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Author: Tracie Delysia Wolter

Altered States and Hypnotic World

What is Spirituality – The Transpersonal Self

The Transpersonal Spiritual Self


Spirituality is a way of gaining perspective on life, recognizing that our role of existence has a greater value than just what we do every day, by broadening our perspective and activating a potential prospect to look beyond what life presents. Some people see spirituality as a way of coping with change or uncertainty. By being consciously aware through life challenges, there are many opportunities to create a difference around an unwanted or difficult situation.

Developing spiritually, allows life to be viewed through different eyes; it opens up a whole new perspective by trusting the inner significant part of oneself to bring forward guidance, urges and insights.  This shift,  gravitating to new expression and ideas will take you to places you never imagined, resulting in a refined absolution of faith, abundance and freedom. Therefore, bringing these desired attributes into a more conscious way of living, feeling and acting, with an aspiration of a positive and prosperous life.

People are often discouraged about their ability to change and grow,  choosing to cling to fear and familiar ways of life that are no longer fulfilling. When something is distressing, it can take control of every part of your being. The influence can be so strong that,  being unable to progress, it becomes a physical, mental and emotional experience. It can be  difficult to move forward in addressing a specific problem without first building a realistic sense of hope. Being  hopeful creates improvement by opening a new way of understanding. Letting go of the limitations and resistances and replacing them with faith will enable you to remove the old ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Going through personal challenges that overtake the experience of life, can at times,leave  only one option  – and that is to turn your life around making a transformation though hope and aspiration  to a greater aspect.

Transpersonal exploration of the spiritual depth of self is a diverse education about the transpersonal and self, those transcendent and spiritual aspects of the human experience. This theory subscribes to the belief of subconscious and superconscious minds. Transpersonal experiences may be defined as “Experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond oneself, the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche, cosmos or the divine power of source energy”.

It identifies the various states of consciousness, trance states and declare that each has multiple layers within that hold their own realities and systems. This theory emphasizes that people can move back and forth through the different stages of consciousness and difference levels of reality perceived.

The transpersonal self encompasses and envelops an exploration of the spiritual aspect of transformation, as an education about how to develop a personal shift.  If the situation has a big enough impact on our lives, we open a door way to create change.

The doorway representing personal transformation and cleansing in a spiritual sense unlocks our true potential by bringing in decisions to change destiny and ways of living.

We experience an alchemical process which is an innovative alteration of the energy essence within consciousness. This alchemical process traditionally refers to the chemical and philosophical concept of turning prima materia the ubiquitous starting material of lead, a metal of seemingly little value and turning it into something of great worth, such as turning lead to gold.

Energetically, the enigmatic prima materia represents the essence within us of the raw, untapped, allusive part of us. When the alchemical process is in motion, we cause  a change in our consciousness and transmute it within ourselves, through a sequential process of change in which we turn to the spiritual essence of self.

Spiritual alchemy through the transpersonal self builds upon several fields of psychology and offers an alternative view of several psychology disciplines, including Eastern and Western philosophy, mindfulness and encompassing views of mystical theories, which can be examined scientifically for the purpose of healing.

Carl Jung described the “collective unconscious” as being the transpersonal unconscious component of  thought form and mental imaging that represents basic human behaviour, knowledge and experiences as a species. The function of consciousness is not only to recognize and assimilate the external world through the gateway of the senses, but to translate the world within us into visible reality.

These modern, innovative psychological concepts,  blended with  spiritual knowledge brings a mindset development showing us that there expansions past the physical reality are within our grasp, that there are gateways through the mind that can develop the opportunity for deep contentment, shifting our emotions through a thought process to access inner wisdom  to Explore the desired values of faith, abundance and freedom to have a better life..

Employing spiritual alchemy philosophy with spiritual growth will start to change your thinking and thought vibration to become a powerful, passionate influence inspiring to others around you. This transformation will develop inner intuition, allow for self-healing and allow you to  explore your  true inner essence. In other words, you will bring forward the flow of energy to alter your chi or vital life force of your soul.

Dare to open up and be truthful, compassionate and to look to yourself to find a way out of life challenges through the support of the spiritual part of you.

Open the door of spiritual alchemy,  and allow it to transmute your life and create self-exploration and growth and ignite the power within. Take that quantum leap… take a risk on yourself and transform your life and live with magic.


Altered States and Hypnotic World

Spiritual Laws

We have spiritual laws that govern the universe. These laws are a source of knowledge and wisdom, to be developed and implemented into our lives. The following eight spritual laws are the basic principles upon which the universe expands and contracts. It evolves and grows as we move the energy within it. We are beings of energy and it is energy which governs the universal laws. These laws are the spiritual and energetic guidelines that allow us to be guided through our human experience. As they do govern ALL, how we act and react with them plays a role in our lives and affects our spiritual self. The principle of these laws holds the truth, which is what creates and structures the reality that we experience. When you grasp these universal laws and truly understand them, when you work with them and respect them, you open and access far more information for yourself. It is like knowing how to open a book and then drawing from the knowledge in that book.

