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Author: Judy Hall

Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Cave Meditation



At eve, when all is still,

Save the soft-sighing wind or evening bird,

How the home voices through my spirit thrill,

Till all its depths are stirred.

The Language of Gems, Miss H.J. Woodman

I’d like to share one of my favourite meditations with you. The journey to the crystal cave. I have practised it for over forty five years and never tire of it. The cave constantly expands and takes me to a new part of myself and All That Is. Allow plenty of time for this meditation and ensure that you will not be disturbed. You may like to play a favourite piece of music to accompany the journey (there’s some great water sounds on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJaZc4E8Y4U or, with piano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dzdJNWBEpQ)

An Amethyst geode helps you to focus on the cave but it is not essential – you can use an Amethyst crystal or the photograph of the geode instead. If you have a big Amethyst geode that is too large to hold, place it on a table in front of you. Otherwise hold the crystal in your hand.


The Meditation


Sit comfortably and gaze gently at your Amethyst (or use the photograph above). Let your eyes roam all around it. Use softly focused eyes. When you can remember its contours, close your eyes.

Without opening your eyes, look up to the point above and between your eyebrows: your ‘third eye’. Feel this eye open. Breathe gently and withdraw your attention from the outside world, focusing it deep inside yourself. Hold your Amethyst in whichever hand feels comfortable or place your hands on it and be aware of its vibrations radiating up your arm and into your third eye at the centre of your forehead, feel it opening and expanding your inner awareness.

Now picture yourself standing on the bank of a wide river that is flowing gently to the sea. Upstream in the far distance you can see high blue mountains and, at their foot, a shining lake. In front of you there is a small wooden jetty with a boat tied up beside it. A boatman is waiting to help you into the boat. When you have settled yourself comfortably, he casts the boat off and takes the boat upstream moving quickly against the current. You can see the banks passing by and soon the river opens out into a beautiful lake.


crystal meditation

As you cross the lake, you can see a narrow river is coming down from the mountains and flowing into the lake. The boatman takes you as far up this river as it is possible to go. He ties the boat up and helps you out onto a rocky ledge.

crystal cave meditation

Follow this ledge up into the mountains, as it twists and turns you can see light shining in front of you until you enter crystal cave. The cave is a huge amethyst geode, light flickering from every point.

Find a comfortable place to settle yourself and allow yourself to merge with the energy of the Amethyst, enfolded within the geode. Let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Ask the Amethyst to show you your soul path.  



When you have found your soul path, ask to be shown the guides and helpers who surround you in the unseen world. Ask them how they help you and set out any specific requests you have for assistance.



Then let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Be aware of how ancient the crystal is, how it is light personified and the divine taking on form.  Let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Let go. Expand into All that Is. Simply merge and Be.



When you are ready to leave the crystal cave, withdraw into yourself once more but retain your connection to the whole through the Amethyst in your hand. Make your way back down the ledge to where the boatman waits for you. Settle yourself in the boat and allow him to quickly propel the boat back down the narrow river and the wide shining lake. In front of you, you see the river you set out from and soon the boat is tying up at the bank. Thank your boatman for the journey and make your way back onto the bank.


When you have finished the journey, thank the crystal for its light and your guides and helpers and ask that they be always with you.

And let the light crystalise at the outer edges of your aura, protecting you within a bubble of light.

Take your attention down to your feet. Be very aware of the contact they make with the earth. Feel them holding you and grounding you on the earth and into your body. Then, when you are ready, open your eyes.


This exercise can be further expanded on future occasions by checking out whether there are any areas of the cave you have not visited, especially at the higher levels. Look out for hidden doorways and narrow tunnels. Explore whatever you find there – asking for a light to show the way.


When you become proficient you could extend your journey by taking a crystal space shuttle to explore our galaxy and beyond.




All the luminous the coloured spectacles which the world in the immensity of space can offer us, nature has produced in miniature amongst precious stones. ~Charles Blanc, Art in Ornament and Dress, 1875


The Amethyst journey is one of self-exploration. If you wish to make a journey to abundance and inner joy, then a Citrine geode would be appropriate.


Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Potions and Crystal Essences For Healing

Transform crystal energy into a potent essence for healing and well-being


Tumbled crystals are ideal for making crystal essences

Photo c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Crystal essences are an excellent way to use the healing power of crystals, and several crystals can be combined provided you dowse to check compatibility. Crystal essences are made by transferring the subtle vibrational energies and minute concentrations of the mineral constituents of the crystal into water, which then stores the vibrations and transfers them to the chakras, physical or subtle bodies in exactly the same way that a homoeopathic essence works. The essence is bottled and a preservative – brandy, vodka or cider vinegar – added. If the essence is to be taken by those for whom alcohol is inappropriate, cider vinegar can be used as a preservative or the essence rubbed on the skin. The essence can be gently rubbed on the skin or over a chakra. Essences can also be added to a glass of water and sipped, or taken from a dropper bottle, or sprayed around the aura.

Caution: Some stones contain trace minerals that are toxic (see the list on www.judyhall.co.uk) and essences from these stones, and especially from lead-based crystals such as Galena or Stibnite, need to be made by an indirect method that transfers the vibrations without transferring any of the toxic material from the stone. If in doubt, make the essence by the indirect method, which is also suitable for fragile or layered stones. Always wash your hands after handling one of these stones and use in a tumbled version wherever possible.


Essences from toxic stones such as raw Tantalite should always be made by the indirect method.

Fragile or layered crystals should also be made into an essence using the indirect method. Rainbow Mayanite, c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk


You will need:

  • An appropriate crystal, which has been cleansed and purified either by placing under running water, in brown rice, or using a proprietary cleanser such as Petaltone Clear2Light.
  • One or two clean glass bowls,
  • Spring water
  • A suitable bottle in which to keep the essence (coloured glass is preferable to clear as it preserves the vibrations better).

The direct method

Essences can be made by the direct or indirect method. The indirect method is suitable for friable, layered or clustered crystals as well as those that may have a degree of toxicity. Spring water should be used rather than tap water that has chlorine, fluoride and aluminium added to it. Water from a spring with healing properties is particularly effective.

Direct method

  • Place enough spring water in a glass bowl to just cover the crystal.
  • Stand the bowl in sunlight for several hours. (If the bowl is left outside, cover with a glass lid or clingfilm to prevent insects falling into it.)
  • If appropriate, the bowl can also be left overnight in moonlight.

Indirect method

  • If the crystal is toxic or fragile (see contra-indications page xx) place the crystal in a small glass bowl and stand the bowl within a large bowl that has sufficient spring water to raise the level above the crystal in the inner bowl.
  • Stand the bowl in sunlight for several hours. (If the bowl is left outside, cover with a glass lid or clingfilm.)
  • If appropriate, the bowl can also be left overnight in moonlight.



The indirect method


Bottling and preserving

If the essence is not to be used within a day or two, top up with two-thirds brandy, vodka, white rum or cider vinegar to one-third essence, otherwise the essence will become musty. This makes a ‘mother tincture’ that can be further diluted. To make a small dosage bottle, add seven drops of the mother essence to a dosage bottle containing two-thirds brandy and one-third water. If a spray bottle is being made, add seven drops of mother essence to pure water if using immediately. For prolonged use, vodka or white rum makes a useful preservative as it has no smell.


Using a crystal essence

For short-term use, an essence can be sipped every few minutes. For longer term use, apply 2 or 3 times a day. Essences can also be applied to the skin, either at the wrist or over the site of a chakra or problem spot, or added to bath water. If a spray bottle is made, spray all around the aura and at the site of particular chakras remembering that these can extend for several feet out from the physical body or room. This is particularly effective for clearing negative energies.


Making Shungite water


Elite or Noble Shungite c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Shungite water has been shown to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial, removing harmful micro-organisms and pollutants. Research has shown that Shungite absorbs that which is hazardous to health whether it be pesticides, free radicals, bacteria and the like, or EMF, microwave and other vibrational emissions. It boosts physical well-being and has a powerful effect on the immune system. Restoring emotional equilibrium, it transmutes stress into a potent energetic recharge. A traditional cure-all, anecdotal evidence and current research suggest that Shungite assists cellular metabolism, neurotransmitters, the immune, digestive and filtration systems. It enhances enzyme production and provides pain relief. It is a detoxifier, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Shungite Water is used to treat sore throats, burns, cardio-vascular diseases, blood disorders, allergies, asthma, gastric disturbances, diabetes, arthritis and osteoarthritis, kidney and liver disorders, gall-bladder dysfunction, auto-immune diseases, pancreatic disorders, impotence and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Shungite Water is made in a slightly different way to the usual crystal essence. To become biologically active, water needs to have Shungite immersed in it for at least forty eight hours. However, once the first batch has been made, you can simply refill the filter jug every time you use some of the water so that it is constantly replenished. Wash the jug and the bag of Shungite at least once a week depending on how much water you have used (you can store the activated water and return it to the jug). Place the Shungite in the sun for a few hours to recharge or use a proprietary crystal recharging essence. I find raw Shungite more effective than the silvery tumbles, but, no matter how often the non-vitreous type of Shungite has been washed, it does tend to leave a very fine suspension of black particles in the water. I have drunk this for several years now without any ill effects and, indeed, I believe it to have contributed greatly to my overall well-being.

Making the water:

You will need:

2 litre filter jug

Fine mesh 2” bag of raw Shungite (10-100gm)

2 or 3 pieces of Elite or Noble Shungite


  • Wash the raw Shungite thoroughly. It will release fine black particles. This will continue as you make the Shungite water but it is part of the process.
  • Place the mesh bag of Shungite in the base of the filter jug (if using tap water you can also use a commercial filter if the jug is provided with one).
  • Pour water into the jug until it is full.
  • Stand it aside for 48 hours.
  • Then top up the water each time it is used.
  • Cleanse the Shungite frequently under running water and re-energise in the sun or fresh air.




As the water potentizes, your jug will begin to look like this:



Drink at least 2 litres a day for maximum well-being.


[Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions and Earth Blessings]



Crystal Consciousness

EMF Protection Using Crystals

Anti-EMF Crystal Prescriptions

Is the technological world getting you down? Crystals provide the perfect solution to the detrimental effects of electromagnetic stress.

Smoky Elestial Quartz, a natural anti-EMF protection device.

Many people don’t realise it but sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can have a profound affect on well-being – and on your hopes for the future. The fields are generated by the technology around us and they are increasing all the time. The human body evolved against a natural background radiation from the planet of 7.83 Hz but this now rises to over 250 Hz through manmade electrical pollution, a phenomenal rise to which we are not adapted. The effect can be subtle. Who would have thought that electro-sensitivity could prevent you from conceiving or carrying a child to full term, or that it could induce temporary impotence? But research shows that this is so along with a whole host of the ‘diseases of civilisation’ such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, Parkinsons and the like.

EMFs have been shown to adversely affect the immune, nervous and endocrine systems and when these don’t function efficiently, dis-ease is the result. Not surprising when so much of our body relies on subtle energy patterns to maintain good health. When I was researching the effects of EMFs for Crystal Prescriptions volume 3: crystal solutions to electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress, I was surprised at how wide the range of dis-eases was – and that scientists were so aware of the effects (which are collated in the book) but so little was being done. Fortunately it is possible to shield yourself from the effects and keep yourself energetically healthy with crystals.

Common everyday sources of EMFs include:

  • Cordless or cell phones and towers
  • Power lines
  • Electricity generating stations
  • Wi-fi
  • Smart meters
  • Electrical wiring
  • Microwave ovens
  • Computers
  • Fluorescent and other lighting
  • CCT cameras

Overhead power lines are a major source of EMF and static electricity pollution

Photo c. Terrie Birch, www.astrologywise.co.uk

Check list

Do you:

  • Feel constantly tired and out of sorts
  • Suffer from insomnia or restless sleep
  • Instantly catch any illness that’s going round
  • Find it hard to heal small ailments
  • Have M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Suffer from constant headaches
  • Want to conceive but can’t
  • Have muscle cramps, tension and pain
  • Experience temporary impotence
  • Cramping and bloating
  • Experience extreme mood swings
  • Suffer from depression and panic attacks
  • Lack concentration and confidence

Getting grounded

Surprisingly perhaps, ‘raising your vibrations’ and becoming more sensitive to energies can increase electro-sensitivity. If you meditate, work with crystals, do any kind of energy healing or massage, and so on, you open up your aura – which is a bioenergetic field composed of subtle vibrations and resonances. If you don’t protect the aura and keep yourself rooted and in connection with the Earth then you are susceptible to subtle energy disruption, which then can have a physical effect. One of the best tools for handling EMF sensitivity is to get yourself grounded, in contact with the planet and completely earthed with your lower chakras fully functioning. So many people who suffer from excessive sensitivity have only a toehold in incarnation and, of course, the more uncomfortable the physical body becomes, the more the tendency is to ‘float away’. But, make contact with the Earth, make a friend of your body, become comfortable in incarnation and the detrimental effects will lessen significantly. How do you do this? Use your crystals! Flint is my go-to crystal for this essential step but Hematite and Boji Stones work equally well.

Flint, one of the finest grounding stones

Photo c. Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.co.uk

Coming back into harmony

Dis-ease is the result of a lack of harmony, of our subtle energetic physiological signals going out of sync. Fortunately it is possible to apply a complementary energy pattern to restore equilibrium through ‘sympathetic resonance’. Crystals hold such a beneficial pattern.

How does this work? Well, the human body is, to a large extent, crystalline with millions of crystals being present in the brain, blood and so on. Crystals have a perfect geometric molecular structure that is coherent (that is, it stays the same) and stable, each part replicating the other. They are have a very low incidence of entropy – a gradual, and natural, decline into disorder. Human bodies have a very high level of entropy, which means our energetic vibrations can be easily disrupted by internal or external factors. The stable, low entropy state of healing crystals can entrain– that is match – our frequency to theirs, returning our vibrations to a coherent state. This ‘perfect state’ is one of the reasons why crystals can help with electro-sensitivity. The field of a crystal is in direct contrast to an EMF, which is chaotic and disorganised. Put an organised field into a disorganised one and the two will entrain back into the most stable form.


