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Famous Paranormal Investigator Dies Mysteriously

New Delhi: Renowned paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari dies under mysterious circumstances in his bathroom. He is one of the most famous paranormal investigators in India and reportedly visited over 6,000 haunted locations and was the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society.

According to the India Paranormal Society website, Gaurav was a pilot by training and had investigated everything from haunted places, ufo abductions and mysterious creatures.

Gaurav was no stranger to the media and was repeatedly seen on Tv investigating and helping those under the influence of some reported paranormal activity. He was active in educating people about the paranormal. However, he reported to his wife that a negative force or entity was pulling him towards it and a month later after this confession to his wife, he died in his bathroom at his home is Dwarka when both his father and wife were present.

TOI quoted Gaurav’s father Uday Tiwari, saying “Gaurav told his wife a month ago that a negative force was pulling him towards it. He had said he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so. My daughter-in-law ignored it thinking he was just depressed due to work overload and did not tell us about it,” he said.

His family still maintaions that he was under no stress or pressure that would have caused him to take his own life. His comments about the alledged paranormal force were falling on deaf ears, though he reached out and told his wife that he was failing in his battle with the dark force.

Tiwari’s parents reportedly told the police that he was depressed and that many arguments existed within the famliy about the lack of his support financially and the late hours he would entertain because of his work.

The case may have similar nuances to Ed and Lorraine Warren’s famous cases as Gaurav was reprted to have been investigating the case of a demon possessed girl in Dheli the day before his death.

Police are considering the act of suicide but there is also the hypothesis that he was under some influence that may have caused him to take his life. Whether or not this is true, it does give food for thought and gives credence to the fact that danger lurks within a world we cannot see and are yet to comprehend.

via Spooky: Paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari dies a mysterious death in his bathroom!


Is This Really Haunted – The Oaks Homestead

The Oaks homestead in Oakhurst New South Wales, Australia, is one place full of paranormal activity – allegedly. It has been investigated by paranormal teams who have all reported the place is a hive of activity, but one top team in Australia reports is a lot more realistic.

west sidney paranormal

The Owner of the Oaks is continually experiencing the increase in activity and paranormal phenomena. The property is steeped in history and the activity has been going on for many years.

‘The Oaks’. It is a magnificent, two-storey building, built between 1895-1897 by William Golding. Many people have experienced many aspects of a plethora of paranormal phenomena such as;

  1. Apparitions – Many have reported seeing the apparition of a young girl age range of about 8-9 years old. She has been seen wandering around the home and upon the surrounding bushland. The current owner has also confirmed the siting of a grave within the local bushland.
  2. Audible Phenomena – The staff of the home have heard their names being called clearly when they were the only people within the home. Footsteps have also been heard in the night. At first, the owner thought there may have been intruders in the home.
  3. Emotional Intrusion – There have been several reports of people feeling fearful, anxious and uneasy as well as feeling off balance physically.
  4. Electricity Issues – These are frequently reported as issues.

West Sydney Paranormal EVP

The team at WSP (West Sydney Paranormal) did manage to catch some EVP of the home. There are voices, knocking, and other strange sounds.

via The Oaks Historic Homestead – WestSydneyParanormal

Some members of the team also claimed to have witnessed a shadow figure in a bedroom on the lower levels of the home.

You have to make up your mind if this is enough to pique your interest as the group were unable to document anything of any substantial paranormal aspects. One thing to note is that many old homes need much repair and sometimes the owners of the said homes find that opening to paranormal events can help alleviate that issue. Nevertheless, there are places where the phenomena is substantial and much more activity is being recorded. Is there a place where there is a lot of paranormal activity that you would like to report. Contact us at paranormal daily news.