The Law of Mentalism – All is Thought

Pesonality Archetype Image by BigstockMentalism is about your thoughts and the reality created from those thoughts. The tapestry of intertwined thinking that has made the world you live in and for which you are responsible affects your reality. One of the most fruitful ways to harness your thoughts is to meditate, which is about mindfulness. Learning to focus your concentration and to work with the power of your thoughts, gives you the ability to receive insights, visualise with more clarity and to view your reality in a harmonious manner.
This then expands the bigger picture for you. Once you have control over your thoughts you gain control over your life. The power of intent of your thoughts is vital. We can create anything we want from our thinking. When you become aware of your thoughts you open up the possibility of bringing yourself closer to being aligned with your heartfelt purpose. This gives you a sense of freedom and you discover your true self.
The key is to be open to change and take action to effect it. By taking action you move towards changing your physical world through the intent of your thoughts. But first just take a moment to reflect as to the intent behind your thoughts. By taking just a moment, you will gain further insight and give yourself a clearer idea of your direction. You are the one that holds the key to your power. The spoken word is a vehicle of power. Your words give form and expression to your thoughts therefore your words are shaped from your thoughts and go into the matrix of vibration.

The Law of Vibration – All Moves All the Time

vibrationThe Law of Vibration is that all is in motion as nothing is inactive. Therefore everything that exists must be continually in motion. The rate of vibration differs between matter, energy, mind and spirit and these varying rates of vibration affect all that exists.
All vibration creates sound and that sound, whether heard or not, creates form. Sound comes in high and low wave frequency bands. Depending on the range of frequency of the sound, the human ear picks up those sounds. These frequencies each have a level of vibration.
At times, different levels of vibration and motion can move at such intense speeds they are unseen by the human eye and some even move at a speed that makes them seem motionless. All matter has its own unique vibrational frequency and what moves or alters that vibration is energy.


The Law of Polarity – All contains All Opposites Simultaneously

polarityThis universal law governs the two poles which even though they are opposite and opposed still create balance and are equal. Whether it’s right and left, yin and yang, positive and negative or male and female, for balance to occur there must be polarity. Vibration creates polarity. All opposites are created from the same elements, but are the contrast of each other with varying degrees of distance in between. Whether you measure the distance either way, the result is the same. Understanding and working with the law of polarity we learn to harmonize. It gives us a reality check in order to create balance for ourselves. If you have a problem in the present moment you also have a way to resolve that problem. You just need to look at all the options including those that appear to be the opposite of what you think is required. From this we understand that we are the creator of life’s challenges and this then allows us to have balance in our lives.

The Law of  ‘As Above as Below’ – All has Reflection Everywhere

reflectionThis law gets us to look at how our inner world is displayed in our outer world. The wisdom here is that we have all the answers we are searching for within us. We can access a deep understanding of this principle and know that the path we walk is an outward reflection of our inner world. So the internal existence of a thought then becomes represented in an external way. This extraordinary principle shows us that our current reality is created by what is going on inside us and mirrors our thinking. If our outer reality is unsettled and unhappy, this is a reflection of what is happening internally. ‘As above as below’ is how we experience the reflection of what we see in the mirror.

The Law of Correspondence – All is Interdependent

linkedEverything is independent but at the same time participates to become a part of the whole. Where internal and external match each other they are then corresponding. This shows us that we are the small picture that is a part of the bigger picture and interdependent. There is an action from a corresponding thought so we live the corresponding action from our thoughts. What you imagine, you will become and through this law you will bring in your reality.

The Law of Rhythm – All Moves in Harmony with All


The universe and everything in it has rhythm. The human experience itself has a rhythm that is full of events, repetition and re-occurring cycles. Rhythm is organized vibration. The cosmic timing and natural rhythm of frequency combined, affects us here on the earthly plane. It is important to understand this law and to acknowledge the cycles of life. We must work with this law in order to understand ourselves and how cycles have rhythm. Even Mother Earth shows us the rhythm of cycles with the sun, moon and stars and how they affect us. If you understand the cycles of life, this creates harmony. To know whether to expand or contract on a cycle, you need to know if it is at the beginning, middle or end.

The Law of Karma – All has Cause and Effect

karmaThis one is all about cause and effect as every action has an appropriate reaction. It’s as simple as that. No more no less. The law sets out that you are solely responsible for your actions. Understanding karma puts you in the driver’s seat for action. We create and then live with the outcome whether it’s good or bad. To be in the service of others is a divine dispensation of karma. It allows you to clear and release from the past. From this you live a life of integrity, truth and love. Karma has a twofold effect. You can work off karma through pain and suffering or through the service to others. This assists you to have a release from the past but your intent will direct the balance of the effect.

The Law of Attraction – All is Attracted to All

like attracts likeThe law of attraction is ‘like will attract like’ meaning you will draw into your world through your thoughts. Working with this law can be very fulfilling and you can change your world. Work out what you want and be specific about your desire. Write it down and cover all angles. Be as clear and concise as you can and you will get what you ask for. If your request is coming from a place of pure greater good for you then there is a great chance you will receive it. If it comes from a place of not such good intentions, you will find it may have a bounce back effect on you. So think carefully about what you request as you will receive exactly what you ask for – to the word. To add an extra boost to your request, express a strong emotion like happiness or joy while you are thinking about what you want. This will give it more impact. If you are specific about details it will make your request clearer. Now request it from the universe. Show gratitude and trust in the power of the universal energy. These are the basic principles of the laws of attraction but in actual fact it is the laws of vibration of thought…whether it is money, physical items, success in business, personal goals, or even being able to attract your true heartfelt dreams. You have the power to be able to do this – all you have to do is just have faith and believe it can happen.