Shungite, the most powerful EMF protector crystal

Photo c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk

Your EMF crystal toolkit

  • Shielding

Wearing a shielding crystal surrounds the outer edge of your aura with a protective coating and does not let the EMF through into your inner space. Similarly, crystals can be placed next to an EMF source such as computer or stuck on a mobile phone to shield it. Effective shielding crystals include Shungite (made up of tiny ‘buckyballs’ or fullerenes that imprison the EMF), Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Elestial Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Healer’s Gold and Amazonite.

Soft and gentle Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone to keep in your environment or by your computer and other sources of EMF stress.

Photo c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

  • Support

Crystals can strengthen your aura and align it with your physical body, bringing them into harmony and stimulating your immune system to heal and defend itself against detrimental energies. Try Golden Healer Quartz, Bloodstone, Shungite, Flint, Auralite 23, Anandalite, Magnetite (Lodestone), Rainbow Mayanite, Zircon

Auralite 23

  • Transmute

Crystals transmute toxic energies into beneficial ones, preventing damage in the first place. The crystals act like a voltage converter, changing the frequency and adapting it as necessary. Shungite and Black Tourmaline are excellent for this as is Smoky Quartz and Amber, Amethyst, Heulandite, Lapis Lazuli, Orgonite, Scolecite, Shungite, Smoky Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite or Stilbite.

  • Ground

Crystals help you to anchor your energies to the Earth, grounding you and strengthening the lower chakras so that you are more resistant to the toxic effects of EMFs. Black Tourmaline, Flint, Smoky Quartz, Boji Stones, Carnelian, Red Jasper and Shungite help you to ground yourself and strengthen the lower chakras.

  • Negative ions

Ions are electronically charged atoms or molecules that can be positive or negative. Negative ions assist the body to repair cellular damage and a strong negative ion field can help to prevent initial damage. Negatively-charged ions stimulate the cells that filter out dead and toxic material maintaining healthy organ function and blood chemistry. This is especially helpful in areas affected by powerlines and static electricity. Crystals such as Tourmaline, Amethyst, Zeolite, Heulandite, Apophyllite, Klinopotilolith, Lepidolite, Quartz, Pollucite, Orgonite, Renierite, Scolecite, Sphalerite, Shungite or Stilbite naturally create negative ions from moisture in the air.


Indispensible Black Tourmaline blocks EMF and geopathic stress.

Photo c. Michael Illas/Earth Blessings


An international workshop leader for over 45 years, Judy Hall is known world-wide for her crystal work and a wide range of MBS books. Her Crystal Bible has sold well over 1 million copies and now runs to 3 volumes. Crystals and Sacred Sites examines the connections between sacred space, the planetary energy system and crystals. Earth Blessings: using crystals for personal energy clear, earth healing and environmental enhancement draws on her extensive experience of earth energy work and Crystal Prescriptions 3: Crystal solutions to electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress is the latest in the popular Crystal Prescriptions: an A-Z guide series.

Crystal Consciousness

Stones that have uplifted their consciousness


Uplifting Crystals That Have Affected Us

Photocopyright Michael Illas, Earth Blessings (Watkins Books)

As I’ve mentioned previously in this column certain crystals are in the process of uplifting their consciousness. Their vibrations have become more refined and ‘higher’ and the stones have made a closer contact with the Earth. Which may sound paradoxical but stay with me. Two prime examples of these apparently different processes coming together are Malachite and Moldavite. When I first began writing about Moldavite in 2003 its energies were, to my mind, being overtaken by newer finds. The vibration had been one of the highest on the planet, but something was changing. They weren’t taking me to the furthest reaches of consciousness as they once had. A few years later it was as though they’d been given a kick ‘upstairs’ and yet were more plugged into the planet so that their energy could be grounded and utilised more fully. The energy was even more vibrant than it had been. But people needed to be first grounded and then attuned and ready to work with it or they were simply blown away.

Similarly Malachite was quite unstable at that time. It was bringing up deep issues for resolution but by catharsis rather than transformation. Now it’s stabilised again but at a higher resonance than before. It’s is a powerful stone of magical transmutation. So let’s start with Malachite.

Malachite: your true power crystal

Malachite raw, c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk

Opaque in hue, with th’ emerald’s vivid green, Malachite charms the sight, first in Arabia seen. [Ancient rhyme]

Malachite is a power stone for intense inner transformation and purgation. Acting as a cleanser for the emotional body and for deep soul healing, it scours away the residue of past life or childhood trauma and resets ancestral DNA. The stone draws in spiritual energy to raise the frequency of the physical body. It is the perfect stone to assist in letting go of old ego-identity and everything that restricts your sense of true self. With Malachite’s assistance you can step into your true power and from there manifest your own reality. This stone surprises you with the depth of transmutation you achieve – and the evasive distractions that have been holding you back. Face up to your secrets and, with Malachite’s assistance, you manifest your truly power-full self.

Malachite teaches that when you’re fully empowered, you manifest your own reality. But points out that, if you’re not standing in your power, you are unable to manifest anything except negativity. This stone brings to the surface all the hidden issues, toxic thoughts and repressed feelings that are holding you back or sabotaging you. Once you’ve faced these, you can reclaim your power. Malachite is particularly useful when you are seeking to manifest a way out of trauma and emotional drama. But you can use it in any area of your life to call on your power, to be strong and resolute, and to manifest the real you.

Polished Malachite. Turn it over, and this is what is revealed.

c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Legendary power

Over 6000 years ago Malachite was obtained from Egyptian copper mines in Sinai. Mines that were sacred to the goddess Hathor. Strangely for a stone that later became associated with all things occult and metaphysical, Malachite was a talisman against enchantment and the evil eye and as such had the sun engraved upon it because its light was antithical to witchcraft, necromancers and demons. The Roman Geographer Pliny tells us that, in his time, Malachite had a reputation for protecting children as it was a natural prophylactic against danger. It was also valued as beneficial to nursing mothers and for the eyes.

Power properties

Malachite has always been recognized as a powerful conduit for transferring energy into the body and was valued for its protective qualities. It absorbs environmental pollution such as geopathic stress, electromagnetic smog and radiation. This stone is merciless in its exposure of the personality’s imperfections, the outgrown patterns, blockages and ties that must be dissolved before the soul can ascend to a higher vibration. The stone is adamant that you must take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. This makes it an excellent karmic cleanser and scourer of the soul, activating soul purpose. The Egyptians used it extensively as a paste to treat eyes, cholera and infected wounds. At times modern medicine catches up with ancient healing methods and the copper carbonate/hydroxide in Malachite has recently been found have an anti-bacterial effect, inhibiting pathogens such as staphylococcus. An effect that would have been reinforced by the Egyptian habit of mixing powdered Malachite with honey, a natural antibiotic.

Transmutational power

A resolute stone that draws insights up from the subconscious mind, Malachite is the raw essence of copper. Its protective influence guards and guides you on your journey through the underworld and all that resides there, takes you through death of the ego and your old-self and facilitates the regeneration of your true self. As the crystal is itself evolving, it is the perfect crystal for all transmutational shadow work, especially on an emotional and intellectual level but, the more you work with it, the more expansive its influence becomes.

The crystal’s convoluted whorls help to illuminate all the hidden corners of your mind. It brings to light the inner critic or the saboteur who trips up your manifestation intentions. This stone demands that you take a hard look at the psychosomatic and karmic causes that lie behind an apparent inability to manifest ease and well-being. It facilitates release and letting go so that you move forward. Malachite draws off negativity at all levels, releasing ancient trauma and outgrown feelings so that you find deep emotional healing. Working with this crystal brings you face to face with whatever is blocking your spiritual path and assists in its transmutation.

Harnessing the power

Meditate with Malachite letting your half-focused eyes gently follow its contours. It makes an excellent journeying or scrying stone as the whorls take you ever deeper into yourself or into the future.

Malachite Meditation: What am I holding on to?

c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

This Malachite meditation is a potent way to connect with the issues that are keeping you from stepping into your power. We may think that past issues are resolved and that the path ahead is clear, but often old hurts and confusion lie buried, acting as energetic blocks to our progress. Malachite’s strong protective properties help you to feel safe as you gently let go of old thoughts, feelings and experiences that no longer serve you and the inner figures that have tripped you up, and open up to the wisdom they offer. Take as long as you need for this process of release.

  1. Settle yourself comfortably where you will not be disturbed and breathe gently, withdrawing your attention from the outside world and into the crystal. Keep your eyes half open and gaze at the whorls and contours of your Malachite as you connect with the power of the crystal. Feel its strength in your hand. Let its energy radiate up your arms and into your heart and mind. As you focus on each whorl let it take you inwards. Allow the bands to move you gently into contact with your deepest self. Close your eyes and relax. When you feel ready place the crystal over your solar plexus.
  2. Ask the crystal to let you know what you are holding onto, what it would be beneficial to release. Notice any thoughts that drift into your mind, recognise if there is a pattern, then let them go with love. Acknowledge any emotions that arise, and lovingly release them. Take your mind around your body to any areas of tension or pain, breathe gently and let them go. Let the Malachite show you any hooks that are in your heart and gently dissolve these, filling the place with loving energy and forgiveness.
  3. Ask the crystal to show you how the past is affecting your present in any area of your life and how your mind and your emotions control what you manifest. Willingly surrender all that no longer serves you, all the pain and emotions, beliefs, expectations, experiences or inner figures that have weighed you down and held you back. Acknowledge them and let them be drawn into the crystal for transmutation. Let them go with forgiveness in your heart.
  4. Ask the crystal to show you the gifts hidden behind that old pain, the qualities you have developed and the resources you can draw on. Step into your power. Allow yourself to know how you use these and how you work with this crystal in future to manifest your new reality.
  5. Ask the crystal if it has any other information and wait quietly for the answer. If an inner figure appears, negotiate a positive role for it.
  6. Before you begin the return journey, put your attention out to the subtle bodies around your physical self and ask the crystal to draw off and transmute any negative energies or disharmonies that have not yet been released, bringing all the subtle bodies into alignment.
  7. Feel the strong protection from the Malachite wrapping around you. Finally, feel the strength of the crystal and its powerful connection to the Earth grounding you into your physical existence, bringing you fully into the present moment. When you feel ready, thank the crystal, open your eyes, get up and move around.

[Extracted from 101 Power Crystals (Fairwinds) and Life Changing Crystals/Crystals to Empower you (Godsfield Press/Fairwinds)

Moldavite: the starborn stone

Moldavite, c. Judy Hall

Moldavites … are among the most powerful gemstone tools for spiritual development and expansion of consciousness. They seem to engender an acceleration of one’s inner growth and evolution. Hundreds of times people have described to us the rapid transformation of their lives which has come soon after they acquired Moldavite. Jobs, relationships, life styles or possessions which did not serve their highest paths were rapidly released, and the new, evolutionary forms of these same things appeared, drawn as if by magnetism. We have heard stories of visionary experience, chakra activation, energy cleansings and the discovery of personal destiny, all associated with the entrance of Moldavite in to one’s life.”

Robert Simmons

Holding a Grail Cup that Robert Simmons created from Moldavite prompted such a rush of energy that I had to hand it back rather hastily. I was at his stand at a crystal conference in Glastonbury and about to give a crystal talk to a couple of hundred people. It wasn’t exactly the right time to take the journey to Source that I knew was possible. But even that brief contact changed my life. I’d been in touch with Moldavite before of, course, but never in that quantity or at that potency. That was when I knew that the Moldavite uplift had occurred. It had a profound effect on me. Yes, a great deal was stripped away. But I stepped into what was literally a new life, one that gave me unprecedented access to ancient crystal information that I’ve been sharing ever since. As a Sagittarius I am always on a grail quest and I certainly found one that day.


Sagittarius The Zodiac Pack c. Judy Hall


Moldavite is a stone of exceptional karmic and soul transformation, downloading information from the Akashic Record and cosmic consciousness. Taking you back into your past to reconnect to your previous wisdom and soul purpose, it also takes you forward into the future to access what is needed for your soul’s evolution and then facilitates putting that into practice in the present moment. If you are sensitive or unused to high vibration crystals, wear or use Moldavite sparingly until energetic adjustment is made. Whenever you work with Moldavite it is sensible to combine it with a grounding stone such as Smoky Quartz or Flint so that the new energy is anchored into the earth. Moldavite has become more adept at this as its awareness has expanded, but it appreciates a helping hand.

If you are a star child who finds the vibration of the earth heavy and inert, gridding with or wearing Moldavite adjusts your vibration so that you can bring more cosmic energy down into your body to feel more at home at earth while at the same time transmuting earth energy through integration of cosmic light. If you are shamanically inclined, you can use it for an upper world journey back to the source.

Most people feel a huge rush of energy through the physical body on holding Moldavite. If you are using it for healing, Moldavite focuses attention on the cause, rectifying the underlying imbalances that create dis-ease or impede spiritual evolution. Other grounding stones such as Hematite, Flint or Smoky Quartz may be needed as part of the process as Moldavite can cause dizziness and severe ungroundedness. If so, remove the stone and try again later.


Legendary power

The power of Moldavite comes from the sky. About 11 million years ago Moldavite burst onto earth with enormous force as a giant meteor metamorphosed the surrounding rock into a glass-like non-crystalline substance fusing the power of the sky with that of Mother Earth. A metaphor for cosmic transformation, Moldavite was one of the highest vibrational crystals for expanding consciousness but it has been overtaken by other crystals. If you have worked with high vibration crystals for some time, your vibrations may have moved beyond it despite its recent uplift. However, it is still a very effective stone especially if you are new to crystals. It is a useful step on the ladder of higher dimensional working and spiritual transformation.