There are plenty places to investigate but as with anything in life, make sure you take the relevant precautions to ensure your safety at all times. The paranormal world is a dangerous place to tread.

via The Oaks Historic Homestead – WestSydneyParanormal

To find out more about WSPR (West Sidney Paranormal Group)


The History Of The Spirit Board

The history of the spirit board

The spirit board was borne of the belief that people could communicate with the spirits of the dead. Such spiritualism whish caught the attention of the masses in the 19th century about there. The spirit board, started based on the history of the talking board. In the years of about 1840, precisely in 1848, there was a supernatural occurrence in New York. This  was when a pair of sisters, namely Margaret fox and Kate Fox, made contact with the spirits of those had passed on. Such an occurrence where live human being could make active communication with their long gone companions was received with great enthusiasm and this, not only did it intrigue many people but it enraptured them to know that such a contact with spirits of the dead could even be made. The treasures were those who’s gift was speaking  to the spirits of the dead were considered valuable and their gifts were priceless. The mediums were a unique category into which only people with that gift of communication with souls that are long gone.

There was the invention of many interesting ways which the dead’s spirits used the mediums to communicate to the living. All these methods of communication with the living were methods invented by the mediums themselves. One among those ways was table tipping. The ones who sought to communicate with the spirits of the dead, would lightly put their fingers on the table and as a message came through from the world of the dead, the table would tip over and knock upon the floor on the letters of the alphabet that had been called. The mediums could use less noisy methods of communication with the spirits of the dead through jotting done of the messages which came across from the land of the dead through the channeling mediums. The tool developed from a pencil into a planchette which was heart shaped. The mediums came to find out that the planchette could serve the purpose of a pointer and that was the discovery leading down to the path paving way for the board which was later to be known as the talking board.

The challenge that accompanied the discovery of the planchette was the difficulty it posed in writing for it turned out to be a very burdensome challenge just keeping the planchette lodged onto the piece of paper upon which the writing was to be made. The challenges the mediums faced in getting the messages written down had them coming up with a wide range of gadgets with alphanumeric characters accompanied by their odd looking pointers and needles. In about 1890, there was what was now referred to as the talking board which had a pointer onto the alphanumeric characters that were being channeled from the spirit through the medium. Later on, the board was converted into a board onto which the letter of the alphabet had been inscribed and the planchette to move over the board as the mediums get information from the spirits of the dead.


Equipment You Need For A Ghost Hunt

Best Equipment For A Ghost Hunt

Nothing as frightening as a ghost pass by without you capturing it. What’s more frightening is not seeing one, it’s the wind that blows and the sounds that you hear that send chills up your spine leaving you goose-face. Some say ghosts don’t exist while others believe they are there with us, sleeping right under our noses. Well first for you to catch one you have got to believe you are going to catch one. Then you have to know where to find one. Of course, it can’t be in your backyard not unless this ghost loves kids and takes milk in the morning instead of feeding on your fear and soul.

A haunted house, for example, would be the most ideal. Haunted houses are normally those big abandoned houses that have owls flying in and out. Another place you can find ghosts is in the cemetery. There has got to be a bunch of old grannies with broom sticks hovering all over there. Also look for them in schools at night and maybe prisons.  You can’t just run towards a ghost and catch it. That’ll be foolish.

There are a number of equipment that you require. Nothing really too fancy just something that will let you to the physical side of the ghost. Number one on the list and the most important of them all is a ghost camera recorder. Don’t worry, it’s just an ordinary camera recorder, I just put in the Ghost to spice it up. I know you’re thinking, ‘camera! What in the world is that for?’ Well how else will you prove you saw one? You don’t want to keep the information to yourself, do you now? Then again if the ghost passes behind you how else would you know or tell? If you could get a 360 camera, the better as you get all angles though this one is expensive. Second on the list is an EMF sound meter.

Ghosts have something to do with electricity blah blah blah… and magnetic fields. Who cares, I wasn’t that good in physics but all I know this EMF thing will help you get the job done. You think I’m lying wait till you catch one and pass an electric circuit through it. The EMF meter picks disturbances from nearby that may be caused by the ghost. You can get a good EMF sound meter online at a fairly good price. Last but not least, (drum rolls), the infrared thermal scanner. Quite challenging to use but once you get the hang of it you are good to go. You may place this at several spots in the room for hunting and it’ll be able to detect thermal changes. There are several apps coming with inbuilt thermal scanners so you can use those as well. As you do this be on the look out for any abnormal activities, we don’t want us catching aliens or witches instead let’s leave that for the CIA. You can attract ghost by placing webs at strategic points and candles forming a triangular shape with a circle. After that ensure the area is properly covered, meaning what goes in doesn’t come out. That’s all, seat back and wait for your ghost to come.