The Law of Gender

genderThe law of gender is about the balance of both masculine and feminine characteristics. This law bears no reference to sexuality but is about opposites creating balance. The law relates to the balance of all living forms which contain the energies and traits of both genders. This law covers the duality of male and female elements both of which we require to be present to ensure balance. It encompasses the feminine principles of love, patience, intuition and gentleness. This is then balanced by the masculine principles of energy, science, logic and intellect. The principle of gender is manifested and has a balance of both male and female principles ever present and active. The duality of masculine and feminine principles is reflected and exists on all mental, physical and spiritual planes.

“All is one
and we are all
connected to one”


Altered States and Hypnotic World

The Intuitive Connection of Telepathy

The intuitive connection of telepathy

The intuitive connection of telepathy

When we blend the energy of our mind, body and soul and engage with it, there are certain kinds of messages that come to us in an inward manner or to which we are particularly receptive. These messages are absorbed through our energy field, sensory channels and appear as an overwhelming, significant awareness. How you receive messages will be an individual experience depending on your awareness. Let me go into more depth about how messages are transmitted and which parts of the body and mind best facilitate the flow of energy.
Telepathy encompasses the science of psychology and quantum mechanics. It is a communication transmission via the sensory channels and the part of the mind which processes the sending and receiving of messages. This communication is between two people and is conducted on physical, emotional and mental energy levels. Telepathy is instinctual and there are different levels of both mental and emotional frequencies that tune into and convey language, feelings, symbols and desires.
Telepathy utilises the aura, our sensory channels and the pituitary and pineal glands. It also works with our awareness, unconscious and conscious minds. This principle works on electrical and quantum impulses in the brain, when fluctuations in the level of electron response alter the neuron-pathway frequency. These projections allow the receiver’s emotional subtle body aura to sense the emotions being projected. These are then decoded through the nervous system and interpreted through the limbic system deep within the brain. This is how we receive emotional telepathy.



We telepathically convey emotional impressions through our aura to support our words which helps other people to understand us on an emotional level and this how we project emotional telepathy. We are constantly sending and receiving on an energetic level, intuitively sensing on a simple telepathic level. Emotional telepathic communication is more specific and adept between people who have a close emotional bond such as a mother and child or between twins. They communicate clearly on a frequency that is transmitted between the emotional bodies as if they were linked physically. They are still linked, but the link is energetic.

Another element of telepathy is an awareness of premonitions. A common example of this is when you know that the phone is going to ring and even who the caller is or when you are aware that a relative has passed to the afterlife. This clear inner knowing has transpired telepathically and the impressions are received through the super unconscious mind. It then becomes a part of our conscious mind as a thought form. These types of impressions appear as if they have come from nowhere, all of a sudden and are felt on an emotional level and through the aura at the same time.


Then we have the synchronicity of two minds meeting and linking for communication which is known as mental telepathy. This next level is a more complex communication and is known as non-verbal conversation directly from mind to mind. This is directly linked with the pineal gland, the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.
Mental telepathy in the dream state is known as precognitive or prophetic dreaming. This ability is being able to be in the dream state and to have visions, or to sense and clearly know about future events. It is a warning signal to be aware of the possibility of disasters, deaths and ill health or to be careful of the hidden or as yet unknown. This type of dream state telepathy is undefined as it is about an event that has not yet happened, however it largely depends on how you interpret these dreams. The pineal gland is the main part of this function of telepathic dreaming. During this dream state, the cornea and retina of the pineal gland see the vision or images of your dream. Then the second subtle body of the aura records the emotions experienced in the dream state. This is how you can reflect on how you felt in the dream.


Telepathy with animals is a similar type of communication to that already discussed as it is a non- verbal transmission. With animals it still works on the same principle of sending and receiving on an emotional or mental frequency, however animals do not communicate in our known verbal language. Through intuition we receive impressions of emotion and knowing, images and thoughts. Our pets are very intuitive and can tune into their carer and companion, clearly sensing the human’s emotions and knowing when health issues arise. Animals use auditory, olfactory and visual signs and postural gestures to send and receive telepathically.


Altered States and Hypnotic World

Soul Flight

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience leaving your body and coming back, to have an out of body experience, to see the vibrational energy grid of the universe or to astral travel and have a vivid surreal encounter?

We live in an information age and our society and culture is continually expanding to accommodate every new and exciting discovery. As humans we need to keep moving forward in order to develop and survive and to progress to the next level in our evolution. Many of us want to experience the other side and have considered taking risks to achieve this but there is another way you can choose this experience using your mind and body.