There are many myths in which a stone falls to earth, is lost and has to be found for transformation to take place. In Eschenbach’s story of Parzifal, the Holy Grail was a green stone that fell from the sky and many crystal experts link Moldavite with the grail. Another legend says that a green stone fell from Satan’s crown as he tumbled from heaven – a symbol of divine light falling to earth. In the original myths, God’s favorite angel was not evil. Hethe lightbringer for the Earth, as is Moldavite. This stone is prized as a bringer of cosmic wisdom that puts you in touch with higher guidance, planetary and star beings, and cosmic messengers.


Grounding extraterrestrial properties

Moldavite fuses extraterrestrial energies with Mother Earth and takes you way beyond your limits and boundaries.  Bringing you into communication with your higher self, Moldavite has its own cosmic oversoul. It integrates the divine blueprint and accelerates spiritual growth by downloading information from the Akashic Record and the light body, which has to be processed and made conscious. Under the influence of Moldavite you can go forward to a future life to see the results of actions taken in the present, or to learn what is needed now to prevent destruction in the future.

Moldavite is a useful stone for sensitive people who find it difficult being in incarnation on earth and it assists in developing detachment from security issues such as money and worries for the future. Providing an over-view of reasons for incarnating and spiritual purpose, and integrating this into earthly life, Moldavite releases fixed ideas and outworn belief systems and can neutralize hypnotic commands.



Harnessing the cosmic power

Meditate with Moldavite on your third eye to connect to the highest planes of consciousness.

Maldavite taking flight c. Judy Hall

Crystal Journey to Source

Crystal journeying can be carried out lying or sitting down in a place where you will not be disturbed (turn off your phone!). It needs to be a safe, sacred space – four or five Black Tourmalines, Clear Quartz, Smoky Elestial Quartz or Selenite crystals set out around you that you have asked to protect you will ensure that the space is clear. You can use a drum or chanting CD to assist if you wish, especially one that has a specific ending to call you back. Some people like to sit or lie beneath a special blanket.


  • Cleanse your Moldavite and hold the crystal loosely in your hands and set your intention. Be very clear about why you are journeying. State your aim, that you wish to travel to Source – and back. Set the intention that you will return with the memory and any answers fully available to your everyday conscious mind. (You may also like to set a return time, say in fifteen or twenty minutes.)
  • Place a piece of Flint, Smoky Quartz or Hematite at your feet.
  • Gaze with softly focused eyes into your Moldavite.  Breathe gently, establishing a comfortable rhythm.
  • Feel the crystal establishing a ladder to the upper world, lifting you up and  through.
  • Let the crystal transport you, don’t force it. Be aware of vibrations and feelings, sensations and insights that float into your mind. You may feel a whirling, rushing, ascending or descending motion or a deep still space. Ask your crystal and power allies to join you on this journey and bring you the answers or the experience that you seek.


  • When it’s time to return, thank your helpers and ask the crystal to return you to your everyday world. Stand up and connect your feet to the floor, have a good stretch and a little shake to ensure you are comfortable in your body. Then immediately write down your impressions and the answers you received. Consciously disconnect by putting the crystal aside and picking up the grounding stone from your feet.


[Extracted from 101 Power Crystals (Fairwinds), The Crystal Encylopedia (Godsfield Press/Fairwinds),The Crystal Bible volume 1 (Godsfield Press) and Shamanic Crystals  www.judyhall.co.uk]




When I first undertook the journey to Source I then found myself travelling back via the creation of this present universe. Returning with Mother Earth herself as the cosmos wove itself into being. Which is what brought my attention to earth healing and sacred sites and aided the conception of several books. But I was aware, even as the universe wove itself, that ancestral and karmic healing would be needed, which is where I am now focusing my attention. I hope your trip is as fruitful!










Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Love and Attracting Your Soulmate

Crystal Love – Our Crystals That Hold The Vibration Of Love

The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz

c. Michael Illas The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to attract and enhance love. Ancient jewellery was much more than mere adornment, the beautiful stones were often dedicated to the goddess of love, Venus under her many guises – Aphrodite in Greece, Inanna or Ishtar in Babylon, Hathor in Egypt – and drew love and devotion to the wearer. Although her reputation was light and flirtatious, amorous Venus symbolised much more than romantic love, she was – and still is – a goddess of lust and erotic desire as well as undying affection. Her stones draw passion to you, no matter what age you may be.

Traditionally, pink and green-blue stones belonged to the Goddess of Love but the oldest association of all – over 5000 years – is with the scintillating Lapis Lazuli, the deep blue of the night sky shot through with gold. The Babylonian goddess Inanna (Venus) carried Lapis Lazuli measuring rods which laid out a person’s destiny. So, if you want to draw love into your life, using Venus stones makes perfect sense. You can wear them, keep them under your pillow or by your bed, or place them in your bath, but the most potent method of all is to carry out a ritual with them.

Lapis Lazuli c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Venus stones: Rose Quartz. Rhodochrosite, Cobaltocalcite, Mangano Calcite,  Danburite, Rhodochrosite, Green Aventurine (for love in later life), Almandine Garnet, Kunzite, Larimar, Sugilite, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Topaz, Ruby, Garnet, Tugtupite,Turquoise.

Rhodochrosite c. Michael Illas, Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

The attracting love affirmation:


‘I attract love into my life, my life is full of love right now, my life is full of abundant love. I am a magnet for love, right now.’

Repeat the love affirmation several times a day while holding the piece of Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite. Phrase it in the now rather than saying ‘I will attract’, to bring it into instant manifestation. If you ask the goddess Venus for help in your quest, the affirmation is that much more powerful.

Soulmate or twinflame?

Before you ask for love think hard about what you really want. Most people are looking for their soulmate but a word of caution here. Soulmates are partners to whom we are drawn across lifetimes, often because we have unfinished business, lessons to learn or a promise to keep. They are not always the blissful experience we imagine.  Fortunately even this kind of soulmate relationship can benefit from the gentle energy of crystals but you may prefer to ask your crystal to bring you a different kind of love: a twinflame. A twinflame is your true soul partner, who arrives without baggage. A twinflame is a life companion who loves you unconditionally and with whom you enjoy mental empathy, emotional rapport, spiritual connection, unconditional support, friendship, joy  and physical fulfilment, someone totally compatible. Be very specific about which kind of love you want when programming your crystal.

The crystal you use will be the same, the difference is in what you ask for. A soulmate or twinflame crystal has two equal sized crystals, joined on one side possibly sharing a common base – which makes it that much more physical. Place the crystal under running water to purify it, hold it in your hands and ask that the crystal will draw to your side your soulmate or twinflame – whichever you have decided upon. Then put it in the love corner of your bedroom.

The love corner

Where you place your crystals is vital. Nothing is more effective at attracting and sustaining love than Rose Quartz. But it needs to be in the right place. Place a big chunk of this beautiful stone, which you have rinsed in running water to purify it and then held in your hands for a few moments while you invoke love, in the relationship corner of your home. This is the far right corner from the front door or the door of your bedroom. You can also place it by your bed and you won’t have to wait long for love. Rose Quartz is also a vital part of the Attracting Love Ritual.

The attracting love ritual

Rituals to attract love are highly potent. The Attracting Love Ritual uses Rose Quartz and Danburite but you can substitute any of the love attractor crystals. Romantic Rose Quartz is prized for attracting and offering unconditional love. Its effect can be surprisingly powerful for such a gentle stone as Rose Quartz is tender and passionate, erotic and exciting. Adding Danburite emphasises the twinflame aspect of love. This crystal packs a powerful punch into a small piece. If you want loving companionship, replace Danburite with Sugilite. But if it’s a hot date you are after, replace the Danburite with lusty Ruby or fiery Garnet, powerful attractors of erotic love. Green Aventurine invites passion into the lives of those of more mature years and enables love to be ongoing.

The crystals should be purified, dedicated and pre-programmed before use. . It is traditional to bathe and wear clean clothes when working a ritual and pink or red clothes are appropriate depending on whether you want romance or red-hot passion. Burning a smudge or joss stick prepares the room and you can anoint yourself with rose oil. Pink candles set the scene and appropriate background music assists your concentration. When carrying out the ritual, consciously make your movements slow, moving with voluptuous intent. If you already have a partner, rather than calling in your twinflame, ask that more love will manifest between you and that the relationship becomes the best that it has the potential to be.

Timing rituals

Anciently the power of the moon was used to enhance rituals. Rituals to attract something new into your life are best done on a new moon. Rituals to let something go out of your life are best carried out at full moon.

The attracting love ritual

You will need:

4 Rose Quartz

l Danburite

4 candles and Rose Quartz holders

Ritual: Attracting love

Place your crystals and four candles on a table covered with a silk cloth. Position one candle to the north, welcoming in love from that direction as you light it. Then place one to the south, east and west, again welcoming love from each direction. Ask that the light from these candles act as guardian and keep you safe, attracting the highest manifestation of love.

Take your Rose Quartz crystals into your hands and sit down facing your table (if the crystals are large, hold one at a time). Close your eyes and quietly attune to the crystals. Let their energy flow through your hands, up your arms and into your heart. As the energy reaches your heart, feel it open out and expand. Touch the crystals to your heart. Rose Quartz is a powerful heart cleanser and healer so allow your heart to be purified by the energies of the crystals.

Then say, out loud: ‘I am a magnet for love. I welcome love into my heart and love into my life’. Place the crystals on the table and pick up the Danburite. Say out loud: ‘I call on my twinflame to be present and to manifest fully and lovingly in my life’ [or, ‘I call on the love between my partner and myself to manifest to its highest potential, fully and unconditionally loving and supporting us both’.]. Sit quietly for a few moments with your eyes focussed on the crystals. Picture what your life is like when you have the fully unconditional and mutually supportive love of your twinflame at your side [or when you and your partner manifest all the love that is possible between you]. Send that picture out into the future, unrolling it before you so that you can walk that path. When you are ready to complete the ritual, get up and blow out each candle in turn saying: ‘I send light and love into the world and it returns to me tenfold.’  Either leave the crystals on the table, or place them around your bed.

Crystal Aphrodisiacs

Crystals are powerful aphrodisiacs, activating the subtle sexual centres in your body, known as chakras (see diagram on page xx), so that sexual energy is highly charged, inhibitions are removed, and love is given and exchanged freely. Your sex life is greatly enhanced if you and your partner share a sexual recharge, placing the stones on each other as part of foreplay or enfolding them between your bodies during lovemaking (use gently rounded tumbled stones for comfort). Aphrodisiac crystals also work well when tucked under your pillow or placed strategically around your living or bedroom. An excellent way to enjoy them with your partner is to take a crystal love bath together.

Aphrodisiac crystals

Pink Tourmaline in Snow Quartz c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Pink Tourmaline

If you want to spice up your love life, or need a little help in the love department, look no further than Pink Tourmaline. This beautiful stone stimulates your libido and encourages you to share physical pleasure with your lover. It is particularly effective made into a gem essence and rubbed on your wrists before bed.

Red Jasper

An excellent stone for stimulating your libido and for prolonging your sexual pleasure, Red Jasper energises and cleanses the sexual organs and is particularly appropriate for men.

Orange Carnelian

A recharging crystal, vibrant Orange Carnelian energises the creative centres, overcomes impotence or frigidity, and restores vitality to the female reproductive organs.

Smoky Quartz

If you have any hang-ups about sexual matters, Smoky Quartz helps you to accept that sex is a normal and natural – and highly enjoyable – part of life. It enhances virility and cleanses the sexual centres so that your passion flows freely.

Rose Quartz

Opening your heart centre, Rose Quartz restores love and trust between you and your partner. It teaches you how to love yourself and to receive love from someone else. This stone is said to increase your fertility.

Red Garnet

Promoting passion and increasing your sexual potency, Red Garnet revives and revitalises your sex life.

Red-Black Mahogany

Powerful Red-Black Mahogany increases virility and stamina, keeping you grounded in your body so that sex becomes a full-body experience.


If you or your partner find your interest in sex flagging, Variscite restores your libido, increases sexual energy and helps you to bring more unconditional love into the situation.


The perfect stone to use when old vows of celibacy have been holding you back. Pietersite resolves your internal conflicts and increases your stamina.

Virility crystals

Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for improving your virility. Place it over your lower chakras to cleanse, purify and energise them, or rub the gem essence over your lower abdomen.

Shiva Lingam: a traditional stone for virility, Shiva Lingam traditionally bring to masculine and feminine energies into harmony.

Shiva Lingam c. Michael Illas Earth Blessings

Additional stones for virility:

Red-Black Obsidian, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Zircon

Sharing unconditional love

Unconditional love is the most constructive basis for relationships of any kind. If partners share truly unconditional love it is mutually supportive and trust-enhancing. Unconditional love means loving someone ‘warts and all’, accepting them as they are without trying to force them to change, but it does not mean getting tangled up in their dramas and traumas. It is non-manipulative and non-coercive. It means seeing that they are the most wonderful person in the world (we all are!), but accepting that sometimes they may not behave as though they are and there is nothing to be done about that. It means standing placidly by offering loving acceptance whilst someone sorts out their own life, not doing it for them. It means saying: ‘I love you and I am taking care of myself by staying in a good space within myself’. Unconditional love sets boundaries, but for yourself not the other person. It certainly does not mean being walked all over, abused or any of the myriad forms of victimisation or domination that sometimes pass for unconditional love. Sometimes the most loving thing you do for someone is to walk away.

All crystals radiate unconditional love but certain crystals encourage you to love unconditionally. Wear Cymophane, soft pink Danburite, gentle Tugtupite or radiant Petalite on a long chain over your heart. A Selenite pillar in your home ensures an abundant supply of unconditional love. Crystalline Kyanite is a useful stone to smooth the way for unconditional love in lasting relationships, for which it needs two stones – one for each person. The stones can be programed to enhance appropriate intuitive communication between the two people concerned and to bring harmony and unconditional love to the partnership.

