on in this lifetime. What are the key themes that will reoccur for you? What skills have you already attained, what positive karma can you draw on?

This is where karmic astrology comes in. It can reveal information on past lives, karmic wounds, the karmic lessons we are working on in this lifetime, the strengths and challenges we have to draw on, and our Soul intentions and purpose.

In future articles, I will be exploring some of the key Soul purposes that we often see in a chart such as balancing male and female energies, developing self-worth, nurturing and Mothering issues, the Karpman triangle, and emotional independence.

One of the biggest frustrations we can experience is of repeating patterns in our lives. These are an indication of a repeating karmic pattern from past lives which will keep recurring until we get the message! Our chart can not only reveal these patterns but can give us an understanding of why they reoccur. Then we can explore these energies and also those that we are looking to develop, to create a new, more productive and positive pattern.

Ancestral patterning is an area of spiritual growth which is very prominent at the moment and seems to be one of the key areas we are being challenged to look at, in order to raise our energies. We are gaining an increased understanding and acceptance of ancestral patterning and programming and the impact it has on us. I am noticing more and more workshops, books, crystals and trainings emerging, aimed at helping us to clear old ancestral programming and our birth chart has many strong indicators of our family background and our relationship with our parents. We can spend a lot of our adult life understanding and healing the experiences of our childhood


There is a specific pattern, or aspect that appears in a person’s chart when they have chosen, in this lifetime, to be a lineage breaker, that is, they have the opportunity to break an old ancestral pattern in this lifetime. We can often dedicate a whole consultation to this one area of our chart, looking at what it represents and exploring how it has manifested back through the lineage.

So, if we take the belief that we choose our lives, and our birth chart represents what we have chosen to work on in this lifetime, we can see that studying the chart and exploring the information it can reveal, can only help us gain a greater insight into our lives, and their purpose. We can gain an understanding of deeper issues, what lies beneath the surface. Importantly, it can put us back in control of our lives, instead of feeling that we are unwitting victims of a series of events that happen to us.

Unfolding the chart

So once we have some knowledge of our own chart, how can that help us on an everyday level?  Personal or Soul astrology doesn’t stop with the birth chart. In the same way, that our life begins with our birth and unfolds over the coming years, our chart unfolds too, mirroring and echoing the way we grow and evolve. Just to briefly use astrological terms, which I will explain more later, we can look at transits, our Progressed chart and Solar Return charts to help us on an everyday level and looking forward, as well as back. Standing in the present, we can look back for understanding and learning and look forward for guidance. One of the most empowering ways astrology can help us, is to follow the current astrology. The planets are influencing our lives in differing ways, all the time, with their own character, their own personality.



The birth chart is like a moment frozen in time, a snapshot of the cosmos at a particular moment, but the planets keep moving and in the current moment, we are experiencing the current astrology and how that astrology relates to us through our chart. Transits, describes the current astrology and that relationship. If the position of one of the planets at the moment, relates to something in our natal chart, it will trigger or highlight the energies of our chart and our personality. Whatever is happening now in the skies, we are feeling; how this feels, how we are affected, will be dependent on our birth chart, our karmic energies and Soul intentions, and our spiritual growth in this lifetime.  If a group of people were sat in a room and someone came in, looked around without saying anything and walked out again, everyone would have their own way of interpreting what had just happened, based on their own experiences and personality. If we asked them to write about the experience, each account would be different, even though they would only contain the same 26 letters. Some would be short, some would be long, some in sentences, some only in descriptive words. So, in the same way, through our own individual filters, we experience the energies differently, although the core themes will echo the personality of the planets involved.

If we have an understanding of the current astrology, and how it is likely to affect us or manifest for us, it helps us to look at events and our feelings differently, to look beneath the outward event for the deeper meaning and Soul learning. As I write this article, the planetary energies are particularly strong, due to two planets preparing to go retrograde. (For more information on retrogrades visit )