Soul Flight 1
We have a very small gland in the center of the brain called the pineal gland. It is shaped like a small pine cone and has more blood flow and higher levels of concentrated energy than anywhere else in the body. The pineal gland which is part of our endocrine system performs functions that are essential to our life. When our individual vital life force or soul energy enters the fetus in the womb, it completes our physical body.   Our body is not complete without a soul.  The pineal gland acts as a conduit for this soul energy and is known as the seat of the soul or the pathway to consciousness. Think of it as your spiritual antenna which picks up energy that operates on vibrational frequencies.

The center of the pineal gland is made up of water and in the fluid there are crystal components called micro clusters which can flip over. The fluid is connected to the conductive electromagnetic fields of time and space. When a source of energy vibrates in time or space it activates the crystals in the water of the pineal gland and the alteration of energy activates functions of the gland via the retina and cornea of the eyes. This amazing gland which with good reason is also called our third eye provides us with the ability to experience inner mind vision, to see visions in our dreams and to experience astral travelling.

The pineal gland is an essential part of our glandular system producing the hormones serotonin and melatonin which are highly concentrated tryptamine-based enzymes crucial to our bodily functions.  A natural process which occurs in the pineal gland during deep sleep or sometimes under extreme stress doubles the amount of tryptamine in our brains and naturally results in DMT or N-Dimethyltryptaimine.

Soul Flight 2
When the body produces large amounts of DMT it creates an altered state of consciousness and opens up gateways into time alterations, providing access to paranormal realms and other dimensional realities. It allows the movement of our life force through energetic alterations. Many have explored this phenomenon as a spiritual experience describing a euphoric sensation beyond the normal comprehension of our known reality. When a person has a near death experience, the brain is flooded with natural DMT to allow the vital life force to exit the body. The pineal gland is responsible for engaging an extraordinary amount of DMT at a pinnacle point in our life span.

Scientific research has been able to produce synthetic DMT and it acts as a powerful short-acting psychedelic drug producing similar effects to natural DMT. This drug is either smoked or intravenously injected into the blood stream for rapid effect. Natural DMT offers the same experience however the results vary depending on the length of time.

Nature has also created DMT in certain plants that contain beta-carbolines (alkaloids which are derived from the amino acid L-Tryptophan). Ayahuasca is a medicinal tea prepared from the vine Banisteriopsis Caapi, which when combined with some other specific plant species, activates a brew with high levels of DMT.   When Ayahuasca brew is ingested this orally activates the DMT within our own bodies.  By using the natural plant base  you can experience an intense connection with the spiritual world.

Soul Flight 3
There are several other plants which have a similar effect on the mind and body but Ayahuasca is probably the most commonly known.  It assists in the spiritual exploration of self and acts as a guiding inner teacher who outlines the number of lessons you need to acknowledge.  By creating an altered state of mind, Ayahuasca acts as facilitator in your journey of personal healing from emotional blocks and delivers insights into the therapeutic restoration of physical issues. There are many purposes behind the use of this medicine. It can deliver expansion and illumination of your personal consciousness to create a deeper level of understanding about your life journey, your purpose on earth, the true meaning of the universe and clarify how to explore the depth of your involvement.

Science is not sure about what role Ayahuasca plays in our society however it has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries. Indigenous western Amazonian tribes have used the plant in religious and healing ceremonies and Shamans have been using Ayahuasca under formal controlled conditions for years, following traditional methods and strict protocol with regard to diet, physical and mental conditions, to prepare for a ceremony which would normally progress over several days.  It provides individuals with access to subconscious processes in a state comparable to, but thought to be even more potent than, a meditative state.

If you choose to journey with Ayahuasca, bonding with your guide is essential as they will support you during your experience. Many travellers have reported euphoric mental and visual experiences however your mindset prior to ingesting the brew could influence your experience.   There is another not quite so pleasant side to this naturally occurring drug.  Side effects can include vomiting, nausea, gastric upset and hot and cold sweats. Not much is generally mentioned about this however Shamans generally believe this is the body eliminating toxins after or during the experience.  DMT can also increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Soul Flight 4
Ayahuasca has also played a significant role in drug rehabilitation clinics in South America. Through experimenting with DMT based drugs in the recourse of clinical trials to assist heavy drug addicts recover from addiction, research concluded that addicts exposed to five or more sessions with DMT either completely changed their drug habits or dramatically reduced their usage.

This mind-expansive, naturally-occurring drug can be a journey of self-discovery that will blow your mind from the inside out. You can experience ‘oneness’ not only with yourself, but with nature, the world and even the whole universe around you.

Altered States and Hypnotic World

Altered States

Altered states refer to states of mind that differ from our normal state of consciousness.

When exploring altered states, we become aware of consciousness and how its definition of mindfulness (our thoughts, feelings, memories and sensations) transforms into different levels of awareness when changes occur in our brain wave patterns.
Our mind activity is measured by rhythm, vibration and patterns of brain wave impulses as our perceptions change our thought process.