The Higgs Boson Particle – A Hidden Reality

The discovery of the Higgs Boson particle by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, cracked a new perspective into how we fundamentally understand the physical world.

What exactly is the Higgs Boson particle?

To understand it, we’ll first ask ourselves “What is mass?” Mass, basically (I’m no physicist, so please forgive the crude explanations), is when you push on an object and you feel resistance from that object as you push it. It’s what makes up something, the amount of matter that constitutes any given object. This, then logically begs the question: “Where does this mass come from?” To which the answer is, obviously, a bunch of different things. Electrons, protons, and a whole slue of sub-atomic particles. The next question is, “Where does the mass of protons and electrons and so forth come from?” And in that question, we get to what exactly the Higgs Boson particle is.

In order to visualize what exactly the Higgs Boson is, imagine that the world is surrounded by an invisible molasses. When electrons, quarks and other sub atomic particles move through space, they pass through this invisible molasses, experiencing resistance. The measure of this resistance would give us the mass of these subatomic particles. This molasses is, essentially, what is known as the Higgs Field. The Higgs Field is made up of Higgs Boson particles. Now, that analogy isn’t perfect, so I’ll have to mention that unlike molasses, the Higgs Field doesn’t not slow sub atomic particles due to friction.

I’m sorry, what? An invisible field

Exactly. For a long time, this theory was thought to be another wild theory on something that humans can’t see with their own eyes. Most of the scientific community laughed off the notion that there was a type of field that was imperceptible to humans. For a long time, no one knew how to even test such a crazy idea, until October 8th, 2013. A group of scientists decided to speed up sub atomic particles to the speed of light, and smash them together.

The idea behind it is that when you smash something together at the speed of light, space—for lack of a better phrase—jiggles a little. When space jiggles, you should be able to see the Higgs Field jiggles as a result. With the right amount of jiggling, a particle is bound to pop off. Really, the big deal is that the chances of a Higgs particle bouncing off is near one in a trillion. As you can see, a lot of scientist thought that even trying something with such infinitesimal chances was a waste of time and resources.  You wouldn’t be alone in that, a lot of scientists ridiculed this notion.

It all changed though, and eventually, against all odds, one of these particles reared its impossible head. This confirmation is important, because is serves to answer one of the most basic questions about human understanding of existence. Based on what the results of this experiment show, we can now begin to understand what, exactly, gives sub atomic particles their mass and how the universe was formed.

This is great, but why should I care?

While you might not be a physicist, the discovery of the Higgs Boson is a classic story of the underdog. When something is right, when it is true, fighting for it against all odds is the only thing that matters. It might take half a trillion tries, but it’s worth it. This lesson is way more important than the discovery of some trivial sub atomic particle. What we can learn in the story of the discovery of the Higgs Boson pushes beyond the findings of a complex physical question. While it might not impact your life to know that there are even tinier particles than atoms, it might behoove you to know that despite what anyone might be telling you, your one idea, thought, or personal project is one step away from fruition.


Secrets Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is no secret, and it remains the oldest and largest pyramid on Earth. It’s so old and large, in fact, that it still baffles modern scientists today, who all squabble about how, what, and who could have possibly built this monolithic structure. There are many different theories and ideas about how it could have been constructed with simple prehistoric tools. At the end of the day, there still isn’t one definitive answer to any of those questions—and there probably won’t be for some time. There have been numerous recent findings, however, that have blown all past theories out of the water.


Below are some of those uncommon facts, recently discovered, that throw a wrench into our modern understanding of the Great Pyramid in general. The titles are hyperlinked to other sources you can check out, if you want to do further research for yourself, I strongly recommend it!