Ritual:  sharing unconditional love

You will need:

2 Selenite or Rose Quartz eggs or hearts

Most potent time: new moon

Sit facing your partner in a softly lit room – candlelight is ideal. Each hold your crystal cupped in your hands and look deeply into each other’s eyes. Now close your eyes for a few minutes and feel the unconditional love radiating out from the crystal, moving up your arms, across your shoulders and down into your heart. Feel how the energy opens and warms your heart. Put your crystal on your heart and feel the love go to your partner’s heart. Now open your eyes and look deep into your partner’s eyes again, looking with the eyes of unconditional love and sharing that quality. Place your crystal over your partner’s heart and hold it there while your partner puts a crystal to your heart. Keeping your eyes and hearts open, share the unconditional love between you. When you are ready, put the crystals down but allow the unconditional love to continue.

Understanding each other

If you have difficulty in understanding your partner, or feel that your partner does not understand you, or you simply want to understand each other better, seek the help of Sugilite. This gentle, loving stone brings light into the darkest of situations. It is beneficial if you each carry a similar sized stone that has been magnetised to its twin. It is also beneficial to meditate together for ten minutes morning and evening, each holding a stone and focusing on opening communication between your hearts.

Intimacy and loving communication

To encourage loving communication between yourself and your partner, each carry a piece of tranquil Kunzite or the beautiful sparky Crystalline Kyanite and hold one whenever you need to have a frank discussion as it keeps things calm between you. The soft flakes of Muscovite open your heart to intimate sharing and dissolve doubt whilst Hemimorphite encourages open and honest emotional communication.

Additional stones for intimacy and loving communication:

Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Strombolite


Emerald has traditionally known as ‘the stone of successful love’, as it induces domestic bliss and keeps a relationship in balance but there are times when it beyond the power of an Emerald to hold a relationship together. If this stone changes colour, it is said to warn of unfaithfulness. If you suspect a male partner may be straying, gift him a Turquoise. It too changes colour when there is a danger of infidelity. If a female partner is the object of suspicion, try the age-old test of placing a piece of Magnetite under her pillow. If she falls out of bed during the night or calls out a name that is not yours, your suspicions are confirmed. However, suspicion is a negative emotion and is not beneficial to your relationships. It would be better to use restoring trust stones to help you replace suspicion with trust, your partner is sure to repay you with faithfulness. Repeat the trust affirmation each morning looking into your eyes in a mirror whilst holding a restoring trust stone.

The trust affirmation: ‘I am loving, I am trusting, I open my heart to trust.’

Restoring trust crystals: Garnet, Rhodonite, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Pink or Watermelon Tourmaline


Watermelon Tourmaline, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladitions.co.uk

It may, however, be time to recognise that this relationship has come to its natural end and that it is time to move on. In which case, choose stones that support your strength and encourage moving on such as Rainbow Obsidian and refer to my book The Soulmate Myth? for a tie-cutting ritual to release each partner to go their own way.


Healing a broken heart.

If you’ve had your heart broken and are finding it difficult to love again, let crystals gently heal your heartbreak.


Strong but slow working, Agate heals bitterness of the heart. It is particularly useful when the heartbreak is deeply entrenched and is accompanied by resentment or a sense of having been betrayed. It dissolves anger and gives you the courage to start again. Agate is particularly appropriate for the pulverising the bonds that bind your heart ritual. Blue Lace Agate is excellent for healing childhood wounds, as is Pink Agate.

Rainbow Obsidian

Beautiful banded Rainbow Obsidian acts more gently than the solid colour form of Obsidian. It releases past pain, cuts the cords of old love, removes hooks that others have left in your heart, and clears emotional bondage. You may need to wear it for several weeks to complete the healing process.


Pink Kunzite is an excellent healer for depression following break up of a relationship. If your heart is full of emotional debris, tranquil Pink Kunzite dissolves it and brings in unconditional love to heal your heart.


Powerful two-toned Rhodonite is a useful first aid measure when your heart is first broken, and an emotional balancer that brings your heart back on line. It is useful when you have been betrayed and are set on revenge or self-destruction as it ameliorates these feelings.


Soft and gentle Larimar is the ideal stone for healing a broken heart or other trauma that may have closed down the heart as it restores playfulness and child-like joy.

Additional Stones for Healing Heartbreak:

Rose Quartz, Dioptase, Pink Tourmaline, Morganite (Pink Beryl), Tugtupite.

Bringing Love Into Your Environment

Amethyst angel. c. Michael Illas

The delicate petals of a lilac Amethyst flower-formation introduce light and love into your surroundings whilst the womb-like interior of an Amethyst geode encourages compatibility and harmony. Amethyst is particularly effective if you need to bring a lighter vibration to your environment. Program one to attract more love into your neighbourhood.

Sending love to the world

Rose Quartz is probably the best universal love stone there is. Program one to send out love to the whole world, neutralizing terror and hostility wherever it finds it and replacing it with unconditional love and forgiveness. Picture this love radiating out from the stone until it surrounds the whole world. Touch the stone each day.  A Selenite pillar works equally well.

A large chunk of Rose Quartz is perfect for sending love out to the world c. Michael Illas, Earth Blessings.

Extracted from Crystal Love by Judy Hall, Godsfield Press and

The Soulmate Myth: a dream come true or your worst nightmare? Flying Horse Books.


‘Be Luminescent, Be a Light Bearer. Bring in Light.’

The top 10 crystals to ease anxiety

Keep Calm and Hold a Crystal

Many people are disturbed by the unsettled times in which we are living. But being anxious and fearful only exacerbates the situation. What we need is light and peace radiated out into the environment and we can only do that when we find it in the depths of our own being. Crystals are a great way to keep calm during a crisis. But they also help us to face each day with equanimity, gently floating away anxiety. An aid to mindfulness, they facilitate taking each moment as it comes rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past – I’ll have a book out on that shortly. In the meantime, here are ten of my favourite crystals to ease anxiety. Keep one in your pocket or wear it as jewellery.

Cleanse your crystal regularly as it will rapidly absorb negative vibes. You can put it under running water or use the Crystal Balance Company’s Cleanser Spray (www.crystalbalance.co.uk/crystal-cleanser-essence.html) or Petaltone Clear2Light (www.petaltoneusa.com or www.petaltone.co.uk.)

Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper)

Eye of the Storm c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Eye of the Storm c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

I named this lovely new stone ‘Eye of the Storm’ because that’s exactly what it feels like. It’s so serene and protective. It’s impossible to be anxious with this in your pocket. It’s like standing in the calm ‘eye’ of a hurricane. Everything may be turbulent around you but you remain in a quiet, centred space. Eye of the Storm helps you to take a dispassionate look at problems too – and to recognize when your own fears are getting in the way of peace of mind. You can obtain one charged by me from www.angeladditions.co.uk (or ask www.exquisitecrystals.com for Judy’s Jasper as that’s what it’s called in the States.)

Healing our world

Earth Blessing c. Michael Illas

Earth Blessing c. Michael Illas

If you’d like to send healing and peace to a particular part of the world, a combination of Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper) and Rose Quartz can be gridded on to a map and left to do its work.

Here’s one we created for my Earth Blessing book to bring stability to Egypt at a time of great political upheaval:









Amethyst, c. Michael Illas Earth Blessings

Amethyst, c. Michael Illas Earth Blessings

One of the oldest crystal prescriptions against anxiety – and drunkenness! – Amethyst infuses you with gentle vibes that wrap a protective cloak around you and ease you into a more positive frame of mind. Lie down and place one Amethyst, point towards you, above your head and one on your third eye pointing down. Close your eyes and feel peace radiating through your body. It’s an excellent stone for overcoming addictions of any kind, coffee and chocolate as much as booze. It gently supports through the withdrawal process, keeping you calm and centred.

Auralite 23

Auralite 23 c. Michael Illas, Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Auralite 23 c. Michael Illas, Crystal Wisdom Oracle

This amazing crystal has over 33 different minerals within its Amethyst base. It is perfect for shutting off the chattering mind. So, if you go to bed at night desperate to sleep but your thoughts race on causing insomnia, place one or more of these gorgeous crystals around your head or under your pillow. It is also brilliant for shutting off those obsessive, toxic ‘what if’ thoughts that can plague us in times of uncertainty – and it shuts out other people’s anxieties too. Auralite 23 instils a clarity of mind that enables you to discern what is truly important and what can be let go of with grace and ease.




Kunzite, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Kunzite, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Kunzite contains lithium and so is a natural tranquilliser. Simply having Kunzite around you keeps your energy stable. It is particularly useful if your mood swings between elation and despair as it gives you a point of balance. Kunzite awakens your heart centre and connects you to universal love making you feel safe. This gentle stone helps you to remain self contained within a crowd as it strengthens the energy field around your body. Worn over your heart, Kunzite radiates peace and brings back lost trust, promoting tolerance.



Aquamarine c. Michael Illas, The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Aquamarine c. Michael Illas, The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Aquamarine is an ancient stone of protection. Valued in antiquity for its ability to summon the spirits of light, it counteracted the forces of darkness. Aquamarine was traditionally worn to ensure safe passage, especially at sea. It assists with letting go of destructive beliefs and toxic emotional states. This stone reminds us that progress is a law of life. It has long been a symbol of hope. Carry one with you whenever you feel anxious about being out and about in public.






Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Lapis Lazuli, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Lapis Lazuli imparts peace to the heart and mind. It possesses boundless serenity and is a key to spiritual enlightenment. Place one above your head or on your forehead to harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. Imbalances between these levels results in depression, anxiety and lack of purpose. Lapis Lazuli brings the energy bodies back into harmonic resonance. Restored to balance, the harmony wakens inner self-knowledge. Lapis Lazuli assists in taking charge of your life. Worn at your throat it encourages you to express yourself confidently without holding back or compromising. Meditate by gazing into one to reclaim your inner peace.


Shungite, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Shungite, c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.c.uk

Shungite is highly protective for the aura. It filters out negative energies of all kinds but particularly counteracts electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from computers, Wi-fi, cell phones and the like. EMFs ratchet up anxiety in people who are electro-sensitive (see Crystal Prescriptions volume 3 for details) so that things can feel much worse than they actually are. Shungite removes the fear. Wear one continuously, or stick it on your phone, to protect you and to create a shield around your auric field.


Merit Aten, my Sodalite Egyptian head with a stabilising polished Flint to ground her insights, c. Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.com

Merit Aten, my Sodalite Egyptian head with a stabilising polished Flint to ground her insights, c. Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.com

Sodalite is a great stone for overcoming mental unrest. It calms the mind and brings it to a point of dynamic stillness – and stops a panic attack in mid flight. This beautiful stone is particularly useful for group work as it brings harmony and solidarity of purpose. Stimulating trust and companionship between members of the group, it encourages inter-dependence and mutual support.
Sodalite eliminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage. This stone stimulates the release of outdated mental conditioning and rigid mind sets, creating space to put new insights in practice. It encourages rational, objective thought, and facilitates new information being downloaded. Psychologically, this stone brings about emotional balance and calms panic attacks.  It can transform a defensive or over-sensitive personality, releasing the core fears, phobias, guilt and control mechanisms that hold us back from being who we truly are. Carrying the stone enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. (Extracted from Crystal Bible 1).


Turquoise c. Michael Illas, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Turquoise c. Michael Illas, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

A stone of strength and purification, Turquoise traditionally provided solace for the soul as well as healing for the body. One of its protective functions is against noxious outside influences. Another is for the traveller and possessions en route. This stone dissolves self-sabotage and is a leadership enhancer that assists with career plans. Turquoise has an affinity with the throat chakra enhancing clarity of communication and in particular self- and creative-expression. An innovative problem-solver, it is helpful for public speaking as it calms the nerves. This stone stabilises mood swings and creates inner calm. It is excellent for overcoming depression and exhaustion and for alleviating panic attacks. Using Turquoise you recognise that the creation of so-called ‘fate’ is ongoing depending on what is done in each moment. It helps you to simply let the past be exactly that, the past.
What this crystal brings to mindfulness: Turquoise releases you from old vows, inhibitions and prohibitions, and from the strictures of out-dated authority figures. Imposed ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’ fall away allowing your soul to express itself spontaneously once more.  It helps you to overcome a martyred ‘why me’ attitude to life. You live in the present rather than dwelling in the past.
Using this crystal to let go the past: List everything that bugs you from the past. Include ‘if onlys’, traumas and dramas, destructive patterns, toxic emotions. When complete, wrap the list around the crystal. Put it in a plastic bag filled with water, seal and place in your freezer.  Next time you clear out the freezer throw away the bag, water and paper, having retrieved the crystal. Cleanse it thoroughly. (Extracted from Crystals for Mindfulness, Watkins Publishing).

Celtic Chevron Quartz

Celtic White Chevron Quartz, c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk

Celtic White Chevron Quartz, c. Jeni Campbell, www.angeladditions.co.uk

You may well not have heard of this unique and rather wonderful crystal. It comes from a dragon mountain in Wales and is extremely powerful as it contains ‘the Lumi’, star beings from beyond our universe.I’ve set up a ‘bringing in light’ peace grid with it as it asked us to: ‘Be luminescent, a light bearer, send light not fear’.

The Soul Star and Causal Vortex chakras of the crystal dragon mountain, c. Judy Hall

The Soul Star and Causal Vortex chakras of the crystal dragon mountain, c. Judy Hall

In addition to the wonderful Celtic Golden Healer, the delicate and so beautiful Celtic Chevron Quartz really made its presence felt on a recent trip to the mountain. I gathered over a hundred and spent hours scrubbing them. I felt incredibly peaceful when I’d finished despite the utter chaos into which Europe was descending. The next morning I awoke with ‘luminescence’ ringing in my ears. I was told ‘Be luminescent, be a lightbearer. Bring in light not fear.’ So I immediately put up a Facebook post to that effect, wrote a quick blog (http://www.judyhall.co.uk/miscellaneous/luminescence-be-a-light-bearer) and set about creating a bringing in light peace grid.

Celtic Chevron Quartz looks like triangles stacked on top of each other, little light beings creating a ladder to other dimensions. It would have been easy to overlook it but I’d collected a few before and knew it would be important. It has the same effect as Auralite 23, shutting off the chattering mind and creating a calm space into which other people’s antics do not intrude. It is a source of healing energy for the ancestral line so works well with Ancestralite and the Celtic Golden Healer Quartz (more of that next month).