Brain Wave Activity

There are four main types of brain waves. When we are awake and thinking, we’re in the “beta” state. When we’re falling asleep and the mind begins to quiet, we are in the “alpha” state. When we are asleep or quietly meditating, our brains are in the “theta” state. Lastly, in deep sleep, where there is no body-awareness, we are in the “delta” state.
Altered states are characterised by an increased response to suggestions from our immediate environment from which we develop heightened focus and concentration on a specific thought or memory, while at the same time being able to block out distractions.
Altered states are the result of a subtle change in how our mind perceives a situation and manifests as a chemical alteration in the brain wave pattern function followed by neurological responses.
This change happens constantly on a daily basis as we naturally slip in and out of various altered brain wave states depending on our surroundings and external stimuli. This can result in a profound change in awareness and therefore also in our level of consciousness, which is expressed through various levels of trance or what we sometimes refer to as a ‘trance state’.

Abstract 2

The Trance State

So what exactly is trance? Trance is just a state of awareness, no more, no less. It’s a different state from our normal state of consciousness but is just as natural and is the result of when we change the focus of our attention.
We slip in and out of hypnotic states all day long, naturally and without any planning or thought. A trance state is a focused level of awareness which we experience every day, just at varying levels.
When we are concentrating our attention on something in particular it gives us a greater level of absorption or consciousness.
Let’s go deeper into the levels of altered states conscious awareness you can experience.
A hypnotic trance state can be induced through self–hypnosis. It can induce changes in areas such as relaxation, stress management and various forms of innate ability. Hypnotic trance states can also be guided by a professional hypnotist/therapist who is able to induce deeper levels of the trance state. This can help people change unwanted behaviours, explore past lives and incarnations through regressive therapy and offer them positive inspirational suggestions to create lifestyle changes.
By engaging your imagination with calm thinking using a form of guided imagery and by concentrating your attention on the experience, it creates an enhanced level of accelerated learning which helps you make the changes you desire.
Meditation can be a wonderful personal experience of self-discovery. Your contemplation creates a stillness of the mind which brings a deep sense of calm and transforms your state of awareness, allowing you to access your inner understanding, your higher self or infinite intelligence.
Meditation is primarily used for guidance in relaxation and for accessing holistic therapeutic resources. Working with meditation, will give you a calm persona and allow you to still your mind. Amazing and profound discoveries can be made about oneself. Enlightenment and other gateways of the mind can be discovered through this natural trance state using a concentrated level of awareness. It allows you to access your own personal level of spiritual awareness.
Imagination is a conscious mind/thought form process using visualization. By changing the level of your focus you create a space into which you bring forward images and ideas, usually about an event or future concept, for which you want to create a desired outcome.
Intuition is an amazingly powerful awareness on a soul level which can occur suddenly and which often has a strong emotion connected to it. Or sometimes it can be a focused psychic awareness.
We each have our five physical senses -hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and seeing. Then there is our sixth sense which is known as extra sensory perception.
In our minds we can expand our feelings or inner radar past our energy field, which is known as ’sensing through our aura’. When you sense through your aura, you either experience a replied response or an inner knowing. You automatically tune into this conscious reaction or feeling and then during the response if another person is involved your aura blends with theirs and you feel a sense of what the other person perceives. Some say this is a metaphysical gift. Psychic power and intuition are similar to each other.
Inspiration is different from intuition. Inspiration is an alpha state of mind on a conscious level. This level of thinking creates stimulation or motivation about a particular concept or idea and from there leads to a future event or a series of events. Inspiration is usually created to promote movement of an idea, to inspire action or to influence a person or situation.
A psychic trance is a conscious state of awareness with a change in the level of focused attention. This change of focus means tapping into your specific ability in your unconscious mind. For example, clairvoyance, which is the ability to clearly see beyond the reach of ordinary experience, is when we deliberately concentrate our powers of sight in order to see images are not visible to the naked eye and usually flash into the psychic mind just behind the eyes. These can be symbols, objects, colours, people, and scenes. When you tap into your psychic powers of sensory perception to access relevant information it is known as a focused state.
A hypnagogic trance or ‘hypnagogic arrest’ is a transition state in between wakefulness and sleep. It is when you are in a half dream state of mind. You are almost asleep but also awake in a suspended level of consciousness. You do this naturally every day when you transition into sleep or start waking up.

During this experience a variety of sights, images, sounds and impressions can unfold, during which time you have an alteration in the level of your frequency. This can provide a platform or a link to the spirit world creating a state where you can interact with discarnate or other spirit entities. In this state of trance you can activate your psychic ability to improve your sixth sense.

When you are going into a calm, relaxed state just before you drift off to sleep, you can prolong this trance state by tensing your hand with your fingers in a spread position to delay sleep. This is where an altered dream- like state opens up and allows a change in frequency and the link to occur.
When exploring a hypnagogic trance state I would suggest keeping note paper handy to write down any impressions.
A mediumistic trance is when the conscious mind goes into a rapid rested state to access the unconscious mind through the pineal gland, in order to link to a spirit communicator. This connection with spirit is possible through using a blended combination of the aura and the unconscious mind.

During the trance state, a medium can go one step further and deepen the trance state to allow spirit voice. This is where the medium must silence the mind and create a mentally clear space which causes the brain state to alter and drop into a theta state of consciousness.