  1. The Pyramid is not a tomb.


While the Pyramid of Giza has traditionally been explained as the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, there hasn’t, to date, been any findings of burial equipment or remains that would signify that the pyramid was used as a tomb. Essentially, what they found locked away deep in the heart of the pyramid was an empty granite box. This granite box was constructed with perfect mathematical dimensions, and its stark contents contrast greatly with other sarcophagi dedicated to dead Pharaohs.


  1. An 8-Sided Pyramid?!


Another mind-blowing discovery, one that modern science still have yet to explain, is the fact that the Great Pyramid is actually eight-sided. When viewed during the Autumn and Spring equinox, the sides of the Pyramid reveal themselves to be slightly concave, splitting each of the four sides in two mathematically equal halves. This begs the question, “If this was built in ancient times, how in the world could they have known all that?”


  1. The Pyramid as the center of math.


A man by the name of John Taylor in 1859 proposed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built to represent the mathematical phenomena of pi, and the golden ratio, both of which are essentially the foundations of all math on Earth. Taylor found out that if you divide the perimeter of the Great Pyramid by its height, you get pi. Taylor goes on to describe that if you do this same equation with a circle you get the same result, pi, and he argues that the Pyramid was built in order to represent the spherical nature of the Earth. If this is true, it would suggest that the ancient Egyptians understood way more about math, the universe, and space than we originally thought.


  1. Ley Lines, anyone?


The final, and my favorite uncommon fact about the Pyramid of Giza, is the fact that there are now scientists who believe that the Pyramid of Giza is connected mathematically with multiple different ancient religious sites throughout the world. This train of thought originated from a man named Alfred Watkins, who in 1921, began dancing with the idea that all prehistoric religious sites were lined up in straight lines all across the globe called “ley lines.”


If those facts aren’t unsettling, or at least intriguing, then I’m not sure what is. What these simple discoveries show us is that, despite our technology and modern understanding, there are numerous things about our past that we will never quite understand. The best way to approach an answer is to keep an open mind.


Einsteins Theory Proven Correct

Science has finally claimed they have detected gravitational waves in space, which is the theory of relativity that einstein predicted over a century ago.

This breakthourgh has excited the physics and astronomy experts who now say they can look at the universe differently from now on. Scientists have always known about the possibilty, but for the most part, it has beeen mainly an unproven theory. However, now a a team of astrophysicists using over a billion dollars of equipment detected the waves when they witnesses the colision of two black – holes. This means the space time theory introduced by Einstein is no longer a theory but a proven fact.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said California Institute of Technology physicist David Reitze

“It’s been a very long road, but this is just the beginning,” Louisiana State University physicist Gabriela Gonzalez told the news conference, touting the opening of a new era in astronomy

How Was This Achived?

This was acheived by using giant laser detectors located in Louisiana and Washington State.

“The colliding black holes that produced these gravitational waves created a violent storm in the fabric of space and time, a storm in which time speeded up, and slowed down, and speeded up again, a storm in which the shape of space was bent in this way and that way,” Caltech physicist Kip Thorne said.

The two laser detectors work together and are known as the Laser Interfermometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), which were able to pick up small vibrations of passing gravitational waves. The scientists were then able to convert the waves into sounds and listen to the black holes crashing and merging, which only increased the excitment of the discovery.

The meaning behind this is truly remarkable and opens new doors of research into the universe and the existence of the beginning of time that has been ellusive so far.

“It is really a truly, truly exciting event,” said Abhay Ashtekar, director of Penn State University’s Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos. “It opens a brand new window on the universe.”

Perhaps we are now getting closer to understanding theories as fact such as space time travel and the reality of space matter.To get a sense of this, imagine that you are swimming in a pond when someone drops a giant rock into it. However, instead of simply bobbing up and down with the resulting ripples, imagine that the ripples physically caused you to get larger and smaller as they passed through you. That’s essentially what happens when gravitational waves pass through space in the universe

Perhaps our reality is about to change and what has been known for thousands of years is now being taken even more seriously.

