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Atlantis: Fact or Fiction – Links with the Crystal Skulls

Here we see a photo of Joshua Shapiro, a columnist for the Other Side Press and known as a Crystal Skull Explorers holding his personal skull called "Portal de Luz"

Here we see the author of this column Joshua, holding his personal smoky quartz skull “Portal de Luz”

Welcome to Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro here, your host to take you on another exciting adventure into the world of the Crystal Skulls, the Paranormal and World Mysteries.  So for this next part of my column, lets take a look at Atlantis!

So if you are ready, let us proceed on this next exploration ….. into a time of the ancient past but which the affects of this cultures still are with us today ….

Atlantis as many people have heard is purportedly a legendary continent that is said to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean roughly from 12,000 years ago to possibly over several hundreds of thousands of years ago.  That is, until this land or large island was swept under the waters of this ocean due to a catastrophe of their own doing. Furthermore it is said that the other civilizations that existed at the same time as the demise of Atlantis (such as ones in Mexico, Central America, South America and Egypt) were greatly influenced by the survivors of Atlantis who left before its final destruction and came to live in their own regions, all were were probably colonies of Atlantis.

Other evidence or absolute proof of Atlantis could be related to some very recent discoveries within the Bermuda Triangle where there is a rumor of two large pyramids made of clear glass or crystal which were discovered under water here. Additionally, some archaeologists and underwater specialists have encountered stone structures that were very precisely fashioned or carved found under the water by the island of Bimini who claim these stone buildings could also offer tangible proof of the remains of the Atlantean civilization as well.

Besides, over the years, during our travels around the world (working with my divine light partner Katrina and our personal crystal skulls, “the crystal kids”) we have personally met a number of people who have either had a vision or a past life memory recall of seeing themselves living in Atlantis in a former timeframe. Further, through various studies made by different spiritually based organizations have gathered all types of information further supports the idea that Atlantis may have existed in various forms and stages of development for several hundred thousands of years in our far past.

A depiction of where the last large island of Atlantis existed between South America and Africa (source Atlantismaps.com)

A depiction of where the last large island of Atlantis existed between South America and Africa (source Atlantismaps.com)

The bottom line is, although there is yet to be what the mainstream would call absolute proof the existence of the Atlanteans, too many people inwardly feel a connection with this fabled land, including the author of this article and somehow what took place during the end of Atlantis is coming back full circle.  As the technological level of our world in the present time is very compatible to the level the Atlanteans developed, so it is said.

But in addition, I believe that we have two other proofs which offer the most substantial evidence for Atlantis, at least to those readers who are very much involved with studies of the paranormal:

1) The best source of information about Atlantis was revealed through the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, who lived from 1877-1945. For the last forty years of his life he would go into an altered state of consciousness and would give what were called “life readings”. These readings contained special information and spiritual insights about the individual who was receiving the reading. The information given was either about their current life and/or could be related to a past life that this person had of which the circumstances and events of that lifetime are greatly impacting this individual in the present. Sometimes Mr. Cayce would give a reading for a person who was not even in his physical presence.

In total, Edgar Cayce gave over 600 life readings which involved a description about the legendary Atlantis detailing how the individual, that he was focusing his attention upon (or upon their soul) lived during one of the many ages of this once great civilization. It is hard to believe that such consistent information could be given about one past culture through such a single individual who was not even functioning in their normal waking consciousness. Actually Mr. Cayce had no memory whatsoever of anything that he would speak during his sessions.

Edgar Cayce, during his trance state, described three specific ages of Atlantis. The first age occurred before 50,000 BC (the Theosophical Society saids this age could have started as far back from 1 million to 800,000 years ago) where Atlantis existed as one huge continent in the Atlantic Ocean. However due to a war which he stated occurred between the “Sons of the Law of One” (who followed a very spiritual and peaceful way of life) versus the “Sons of Belial” (or people who did not believe in the “Creator” but worshipped the material world and used their advance technologies to have power over others); than around 50,000 BC, Atlantis was split into five islands of which the largest one was called Posedia or Posedonis.