There are also physical effects on the body. For example, the heart rate slows, the breathing rate dramatically reduces and the body temperature drops. When this state is achieved, there is an alteration in the medium’s energy at the cellular level in the physical body. Indeed, this is evidenced by the suppression of the medium’s state of consciousness. The medium then appears to allow the spirit communicator to work through their body and mind.

The spirit communicator doesn’t actually enter the physical body even though it may appear to be that way but the medium’s personality seems to step aside allowing the spirit communicator’s personality to come forward. The spirit communicator takes direct control of the medium’s speech and physical movement, which brings forth a fascinating variety of facial expressions, mannerisms, voice changes and varying degrees of transfiguration.

The medium is sometimes aware of this behaviour or speech but this varies depending on the depth of the trance. Sometimes there may be spontaneous occurrences in these states and various paranormal phenomena may come forward.

In a shamanic trance, the shaman enters an altered trance state which extends beyond the normal waking consciousness. This level of ability is acquired with extensive mental training and achieved over a period of time.

The ecstatic level of awareness is obtained through a variety of ritualistic actions such as drumming, humming and verbal commands. Through this process the shaman accesses the astral plane and other alternative gateways of reality in order to gain knowledge through observation and communication with astral entities and light beings. When the purpose of the trance has been achieved the shaman returns to ordinary awareness with full memory of the encounters.
When exploring altered states, take into consideration fractionation, which is a process that breaks the trance journey into stages and based on information and verbal feedback from each step, takes you deeper into the next level of trance. An incredibly deep state can be obtained using this practice of repetition.

If someone has the ability to go in and out of a light trance state a few times, it doesn’t take long for them to develop the ability to enter a deeper trance state. The theory behind this method is the more often you go into a deep trance state the quicker and deeper you will go next time.
We all have a fascinating innate ability to enter altered states at varying levels, to explore our consciousness and to experience a range of different states of mind which lead us closer to knowing who we really are.

Altered States and Hypnotic World

Personality Archetype


Personality archetype characteristics are a combination of certain qualities and traits in an individual resulting from their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


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Pesonality Archetype Image by Bigstock

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This is the basis of how humans respond and react to the people and objects in their environment. Our personality type is genetic and it is attracted to and responds through thought forms from an energy source. [/col][/row]This source is called the collective unconscious. The way we access the collective unconscious is through our personality archetype and the unconscious mind. Our personality archetype is the source code to altering the unconscious mind. When we look at hypnotherapy we define the process as being an alchemical process that then alters patterns of behaviour in the unconscious mind.
Discovering your archetype is an exploration of the amazing aptitude of the unconscious mind. By looking at your personality type you gain a deeper understanding of who you are. There are two layers of the unconscious mind. The first is the personal unconscious, which is the part that holds our mind blueprint. This is all of our beliefs, values and behaviours and also where we have our recorded and repressed feelings, habits and urges and where we access the patterns connecting them. The second part of the unconscious mind accesses the collective unconscious, which is a non-physical plane of existence or energy matrix. Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychologist who coined the term ‘the collective unconscious’ as being a non-physical plane containing patterns of energy in the form of shared visions, experiences, wisdom and the universal knowledge of all human kind.
Our patterns are inherited genetically through our DNA and arranged in energy pattern types known as archetypes. Our archetypes have distinct personality characteristics and behaviours applicable to each one. Through the collective unconscious we are attracted to certain types of ideas through our individual archetype. Archetypes are the secret language of symbols that are conveyed through energy and are the manner in which we display certain aspects of our psyche or personality.
Each personality archetype has its own values, meaning and identity traits. This is a part of who we are, how we think and certain ways of being. Personality archetypes are a part of who we are as an individual.
We all have our own archetypes which are structured to affect how we experience our lives and which guide us to be attracted to certain types of purpose. The unconscious mind processes using a sentient organism of the collective unconscious that directly influences mental and physical behaviour. The unconscious mind does not function with language, but with symbols which act as communications. These are released by our unconscious mind through dreams, meditations and conscious thinking. You can explore your own archetypes which in addition to accessing the collective unconscious, is how you map your reality through the unconscious mind. When you discover and acknowledge your archetypes it gives you insights and an understanding of your attraction to certain applicable ideas and concepts and allows you to recognise patterned personality traits. We receive our reality through a filter of time, space, matter and energy and this affects what we consider to be true and real. Your archetypes are how you navigate that filter of your known physical world.

Whose thoughts are they?

Most people assume that our mind generates all of our thoughts and emotions. However a percentage do not come from our mind but come instead from the collective unconscious. We receive thought forms and emotions from the collective unconscious telepathically via crystalline transmitters and electromagnetic waves projected and received by the body energy system. The way this happens is that our mind and the subtle body of the aura are connected. Our subtle bodies are sub-consciously attracting thought-forms from the collective unconscious that match our current state of mind and level of consciousness. We telepathically access this energy matrix by uploading and downloading thought forms from the collective unconscious through the unconscious mind. However, most of us are unaware of this. From this collective unconscious we access a myriad of other people’s thoughts and emotions telepathically. It’s true to say that most original ideas are not original. You will find they have come from the collective unconscious and they are borrowed as recycled thought forms.
Through the collective unconscious we can experience changes in human behaviour. This can be displayed as an expression of public opinion, such as mob behaviour or mass belief which are both examples of telepathic phenomena that are drawn from the collective unconscious.
Certain aspects of the social media paradigm are also examples of the collective unconscious where undesirable groups can be obtrusive and display negative behaviour. This is expressed through the attraction of archetypal universal thought forms that influence people’s feelings or actions.