via Einstein gravitational waves theory proven

via Einstein Gravitational Theory Proven Right — a Century Later

Crystal Consciousness

Golden healers crystal consciousness

The evolution of crystal consciousness: Golden healers



Just as human consciousness is evolving and shifting to a higher level, so too, it would appear, is crystal consciousness. New Quartz finds display an ever higher frequency. Golden Healers are an excellent example of this. They have been coming out of the ground with increasingly finer vibrations creating a multi-dimensional ladder to higher awareness. First there was the lovely Arkansas Golden Healer, ‘a master healer filled with Christ Consciousness’ (John van Rees). Then came the stunning Rainbow Mayanite from the Cascade Mountains. Marketed as an ‘Ascension Stone for 2012’ (Kelly Conn) but rapidly revealing itself as so much more. That was quickly followed by the incredibly high vibration of Green Ridge Quartz earthed by its iron-coating. An amazing healer.

On a trip to Egypt I found potent Nubian Temple stones but the situation there has made it impossible to return for more. Those that I was able to bring back did their transformational work, however, going around the globe to reveal their ancient wisdom. Sometimes such crystals emerge for a short space of time, as required, and then return to apparent obscurity again. Much the same happened with the Rainbow Mayanite as a mining permit wasn’t granted for a year or two but I see Kellie has it for sale again [] They are still at work however whether in or above ground.

And finally, for the time being but who knows what will have revealed itself by the time this article is published, the unique Celtic Golden Healer from a crystal dragon mountain in Wales. Our very own UK Golden Healer. Sparkling with Merlin and draconic energy for magical transformation, accompanied by the delicate star-being attuned Celtic Chevron Quartz and something other that is waiting to reveal itself.


Nubian Temple stone c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk


Generic Golden Healer Quartz

Found in several forms ranging from transparent to milky, Golden Healer Quartz, with its high iron content, has an extremely active vibration and is suitable for all sacred and healing space. Creating immense peace, it is often found around sacred sites as water worn opaque pebbles, like Nubian Temple Stones, or laid down in layers, such as potent Rainbow Mayanite. It contains a high ratio of Qi and Bioscalar Healing Waves that create a multi-dimensional healing layout around a site or the planet, or between the cells of the physical body. It acts as a catalyst for profound spiritual growth. Golden Healer purifies and re-energises the chakras, rapidly releasing toxic mental or emotional conditioning. [extracted from Earth Blessings: using crystals for personal energy clearing, earth healing and environmental enhancement.]


Arkansas Golden Healer



Arkansas Golden Healer c. Michael Illas Crystal Wisdom Oracle


Carrying the divine essence of All That Is and high concentrations of the universal life force or Qi, Golden Healer Quartz has an exceedingly high vibration that takes the master healing power of Quartz to another level. Using this Quartz raises your vibrations to meet those of the crystal. It is a catalyst for profound spiritual activation. Golden Healer is incredibly active, the iron oxide in the stone amps up the power exponentially and creates a multi-dimensional energy grid around our planet. This Quartz has the iron content within the crystal itself or between the layers of the Quartz as well as a dusting or coating on the crystal. Accessing multi-dimensional, interstellar healing power and bringing Christ Consciousness down to the earth, it potentizes healing on all levels. This is a wonderful tool to prepare the lightbody for an influx of cosmic energy that expands awareness. Using it helps you to walk in Christ Consciousness on the earth so that your whole being helps the planet to ascend. Golden Healer carries natural bioscalar waves that heal at multi-dimensions and intercellular levels. It purifies, aligns and re-energises the chakras and rapidly releases ancient emotional conditioning held in the solar plexus. The crystal harnesses the personal will held in that chakra with that of divine will held in the chakras above the crown so that the Higher Self becomes the guiding light rather than the ego. This stone facilitates making profound changes in your life with minimum fuss and effort. [Extracted from Crystal Bible volume 3]

Using Arkansas Golden Healer: Place a large Golden Healer under a healing couch, or grid small ones at each corner to experience multi-dimensional cellular healing for the physical, subtle and light bodies. You can dedicate your Golden Healer to send peace and healing into our world.