Then the second age went till about 10,500 BC where once again the same two groups had another conflict which resulted in a further destruction of of Atlantis and than all that remained was the island of Posedia. About one thousand years later or 9,500 BC, the “Sons of the Law of One” had prophetic visions of the final destruction of Atlantis and knew that they had to leave. Therefore these individuals took all of their tools and sacred knowledge and brought them to the existing Atlantean colonies that existed throughout the world at that time. That would be including North, Central and South America and into Egypt. And then of course, the great island of Atlantis was hit by volcano eruptions which cause the whole land to sink under the ocean.

The Atlanteans who left knew that that these special tools and their wisdom must be preserved for a future time when humanity would face a great crisis and would once again need such tools. I believe we are now living in this time and that this is why more evidence of Atlantis is coming publicly forward and people have great interest in this ancient civilization.  Also there is no doubt, one of these sacred tools were crystal skulls, but more about this later in this article.

Edgar Cayce further stated that many people who have incarnated into the modern world of today had lifetimes in Atlantis. That as these same souls met once again in our present world that there would be a similar struggle as had happened in Atlantis before. And it definitely appears that humanity is once again using our modern technology to disrupt our world, our ecology and environment in addition to continuing to wage terrible wars at various times with many people losing their lives.

But what can save us from ourselves is the advance technology and wisdom that probably has been buried in Atlantean time capsules throughout the world in secret hiding places. Then those souls who fled Atlantis and helped with the preservation of their technology and records have reincarnated today then perhaps, they will one day re-remember where these secret locations are and go back to retrieve what they have hidden before. And once we have these advance tools and the sacred knowledge of Atlantis, these resources could assist humanity to create a world of total peace.

Now besides having on a personal level my own visions and insights about a time coming for our world to see total peace in our near future (as well as images in my mind of being in Atlantis), there are many other people who are having a similar type of vision for our future. For example, there is a book called “My Descent into Death” based on the Near Death Experience of a man named Howard Storm.

In this book (which is his story) Mr. Storm goes to Heaven and meets the “Angels” and the “Christ”, who show him the power of the Creator’s Love. Then Mr. Storm is sent back to the earth where he renters his physical body and has to deal with his serious health challenges that cause his NDE, but eventually he does recover. But the key message he received during his visit to so-called “Heaven” is that the “Creator” through the “Christ” and the “Angels” will be directly assisting Humanity at some point in our future so together we will make a beautiful and peaceful world. That this is will be our destiny absolutely and for now we just have to live our lives the best we can, to be positive and joyful and not allow the fear of current events take us into a dark path or depression. That there is a force of a “Universal Love Energy” that is always around us and insidee of us, and that if we can link into this force, and share it with others, it is a part of a plan to help us collectively bring our world into a time of peace.

Now, although Mr. Storm’s story might sound a bit religious; for those of us who are following our own spiritual path, we know in the depth of our being that there is this loving higher intelligence or consciousness which watches over us and that is continuously assisting us in our spiritual evolution. And we have called this force “God” or the “Creator” Anyway, I apologize for being a bit sidetracked here but I always share something interesting I have come across just as I begin to write a new report or essay.

2) Now getting back to the proof of Atlantis, there is yet another book I discovered at the local library that was written by a Dr. Phelon, who was the head of a Hermetic Mystical Order that he published in 1903. In this book, Dr. Phelon reported of an experience he had in the late 1800’s, while taking a boat from New York City to California (which means they had to go around Cape Horn of South America).

On this boat he met a very interesting man who was the only other passenger on the ship. They had many conversations about Atlantis and Lemuria. I suspect this stranger was linked to some secret order who had a direct connection with the ancient history and knowledge of Atlantis in some manner that was not fully explained in the book but we could surmise.