This unusual Quartz works in harmony with ‘Star Being’ crystal skulls and contains the ‘Lumi’. The intention is to take us beyond fear of ‘aliens’, ‘implants’ ‘little green/grey men’ to connect to the star beings who once communed with our ancestors and who, if the old stories are to be believed, could well have been part of our ancestry. They were certainly part of an evolutionary shift on Earth back then and as we’re in the middle of another one now their assistance is most welcome. So many of us feel that our true home is beyond the stars and the Celtic Chevron Quartz wants to reconnect us – and to soothe and en-lighten us while we serve our time on Planet Earth.
You can find more about this beautiful stone and the Celtic Golden Healer on www.judyhall.co.uk (under ‘new crystals’), my Crystal Judy Hall facebook page and on www.angeladditions.co.uk. We’re giving away pieces of it with orders so that it can go around the world to link into the bringing in light grid. Do join us.

The ‘let there be light’ peace grid

Celtic Golden Healer Quartz c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Celtic Golden Healer Quartz c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

Small grids join up to form a grid all around the world. Five Chevron Quartz are laid out in a pentangle, one on each point. Place a piece of Celtic Golden Healer in the centre. (Grids can be purchased from www.angeladditions.co.uk).


The larger crystal grid set out on my dining room table to bring in light to restore peace and sanity to our troubled world.

The larger crystal grid set out on my dining room table to bring in light to restore peace and sanity to our troubled world.


Pentangle Grid


Celtic Golden and Chevron Quartz, Eye of the Storm and Cradle of Humankind. Image c. Judy Hall.



Be luminescent, be a light bearer. Bring in light.

Be luminescent, be a light bearer. Bring in light.

Be luminescent, be a light bearer. Bring in light.

Crystals including the Celtic Quartzes charged especially for you by Judy Hall are available from www.angeladditions.co. You can catch up with Judy on her website www.judyhall.co.uk and her Facebook pages Crystal Judy Hall and The Crystal Bible. Crystal Mindfulness will be published in the spring by Watkins Press.

Crystal Consciousness

Crystals For Soul Healing


soul crystals

Caption: Spirit Quartz.  Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/www.angeladditions.co.uk

I’ve been using crystals to facilitate spirit release and soul retrieval for over forty five years. Whilst I believe that spirit release is best carried out by trained specialists, there are times when healers, counsellors and other therapists are suddenly confronted with the need to release entities or retrieve soul parts. This is where crystals come in, especially when supported by purpose-made essences. I find these gentle, compassionate tools invaluable for three reasons. The first is that they protect my own energies, creating an interface at which I can work safely so I can give all my attention to the work in hand. The crystal stands at the border between my personal energy field, the other person and the entity, creating a barrier so the entity cannot attach to me after release. Crystals also maintain a sacred and energetically clean space in which to work.

The second reason is that crystals energetically facilitate release and call in higher helpers and divine light to move the spirit on, facilitating the work. Crystals can, when needed, provide a ‘home’ for a spirit or entity until it can be moved on or returned to whence it came. They also act rather like a net to hold anything undesirable rather than setting it free to settle into some other vulnerable soul. But crystals can also be a healer and purifier for a soul part that is returning. The third gift is that they energetically seal the site of an attachment once it has been cleared, purifying and healing the aura, object or environment so that nothing else can attach.

Spirit attachment definition

To me, spirit attachment means that a discarnate spirit has entered a living person’s energy field or is influencing it.  It can only occur when an energy field is weak and depleted, and when someone does not fully inhabit their body and the soul is not fully present so there is a ‘gap’ or vacuum. It often arises out of momentary loss of energetic boundaries such as in drink or drug taking, or the effects of anaesthetic, shock or trauma. It is common in cases of depression or debilitating illnesses like M.E. But it may also stem back to other lives or deliberate psychic attack. Attachment can be seen in the eyes, which are blank with ‘no one home’ or ‘someone else’ looks out from them.  The attaching spirit usually seeks to experience something it was addicted to in life or to control someone. It may be simply lost or be malicious. Attachments are not confined to human beings and may arise from thought forms or alien sources. It’s not always external attachment although it will feel like it is. It may equally well be projection/repressed qualities/obsessive thoughts manifesting apparently externally. Spirit may also be attached to an object rather than a person. It is sensible to bear in mind that not all attaching spirits will have left their physical body. The living can ‘possess’ or overly influence the living. Attachments can arise from the thoughts and feelings of others who try to influence or control or who try to clutch onto your strength – a very common experience for healers, readers and counsellors. It’s as though they have their hooks into you (see below).


Crystal spirit release in ancient times

People tend to regard spirit release as comparatively new but the earliest spirit releases I have researched occur in Egypt and Mesopotamia where troublesome spirits were believed to interfere in people’s lives, causing havoc. Crystals were part of the tool box for dealing with them. People commonly wrote letters to a deceased person asking them to desist and wore crystal amulets to support that call and to protect themselves. A Mesopotamian banishing ritual at least five thousand years old uses Selenite. Once the spirit causing the misfortune has been expelled and returned to the otherworld, something has to be put in its place. Selenite held ‘the divine light of the gods’ and filled the vacuum so that nothing else could attach.

In Mesopotamia, each crystal had its own god who could inhabit and become the crystal in a way that we don’t fully grasp today because we have lost our understanding of ‘correspondence’ (roughly translated ‘as above, so below’[1]). So, for instance, Lapis Lazuli was Venus, Carnelian Ninlil (a goddess of destiny) and so on. In those days illness was believed to be caused by attacking entities and there is a fascinating contemporary account of a priest healing a sick man. The ritual, which uses both crystal and sound therapy, constructs a net in which to ‘catch’ the invading spirit with the assistance of gods who become embodied in the magical tools:


‘The gypsum [Selenite] and bitumen which they smear on the door of the sick man. The gypsum is Ninurta [Saturn, one of the ‘good guys’ in Mesopotamian mythology]. The bitumen is Asakku [a demon god]. Ninurta pursues Asakku [i.e. good chases out the evil spirit].

The circle of flour which surrounds the bed of the sick man [is] Lugulgirra and Meslamtaea [other gods]

The three heaps of flour which they cast down [are] Anu, Enil and Ea

The design which they draw in front of the bed. That is a net any traps Any Evil.

The drum and cymbals which are resplendent at the head of the sick man. The drum is Anu. The cymbals are Enlil.

The standards which are set up at the head of the sick man. They are Sibitti, the great gods, sons of Ishara.

The scapegoat which is placed at the head of the sick man: Ninamaskuga, Enlil’s shepherd.

The censor and torch placed in the house of the sick man: The censor is Kusu. The torch is Nusku.’

Livingstone, Alasdair Mystical and Mythological Explanatory works of Assyrian and Babylonia Scholars Clarendon press, Oxford 1986 p.173ff


Unfortunately the tablet breaks off there so we don’t have a complete description of the ritual but we do know that it describes a battle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ gods for the soul of the sick man. It is presumed that the invading spirit is then sent into the ‘scapegoat’ waiting at the head of the sick man but in other descriptions it is captured in ‘a stone’.

Part of Mesopotamian and Egyptian ‘closing rituals’ after detaching entities was to make a necklace out of Carnelian, Lazulite or Lapis Lazuli, Serpentine, ‘spotted stone’, ‘very spotted stone’, shiny silex (Flint), breccia and ‘little breccia’ (Jasper) beads.  This was worn around the neck for seven days. Only some of these crystals can be accurately identified, but those that do still work today.


selenite wand


Caption: Selenite wands have been used since time immemorial


Using crystals

Appropriate, cleansed (see below) crystals can either be put directly onto the body, spiralled over the chakras or placed in a grid around the room, in the environment or around the physical body. They work well in the aura about a foot out from the physical body as that is where many of the more subtle attachments occur. Sweeping the whole aura with an appropriate crystal such as Anandalite often clears minor attachments without needing to know the full story and will send a spirit to the light, dissolve a thought form or detach undue influence. A crystal with a point will pull out energies when pointed away from the body, and draw in light when pointed towards it.

Crystals work best when they have been dedicated to their task and when their energies have been cleansed. They quickly pick up negative vibes and need to be cleansed before and after spirit release work or healing. I always ask that a crystal will work for the highest good of all and that a spirit or an entity will be returned to its rightful and appropriate place in whatever dimension or timeframe that may be. Purpose made crystal cleansers are extremely useful as they cleanse immediately so the crystal can be reused again and again. Petaltone Clear2Light or Crystal Balance Crystal Cleanse are invaluable as a few drops instantly cleanses a crystal and Crystal Recharge rapidly re-energises it. Petaltone Zl4 clears to fourteen etheric levels. Petaltone also make an excellent entity clearing essence, email them for details eastoe@yahoo.com


Keeping your energies high and your space safe

Crystals are excellent for protecting your energy when working. I always wear a Labradorite over my higher heart chakra (above the thymus) to screen energies. It allows me to be psychically aware of what is going on with a client but not to get sucked into the energy. Healer’s Gold works in the same way to create an interface at which I can work. Yellow Labradorite or Apophyllite helps you to be more psychically aware of subtle energies and to communicate with spirit. You don’t need big shiny crystals for this, raw chunks will do.



Caption: Labradorite, the perfect energy filtration tool: photo: Jeni Campbell


Crystal Tools

My favourite soul retrieval crystal tools:


Brandenberg: The one crystal I wouldn’t be without! Each crystal holds the essence of Clear, Smoky and Amethyst whether or not you can see the individual colours in the crystal, which usually has phantoms and bubbles that act like a ladder to higher consciousness. This the perfect tool for spirit release and soul retrieval. It also takes you back to the pure soul blueprint that existed before karmic encrustrations or family crud began to adhere. It heals the ancestral line, the personal or collective karmic lines, rejigs the etheric blueprint and restores the soul to perfection.

smokey amethyst

Smoky Amethyst Brandenberg



Smoky or Amethyst Spirit Quartz: Tiny drusy crystals cover a stone core in this amazing formation. I find it invaluable for helping transition to the next world whether of someone passing now or a spirit who has become stuck in the earthplane and needs to move on. This compassionate stone helps with soul retrieval, forgiveness and attaining unity consciousness.

smokey spirit quartz wand

Smoky Spirit Quartz Wand



Trigonic Quartz: The incised triangles in the stone represent souls entering or leaving incarnation. This is a powerful crystal best used by experienced crystal workers as it can have cathartic effects (see 101 Power Crystals and Crystal Bible Vol.3). It helps you to traverse the multi-dimensions of consciousness and facilitates inter-stellar travel and communication with star beings.


trigonic quartz

Trigonic Quartz: the soul midwife



Stibnite: This metallic stone has a particular resonance with ‘alien’ entities and energies and can be used to return an entity that doesn’t belong on Earth to its home star. It creates a ‘one-way portal’ through which the entity leaves and cannot return (see below) It also facilitates shamanic journeying to the lower worlds to facilitate soul retrieval and to help a practitioner move silently and with stealth when remaining unseen is the wise course.


stibinite wand

Stibnite Wand: the Shaman’s tool

Smoky Elestial Quartz power sceptres: These sceptre shaped crystals are invaluable when a spirit does not want to leave. They enhance your power and your sensitivity so that you know exactly how to move a spirit or entity on to the right level to receive assistance from higher beings.


smokey elestial power

Smoky Elestial Power Sceptre



Selenite: frozen divine light, high vibration Selenite is the perfect receptacle for a spirit who needs somewhere to go while you continue release work. It assists with forgiveness and brings a soul to the light calling in higher beings and angelic helpers.


crystal soul

   Selenite: frozen divine light



Crystals and soul loss

In my experience, an attachment can only arise when there is soul loss or fragmentation and it can be necessary to call a soul part home. Crystals help to  purify the soul part and to reintegrate it. Calling the soul home, whether it’s a split off child part, an earlier past life part that hasn’t incarnated or the result of trauma or abuse in the present life, is facilitated with either a Brandenberg or Spirit Quartz but Fulgarite was traditionally used by American shamans to collect the soul part and blow it back into the heart.


Emergency Crystal Healing for Spirit Attachment

As the attaching spirit is, usually, an uninvited guest or the influence unsought, I believe this is one occasion when it is not necessary to request the other person’s permission to assist them as the spirit is breaching their autonomy and right to choice. If the person is not present you can either use or a photograph or imagine them in the room with you, or use yourself as a surrogate by performing the healing on your own body.


  1. As soon as you begin, imagine throwing out an energetic net to trap the attaching spirit so that it cannot slip away. (You can also lay out a crystal net before you start using Selenite, Bronzite or Black Tourmaline).
  2. Lay a protective Selenite or Black Tourmaline pentangle (five pointed star) on which you have preferably sprinkled Petaltone Astral Clear or Clear2Light around you. If the person is present, lay Selenite around them.
  3. Holding a Brandenberg or Smoky Amethyst (or other crystal from the list), place a Bytownite or Apophyllite on your third eye or on the person with the attaching spirit. Ask that the spirit will make itself known and tell you why it has chosen to stay close to the Earth. Ascertain whether the spirit knows it has passed to another plane of being.
  4. Talk to the spirit as appropriate, addressing his or her concerns and offering unconditional love, reassurance and understanding. Then ask if the spirit is ready to move into the light for healing.
  5. Place appropriate crystals over the soma (mid-hairline), heart and solar plexus chakras. Visualise hands reaching down to help the spirit move into the light. If the spirit is reluctant, ask that his or her guardian angel and higher self will assist the process.
  6. Ask if the person who had the attachment needs to call any part of his or her own energy or soul back.  If so, call it back with the Brandenberg or Selenite letting it pass through that crystal for purification, and place it over the heart. Allow that energy to be reabsorbed.
  7. Now take the Brandenberg or Selenite all the way around the body, sides, front and back, to heal and seal the biomagnetic field.