Rainbow Mayanite


Rainbow Mayanite c. Jeni Campbell


Discovered in 2011, naturally iridescent Rainbow Mayanite was marketed as a support for riding out the planetary changes of 2012 and the shift to a new Mayan astrological cycle. A self cleansing stone, it was recommended for rainbow chakra healing, kything and activation of new joy, focus, purpose and stepping on to your true path. The crystal quickly revealed that its true potential was far greater. Rainbow Mayanite is a Golden Healer taken to new heights. With exceedingly high vibrations, it contains natural bioscalar healing waves. Not a stone for the fainthearted or the inexperienced, Rainbow Mayanite de-energises old patterns from any source, taking out debris and karmic encrustations from the past and pulls out toxic dross that you have absorbed from other people or the environment that has lodged between the subtle layers of your etheric body. It builds new, more supportive structures at every level as we move into the expanded consciousness of the New Age.

The minerals that percolated deep through the Quartz to create the deep yellow coating and myriad rainbows were strongly concentrated and this stone takes you into the depths of yourself to discover your own inner rainbow treasures.

Rainbow Mayanite works in different ways according to its natural shape… As a blade Rainbow Mayanite really comes into its own but needs to be used with delicacy, sensitivity and higher awareness in the hands of a skilled healer as otherwise auric damage may occur. This highly intelligent crystal knows exactly how to work and a Rainbow Mayanite blade simply requires the sensitive cooperation of a practitioner, not direction or control which would limit its abilities… Pieces that combine both shapes, blades and chunky points, work on all levels simultaneously and are perfect for gem essences for multi-dimensional and intercellular healing.

[Extracted from Crystal Bible volume 3]


Using Rainbow Mayanite: ‘Combed’ all around the aura, Rainbow rapidly dissolves cords, attachments, hooks, patterns and implants from any dimension and any timeframe that are caught up in the etheric levels and replaces destructive cellular memory or auric imprints with a new beneficial matrix bringing about core soul healing. Releasing detrimental spiritual connections and past life jealousies and interference, it calls in cooperation, light and dynamic unconditional love. The Rainbow Mayanite then creates a non-penetrable interface around the outside of the aura to protect the biomagnetic sheath and multi-dimensional bodies. It continues to repattern the energy field to its optimum functioning and highest frequency. If even a tiny scrap of toxic or inappropriate energy has been left in the aura, Rainbow Mayanite highlights the last remnant of transmutational work required. Having brought such scraps to your attention, it dissolves them, de-energises the memory structure left behind, and replaces them with divine sparks.


Green Ridge Quartz



Iron coated Green Ridge Quartz with Clear, Orange and Golden healers c. Jeni Campbell,


Green Ridge Quartz is a Golden Healer with exceptionally high vibrations. The more we align our own vibrations, expand our awareness and interact with higher dimensions, the more information encoded within such crystals manifests. Higher vibration crystals resonate with the journey of our soul and the process of enlightenment: literally bringing light into our inner being and the fabric of our physical body, reminding us that: We are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us – Chief Seattle. Green Ridge is found in several varieties: Clear, Amethyst, Orange, Golden and Iron-coated forms, some with metals included. They link in a spectrum of vibrations.

A combined Iron-Golden Healer helps the soul to remember what’s hidden, bringing up the deeper issues and karmic wisdom. The lighter bits are for soul remembrance.

Green Ridge Iron-coated is like a pipe cleaner brush that reaches all the little areas that couldn’t normally be released. The dark iron entraps material not needed in the energetic body – the iron transfers it through the greenish clear Green Ridge Quartz. As the coating flakes away so the negativity is removed. It creates an energetic circuit: a vortex pulling down material that needs cleaning from the dantien and the spiralling energy into the crystal. An Iron-coated plate removes deep ancestral and shadow material from deep within – deeper than we know about. These are lower vibrational aspects that are usually ignored – shadow things we’re not proud of, residual emotions, unethical acts that can go way back into the past. These aspects need to come out as we can’t hold the lower vibrations any longer. It sheds the outer layer, clears the crap to reveal the light inside. ‘Filaments’ then connect to the other soul aspects and the subtle bodies so that integration can take place once the cleansing has occurred. A small densely Iron-coated plate on the throat pulls out cords attached to old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve.

