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Author: Jock Brocas


Angel Insight

Guardian Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel to help guide and protect them along their life journey. Your guardian angel was with you before you were born, helping you to plan your life theme. Part of your life theme includes the lessons you will experience, and the service you desire to offer the world. Your guardian angel connects with you through your soul and your intuitive spark, which is the truth of your heart. They especially like to whisper their helpful guidance to you in this way to positively influence you, and to help you when making important life choices. The problem with this is that some people do not listen, or cannot intuitively hear the voice of their guardian angel all because they have shut them out due to their awareness being centered purely in the world. One sure way to help you connect with the loving wise voice of your guardian angel is to contemplate on what a higher power is and how you are a part of this higher power, as this will help to awaken you spiritually and you will soon receive insight and guidance from your very own guardian angel because of your own internal questioning.

How to Begin your Connection with Your Guardian Angel

  • Send a mental intention today to your guardian angel asking them to guide you in your daily life as God has given His angels charge over you to help you in all your ways.
  • Trust that your guardian angel has heard your request and have faith that you will receive angelic guidance. Notice to see if you have received any signs. These can include a small white feather, a picture of an angel, and a statue or ornament of an angel. You can also see a white butterfly as a sign, you may hear a song about angels or you may hear other people talking about angels. Signs are given to help you know that your guardian angel is working behind the scenes of your life to help you.
  • Take action on any intuitive nudges you receive. This can be a strong feeling that you should do something, read something, change something etc. Intuitive nudges are not always easy to follow, but by listening to the truth of your heart you will soon discover that inner joy and peace of mind will follow.
  • Thank God and your guardian angel for working in your life and be sure to keep asking for spiritual guidance along your life path. To awaken further in your spiritual development it is good to read any spiritual books you are drawn to, attend specific workshops you are drawn to, and find like-minded friends to spend your time with who uplift you and feed your soul. If you are reading this then this is a sure sign that your guardian angel is ready and waiting to help you.