[Extracted from Good Vibrations]


Lost souls and stuck spirits

Some lost souls may be deeply troubled and their interaction with the living can be malicious. They may have unfinished business, or powerful desires especially for control over another person or to re-experience substance abuse, or simply do not know how to move on or to let go. Sometimes they do not even know that they are dead – after all, they feel very much alive! They may wonder why everyone around them appears to ignore them – and do all they can to gain attention. Other souls are simply clinging to what they know. This is work for an experienced therapist.


Dealing with thought forms

To remove an external thought form, programme a large piece of one of the crystals below and leave in a room to do its work. Internal thought forms can be quickly dissolved with a crystal placed over the third eye as they tend to be stored in the brow chakra or just behind the ears. Use a Selenite Wand to detach them or place one of the following crystals over the chakra for ten minutes. Banded Agate is excellent where the thought form has been implanted by a guru or is the result of a distorted, contaminated implant of ‘healing’ symbols – follow up with a Brandenberg Amethyst to replace it with a pure program. Aegerine over the third eye is excellent for mental obsession or possession where you can’t get someone out of your mind


The Uncursing Ritual

Many soul parts get stuck in previous lives because they have, deliberately or inadvertently, been cursed. This ritual is excellent for removing past life curses that hold a soul part in thrall but it also clears ancestral attachments, thought forms and entities. You can do it for yourself or on another person. (Petaltone Essences make a crystal essence that can facilitate this process.)

·       Make a large rectangle big enough to lie down in with Tourmalinated Quartz at each corner. Join the crystals up with a wand to create a sacred space into which you can step or place the person you are working in (lie down for the ritual).
·       Place a fifth Tourmalinated Quartz crystal just below the breastbone above the solar plexus.  Hold a Nuummite crystal in your right hand (a wand or wedge shape is ideal) and a Novaculite or Flint shard in your left hand.
·       Beginning at the crown chakra, place both hands above the head and ‘comb’ across the chakra about a hand’s breadth above the body with each of the crystals in turn starting with the Novaculite (be careful as this flinty crystal can be very sharp). As you work on the chakra, ask that you or your patient and all the ancestral line be released from all and any curses/thought forms that have been put at any time in the past.
·       Moving your hands in a figure of eight formation that crosses and then moves apart again at each chakra, move down the body cleansing and clearing each chakra in turn.
·       When you reach the base chakra, work back up the chakras again with the same sweeping figure of eight movement until you reach the crown. Continue until the chakras feel clear.
·       Now close your eyes and ask that the person who placed the curse will make him or herself known to you. You may see a clear picture or get a prickling sensation on one side of your head or a pain somewhere in your body – in which case move the Tourmalinated Quartz over the spot either on your own body or that of your patient to absorb the pain. Talk to this person, discuss why the curse was placed, how it can be removed and what reparation, if any, is required on either side. Offer or accept forgiveness. Then ask that the curse be lifted from the recipient and all the generations to come and those who have gone before, everyone who has been affected. Feel the effect of the crystals radiating back through time and forward into the future freed from the effects of the curse and bringing beneficial experiences and joyful learning to everyone involved.
·       Work through each chakra again in turn with the Novaculite and Nuummite again healing and sealing each one with light.
  • Find a place where you can set out the Tourmalinated grid and leave it to continue its work.


             JudyCrystalOctPicture11 JudyOctPicture13crystal souls 


Caption: Tourmaline in Quartz, Nuummite and Novaculite: the perfect de-cursing kit



The crystal portal

Place a Stibnite crystal crossways over a long-pointed Chlorite Quartz and top with a Selenite wand. This one-way portal soaks up any negativity, releases the soul or entity and sends it out of the Earth-plane and into light where it can be handled by wise mentors and soul-rescuers.


Unless otherwise stated, photographs courtesy of John van Rees Jnr  www.exquisitecrystals.com


[1] This notion is covered in detail in one of my academic essays which is to be found on the Astrozero website and in my MA dissertation which is on www.judyhall.co.uk.


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Crystal Protection

The Amber Room

The Amber Room, St Petersburg. Catherine the Great’s stunning room of protection. Photo: Wikipedia.en

You no doubt assume that you are well protected, but are you?

Do you pick up other people’s thoughts and feelings?

Have you inadvertently upset someone?

Are you particularly accident prone?

Do you have a nagging pain under your left armpit?

Do you constantly feel tired and listless?

If so, you may be in need of a special kind of protection. Many people assume that if they are working spiritually, they are automatically protected. But!

While I do not want to worry you unnecessarily and certainly don’t want to instill fear, would it surprise you to know that there is something subtle against which you may need to protect yourself? An intrusion that is silent, invisible, and yet which can be extremely powerful in its effect and to which some people, especially those who start to dabble in the psychic realm or who open up spiritually, may be particularly vulnerable. This unseen force operates not in the physical world but in the invisible and, to counteract it, you need easy to use, psychic self-protection tools such as the power of your mind and a few crystals. This force goes under the name of ill-wishing or, in its most virulent form, psychic attack.

Psychic invasion

Psychic invasion comes from both the living and those who have passed on – especially those who have failed to move on in the spirit world. It can be deliberate, or inadvertent. Few people realise what a powerful effect thoughts such as ‘I’ll get back at you’, ’You’ll suffer for this’, ‘Why does she have all the luck?’, or ‘I’ll never forgive you’ can have – and how long they can linger in the ether. Jealousy, rage and resentment are particularly powerful psychic attackers, but someone’s depression or black emotions can be equally debilitating. And few people realise that their own toxic thoughts and emotions can be just as potent a form of attack on themselves.

All kinds of strange energies can surround you.

All kinds of strange energies can surround you. Photo copyright Terrie Birch/www.astrologywise.co.uk

The key to good protection is to find exactly the right method for you and the situations you find yourself in. What you believe in, you bring into being. So, positive thoughts and visualisation (picturing things in your mind’s eye) are powerful tools for protecting yourself as is seeing the world as a benevolent place. So too are crystals – which have been used for this purpose for thousands of years.


What is psychic self-protection and why might you need it?

Psychic self-protection is all about creating a safe space in which to live, work and have your being. It’s about having positive emotions and constructive thoughts that create a calm centre within yourself. It is a protective barrier around the aura – the subtle energy field that surrounds you and which can sometimes be glimpsed as a whitish glow. Psychic protection acts as an impermeable barrier to other people’s thoughts and feelings, especially if those are malevolent. Most people, at some time or another, have had the experience of having a thought pop into their head that doesn’t belong. But, there are people who are constantly bombarded by other people’s thoughts, and some have the misfortune to come under deliberate attack by someone who bears a grudge. Recreational drugs, meditation and yoga can also make you more sensitive to ‘bad vibes’, increasing your need for psychic protection. But help is at hand.

Using psychic self-protection creates healthy boundaries and turns away psychic attack. You inhabit a tranquil space in which others cannot disturb your equilibrium – either deliberately or by what they think or feel inadvertently spilling out into the atmosphere. You’ll no doubt have noticed that some people leave ‘bad vibes’ behind themselves or that you’re exhausted after you’ve seen a particular friend. It’s the same with getting aught up in the glamour of contact with ‘the spirit world’, or the excitement of spells and incantations. And places can have an effect too. We’ve all felt those chills down the spine or that headache that develops almost instantly in a particular place. If we recognise these signals that all is not well energetically, we can quickly take steps to transmute the energy and to protect ourselves if necessary.

Signs you may need psychic self-protection

  • Do you feel invaded, somehow not yourself.
  • Do you feel someone ‘has it in’ for you?
  • Do you give away too much of your energy?
  • Do you detach yourself after contact with someone else finished?
  • Do you read or watch programs about sensational psychic activity?
  • Do you meddle or dabble in psychic things without being trained?
  • Do you believe you’re psychic or have a sixth sense?
  • Do you meditate or read tarot cards and the like?
  • Are you allowing someone to have too much influence over you?
  • Do certain people or places leave you feeling drained?
  • Do you feel low if a friend is depressed or unhappy?
  • Do you feel on edge if a friend is angry?
  • Are you accident prone?
  • Have small things gone wrong recently?
  • Do you lose things?
  • Do you have nightmares and insomnia?
  • Are you anxious, nervy, on edge?
  • Do you have invisible feelers out, testing the air around you?
  • Are you perpetually tired, listless, feeling hopeless?

If you tick more than two or three of these, then you probably need psychic self-protection!

Cleaning, charging up and programming your crystals.

If you don’t cleanse your crystals regularly even they can be bad for you as they collect and then give off negative energies. Cleaning your crystals is simple if you choose tumbled stones, rugged chunks or single points. You merely have to hold them under running water for a few minutes and, preferably, put them out in the sun and possibly the moon to recharge (white crystals are particularly fond of moonlight). Or, you can put them onto a large Quartz cluster or Carnelian to recharge. You can also use salt water to cleanse robust stones. If you use crystal clusters or stones that are fragile or dissolve, such as Selenite, the crystals need placing in raw brown rice overnight.

The reason crystals sometimes don’t work for people is they often forget to ask. So, once the crystal has been cleaned and energetically recharged, hold it in your hands and ask that it works for your highest good to protect you.

How do I do it?

At its simplest level, psychic protection can be a bubble you inhabit (see the Amber Melt below). It can be a crystal you wear, or a talisman you keep at your side. Many people find themselves instinctively crossing their arms over their solar plexus when the emotional level around them becomes too highly charged – this is where your body feels invaded by other people’s strong emotions. If you feel you’re vulnerable to psychic invasion, you can quickly close off with a traditional body posture that seals your aura and creates an energy circuit around your body that cannot be breached by outside influences. Simply cross your arms over your solar plexus and cross your ankles. But, as you cannot keep your arms crossed all the time, practising the light bubble visualisation or the Amber Melt may be more useful as it protects your aura at all times.

Psychic self-protection means taking charge of your own thoughts and feelings and being fully grounded in your body: something that is easily achieved with a few deep breaths and a grounding crystal. When you trust and believe you’re safe and power-full, you are. Common sense and a few pointers to sensible working, and strengthening your energetic boundaries, soon overcomes any possibility of psychic invasion. The greatest tool is one you already possess: the power of your own mind. If you look positively at the world, you have natural self-protection. Being able to laugh at yourself and at the idiosyncrasies of all worlds is also an excellent deterrent, little survives the benevolent glow of good humour. But a strong aura is also extremely effective as it deflects any ill-wishing or energy pirates that come your way.

The Amber Melt

The Amber Melt

Photo: http://www.gemselect.com/gem-info/amber/amber-gemstone-information-and-education.php

Close your eyes, breathe gently and hold a piece of Amber over your head (or place it above your head if you’re lying down). Put all your attention into the crystal. Feel the Amber slowly melting and trickling down like honey all around your energy field until it completely coats it, meeting under your feet. Feel how safe it is within your Amber cloak, how secure, and notice how you can easily find your centre and grounding within this beautiful crystal. Allow the crystal to draw off and transmute any negative energy or fearful emotions, de-stressing you and filling you with positive self-regard and inner peace. Feel how, from the top of your head down into your heart, and on down to the earth beneath your feet, you have a central core of deep peace you can lean and rely on. When you’re ready to end, withdraw your attention from the crystal but leave your bubble in place so that when you return your attention into the room you’ll still have that core of inner peace.

Crystal tip: If you find it difficult to visualise, use your hands to help you mark out the amber bubble all around you and concentrate your gaze into the crystal imagining walking inside it.

Belly breathing

Stand or sit with your feet firmly on the floor and your knees relaxed. Letting your shoulders hang low and loose, take a long, slow breath. Deliberately push out your ribs and belly and pull the breath deep into the base of your lungs. Feel your ribs expanding outwards at the back and sides, and your back and solar plexus opening up. Breathe in for a count of four (increase the count with practise), hold the breath for a count of two, and exhale slowly pulling your belly and ribs in to expel all the air for a count of ten – press your ribs in with your hands to assist. Rest a moment and take another breath. Repeat eight times more (stop immediately if you feel lightheaded and take your attention down to your feet, bouncing firmly on the earth). Return to your normal breathing pattern but remember to pull the air deep down into your lungs.

Crystal tip: keep an earthy stone such as a Flint pebble, Jasper or Hematite in your hip pocket to pull the breath deep into your belly.

Dealing with psychic attack or ill-wishing

If you have the misfortune to come under psychic attack, keep calm. There are some very effective tools to counteract it, the most important one being to avoid fear and to disengage with the person concerned:

  • Picture yourself in an Amber bubble and wear Black Tourmaline constantly
  • Disconnect from the person: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Do not have any contact or think or talk about them.
  • Don’t play their game or get pulled into power struggles
  • Laugh about to yourself, don’t take it too seriously
  • Turn your attention on to something positive
  • Don’t meditate or open yourself up psychically unless you are protected and avoid drugs, alcohol or consciousness-altering substances
  • If you have to, face ill-wishers fearlessly with your boundaries strong.
  • Place a Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz crystal in a quiet corner to absorb and transmute negative energy but remember to ask the crystal to assist.
  • If the psychic attack comes from an unknown source, use the Amber melt and wear a black Tourmaline constantly until you can suss out the source and deal with it, or it is dispelled.
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, the finest protection against psychic attack. Photo copyright Michael Illas/Watkins Books. The Crystal Wisdom Oracle.

Golden rules for psychic safety:

      • Don’t meddle in things you don’t understand.
      • Stay focused and positive and keep things in proportion.
      • Retain a sense perspective and of humour at all times.
      • If you are using crystals, ask them to protect you and remember to cleanse them regularly under running water and put them out in the sun to recharge.

And finally:     Stop worrying and start living joyously.


Quick Fixes


The energy interface, Labradorite. Photo copyright Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

To protect your aura: Wear an Amber, Labradorite or Black Tourmaline crystal around your neck. Use the Amber Melt.

Under psychic attack? Wear a Black Tourmaline crystal around your neck at all times. Place four Black Tourmaline around your bed.

Ungrounded? Take four deep belly breaths and carry a Flint, Jasper or Hematite crystal in your hip pocket.

Sudden energy drain? Place your hands over your solar plexus and cross your ankles. Use a Spleen Protector crystal such as Green Aventurine, Jade or Green Fluorite. Or, wear a Labradorite crystal around your neck. Pop a Green Adventurine crystal in a lefthand breast pocket or in your bra on the lefthand side under your armpit.