As the two planets are Mars and Pluto, the planets of action and transformation, when they slow down, as they are doing now, ready to go retrograde, it can feel particularly heavy and our shadow side, related to the planets’ energies, is often highlighted. I was given an excellent example of this recently. As well as slowing, Mars, has been prominent in the last few weeks. The planet of action and assertion, Mars often manifests in frustration and anger.  Someone told me how they were shocked at a stranger who had completely overreacted to a situation with a torrent of verbal abuse. Mars is the alpha-male energy, that of the warrior; soldier, fighting and wars. This male was described as having a voice like a sergeant major in the army, using his voice and large, muscly stature to threaten and intimidate. The recipient of this outburst, is a non-aggressive, peace-loving male, whose own Mars is in a passive sign and position in his chart. The aggressor, therefore, did not get an alpha-male challenge in response, but was shown the opposite, peaceful response, that did not rise to nor accept the challenge. Given the timing of the incident and the two opposite expressions of Mars energy, it would suggest that both men were being challenged to look at how Mars energy works in their lives, how they assert themselves and how they deal with anger. Having a knowledge of astrology and the current transits, would help them to look into the deeper meaning of this incident and what the self-knowledge and gift was for them.

In simple terms, our Progressed chart represents where we are now, in relation to our birth, where we started in this life. The natal chart is what we were born with, our Soul potential and the progressed chart shows where on our path we are now, how we have changed and grown. A simple analogy would be to say that the natal chart is our original software and the Progressed chart is the current update!

The Solar Return chart is our Birthday chart, when the Sun returns to its original position and represents the upcoming year for us. It is useful for seeing what influences are coming up. Both transits and the Solar Return chart are particularly useful for planning ahead. If we have something we want to do, we can use them to plan the best time to start a new project, move house etc., or avoid a time when difficulties might occur or we might not feel very strong, physically or emotionally.

So, there are many ways astrology can help us, whether it is to gain understanding of the past, ourselves and others, or in moving forward and planning ahead. The “ah-ha” moments that come along the way, when the pieces fit together and the bigger picture is seen, are empowering. and often cathartic, and always, ultimately, help us on our spiritual journey.

If you would like a copy of your own natal, progressed or Solar return charts, follow this link http://astrologywise.co.uk/store/c15/Order_a_chart.html

For more information on an astrology consultation visit my website www.astrologywise.co.uk

©Terrie Birch


What Is Astrology

I am delighted to have been asked to join the team of trusted contributors here on The Other Side Press and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and thoughts on astrology with you and hope that you will find something of interest and hopefully, of help. Some of you will be familiar with astrology, its concepts and how it can help us on our spiritual journey; while others’ experience of astrology is often limited to the horoscopes that we see in papers, magazines and on-line.

Like most spiritual subjects, astrology invites believers, sceptics and non-believers. These days, astrology is often criticised or dismissed as “fortune-telling,” but, as well as a spiritual subject, it is a science that goes back a very, very, long time. So where does astrology originate and what is it all about?

Astrology has been around for thousands of years, if not from very near the beginning of (human) time. The origin is so far back that today we cannot really know when man first noticed a correlation between the movement of objects in the sky, and the cycles of the seasons and tides. The Sun and Moon brought them warmth and light and there was a pattern in their movements, a cycle. Over time they came to know these movements and the understanding of the year came through understanding the Sun. Man came to know when and where in the sky the Sun would rise and how high it would travel. They learnt when to plant seeds, when to harvest the crops and when to hunt through the cycles of the Moon that also determined tides and river floods. From these understandings, the Sun came to represent life and vitality and the Moon, fertility.

A few years back, in my early days of astrology study, a holiday in France “synchronicitously” found me staying just a few miles from the prehistoric caves at Lascaux. Here, among the stunning cave paintings they have discovered one of the earliest examples of a lunar calendar, dating back some 15, 000 years.


You can read the article here;

You can read the article here;


Many ancient buildings and sacred sites around the world have been found to be aligned to the directions and celestial events such as the Solstices and the Equinoxes. I was privileged to have been in Egypt in December 2014 for the Winter Solstice. Before leaving, I discovered that Karnak temple was listed as one of the ten best places to view the Winter Solstice and we were lucky to be able to be there to see this amazing spectacle. It was easy to imagine the awe with which ancient peoples viewed the Sun and its powers. Karnak temple was built around 1391-1351 BC in the era of Pharaoh Ramses II and the Winter Solstice Sun rises spectacularly in the entryway between the high walls of the ancient monument.

Juan Belmonte of the Canaries Astrophysical Institute conducted a survey of 650 Egyptian temples and found that most of the sites were built in recognition of celestial events – especially sunrise on the equinoxes and solstices. This is echoed through the world in many civilisations as well as the Ancient Egyptians; these civilisations were all very aware of the skies and the movements of the planets which they often worshipped, particularly the Sun or Ra as the Egyptians knew him.