How do we act?

When some personalities interact with the collective, it can emotionally shape their ideas and behaviours. When we are actively telepathically accessing the collective unconscious and absorbing thought forms, this can influence our behaviour through the establishment of consistent patterns which we then start to own. This owned idealistic behaviour can greatly influence our perpetual reality filter and if the patterns are repeated enough times the subconscious mind accepts it as normal behaviour. When clients are seeking hypnotherapy treatment for behaviours that do not serve them well and are searching for a desired change regarding a specific issue, a therapist should consider using the archetype personality as a source of information to help understand how the client responds to those patterned behaviours and should then utilise similar patterns to achieve increased effective treatment. We must take into account that the behaviour attached to the issue may not have been generated by personal life experience. The source of the initial activation could have been telepathically downloaded from the collective unconscious and matched the archetype pattern that the personal unconscious mind blueprint found to be congruent and accepted. As we are natural energy receptors and respond as such, therapists should consider how clients are acting and responding to their perpetual reality filter. Are these presenting behaviours obtained through inherited genetic archetypal energy patterns from the collective unconscious or through environmental factors of human development?

The ancient art of alchemy

Alchemy is the ancient craft of taking something of seemingly little value and turning it into something precious. Traditionally this refers to the philosophical concept that chemically the prima materia of base metals such as lead can be turned into precious metals such as gold. Esoterically it represents personal transformation, purification and perfection in a spiritual sense. Symbolically the enigmatic prima materia represents the unknown substance within us that carries the projection of the unconscious mind.
Hypnotherapy is an alchemical modality that unites the mind-body connection. Being a transformational process that embraces the language of the mind, when we go deeper in analysis into the personality archetype, it leads us to a formula to source the code of the unconscious mind. Archetype energy patterns are the psychic platform in which the unconscious content within us is encoded. When we apply this to the psychological aspect of Jung’s hypothesis of the collective unconscious and have an understanding of the analytic process we have an exploration of unconscious awareness available to utilise as a healing tool.
Jung reminds us of the dual nature of alchemy, comprising both the chemical process and a parallel mystical component. Finally, in using the alchemical process to provide insights into individuation, Jung emphasises the importance of alchemy in relating to us and the transcendent nature of the psyche. This then allows a vehicle for the transformation process thereby assisting the client in being aware of their own progressive development and to embrace their own individual change.


Very few people understand the implication of the energy matrix of the collective unconscious and the role it plays in our lives. By telepathically accessing the collective paradigm we are indiscriminately altering our psychological behaviour through these patterns. This then offers a transpersonal objective of genetic archetype from which we absorb and develop personality traits that are not generated by our individual mind. Further in-depth analysis into the client’s archetype could be the difference between how a client achieves success with hypnotherapy or fails to respond to treatment. Genetic archetypes are the pathway that leads us to the key to the alchemical process which unlocks the unconscious mind. By knowing how, we can open the door to the unconscious mind for us to achieve change, to heal and evolve and to live the life they so desire.

Altered States and Hypnotic World

The Art of Spiritual Alchemy

What is Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is the ancient craft of using a chemical philosophy to turn lead metal into gold. Now how does spiritual alchemy work so that you can turn around a difficult situation to create and a positive and prosperous life? Let me explain….

When something distresses us we are involved with it and a part of it. It takes control of every part of our being. The influence is so strong you are unable to progress and it becomes a physical, mental and emotional experience. Then, from the depths of hopelessness you are able to turn yourself around to become the ultimate spiritual alchemist.

We have all experienced fear or distress to a degree; this state of mind can destroy ambition, undermine enthusiasm, can have full command of your imagination and can also overwhelm your thoughts. It can stop you dead in your tracks, freeze you and have you breathless.

Going through the extreme depths of personal meltdown whether this is due to a loss of finances, illness or disease, legal, a love or even grief can leave you cut to the core of your being. All you have left is one thing and that is to turn your life around. Your only option is to dare to open up and be truthful, compassionate and look to yourself to find a way out.

This is Spiritual Alchemy, transmuting your life and creating self- exploration and growth to ignite the power within you. By taking a quantum leap… taking a risk on yourself.

You Can Learn Spiritual Alchemy

You have control over your own mind and the power to allow whatever thought impulses you choose, sometimes there are emotions that challenge us in our everyday lives. You have the choice to have control or for it to control you; feeling the strength of the distress and then turning the heightened emotion into positive expression.

By developing your inner knowing, it will allow you to see life with different eyes; you will see a whole new perspective by connecting to the divine voice of your soul. By trusting your inner significant you, it will bring forward guidance, urges and insights. Then suddenly you will feel yourself gravitating to new expression and ideas and go to places you would never imagine.

