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Angel Healing

Angel Healing is God’s Divine Healing Power

Angel healing is a spiritual term used to describe God’s divine healing power in our lives that is always available to help us with all of our needs, heartfelt desires, and requirements. Angel healing encompasses working with God’s all-powerful divine light frequencies, applying the holy power of prayer, especially affirmative prayer – and using an array of energy healing exercises and specialized techniques. All of these aspects of angel healing are astonishingly helpful in initiating remarkable changes in our consciousness that are then positively out-pictured within our body’s physiology and our life experiences.

Our earliest Angel Healing experiences

God has blessed us with our very own guardian angel to help guard, guide and protect us throughout our daily lives. Our glorious guardian angel has been with us ever since we were born and has continuously helped to support our consciousness many times over, and especially so when we experience any times of disharmony. Such disharmony in our consciousness results from a buildup of daily life stresses; any traumas we have encountered along our way that we have difficulty recovering from; any un-forgiveness issues; any guilt, hatred, jealousy and resentment issues; any kinds of irrational and illusionary fears; and from any illness, disease, aches and pains. All kinds of disharmony is message to our soul that we are out of divine alignment and harmony with God’s Divine Truth and His Divine Love.

Disharmony always begins in our mental energy first through our acceptance of many false and limiting beliefs and from the destructive thoughts and words we consistently express. Angel healing meets us exactly where the disharmony is in our mental energy and goes straight to work. From our earliest years to the present moment we have unconsciously received many vital downloads of God’s divine love frequency from our guardian angels to help us heal, to help uplift us, to help inspire us, and to help comfort and support us. This is the beautiful divine agreement taking place on a higher spiritual level between your soul and your guardian angel.

How Angel Healing Works

Our guardian angel sends us a constant stream of God’s divine love, which enters our consciousness via subtle light waves of spiritual energy that are encoded with the divine love frequency. Divine love helps to clear, repair, correct and resolve many deep seated issues in our consciousness, so that we can revitalize our energy, empower our creativity, overcome life’s difficulties, let go and move on. God’s divine love frequency lights up our nervous system, which immediately soothes and comforts our mental energy, and which also causes a positive and rebalancing chemical response in our physiology. Divine light is activated deep within our cells and the atoms of our body and the darkness of disease, illness and depression will soon transmute and leave.

An Angel Healing Prayer to Help You

“Guardian angel, please light up my consciousness with God’s rose pink divine light frequency. I willingly receive the light to help me express divine love in me and through me, and to resolve all aspects of me that is out of harmony with divine love. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”


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