Over time, man grew to see a further correlation between the celestial bodies and terrestrial events. Other planets were noticed and mapped and characteristics attributed to them. No court was complete without its own astrologer to guide the monarch. John Dee worked personally for Queen Elizabeth I and many famous astronomers such as Johanne Kepler and Galileo Galilei worked as court astrologers. On a personal level, charts were most often used for medical knowledge with herbs grown, harvested and prescribed according to the person’s chart. There was no distinction between astronomy and astrology as there is now. The study of the movements and their effect on us were all studied together, whereas today astronomy and astrology have become separate. Astronomy is now a purely scientific study of the skies and the separation of the two occurred around the 1700s.

Astrology has evolved into understanding and interpreting meaning from the celestial bodies and their movements and when used on a personal level, the interpretation is applied to our character, our personalities and our behaviours. Our lives are cycles echoed by the movements of the planets and their study can help us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves. We can also create a chart for an event, like a Full or New Moon. Below is an example of a chart, showing the symbols for the planets and the signs they are in at that moment in time. The symbols of astrology have special psychological meaning and have remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years.



Bill Anderton, in “Life Cycles” (The Astrology of Inner Space & Its Application to the Rhythm of Life) explains part of astrology’s evolution like this;

What has really changed is the attitude towards their significance ….During the first half of the 20th century, work initiated by Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar precipitated a change in many astrologers’ attitudes towards the stars and planets. They began to say that the planets no longer ruled us, but could be seen to act as guides for the journey of inner exploration. Relevant to this is the work of C.G. Jung who pointed out that the symbols of the zodiac were representations of inner, unconscious processes and archetypes that have been projected into the environment. …. Astrology is a sophisticated tool which can be used to mirror the processes of the unconscious and which can also be used as a guide though the unexplored realms of expanding consciousness,

Today, the study of astrology has many branches or areas of specific interest. Some people study health and healing, others finances, world events, psychology, business or the best places in the world for us to live. Natal astrology, uses the person’s natal, or birth chart created from their birth date and place (plus time if known).

If your experience of astrology is limited to the horoscopes of the mass media, you can be forgiven for thinking that that is all there is to astrology. These, as with everything, have some value, but are not a good representation of the scope and breadth of astrology and its benefits. This approach is often quite superficial or frivolous and, as it is based purely on the zodiac or Sun sign, gives the same interpretation or prediction for each twelfth of the population with that sign. Although our Sun sign represents the major part of our character, and knowing our Sun sign gives us valuable information about our personality and self-expression, astrology is much more than that, as are we. Our Sun sign is only a part of our whole personality and we need to look at the position of all the planets to get a true picture of the whole person.

Judging or labelling our whole personality purely by our Sun sign reminds me of the story of a group of blind men who have never encountered an elephant before, so they examine and describe one by touching the part in front of them. The one who got the trunk described a snake-like creature; the one touching the leg envisioned an animal built like a tree, and so on…Knowing only your Sun sign is like only one blind man touching the elephant. What he feels and describes is correct and relevant but it gives you a tiny bit of the picture and no idea of the overall picture.

There is a wonderful image and the poem of The Blind Men and The Elephant by John Godfrey Saxe here;


We are all multi-faceted personalities, like the many sides of a diamond and the other facets represent the position and role of the other planets in our chart, each one of which has its own energy or personality. Our Sun sign is about our basic self-expression, with the other planets in the chart building the other facets such as our emotions, how we react to situations and to others, how we relate, how we love, communicate and think, the stresses and challenges we face, our health and energy, and the strengths and assets that we have to draw on. Applying karmic astrology gives us an understanding of past lives, our karmic inheritance, Soul purpose, strengths and challenges.

Astrology, I believe, is an invaluable tool for self-knowledge and spiritual growth. Our natal chart, being as unique to us as our fingerprints, is a valuable tool for psychological understanding, for spiritual knowledge and astrological counselling. A chart not only shows personality it also shows the potential we have in this lifetime.

The more you understand about astrology, the greater the insight you gain into your life and that of everyone around you. I look forward to sharing my insights with you and to being a guide on your inner journey of exploration.

©Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.co.uk