A power to action with an impulse of thought. These thoughts are almost like a magnetic force that will attract similar or related thoughts, you become in harmony with your decisions. The mind is constantly attracting and drawing in the energies of one’s thoughts.

If you let go of the limitations and replace them with faith, you will be able to remove the old ways of thinking that do not serve you. By working with this philosophy you will start to change your thoughts you will become a powerful, passionate influence to yourself and others around you. This transformation will develop inner intuition, allow for self- healing and allow yourself to explore your true inner essence. Developing this mindset is one of the most powerful life strategies. On a personal level using powerful positive thinking, visualizations and positive affirmations can help transform your life. This leads to greater health and a wonderful feeling about the direction your life is taking. You will wake up in the morning ready to enjoy your day to the fullest, with renewed optimism about what you will attract in your life. This enlighten way of thinking will explore the great power within you. Now it’s time create your personal transformation take that leap of faith to believe you can become the alchemist and live the life you desire.

Altered States and Hypnotic World

Take control of your thoughts and your life

You may be surprised to learn that we each have hidden beliefs inherited from our ancestors. These thoughts and belief patterns are passed on through our family lineage from generation to generation. [row][col w=”3″]

Tracie Delysia Wolter

Tracie Delysia Wolter

[/col][col w=”9″] Each individual person carries a very unique set of DNA which carries genetic information inherited from parents, grandparents and previous ancestors. This determines physical traits such as eye colour and body shape but also includes much more than that. Most of us, unless we have a particular interest in genetics, are totally unaware of the deeply embedded patterns and convictions we also inherit from our ancestors.[/col][/row] These inherited beliefs, which you are most likely completely unaware of, are with you from birth and can cause you to block yourself off from the life you truly want to live. They appear when you least want them and can create a dramatic influence on your health, relationships and finances. This unconscious mind blue-print can sabotage and disrupt your best intentions, hinder your efforts and stop you from grasping the opportunities that allow you to achieve your greatest potential. It can also stop you from enjoying or being proud of, the success you have already achieved. If you have a positive attitude towards life, why then do you sometimes feel frustration with the direction your life is taking and feel like you are stuck? Why can’t you change more quickly or why are you unable to change at all? The answer lies deep within your DNA mind blue-print. Through the study of hormonal and neuro-chemical explanations of behaviour, revolutionary scientific research has determined that many of our natural personality characteristics are formed from our genetic inheritance, although some are created through life experiences, from our environment or as a result of our behaviour. Behavioural theorists believe it is our response to environmental stimuli which shapes all of our behaviour and it’s certainly true that the person we are today is partly created from the energy vibrations of thought and action that we pick up and register through the stimuli of our daily environment. We develop traits acquired through conditioning which occurs from interaction with external events. Yet our genetic blue-print has also delivered us energetic vibrations from the unconscious mind of our ancestors and it’s these inherited unconscious thoughts and notions that can sabotage your progress in life and stop you from achieving your desires. This inner saboteur is often activated by an event that triggers a string of emotions which then activates potentially destructive behaviour such as negativity, obsession and fear and may even lead to anxiety and depression. So, we have determined there are two influences that affect our behaviour: our DNA – the genetic recipe for all living things -and our environmental conditioning which causes us to think, act and react to the emotional situations in our life. Wherever they originate, our thoughts are a collection of vibrational energy patterns. We receive and project along the frequency of energy waves by sensing and exploring with our mind, our emotions and the physical body. Every thought we have creates emotional and physical impact on the level of the body’s energy field. We are energy and the body’s energy field vibrates on electromagnetic energy which in turn charges our thinking. It has been scientifically proven that our thoughts affect our nervous system and guide our emotions. So, what we manifest with our thought processes is what we inherit in our life. In other words, what we think appears in our world. Even though you may not always be aware of it, you are always manifesting because you are always thinking and many of your thoughts will be those you have inherited, as well as those you have developed as a result of your life experience. You may have blocked your wisdom with limiting belief patterns of who you think you are or resisted making a change and denied yourself what you really want. Once you understand this and shift your thought processes and thereby your emotions to ones that serve you, you open up to the energy of receiving which allows you the opportunity to move forward and become who you want to be! Each one of us is meant to be a powerful force of manifestation. Once the blocks are removed you can work on creating positive thoughts which impact on your health and wellbeing. You can literally change the course of your life and become a magnet for prosperity and wellbeing. When we neutralize the negative aspects of the unconscious programming we have inherited, we progressively alter the coding of our genetics and this changes how we operate on an energetic level. This allows you to reprogram your DNA with a positive re-coding of how you think. The process of altering your thinking occurs at a cellular level therefore changing the vibrational frequency of our electromagnetic field. Altering the thought process affects your nervous system which in turn changes your emotions and alters your patterning. It gives you the power to reconfigure your life and create one you truly desire. Now that you know where they come from, you can remove your self-limiting thought patterns about relationships, money, personal and business success. You can take a fresh look at your desires, determine what you really want out of life and use your power of intent to achieve the abundant and fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.[dropcap style=”normal or inverse or boxed”]Y[/dropcap]our text with dropcaps here