The Orange Green Ridge is highly energising and creative, giving the sacral chakra an effective cleanse from previous relationship hooks and leaving it ready to start anew. It also has an activating effect on the soul star chakra, linking it into the whole chakra system at both higher and lower vibrational levels.


Soul Star with Rainbow Coating charged by Judy Hall (3)

c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk


A Green Ridge Light-Golden plate acts as a life support system while healing work is being done in much the same way as a life support machine works in a hospital. It takes over running the physiological and autonomics systems for the physical body. This enables delicate healing to be undertaken which can then be anchored in the physical body. As with all Golden Healer Quartz it is a master healing crystal.

Clear Green Ridge

Clear Green Ridge Quartz is excellent for the outer edges of a grid as it draws in healing and transmutational energy. It clarifies and fine tunes the changes set in motion by the chakra crystals. It opens the crown and higher crown chakras like a kaleidoscope to see what’s inside and to make powerful high vibrational connections for the lightbody and to higher beings. It literally brings enlightenment, light into every cell of your being.

Mining in the Green Ridge mountains


Using Green Ridge Quartz

Green Ridge Quartz makes an excellent healing grid and facilitates profound shamanic journeying. The different forms are a continuum of healing energy and should be used together laid out along the chakras of the body, with Iron-coated Green Ridge at the base, Orange Green Ridge over the sacral, a Golden plate over the heart or throat, and Clear or Clear with Amethyst above the head at the Soul Star or Stellar Gateway. The combination disassembles everything that’s happened previously so that a new program can go in. Clear Green Ridge then clarifies and fine tunes. It opens the crown and higher crown chakras like a kaleidoscope to see what’s inside. It then anchors the energies into the here and now.

[Extracted from  ‘New Crystals’. Buy one from:



Celtic (Welsh) Golden Healer


Celtic Golden Healer, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk


An extraordinary find. Full of magical Merlin energy. As high in vibration as the Green Ridge Quartz I prize so highly. So nurturing, so joy-full, infused with sunshine and such good vibes. But this crystal is an excellent cleanser too, both physically and psychosomatically. It releases all that no longer serves, especially negative, toxic thoughts, and infuses you with new energies.

The crystal is very talkative. So pleased to have been found. It had been pulled from its bed during road making. But it didn’t mind. ‘I want to go around the world,’ it said. ‘To create a grid to bring peace and harmony to the Earth. Let’s heal together.’ We’re honouring that request (see www.angeladditions.co.uk). It works brilliantly with Ancestralite and the Cradle of Humanity stone to heal right back to the beginning of time and then takes the healing insights out through the ancestral line into the future so that new generations will benefit. It does that for the planet too, healing the past and anchoring healing light for the future. No doubt more will be revealed as the grid lights up and more work is done with this amazing crystal.

Buy one from: https://store6106298.yolastore.com/#!/~/search/keywords=Welsh%20Golden%20Healer&offset=0&sort=relevance


The Crystal Dragon Mountain


Eye of the Dragon. Celtic Golden Healer Quartz c. Judy Hall


Using the crystal: Many of the crystals collected on the crystal mountain resemble a dragon in their form, which is not surprising given that a Golden Welsh Dragon lives at the mountain. It has communicated in many workshops its desire to assist with healing the Earth. Even when it is not in dragon form, the crystal is still a powerful Earth healer that can be gridded on or in the Earth to restore the meridian grid and bring peace to our troubled world. It works equally well on a map or a photograph. Or, it can be placed around trees to open energy portals to energise the land.




Celtic Golden Healers working in conjunction with Horace, my Smoky Quartz earth-healing skull, and Morganna my Preseli Bluestone dragon. c. Judy Hall.


Celtic Chevron Quartz

Celtic Chevron Quartz c. Jeni Campbell


In addition to the wonderful Celtic Golden Healer, the delicate and so beautiful Celtic Chevron Quartz has made its presence felt. It looks like triangles stacked on top of each other, little light beings creating a ladder to other dimensions. It has the same effect as Auralite 23, shutting off the chattering mind and creating a calm space into which other people’s antics do not intrude. It is a source of healing energy for the ancestral line so works well with Ancestralite and the Celtic Golden Healer. It brings both side of the brain into balance, creating clarity of mind. It is effective for regenerative healing.