OurStoryofAtlantisTo make a long story short, this stranger recognized the soul of Dr. Phelon as a close spiritual brother and then guided him to visit one of the islands in the West Indies (between Cuba and South America) where they discovered a stone structure of advance design sticking out of the water. The Stranger somehow knew how to open the door to this building and inside they find a wooden box containing inside an ancient papyrus scroll written in Ancient Atlantean. Dr. Phelon writes down the translation of this document from the stranger who somehow understands Atlantean. In this scroll it tells a remarkable story from a person living in Atlantis about what the people were like and how it was like to live in this fabled continent. According to the author this accounting takes place about 29,000 B.C. The scroll not only discusses the normal lifestyle of an Atlantean but shares the higher spiritual principles that the Atlanteans followed which guided their lives as well.  The key to this book is that we are not speculating what it was like to live in Atlantis, the writer of the tablets was sharing their experiences directly.

As one begins to read this book, what is quite remarkable is the writer of this scroll is speaking about a period of time when the Atlanteans had total harmony between their sciences, their governmental institution and their spirituality. For example for a new law to be passed, all the people of the land had to agree, not just a few elected officials who represented everyone.  Also, each Atlantean had everything provided to them to live a full life, as they had a home and everything they required to live a happy life.  There were no poor people, people hungry and living on the streets as we have today and people were all totally aware of their inner spirituality.  This is why there were three great magi or sages who were the spiritual leaders to guide the people as well teach the higher spiritual knowledge.

And finally, the most basic concept of life which all Atlanteans of this age accepted as absolute truth was that “Everything that is in the “Visible” must first originate from the “Invisible”. It appears these ancient scrolls offering to us in our world of today a powerful sign of where humanity is headed for in our near future. I don’t know, what do you think?

Origins of the Crystal Skulls – also linked to Atlantis?

Of course, as a Crystal Skull Explorer, I have come across alot of information via spiritual mediums, channeled information as well as personal soul memories from myself along with various other individuals that indicated in Atlantis, the crystal skulls played a very important role as well, especially linked with their spiritual temples.  Several people discussed that within Atlantis were 13 healing temples and each one had a very special crystal skull.

That in fact, some of what we call ancient (very old) crystal skulls that are known today could have been in Atlantis and that at least some of these skulls were saved and transported to the various Atlantean colonies in the world before Atlantis sank.  This could be why we are finding crystal skulls buried in the ground or linked to ancient ruins in such locations as Mexico and Central America where untold numbers of crystal skulls have been uncoverd in recent years.  We also must look to other areas as well as to where crystal skulls are appearling like South America (Peru), Egypt and possibly into the Orient and Australia.  We have heard from some of the indigenous elders, who do discuss the origin of the skulls, that they did come from Atlantis.  So what I would like to do in the remainder of this section is give some personal visions I have had related to the skulls being in Atlantis to finish this article.  While I can not prove what I see in my mind’s eye, I am sure some of the readers will inwardly resonate to what I share.

The personal memories I see in my mind’s eye linked to Atlantis, I believe come from the last day of this continent.  I see myself walking in one of the temples and also be in charge to care for a crystal skull in that temple. If the experiences I had in Peru from 1997-2002 are correct, where I was looking for a sky blue totally translucent two part (separate lower jaw) crystal skull are correct, then I believe the temple which housed this “Blue Skull” is where I was.  As while I was in Peru, just north of a Lima, as we were following a lead where this “Blue Skull” might be hidden, I had a vision of coming to Peru from Atlantis in an anti-gravitational ship along with other sacred artifacts from Peru.