Other people’s thoughts bothering you? Wear a Black Tourmaline, Auralite 23, Fluorite or Sodalite crystal around your neck.

(Extracted from Crystals for Psychic Self-Protection, Hay House, and Good Vibrations Flying Horse Publications).


An international workshop leader for over 45 years, Judy Hall is known world-wide for her crystal work and a wide range of MBS books. Her Crystal Bible (vol.1) has sold well over 1 million copies and now runs to 3 volumes. Crystals for Psychic Self Protection and Good Vibrations draw on her extensive psychic protection experience. See www.judyhall.co.uk www.angeladditions.co.uk



Crystal divination

by Judy Hall


Of mighty force my mystic science shows… this potent stone, by sages old extolled. Restless Adamant [quartz] is right called, for that it bends the powers who rule the sky…with influence bland, it soothes the soul to rest. And rouses pleasant thoughts in the human breast.

Orpheus on Gems: The Lithika

In the ancient Egyptian Songs of Isis and Nephthys, the two goddesses address their brother Osiris: ‘your hair is lapis lazuli… your vertebrae are made of turquoise.’ The ancient Egyptians, whilst poetic in utterance, were also literal. In their view, the god in the heavens is made of lapis lazuli and turquoise, and the stone carries the qualities of the god on earth. ‘As above, so below,’ the ancient hermetic dictum. It is no wonder, therefore, that crystals such as lapis lazuli and turquoise have traditionally been used to ascertain the will of the gods. That is, they were used for divination. In ancient Greece, for instance, Axinomancers placed a piece of agate or jet onto a red hot axe to ascertain the guilty party in a crime – the crystal jumped to point at the person. I still use crystals for divination today.

Reading the crystal oracle at Knowlton Henge, my local sacred site.

Reading the crystal oracle at Knowlton Henge, my local sacred site.

Photo copyright Michael Illas

 The magical crystal past

Eight and a half thousand years ago a young shaman was laid to rest on a bed of red hematite at Bad Dürrenberg, her magical grave goods beside her. They included numerous bones, thirty one tiny flint blades which she kept in a crane’s bone box, and a carefully fashioned stone ball that, I would suggest, could be rolled rather like a dice. Five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia a woman was respectfully interred with twelve pebbles beside her, her only grave goods. In a land where pebbles are extremely rare these were collected from two hundred miles away. It is tempting to think, along with the professor who uncovered the grave, that these pebbles had a specific purpose: divination. Many similar discoveries have been made but most archaeologists tend to overlook ‘mere pebbles’ so their significance has not been realised.

In the ancient Egyptian story King Cheops and the Magicians, the king, builder of the Great Pyramid, had long sought for hidden chambers in a temple of the wisdom god Thoth – keeper of the Akashic Record. Cheop’s son suggested he seek out a magician named Djedi. Asked if he knew the location of the chambers, the magician replied, “No, but the answer will be found in a basket of flint in a room named ‘investigator’ in Heliopolis.” Heliopolis is the sun or the self. This is profound piece of oracular wisdom that could be interpreted as the answer having to be sought in the inner, not the outer, world. But note that flint held the answer. This ancient portal stone is much underrated in the modern crystal world, but the ancients recognised its oracular value.

Early Mesopotamian sources mention an ‘elmeshu stone’ (often translated as diamond, quite possibly clear quartz) stone that functioned as an oracle, which makes the following few lines in an ancient Assyrian private letter rather intriguing:

To my father say, thus saith Elmeshu: Shamash and Marduk fill with well-being the days of my father perpetually. My father, be thou well, flourish; the God that preserves my father direct my father’s source of grace.

‘Elmeshu’ is usually interpreted by archaeologists as a ‘woman’ but as Shamash (the Sun) and Marduk (Jupiter) are gods of good fortune, perhaps they, through the stone, have been consulted as to the future of the writer’s father.

As far back as the 6th century BCE the Ratnapariksa of Buddhabhatta tells us that the emerald gives knowledge of the future. Diamond then, as now, indicated faithful love. His list is reproduced in the eighth century Arabic stonebook Achametis , which shows the enduring nature of the tradition. The latter includes interpretations of a king’s dream of crystal crowns. Such a dream usually portended increased power and success but the colour and character of the crystal were significant. If the gems were red carbuncles or rubies, it portended great joy and good fortune and indicated that the king would be even more feared by his enemies. Blue crystals however were a bad omen, foreshadowing the loss of part of the kingdom. Leek green stones indicated that the king would gain a reputation throughout the world, ‘both by his good faith and by the greatness of his kingdom’.

Before tea leaves

When Pliny the Elder, the first century Roman geographer, wrote his treatise on stones his intention was to ridicule the beliefs of his time concerning crystals. However, he inadvertently told us just how widespread and wide ranging those beliefs were. He calls it a ‘dreadful lie’ that an Anachitis, Stone of Necessity, could call up water spirits to act as an oracle for the future, for instance. But hydromancy, divination through water, and lithomancy, divination by crystals, had long been part of the mantic arts. And belief in the power of stones continued well into the Middle Ages. The magician Henry Cornelius Agrippa informs us that ‘the stone Anachitis makes the images of the gods appear. The stone Ennectis, put under them that dream, causeth oracles.’ Agrippa also tells us that another stone, synochitis, obliged the spirits to remain while they were interrogated as to the future. The problem is, we don’t know what these stones are. Anachitis is sometimes translated as pearl, at others agate. Martin Ruland the Elder, a German physician, alchemist and follower of the physician Paracelsus rendered it as ‘diamond’. It may well have been a type of clear quartz, which was believed in ancient times to be frozen water and so would contain water spirits.

In the wonderful crystal odyssey that is the Lithica, a fourth century Orphic poem describes in great detail the properties of crystals and the initiation steps needed to become a crystal worker. A magical black stone sphere is described. According to Helenus, a Trojan soothsayer, this sphere foretold the downfall of his city. The tale describes in graphic detail how the soothsayer fasts for twenty-one days, tenderly wraps the sphere in soft garments and makes offerings to it until through the magic of his prayers ‘a living soul warmed the precious substance.’ Sadly the news that the communicator had to offer was not good and the city fell.

Crystals were cast onto board, used as a kind of dice, or held to invoke assistance of the spirits. A beautiful rock crystal dodecahedron with symbols on each of its facets was found in an ancient Greek cave. It could be rolled to give an answer and many of the ‘board games’ and crystals found in early graves could well be oracles, as could the polished rock crystal mirrors. Crystal balls were consulted throughout history.

Dr John Dee, consultant to Queen Elizabeth the First paid Edward Kelly £50 a year (an enormous amount in those days) to scry with a crystal ball or ‘shewestone’ and Dee’s diaries are full of references to this ‘big, bright clere and glorious’ egg-shaped stone which was accompanied by angels and their messages. Dee also owned a smoky quartz ball. The English politician and antiquarian Horace Walpole writes of Dee’s ‘magic speculum’ a highly polished black mirror half an inch in thickness and seven and a quarter inches in diameter – which sounds like obsidian. These items are now in the British Museum although many years ago I visited a minor English stately home and was handed what was purported to be one of Dee’s scrying stones. It was an incredibly powerful object! My hand still tingles at the memory. Such things seem to have been commonplace. In the 16th century James Thomson wrote ‘one great amusement of our household was in a huge crystal magic globe to spy as you turned it all things that do pass upon this Ant-Hill Earth.’

The Breastplate of the High Priest

But we can go back much further in history than this to explore crystal divination. In Exodus 28, 15-30 we are told by Moses that: ‘the people come to me to enquire of God’ (18:15). This was by means of the Breastplate fashioned for his brother Aaron which had twelve crystals set within it. Hearsay evidence about the use of the Breastplate as an oracle comes from Josephus, the Roman historian, writing many years later:

From the stones which the High Priest wore (these were sardonyxes and I hold it superfluous to describe their nature, since it is known to all), there emanated a light… which was worn on the right shoulder instead of a clasp emitting a radiance sufficient to give light even to those far away, although the stone previously lacked this splendour. And certainly, this in itself merits the wonder of all those who do not, out of contempt for religion, allow themselves to be led away by a pretence of wisdom. However, I am about to relate something still more wonderful, namely that God announced victory by means of the twelve stones worn by the High Priest on his breast.

artist’s impression of the breastplate, which is more likely to have been a pouch rather than a flat plate.

Artist’s impression of the breastplate, which is more likely to have been a pouch rather than a flat plate.

The breastplate contained the Urim and Thumin and the Bible also relates their use as an oracle. Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis says the Talmud describes it as functioning ‘as a kind of ouija board with messages being spelled out for the High Priest.’ And the Breastplate has been described as ‘a distinctive symbol of the priest in his capacity as the giver of oracles’. Who said crystals are ungodly?

When the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel had his call to prophesy, it involved crystal and astrological imagery:

As I looked a stormy wind came out of the north, a great cloud with brightness around it and fire flashing forth continually, and in the middle of the fire, .. gleaming amber [also translated as ‘awesome crystal]. In the middle of it .. four living creatures… As for the appearance of their faces: the four had the face of a human being, the face of a lion on the right side, the face of an ox on the left side, and the face of an eagle…   [the fixed cross of astrology]

… I saw a wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction, their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl… over the heads of the living creatures there was… a dome, shining like crystal… When they moved, I heard the sound of their wings like the sound of mighty waters, like the thunder of the Almighty… Above the dome [was] a throne, in appearance like sapphire… Like the bow in a cloud on a rainy day, such was the appearance of the splendour all around. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. [Ezekiel 1]

 This is the famous ‘chariot of fire’ that so many people today interpret as a spaceship coming down to land. Powered by crystals perhaps?

When crystals were respectable

In the 19th century, Sir John Aubrey, a British politician, gave an eye witness account of a scrying ball in use with the blessing of the church for at least two hundred years:

… a miller had it and he did work great cures with it (if curable), and in the Beryl they did see, either the receipt in writing, or else the herb. [A minister had it] the spirits or angels would appear openly, and because the miller (who was his familiar friend) one day happened to see them, he gave him the aforesaid Beryl… Afterwards this Beryl came into somebody’s hand in London who did tell strange things by it; insomuch that at last he was questioned for it, and it was taken away by authority (it was about 1645). This Beryl is a perfect sphere, the diameter of it I guess to be something more than an inch; it is set in a ring, or circle, of silver, resembling the meredian of a globe; the stem of it is about ten inches high, all gilt. At the four quarters of it are the names of four angels, viz: Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel.”

John Aubrey, “Miscellanies,” London, 1890.

Citrine crystal ball. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions.

Citrine crystal ball. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions.

Similarly, an esteemed clergyman and president of a Victorian psychical research society Andrew Lang recorded the following story at the beginning of the 20th century:

“I had given a crystal ball to a young lady, Miss Baillie, who had scarcely any success with it. She lent it to Miss Leslie, who saw a large, square, old-fashioned, red sofa, covered with muslin (which she afterward found in the next country-house she visited). Miss Baillie’s brother laughed at these experiments but took the ball into his study, and came back looking ‘gey gash.’ He admitted that he had seen a vision -somebody he knew, under a lamp. He said he would discover during the week whether he saw right or not. This was at 5.30 on a Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday Mr Baillie was at a dance in a town 40 miles from his house, and met a Miss Preston. ‘On Sunday,’ he said, ‘about half-past five, you were sitting under a standard lamp, in a dress I never saw you wear, a blue blouse with lace over the shoulders, pouring out tea for a man in blue serge, whose back was towards me, so that I only saw the tip of his moustache.’ ‘Why, the blinds must have been up,’ said Miss Preston. ‘I was at Dulby.’

A horoscope set out in stones

Oral tradition tells us that crystal talismans were used not only ascertain but also to influence the future. From Babylonian times, many crystals were astrological in nature, intrinsically linked to the planets and zodiac. They were part of a complex system of forecasting and petitioning favour from the gods. Iron-rich Hematite, which is red when raw and silver when polished, was linked to the red planet Mars, for instance, a correspondence that continues up to the present day.

My own personal favourite account of a crystal oracle is the board used by the Egyptian Pharaoh Nectanebo to foretell the birth of Alexander the Great. Nectanebo is not exactly a disinterested observer – nor sadly can it be seen as historical fact as he wasn’t exiled to Greece until after Alexander’s birth. But The Alexander Romance is a good tale nonethless. Later in the story he disguises himself as Ammon and impregnates Olympias after prophesying that she would be visited by the god in the night. As an astrologer, it was the means by which Nectanebo cast the synastry (interaction) between the Queen and her husband that caught my attention:

 He placed his hand in a fold of his garment and took out an extraordinary little writing tablet, constructed from gold, ivory, ebony and silver, and engraved with three zones. On the first circle were the thirty-six decans, on the second the twelve signs of the zodiac, and on the inner one the Sun and Moon. He put it on a chair. Then he opened a small ivory box, revealing the seven stars and the ascendant made of eight precious stones, which lit up the pictured miniature heaven. The Sun was of crystal, the Moon of diamond, the Mars of haemetite, the Mercury of emerald, the Jupiter of air-stone, the Venus of sapphire, the Saturn of orphite (Serpentine) and the pointer of white marble.

                        The Alexander Romance

Similar boards have indeed been found and the association between crystals and the zodiac goes way back to Mesopotamia (see my MA dissertation ‘The Stone Horoscope’ on www.judyhall.co.uk).

birthstones laid out on the zodiac wheel. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Birthstones laid out on the zodiac wheel. Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

 Are oracles still relevant today?

I would answer a resounding yes to this question. My work with crystals has shown me that they are eager to help us forge a new way forward, a path of expanded awareness that takes us beyond the everyday into the multidimensions of consciousness. They show us what is necessary to bring a new understanding into play, to create a ‘new age.’ I call this the path of the soul. The crystals led me to create my own oracle. My Crystal Wisdom Oracle was the fruit of extensive research into the crystal past – and the soul’s future. The superb photographs were specially taken to help you connect to the energies of the mineral kingdom and develop your own intuition. Each card has a self understanding insight and a divinatory meaning to assist in navigating your soul path. But you can also use stones tumbled onto a board, gaze into a crystal ball or the eyes of a crystal skull, or simply sit quietly tuning into the energies of any crystal you happen to have to hand. The crystal will speak.