This unusual Quartz has intimated that it works in harmony with the ‘Star Beings’ crystal skulls. The intention is to take us beyond ‘aliens’, ‘implants’ and ‘little green men’ to connect to the star beings who once communed with our ancestors and who, if the old stories are to be believed, could well have been part of our ancestry. They were certainly part of an evolutionary shift on Earth back then and as we’re in the middle of another one now their assistance is most welcome. So many of us feel that our true home is beyond the stars and the Celtic Chevron Quartz wants to reconnect us – and to soothe and en-lighten us while we serve our time on Planet Earth.


Using Celtic Chevron Quartz: I’ve been using this Quartz in conjunction with a piece of Golden Healer and one of the ‘something other’ below to create ‘bringing in light’ peace grids for the planet. (Grids are available from .) They link into this, the large ‘bringing in light’ grid that seems set to occupy my dining room table for sometime to come.


The major bringing light grid. Smaller grids link in to this. c. Judy Hall


And something ‘other’





The other crystal that came off the mountain definitely has something ‘other’ about it, ancient and benign. It contains ‘the Lumi’, star beings, so I supposed I should call it ‘Luminite’ but I’m waiting to see what is revealed. It’s being rather coy at the moment as it slowly reveals its true being and refuses to be photographed in focus. It may be Anglesite, galena (lead) that has metamorphosed, which would be fitting. These are my best two attempts at photography so far, it’s almost as though its energy hasn’t quite stabilised. No doubt there will be more to reveal at a later date!





Fitness Of The Heart – Angels help Angel

With all the issues going on in the world, the hatred between brother and sister and the quest for power and money, the wars between countries and individuals, it is hard to sometimes see the good things in the world. One man’s quest to get one up on another and the ego taking control of the material.

It is wonderful to know that good still permeates the world and with each prayerful thought we can open our hearts and minds. This Boss changed the life of one of his employees because of the fitness of his heart. What an amazing story of Angels helping Angels. I dare you not to cry!

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How to know if your house is haunted


Do you always have this feeling like someone is always watching you even if you’re just all alone in your room? And no matter how you try to ignore it but you just can’t shake it off. There are times when you hear some footsteps walking in and out but when you check who it is, no one’s there. There are some sure signs that you need to check out to know for sure if your house is haunted and you did not create these eerie feeling due to watching too much scary flicks.

The most common sign that people with haunted house is that they hear all these unexplained noises. It can be multiple footsteps, loud banging sound, knocks, scratching noises, rapping, or the sound of something being dropped even if there isn’t anything moving once you checked. There are instances that you can hardly hear the sound especially if your home is noisy but there are some instance where it can be really loud.

Another common paranormal activity is the doors, cupboards or cabinets that keep on opening and closing even if no one’s there doing it. Sometimes only sound is heard that a door is shut closed even if owners left it locked and nobody went there to open it. There are also some cases where homeowners feel that certain furniture moved like the chair or table from their original position without them doing it. Only in some rare cases that people actually see this happening first hand but they can distinctly hear sounds of moving and notice things are not on their original place.

The lights turning on and off again are another common thing that is commonly seen in the movies but it is also an actual common sign of houses that are haunted. Sometimes even their radio, TV and other electrically powered gadgets are affected by the disturbance and will just turn on its own.

Sometimes there are some items that will just suddenly vanish especially if you need it. Then they will just turn up when you are no longer looking for it. There are instances that you will see shadows without you seeing what’s casting it. If you have pets you will notice that they will sometimes behave strangely or not enter a certain room in your house. And if you already feel like someone is watching you then definitely you have a haunted home. You can have it tested by paranormal experts so that you can prove that you actually live in a haunted home.

There are some ways you can capture proof such as taking pictures on places that you feel eerie or try capturing an EVP with a simple tape recorder or you can just leave it with an expert and invite them to visit your home so that you’d know once and for all why you feel these things in your home. Maybe there’s a story behind it that only the paranormal expert could uncover or you can also try on researching for the history of your property.