Anyway, getting back to Atlantis for a moment, it is through the temples, that people would study the spiritual laws and the ancient wisdom.  However at the end of Atlantis, there was a division amongst the Priests, some using their knowledge to have power over the people and another group who worked for the good of everyone, as Cayce said “The Sons and Daughters of the Light”.  We saw the end of Atlantis coming and we knew that the sacred artifacts had to be preserved for a future time when humanity when need these tools to prevent its own self-destruction. We also saw that South America would be a good place to hide these artifacts as in that future time, there would still be places not overturned by modern humanity that would still be full of nature.  I also recall that in the sacred temples of Atlantis in the center was a kind of brilliant column of light, an eternal light that never went out (probably in these end times this light had gone out long before due to the misuse of technologies) that when you were near it, it would energize you and help you link with your inner being.  So I do remember these temples being used to anchor higher vibrational frequencies on our world and the teaching and training centers.

Logo for Crystal Skull World Day, November 22nd, 2015, the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull shown in the Center, per permission of Bill Homann

Logo for Crystal Skull World Day, November 22nd, 2015, the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull shown in the Center, per permission of Bill Homann. This day is an open invitation to all crystal skull guardians to join together for a special meditation for harmony and peace. It was first held on November 22nd, 2014. All are invited to join in, even if you don’t have your own crystal skull – see the website below!

One other memory, before I speak about a specific crystal skull we know of today which I believe was definitely in Atlantis, deals with a lifetime I had as a Tibetan Monk – perhaps several hundreds years ago.  In this memory I feel like I am in an underground cave underneath the Potala, which used to be the home of the Dali Lama, and that in this cave, known only to the monks, were 13 crystal skulls – arranged as I was meditating in front of them, with one in front, a semi-circle of four behind and another semi-circle of 8 behind that.  My sensing, even as I feel now re-living this experience energetically as I type it now (since as I have written before, on that level of our being, the soul which exists in the spiritual dimension, we are eternal and timeless and we can experience simultaneously several lifetimes at once while we are in body) – is that either all or some of these skulls here came from Atlantis.  So I see at least the Blue Skull in Peru being from this fabelled land and also some of the skulls in the Tibetan lifetime as well.  So what the indigenous people describe as the skulls being scattered to different locations in the world after Atlantis was destroyed makes a bit of sense.

Finally, one of the crystal skulls known today, which I have mentioned before in one of my other articles, known as the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” (of Love), now with the guardian, Bill Homann, and a good friend and brother – many people have felt that this crystal skull originated in Atlantis and possibly, due to its physical discovery (according to the story told by F. A. Mitchell-Hedges, who led an expedition to Belize in 1923, and then later by his adopted Anna, who I did meet a few times and was a very devoted and loving guardian to protect the skull, a very good friend to Mr. Homann, who she gifted the skull in her will when she left us in 2008) in Belize, is possible that this skull was taken to the Atlantean colonies in Central America.

According to Carole Davies, the spiritual medium for the book, “The Skull Speaks”, the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was created from portions of the Great Crystal of Atlantis and that a portion (or duplicate) of the consciousness of the real Atlanteans who made this skull using a superior technology (one we do not have at present) impeded the consciousness inside the skull. Further, via my co-author Sandra Bowen, for our book, “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” (1983, out of print, we only have 2 copies left) stated that the Atlanteans used the bone skull of a loved Atlantean Priestess who died and changed it into quartz crystal which became the Mitchell-Hedges Skull we know today.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this report and that it has perhaps offered to you some new insights about the legendary Atlantis with a link to the crystal skulls. However if you might wish to know more about Atlantis, we have listed below a link that gives to you more information about the book by Dr. Phelon and how you can obtain your own copy of this rare work. Additionally I have shared a link to our book which discusses the Blue Crystal Skull that called me to find it in Peru, which I believe was not only in Atlantis but was in Lemuria before that.  Plus you will find the website for Crystal Skull World Day listed below, which even if you don’t have a crystal skull you can still join and be a part on Sunday, November 22nd.

Yours forever in the paranormal, the search for truth and to co-create together a world of peace,

Joshua Shapiro

A UFO/Paranormal/Crystal Skull Explorer, author, investigator, speaker

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