 Crystal gazing

You need: crystal ball, crystal skull or large clear crystal point.

  1. Settle yourself comfortably where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Open your palm chakras by rubbing your hands together briskly and hold your crystal in your lap.
  3. Breathe gently letting each out-breath be longer than the in.
  4. As you breathe out let go of any stress or tension you may feel.
  5. As you breathe in draw the energy of the crystal up your arms to calm and centre you.
  6. Allow your breathing to settle into a steady rhythm.
  7. With softly focused eyes look into your crystal.
  8. Notice its shape, its weight, its colour.
  9. Allow yourself to wander through the inner planes and landscape.
  10. Notice any impressions you receive.
  11. When your gazing session is complete, take two deep breaths.
  12. Put your crystal down and stand up with your feet firmly on the floor. Stamp your foot to ground you.

(Extracted from Hay House Basics: Crystals)

 Crystal skull photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Crystal skull photo copyright Jeni Campbell/angeladditions


Ancient divinatory meanings

Agate: worldly success

Amber: good health

Carnelian: a new friend

Diamond: enduring love

Hematite: success in lawsuits

Lapis Lazuli: divine favour

Sapphire: the past will catch up with you

Tiger’s Eye: all is not as it seems



Author of The Crystal Wisdom Oracle and Good Vibrations: psychic protection, energy enhancement and space clearing, Judy Hall has a B.Ed in Religious Studies, a Masters in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and an extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology. Crystals, including Bluestones, attuned by Judy can be obtained from www.angeladditions.co.uk. For details of Judy Hall’s workshops and karmic readings see www.judyhall.co.uk


Crystal Consciousness

Crystals for healing

Crystals for Healing

Crystals for Healing © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Earth Blessings

I have been working with crystals all my life both for healing and scrying. I instinctively wear one each day, intuitively place several on a client’s birth chart when doing a past life reading – or on a client if I see them face to face. Or I hold one for a few moments to energise it and then send it wherever it is needed. My home always has crystals around because they feel good to me, and many are programmed to help other people, or our world. But it wasn’t until I wrote the first edition of The Crystal Bible that I appreciated quite what I’d been intuitively doing for so long, how many crystals there are, and the enormous range of healing possibilities they encompass – it’s now in three volumes and I could easily do a fourth. Researching Crystal Prescriptions a few years later took me back to the use of gemstones for healing in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and beyond. For my M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology I tracked the origins of the use of crystals back some seven thousand years but I know it goes back further, there’s just no written record, only evidence found in graves. It truly is an ancient science: the oldest crystal healing prescription I found was Bloodstone, Carnelian and Green Aventurine for cleansing and restoring the kidneys and liver: exactly what a crystal healer might use today. Indeed, Bloodstone and Carnelian are two of the oldest-known, continuously-used healing stones.

Rather than telling you how to do crystal healing (which needs a properly structured course of study but you can always take a look at my Crystal Healing Pack for a basic outline), I’d like to share with you some crystals and techniques that I find particularly useful.

Good vibrations

Ajoite with Shattuckite © www.artfire.com

Ajoite with Shattuckite – © www.artfire.com

If you are surrounded by good vibrations your health and wellbeing are assured and crystals have always been revered for putting out good vibes and for protecting the wearer or the space they are in. I often wear a beautiful piece of Shattuckite with Ajoite. This rare stone protects against subtle ill-wishing, connects me to higher levels of being, and offsets the effects of electromagnetic smog. It can be difficult to get hold of and a Quartz such as Smoky, Rose, Tourmalinated or Rutilated (Angel Hair) can work just as well. If you, like me, are sensitive to cellphone emanations, then taping a piece of Shungite, Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz onto the phone works wonders as it re-integrates your auric field.

Black Tourmaline, Tantalite and Amethyst are excellent for turning back ill-wishing or jealousy, and are highly protective when worn around the neck – and, traditionally, Amethyst has the added attraction of warding off inebriation – allegedly. It’s been used that way for three thousand years.

Caption: Anandalite, the perfect aura cleanser  © www.exquistecrystals.com

Anandalite, the perfect aura cleanser
© www.exquistecrystals.com

If you want to keep your energy clear at all times, a Quartz, Flint or Charoite crystal can be used to ‘comb’ all around your body about a foot out. An AnandaliteTM is absolutely brilliant for this. All these stones absorb negative energy, repair weak spots in your biomagnetic field, and re-energise your whole body. A long Quartz point is also useful for cleaning your chakras, simply spiral it out from the chakra, cleanse it under running water or with a proprietary crystal cleanser, and then spiral in again in the opposite direction (some people are adamant that there is a right and wrong direction for this but I find it best to do what feels right).

Caption: Labradorite  © Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Labradorite © Michael Illas/Watkins Books The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

A Labradorite crystal with its unexpected scintillating flash of blue is a wonderful energy protector that also pulls in spiritual power. It is an excellent stone for healers and those who work with other people to wear around your neck. Creating an interface between your own energies and those of another person, it enhances intuition whilst preventing taking on other people’s problems or negative thoughts or energy.

Using your crystals

Crystals can be placed over chakras or directly over organs, or laid out around the body to create a healing grid. If your crystal has a point, placing it point facing outwards draws negative energy away from the body, and point facing in draws energy into the body.

Auralite 23: perfect for shutting off mind chatter and creating focus. © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Auralite 23: perfect for shutting off mind chatter and creating focus. © Michael Illas/Watkins Books Crystal Wisdom Oracle

If you feel stressed out and need to relax, lying with crystals on your chakras does the trick. It cleanses and re-energizes each chakra, balancing them; helping you to relax and bringing about a sense of well being and good health. You can use the traditional colour correspondences with the chakras by placing a stone of an appropriate colour on the chakra (see table below), or intuitively choose your own colours. You can also place 7 Amethyst points (point facing in) around your body to help you relax with a Smoky Quartz point down at your feet to draw off negative energy. One on your third eye (middle of your forehead) is very helpful if you have a headache, as is Azurite or Lapis Lazuli. If you have trouble shutting off your mind, place three Auralite 23 or Bytownite crystals around your head or one on your third eye. Many people who are opening up psychically experience pressure in the third eye and an Apophyllite pyramid or Labradorite placed over the third eye helps it to open and relieves the pressure.

 Healing the heart

Tugtupite: the pink colour intensifies the longer you wear it. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Tugtupite: the pink colour intensifies the longer you wear it.
© Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Following the break up of a relationship your heart may feel somewhat battered. The most soothing crystal is Rose Quartz. It prevents bitterness from entering your heart, gently melts any resentment and heals abuse of trust, bringing forgiveness in its place. When your heart feels whole again, Green Aventurine, Dioptase and Rose Quartz reactivate your higher heart chakra, the place of compassion and unconditional love. You can also wear the rare and beautiful stone Tugtupite from Greenland to keep your heart chakra functioning at its best.

Twinflame crystal. ©  Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Twinflame crystal. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

Rose Quartz is the stone to use if you want to attract more love into your life. Place the largest piece you can find by your bed, and put one in the relationship corner of your house too – this is the farthest right corner from the front door. If you can find a crystal that has two equal sized crystals side by side on a common base place this here too. Many Quartzes can be found in twin formations that spring from a joint base and they are excellent for this purpose. They symbolise mutual support and loving interdependence. It will attract a twinflame into your life: a twinflame being a soulmate without the karma or the hassle. Something we all need in our life!

 Combating the energy vampires

It is all too easy to lose energy to other people without really knowing why or even that it has occurred, especially if you work in the healing or counselling field. The main symptom is a feeling of weariness or slight depression, very low energy and a tugging or tweaking pain under your left armpit. If you get a nagging pain there, an energy vampire is at work. This may be a family member, partner or friend, client or work colleague. Fortunately the antidote is simple. Tape a Green Aventurine, Green Fluorite or Jade crystal over the chakra, or wear one on a long chain so that it reaches to the end of your breastbone. Remembering to disconnect from clients as they walk out of the door keeps this chakra healthy and your own energy high.

 Being in a safe space

Crystals are an excellent way to ensure that you are in a good space and to keep a healing or living room energetically clean. Unfortunately these days most of us are bombarded with unseen electromagnetic radiation, to which many people are sensitive especially those who are psychic. I live near an electricity sub-station, not my first choice of location as I’m all too aware of the potentially health depleting effects – although I have turned this around and affirm that it will energise and realign me. As soon as I moved in I gridded the whole garden with pieces of Black Tourmaline, positioning one at each corner. I then placed Amazonite, Amethyst clusters and Smoky Quartz points on the windowsills (with the points pointing away from the house to deflect the energy). Now I’ve added huge chunks of Shungite to the window sills. The house feels energetically clear and, on dowsing, registers no adverse electromagnetic emissions. These stones are equally effective for any ‘bad vibes’ that may be affecting your home or workplace. My computer is surrounded with Shungite, Fluorite and Lepidolite to further protect my energy but you could use the Smoky Quartz, Sodalite or Amethyst for this.

To keep a healing room energetically clean, place a large piece of Smoky Quartz, Calcite, Black Tourmaline or Tourmalinated Quartz in a central position and ask it to absorb negative energies. Remember to cleanse it every day. You can also grid small pieces of Black Tourmaline in each corner to keep out bad vibes or ethereal white Selenite to draw in spiritual light to assist in your work.

 How to charge your crystals

Before using a crystal for the first time, cleanse it, dedicate it for the highest good of yourself and everyone who comes into contact with it, then programme it to your needs. Precisely formulate what you want your crystal to do but do not limit it, say ‘this or something better’. Sit quietly and hold your crystal. Focus your attention on it. State your intention firmly and clearly – you may need to repeat several times.

How to clean your crystals

Crystals need regular cleansing and re-energising. When you purchase a crystal, it holds the energy of everyone who handled it. When you have worn or used it for awhile, especially if you’ve been using it for healing, it will need cleaning again. Most crystals can be cleansed under running water and then left in sunlight but delicate crystals can be placed in uncooked brown rice overnight (compost the rice afterwards). A quick way to clean and recharge all crystals is to put a drop of Petaltone Clear2Light on them (see www.petaltoneessences.com).

Useful crystal healing kit

A selection of healing crystals. ©  Jeni Campbell/angeladditions

A selection of healing crystals. © Jeni Campbell/angeladditions



Function: cleansing, protecting, stabilizing, tranquilizing, transmuting, opening. Balances all the subtle bodies and chakras, makes spiritual connections.

Organs: lungs, intestines, brain.

Gland: pineal

Systems: endocrine, digestive, metabolic, nervous, immune, skeletal, digestive, subtle bodies.

Chakras: brow, throat and crown.



Function: cleansing, protecting, revitalizing particularly of the blood, cleanses and realigns the lower chakras,

Organs: liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, bladder

Gland: thymus

Systems: immune, circulation, lymphatic, metabolic

Chakras: stimulates heart and base chakras.

Blue Lace Agate

Function: Cooling, calming, opening, activating, nurturing.

Organs: Pancreas, brain, throat

Gland: Thyroid, parathyroid

Systems: Lymphatic, skeletal, nervous

Chakras: Throat


Clear Quartz

Function: energising, absorbing, storing, purifying, balancing, releasing and regulating energy.

Organs: all

Gland: pituitary and pineal

Systems: immune, biomagnetic sheath

Chakras: harmonizes all the chakras, aligns the subtle body and activates the higher crown.


Green Aventurine

Function: cleansing, activating, regulating, stabilizing and creating abundance.

Organs: heart, adrenals, lungs, sinuses, eyes

Gland: Thymus

Systems: mental, nervous, muscular, urogenital, connective tissue,

Chakras: heart, spleen.


Function: energising, stimulating, cleansing, stabilizing, grounding into the present moment, bringing in abundance

Organs: reproductive, kidneys, intestines,

Gland: adrenals

Systems: metabolic, reproductive,

Chakras: base, sacral and spleen

Rose Quartz

Function: enhancing love, sedating, releasing, assimilating, forgiving, restoring the blood

Organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, genitals, liver

Gland: thymus, adrenals.

Systems: circulatory, lymphatic

Chakras: heart and higher heart


Smoky Quartz

Function: cleansing, protecting, grounding, pain relieving.

Organs: heart, muscles, nerves, back

Gland: none

Systems: reproductive, nervous

Chakras: earth and base



Function: regulating fluids, cooling, stabilising, releasing

Organs: vocal cords, larynx.

Gland: pineal, thyroid

Systems: lymphatic, immune, metabolic

Chakras: throat, brow.


Function: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-electromagnetic stress, protective, immune-stimulating and just about anything else you could need

Organs: all

Glands: all

Systems: all

Chakras: all

Chakras and associated crystals

Chakra              Crystal             Crystal Function

Earth                          Smoky Quartz           Grounding and protecting

Base                           Red Jasper                 Energising

Sacral                         Orange Carnelian      Creating

Solar Plexus               Yellow Jasper                        Nurturing, feeling

Heart                          Green Aventurine      Healing emotional distress

Higher Heart             Rose Quartz              Unconditional love

Throat                                    Blue Lace Agate        Opening communication

Brow                           Sodalite                      Attuning

Crown                         Amethyst                   Opening intuition

Higher Crown (1)       Labradorite               Opening spiritual communication

Higher Crown (2)      New Quartzes           Reaching enlightenment






Author of Crystal Basics, The Crystal Healing Pack and The Crystal Bible volumes 1-3, Crystal Prescriptions 1-4. Judy Hall has a B.Ed in Religious Studies, a Masters in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and an extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology. Crystals, including Bluestones, attuned by Judy can be obtained from www.angeladditions.co.uk. For details of Judy Hall’s workshops and karmic readings see www.judyhall.co.uk